by Soluntra King


We organise to meet at Hihi at about 4pm, we being a group of woman who all work in the inner planes as well as outer world assisting humanity to awaken and through healing, shamanism and cosmic connections. I am doing good for time as I leave Whangarei on highway one to Kaeo, the energies were amazing as gods and goddesses greet me and I am in a light city driving into light. Then I drive through what I am told on the inner is a voodoo area, then into Mangamuka Gorge which had incredible energies, as I honoured all the Guardians and Beings there. As I drove into Kaitaia Elisabeth rings, everyone is at Hihi Beach for Annie’s four wheel drive ride down her dirt drive to her sacred bay. I realise I have come too far so turn around to go back thinking I have missed Kaeo somehow. As I drive back through the gorge again the Ancient Ones there say I am being downloaded with codes, I see them as spiralling pomanu (greenstone). I pull over and look at the map and realise I could of kept going and gone around the loop to reach Hihi, now I am back tracking and a long way to go back down state highway one, then to the Bay of Islands turn off and on the Hihi in the dark and poring rain. But I knew I must go this route for some reason and had to go twice through the gorge. It had started to rain when I arrived in Northland earlier this first day and stayed like that the whole week I was away.
I finally get to the turn off to Hihi beach in the dark and rain and drive to the motor camp where our hostess is waiting. It is pouring as I get my things and put them in her four wheel drive Subaru and we go down the muddy drive through beautiful bush to the bay below, but it is dark and I see nothing. Wet and happy we get out of the car and greet the goddesses who are waiting our arrival and dinner, there being six of us. The one who who instigated our group and facilitates what is required with all our input was not well. I was asked to facilitate the weekend and had already received codes for some of the work to be done in my very out of the way drive to get there.

After dinner as the rain kept up its relentless flow we connected and opened to whatever was to be the focus for our weekend together. We connected and acknowledged and gave thanks to all the beings on all levels and dimensions here and the sacred vortex, guardians and ancestors, ancient ones and dolphins and whales, devas and golden beings through the greater central Sun. As soon as I connected the Owl came in (Annie told us later that Owl is the main medicine here) to tell us the creation story, and to be aware of the crystal grid here. As there were bright crystals in the hills around and out at sea, as we linked into the grid and the light matrix, crystalline grid within us, there was a Light Ship above and we were told we could unify whatever we choose also as the light illuminating from our cores was activating and illuminating and allowing us to be the stillness as we illumined from the source within bringing awareness to unify and expand our awareness.


We slept in a cabin tucked into the hill behind the library which was a room with seats around a table looking out into the bay with kitchen opposite and a roof covering the space in between, so we had a great space to be in even though it rained most of the time.
The next morning Saturday 25th April, Anzac Day and Taurus New Moon, I got up early and quietly went down to the sea, the rain had stopped briefly and I connected and embraced the beauty of this sacred space on the physical and all worlds. I sat and wrote.
Your work here is two fold;
Is the Light Grid and Diamond matrix, it will be activated and linked with Mt Titiroa, Stewart Island and the whole of New Zealand will glow.

The Owl Magick, the wisdom of the inner night. The time when the dark is all there is, and the light is from within. This time is coming and you are leaders, anchors of the light as you know and preparing for it. The shift will be in a blink of an eye, into chaos or harmony, the choice is each souls. There is still time for those who have not chosen yet.
The Owl wishes to sing a song of the old Creation Story, a time when the light was in the womb of the mother and darkness was all around. The Ancient Ones want you to remember what it is to be in the darkness, the void.
I look out to sea and see a Golden Cosmic Egg out in the vortex of Doubtless Bay.

After breakfast we meet and are guided to bring our awareness to the old paradigm and archetype of the healer/teacher. Triggered by feelings of getting drained, we are at the transition of the old to the new, and this archetype so prevalent at this time with all light workers and loving beings of service. As we need to let go all the old ways and step into the new, the higher, lighter us and all who choose. We moved from rescue mode and taking it on, to now removing the whole dynamic of teacher and pupil, healer and patient, and now the children, the animals and nature are the teacher as we get out of our heads and into our hearts and honour the divinity in all beings as true equals, as souls all having different experiences in density, no attachment as we hold the light and it illuminates and glows within all.

We talked about this archetype and then I guided us all in by connecting direct to source as the light illuminates to us through the greater central sun, central sun, second sun, sun down through our higher chakras and through our crown, head, neck, chest and into the sun in our heart ,one sun glowing radiant the source within our divine presence, solar self glowing bright as the golden light illuminates through our body, pelvis, legs and feet down through the earth and into the sun in the centre of the earth. As we connect to the inner earth sun and our connection brings the fire to the sun within, and it illuminates through the earth and balances the tectonic plates and the inner sun within us illuminates our grids and pulsates the life force energy through every cell, alive, radiant and glowing.

First in the unifying process we went within and connected to our inner male healer/teacher, mine was holding a book close to his chest like it was his security, and I loved and accepted him and deep breathed and he let it go, when our usual facilitator started to say her usual words of connection and acknowledging the energies on all levels. When she mentioned the word God my male teacher/healer grabbed the book back, as it showed me how our energy can get tangled with another’s words that trigger our own soul story, and if we have had a negative experience with the word God as many have through religions, then it can keep one sucked into the web.
We talked about this before continuing further as it was important to note, and our host had the same feelings and thoughts also. It was a good observation for all of us in the importance of saying the words that express unity not separation. As we then connected to our inner female healer/teacher. Mine was invisible and light and she merged with the male. Then we connected on the inner to our High Priestess as she was loved and accepted she softened and the High Priest was holding a disc and there were lots of high priests, in order to get through the gateway they cannot take their discs with them and there is a queue of the high priests all clinging onto their discs. I love and accept until they let go and move through.

Once everyone had unified their old archetypes we go deep into our hearts to love and accept the pain of separation and open fully to the stillness within, and holding that energy we walk down to the beach and connect to the dolphins and the Cosmic Egg, the energy of the old template of the archetype of the teacher/healer is a great wheel with spokes made of metal, the Cosmic Egg in its middle with the dolphins holding the energy. As we tone together and the Cosmic Egg resonates and activates, as the old template dissolves and we all literally feel bits of metal flying out of us. The clouds opened up and the old energy went through the fabrics and liquid light plasma, the template no more.
Then at dusk we go in meditation to the shoreline and connect to the dolphins as we go with them into the sea and to a great diamond in the vortex there as we move into the diamond and the multi-prismed filaments of light. Into the inner earth and the light ship above then activates seeds, seed diamonds that come up through the earth through the soil, trees…us….up our central channel and chakras, then all others, connected to the Second Sun and pray others get it.

It felt so beautiful, the energy and the seeds were glowing and sparkling, I felt it in right through my body and out through the skin. We then in silence returned once more to the shoreline, it had been raining all day and the sea was rough, but a window opened for us as we connected and linked into the vortex and the sky lit up with magenta clouds in between dark rain clouds. Touching the water it felt like liquid light, like the energy after Easter, the water felt like that while swimming. Like the energy at Ollotaytambo in the sacred valley of the Incas and Temple of the Heart. I had experienced an activation of a rock near the site and the water after it going up hill with anti-gravity. The water when I stood in the drain with the anti-gravity felt the same as it does now, the new creation.
The sky opened up with the earth. The light ship not needed to hold the energy now and it left and the stars aligned.

Sunday 26 April
I get up early again and go down by the sea and lie on the grass by the stone line, the Waitaha Princess Muruwai comes on the inner and puts a feather cloak on me, then I get a downloaded for the day.
“Today you will be connecting to the cosmic egg within and humming it through the dimensional worlds linking to all cosmic eggs in the galaxy and beyond, grounding them through the one here into the 5th Dimension, the Earth is 6th Dimensional now so this is a very physical grounding. This will take place when certain planets are aligned to the Sun.
The solar flares cycle is now intensifying and will start before its normal 11 year cycle, this could cause chaos with electricity.”
We share breakfast and it is not time yet to do our connection so we do the Antares cards first and with talk about the new energies and the situations where the old is still clinging on.

Then the energy is on energetically at about 11.30am and everyone gets an Antares card as a symbol that is part of the activation. As we connect deeper within, into the Sun and then down into inner earth sun, as inner earth beings were waiting for us. Then the energy back up through the suns, then into the centre and the sun in our heart, deeper into the cosmic egg, the source within humming codes from the cards and then humms and radiates. The inner and outer one, and then aware of the outer cosmic egg brought into the 5th Dimensional Earth as the energies connect through the light grid in New Zealand. The energy was so powerful, it was on, on, on as we touched our core as we went into who we truly are and from the seed of light within ignited so brightly with the awareness that it is all within, and we do not need to focus on the without as it takes care of itself. We all know this but it anchored more fully on deep cellular and in the sub-atomic particles of our inner space…inner and outer one…we are the earth, solar system, galaxy, universe, beyond the beyond, worlds within worlds.
When then walk down by the water and touch the soil and earth, the sea and water it all feels liquid light.
I walk over to the rock near Muruwai’s bones and she tells me she wants to tell me a story. As I walk back our host and one of the others are going for a swim in a big rock pool as the tide had gone out. I strip off and join them, it has stopped raining and the water is not cold and so nice being in the water.

After we finish I go walking over rock and near where her bones are and make sounds and she tells me she wants to tell me.
“Soluntra you are me and I am you, you have been called here now for your new birth and this is happening now, you do not feel so much but it is so, I want to tell you your creation story that is mine as well. We came from the stars as you know the Andromedan galaxy is the doorway through which we travelled, it is not our home, nor is the Pleiades, Sirius or any stars in this universe, we came from the great void and the makatara whera ani, when we entered this realm and came to earth. We arrived before the primordial sound and life, as we awakened the light in the densest worlds, then we came fully into the earth plane when it was prepared for life to survive here in an abundant way, we thought of nothing but love and had a glorious time.

When we left Hawaii which is where we came from after Mu went down, we came to Aotearoa and established a place of peace, the land here was down in the last time of Lemuria and came up again. It will not all go down in the next shift, but a lot of it will and the land will come up from the sea, I had to experience the life in the fear world of fighting and taking, greed and power, demons with the cannibalism, it was extreme and painful but we had descended completely and I was a bride of light into a tribe of dark, you can imagine how I felt, but once I passed over I was free of all that and can understand now why it was necessary. The Maori people are still holding the pain and it will be lifted, you are part of that, just as the chief told you are here to heal the tribes. You will do a lot of clearing in these few days and this will create a platform for the full unification. I have given you several gadgets to protect you from the dark ones that still work here and they will not even see you, you will not go on maraes which is not part of your energy anyway, but you will go on land that has been abused and will now be brought back into union”.

Then in the Sunday afternoon we gathered for the last time and this was work to assist in the general area of Northland as I had been shown the zombie energies on Friday afternoon when driving through them and Annie had been working with police and others about the increase in P labs, which of course works with the demonic energies.

The ancestors and Ancient ones and guardians wanted a peace pole to be anchored, we were not too know where it was. The ancients ones are from beyond cultures and tribes and the codes I received from them in the Mangamuka Gorge are they told me for cleansing this land. As we connected to source and then the Sun and through the Sun in our heart, in inner earth Sun and back and as vessels in divine will and plan the peace pole, which is a great crystal rod with beautiful carvings of symbols and vortexes was placed in the earth. As it went in the energies illuminated through the earth and up to the surface and apart from assisting and holding a higher light for humanity to awaken and unify which was our intent, there was another layer of the peace pole anchoring and that is that the codes are revealed from the last golden cycle and Lemurian times, it felt like things would even be dug up and found in the earth there in Northland.
Then we went down to the beach one more time to give thanks and spent our last night in the rain at our beautiful spot, our hosts home and sacred sanctuary, we all felt so blessed and relieved of more overlays of duality and we went deeper into the stillness. That was the last work we did as a group physically but just like at Te Moata the work was still not finished for me on the physical and with everyone else on the inner and the next day I was to go to Cape Reinga for whatever.

Monday 27th April
I went to the beach early to say thank you and goodbye, Muruwai came and gave me a great piece of intricately craved pomanu (greenstone), like a great feather in shape. Then our host took us up the wet muddy driveway to our cars at Hihi and mine would not start as it was so damp and we also realised there was something happening. So the three of us connected and saw a great nuclear bomb explode and then bomber planes in the sky, this energy was transmuted and not sure where it was from, it looked like the second world war. Our usual facilitator told us that now through her observation and work she had noticed how spirit will bring in to clear whatever from wherever as its appropriate. We do not have to know consciously, like when I arrived back from India at the Virgo Full Moon in March and I had been in such high frequencies of light with the light channelling and other events and the power was surging into my house and blew up a few things but luckily not much expense. My friend Krishnanada told me it had taken the blast from a big bomb exploding somewhere else. We then got my car started with jumper leads, I found out later all it needed was CCR but grateful to get going, and asked my inner self if it was going to take me where I needed to go. Yes and so I drove up to Cape Regina with the pouring rain still going until I got within half an hour of the cape and it was sunny and beautiful like another world.

I got to the carpark and into some summer gear and went down to the hill overlooking the lighthouse and the meeting of the waters, honouring the northern point and was told; “You are here to work with the Ancestors, the place of departure of souls has shifted as has everything else. Souls no longer need to be sent off. Now it is an in breathe, inward process, into themselves, into the light within. This place is now being anchored with the Diamond Matrix of Light and seed Cosmic Eggs are shining bright.”
I see all the seeds of souls coming through radiant. As I sit on the hill watching the two oceans meet, west and east, male and female. I also see the northern tip and southern tip of Aotearoa at Stewart Island all linked and the energies zinging and radiant. Then I walk down the beautiful track to the big long beach and skinny dip in the beautiful waves feeling so blessed, the water us so beautiful. Then get back up to the top of the ridge and go to the lighthouse and watch the sunset. Then drive back and hit the rain again and drive in the dark and pouring rain until I find a place to stay at Mangonui.


Tuesday 28th April
Watching the sunrise over the harbour and hills I am then guided to drive to the Rangikapiti Pa site on the hill over looking Mangonui and Doubtless Bay and out to the vortex we had been working with and can see in the distance our hosts bay. As I connect Muruwai comes in and then Hone Heke over her/me and says ‘there is a pattern of energy that’s negative and still here and its time to transmute it’. All of us from the weekend as will as the others not present were called in on the inner and I held the great pomanu that Muruwai had given, and in divine will with her transposed through me and with the other goddesses on the inner the energies were transmitted and I am told it had to be when the Sun and Moon were at these angles today for the doorway to open and the male and female energies merged as Muruwai speaks; “Sister of light, one, you and I are working together for some time, in no time and it will create positive change where we go. Simply because it is time and requires the awakened ones to fulfil their divine blueprint which they already have.” Then at 11am I see all us sisters of light who had done the work in the weekend holding hands and dancing with joy in the vortex. Then I look out at the Karikari peninsular which is opposite Annie’ and another point in the vortex and drive there.

I am guided to go down to the beach opposite Annie’s and there is a Golden Solar disc that merges in with the vortex and links with the matrix of Light. I thought it was also interesting that the great diamond in Doubtful Sound, at the bottom west side of Aotearoa was linked to Doubtless Bay, top eastern side of Aotearoa and the great diamond and cosmic egg in the vortex here. As the linking created a great resonance of light and energy flow through New Zealand and fell into a holding pattern for the new earth and New Zealand being the place where it all starts.
Then I was guided to drive through Kaitaia and to Ahipara on the west coast to the amazing little mountain there by the sea, at the base of the Ninety Mile Beach. Muruwai is again with me as we sound the codes and the Dragon Guardian leaves as the Serpent egg/cosmic egg comes into the mountain. I was told that this mountain is a special link to Mt Titiroa now with the cosmic egg is balancing the energies that are linked through the new diamond matrix of light and see zapps of light flowing through New Zealand from north to south, and south to north. (I was at the Steward Island in early December 08 and Mt Titiroa for the 12;12 and 13th December and then the March Equinox 09). All this has a lot more to do with the bigger picture and the shift in cycle than we may have understood consciously as at the Wesak Full Moon the last transference of energy from Mt Kailash and Tibet occurred to the new earth and place of the new energies). Then I drive to Opononi for the night.

Wednesday 29th April
The rain had still been coming down in buckets but in the early morning stopped as I managed to get a walk by the harbour and see the entrance. Then I drove to the Waipoua Kauri Forest to visit Tane Mahuta the ancient one of the forest, who is many thousands of years old.
Walking into the forest and standing in front of the great ancient one in honour and respect and told I will be going on a journey through him tonight, I simply stay for along time in the peace just being with such an incredible presence. Then to my blessing a Maori tohunga comes in with a group of tourists and calls to the ancestors and Tane Mahuta and sings and speaks in the traditions of respect to the great ancient one. More doorways open through the tree and light shines out, later when I come out they are still at the carpark and I thank the tohunga and he introduces me to his friend and they ask if I am a local. I would have enjoyed spending some time with them, maybe another time. But back at the tree I saw myself as a great mountain and the female energy and Tane Mahuta the lord of the forest the great tree merge into oneness within. I saw the mana coming back to the Maori people and to all on this land.
Muruwai told me she was happy I had met the tohunga and that this was my home. “

Thursday 30th April Halloween
I stayed at Kerikeri and go to old stone house in the morning and up to Pa. there are beautifl small blue flowers growing everywhere and I connect with them as they give strength of inner love. The pioneers talk to me about being a pioneer and forging into the light/future, that’s what they did. “Now it is refined as we are lighter and lighter until we become the light, are the light, the shift, the jump in the loop. The star beings are with you here Soluntra from the galactic federation, the vortex will be fully opened today when you go to Waitangi”.
Then I am guided to drive to Te Tii where the chiefs had meet before signing the treaty (I read later at Waitangi). I stopped on the side of the road to look at the view and a lady passing walking her dog stopped and we talked for some time. She was concerned about all the development going on and how it was not sustainable with the land, water and environment in general. I pray and ask for balance to be brought back, and how it is full circle from the time the chiefs signed the treaty in a way was the beginning of the environmental degradation to now where we must repair it today as one people, one light.

Then I drive to Waitangi and on the grounds connect to the ancestors, ancient ones, guardians and the diamond light matrix and cosmic egg energies anchored at this starting point of our modern day nation. Then I drive back along the bay to Paihai and the poles at the marae call out to me, the ancestors and also the old war energy, the ancestors asked for the Second Sun to be anchored and in divine will it was. The Second Sun and the RA Light that can only be anchored when the male and female, mars, venus, sun, moon energies are in harmony enough, and the poles with the faces on them now appeared to have a smile rather than a scowl.

This is the story so far as at Wesak Tane Mahuta was involved in the shift of energies to New Zealand from Tibet.


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