by Soluntra King

       This is the second Earth Stargate to open, and it required a group of beautiful beings in physical bodies to do this. We needed to prepare for it on many levels, and looking at it from an overview now there are certain things that are required to open the Stargate that merges heaven and earth, and opens us up more fully to the New Earth reality and ourselves in our divine blueprint and true presence while still in our physical body.      
       We need to get our vibrations high enough to be from our selves in the councils of light, we each hold an un-manifest universe to be merged with the manifest through the Stargate when it opens. The light matrix needs to be clear and activated, anchored and open to facilitate this as well as a time capsule that holds us through the dimensional realms because it is a timeless space we are in, it anchors us back through into the denser realms where time exists. The first Stargate that opened the time capsule was activating and anchored over a 24 hour period a day after the Stargate opened and there were four of us involved, but not the rest of the group that had come for the Stargate. But in this Stargate it was there with us as the Stargate opened.

       ‘You might ask what does this all do?’ Will in the bigger picture it shows that we are now able to create the union of heaven and earth, matter and spirit collectively. We can move into the hyper-dimensional realms of non manifest universes as we bring them through to anchor. This happens within us as we are in the greater reality, through space and beyond time and limitations, multi-prismed beings of unlimited facets of light, we birth the New Earth through our love, as the union takes place within and without.
       The Stargates are exhilarating our ascension into our divine selves and through the Earth. For those of us present to do this work of course it exhilarates our own growth, we let go the old paradigm and attachments, we become the invisible, beyond the duality dramas and lower astral realms. We move more fully into a state of peace and stillness within, from the wisdom of our hearts.
        The below account of the Stargate Opening is your experience too, as we do this all together.  You may wish to read the first Stargate that opened in the exact opposite side of the globe in Scotland in between the eclipses in October 2013, there are five stargates altogether.

       Our journey started way before the day we meet physically and everyone was being cleared and prepared for the mission, to be able to hold the beam. We meet at the house I rented at Pukekawa Bay on the south western shore Lake Taupo. Energetically the place to be, the lake if you are not familiar is a huge crater lake, the volcano exploded 26,500 year ago.
There were nine of us in the physical that meet, and not only other humans linking in, but so many divine beings on the inner planes as well as all our own crews that come with us. The place was pretty crowded as we meet on Friday February 14th afternoon at the house in the ferns and bush, with view of the lake and walk to the shores.

 9lightsthruthestargate       We started our journey on the most magic day, Valentines Day and Chinese Lantern Day and the Leo Fullviscuspisces Moon all rolled into one. Wow what amazing energies as we connected on the earth plane in the late afternoon to experience our star lineages, and earth dragon and serpent lineages aware of the gifts we came with as we came through our own stargate into the vortex near where we were physically birthed.
As we merged with our divine selves right through the physical body, the inner light that glows so bright, in tune with Lantern Day, we lit a candle each, symbolic of the inner light of us all floating through the Stargate of the lake, the union of heaven and earth, manifest and un-manifest, spirit and matter, with the beautiful Lantern Festival and Valentines love, it was such a glorious beginning to our heart connected, joy filled time together.

         It being important to love one self fully, through love and acceptance, embracing in oneness all parts of oneself still judging or putting one self down as the heart glows brighter, embracing with love and acceptance all physical manifestations of pain and separation in relationships as well, rejection, aloneness, grief embraced in love. The mirrors as well and politicians, bankers, illuminati, reptilians, dark lords whatever you still dance with is still part of you, until loved and accepted as we see the Earth as divine, moving beyond the duality drama illusion of abuse and destruction into the real, the divine that is in harmony and peace. The old programmes of magic and control merged into the love, surrendered into divine will and allowing, love and trust as we open our hearts with so much love for our self and all creation.

 leofullmoonoverlaketaupo14thfeb14       fullmoonfri14fromstefanagneta We move through the doorway of pure heart, the crossover point within you and the Galactic Centre all one, as we the Earth have moved through the galactic plane and aligned through the suns, so too do all the cells of our body. We open up to the alignment through all the Suns, through us right through our cells, the suns align through the centre of your heart, one with all the Suns of creation, through the centre of the nuclei of your cells as they align through the Suns and stillness, Galactic Centre within. Through the stillness receiving the new light codes and the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow in every cell of our body as the full moon glowed over the lake and the moonshine and new codes, the Thirteen Rays illuminated through the cells of our bodies.


      The next day we went to Lake Rotopounamu and Mt Pihanga a great spinner wheel in the Earth’s kundalini and chakra system. Below are links to other bigger picture things that have unfolded there in recent times.
We were blessed with the most beautiful day and walked in silence up the forest track, with fairies, nature spirits, devas all there to create and play with us and we moved through the different realms along the track and through the subtle doorways.
We had been called here long ago and know the guardians, ancients ones, ancestors and light beings and council of light were waiting for us. We had felt their presence for days before and they were eager for us to get ready to connect into the Light Matrix and the Council of Light meeting taking place.

 mtpihanga      Connecting through our own mudra and aligning through the Sun and Moon unified within our hearts, creating a vortex through into the Earth, activating the DNA spirals one with the Goddess, Earth Mother and nature into the Inner Earth Sun . As the vortex flows up through us to Source, the vortex takes you deeper into the stillness within your heart one with the Earth and spirit. The DNA awakens more fully through us and the Earth as we open to one Matrix of Light the DNA transforms as our divine blueprint is toned and glows.
As we awakened the star and planet chakras within and to the Diamond Light Matrix of all creation and the Council of Light, aware of the Seal of Narath and the light matrix that glows. The symbols of the seal strengthen the new codes, the old matrix was cleared on the March Equinox 2013 and again at a lower levels in a big planetary link up January 4th 2014. Now the next anchoring into the Earth and through us all the light matrix shines as we awaken to the diamonds of unlimited prisms and light. The Stargate could not open until now as the symbols and codes are put in. The energy is intense and clear as we each resonate through the light matrix and more unified self, one in the light council and with the other divine beings present.


       We walk around the lake and through the beautiful forest until we come to the opposite beach to where we were before. Now we are under Mt Pihanga, before there it was in full view. For a swim in the lake and awareness of the ancient layers of dimensional energies that come through this vortex, the codings are more settled by the immersion into the water and Liquid Light Plasma.
         Our kundalini takes us deeper into the flow as we integrate our dimensional selves and embrace with love and acceptance any old archetypes still subtly sabotaging our path. The Ancient Ones, ET’s, Councils of Light, ancestors and all the beings who come through the Mount invite each of us to be present and receive what we need to be free. The last time I was invited there they put a rainbow feather cloak on me and when I took it off I had a new light body. Iridescent and manifested it the next day in the physical by buying a brand new car I never thought possible, as the energies through the spinner wheel anchor, integrate and exhilarate ones growth and give great assistance.

         After walking around the remainder of the lake, through the most beautiful forest, ferns and sunlight dancing through the leaves we drove up to Mead Wall, a hyper-dimensional doorway at the end of the road up Mt Ruapehu.


   The Dragons had been waiting for us at this dragon doorway and we talked in light language about our work here, as we travelled through the doorway to experience the dragon and inner realms. They gave each of us a Dragon’s Egg to carry until it was time to birth them in Lake Taupo. All part of birthing the new codes, mine was a glowing red egg that went into my sacral chakra, and everyone had their dragon egg in a different area of their body. As we also brought back with us an un-manifest universe to unify heaven and earth through the Stargate on Monday.

moonrisebehindmeadwallapprox8.45pmsat15thfeb14 downmtnfullmoonnagahoe      The Light Matrix was anchored more fully and after spending some time integrating what had unfolded we went down to the château to ground with some dinner in the beautiful evening sun. Then back up to Mead Wall to watch the sunset. Beautiful magenta ball as it sunk in the west, the full moon came up over the wall and as we drove down the mountain the full moon shone over the mountains.


       I was asked to come back on a Soul Travel that night with a male friend who I do a lot of inner planes work with. He was at the first stargate opening but lives in the opposite side of the world so was not able to be physically present. We went straight in and to a Council meeting of Ancient Ones/Dragons. These beautiful beings come from Draco, Altair and other universes that have bridged and connected with Earth through their presence in Earth in the dimensional realms within the Earth it self which is like a great network of multi-dimensional woven fabric.


       As we sat there in the council there is a great Cosmic Egg that is glowing. Each of us in the group were given a dragons egg that we birthed into Lake Taupo on the Sunday, but this one was so much vaster. This cosmic egg has creation codes for the merging of our galaxy with the Andromedan Galaxy. It starts to hummm and the dragons are very happy with the progress that has taken place. They say after five Stargates are opened it will come through into the denser realms. Our energy and input was required as we represent the Earth and the male and female codes.

       The next day we prepared even more as we opened to the levels of our Light Body, and into our Diamond Light Body and Diamond Light Matrix. We open to the New Solar System and the New Stars that are illuminating us now, as we integrate the DNA codes through our physical and energy bodies and then went into the lake to birth the dragon egg we each held within us. I saw mine birth into the sacred space of the lake and then fly through the realms like little golden pods as the Light Ships were in a holding pattern as this took place.

       After drying off in the glorious sun we connected more fully to the RA, aware of our own lineage and connection through the Suns as we opened up to the New Sun and our Divine Blueprint more fully. Then back into the water again, this time the hot pools nearby to allow it all integrate more fully within us.
        We then drove to the eastern side of the lake to watch the sunset and connect in with the ancient one, ancestors, light beings and through the time capsule as the light ships were in a great holding pattern. That night we all went as group on a Soul Travel through the Stargate as it was anchored on the inner planes.

        The next morning as we drove back to our sunset spot by the lake, everything looked so clear and sparkling and so many commented that they observed this too. One of our group went to a tangi the day after and a lady there who lives at Turangi near where we were based at the southern end of the lake, commented on how she had felt the lake to be dead. But over the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday that we did our work, unbeknown to her she observed how the energy in the lake had come alive.  Personally I have never been aware of the lake as dead, but her observations were interesting as she really noticed a huge shift in its energy.


       As we sat by the lake we connected to our own contracts and star alliances, then loved and accepted the old paradigm loop and belief in death and birth, moving beyond those old separation consciousness concepts into eternal life. One with divine will and flow, in the eternal vortexing spirals of life force energy.


        Then it was off to the main vortex area to do our final work with the Stargate Opening, as we had our picnic lunch first then went down by the lake.  We activated our DNA at dense structural levels and opened up the highest vibrations of our divine presence that we could access. As we remembered our light then went into the stillness, beyond light, into the nothingness and void as the sound comes from within our hearts and source that creates the new creation, from the void the manifestation of all life. We linked through the Diamond Light Matrix within and without, through the Earth, our bodies and the ethers, solar system, galaxy and universe connecting to all the pyramids, standing stones and stones circles through the crystalline and diamond grids into the sixth cycle.
         As we linked through the light grid to all humanities higher selves and through the Golden Solar Grids and solar grid through the sixth cycle that we are entering into. Aware of the journey we had taken together as our chakras spun radiant light, into one chakra, one body of light.
         A thin mesh of energy like a curtain opens as we enter into a clear space. Having each brought with us an un-manifest universe, there is a column of liquid light plasma that extends from the bottom of the crater of Lake Taupo to the Greater Central Sun with beautiful codes. You could also say this is the Ancient One of the volcanic crater lake that has been here since the inception.
        A cosmic wind blows us into the invisible; the un-manifest universes within us expand through our bodies and beyond merging with each other, the ethers and higher dimensions of the lake. The Light Ships are still above in a holding pattern stabilising the energies as an explosion of light, with a great sonic boom happens and the time capsule awakens. It was placed there in the first cycle; it releases what can only be described as‘energy of purity’, not in the earthly moral sense, but the purest of energy that we can receive in our central channel and physical spine that will unfold for each of us.
        As the Stargate opens letting the old energies release from the Earth and bringing in the new codes that seed the Light Matrix Grid that we cleared through the Seal of Narath at Lake Rotopounamu, and through Mead Wall as it anchors the New Earth more fully into the fifth dimension. The big cleanse on January 4th this year 2014 also assisted in making this possible.


        There were Waitaha Elders waiting for us as we become aware of the earthly realms; bearing gifts, their people brought forth food, crystals and a great sphere is given to each of us that holds most importantly the energy of peace, with blessings of peace within and peace wherever we walk on this Earth, may it be so.
 stargategodandgoddesses stargategoddesses     The Waitaha people are the indigenous people of New Zealand from Lemuria who were peaceful people and they still have a great influence over the land.

       To be in the Stargate is not something that words can describe, but a zone of being that brings stillness and into the higher dimensions and invisible realms merged through our physical bodies.

       We stayed or walked or swam in the lake while still in the zone and eventually we completed and grounded before it was time for us to go our separate ways. The process had not finished, in fact it took a week just to integrate the initial experience, not to mention all the new light codes. Everyone else needed to leave but I stayed there until well after sunset. When energy is very high frequency and the doorway and vortex is vast one has nothing to think of or do, but simply Be.

        The next morning I had to return again to the same place we had opened the Stargate on the shores of Lake Taupo. It was time to connect through the Stargate with my male friend once again as I tone and then go whissssh through the Stargate up to the Light Ship where we meet. We are both laid out in this space that has the most beautiful lights, sounds and codes. As weird is this sounds he turns into an Ape, I become a butterfly and land on his nose.  The Light Beings say that we are experiencing some physical forms that had to be transformed as well, then we revert to our fairy selves and as prisms we go into the New Earth.
        There is a sign that says ‘come two by two’ like in the Bible and Noah’s Ark, (which in the Bible they portray as male and female animals of each species, really it’s about DNA) and get told we represent male and female humans, Fairy’s, dragons and all Beings who have separated into two genders. Then we go to the Stargate at Loch Insh and connect the thirteen un-manifest realms into the Stargate here. As that happens there is like a fountain of energy that comes up from the Lake and the Light Ships that have been holding and stabilising the energy go down through the crater into the Inner Earth.

        The Ancient One that was holding the beam is gone and no longer needs to be there, and I see a tube, a void between the two Stargates. The invisible and spaces in between are being brought into conscious awareness more fully as we merge beyond light.  Then I see cosmic rain coming down all around and through the Earth and it filters everywhere and is like an energy that is freezing everyone in the moment to have a realisation of who they really are and to let go the duality dramas.

      I leave when it’s all finished early afternoon and have a hot soak in the hot stream that flows into the Waikato River before heading home. In the next few days I seem to be spinning codes off and dancing in the ocean as the weather so hot and glorious, the Sun light sparkling on the waves.
       The second day after the Stargate opened I had a massage and the masseur could not read me or connect at all, it was like I was invisible, or in such another space, and I certainly felt like it. I find the third dimension and all the duality stuff to do with it seems to be this illusion as we know, but it is melting away as we move into the stillness within and our molecules completely change. Living in the New Earth already, as the lower realms of existence seem like a dream.
       People worry about what is going to happen about the money collaspe, the weather and cilmate, the endless wars, humanity that still destroys everything and takes from Mother Earth. But there is nothing to worry about, the more at peace you are, you let go naturally all your attachements to the fears and insecuirties that keep one trapped in the illusion.
        Stay with what is real; nature, be with nature, lie, sleep sit on the earth, walk along the seashore and in the forest, allow yourself to be one with all of creation. Breathe in the sky and become one with it, breathe in the Earth and be one with it, breath in as the sky and earth merge within you, sun and moon, goddess and god, heaven and earth, the invisible that you are…

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