by Soluntra King

In the last Golden Cycle we were in harmony with the Earth and all Beings, the Solar System and from our God I am in Divine Will. At the Portals where the grids meet; that is the Crystalline Grid/Leylines/Dragon Lines, with the Dragon Liar and the Serpent Life force; energy spirals from Heaven and Earth, inter-dimensional doorways, connecting to the Light Grids and Solar Grids. These portals held the beam and were in alignment with different Stars, Star Systems and the Milky Way, the Solar Kundalini was united with the Earth Kundalini the life-force flow and all was in balance. The Golden Solar Discs were also placed at certain portals to align directly with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. The portals and star alignments were also assisted with the creation by sacred geometric positioning of stone circles, pyramids, standing stones, crystals and discs to maintain the balance and unity with our Solar System and beyond.
At that time the Earth and all the Creator Gods who are part of the Earth were happy as their world was balanced, inter-dimensional travel was normal as all the dimensions were in harmony. The beings who lived on the Earth, our ancestors were more ethereal and coming from the vibration of love, and they also interacted in harmony with the other dimensions within the earth plane. The major players with Mother Earth; being the Dragon and Serpent people, who were the first inhabitants of Earth. At that time the Earth was sonic winds on the surface and they lived and still do in dimensional worlds within the Earth. The Dragon people worked with the Crystals and created the Crystalline Grid, Leylines, Dragon lines (all the same thing, just different names). The Crystals hold the Creation Story within them and are the holders of Divine Light within the Earth. The Dragon people honouring this energy worked with them and connected the Crystalline Grid, the matrix of light/life around and through Mother Earth. This created an electromagnetic energy field that went out beyond the surface and brought moisture and rain; and so life began to form on the surface making it possible for other life forms to live here. Also creating an environment that other inter galactic and star travellers could live on, some adjusting very well, others not so well, and often they went back out into space to find other places to create colonies.
The Serpent people who are one and the same as the Dragon people hold the Earth wisdom and there is a beautiful, ancient wise Serpent Woman within the Earth whom you can visit anytime. She will help you to love yourself and all aspects of duality you still hold onto with fear. She lives in the Inner Earth at its core and you can travel through a golden tunnel to meet her in the Inner Earth.
Connect to Source, God Creator in Divine Love and Oneness, your own God I Am through your Heart and into the center of the Earth in Golden Light. Bring that energy back up through you and back to Source. Now imagine you are travelling in Golden Light from the Sun within your heart to meet her. Ask her for help in being able to love yourself and have awareness of aspects of separation you may still be playing out so you can love them. She is pure love and is coming into peoples conscoiusness now as the Earth and all beings on her make the great shift in cycle.
The Serpents have tunnels all through the Earth and when you are pure in your heart you can travel through them physically. But for now travelling on the inner planes is all that is needed. These tunnels connect to sacred sites and portals where the Serpent vortexing spirals connect us to Heaven and Earth. The Serpent spirals of life force energy are your Kundalini, DNA and all the energy in the Universe. The Serpent when it rises takes you back through the Central Sun. The dream time is about this energy and told in all cultures; the Mayans call the Serpent the "Pathway to the Stars' and as we unify ourselves the Kundalini, Serpent rises out of the Base Chakra and our fear of survival, desire body and up through our spiritual centers. It can only do this when we are grounded and fully present in our body.


When Lemuria or MU went down the last time in the Pacific we felt we had failed as it happened literally without warning. We were tuned in and in harmony and could not understand how this could happen. But this was part of the cycle and experience of merging Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter. We had been Etheric and now we were moving into matter through our fear and judgement as we needed to become separate. To unify energy you have to know it, you can only do that through experience, so we started our experience. As the cycle went on we separated further and further and became denser and full of fear. As this was happening the Stars came out of alignment also, we had fallen into slumber and chaos replaced harmony. The link between the Serpent in the Stars and Earth was broken and only we can join it once again. As we unify and clear; our chakras start to spin into balls of Light becoming one chakra, one body of light and we become the portal, the Serpent lifeforce energy and the doorway of the union of Heaven and Earth.
Now as we are returning to harmony, as we awaken our own Star within, we align back with the Earth and Stars, as we are the Sun and one with all Suns. Opening up to the next Golden Cycle the Star Systems and Stars are now being brought back into balance with the portals, Earth and humanity. This is why some Walk-ins and Starseeds are working with this and why you are drawn to this as well, as it is part of your journey and awakening. Of course we do not do anything, but Be and Allow, we are the anchor and the merger of the energies through our vehicle, in matter and light. This happens as we align in Divine Will and surrender and allow our Solar rays to illuminate ourself from within and to hold the energy for the unification of duality as we are guided from within our Heart.
There are portals where major alignments have happened or are happening:

At the Nasca Lines in Peru I was there in October 1995 and worked around the area itself and then flew over the Nasca lines as all the figures on the Earth were aligning back with their Stars as the doorway opened for many Light Beings to ascend from within the Earth and unite with their Star homes once more. The shapes of the figures are only visible from the air as they are huge; spread across the landscape in 525 square kms and etched into the earth.. Some are 180 metres long like the Lizard, the Monkey is 90 metres high, the Condor has a 130 metre wing span. They are all aligned to different Star Systems in our Milky Way and were aligned and doorways for inter-galactic, inter-dimensional travellers when all was in balance in the last Golden Cycle. The Spider is Orion, the Condor is Antares, the Astronaut - Arcturus, the Monkey - Sirius, The Lizard - Deneb, the Humming Bird the Southern Cross.
On the Summer Solstice and Full Moon in Cancer in 1999 I had to be in Rarotonga, ancient Lemurian temple site and major portal. One of the missions was that it was now time for Aldebaran to be aligned after 700,000 years of the portal being blocked. Aldebaran is a Central Sun and one of the eyes of the bull in Taurus. I went on a Soul Travel to Aldebaran going up to a beautiful smiling face, then a Celestial badge took me in, I was told to anchor that energy on the island at a certain place in the highlands. When I physically got to this place I could see and feel that the energy had been blocked for a long time. To assist it to be liberated I was guided to do this on the Inner Planes as a Soul Travel rather than physically, as it was not safe to be too long there physically as the land was guarded and trapped on the physical sense as well. So that night the energies were liberated, no by my doing, but only that it was now time. All is done in Divine Will and I am just one of many in bodies who are vessels and anchors for this to ground on the Earth Plane.

On the Autumn Equinox 20th March 2000, also Full Moon in Virgo and a blue moon I climbed up Uluru to make the Star Essence of the Southern Cross. I had gone up very early and after spending a few hours in attunment with this energy on a hidden away area of the rock I walked over to where the tourists go and they were all gone. There were some beautiful violet flowers that called me over and wanted to be made with the Star Essence, as well a piece of the rock. This was an incredible blessing and these energies were opening a doorway into the new paradigm of oneness for humanity. Some Aboriginal woman in the etheric called me over to a pool of water (it had been raining very heavily a few days before) and they wanted me to bath in it. So here I was on the Blue Full Moon and Equinox at the top of Uluru, naked and bathing in a pool of water with no one around, I found out later the Rangers let no one else up after 8am as it was too hot. The Guardian Keepers and the Crystalline doorway were laughing and resonating with the Stars, the energy was radiating through the grids.
I then travelled to Kings Canyon for a star alignment with Regulus on the 22nd, I was not aware of any star alignment before I got there. This is usually the case and we have to work in total trust and in alignment with Divine Will. After getting a room at the lodge I drove up to Kings Canyon and saw on a National Park sign about 'Cat Man Dreaming'. I walked the up the valley and was told to make an essence. So I asked permission of all the Guardians and Devas, and almost cried with joy, I felt so happy and blessed to be there in this incredible portal. I then give thanks to the place, to the Cat energy, Old Fellows, Guardians and all beings.

I was told "for the Glory of God Creator, Regulus is realigned here. The bounty and abundance is centred - all can be free to open to Gods Glory and gifts, full love is here for all, open your heart and be ones love and joy. The Loin has returned and the regal place, born of the wind, rain, earth and fire has made full circle and is here as the anchor of the Golden Age. The Loin opens you to your Glory, your strength and the return of your Golden Self - Golden Age. In rays of Golden Light, be blessed in the sustenance of its Light for it is direct from Source. Be blessed in the Starlight of Regulus the regal Glory of ages past returned. Be blessed for you are Light..."

I set up my crystals on the portal and connected to the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, Guardians, Cat Dreaming and Old Fellows. Singing in starry language the Star opens and I see a great Lion, it opens its' mouth and I go inside and travel to Regulus, a golden place where I see Lion beings travel through to here, the dreaming is anchored. The Star map of Regulus is here, I go in the dreaming through the landscape, all is blossoming and bountiful for all. The essence is for the Bounty of all, for the complete abundance of self with all. "Open to the abundance of love, open your heart like never before. You are the star seed from Source. Regulus has returned, the pyramids are resonating with it - this place is aligned with the Sphinx - come alive; all is alive and light, all in alignment....the Doorway is open step through..."

At different sites from ancient Mu many of these Stars and Central Suns have been aligned once more. Some of the major stars are Aldebaran which is a Central Sun, as is Arcturus and Antares, Lyra, Draco, Pegasus and the Andromedan Galaxy is merging with ours. Andromeda is the doorway of Divine Will and is now uniting to assist us to unify, as we were once unified before. Occphuicius the Serpent Bearer and the doorway we now travel as we ascend and become our Body of Light, Sirius as we become the clarity, the staff that was taken from the pharoah as he held the beam in the Blue Nile returned to the Sirians as peace can return to Earth. The Ancients return from all cycles, civilizations and worlds as we all merge to merge with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. We are the future unifying our past as we move through the doorway of oneness. We create Earth as it truly is, we are the Guardians and now through our awakening we regain our sovereignty and become the anchor; Heaven and Earth are ONE.

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