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I am in the mothership with so many I know, we are laughing and happy and it’s like we are going home at the end of a mission, just like in 3d world we get together after a big day of missions and have some down time and talk about it we are doing that in the mothership.

Then I see there is a big screen and it is showing us what has gone down for the inception of the mission.

This is over aeons of time I see us as great Dragon beings with our fire and breathe and we are blowing out of our mouths whole star systems, I get whole universes  then I see there is such a cosmic soup of multiple universes and we each decide where we will put our attention, some of us choose the universe that the Earth will inhabit, it’s not come into form yet.
Then I see there are many beings in this universe and they are busy there are a few planets and 2 moons 3 suns and that already there are 4 asteroid belts formed from previous creations of planets that crashed or didn’t turn out as planned. Then I see in one of these asteroid belts there is a small star and we decided to blow on it to create something very beautiful, we want to create a garden of Eden a sacred jewel, a wonderful creation  so beautiful that it exceeds all others.
Then there is a war over this beautiful jewel we created, we get pushed out of the way by these giant Dragons that are aggressive, we front them and can’t actually believe this is happening. But there’s some kind of shield that is put up and we are stopped from helping. All we can do is watch, we feel powerless for the first time ever…We are still watching but now the shield is coming down, you might call it the matrix but there are a few matrixes that go to make up the shield.

Each matrix is connected with cords to different energies in the Earth and where they are connected there is a lot of death, decay, horror, trauma, we are dismayed but as we watch we see that these cords and strings of energy are starting to be dislodged and dissolve and that what they held back is now spewing out all over the place.

…Like the virus, and yes, the virus it’s the untethered matrix all spewing out trying to find hosts to survive and keep living and propagating. It is succeeding in the lower realms but the instant it tries to get to the higher realms it dissolves and dies. But it is spreading in the lower realms. There is mayhem there and fear is feeding it. So we send in Rays of Rainbow Light encoded with Love and glowing sparkling it starts to clear some of the mayhem. But the mayhem is for a reason so we can’t interfere in those who need to learn from this. But we can clear the way for those who wish to move out of this fear based scenario.

Then we observe all the people who are ready to move on and they are getting ready to board the mothership. Some come with bags, animals, reluctant partners in tow but those not really wanting to come fall back they can’t get on the mothership.
Suddenly the mothership needs to move out of the lower planes and into the higher, those left behind forget as if those who have gone were never there, those on the mothership receive healing energies and a quarantine of their own, not from a virus but from their fears that are being cleared and transmuted…..


Not everyone is ready to move into the higher dimensions, but we all have the opportunity if we choose. Some are new to the duality experience and there will always be 3D planets to give this opportunity to fully experience creation to the densest and illuminate it with from within with our Love and Divine Light while in physical bodies, such an amazing mission.



I decided to go and ask the virus what it wants, and it said Love. Then I saw it was created in a lab with men in white coats not exactly a loving conception or birth. Just like children who are conceived and born without love they can be quite destructive as they get older, the jails are full of them. So, our dear Corona is searching for love all over the Earth and from all humanity. 
Give it what it wants, and it won’t be a problem. It is showing us as we know choose love or fear, easier said than done of course and at the bottom of this email are links to ways to help with opening your heart more. It is the crown of Love, Corona meaning crown or halo.
The Evenstar star essence of Corona Borealis; ‘I am the Expression of your Eternal Love. The Power to Be’. 
I also have the Stargate essence of Corona Borealis SG 20 and we had the opportunity to travel within the Stargate of Corona Borealis on 10:10. 2019where we open more fully to the New Earth within. 
So, it says a lot about what Corona is up to in the ethers worldwide.

As we know in duality we need the fear to trigger us to be the Love, so be grateful to the virus, it’s part of the Wave/Event. We never thought it would manifest this way but let’s face it humanity needed a big sledgehammer. 
We get these in our own personal life, I know I have been sledge hammered before, I am sure you have as well, and when we are we shift big time into higher vibrations of our own inner Light.
So here we have it a huge shift for us all worldwide. Embrace it with love and gratitude, change it around, be the BeAm.
For most of us that work so much on the inner, which has evolved this way over years, I know personally the last two years I haven’t been racing around the planet to sacred sites anymore, I travel through my body to where ever I need to be as my body is the Earth, New Earth and Heavens and so are you. 
Now everyone on Earth is being given this opportunity to do this too, obviously by force but what a golden opportunity for everyone to really bring it within and stop externalising.

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