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art by soluntra, starlines through avebury, 6d formless light body, the creation chamber nu hu-wo/man
A precursor for ‘the Event’ or ‘the Wave

A collective Light Wave of light codes to assist us to fully embody our Divine Self between the Wegan’s, the Earth’s Brotherhood/Sisterhoods of Light and Canopians from Canopus.
There is a link up happening between the Light Beings from Wega the brightest star in Lyra,
 the prism we came out of. 
To the Earth via those who are aware of this in the Brotherhood/Sisterhoods of Light, you 
and with Canpous which has played an important role in the Earths story in Egyptian times and now coming back into our awareness. The name Canopus comes from ancient Egyptian ‘Kha Nub/Kahi Nub’, meaning ‘golden floor’ or ‘golden earth’, also known as navigator and pilot in many Earth myths.
Canopus is a stargate doorway that brings golden light of pure love into the Earth plane when in alignment with other celestial bodies happening on 20.02.2020 doorway on the 20th.
This alliance is a temporary doorway to bring higher light codes to us here on Earth 
and through to all of humanity.

If this calls you then please connect with the Lyrans, Canopians and Brotherhood/Sisterhoods of Light on Earth and link with the intention of being a clear channel to bring through the Divine Light of Source New Creation Light Codes for the New Hu-Wo/man through these stars and into those of us who are open on the Earth plane.
Channelling the higher energy into the One Heart Grid, connecting all this with open hearts, and to the Light Grid that is everyone on Earths Higher Self so that their higher selves can bring through the Light to each person in accordance with their souls acceptance.
Be open for your own personal download also
 as we are rapidly shifting now and big changes are happening in our physical bodies and energy bodies.



Where I take you through basic inner planes work guiding you to suss out the energy for yourself with a decision or problem, connect with someone in your life and see who they really are what your connection really is, and to see from bigger perspective an issue in your life. 
Then I guide you within to connect with a higher dimensional aspect of self, do Bigger Picture work with the Light City in Antarctica and work with the Star Alliance for 20.02.2020 as a precursor for ‘the Event’ or ‘the Wave’. Then through the New Earth in your body and through the Stargate to the Mothership to a gathering about the Event.

See my articles New Hu-wo/man and No Chakras No Kundalini.
The Star Essences are; 

CANOPUS - CARINA  I am Life. Embodiment of Spirit into Matter. 
WEGA - LYRA  I am Light. 
WEGA, NEW PARADIGM ESSENCE -  Light way of the soul; for the new light codes and light that is with us now. 
The Wega light essence streams through the cells and bodies to create a diamond window of unlimited facets that can be accessed when the soul is ready. 
This is a lot higher frequency than the WEGA, “I am Light” essence made in 1990 
that is still totally valid to assist one to be ready for the heightening light energies.

And the Stargates Essences of Wega, the Harp; messier 57 (m57), also known as the Ring Nebula, in the constellation of Lyra and Canopus.


I got I had to connect at noon it was too difficult in my circumstances to do the 20 20 time frame as I was staying at my mums, she had just got out of hopstia. She lives at Mount Maunganui NZ so got up to the Mount, extinct volcano, with the Pacific Ocean one side harbour the other and amazing multi-d doorway
with lots of layers of multi-d realms and lots of Light Ships that come in and out of the doorway there.

I had to sit below the bluff that’s at the top of the mount but be by the ocean and connect to the Wegan Canopians and all of us who resonate; sisterhood brotherhoods of Light on the earth plane Council of Elders and everyone in the One Heart.
I see mega Light Ships come through all down my spine and then feel the codes come through and think of my body see 12 wormholes connect on through to a Healing Temple where I am and see myself there fit, young, healthy and energies coming through to me.
Being told that the light codes for the new  Hu-wo/man come through the central channel and spine and that the channel needs to be clear of the male female, goddesses god self imbalances and unified into 5D awareness which is not such a big step up for most.
Once the flow is moving freely it opens up the channel to heal all imbalances, focus on the flow first then the full union. So, no more twins (Twin Rays, Souls, Flames) and out of that program that creates separation even in those seriously spiritual ones.
Then into the Cosmic Ocean I see so many world's yes, the creation point for density;
beings out of the cosmic and physical ocean we came in the creation story of some aspects of self. 

All connected to the lungs, heart, spleen, liver, gall bladder...You remember yourself as a Dolphin, a Whale breathing in the water, dancing free in joy.
The Bird Tribe come from the stars to merge heaven and earth affecting the brain, pituitary, pineal, thyroid, heart and from the air the filaments of light that sustain life through the Sun.

Through the Earth and Elementals affecting stomach, bowels, hips, legs.
Depending on what might be out of balance in the physical body then one can connect to the Elementals for example and become one with the tree and Elemental self flowing to bring in harmony. Or one with Bird Tribe and Star self or yourself that aspect that is in the Cosmic Ocean flowing and surrendered to all.
Awakening your higher potential though your physical body. As your physical body shifts frequency and you open to a whole new world and understanding through your body, your Body of Light.

We are now here to really understand ourselves in al dimensions and to integrate the Stargate doorways through our heart as we become a whole new body.
The new Hu wo/man.

There is so much more to delve into and understand and awaken too.

Read more about wormholes the new Hu-wo/man and no chakras no kundalini 

The Cosmic Ocean          Body of Light   Elementals

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