When I had organised this day I knew it was about the DNA karmic accumulation being cleared from the grids at such an amazing grid point at the You Yangs, that is a part of the Southern Cross starmap on the landscape of greater Melbourne, Victoria Australia. But it wasn’t until later I realised the Light Template also wanted to be anchored there in the doorway of the new paradigm.
big rock     There were 22 of us in the group and we meet early at the main carpark at the You Yangs National Park and then drove up the hill to park near the great rock, to start clearing the DNA and genetic blocks. As we went in and connected to an archetype of our self still holding on to fear with love and acceptance and transmuting DNA at dense structural levels.
   Aware of our ancestors and the patterns we took on both positive and negative to love and transform for all the family line. The star linage
and gifts we brought in with us and the cosmic karma in the DNA matrix to balance. As the old imprints were accepted in the physical body as now we move into the clear new body. As we sat on the great rock and remembered and toned the sounds of the DNA integration and imprint of peace.
     Then we drove to the other side of the park and started to walk up the steps to Flinders Peak. About half way up I tuned into where the serpents tunnel is and we went and sat on the stones and rocks at its entrance.
   Connecting the dreamtime rainbow serpent with our kundalini breathes and illuminations, as the old programmes from the loop of illusion dissipated and we opened to our new paradigm self as the last of the threads to the old paradigm self and connections were embraced in love and acceptance.
   Open the New Earth and New Sun light codes flowing in and our role in creating the New Earth as we soul travelled to the new sun aware of the cosmic rainbow serpent and the dreamtime that has shifted also.

templateoflight   I asked everyone to pick a flower, leaf or stone that jumped out to them.
Then we continued up the track until we get to the top at Flinders Peak and I found a spot down from it next to the most amazing rocks for us to anchor the Light Template. Right at the Delta Crux of the Southern Cross.
     We tuned into the gifts of the rock, flower or leaf and what it was giving us on all levels and bodies and what we could give it, as we received its divine essence to prepare us for the Template of Light anchoring. With the stars and planets glowing through our chakras and central channel with the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow as we became our Diamond Light Body through the Diamond Light Matrix and one through the infinite doorway within our heart and the heart of the earth and higher dimensional Solar System, Stars and Sun.
     In our Earthsun body through the centre of the galaxy within as we travelled to through Southern Cross into the cross over point and Southern Cross doorway. High frequency realm as we were washed energetically with the vibration of the essence we received from the flower, leaf or stone. Our body and energy bodies responded calm and relaxed, refreshed, alive.
     Aware of moving through the doorway of the Southern Cross, the energy was intense and multiple gateways in diamond light, aware of our Diamond Body of Light, divine self. Seeing our self as we truly are through the doorway of the new paradigm always here for us. As the divine light flows through our glands and endocrine system and physical body then through the levels of our Light Bodies, Blue, Violet, White, Gold and Present. One through the Suns fully present. Aware of the codings of Light as each of us hold the
Living Library of Light and the Template of Light. As the Light Template anchored through us through the Southern Cross doorway and new paradigm energies.
templateoflight rock view

The Light Template being anchored through the Southern Cross in the landscape, through the doorway of the new paradigm, through the heart of each of us, that we hold the cross over point and doorway within. It means that the new Light Matrix opening in the 6th Dimension is here now for all of us.
   We were bathed in the most amazing energy and didn’t want to go, it was so divine. But we had to leave as they would be closing the park soon and we still needed to drive to Cobbledick’s Ford nearby and the Epslion Crux in the Southern Cross landscape.


group with pshih
cobblerdicks ford   We walked down the path and it became clear the day was so potent for so many who came, a day to remember. With some having to leave to pick up children or other 3d situations. And we drove out of the park now in convey to Cobbledick’s Ford, there were 15 of us left. On the map it didn’t look far but it took a while and it was getting darker.

     When we got there the river was up and it was too deep for us to cross the ford, so executive decision to do our work near the dirt road where we had parked. We had passed a quarry and rubbish flying everywhere. It was not the most ambient place to be, but it was the right place to be.

   We sat and worked with clearing the accumulation of old karmic energies in through the grids. Preaparing first by awakeing the higher light octave amino acids and DNAawakening. Through the one Heart, one Earth and Goddess God spirals of DNA through the grids.
     There were overlays in the framgented grids from nucelar blasts from the ancient past, volcanos erupting, earth changes and karmic dross. We opened up more fully to our Diamond Body of Light and star light self one through the Inner Eath Sun and Suns as the love went into the grids to a great diamond fragmented within.
     It started to shine with us being there, our love and connecting in the Diamond Light Matrix.
We hold the codes and the Light Template through the new paradigm doorway of the Southern Cross and here we were at the starmap on the landscape.
   As we walk the earth the light codes illuminate out to the earth and all beings, without us even being aware consciously. With us all in the divine space of the diamond light matrix and love, the grids started to clear and heal, the fragments unify. The Template of Light could then anchor fully as we had to visit the star in the Southern Cross landscape that was holding so much trauma and karmic energy.
     So the starmap anchoring of the Light Template fully came in and the old fragmented grids were glowing with love and the energy that was so discordant was now clear and light. We felt so much love and I had tears of joy.      

       We had hung in there even though we drove for what seemed like ages on dirt roads and down past all the rubbish and negative energy. We were gifted with not only the girds repair and the Light Template anchoring fully, but in the diamond we could see our new direction.
     We are the doorway and the love that we are; anchors the Light Template through the new paradigm energy to assist all humanity who chooses to walk a new pathway. One of joy and love and beauty of life and our world sparkles with sheer delight. No matter what things may look like it can be transmuted with our love and our deep connection, with the diamond light that we are shining so bright.

     By now it was dark and we hugged and said our goodbyes as we drove off into the four directions feeling fulfilled that we had stayed with it to the end and completed the mission.
So much gratitude to everyone who came, those that couldn’t make it to the last part, you were there anyway and without you none of this was possible. Such joy in our hearts.

Photo are from Jasmine, thank you, and the panorama and group are from Soluntra.

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