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   It was the new moon in Libra at 1.12pm local time that day and with the energies of new life and the balance of the polarities, it was the perfect time to integrate the multi-universes through the stones. I had also just learnt in my conscious mind from Sara at the Haven B&B that this was the umbilical of Earth. For many years I have worked at the umbilical cord of the New Earth and Galactic Gate, Hicks Bay New Zealand where I had first received the higher dimensional Stars downloaded February 2013 from the higher dimensional Solar System. So here we were at the ancient place with the new light codes, as we are in a time of union of not only male and female, light and dark but old and new. Not that in the greater reality there is any duality, or old or new but on the lower planes of existence that’s what it appears to us as.
     It was raining but as usual I knew the elementals would give us a doorway of nice weather when we needed it. So we met in the local hall in the High St in Avebury and connected. Starting with light language with our intention for the Light Template anchoring for our self personally and in the bigger picture to set the energies. Then the light and sound activation of the chakras and light bodies ready for the inner initiation of the soul at the level of the unified matrix of light for the inner male and female to be one, this was important and part of the anchoring, it cannot in fact anchor through the multiverses or the stones without it.
   So I guided everyone to go within to see, sense and feel their inner female and male and to love them as they were and then marry them as they merged into one. Then the Goddess, God aspects of themselves that were still out of balance. As we have many soul stories and some of them still not completed, and often one of the reasons why we are in a human body on Earth right now at the great shift in cycle. As we have created sometimes not so wisely and with agendas and control so it was an opportunity for the group to love and accept the old dramas and move into the new, in divine will and plan and surrender into divine love and allowing. Moving beyond the old limitations and the aware of the old paradigm self to love and accept and open up fully to the new paradigm within. As we can often be holding on unconsciously to old ways of operating that can affect our health and life.
     With the light and sounds codes of the ‘Out of Illusion” mandala. Then aware of the loop of fear that may still be holding in the old belief systems of karma, pain and suffering transmuted and open to the kundalini vortexing spirals of the universal flow and the “Cosmic Time clock” light and sounds codes of the mandala to merge all ourselves into full integration with our physical body aligned in divine will and plan. As we are not 3D and multi-D but just are…one beyond all separation consciousness.

     As we prepared more fully by opening to our Diamond Light Body, then walked up to the Moon circle area of the great complex. First connecting to the so called Mary and Michael stones at the vortex crossing and then over to an area not so frequented with people and away from the busy road. Of course it was now sunny and a beautiful day, thank you elementals.
   In the circle doing the connecting mudra and being in our Earthsun Body, the Serpent wisdom mandala of light and sound and the kundalini serpent self. Then connecting to the ancient serpent of wisdom that circles the stones and has waited a millennium to be free to travel once more through the worlds. It had waited until now to move as when it moves it takes us with it and it can’t do that while there is too much duality, when she moves this will be another major shift that will unfold for Earth. As Avebury is connected through the old grids to the major places worldwide and the next day in the Sun temple it opened up to the new stars and new sun and light.
     The serpent was overjoyed, great red fire serpent that connected with each of us as the new moon aligned and the new birthing could happen. The energy was full on and we stayed for some time afterward just being in the zone. I asked everyone to be open to receiving the energies from the stones.
By the time we got back to the hall is was raining heavily and perfect for the next level of clearing required as I guided everyone to transmute their imprints and overlays and unifying the broken DNA strands, I used a lot of sound to assist to transmute the old stuck energies more easily. As we then used the light and sounds of the ‘Template of liquid light transmission of DNA”.
Into the levels of the Light Body and Light Body integration mandala and deeper into the planes of existence more fully than before with a new awareness of the stillness within. Moving back through the Stargate each had come through and into the Shambala and Light City fields of earth that we created through the dragon serpent origins, Then into the light ships, councils of light, goddess god realms and further into hyper dimensional realms to the hyper dimensional light ships which are travellers through the multi-verses. Holograms of our love aware of this through all of our physical body, transparent and one, physical immortality and beyond that, holding the beam through all worlds and dimensions.
Receiving the light codes as we aligned thought the Galactic Centre and into the new creation the thirteen rays of the rainbow as we brought the codes down into a more tangible way of consciousness, through the octahedron spirals of the vortexing 13 rays and in our Iridescent light body.
Then aware of the stones and the essence we received from them. Going to when the stones were first placed there in the hyper dimensional star fields of this great star, space port through time and space merged all one. As it mattered not that many of the stones had been taken for building the houses in the village. They were still there on the other levels with a Golden Solar Disc through the centre. The serpent takes us through the sun and the golden solar disc holds the Living Library of Light now moving to Ophiuchus the serpent bearer as we open up to our light body fully.
That evening a soul travel to the light fields of the new stars birthing via Silbury Hill where the cosmic egg was waiting for us that Sara at Haven had been guardian of as she lives in Avebury.

silbury cosmicegg

   Day of the sun template and the unified field, we met in the hall again connected and opened to our Earthsun body, so important with breathing through the crown and lotus flower self and into the Inner Earth Sun. With the light from the Inner Earth Sun through our endocrine glands so we could access the matrix of life that inhabits the higher realms of the Earth. To meet the various beings who inhabit the Earth and discuss with them the coming changes for the density beings. Looking at the monetary system, war, medical and industrial systems of control and see how flimsy they are and only held by fear. Aware of ourselves in the highest realms, out of illusion, and how this world exists through the denser illusion and holds it all together, while we hold the beam through it all. I asked ‘does the world of fear really matter to you, is it real?’ If anything still holds you in it love and accept it.
   Then linking all the standing stones, pyramids, crystalline, light, solar and diamond light matrix grids into One Earth One Heart and opening to our Divine Blueprint and imprint of peace we were ready after lunch to go up to the Sun Temple in the great stone circle.
greatercentralsun in portalstone
     We first had to go to the two Portal Stones, the right side one to connect with it and through the Greater Central Sun as the energies were coming in through it, and afterwards back to the left had side Portal Stone as the energies could go out to the worlds.

   Then into the Sun circle we walked with honour and respect to do our connecting mudras. Then higher self mudra and names. In our hearts the light of the unified field at the levels of the Greater Central Sun we open up to the New Sun and our creative expression and joy and Diamond Light Body. As I made the sounds codes to transmute any fears of inner sight, light and death as the cells in the circle of new life from the Cosmic Egg of the serpent, kundalini, multi-d doorway. Open now to awaken the Living Light Library of Ophiuchus through the stones and the cells of our body. As we went deeper and deeper into the Void and the spaces in between and non-matter. Then into the star fields of new life as we opened to the stars and planets within us and the new stars from the higher dimensional solar system anchored in through us and the Golden Solar Disc in the sun temple and out through the stones.

     In our Soul Travel aware of being at Silbury Hill the new light codes, new sun and star energies added to the cosmic egg. The ancient serpent had waited long for this to happen as each of us held codes that went into the egg from all our travels and places we had been between us. The mandala of the matrix of light and new life able to form. As the serpent held the cosmic egg to her with us within the serpent. We travelled deep within through the universe upon universe, that is only accessed from within the worlds within worlds from our heart.
     The codes of new life hatch through us and each cell within and without, as we are the Earth, the stones the suns and stars and worlds.
     The template is anchored through the ancient sacred site umbilical cord of the old earth, open to the new life. All the scared prayers and work that has gone on through time and space brought us into the now. We open to ourselves and the worlds within worlds as the integration of the stones, cells, stars, solar systems, galaxies, universes are One.
     We stay in this incredible energy for some time, I can’t move it’s so intense and I am in the void and stillness as are the others. Then eventually we are ready to speak and move with some sharing light language and codes as we filter out of the circle and over to the Portal Stone that takes the energies out to the beyond as we stand in the gap in between for a group photos.

portalstone out

Slowly we wander back to the hall for some grounding food and afternoon tea and then connect to the elementals who wish to gift each of us personally and then light language about what happened for our self and in the bigger picture.


       The Stargates (a project of 5 Stargates worldwide 2013 – 2014) had to do their work first of unifying the un-manifest and manifest universes so that now with the Golden Solar Discs (1981 -2011) all linked and holding the Living Library of Light. As the serpent moves through us in our body of light, beyond the old paradigm doorway and the 11:11 to the new doorway of Ophiuchus the serpent bearer and the higher dimensional stars now anchored through the Earth (2014), and from the Galactic Gate and umbilical cord of the New Earth to the old Earth all one. As we are the spaces in between, and the un-manifest worlds are within and without us. We can create and birth worlds of love and harmony that we play in, as we have moved beyond the old concepts of war and suffering to no longer put our energy into them, as they are not what and who we are. We create from our love, the beauty of our soul as the cosmic egg births a whole new creation to experience. As we are still here on Earth and in our body, not just light, but transparent and worlds within worlds that we are, we open to universal mind and in so doing we assist all those who choose to transfigure and transcend too.
     What once was no longer exists, we have shifted in our consciousness so much that we have no agendas or investment in the old paradigm game. Nothing wrong with it, it got us to this now moment.
     All the pain, struggle and suffering we experienced was worth everything to know what it is to be in density, and experience limitations, to now experience un-limitedness.

     Whatever we wish from here is up to each of us, but for most we wish to injoy what has taken us on quiet a journey to create in the stillness, the higher dimensional Earth all merged through the denser dimensions and realms, to be transparent and dance in the stars and the earth. This is our normal state and no big deal, it just is.

     With so much gratitude and love to all those who heard the call and physically came to Avebury, and to those who were not here physically but tuned in, to those who have no clue what I am even writing about it matters not for we are all one and love is the link we all have.
     The journey doesn’t end here it’s a new beginning in hyper-dimensional realms and more expanded consciousness.

       For myself after we left the hall after cleaning up it was back to Sara’s to help her clean a room and make beds for two of the group checking in the next morning. As the old saying goes ‘before enlightenment (a word I really don’t resonate with, old paradigm and in separation, but that’s the saying) chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment chop wood carry water’.

     There is still more happening at Avebury and at the New Earth Galactic Gate, both umbilical cords, so more wonderment to come when it’s the right timing.

     With the last Template of light anchoring in early December South Island NZ and Shambala integration at the crown chakra of the New Earth it just gets more and more amazing. I hope some of you can join us for this amazing event if not in the physical then the inner.





The Light Template that will be anchored through the multi-universes and stones is in divine union with the cells of our body. As we are the multi-universes and it has been discovered that the Avebury stone circle represents a human cell. So the inner and outer are one and we are the Stargate and unify form and non-form within us. As we walk in the Stars and in the Earth all one.

So far the Light Template has anchored through the Elementals, Light Cities and Dreamtime, the Crystal Star Beings, the Southern Cross new paradigm doorway.Through the water in our body, the Earth one with the Cosmic Ocean and now through the cells of our body, the multi-universes through the stones in the circle that are the connectors of the cells and universes all one.
The Templates make it possible for us to hold the beam through all worlds and for humanity to be able to hold the light through the natural world and universes to be the
Earth Starwalker.
With inner preparation of our body, at the densest level and cellular memory to advanced Light Body integration, Divine Blueprint and New Sun and Star self, through the new Solar System, the  Multi-dimensional beings we are.
To be clear and Light, to be a conduit at this incredible stone circle vortex.
As our molecules are changing into our
Diamond and Shimmering Iridescent Light Bodies, anchored and cleansing of the old as the new light codes are brought through.
The doorway is open through our hearts and the stillness and peace within.
The Dragon energy is also moving under the land and opening up the portals to the stars as we experience Earth Star union, Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter one as the dimensional divisions melt into the golden light of love through the cells of our body in the cosmic cellular stone circle.

We will be doing a lot of new paradigm inner planes healing, unifying and realizations,
transfiguring our physical and energy bodies.
As well as new
RNA and DNA activations.
So much has shifted since last year with even more expansion and awareness of our Being.
With the energies of the Libra Sun and new Moon in union,
we are blessed with the opportunity to create balance in our own world, and so the outer world. As we step into a new path that we are weaving through the 6D Light Grid and a new grid point will be anchored as well.

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       The Starlines are remembered by us now as we make a great shift in consciousness, as our bodies get lighter, and we and our Earth adjust to the higher frequencies in balance and harmony. 
     The greatest service you can be to humanity is be still and connected, at peace and open hearted
   We are making the leap now to galactic and universal mind, and an Earth Star walker resonating fifth dimensionally. We are here to Be the light and from our inner union of light and dark, male and female, we can now consciously awaken to our own multi-dimensional selves more fully and our role here on Earth as a Beam Holder, a standing stone, pyramid, a diamond, a vortex.  A conduit between Heaven and Earth

     The Starlines are important as they take us deeper within, and further without as we unify and consciously become aware of our oneness with the universe within universes, within universes, assisting us in the stillness and peace within process.
     The more we are able to go out there, means the deeper we are connected within and to the source, the love, the peace and stillness within where all is manifest.
     When in the stillness what you need comes to you, for all is created from the stillness and your inner self knows what you need. You don’t have to look at manifesting or visualising what you think you want or need. In the stillness and peace it will come to you, no matter it may be out of your price range, if it’s what you need (not want) then it will come to you in the physical world from the stillness and peace within. .

     The Starlines run through your energy flows and chakras, your organs and tissues, cells and sub atomic particles and the spaces in between, the void within and without.
      Balancing our mental, emotional and physical imbalances while relieving the soul and spirit to be able to function more fully in one’s life and body.
     We can experience good health, vitality and physical immortality - if that’s our choice when we are in harmony and balance with the elementals, all nature, the earth, stars and worlds within worlds.

     The Starlines from the multi-verses through the cells and to the space within, from the space without. Then the space within, to the space without creates a strong connection that allows balance to take place in nature and with the elementals assisting. The elementals of the natural world and of the stars and Starlines work with us.


   The Starlines align the timelines of the discord back into balance, the Starlines from the higher dimensional universe through the Stargates, the Light Templates anchoring through the Elementals energies so important. The Shambala realms anchored, being the love in the hearts of humanity more easily and a softness in the natural realms of co-operation for all beings is going well.

     The Starlines are linked to bring the timelines into harmony in the star light matrix through the multiverses that affect Earth. If you imagine a golf ball and the inside core is your solar system then all the rubber wound around is the star light matrix of lines that need to be in harmony. The earths and solar system is out of balance but being threaded back now through the umbilical cords of the Earth through you.


     The Starlines that you are working with now from the multi-verses through to Earth kept the Earth in the higher frequency in other cycles, with civilisations that worked with advanced technology. Earth an electromagnetic star, at zero point in tune with the natural forces and at one with nature on all levels. Technology that came for the heart and wisdom, not the mind and ego. Nothing wrong with the mind but it needs to be informed from the heart to function clearly and in harmony with all life and for the upliftment of the discordant forces.
The starlines were mapped on the Earth and now are being realigned with not only our awareness but also with the crystal skulls as they start to activate worldwide.


    The Starlines were connected and on the Beltane Halloween doorway 31ST October 2016, anchored in our DNA and bodies into the earth plane. Merging the energies and creating a synchronistic harmonic equaliser of star sounds and light that is assisting the unification process.
galactic gate30oct
     I was physically at the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth, Galactic Gate Hicks Bay, East Cape New Zealand and linked wsuntemplerainbowith Sara at Avebury in the umbilical cord of the ancient Earth. We could see and feel each other as we connected over the two days, aware I was right through the star field anchored through Avebury and especially in the Sun circle where the Light Template was anchored 3rd October and Windmill Hill. Sara was also where I was physically at the place of first light lighthouse and in the stars in the Galactic Gate of Hicks Bay, umbilical cord of the New Earth, Shambala anchor point. The Starlines were being threaded through both umbilical cords.

     Aware of a whole world under Avebury and where I was at the East Cape, the umbilical cord started to pulsate and spiral aware of light city above it.
At exact time of the New Moon all the Starlines merged coming through both portals.
The fire dragon has come, the serpent needed to birth the cosmic egg (at Avebury for the Light Template anchoring Oct 3). 
    Now the fire dragon takes the codes out through the grids and waits for the skulls to activate.

      The Galactic Gate is a doorway through galaxies, Avebury is a Universal Gate so works even deeper into the matrix of light and the Light Template had to be seeded there with the Cosmic Egg. (Mt Titiroa is also universal gate). 
      The Starlines are so important they merge not only the time lines but the inter-stellular dust clouds of the crossover points are brought into alignment with the Galactic Gates within, and then the Universal Gates within. The Galactic Gate holds the seeds of new life through the umbilical cords, but now it’s time to be the seeds within our self as well and create new life. As the old world dies and in its final throws ties itself up even further, as seen by US politics which is symbolic of what is happening at this end of duality dance. The web gets so tied up and so it’s ‘be squeezed to open up, if one is still in it’.

  The Starlines came in at light house, also the dragons head in this sacred landscape and at Avebury came through with the dragons head at the lighthouse and the dragons head at windmill hill as the Starlines flowed from both points on the earth like a torus.

      The Starlines have come through the umbilical cords of both old and new worlds, and universal and galactic. We are the Stargate to bringing them into us in a balanced way.

     On the Halloween Beltane’s doorway of stepping into higher dimensions and twilight zone awareness more easily the Starlines merged through the umbilical cords of the old and the new through us as we stood on the earth, anchoring the Starlines at your local vortex.
   The star light beams in Starlines from the inner universes of the purity of the divine. The Starlines are through worlds and dimensions but when there is a connection and the Starline is in alignment with the Earth then it creates a unified realm, all the worlds and dimensions are one, that there is no time or space, that a higher resonance is created.
     This can only be integrated when we are ready to resonate at that level of our heart in divine love. But with the Star Lines lining up now it creates the space for all to be in their heart essence.

     The Starlines are beams of light that connect the intra stellular dust cloud to the outer universe and then through the planets, sun and moon. The Starlines will become aligned and balanced at Beltane/Halloween at the exact time of the Scorpio New Moon then took another five hours to integrate into the matrix that is already running in each solar system. 
    It needed Beings in each planet and star system to hold the beam while this was taking place. This is allowing the streams of life current to re-establish harmony from the Source and one point and stillness. We cease to resist and instead exist in a resonance of love and peace that has not be able to align to the earth since the fourth cycle and last golden time.

     Each cycle the light, then the dark took over, then the light resurrected again and then the dark took over. This repeating of duality happened time and time because the Starlines were not anchored through into the star fields of solar system and then into each planet. Now this can happen.

A lot has shifted with all the other divine souls love,cosmic events and light steams we are getting to the point where the old fabric of the illusion and all the deception, destruction, greed, terror  fear that goes with it is now dissolving as we all choose love.



       The Starlines from the higher dimensional universes have been able to come through and integrate within us and the Earth now as the Stargates have opened up, merging form and the un-manifest.
 Then the Light Templates anchoring through the Elemental energies so important, the Shambala realms anchored. The love in the hearts of humanity more open and a softness in the natural realms of co-operation for all beings is happening.

The inner Stargates are very important doorway, and then the inner Galactic Gates with new seeds, then the inner Universal Gate as it connects us to our origins and we open more fully to our star linages, galactic and universal heritage that takes us in the Diamond of love and the light of the one point shines through everyone. We have graduated to the Greater, Greater Central Suns.

      The Starlines have come through the umbilical cords of both old and new worlds, and universal and galactic. We are the Stargate to bringing them into us in a balanced way.

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Come and experience the Starlines through the Stargate at Bunya Mountains Queensland for the Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.