from the Diamond Light Workbook by Soluntra King

The RNA Receives the Multi Dimensional Codes

      The RNA is different to DNA in that it is single stranded and it is the messenger that brings the Light through the cells and to the DNA. With the great shift that is taking place within our bodies and being, as well as the Earth, Solar System, Galaxy and Universe, where we are graduating back into the higher dimensional Light being we are, this time in a physical body from carbon to crystalline based, the RNA is very important now as part of this process.
      In a metaphysical sense the RNA communicates in multiple time dimensions and receives information through its crystalline linear chain mechanism. That is how RNA molecules assemble the physical matter proteins in the Ribosome in order to receive the new Light Codes. The RNA receives communication from the Source/Universal Mind/Prime Creator and through to your oversoul/divine consciousnesses. Most of this information is of anti-matter and the RNA receives the new Light Codes that act as catalysts enzymes for the building blocks of our new bodies that are changing from carbon based to crystalline based.


     RNA is the gel that connects to the next level of DNA activation and you may find like myself at the moment, the need to eat a lot more protein to assist this process, this includes animal protein. I was a vegan for many years, then vegetarian and now I need to eat eggs everyday and fish or chicken. My body needs this at present to assist this process so listen to your own body and what it needs to help it with the changes.
     The RNA is not only doing its primary function of protein synthesis within a cell, but is the catalyst for this amazing upgrade we are going through physically. RNA is having an upgrade as well to be ready to receive the higher Light Codes that we are experiencing now as we heighten our frequencies and come to the state of stillness. In no time, no space as we move through the centre of our Galaxy and the cross over point into the new creation. As the DNA strands activate mostly in the etheric where the strands are functioning and in our higher energy bodies and multi-dimensional bodies that we are now integrating into the physical plane.  

      It does not pay to get caught up in numbers but to just be aware that these changes are happening within you, and that you can assist it to be gentle, easy and flowing, and can in fact enjoy the ride and allow yourself to awaken to your Divine Blueprint where experiencing life in your full embodiment is your next destination. You are already there now, as there is no time or space, but in the arena where we have chosen to play we are in density and matter and so it takes some conscious attention on our part to assist and know what’s happening, and to expand our consciousness to Universal Mind.

     This upgrade is affecting all of us and our Pineal and Pituitary and Thymus glands that are players with the RNA as we receive the Light through the Pineal and process it all in the Pituitary and the Thymus regulates our body and kundalini flow. We are receiving this information from matter, anti matter and dark plasma.
      Your multi-dimensional bodies are liquid light plasma and exist in the worlds of what scientists call dark matter or anti matter, that is lighter and higher frequency than dense matter and interfaces with the divine realms. It cannot be read by scientist in third density consciousnesses, and it is in unified consciousness and beyond the dense world of duality, it is not electromagnetic like the Earth, us and denser forms.

    As this process evolves in us with our RNA, DNA and Light Bodies it means we are holding greater light and our energy field is strong and clear. It also means that we have a lot of energy at our disposal and we must be so aware of our thoughts, words and actions. Like never before do we create from them and now we have a lot of responsibility to be aligned with Source and come from unity, rather than separation consciousness and to take responsibility for all levels of our being.
     We are fortunate now, in the past we have held these energies but often did not have the wisdom, now the journey home to ourself is through Love, not power and magic, and so we are safe guarded to a certain extent as not much happens to us in the way of getting lighter if we do not have our heart open and are loving, compassionate and allowing.


To work with the RNA please see in the Diamond Light Workbook 

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