by Soluntra King
From the Source of all that is, Creator, One, creation expresses itself in prisms of Light in worlds within worlds, a multi-dimensional jewel that is all one. As we went out from the One and experienced creation we explored worlds and dimensions, until we eventually fragmented to third density and our experience of it on the earth plane. This is where if we fragmented any further we would destroy our planet and ourselves; we are now shifting from destruction to creation, on the return journey home. Merging all our fragments and parts of ourself, unification of our multi-dimensional selves. We brought into the illusion on the third and fourth dimensions that have been controlled by the Astral Lords. Feeling that we were separate we invited fear into our experience with all that meant, death and rebirth, decay, illness, victim, victimiser, and the belief that we could not ascend in our body.
But as we own and love our fears, and embrace all fragments of ourself that have been controlled by fear, we release the hooks of duality, and so are clear to see ourself as we truly are. We shift dimensions and come from our divine presence, from all levels and dimensional aspects of self; we become our body of Light. We are not just the ground crew for the Light Ship; we are the crew, on the ship and here at once. We are the Council of Light, the Angel, the Light Being, the Dark Lord, the many ET aspects of self, Pleiadian, Sirian, Andromedan, Orion, Lyra, Arcturus. We no longer think of them as some one else, or outside of us, as we merge we are them. We come from the One, and as we gradually fragmented we became Founder Creators, Creator Gods, members of the Council of Light, members of the Galactic Federation. Different extraterrestrial beings, until we fragmented so much that we became 6 billion people on Earth at this time. As we love and accept others, and ourself seeing the Source within us, all beings and creation, we unify our fragments. This does not mean we lose our identity, we are still us, what it means is that we are all the other us's as well, and so have compassion and love for all creation without judgement. We become the unlimited being we truly are, and can utilise all the incredible Light codings of who we are, to be a Co Creator right here on Earth. Heaven and Earth are one, as we complete this beautiful experience in the Creation Story. 
We become conscious of our divinity, and that we are responsible for what we create, we work with the Councils of Light consciously, and our Oversoul in all its magnificent expressions. This becomes clear as we love and embrace all the renegade parts of ourself that separated from the Source and decided to create on their own will. The negative ET in us, the Dark Lord, the Magician always trying to control and run the energies. Until we got burnt enough times, for what we put out comes back to us, so as we explored power and control we became trapped in fear. Now as we embrace and love all these maverick multi-dimensional selves and align back to source. We realise that if we really want to enjoy our experience, being aligned in divine will is a lot easier, effortless effort, we become the universal flow.
The paradigm of duality served a great purpose; Prime Creator explored all the limitations of its unlimited universes. So now as we leave our limitations behind and step through the doorway and into our unlimited self, we move into a whole new paradigm of love and creation, out of chaos and into harmony, and onto new stories. So what are all these multi-dimensional selves of us and how do we find them? They start right here in our life as we are right now, in the relationships we experience, negative or positive experiences that affect us. Obviously if negative we need to love and accept the gift that is being shown to us by the person/s pressing our buttons. As well as loving our mother in us, our father in us, our partner in us, our children in us, other family members, as well as others who give us a gift that creates a negative response. We can also explore who these people really are, not just good old Dad who I've had to go through heaps with, to learn to accept myself. But who is he on the inner planes, and what purpose are we really together here for at this time? Once you start seeing the higher aspects of people, who ever they are, it helps you shift out of the earth bound dramas.
We also have ourself in parallel worlds right now from the earth experience, some call these past lives. All of these so called past lives may not necessarily be you, but part of your group soul experience. To understand and unify the human condition for compassion and empathy. We only get hooked up by them when we are still in ego identity, but as we clear and unify we are not attached to whether it was us in our own soul experience. Or part of the group, it is all us and part of our learning and integration process. Then we have other dimensions and worlds within the Earth. So many divine beings in other forms, which have been here for aeons of time. 
The Dragon people who created the dragon lines, crystalline grids, allowing life, as we know it to be created on the Earth's surface. The Serpent people who hold the wisdom and the creation story, the life force, are you them? There are countless other dimensional beings within the earth, some more recent, some ancient, you may want to explore those parts of yourself. Not forgetting the Devas and Fairies, as well as our animal totems and our oneness with the earth itself, the plants and trees. They can be very useful parts to know for your own healing and unification, as well as for the planet and all of creation. Then we have our extraterrestrial selves, we are all from the stars, whether we are a Walk-in, Starseed, or been on Earth a bit longer.
Our whole genetic blueprint, DNA, genes, cells is a combination of all the different seedings from the Lyrans, Pleiadians, Sirians, Orions, the felines from Regulus in Leo and others. Each one of these star systems has a long story with Earth, and many different agendas. They also express in many different forms of being and dimensions, for example the Pleiades where the golden haired, blue eyed beauties are joyously awaiting the second sun, the golden lizards who are of service to others. The Anu family from Nibiru who were of service to self and so many others, it really is very multi-dimensional, and they are all busy integrating now.
When someone feels they come from a certain star system, it may only be that it is the Stargate they came through last time. Or that part of their multi-dimensional self is operating at present, or it is the most important aspect they are expressing at this great change in cycle. All have agendas here and all are unifying now, as the Earth becomes a Sun, our Sun a Central Sun, and the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, back to source. We also come from the Sun and Central Sun because of course we are from source, and this our connection to source through our Heart and the core of the Earth. So we find ourselves in the Councils of Light working in alignment with divine will and in service, as we see the bigger picture of what is taking place. So no longer getting trapped in the smaller picture of earthbound fears, and game plays of power and control. We come from our unified self and are the beam holder, we can access our dimensional aspects from different cycles on Earth that are relevant to us now, for example Lemuria, Atlantis, ancient Egypt, Sumerian, as well as our star lineages and self in the Light Ship and a golden being in the Councils of Light, as a Creator Goddess/God, you are unlimited, radaint prisms of Light form the Source through all creation, dancing light..
As we come to the end of the Kali Yuga, and move into the Golden Cycle once more, we are unifying with ourself from the last golden cycle at the time of Lemuria. We live in Lemuria, or Mu, being in Australia and through the Pacific, so we are re-activating our remembrance of this aspect of self. To assist with the Golden Age once again, we are our I Am, and the Earth and all on it ascended into the new solar system, becoming the Sun. Divine Light Beings who illuminate all with Light, creating and sustaining worlds within worlds, by being and not being, night and day. As you start to awaken to all these aspects of self it is not confusing, it is actually very empowering, as you bring back your fragments and become the unlimited being you truly are. You have incredible skills, gifts and talents that you can use to enrich your own life, and all of humanity and the all that is. You become free of the limitations that say you are a robot to be controlled by the Astral Lords, and their puppets on the earth plane. You become a fully awakened member of the Galactic Federation in all your radiant jewelled self. A prism of Light that through its presence activates the Light codings in others; all sentinel beings and the Earth. Heaven and Earth are one through the merging of your multi-dimension self, well done! 
Copyright © 2000 Soluntra King
Extract from the book "Light Code Activations" by Soluntra King
Next are some examples my own multi-dimensional experiences from simply loving and accepting my fragments and fears and activating my remembrance of the Source within, as shared in this book and others. Some of these topics are dealt with in more detail through this book and for more on being Multi-Dimensional and working with Holograms please see my “Handbook of RA” and “Egypt and Immortality, Journey to Source”.

In one experience, I was travelling in the Yucatan in Mexico in 1995 going to all the sacred pyramid sites. I was told on the inner that I was going to have an initiation at one site I was visiting. It had just been excavated and was way off the tourist track. It was called Becan, “Pathway of the Serpent”. The Serpent is our life force energy, kundalini, our divine essence that takes us from the underworld to the over-world, ascension, being our Light Body, the Maya considered it to be ‘the Pathway to the Stars’.

I had to catch a bus from the town I was staying in at 3am, travel out to a small village in the jungle, and then walk another eight kilometres to the site. When I got there it was still closed, so I went down the road to another site called Chianna. As I walked around the temples and pyramids I was aware of all the Light Beings there, and I was shown tunnels of Light going to the site I was to visit - Becan. I then walked with openness, respect and honouring into a temple which had as its stone doorway, a serpents wide-open mouth. I sat and meditated, then, as I walked down the steps and out I was not walking on the earth but walking in the stars, I was not on the physical dimension of the site any more. These light experiences were normal to me and I assumed my “initiation” would just be another cosmic blast. I walked down the road to Becan, back into the third dimension and along the road. At the entrance to Becan, I brought my ticket from a guard in the little shed and walked into the site, which is huge. Maybe 600,000 people had lived here and the stone structures of the pyramids, temples and palaces are all that is left. It has been excavated from the jungle that had grown off it and many areas are still hidden in the jungle. I knew that somewhere in this site were some subterranean rooms I had to find and enter, and I had brought a small travel torch with me.
I first went into the huge Plaza, with pyramids at both ends and palaces and temples each side. I saw a Mexican man with a red cap on the side of one of the pyramids and got the vibe he did not want me to see him, but I was not warned further by my inner self. I then started to walk around the track but was guided off to the side and started breaking my way through jungle and over rubble until I got to the side of a big pyramid. There was a small hole in the wall, at ground level, that was the entrance to a tunnel, I did not realise it at the time, but because the site had just been excavated all the entrances were still open, if you go there now they are all blocked off. I got my small torch out of my bag, got down on hands and knees, and crawled into the tunnel. The tunnel was just big enough to fit my body on hands and knees and I crawled along in the dark for some time, when I returned in 2004 I was surprised to see that the tunnel actually went through one pyramid and then into the Sun pyramid, the biggest at the site. Eventually it opened out into an inner room, then into another chamber off from that. I could then stand up and look around. As I looked up at the top of the pyramid a ray of light shone in and illuminated crumbling stone steps leading up to the top of the pyramid. This was the main pyramid and had a temple at the top, and originally would have had the stairs coming down from the temple into the inner chamber where the sarcophagus would be. I stood there with my little pocket torch and asked my Inner Self what I was meant to do here. I did not feel like meditating or doing any earth grid work. The reply from inner voice was “Just stay here”.
As I stood there in the dark inner chamber in the middle the pyramid, in the middle of the jungle miles from anywhere, I became aware of the sound of someone coming in through the low, narrow tunnel that I had just crawled through. The sound of the person coming got closer, I was expecting to see a torch light, and naively thought it must be a tourist, but there was no torch light. Then the person was right next to me, it was the man with the red cap whom I had seen at the plaza, and now he was trying to rip my torch out of my hand, in his other hand he was holding a large machete. I looked into his eyes and saw rape, robbery and murder! My first reaction was ‘I don’t believe it, I don’t attract this kind of thing to me’. Then I thought ‘there’s no way known he’s getting me, not even ripping my blouse’. He was literally trying to rip my hand apart to get my torch, pushing me in the upper chest, and I’m wondering when the machete is going to start cutting into me. But with no fear I looked him straight in the eye and spoke power words that came from my inner being and connection to Source. I then pushed past him and ran back the way I had come in, but now I was not crawling on hands and knees down a dark little tunnel, I was standing up running down a tunnel of Light! As I got outside the pyramid I looked to see where I should go, with thick jungle all around I could not see an escape, still assuming the man is after me. So I asked my inner voice ‘what shall I do?’ The reply ‘go to the front of the pyramid’, so I scrambled over more rubble, and when I got to the front of the pyramid the man with the red cap was running into the jungle with his machete and really terrified. He was obviously a local workman on the site and knowing the place well must of scrambled up the steps and out the top of the pyramid. I do not know what he saw, but what ever it was I knew he would never attack another tourist or woman again, he had had his own initiation.
I was hungry after all that expended energy and so sat on the pyramid opposite and started to eat my tortillas and avocado, when a couple of tourists arrived. I warned them a man had tried to kill me in the pyramid so to keep an eye out. But instead they freaked and asked to take me out to see the guard, but I was fine and they took off. I was still wondering what had gone on and thought I had come here for an initiation. If I had to go back into the pyramid again I would, but my inner self told me to go back to the pyramid at the main plaza where I had seen the man. So I walked through the jungle and dark tunnel that lead back to the main plaza with my water bottle as a weapon, thinking if I see that man again I am going to give it to him.
But I got to the pyramid without seeing anyone and sat down, I was told on the inner ‘that was your initiation, you passed with flying colours, you had no fear, and the power of the word’. I did not realise until later that an initiation means if you fail you die, if I had known that before I came for mine I would have been anxious or tried to avoid it. The tourist couple brought the guard to see me and he was freaked, not at what had happened to me, but that I might report it and so maybe jobs could be lost. But I knew it was only between me and the man with the red cap, and he was not going to try that on anyone else. 
As I walked back to the village to get the bus back to the town I was staying at I felt like Amazon woman. But I asked my inner self ‘what else I do I still fear’ and was told ‘getting married to Bashir’, who was my lover at the time, and as it turned out it was not him, but the man in my life after him that gave me all those initiations. I manifested a twin soul, mirror, mirror on the wall who showed me all the inner hatred and violence I still had inside me. Which was my next initiation, to face all my inner demons and darkness that I never even realised I had. This was another few years of pain and trauma as I loved myself fully and moved beyond the duality issues I had been trucking around with me for aeons.
My initiation showed me I had actually shifted dimensions and become my Body of Light fully when required. By embracing my fears, and loving and accepting them, it had shifted me into my higher octaves. The heart is our doorway, our connection to Source and through unconditional love and acceptance of self we open up to our multi-dimensional being, and awaken our true form, which is Light. I also realised that it is only fear that traps us in the third dimension, so even if a tidal wave was to hit and I stood on the shore watching it, if I feared it I would probably die, but that if I had no fear and embraced it with love, I would walk into another dimension. For you the reader it is not necessary for you to have the initiation that I did, but for you to learn from it, as I have. Not everyone is meant to be like me, but I could see how it had set me up for my next missions, especially in the war zones I went into after that, and could have been murdered so easily, but was invisible to that energy due to the Becan experience.
So keep breathing into your fears, as each time you do you are getting lighter and lighter and more connected to your love within and multi-dimensional self. The more you love and embrace your fears the more you open the doorway of your heart in love and become a multi-dimensional being. Remember this the next time you fear something or fear earth changes, lack, or whatever it is. Come from your Divine Self, the Source within you and move out of the Illusion through love. Always own your fears and breathe into them, loving and accepting them. You are an unlimited being and through being aligned and fearless you move through worlds in your body, as your body is your Body of Light. 
My mandala "Aligned and Fearless" in the Evenstar, Inner Pathways Mandala set is from this experience.
Being invisible simply means being in the higher octaves, in other words having no fear, those that work on the lower energies of fear and control can no longer see you. In the Activation and Awakening Chapter, in “Becoming Invisible” there is an inner energy rotation that will activate the cells to their heightened octaves, but it is simply a matter of embracing your fears with Love. When you need to be invisible you are. A couple of experiences of this was when I was up in the Himalayas doing earth grid work and Star Mapping I often had to walk through villages and I didn’t want all the kids running after me calling “Baksheesh, or Rupee, Rupee”. So I would just say to myself ‘I’m invisible’ and I was, they would not pick up on me as I walked through the villages and so I was able to peacefully go to where I needed to be. At the Island of the Sun, Lake, Titicaca, Bolivia, the first time I was working there with the Golden Solar Disc one of the locals was being officious and charging every time a foreigner walked past him on the main track. I did not even notice him and he never saw me, I was surprised later when other foreigners told me they were always accosted by him as they walked past. 
You can also make your house invisible, so that you do not get break-ins, or unwanted visitors dropping in to suck your energy.
Simply imagine a Golden Octahedron over your house, then over your property. You can put them over your bed, where you work, or spend a lot of time, over your sacred space for mediating, healing etc. Do the smaller ones first; the rooms, then the house or building, then the property. They are gateways of Divine Light and Love and an inter-dimensional doorway. To imagine the Octahedron stand in the middle the see a golden pyramid above and around you to the ground, the four points are at the four directions. Then imagine a golden pyramid under you from the ground with it's apex going into the earth. Do this often to build up the energy, after doing this for awhile you may find you do not need to do it or rarely once the energy field has been created, Trust yourself to know, but you will become aware that unwanted visitors do not get in, this is in more detail in the chapter “Creating a Sacred Space”.
An example of this happened in 1996 when I was leading a group in Kashmir on a mission activating the Living Library of Light in the waterways. We had been to the sacred Himalayan Abode of the Gods at Badrinath and Gangotri, and to Gaumukh, the glistening glacier, source of the Ganges, as well as Rishikesh and Hardwar sacred temples on the Ganges and places of pilgrimage. Then up to Kashmir and the Goddess paradise of stars through the earth and lotus flowers, sacred lakes, water ways and mountain rivers that flow from the Himalayas, where we travelled the sacred waters activating the Pleiadian Living Library of Light codes held there, from the lakes and waterways in the valley to the Himalayas themselves. It was on a nine day trek to the glacier lakes high in the mountains near the border with Pakistan that we were heading. We had permits and had hired horsemen and horses to take us. The snows had just melted and the army were also there at the base town looking for horses, the locals had hidden theirs in the valleys, as the situation was a war zone and not pleasant for any side. The army took our horse and horsemen while the group and I were already walking up the mountain at the beginning of our trek. One of the horse men who had been beaten like the others came running after us to tell us. I went with a friend to front the commanding officer and after a lot of guns being pointed at us, and yelling and screaming I spoke. The words just came out in such a powerful way, I knew they were from the higher realms of light. The Commander then gave us back our horses and men, and we got our mission done up in the mountains. I knew it had been in divine intervention when I confronted the army, as the things I said and even going and confronting them could be seen by most who knew that situation there, as pure madness and suicide. But I knew the mission was in alignment with divine will and plan and it had to be done at that time. So we had to have the horses and get on with it, without a thought or fear of the war going on around us. In the higher energies one is always safe, but I would not suggest going into a war zone unless absolutely necessary.
I have teleported by accident at times when it was necessary to be somewhere else instantly; for example while giving a crystal layout healing and standing sending energy at the receiver’s feet, then instantly being at their head with out walking around the massage table and their body. But this has been out of my ego’s control. I once tried to practice Teleporting years ago and my Inner Self told me 'stop trying, there is only Love'. So I stopped and just kept loving my duality issues and doing what I was guided from my Heart. I was offered to Teleport a couple of times, once on a beach in Adelaide, and once at La Lunar hills above La Paz in Bolivia, but both times my fears came up and I was too sacred, even though I had done it without trying previously. So I let it go and just kept breathing through my fears. I was also told back then ‘do not try because the energies were not ready to fully support doing it, and if done with ego/my will, rather than Divine Will it could have a damaging effect’, a bit like the Americans and their Philadelphia experiment. We have to leave everything to Divine Will and Timing, but we/I are getting closer. One time when it happened spontaneously on the inner planes I understood how it was done, I wanted to go to Greece with a friend, I knew he had to fly in a plane, so I decided I would met him at the airport and I would materialise in the ladies toilet so not to be seen. As I materialised a woman was washing her hands in the hand basin and turned around and said “Where did you come from?” I replied “I have always been here!” so the secret is in unity consciousness.
see more updates on Teleporting.
The more we connect within and do our inner unification the more we activate and reawaken our divinity in our physical body, the sacred marriage of Heaven and Earth. I have personally experienced my light body many times through the process of breathing into my fears with love and acceptance, working with my chakras and light body and being guided by my heart. One time I stopped breathing through my lungs and was aware that I was light and breathed in light through all my body. I got bored would you believe and got up after about thirty minutes and started to breath through my lungs again. But I was constantly in cosmic orgasm for days after, even the ends of my hair and fingernails were blissed out and having an orgasm. This showed me that not only can we live without food and water as Breath-air-ians do, but also we can live without breathing air and just allow the light to be us, from my experience as I lay not breathing through my lungs for at least thirty minutes I literally saw the light being breathed through all my being.
I was never interested in a career or the material world so did not get caught up in it and let go of doing normal jobs at 23 years old as I used to feel physically ill going to work, I lived and travelled in India and Asia and then in New Zealand grew organic vegies, dried flowers and crafts while studying to be a Naturopath and self employed, but still had to get into the lessons of business when I let go seeing clients and started publishing my mandala sets and books. While in the middle of doing all this, my romantic partner at the time tried to badger me into doing a business plan which I refused, he could not understand how I operated the way I do. I chose not to limit myself by working out a probable income to live on and how much money I need to do my projects or travel, this is from fear and a limited state of consciousness. If I did this I would never do anything, because 'the thought I do not have the money' would of come in, which is an illusion and thoughts of lack, where as from who I really am, I/we are unlimitedly abundant. 
When you are on task with what you are meant to be doing, from your heart and what gives you joy then you just do it and the universe supports you, simple. If you think you have to have so much money to do something then you are putting yourself into the frame of mind that you cannot do it because you cannot see how you are going to get all the money, this is in the world of illusion, fear and limitation. You are an unlimited being and your employer is Infinite Creator, you have an unlimited supply, so go ahead and do what you are guided to from your heart and joy (the secret is working from your heart). Acting like you have the money, because in the greater reality you do, it is only energy and the universe supports you.
Often when I am in some exotic location on Earth I think; ‘what are the third density rich people doing?’ as I am having the most amazing time and life. I am certainly not worried about what to do with my money, investments, or fear of losing it; I just work with my never-ending supply. Mind you I do not abuse this, being fortunate enough to know the difference between what I need and what I want, you always get what you need, and when you come from trust you are operating from your heart and Source.
I have always operated like this but it used to always come at the eleventh hour, which was stressful. So when I got tired of operating like this I had a little talk with my Inner Self and Source essence and stated that I am worthy to receive all the money I need before the allotted time to pay my bills, get an air ticket, print my books or whatever, as I am supported in all that I do. So after that little shift in consciousness I now get the money I need before I have to spend it, not at the last minute.
Money is only energy, so what’s going on with your energy? I never borrow money, (I have never needed the security of owning land or a house as the cosmos is my home, but I know for most this is necessary as well as for the family, but what’s needed and what’s not necessary?) If I cannot afford something I do not get it and I pay my bills straight away, that way the energy is always clear, I also learnt not to lend money either (after being ripped off several times), but to help in other ways. So if you owe money pay it back as soon as you can as your energy is always lacking and you are being dragged back all the time, and if you cannot afford something so what, if you are meant to have it, it will come. Simply put out for what you need or write it down, then forget about and be in the now, your Inner Self knows what you need so by being at peace and not anxious it can leave your energy field open for it to come in. Just keep breathing into your fears and anxieties about not having enough money or how you are going to live and fear of survival, abundance is love, fear is lack so when you are at peace then the abundance from your love can come to you, its always been there and always will. Everything comes when it’s meant to; we still have to work for it, but without the attachment. Money is not evil or ‘if you are spiritual you cannot have it’, these are old paradigm beliefs of limitation, if you need lots of money then put out for it as we can do a great deal of good with lots of money, paper or plastic notes and coins are only a tangible thing we use in the physical world to exchange energy.
We all create with and are the essence of Infinite Creator, Source, but most of us create unconsciously and create havoc more often than not from our limiting negative thoughts, words and actions while we are still denying our soul. When we listen to our soul/heart and act on it we are in alignment with Divine Will and so in joy, abundance, peace and love, if not we are in struggle, fear and resistance. It takes courage to let go your fears and insecurities, but if you don’t then you will never know true happiness. So when you feel sick about what you are doing, or your relationship or life it really is time to love the fears that hold you and break through, stepping into the void blindly in trust. Get out of the head and stop figuring out how to get out of the job you do not like anymore, or whatever situations in your life that makes you feel trapped or unhappy and just breathe love and acceptance into the fears and blocks, the rest will be taken care of. Work on the inner and the outer is transformed, this requires commitment and faith by you, but the rewards are unlimited as you move more fully into your divinity. Just keep breathing through those fears and as you trust and allow you co-create with Source, you open up your creative channels, fear is not blocking them anymore and you play in your creations, you are the creator of Heaven on Earth.
Physical Immortality is about being our Light body right now, when we are our body of light we become master of our molecules and are unlimited. We do not become frustrated about aging, dying, decaying, but love and accept it and keep seeing all our cells as filled with Light, alive and radiant. I believe in growing a third lot of teeth and being able to regenerate and rejuvenate our bodies. It is only a state of mind, our cells have been very programmed to believe we age and decay, but remember we get new cells all the time, the only thing that needs to be changed is the programme. Physical Immortality is about being who we truly are right here in a body on this beautiful planet in density, not feeling limited by it, 'in the world, not of it' and fulfilling our divine mission of spiritualising matter. Being Physically Immortal is being fully present and so every where at once, no separation and so you are conscious of yourself in all worlds and dimensions and dance in the holograms of your love, the facets of light that illuminate from the Source within you.

Please “Physical Immortality” for more details.

Many times I have been off up in the Himalayas and other parts of the world doing Earth Grid work, working with multi-dimensional portals, the Councils of Light and the Golden Solar Discs as part of the shift in cycle and alignment with the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. This often calls for being able to climb high mountains, high altitude and blizzard conditions, crossing mountainous rivers that seem impossible to do, or scale up great rocks. Obviously it is necessary to have a fair amount of fitness and good health, but because a lot of my work is writing and painting I sit a lot and would like to be able to do more physical exercise. So I am not the fittest person, but when it comes to having a focus and knowing I have to get somewhere to do my mission, it is like I am filled with the strength of my connection to Source and can handle all sorts of situations. 
One time crossing a pass at 5,000 metres in snow, hail and sleet and walking through freezing rivers, wet and cold for hours, all I felt was exhilarated and high. Unfortunately some of my travel companions found it unbearable to handle and one almost died, I had to spend hours doing healing with her to bring her back from the brink. Other times up the Andes needing to get to a portal by a certain time to anchor energies from a stargate, the doorway often only opens a short while to do this work. I have been with people not able to get there in time because of their so called physical fitness, but it is more a state of mind and how connected they are. When you are literally in the Beam it is amazing what you can achieve. 
The last time I walked up to Mukinath in Nepal flying to Jomsom and walking all day up to 5,000 metres in the mountains I did wonder how I would manage. The time before, six years previous, I had only made it to a village below Mukinath by dark and had an aching neck and shoulders from carrying my pack. But this time I was six years older, but I was light years clearer and I literally just walked easily up to Mukinath by 3pm got a room in a tiny family hotel and then ran up all these stairs 5,000 metres in the mountains, up to the temple of the Blue Flame, my destination. I was focused on getting there and so just did, a few days later I meet all these fit 20 ‘something’ year olds who regularly did mountaineering and the first day after we had all got off the plane at Jomsom together they had only made it a third of the way up the track and were tired. Everything is energy and when our circuits are clearer we can simply be in the flow.
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