by Soluntra King

12th – 23rd DECEMBER 2012
The story of the Journey and Activations at the Galactic Centre Crossover point and Crown Chakra of the New Earth.
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 Love is all there is, the shift has happened and we are vibrating from a lot higher octaves of our unified multi-dimensional self. The old ways will now fall away easily as humanity has made the leap and the Earth is a Star and so are we.
The Sun that we are from our hearts, one with all creation now integrated within us.

For some playing out beautifully for others still asleep the rumblings of change are a coming. Nothing can stay in the old lower vibrations anymore. We are on the fifth dimensional Earth with the love that we are pulsing through us and opening our hearts to live by the 'Law of One'.
The shift has changed many things and for some it's very obvious, for others more subtle and for some they have noticed nothing. But the pure love that has enveloped us and assisted us to shift frequency and let got the old paradigm attitudes and ways of operating is here.

From my own personal observation I was made aware on the morning of the 22nd December that the Inner Earth Sun had become liquid light plasma and she was glowing, our Earth had become a Star, and so have we. I was fortunate enough to be facilitating a group of beautiful light beings in human bodies up at the Crown Chakra of the New Earth on the day new birth, the 22nd December. Opening to the Sixth Cycle as it anchored through the top of the mountain, Mt Akum, or Mt Titiroa on its third density name in the South Island, New Zealand.

More on that later but I observed instantly how our EarthSun Body had also become liquid light plasma. The Earthsun Body is created through the union of the Inner Earth Sun and Sun through our Heart and Soulight chakras. It is a tuning folk and connects all our bodies to all the Earths’ bodies and aligns one to be open to the higher light octaves and new light codes. Now it has become liquid light as well. Also up until then we would sense the pulse of light and consciousness through our heart from the Galactic Centre, and then connect into the crossover point within the heart and one with the Galactic Centre crossover point all one and we would be through. Now from the 22nd it's already there in our heart, the heart of the Galaxy is the heart of our heart, no separation.

Our hearts have been opening wider as we know as we heal and unify, but on the Solar Eclipse in November the Earths heart beat changed and so did ours, the higher octaves of light and divine love blasting us from within in preparation.

On Christmas day I was spending time with my mum and she will always asks about my dad, her husband, and her parents, dads parents and her brothers and other relatives who have passed over. In the past they would appear to me dressed and looking like they did on Earth. Over the years they have been in a healing process gradually improving. My maternal grandmother was in a hospital for awhile, my uncles both who had experienced a lot of trauma and sadness in life were doing different things to get better, one was always building a house. My dad had instantly gone to higher realms on passing and was always fine in fact I worked with him at times in bigger picture. This time when I went to say hi to them and pass on messages to my mum they were all in light and appeared as light beings. They also spoke with wisdom and deep understanding and compassion. They had all made it through as well.

Other things I notice, in my own life I have always followed my joy and was not able to do tick tock as it was too limiting and stressful for me. I was always busy with my spiritual mission and so trusted for abundance always. But now I notice people I have know who were still not able to trust are now doing so. I and everyone I know are regrouping about how we operate and creating a joyful, easier way of doing things and getting more of a life. A life of experiencing living in the fifth dimensional Earth full  of abundance, joy, love and peace, we have now graduated to be who we truly are still in a body.

lakewakatipuI am sure you are rearranging your life to work better for you too, not by trying to work it out in your head or still control it through fear, but through trust and love, and surrender into divine will and allowing. All the love that’s opened up our hearts means we can love ourselves enough to really honour ourself and be kind to our self. We often focused on being kind to others but sometimes neglected to take so much care for oneself, but now we can play and enjoy life more fully than ever before, as everyone learns to take responsibility for themself.
We have always known this time on Earth would come, to be in a body, our body of light and truly enjoy every moment, and to be in harmony with all beings, the Earth and Cosmos. Now it has really stepped in, as we are in the New Earth.
 For the time of the shift I was guided to organise a group to meet me at Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand on the evening of the 11th December. In the build up to that I had been working day and night to get the cosmic events finished and out as well as lots of other things to get to the airport to fly to Queenstown. I had even experienced a big release of old energy out of my cells, as well as nausea as my body was finding holding the higher light codes a bit challenging at first, I needed to be clear to hold the higher energies as they came through the Galactic Centre.

lakehaweasun121212We arrived at Lake Hawea to a bright sunny day, with the still and glistening water with the Cosmic Egg on the inner planes and higher dimensions in the lake.  We connected through our Earthsun Bodies and aware of the pulse of light and consciousness from the Galactic Core through the crossover point in our hearts all one.  With awareness of our inner male and female and loving them as they unified and married into oneness within as the doorway opened and the Diamond Light Matrix glowed through our bodies, Earth and Cosmos. As we became aware of the dimensional flows and integrated through our higher dimensional selves into our physical bodies and through the strange flows, acupressure points and meridians in liquid light plasma. Moving into the cosmic egg and the pure bliss I remembered the old Woodstock song: "We are stardust, we are golden and we have to get ourselves back to the garden". But now we are back in the garden!

mtcook3Then travelling to Aoraki, Mt Cook we arrived early evening and went out in the twilight with beautiful snow capped mountains all around us. We completed any fears or duality aspects still caught in the shift of recent cycles of Lemuria and Atlantis and then into one other that our inner self wanted us to unify. Through the prism's of the Diamond in our heart and multi-dimensional doorway to love accept and unify as we cannot take old fears into the new cycle, to move through now in love, not fear.

Through unifying the Diamond Light glows bright as our heart sparkles and glows open as we move through into the ancient civilisation through the mountain and remember our connection and gifts from that space at sacred Aoraki. For the 12 to midnight to 12 minutes past we sat out in the tussock under the stars with the white capped mountains around and the stars shinning above us. Jupiter shone so bright as we linked with all the other light workers worldwide and the light through the crystalline grid glowed then out through the Diamond Light Matrix. The Earth glowed and stepped up her frequencies as the unified matrix through enough of us on Earth created the doorway through the crystalline matrix and Diamond Light to harmonise the grids and the Earth and ourselves strengthen our energy bodies into crystal clear light.



tasmanglacier2The next day 13th December we were at the Tasman Glacier, the mountain alltasmanglacier clear in the bright sunlight, the valley vibrating in its higher light octave glow and the water turquoise blue from the glacier melting. Connecting to a star alliance that we had agreed to keep from Star Systems with strong lineages to Earth, the doorway now opening for the star energies to merge and unify through to the denser realms.
We  cleared our light bodies, the Blue Light Body of 64 strands and good health and all flowing in ones life as the Etheric Blueprint cleared and awareness of the energies from other holograms, star systems and dimensions communicated with us.
The Violet Light Body with 5000 strands and fifth dimensional essence of self, as we listen to our inner guidance, inner voice and wisdom as the emotional and mental bodies clear to awaken even deeper our inner knowing and purpose now.
The White Light Body at 15,000 strands of DNA and the light codes of remembrance and awakening to deeper connection within. Seeing and knowing who you are allows the light to illuminate within out, as we connected to Aoraki and merged through the matrix of light and higher dimensions there.
The Golden Light Body at 40,000 strands as we connect to the Sun within and awakened more to the Sun as it really is and our presence in the Sun. Then opening to the Central Sun within with the outer Central Sun as we opened to the Living Library of Light and are the Creator Goddess's Gods here creating Heaven on Earth. Through to the Greater Central Sun sitting in the Council of Light….as the Central Sun glows through all the chakras and the Inner Earth Sun flows up through to merge with the Central Sun within, one with all the Suns of creation, fully present.
Afterwards we each picked up a dragons egg rock and walked down the hill to the Blue Lake with ancient dragon Ewa as guardian. We lay on tasmanglacierbluelakethe Earth and breathed in the Earth and Sky and took our awareness into the higher dimensional cells within our body and into the Dragons Eggs now activating through the cells of the body as we open to the Divine Blueprint and the Cosmic Time Clock aligns through us. All our bodies align into divine will and plan and the spiralling, serpent vortexes flow through us in the universal flow. As we lie in the womb of the lake with mountians around and go it the second cycle there in a higher dimension. There was much destruction as the cycle ended. We were reminded that this time the end of the cycle is not through destruction, but creation through love and peace within.
We drove up the next valley and there was Aoraki clear and bright in the clear light, so often it'smtcook4 hidden in cloud and rain.


That night at 9.42pm was the New Moon in Sagittarius and Sun in Sagittarius. We met earlier and sat or lay on the tussock looking up at the stars in the moonless night as the stars kept blinking off and on. The light language we spoke echoed through the moors and mountains around awakening the light codes within, as we went through the Stargate we had come through in this life/hologram with the codes and gifts to share as we brought ourselves through the doorway here now and the love within as we connect to our family of light. Then connecting to the myth of our Earth walk and story of the Earth wisdom held within. It was magic lying there looking up at the stars.




The next day the 14th December we went out on the glacier lake to be near the wall of ice of the glacier and Aoraki above us clear and bright.

Then we drove down the mountain and to the Clay Cliffs at Omarama. The gravel road was close to the long river bed with mauve, purple and pink lupins all through the river bed and lining the road and the fields full of the glorious flowers.
The Clay Cliffs is a great Sirian Stargate and landing strip of UFOs, we had been through our own stargate in the heavens in our heart last night and now we were at one anchoring into the earth plane. The landing port and refill station for the UFO ships is connected to the grids through the vortex there. The Stargate was here before any beings on Earth and then the Sirian dolphins and whales came through into the ocean.claycliffs2 There was ocean through the landscape here way before Mu.
The Stargate is opening again now as we align cycles and complete. Assisting to bring joy and higher light octaves into the Earth and brings in new life, as many things are passing now and becoming extinct as the new is coming in.      
As the Stargate is a birthing space we integrate the light through the Stargate through the densest structures of our physical body, as we opened to the higher light octaves, multi-dimensional self and star lineages. We remembered the gifts from our Sirian, Pleiadian, Lyran, Andromedan, Arcutrus and Orion star lineages and integrated them through the Transition of Light mandala and cleared the etheric blueprint of any imbalance through into the physical body. The energy was very full on and we lay on the grass under the cliff in the Stargate for some time as the Stargate of joy and new life anchored at the Clay Cliffs. We felt amazing afterwards, what a place so many layers to explore.
That night we drove to Wanaka to stay three nights and the next day, the 15th we drove up the Mt Aspiring national park valley gravel road through stunning views and over strong flowing mountain streams that forded the road until we robroyglacer2got to the carpark. Then walking down the valley and over the swing bridge, the raging river below then up the step track past the raging waterfalls, river with great rocks and the Rob Roy  glacier way up above us hanging over the side dripping its water into the raging flow below through a hundred waterfalls.

It was the day that Ophiuchus the serpent bearer is conjunct the Sun at sunrise and rises before the Sun.
We stopped by the river in the beech trees with the Sun's rays shinning through the canopy of trees. Connecting to our kundalini and breathing through any blocks to the flow within our life as the light exploded inside as the block transmuted through love and acceptance.
Making a leaf, twig or stone essence from something in the environment thatrobroyglacer3 jumped out for us, we received the beautiful healing energy through our chakras and energy field, organs and systems of the body and energy bodies to bring in balance and light to shine through the imbalances. As the stars and planets illuminated through us and we connected to Ophiuchus and beyond Draco as the old doorway of the 11:11 closes through Orion and opposite in the heavens Ophiuchus the serpent bearer shines through our chakras and central channel as we open to our body of light through every cell of our body.
We walked the rest of the way up to the glacier over hanging us as great waterfalls flowed over the rocks all down the valley and much healing and unifying realisations and clarity took place in that sacred space.


The next afternoon we went down by Lake Wanaka and connected to the Golden Solar Disc that has been worked over many years. As we breathed in the Sun and the Moon and rotated the golden and silver light around the orbit of the cosmic flow through our chakras and central channel, we flowedlakewanaka into union and the higher dimensions. Aware of the Golden Solar Disc in the lake and the great Mothership above it, as we breathed in thethirteen rays of the rainbow through the RNA and DNA.
Standing by the lake on the sand doing our mudras as we stepping into our true essence with the Golden Solar Disc within glowing brightly as the Mothership drew up the Earth through the Golden Solar Disc in our heart and the heart of the lake and the Great Mother into the higher dimensions. The energy was so intense and full on no one could move and stayed transfixed connected through the Golden Solar Disc in our hearts and the lake and Golden Light Beings as the Earth was drawn fully into the higher dimensions.
Surrender and let go handing everything over to the Creator.

lightcityThe next day was the drive to Milford Sound on Monday Dec 17th. The road was closed for the last three days due to great rocks hovering over the road at the Hommer tunnel, and too dangerous with the rain that could melt the ice and set the great rocks down onto the road. So we drove in half way to the amazing plain with mountains in the distance where the light city for the fourth cycle was there in the ethers. The rain gently fell on us as we stood in a circle and I had been guided to ask everyone to breathe love and acceptance into the fears and insecurities that are held deep in the psyche of all humanity.
Being on this unstable beautiful rock Earth as she dances through the Cosmos being knocked by comets and meteorites, spinning on her axis and turning upside down at times as she experiences the different shifted in cycles. The cataclysmic shifts that have happened before as the memory of all the fear and trauma is embraced through the breath and love and acceptance in our hearts as we have returned to Earth and into physical bodies. All the fears of being in a body have come from the memory of the death and trauma of the shifting Earth. She appears to be an unstable rock in the cosmos, unconsciously bringing great insecurities to those who are on her, as we keep breathing into the fears and insecurities until transmuted. Before we started the Inner Earth Sun felt shaky. As we loved and accepted the deep core fears, the transformation strengthens the energy of the Earth.
We go into on a soul travel into the fourth cycle where the light city is as the Earth at that time had such a strong magnetic pull. We feel it now and our bodies are drawn closer to the Earth and aligned and strengthened. As we bring the energy back into the Earth as she is now she strengthens through the Inner Earth Sun and the crystals and grids in the electro-magnetic system. The Earth herself is strengthened and able to handle the shift that is happening, as our bodies are strengthen as well and aligned through the doorways of heaven and matter.
We all feel great, alive and awakened as the magnetic force has a great healing action and strengthening of our energy bodies. It felt so amazing and everyone in the group had some amazing experiences and felt wonderful.

The rain was still gently blessings us and we drove to Lake Manapouri and to the lakeside. It was the day of 'stillness and no time' in preparation for the shift.
Travelling on the inner planes into the lake that holds the doorway of the cross over point of the Galactic Centre, and moving through in the stillness and silence through the Galactic Centre. The energy in our heart chakra was so intense, into the peace within as we hold the beam through the stillness and no time through the centre of the storm, the still point within.


We got ready for the soul travel that night to Milford Sound and the Sirian Living Library of light El Ta Nas. The road had just opened that morning, December 18th and had been closed for three days as the rain could have released some great boulders near the tunnel. Because of this it meant we could not sleep there the 17th and we ended up at Lake Prasad/Manapouri for the 'No time, stillness' Galactic Centre cross over doorway in preparation.     

Now we drove in past the light city in the Fourth Cycle that we had been at yesterday with all the incredible electro-magnetic strengthening of our bodies and Earths. Signs said the tunnel road would close again at 6pm and I wondered if I needed to rearrange things again due to circumstances. But we could still get out the next morning I was told by road workers, so proceeded down to the Sound to meet up with the group as we sat with Mitre Peak just in front of us and the Sounds with the Sirian Living Library of Light.

mitrepeakWe connected through the Sounds and Galactic Centre and Suns through us, and the doorway of the heart and go into any blocked energy in our kundalini to do with old attachments or desires if any is still there. No matter how subtle, to love and accept and embrace into love and oneness. Clear in our beings we connected to all the Light Ships and Light Beings out through the sounds as we too had a star within that pointed to the four directions and the four turns of the year the equinoxes and solstices, then out into bigger cycles and the star within us spun and glowed and moved faster and faster within connecting us through our more unified selves in the council of light overseeing the great shift in cycles form the 26,000 year and two more completing now that creates the doorway through their alignment for the expansion and illumination of light through all those solar systems and the galactic core that holds the centre of the alignment through it.
Then as we opened to the stars and chakras through us and into the Diamond Light Matrix through our body, the Earth and cosmos all harmonised we went through a corridor of light with layers and dimensions and then out into Milford Sound, the rocks are singing and the waterfalls all glistening light. The water in the sound is like clear liquid light plasma. Simply being there, the energy aligns all our chakras and energy bodies through the central channel as a rush of light flows up through us, then aware of sitting in a council meeting of Sirian Light Beings discussing the birthing of the New Earth and how to alleviate any birthing traumas.
Aware of the sparks of Light all around the planet anchoring through ground crew in every country, as well as out in the oceans through the dolphins and whales. With a web of light being woven around Earth linking through each spark of light, like a beautiful cocoon of light enveloping the Earth.

Staying in the council discussing your own life role……and receiving the codes as you awaken and remember your purpose at this time……
Then we physically go out in a boat on the Sounds, so magnificent and glowing in the ethereal realms and higher light octaves as well as in the physical. With waterfalls flowing off all the great stone walls of the cove, with beautiful trees clinging on where they can as the voyage takes us out to the (cosmic) ocean, the Tasman Ocean. 'The shift will be gentle and easy for all, the way has been created like this since the beginning of Time, to complete the great journey to identify and experience matter and separation consciousness. Now with open hearts we are in unity consciousness and returned to our self, finding home within'.


lakemarian2We left Milford Sound and drove back up the steep, serpent winding road to the tunnel and out the other side and down into a valley to park the cars and walk over the swing bridge, then up the steep mountainous path to Lake Marian. I had forgotten just how far it was from last being there on the beginning of the Ninth Wave March 2011 when a beautiful dragon there had awakened and taken a great egg to the northern hemisphere to assist in the awakening. After walking almost non stop for almost two hours up the most scenic path, with raging river and waterfalls to start. Then up through great rocks and beautiful beech forest, around tree trunks and steep banks and slushy marsh we arrived at last at Lake Marian. The snug little glacier valley with towering mountains with snow on them and fog all around, still lake below mirroring the show of divine elementals as there were dragons all around in the dragon council. This the birthing place of dragon eggs that get taken around Earth.

There is a great egg in the dimensions of the Inner Earth through the doorway here. The dragons guard it and the egg is preparing for the shift and holds the seed essence of creation just as we all do. We travel on the inner planes through the dimensional realms of the Earth and into her centre where there is an enormous egg, ancient Dragons all around it who have been protecting it for aeons and guarding it til now.
As we sing the tones of creation from our hearts and the great cosmic egg in the core of the Earth, the heart of the Earth awakens and is literally sucked up through the dimensions of the Earth and through the cross over point of the Galactic Centre from the heart of the Earth and the hearts of ourselves through into the new creation.
The energy is so on and all we could do is lie in the tussock grass or on a rock and absorb what had just happened it was so huge, as we and the Earth are birthing.
We then walk back down the mountain and like the never ending story it seemed to go on and on, with beauty upon beauty of rocks, trees and streams of clear water in this abundant divine world. Until we finally get back to the great waterfalls and raging river and over the swing bridge to the cars.

Driving just down the road to Lake Gunn we walked in through the sacred, ancient forest with great carpets of ferns and mosses all over the tree trunks and floor of the forest.  A world of elementals and fairies, we go down by the lake and find our place to sit and tune in. When one of the group cries out in disgust as she has almost sat on some very fresh human excrement, to the horror of the human part of us as to how someone would do this right where everyone stops and sometimes sits down.
Perfect of course as I am about to led everyone into the Fairy Realm to be greeted by a beautiful Fairy and lead across the threshold and into the Fairy world, telling the Fairy of any burdens or worries still held. As they fall away through the sharing, lightness and joy.
The Fairy then settles you down in a beautiful spot and hands you a chalice of golden nectar that you drink down. As it warms you from inside out through your mouth, oesophagus, stomach and intestines and out through the organs and tissues of your body. It pushes out all the old toxins and fears and pain, no longer needed as you open to the warmth and joy of your inner golden nectar and divine essence glow. Pushing out all the old dross as it falls away like old skins….You pick it up in your hands bless it and thank it. Then burying  the old dross with a spade into the earth and cover it over. As the Earth reclaims it and transmutes it into flowers that spring up for the spot as your old energy transforms.
Moving around the Fairy Realm with joy and freeness of spirit, feeling so light and carefree. You ask the Fairies 'what can you do in return for the healing internalised?' They say to see them move into the higher realms as well.

As the Elementals then come in and you go to where you live in your inner scan of the area and sense if there are any Elementals displaced or lost from human intervention and destruction of the earth there. For those lost and caught in humans or objects, you ask them what they need to be free to move into the higher dimensions where they will be at peace. As you visual their request and the doorway opens to them to transform with love from your heart. Aware of all the Elementals worldwide who have been dislodged and traumatised; be it from the Amazon jungle to the ocean, the sacred lakes in Serbia, all across the Earth; the land, rivers and seas have been disturbed and maltreated. The Elementals are now able to go free as we return to heal from the heart, all the imbalance that has taken place. With no judgement or angst, just a deep inner knowing and wisdom of the journey into density and experience that took until now it is all returned into love and oneness.
As the Elementals worldwide find peace through the shift, no longer caught in the folding of time and space, but free to be in 'no time, no space' as the multi-dimensional beings they are, as we are the new guardians of Earth and all her family and children. As we know in the greater reality that all is divine love and one. From the human excrement next to us as we sat in the physical by the lake, to the pollution, wars, fear and control that has supposedly destroyed the goodwill of the many. Now blown in the winds of time as an experience once experienced, now a distant memory disappearing fast, as we focus on the here and now and see the divine in everything.

The Fairies give each of us an etheric flower in our hands, beautiful to behold the energy is so loving and divine. We breathe our own individual ones in through our chakras and nadis, central nervous system, endocrine glands organs and tissues, cells and sub-atomic particles. Through our etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies as it holds the love to nudge us if we diverge off the path of the 'law of the one' and into a nose dive of duality; judgment and separation. To bring us back into balance straight away and maintain the higher light octaves of clear inner sight and love of all creation, as we see, acknowledge and are the divine essence shining bright.

diamonddoubtfulsound1212We journey into Doubtful Sound with the great Diamond there 19kms in circumference. We meet early with plenty of time before we depart to the boat that crosses Lake Manapouri/Lake Prasad to see Mt Titiroa so bright and light above us in the distance with the upper half of the mountain covered in white and mica crystal.
Before we enter into the Diamond on the physical in the boat journey through the Sounds we go into the Diamond and its facets of light through our heart and into the great Diamond. Aware of the dolphins and whales in the Sounds and ocean and the Sirian Mothership as we travelled deeper and deeper with each breathe into the great Diamond within and without. Through the unlimited facets of the thirteen rainbow coloured lights of the New Earth creation. As the Diamond awakens and speaks of our and its returns as we experience the great shift in cycle from the creation of the Earth and all aspects of the journey, as a rock and tree, elementals, fire and volcanoes. Rivers and great oceans, from the tiny molecules to the great dragons; in the physical realms and etheric through the cycles of light and dark and all shades in between as you remember your dance through the prisms. As the light prisms now glow and radiate from the joy that you and I are, the great Diamond within and without awakens such joy to behold. As the Diamond Light connects to all the other Diamonds around the planet, and shines through the Earth in the Diamond Light Matrix of unlimited facets of light. Out through all humanity and all beings through the Solar System, Galaxy, Universe and beyond the beyond, all is one unlimited matrix of light. So much joy and love as our hearts open more fully than ever before. As the Diamond has integrated into the fifth dimension where we can access it easily now, and the New Earth is birthed to us at the level of creation we can be in once we have embraced enough of our fears.

We have brought the New Earth into the dimensions where we can perceive it and live in it with ease for those who have chosen this. As the Universe and alignment of the Suns through the heart of the Earth, our hearts and Galaxy all embrace the denser realms into the love, as the densest levels of existence are light and receptive to the beginning of the new cycle.
The facets in the Diamond are so clear as this energy has not been able to illuminate the Earth plane before, as we can now access our Diamond body of Light fully. The Diamond holds joy and fulfils the unity of light through twenty two dimensions.


The group need their own space and time to be with the shift, as do I. Each has awareness of what unifications to embrace through their heart as do I. I have to lie down on the bed and go fully to the Goddess/Godhead and surrender all of myself in all forms and dimensions and love and embrace all that I am have and ever will be. The joy and love that I feel is so immense and my heart sings out, and my eyes have tears of joy as I dance in delight at the love that flows from my heart and surrounds every part of creation.
sunsetdec21st12I get down to the beach for the noon Solstice and the most sun in the year as the Sun shines down upon me and all I can do is just Be as I give and receive. Most of the day I have to lie down on the sand at the lake and enjoy the sunset and closing of the ages to stagger to bed and set the alarm for quarter to midnight as in the land of first light the exact time of the solstice is

1 past midnight on the 22nd December as it is 11.11am GMT/UTC.
I ask my inner self why am I so tired and told there is nothing of me here as I am so busy on the other levels. I usually do not go to bed until after midnight so to set the alarm to wake up before it seems weird but all I can do is go and lie down and sleep. As I awaken to prepare for the 11 past midnight exact time I have a lucid dream, so vivid I needed to be told that what is mine comes to me. Even though this always unfolds, but now more than ever no need to control a thing, and that I cannot carry anyone anymore, much as I have spent most of my life letting go of this one, its now to be no more as I was told 'you have been reborn'!
Under the stars I acknowledge the cycle and Suns all aligned into one through the Galactic Plane and hearts of the one within all.

mttitroaThe sunrise was beautiful with a great rainbow over the lake, the Devi and Goddesses and sunriserainbow22nddecGods well pleased with the ease of the shift for humanity, regardless of those still asleep and trapped in the underworld, the illusion no longer has any strength to it. We were up early and down the road by the lake at a grass clearing as the helicopter came in the take us to the near the top of the mountain, Mt Titiroa.
We were so excited, like small children dancing up and down for joy. I was in the first copter to show the pilot where to land. There were three people already there who had been holding the beam at the vortex there over the 20th and 21st and camped in the cold and strong winds. We embraced and shared experiences and they went down the mountain and we were left with snow falling all around us.

My inner self had told me the day before, go up to the top point first and this was the fourth time for me on the mountain, but before it had always been clear and sunny. Now today the snow was almost down to the lake with clear areas to walk up to the top and snow falling still all around us. We hiked up to the top stopping a few times as it was a steep climb and we found a sheltered spot in between the huge rocks. This was where the Cosmic Golden Egg for the ancient world under the Potala at Lhasa had been anchored by me on the March Equinox 2009. Now as we connected through the mountain and into the etheric pyramid there at the top of the Crown Chakra of the New Earth.

We connected to the Inner Earth Sun and she had shifted so much to liquid light plasma, as she had become as Sun and our Earthsun Bodies now pure liquid light plasma, as well aware we are one with the Galactic Centre in our heart fully now. No longer feeling the pulse of light and consciousness from it in our hearts, now it is simply there within us. We connected into our divine self and aware of the pyramid and the alignment through the Suns and through the Greater Central Sun. The new light codes illuminating through the cells and as we go within our own individual cells and tell them 'they are free to grow in the light, new fresh and rejuvenated'.

As the sixth cycle anchored through the light city that it has been in the higher dimensions now anchored all through the Crown Chakra of the New Earth. As it makes its way down through the central channel of the Earth and each one to ground fully in the years to come as the completely new cycle of open hearts and joy and harmony with all living things.

This is the birthing and here we are at the start, so important to have awareness of what you choose to create now in your own life and for the Earth and all kind. Aware of a great Sun in ones heart shinning bright and open, as each and everyone shines the Sun that we are to create in joy through our hearts delight. As a Goddess God and in the Council of Light of the Greater Central Sun looking at Earth she has a whole new pattern of energy and her and ourselves cells open to the new light codes.
titiroa3We then climbed down the mountain and back to the lake, I had hoped the day may have got sunnier and clearer but it was still snowing and cold. We went over to these amazing dual rocks that symbolised the union of duality and created a medicine wheel to walk the Sun and the Moon ways as we unified and aligned through the heart and union of Heavens and Earth to birth the new direction we are walking through.
It was very windy and cold and we huddled near some rocks and unified through the planes of the dimensions of the mountain and ourself, the Cosmic Egg birthed the new through the heart of the Galaxy and we resonated as the beings in the Councils of Light that we are.
On the physical plane it was challenging, and whenever there is a big shift I have observed it gets cold, and it was so cold that I had to call the helicopter to come and pick us up earlier than intended. I stayed til the last and I would have stayed on much longer but we had completed our mission right up the top and so as we flew down we went over the lake and terrain all around, so beautiful and divine to see from the bird's eye view that we had.

EQmanaAMWe meet a bit later on the shores of the lake as I still had one more mission and that was Shamballa. As we spoke in light language about our own connection to Shamballa, that in the old paradigm was located in the Gobi desert and only accessible to those who resonated at levels of unify consciousness and love beyond duality and the illusion. Now as the worlds merge and we raise our vibrations through our union of light and dark, and victim and victimiser. To be free of the games and to love all through our hearts and divine essence we are opening to Shamballa, that is now accessible at many locations around Earth, where the New Earth has anchored.
When the Golden Egg was anchored here from Lhasa it transferred the higher energies held into the old cycle in Tibet and Shamballa through the Gobi desert, as it is now anchoring in the New Earth. These energies have been getting transferred from the Himalayas, Tibet and Gobi Desert for many years and now the New Earth is fully established. With the passing of the energies and the new light codes coming through the doorway of our hearts open, as we hold the Living Library of Light within and the seed essence that creates the New Earth and Shamballa everywhere as we all live in the fifth dimension and beyond.

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Now as we come into 2013 it is just the beginning of a whole new way of living and operating. Our soul cannot support the old duality dramas that we had been running before to feed our desires and fear and keep us so limited. Now its time to honour your soul and what gives you joy and trust yourself and your connection to the Source within you.
We have made it, and for some of us who have been consciousness on this mission for years and years, us first wavers its completion of a great mission and such a success. We can let go the responsibilities and trust in the flow and enjoy the foundations we have created through time and space. Truly live at peace and in joy, as we reap what we have sowed and the joy of seeing the awakening unfold as the masses of humanity awaken to their souls inner guidance and light while still in a body.
For those that expected things to change big time, well they have but the energies still need to filter down to the denser realms. So it depends on how much you have changed the programme within your own cells; to acknowledge your divine self and that you are light and always have been.

Gratitude and love for all the unifying and anchoring you have done as we are all the saviours of our self. Each one awakens to the divine spark within and the world unfolds its Divine Blueprint. As we allow, and in the stillness and peace we move beyond time and space and see, sense and know it all as it truly is in this moment, divine, beautiful, glowing, and in life expressing the Creators love in everything.

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