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 by Soluntra King from the "Light Code Activations" book. 

     The Kundalini flows up through the chakras when they are clear, spinning and operating as doorways of Light, and the Kundalini is a catalyst that at the same time awakens the Light Body and our Light codings at a cellular level. As our chakras spin clearly and the Kundalini life force energy flows through us, all the cells and our whole being are activated to the Light codings in the DNA and cells. This awakens our Body of Light, the heightened frequencies of our true self, our divine presence emanating through our physical vehicle.

     This happens to us in ‘on going waves’ as we continually clear and love ourself, it does not happen in one wave as we would not be able to cope with so much light at once. The more we embrace our fears and take responsibility, the more the chakras are able to spin clearly and radiant and the Kundalini is able to flow.

     The Kundalini expresses the evolution of our spiritual growth and the expression of its energy. Depending on where the Kundalini is, which chakra it is within or between and then how that energy is expressed, until the energy is refined and light enough for it to move to the next chakra, up the Central Channel called the Sushamna in Yoga. This happens spontaneously and at different levels and the Kundalini will move up and down our Central Channel as we are clearing and awakening, moving through different chakras and sublte levels of the chakras as we clear and transform the energy.

     Represented as a Serpent; the Kundalini is situated in the Base Chakra, its birth-place or awakening point. The Serpent is coiled around with its tail in its mouth and there are many issues related to its energy. The aspects of survival and change, the base of our power and where life stems from; lust, the sexual act without love can be judged as lower level energy or gross. But really the Kundalini energy is just getting started and experiencing the first stirring’s of this energy in the animal instinctive sense for the purpose of procreation and survival as a species in the physical.

      As we go through many life times and shifts in this life, the sexual life-force energy is refined and becomes ‘Tantra’, where the satisfaction now has a spiritual focus as the initiate connects to Cosmic Orgasm. This is the life force and Kundalini energy at its heightened state, in divine bliss and oneness with the creator energy in the all that is, the orgasm can be without physical sexual contact and enlightens every cell. The Kundalini cannot rise until the person has moved their focus from attachment to the desire body, to master of the lower self. Turning issues of survival into surrender and trust, as all the chakras are purified and the Kundalini is able to rise fully.    

      When the Kundalini is fully raised, it flows up and out of the Crown Chakra, Soul Star and Stellar Gateway and then circles down and comes back to rest at the Heart Chakra. It has risen from the Base where we fully ground spirit in the body and trust in our Divinity for our survival. The Kundalini moves up through the Sacral to embrace life, merging our inner male and female. It then moves up through the Solar Plexus as we shift out of Ego consciousness and power and control dramas. It goes through the Heart as our pain of separation is unified in love, next continuing up to the Thymus Chakra, as we communicate lovingly and integrate the higher frequencies of Light within us, becoming telepathic. Then the Kundalini moves up to the Throat Chakra as we freely express our divinity and creativity on higher planes, other than reproduction. When it reaches the Third Eye, we see the inner and outer as one, and the divine in everyone and all creation, moving through the Frontal Chakra as we become one brain, one consciousness. It next reaches the Causal Chakra as we open to divine inspiration, then through the Crown as we embrace and personalise Divine/God/Unity consciousness within our earthly being and become our Higher Self. Then up through Soul Star as we integrate our Light Body, and then through Stellar Gateway as we fully merge with our Divine presence and Source on all levels of our being in unity consciousness. Then it settles back through the Heart and opens up the doorway to Source and our fully present Goddess/God self as we are in a body, as a vehicle of spirit and matter.

      We cannot go anywhere if we do not operate from Love, the opposite to love is fear which is illusion, so by the time the Kundalini has settled at the Heart we are our Light Body in the physical body and we take up our full sovereignty as the Creator Goddess/God that we are. Through Love we merge and unify all of ourself and we create new worlds - Heaven on Earth. The Kundalini also connects with the higher octave chakras, as it rises up from the Crown it unifies with Soul Star, Stellar Gateway and also Universal and Cosmic Gateway. As it comes to settle at the Heart, it opens the doorways of the soul to full divinity and unity consciousness. The chakras below the Base are also unified as we merge through the Link Chakra our multi-dimensional self and through Earth Star we merge with the Earth in union with spirit, the sacred marriage complete and our shift into our full presence in a body, our Body of Light.

   The Kundalini is symbolised by the Serpent in all cultures, the Serpent in the Mayan tradition is considered ‘the Pathway to the Stars’. After our ‘Fall’ from grace and our temptation in the Garden of Eden, we were bitten by the Serpent and fell into the underworld and duality. The Serpent knows the underworld well and as we move from the lower, base fears, guilt, desires and attachments the Serpent rises in us, through our chakras and rises up into the Heavens and the Stars. It is the symbol of the Ascension as we move out of the third dimension, from separation into oneness and wholeness, our I AM. The Serpent is feared when we fear life and our own power, it rises from the base of our power out of the fear to survive, and up and out of the Crown as we merge with our divine essence. The Serpent moves through both worlds; the underworld or hell, and the over-world or Heaven, linking the two, it is the pathway. We experience the grossest energy of duality and matter, and transmute it into the highest energy of Light, and Spirit in unity consciousness.

     Traditionally the Kundalini awakening was experienced as a Fire burning upwards, or an electric current moving up the spine. But as the energies have heightened most of humanity are awakening without performing Kundalini or Kriya Yoga, or other initiate disciplines. Our Initiation is in everyday life in this shift we are experiencing now, and our world is the Temple and our body is the vehicle we do it in as we spiritualise matter we become our Body of Light.



  • In meditation or after you have done some pranayama, you may experience it as energy whirling through or around you.
  • Experiencing intense heat; that may be in one area of the body and radiates out to all the body.
  • Tingling sensations, as the Chi or Life-force energy radiates through you. It may be so intense as to be Cosmic Orgasm, an orgasm without physical sex, not centred in the groin but through every cell.
  • An electric current felt up the spine, this may be felt or seen as Light.
  • Clear inner visions, or messages from your inner voice.
  • The body may rock rhythmically with the flow of Kundalini energy.
  • Vibrations may be felt in different parts of the body.
  • Numbness felt in different parts of the body.
  • The emotions can become extreme and felt more deeply than ever before.
  • Pain may be experienced as blockages awaken and shift in the head or body. Also at the Heart Chakra, centre of the back and chest as the heart opens up.
  • You may also become forgetful, experiencing “No Mind”.
  • You may become clumsy or dizzy.
  • Your vision may get blurred as you adjust to slipping in between worlds.
  • You may get piercing sounds; high pitched tones in the ears as the frequencies are changing or higher communication comes in.
  • Moving into wholeness may cause physical reactions, as the etheric releases into the body there maybe symptoms like rapid temperature change, Flu like symptoms, colds and gastric trouble.
  • Awareness of ‘No Time’, time goes extremely fast or slow.
  • Your energy levels will change, you may go through a period of great tiredness and have to rest even in the day and have very long sleeps. You are rebuilding and so need rest to allow the sub-atomic particles to rearrange and open to Light. Or you may be a live wire, and be almost jumping out of your skin with energy and need little sleep. These periods will change and you will most probably experience both ends of the scale.

     As the Kundalini rises up the spine, it merges with the Divine energy, the union of Shakti and Shakta, or female - male, Mother Earth - Father Spirit.

    It is wise never to force the Kundalini in any way as this can cause physical pain, as well as burn out the chakras and make it almost impossible to function on any level.

    Rather than trying to make the Kundalini rise, if we simply keep loving and accepting others and ourself, breathing into our fears and embracing them. Operating from our I am presence as often as we remember, gaining more awareness and acceptance, surrendering to Divine Will, then the Kundalini will rise as it is meant too, in Divine time that allows full integration as we go along our journey. So we have completed each level as the Kundalini rises and moves within us, in harmony with all our energies.



The following are states of awareness are gained as the Kundalini awakens within you and are:

  • Awareness of your own divinity and being it.
  • Not needing to meditate to still the mind, you are in a meditative state wherever you are, life becomes a meditation and you are at Peace.
  • A state of unity and bliss, to be of the divine unified matrix of light and life is to be of Joy, all pain is from separation.
  • Life is a meditation and one experiences divine visions, divine smell, divine taste, divine touch and hears celestial sounds within.
  • Awareness of other worlds and dimensions and yourself in them, understanding and being consciously in the Bigger Picture.
  • Inspiration and Insight come spontaneously and doubts disappear, you trust in Divine Guidance from your I Am.
  • Writing the most beautiful prose, poetry or stories, you can paint the most inspiring paintings, or compose uplifting songs and music, your creative energy is flowing freely.
  • Speaking from your divine presence and inner wisdom, your words activate and transform others.
  • Having no thoughts of the world, no attachment to what takes place, there is a deep Love for all that is and a sense of ‘Allowing’ all to be as it is. To be in the world but not of it.
  • Being centred and calm no matter the situation or emergency.
  • Feeling the prana or life-force flowing freely in your body, you may be aware of jerks like electric shocks, or when electric currents flow up and down your nerves.
  • Your energy is really “ON” and you have inexhaustible energy.
  • You experience good health and are glowing with vitality.
  • Your breath stops without effort and you can go into ‘No Breath’ without any exertion and spontaneously.
  • You can physically move into other dimensions and worlds spontaneously if necessary, or tele-port, bi-locate, dematerialise and be invisible. These are not states to try and do, this is ego, but by having a clear energy field these states will happen if the need arises, not by controlling it but being in alignment with Divine Will.


     The collective consciousness of humanity is now awakening to their Kundalini, Light Body and Ascension process. Western Culture lost its connection with the Serpent Wisdom, the Earth and Goddess, our Cosmic heritage and seeding from the Stars, unlike the indigenous people who always kept the Serpent Wisdom. This wisdom is not from the material world but from the inner worlds, or spirit, the energy of Prime Creator which religion tried to disconnect people from. But now the awakening of the Serpent Wisdom, Kundalini, Light Body and Ascension process is inescapable. Just like in the heavens the constellation Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer is making a rebirth in our consciousness. The planets in our Solar System actually orbit through Ophiuchus, it is between Scorpius and Sagittarius and represents a man encoiled by a serpent, the constellation Serpens.              
     Astrologers do not acknowledge it but Astronomers do, as astrologers only work with where the collective psyche is at. Ophiuchus is opposite Orion in the heavens, Orion being placed between Taurus and Gemini. In the great Pyramid the old initiations were through the doorway of Orion, that held duality and the cycle of birth and death, until the 11:11 when oneness was finally anchored there and is now filtering to the earth plane as humanity also anchors oneness, the doorway is closing. The opposite doorway in the great Pyramid is aligned to Ophiuchus and represents the Ascension, as we become one we are the Serpent Ascending, Physical Immortality and returning to our fully awakened state as Cosmic Beings as the doorway opens. 
     The stargate of Ophiuchus was anchored on 22nd November 1999 and on the 22nd of November every year Ophiuchus is sighted at the horizon before the Sun. The opening of it as a stargate means that humanity is now ready to move out of the underworld and rise into the Stars. The Kundalini has been stuck at the base in all the old desire body and fears of survival and for life. Now we are free to move beyond that as the Kundalini rises within so to do the worlds merge and we move into the new Solar System, in alignment with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. 



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