QCTV Soluntra King 2.12

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Where I take you through basic inner planes work guiding you to suss out the energy for yourself with a decision or problem, connect with someone in your life and see who they really are what your connection really is, and to see from bigger perspective an issue in your life. 
Then I guide you within to connect with a higher dimensional aspect of self, do Bigger Picture work with the Light City in Antarctica and work with the Star Alliance for 20.02.2020 as a precursor for ‘the Event’ or ‘the Wave’. Then through the New Earth in your body and through the Stargate to the Mothership to a gathering about the Event.


Going deep within is the true path to Being our full Divinity while still in our body,

our Body of Light.
The doorway is through our heart, our soul, one with Source.

The outer resonates with where we are at on the inner.

At home on the inner planes for healing and unification, inner guidance,
 inner awareness and expansion of our multi-dimensionality
and Divinity BeAm-ing.
Accessing the Earth, Stars, Suns other Galaxies, Universes, beyond the beyond
through the inner planes as we are all One.
Bigger picture service work, communication with other divine beings and multi-dimensional teamwork.
 Accessing the different realms and cycles of Earth, the creation stories and Dreamtime,
whatever your soul requires for you.
Merging your conscious, unconscious and super consciousness into one consciousness.
 Inner and outer are One.

We exist on the inner planes, connecting with other ourselves and beings, where we learn and operate in higher realms even if we don’t consciously know or remember.

Now thanks to all the work on the inner and outer planes by so many in the One Heart, and recently with the umbilical cord reconnection and all that means and has shifted in us, heaven and earth merged within, we awaken our true essence and create the world of peace and love.
Now the inner planes are more accessible to all as the Dreamtime is returned.
We are creating a whole new creation story.


* What are the inner planes, how you can access them on so many levels to assist yourself, others as well as
being of service in the Bigger Picture.
I will cover what comes through from the inner collectively, that will best assist you to understand your own inner planes connections.

* Facilitating an example of working in the Bigger Picture on the inner planes that you can experience.

* Going in to ‘see’ what’s happening with the Earth, New Earth, and with yourself now since the big shift.

Operating on the inner planes is covered extensively in the ‘Special’ with pdf booklet and guidance through the different levels,
with lots of pdf, mp3s meditations, activations, soul travels and inner planes work.


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