by Soluntra King


Stargates, Teleporting with Stargates,
The Five Stargates, overview and participants experiences.

The first Stargate Opening in Scotland.

The Second Stargate Opening at Lake Taupo New Zealand
The Third Stargate opening at East Gippsland Australia.
The Fourth Stargate Opening in Ladakh, Himalayas and the multi-d journey.
The Last Stargate Opening, Bunya Mtns Australia,
The Cosmic Eggs all activated seeding the new creation and the astral planes cleared of the trauma from all the other cycles.


      Now after the second Stargate opening I am getting a better perspective of what it’s all about. There are only five Stargates to open; the first was in Scotland at a clear and pristine loch in the Craigmore Mountains of the Scottish Highlands, a place of the New Earth.  The second in New Zealand on the opposite side of the planet and at spinner wheels for the earth chakra systems and gateways. The third being at an ancient Stargate from the Second Cycle that is being re-activated in East Gippsland, Victoria.
       Then from the earth wisdom of the southern hemisphere to the north, to a high mountain lake and spinner point in Ladakh, Himalayas at the June Solstice. The last one at the place I was downloaded about them in August 2013, a very intense vortex and strong contact point with other realms, star systems, dimensions and beings at Bunya Mountain, in the hinterland of South East Queensland Australia.  
       There is still time to participate in the last three Stargate openings if you feel this is part of your mission.
Once the Stargates are open the great Cosmic Egg that has creation codes for the merging of our galaxy with the Andromedan Galaxy will come through into the denser realms.  The cosmic egg is activated and awakened more fully at each stargate opening.

        The Stargates are doorways that have opened us more deeply to our ‘I am’ presence and being in the New Earth. The earth can no longer be abused as she is such a bright star that energy cannot act out on her anymore. On a bigger picture they are part of the completion of the great cycles as we have unified light and dark, male and female, negative and positive, influencing not only life on Earth, this solar system or galaxy but multi-universes.  They have also created a doorway for the release of the many souls; past, present and future who cannot handle the changes. In the multi-universes of creation there are places for all to experience what they choose or need.

       Having experienced two Stargate Openings now has been a big step up in my own expansion of consciousness and to the vastness of my being, with even more clarity of the Akashic records and understanding of the fabric of creation. Ones attachments to the lower realms is no longer there, but at the same time one is still grounded and present in ones physical body, moving way beyond the duality dramas whether in the bigger picture of dark and light battles, or as it filters down more to everyday life, it becomes the illusion so obviously, that it always has been. Our physical body opens to its divine blueprint; we become more connected to the stillness and wisdom within. Life is lived in paradise, the higher dimensional earth is here right now, accessed through your heart and peace within.

      The Stargates are all opened before 2015 when we are going to experience the shift in a more direct way, the 2012 shift happen in the sixth dimension and so only those attuned to those frequencies noticed it consciously. It cleaned out a lot of dead wood.
Now with the support of the Stargate openings and the union of matter and spirit, then next shift will not be some catastrophic event, but the hold of the reptilians and dark ones will have collapsed so much that it will be clear to the people of earth and they will choose a new way. This will be peaceful, of course there will be those who still wish to create hatred and fighting but it will lose its energy. There is nothing to sustain it now, in unity we see and know the divine in each other and all creation. The Stargate openings  through the spinner wheel vortexes that balance through the earth, anchored through time and space with the time capsules and light matrix are another part of the stepping up process for us to awaken fully our multi-dimensional self, on the multi-dimensional earth. We can now return home to our self, and also to our star families and awakened state.

      Below are a couple of the participant’s experiences from the Lake Taupo Stargate Opening. One of the themes that many of the participants have been aware of; is that they had waited aeons of time for this to occur and there have been many tears of joy.

Hey cosmic sister of joy and wonderment.....powerful words and all true. The sonic boom in my golden central channel was explosive with the opening of the stargate!I have never experienced that before ever. The lady from Turangi felt the energy of the Lake Taupo was energetically dead but she also added rocks that looked like Tanewhas appeared which she had never seen before....At the voices of sacred earth eco festival in albany we all felt a shift..i simply couldn't operate in my old way and had to just let go...I disappeared from my stall for 5 hours while i enjoyed myself...when i came back i had heaps of people who wanted what i had to offer.....a whole new way of being....out of the duality fear and etc....and into ease and its like i simply dont feel attached to anything...including family...all weird and wonderful...Soluntra you are gorgeous light being goddess...amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i will never forget it......the huge patu Pounamu i received from the Waitaha at the stargate opening is now in my heart space. A maori/lightbeing sister i told my story too about it said it represents mother earth and i need to take it into me...and so i did and i started to cry and cry while I was giving her a session. I was healing others then they were healing me all in the same have moved assemblage points....wicked sister...your are have been a huge mentor in my life and cosmic made me feel comfortable with my visions and you......Anharatanui xxxxx

Hello beautiful beings how are you all?  Well I gotta say it's taken me all week to integrate our experience. My understanding of my light body and all my bodies is very clear now. Everyday I wake up to Soluntra's words ONE BODY OF LIGHT. Before I went to sleep on the last night of our journey I got a whole load of different beings faces being shown one after the other and then after our soul travel I awoke to my body vibrating and me not quite going with it so as I meditated like Soluntra suggested and  I got......Golden diamond body of light, a releasing feeling, a different planet, trees, white (a whole lot of white), it was hard to breathe, light language, lots of explosions releasing in water, and a big circle of us joined together .   I had an uneasy sleep the first night back and found myself up early grounding the energies into the land and found this went on all week. I could hear Soluntra's voice and see her face everyday. I found it very hard to leave my land, needed to be grounded. I have found I have moved to a different area now on the land to meditate on and it has a different feeling to it, a real feminine feeling of peace. and I am drawn to my forest big time. I feel surrounded in ancestors and have cried a bit for the Waitaha are feeling extremely happy, I found at the lake they were standing there and had told me they had been waiting for eons of time for the journey we took to happen, they were so pleased with delight. 
The stargate opening was incredible yet so natural quite hard to describe like Soluntra said, and I have seen so much change in humanity since being back, new paths everywhere and also people having to sort out any body issues.....but also enjoying my amazing environment, the sun, the water, the air, the land, the food, the simpleness. It was a great pleasure to share this journey with you all, I will be sure to connect in to the up and coming stargates whether I am there physically or not.....your a bunch of legends, man did I have some moments, was amazing and intense and joyful all at the same time. xoxoxoxoxox many blessings…all my love Shannon

Dear Soluntra,
Thank you very much for lovely photos and message. Both Stefan and I feel very blessed and grateful for having been able to take part in the Stargate Journey and portal opening at Lake Taupo with you and our group. What fun we had and how beautiful and strong were the energies. 
At one time the albatross presented itself, yesterday I Looked up the spiritual meaning of this bird and the first line read "the albatross is sometimes called the prince of the waves". 
The ceremony at the lake on Monday was especially powerful as you also remarked. I could not help crying a bit, as I for my inner vision saw happy, healthy children play. The inpouring of loving frequencies helping the children of today and future generations, and of course us all and Mother Earth. In this respect this type of light work is more important than ever. Thank you Soluntra for making this possible.
We are sending you our warmest hugs and much love and gratitude.
Agneta and Stefan