by Soluntra King
from the book "Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing".


Being Heart centred is not just a state of consciousness we evolve to on our journey out of illusion and into the greater reality of love, it is a state we can practise becoming no matter where we may think we are at. For we are already divine, one with Source and in God consciousness, we just forgot and are now waking up to the realisation of it. Once we get the realisation it is a process of becoming our divine self by learning to make the choice between judgement and fear or love and acceptance. To do this is to have awareness of our thoughts, words and actions and if they feel out of alignment with our divinity to change them.
The secret to this is to use the breath, and to deep breathe into our fears and judgements with the thought that we are loving them, accepting them, surrendering and embracing them. The more we do this the clearer we become, the clearer we become the more we can hold the higher octaves of light that are our true self. We activate the cells as they awaken to their divine codings and we become our Body of Light.
The only solution to any of our dilemmas or the planets is to love and accept ourself and everyone else exactly as they and we are - right now. By doing this we come from a state of allowing and so allow ourself and others to be our divinity. If you always bring it back to "what does God/Prime Creator do?" Unconditionally loves and accepts, then we see the God in everyone and thing and they are free to be that, which is the greatest gift we can give to ourself, others and the planet.
The concept of sending Love and Light is still coming from separation consciousness and judgement. It means you are saying there is something wrong with another, or the planet, which is a judgement and acting on ego to think you can fix it up. Everyone and thing is already divine, whole and healed and when you come from a state of God or Unity consciousness you see it as such. I personally have experienced many so-called miracles of transformation in others and in planetary work by simply seeing peace and love already present in others. Whether it is the multi-nationals chopping down rain forest or someone being violent. If we honour them for the Being they truly are, moving beyond the illusion of fear and see them at peace and healed now, then they become it. Our gift for doing this is that we are coming from our God I am.
Learning to get out of the mind and into our heart is also part of this process of Being and a simple exercise to assist in doing this is next. We need our mind to operate on a normal day to day level and to understand things intellectually which is important, but for wisdom, guidance and healing we need to learn to come from the Heart and our divine self. As you know the more you try and figure things out the more confused you become, but if you can go into your heart and ask then you not only get guidance from your inner wisdom and connection to Source, but you become the energy in your heart. Like knowing you need to love and accept someone or yourself, but as long as that energy is in the mind it stays an idea and not a state of being. Once you get it into the heart you can be it. I use my connection to my Heart and Inner Voice for everything in my life, from spiritual and illuminating truths, to everyday life; such as the best energy for my body when I choose food at the supermarket, or needing to do something or not.


Think about something in your life you need some clarity on. It may be a physical health problem, an issue to do with another person, a situation with work, the future, where you live, a trip, a pattern you have, or decision you have to make.
Relax and deepen, then through prayer and intention align and connect to Source, God Creator in Divine Love and Oneness. Imagine Golden Light from Source flowing down and in through your Crown, then down into your Heart.....Down through your body, legs and feet and into the core of the Earth......Connecting to the earth energy and then being aware as it flows up through the earth, in through your feet, up your body and into your Heart. Up through your chest, neck, and head and out the Crown back to Source so you are connected to spirit and earth. Now thinking of your question or problem in your mind imagine that you are putting it in a Box.....Then you are putting the lid on the box and it is getting wrapped up in nice gift paper...Then wrapping a ribbon around it and tying it with a bow.....Your problem or question is in this lovely parcel up in your mind...Now become aware as the parcel, with your question or problem in it starts to move down from your mind...Down through the back of your forehead...Down through the back of your eyes..... Down through the back of your nose...Down through the back of your mouth...into your upper neck...The parcel is travelling down through your neck into the top of your chest....through your chest...It moves down until it gently falls into your Heart Centre, be aware of it as it moves into your heart.....you may feel or sense the shift in energy....Now ask your Heart the question.. Be aware of the first thing that comes into your awareness and trust that.
Whatever comes next is the mind trying to take over. You may actually feel the shift in energy out of the mind and into the heart energy. If at first you do not notice the difference keep practising this exercise whenever you have a problem or want some clarity or healing. The more you do it the more you will be able to feel and be from the Heart.
You may also want to ask the question in your Heart - "Who am I? Once you know from your Heart who you are your whole Being will shift into the frequencies of love. Keep practicing this exercise with the full visualisation until you find you can automatically go into your heart to listen to your Inner Voice, you are training yourself to listen to your inner wisdom. With practise you will be able to get the clarity you need, the love to accept and the peace and stillness to wait on the Will of Heaven and trust. Even if you know that the solution to your problem is to Love and Accept, the thought is your mind telling you this, and you will still be struggling with Being it. Once you get the thought of the problem into your Heart then you can Love and Accept it fully, you have now opened the energy in your heart up and become heart centred.
This exercise is designed to keep your mind occupied so it is happy with the mental picture of making the parcel and moving it down slowly into your heart, so allowing you to connect into the Heart. Training yourself to listen to your heart, your connection to Source and the wisdom of your GOD I AM which has the overview of the whole picture, and so can guide you from that wisdom. Once you learn to listen from the Heart and not the mind you will not get side tracked and life becomes joyful, easy and flowing.


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