14 FEBRUARY 2016

The first Template of Light was anchored through the Devas and Elementals at the Gold Coast hinterland at Natural Arch Solitude retreat centre. With magical rain forest and the most wonderful hosts at the retreat Marga and Deb who hold the beam in this sacred area of the Rainbow Serpent.
There was a group of twenty two of us and the energies were so on, we prepared the first day with torrential rain cleansing. As the group cleansed the overlays and old paradigm contracts completed and awakening more fully in our light bodies
     On Sunday 14th February Valentine ’s Day, connected in the One Heart, One Earth as we opened up our the Iridescent Light Body and shimmering elemental self. As the template anchored through the Elemental and Devic realms.

nchoring through nature so that we can be anywhere and hold the beautiful divine energies of the Devic and Elemental worlds. To assist in the unification from the very disconnected humanity in the biggest cities, to open up to the natural realms more fully. With consciousness to bring nature into the cities as well and live in balance with the Earth. We can all co-exist together there for the betterment of all and return to a harmonious life in tune with the stars and sun, water ,earth and air.

For those who need to be in such cities and places of great destruction of nature they can handle it as they are nature within themselves. The love and peace, the joy and light that nature, the Elementals and Devas give is attained within. So that being in such naturally destroyed places is not creating separation, but that through the living consciousness of nature within us we can move anywhere on Earth. No matter how destroyed and assists the Elementals to come back and the nature spirits to injoy being In that space again. We have opened a doorway within our self to simply BE, no matter where.

Holding the beam in harmony with nature through the lower realms and lower astral planes to assist in the awakening unity consciousness and Multi-D awareness of the energetic light filaments of the holograms of love that we create from our heart and Source within.
The Elementals are so happy, but I had a funny experience with them, the next day I noticed my belly was huge, and when I tuned in got that all the Elementals from Solitude had deceded they like my space and wanted to stay with me. I had to tell them its not happening and created a tunnle of light for them to go back home.
The veils are disappearing and we can be in harmony with them. Many year ago I would ask them to bring rain or stop the rain on this land that I lived as was the caretaker. But for along time now I just trust they will be supportive when needed and they are. When we acknowledge and also help Nature it is our friend and totally supports us.


     Just before connecting with the group for the Template of Light anchoring at Lake Poona I had to stay at Black Mountain near Cooroy for a download of light from the mountain with it’s great crystal from the Sirian Star Base that is under the mountain, from the time when it was under the ocean. This assisted me with those who were trying to stop this important mission to not be able to get near. The mountain is the guardian for the whole area.
     There is a big changing of the guard happening, t
he Old Fellas, who are normally operating sixth dimensional and above have completed their guardianship.
     For the anchoring of the Light Template there were twenty two of us again. In preparation on the Saturday 19th February
everyone in the group was taken into the Dreamtime with the Rainbow Serpent to the 7th dimensional Rainbow Serpent to the essence of it in the higher realms at that level. So the Earth could sing a song that opened the doorway at Lake Poona. The Old Fellas were waiting as they wished to be released from their job and move it the higher realms and release their codes for the final shift out of the old paradigm.
he first Old Fellas to leave were the ones that looked after the great portal at Lake Poona and through the landscape of the pyramids and dimensional doorways of the sacred landscape in South East Queensland in the Cooloolah.
   This does not mean others have moved on and handed the baton to us, just this area for now. As there are so many humans who vibrate in a loving high frequency way, that have been birthed or moved to the area to be able to hold the beam now and take over the guardianship.

   Even though it is early days as far as people having a lot of awareness of the other dimensions, which are simply higher levels of consciousness to be with their divine aspects more fully, it is happening fast now for many.

     The Old Fellas want people to understand about the Dreamtime and how it was created by beings from the Tenth Universe. A world that once was connected through the Earth when all the light portals were open. The karmic clearing of the grids and each person will activate the grids again and bring in the songlines to be clear so we can travel them.
     The Old Fellas have waited for so long for this to happen and great joy in their being that it is so they can move on. The realm that the Old Fellas exist in was never meant to go any lower than the sixth dimension, but often they had become stuck down 4D in order to free their people after that great traumas that took place.
   Then in the Councils of Light it was decided that the energies of the Old Fellas had to be passed to all those who could access the higher realms. Not just the Aboriginals, as the time had come when we are all Aboriginal and Guardians of the Earth, and overseers of the realms of the Higher Dimensional Earth.

   Later in the day after everyone opened to their Divine Blueprint and Light Body and each of us was given a Cosmic Egg to hold until the next day at Lake Poona. To activate at the lake, birthing a new guardian energy in us for the Earth and the grids. It also means that when we are ready, we will be able to sing the song lines and move through the Earth to where our energy needs to be. This may not be physical but in our Light Body, this will assist to repair the grids, vortexes and portals that are still corrupted and held by those with negative agendas.

   At the end of the first day we traveled in our Light Bodies into the Light City through the whole area and everyone got something different. Or others nothing as to what form they are there, what had happened, what needed to be repaired and loved and brought back into harmony. The Light City I saw was at the time of the war of the furies with great destruction from a comet and war with fire and nuclear. Others saw a beautiful time. The Light City had been through so many cycles.
   The Light Cities from the other cycles were not all light, there were battles of the furies, great star wars, nuclear wars. There are many places where that is very evident like at Katajuta in central Australia where you can see it all fused into the stone. Or nuclear bombs that had still not exploded, many times I have been called to diffuse them. Some buried in areas of great density of population like MG Rd in Bangalore, others out in the countryside. Nuclear war is not new on Earth but its not happening again you can be assured of that. It not only destroys humanity, all creatures and the environment but also affects our solar system, galaxy, universe.

   At Lake Poona there is a great Light Ship over the lake and underneath is a Cosmic Egg humming and connected to the Light Ship. The Beings there were waiting for us to get to the lake and the Light City had been in suspended animation for the last two cycles waiting for this time. So that night we went into the Light Ship and to the Light City so that the Cosmic Eggs could birth.
The Beings in the Light Ship were from the Inter-Galactic Councils of Light as well as Greater Central Suns and other Universes. They had come through to this level to converse with us about what is occurring on Earth and how important it is that the Template of Light is anchored through the Light City here. As it means it will anchor through the other civilizations and cycles and into this new one. Creating a unified light matrix that cannot be disturbed or violated by those who have negative agendas about Earth or its inhabitants. This is a light degree of great magnitude and so the mission was very important.

     On the Sunday 20th February we met at the beginning of the track into Lake Poona through the most divine forest connecting to the Devas, Elementals, the Dreamtime, Old Fellas, Ancient Ones, Light Beings etc etc and then walk with awareness through the thick leaf laden track. As the track starts to go over a part of the grid that was fractured I was guided to a place where we sat and worked with clearing the accumulation of old karmic energies in through the grids until clear.

       Then we went further into the forest and down the track to the lake. It was low enough for there to be beach around the edges with white sand. Lime green and dark green rushes and trees surround the lake with the lake stained brown what tea tree leaves. So fresh, clear and radiant we went for a swim and had lunch. Then moved to the area where we would connect for the Template anchoring.
  Preparing with our mudras and clearing old paradigm contracts, moving through and one with the New Sun and Inner Earth Sun, as the Thirteen Rays spiral through us and the octahedron energies of the light matrix in Diamond Light. With light in our whole physical body and energy bodies to open to the shimmering Iridescent Light Body. we moved into the Light City and became aware of the vast Light Beings holding the beam through all the layers of the Light City.

     The reason it was in suspended animation for two cycles is that the great battles of the Furies and star wars that created great destruction on Earth could never be allowed to happen again and those players were literally frozen until they realized that it was not appropriate behavior and then they could return to heal the damage. This was only just completed in Earth years in 2000, and has waited for the great shifts to happen for us to become clear as guardians and Beam Holders on the earth planes to be able to anchor the Template of Light through it now.
     This well happen regardless of it you think you are capable of it or not. it is your hearts intention and love and desire for peace for all beings that does it. We were then shown the Light City in its repaired state through all the levels and layers of it.
     The Cosmic Egg that each of us held and were given the day before by the Old Fellas in the Dreamtime through our Divine Blueprints was released through the Light City and into the lake which is the centre of the Light City. As this happened we were required to be still and hold the highest awareness and essence of our being that were are able hold.
     As the hummm of the Light Ship took us into a divine space within, as the Cosmic Egg moved through the Light City and hatched in light through the Light City and out through all the Light Cities. Out through the cycles to this cycle we are in now as the return of light, the love of our hearts creating such beauty and harmony with all beings. The Earth herself is glowing and the light matrix around it patterning in divine symmetry of love that resonates through each of us and through all the cycles of the Earth to bring it into wholeness now.

awareness of the Template of Light fully anchoring through the Light City and all Light Cities and cycles.

   The Old Fellas moved on so happy to hand over the baton to us.
     The Old Fellas for those not aware of them are from the Dreamtime and aboriginal connection, but that doesn’t mean to say they are exclusive to aboriginal people. Even in parallel lives we have experienced that sacred culture and been in bodies that are aboriginal. We are that essence by the sacredness of our hearts, connection to the stars and earth, and when we operate in higher dimensions we are part of the collective divine energy. The same as I work with the Dalia Lama on the inenr planes, but are not Buddhist in this life, I have a golden light body in the cave in Tibet and also as a yogi in a cave in the Himalayas. It means you know that world I even knew how to do meditation and yoga as a younger person. It’s all there within us, if anyone thinks they are exclusive or elitist then they are coming for separation consciousness, time to get over all the divisions and superiority or exclusions to others, we are all One and we are all amazing and have unlimited potential.
     The Old Fellas in this sacred area of Cooloolah have left and they know there are many beings in human bodies in the area who resonate in the higher dimensions from the love in their hearts, and are from integrity and genuine love and care for all creation. So they can hand it over knowing that the guardianship of the Earth and others is well taken care of. As they too are graduating. This does not mean to say all Old Fellas have left yet. Just like many Dragons have gone as we own the fact that we are a Dragon and Ancient One holding the beam through all worlds and dimensions and that we have a strong connection to the Earth and her story is part of our story.

     It will make life so much easier especially for those who heard the call and were there to actually anchor it into the physical plane. Thank dear hearts for listening and coming, some from a long way away who flew from WA and Sydney, not just locals.
     For humanity it means so much more Light has integrated into the Earth plane and not just in this time and space but from all cycles. Which means that a lot of stuff people have carried with them for so long can now be easily transmuted. Obviously when they are ready and choose to. But it’s not like when I started doing this work over thirty years ago, then it took ages to get through things. Now its able to be cleared really fast.
     Also the institutions, companies and organizations that have no integrity are being even more exposed. So much light is coming in and they are starting to crumble, or the individuals in them who have abused their power, so that now wise and loving beings can step into those roles.

     After we had completed we all went in for another swim in the lake it was so divine.
That night on the inner planes I soul travel back into the Light City but now it’s dissolved and the energies are soft light that is through all the dimensional worlds, through the lake, landscape and cycles. Its not like they never existed but that their memory is still there to be accessed when needed to learn to heal and understand, but the integration has taken place.
     I see the Earth as shining in shimmering light and then all the trouble spots on the Earth where the dark forces are really plugged in, the cords they have to their implanted and manipulated puppets of horror, fear greed and psychopathic action are starting to fade.
     Even the satanic energies resolved at the eleventh dimension July 2015 while in the UK are cleared to the 8th dimension and coming through to the lower dimensions. You might think how can an eight dimensional being or eleventh be evil, they aren't but that satanic energy was able to exist through dimensions in free will zone. It can only really cause harm for the fourth dimension and into the third, as the fifth dimension souls are taking full responsibility for them selves. But the satanic energies have been able to exist as has Lucifer through all dimensions as this was part of the duality experience that those beings also are higher divine beings. Lucifer comes from the Source just as Satan did, but no longer connected to the creator and have hearts of love one with the Source. But chose to control and manipulate others and create fear to live. As they no longer lived off love and the divine essence of divine light that is here for all beings, and that is what we live off is Light. We are Light.
     They turned their back on this, so had to feed somehow so created the fear based scenarios. Our reptilian friends who operate multi-dimensionally also control from the 4th dimension but are multi-d and can move in higher dimensions. They had great battles with those of their kind who didn't wish to turn their backs on the creator and love and so many reptilians and lizards had to go into hiding and the ones who chose control and fear won and ruled with terror and fear.
   In a free will zone this is left as it is, a great learning for all involved and is resolving now. It has unified in Orion a place souls went to learn about duality and the dark Orions are from the past still trapped in the illusion, who are still here with their implants and hooks but that too is resolving. There are many people who are caught up in looping programs and are stuck in their own fear and lack of love for themselves. They suffer all their life and either experience lots of pain all the time either in their body or energy bodies or all bodies or are stuck in life and their mind is trapped in this constant circuit of being immobilized. This is also set up on Earth with the dumming down through chemicals in food, water, chemtrails and TV, video games to keep their victims always limited and paralyzed. This is black magic and many a magician is still trapped in themselves playing this game just as there are those who control not from fear as in magic and manipulation of the mind, but from blind and senseless violence which numbs souls down. All these dramas are real to those caught in them and they feel this or die through this in the physical body where they are still trapped as they pass over in the fear.

     This is now resloveing. Much goes on in the inenr planes that I never write about and there are amazing beings in human bodies doing this servive work to clear the looping,that you will never know about but I acknowledge and give great thanks to them.
     Just very recently these looping patterns we cleared for when they were first create through all the earth and realms of the Earth. How long it takes to sink in to those who are stuck in them is not the point, it’s a process. As each person who is hooked in has done the hooking in, in other realms, each activist who defends the dolphins, whales etc has done harm to them in other realms.
    There are no victims or victimiser, its about moving beyond all these lower level games and coming from unity consciousness and Love.
Love and accept your fears and issues, for you can also be used when you still vibrate in a karmic reactive state.
Be at peace with yourself and all others, no matter what you perceive as injustices.
Be at peace then the world will follow.

   With the Template of Light anchored through the Light Cities and cycles this is dissipating even more the duality dramas. It will still take a lot for it to clear right at the threshold of where its taking place 4d and 3d but that fact its transmuted through the higher realms where it was allowed to seed from for the greater whole and for the unification of duality and spiritualization of matter means it’s only a matter of time before it is cleared for the lower density realms. In the greater reality the is No Time so once you raise your vibration and come at peace you are out of that world.

   The reptilians and dark ones know this is happening, this is why they have their minions working over time to bring in the cashless society, the one world order, the mark of the beast, the chip to control everyone and thing on the physical realm. But as fast as they try to implement this its being dissipated in their own realms of existence. It’s becoming an echo and distant memory for them, their minions on the lower astral planes and physical world haven't got it yet and are into even more horror and creating separation consciousness in all forms that they can. You see this everywhere with the us and them game, and non acceptance of others created constantly by countries being destroyed from within and religious wars and separation seems to rule on Earth. But in fact it’s not, its only what the dark forces media perpetrates to keep everyone in fear and duality. And it is back firing as more wake up and with all the light coming in everything not of integrity is being exposed.
  Everyone knows now about the banksters and manipulation of money, about the horror done to other humans and animals etc etc, people may still feel powerless to do any thing about it but in their hearts they know its not right.
   If you feel powerless to do anything about what you see as injustices to fellow humans, animals, other beings, the land, nature, our earth then you don’t have to become an activist all you need to do is go within and love what you feel you don’t like in yourself. And see everyone as divine and at peace, in their true presence.

     Because the Template of Light was anchored through the Light Cities and Cycles it is also affecting the pyramids and grids of the Earth. There are pyramids everywhere on Earth and in Cooloolah there are the ones that were destroyed by the army and bulldozed into the sea in the 1950’s and well as the Gympie Pyramid. But just because they have been physically destroyed does not mean they are not still there on the higher dimensions.

I had to stay at Rainbow Beach another day after our Template of Light anchoring and I saw the light illuminating from the Tin Can Bay pyramids. With Arcturian and Pleiadian Light Ships all around I am shown what had occurred when the light went out after a great battle for them. There was terror and mayhem, the Reptilians came in and then started using the pyramids for their own control ends. They eventually took over all the pyramids except those built in more modern times like the Mayan pyramids that were under their radar, the Pleiadians learnt how to be invisible to them.
   At the Tin Can Bay pyramids which are so much older, the army in our time frame destroyed them as their Reptilian masters had used them to take control and then destroyed them so that the Pleiadians could no longer come back and use them. But they didn’t realised that the Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians and Wegan/Lyrans would come back in the bodies of humans. They have only realised that in more recent times when they set up the Illuminati and other controlled humans who are black magicians to try and counter act this.
The pyramids are still there on the seventh dimension and are singing now since the Template of Light has been anchored. The light through the Virgo full moon shining through the Second Moon has brought that energy back into balance.
   So the pyramids that have been destroyed are now fully active and since they all linked in May 2015 this has created a light matrix around the Earth that with the outer grids is a strong force field that is forcing out the fear based reptiles and other ET races that have agendas for Earth and humanity that is not in humanities best interest.
   The Tin Can Bay pyramids were not just the three that remained in the 1950s that got bulldozed into the ocean by the army. There are a set of three, then five more, one was/is huge, a great Second Sun pyramid linked through the Suns for the return of the Second Sun. It is connected to Dzibilchaltún , Chitzen Itza, Coba and Izamal in the Yucatan peninsular, Mexico, As well as the pyramid that is on Mt Titiroa and the ones at the Light City on the way into Milford Sound in Fiordland New Zealand. There are so many across the landscape of the Earth and under the earth and under the oceans. They are activating now to assist us to open more fully to our fifth dimensions self on the fifth dimensional Earth.

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