This is written from my time zone in New Zealand.


At the sunset of 21st before the exact time of the Solstice 5.27am 22nd in NZ I honoured and connected to the Sun as it set and the light codes coming to us were so divine. I felt like this Solstice was going to be big for each of us in a transformational way and that things will shift fast now. This is great but often in the transformation and shifting we do experience tests in the physical plane.


I connected to the Suns and to my friend Sara at Avebury as well, and instantly saw the Serpent come down from Hackpen Hill where the 6D grid point is. See September group work there with very multi-d picture. The head of the Serpent and Crystal Tablets, very multi-d space, where crop circles appear nearby as well.
The Serpent was misty and went over the sacred landscape, aware I was also at the Sun Temple Pyramids that I have worked at over the years in Mexico at Becan, where I had an initiation. In Mayan ‘Becan’ means ‘pathways of the stars’ and has mote as does Avebury, Silbury and others places of the Serpent transformational, initiation-al energies. Aware of the Tikal Sun Pyramid, Teotihuacán and then all the Sun Pyramids and Temples worldwide.
They were all activating, and the codes from the Sun were flowing through them and the serpent energy; a misty glow of soft light.
I see Sara her face smiling, I see us both like I saw the Serpent as a mist and we merge, I am told it is done.
The Serpent takes us from our lowest desire body and fears of survival, being here, present and takes us thought the chakras and to the sun/stars, of our true self.

What has occurred on this Solstice means that the pathway has majorly exhilarated for everyone. You don’t need to go to the Sun Temple and have an initiation like me back in 1995, just being here on Earth now is enough!!!!

I got told on the inner;
This Solstice is about the solar return of our self, for those who have been of service for so long and are ready to move into the next level, the doorway is open.
At the Solstice is the serpent at Avebury, at Becan and all the great Solar Sun Temples and Pyramids worldwide. Where the vortex serpent doorways take the initiate to the Sun now it returns across the landscape within and without as the Solar Ra Body of the Hu Goddess God.
Now at Teotihuacán and Tikal Sun pyramids the electromagnetic fields are changing in the Earth, our bodies, and the Suns.
    This is why many of you have felt so tired, worn out by it all, affected by those who are not responsible for themselves, now your energy will return but for the next two weeks rest make way for it to happen.
 Make sounds that strengthen your body and energy field’.

Ask your inner self to bring them through for you, trust and open your mouth and make the sounds, tones, vibrations to bring harmony through you and to clear any pain or blocks, it will be different sound vibrations for whatever you require for what you are focused on, and for general strengthening of your body and energy field.
It has been a huge year, and life time/s (so many in one). We are being rearranged hugely at present, rest, play, nature as the focus……Being to allow….what is unfolding from within us.

Then the sun rose over the distant hills it was pulsating new light codes.

I was required to be physically present at the Stargate at Lake Taupo for noon of the Summer Solstice, at the huge lake, volcanic crater and multi-d doorway with so many dimensions, and layers of doorways and Beings, Lightships…


I drove to Taupo which took almost three hours, I had a bit of time before I needed to be at the Stargate which is out of the town, down the shore of the lake a ways. Where myself and with groups have been, recently with the Starlines and Unified Matrix 2017, Light Template through the water and cosmic ocean 2016, Stargate  Opening 2014 and many other levels of bigger picture service over the years/aeons/no time.

I drove up one of the main streets and as I was waiting to park, a car backed into me, they hadn’t looked or heard me, I had nowhere to escape. Then they took off before exchanging names, phone numbers, with me running up the street after them, like a slapstick comedy and I took their Rego number. It was no big deal and is getting sorted but it was a test for me not to let myself be distracted by the physical plane craziness, especially with what was occurring.

I was able to drive easily to the Stargate down the lake, as the car just had a small ding and hole in the side and plenty of time for our Noon connection.
     There was no one there as I walked across the grass, with the view down to the end of the lake, too hazy to see Mt Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongarrio.

stargatedec22 2017stargatedec22

Then down onto the sand to the favourite place, as I connected through the Stargate in me, the Stargate in the lake. To the vortex in the lake, where the top peak of the volcano is under the water in the lake, where the Starlines came through, and made a full link through to the hyper-dimensional Mead Wall doorway and Greater Central Sun’s at the June Solstice.

   Connecting to the Suns and to everyone in the link-up, that felt so beautiful. We have certainly made a beautiful love grid through all our hearts globally…

The Starlines were flowing and pink spirals all around the Earth, the link to everyone, our connection so strong, the Inner Earth Sun pearlescent glowing. As the Starlines through the multiverses connected through our union with the universal theme of the link-up.
There is a sound that aligns the joy of the Earth, through the Stars and Universes, a vibration that expresses joy and attunes with each of us, star mapped through us, our bodies full of star light. I see each of us glowing and showering the gifts and abundance we have, as we have an eternal supply, one with the Source. It looked and felt like we were all holidaying in the universe, like it's a holiday destination!


    I am aware of where I am sitting at the Stargate of the within and the without, our Starlight selves glowing bright, peace for all.
I go into the Stargate in the lake where the Starlines came through and a new Light City births. I had seen on the inner an amazing glowing egg type energy of gold and pink the whole time I had been there at the lake and now realised what was happening. The Light City covers all the North Island. I see others anchoring it at its edges.
 I step into the Light City and there are all the Gods and Goddesses, Rishis, Light Beings, Star Beings, Masters, Maitreya, everyone is there who we work with, who guides us, who we are in our more unified selves.
It is such a joy and when I have been in Light Cities before it’s always been ones from other cycles, or other dimensional realms like Shambala, but I haven’t been consciously aware that I can recall right now of one birthing New.
I have lots of questions like are others being birthed anywhere else right now? ‘No’.

Why here?
‘Because there are more souls with open hearts vibrating in this physical location on Earth to support the Light City to be able to come through’.
Ok, far be it for me to know, my job like most of you is to be present, a channel and vessel to marry the higher dimensions with the physical, to have an open heart, be of service and observe and allow. BeAm.

I don’t like the idea of some place being more exclusive than others as it were, or the fact as with a lot of new age spiritual places; people flock to take the energy and make it all murky on the lower astral planes with all their unresolved stuff.
I get told on the inner ‘if souls feel guided to come and live in a place of peace, love and abundance then that is their right. But this will go out, more new Light Cities will be birthed in other places. It just takes enough to have open hearts for it to come about.’

So I ask what does this New Light City being here mean?
‘It is a Light Template of higher dimensional life and living that can easily assimilate into us and the physical world of Earth.
Just like we are Light and as we transform and transmute our fears into love, we get light and are our Body of Light. So too is this happening collectively as we know, but now it can be collectively in a landscape where many exist who are being prepared to live as we all desire; in peace, harmony with all beings and nature and from our hearts with abundance for all.
It’s a space here for those to come, experience even if not consciously, but take it away with them and start to awaken fast in their landscape, the population to open in love more fully also.
It is a start of a whole new process for us. That is making it even more real to be in the New Earth’.
(Maybe NZ tourism want to give me a commission LOL)

Wow what a Solstice and what a linkup!

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