Northerly island of Roslagen in the Stockholm archipelago.
June 14th 2015

The Light City holds the light codes of the sixth dimensional Earth and it was anchored into the physical plane by a beautiful group, fourteen of us, that I facilitated at Gräsö Island on Sunday June 14th 2015. The weather did not look very promising with rain forecast and myself and two dear friends who were coming stayed at Oregrund, the town where the ferry went across to the island the night before. I asked the Elementals please can we have no rain or wind and by the Sunday morning it looked like our prayers were being answered and the Elementals assured me it would not rain. But it was still raining and very cold when we went over on the 10am car ferry and drove to the southern tip of the island for the first section of the workshop and activation. Thankfully there was a round picnic table with seats all around it and roof over the top that was helpful to everyone and the rain stopped just as we started.
groupatthe southgraso

   There needed to be a lot of transmutation of fear and duality issues I facilitated first and very appropriately at the tail or base of the Dragon. The Dragon had come to me to tell me that the Dragon Lines/Crystalline Grid was fractured there. So after loving and accepting many major duality issues and moving out of the illusion, and out of the loop of fear and control, belief in death and birth, punishment persecution and guilt and the first experience of separation consciousness and into the universal flow, we became aware of general contracts, then our contracts with the Light City. Connecting to the union of sun and moon and Goddess and God within and the spiralling vortexes and DNA through the transmutation of liquid light plasma we went down through into the Crystalline Grid and with love and sounds the grid was repaired.
   Then I wanted us to be able to go to the eastern side of the island where there is a Sirian Starbase but after a few attempts we realised we could not get there due to all the land and roads being private property and so went to two of the beautiful souls in the group’s summer house on the island for our picnic lunch.

Then it was driving up to the north end of the island near the great diamond there and also still connected to the Sirian Starbase as the light ships were all there in formation waiting the time for the light code to come through.

By now it was getting even colder and we found a nice little spot with a picnic table and grass to sit as we healed the levels of our heart to be able to love ourselves, and to love and accept all that is taking place in the outside world at this time and opened to the imprint of peace within us that has always been there.
Connecting to the Ra and the New Sun light codes and the Inner Earth Sun and the different dimensional realms in the earth, as well as in our self as we anchored more fully our multi-dimensional selves. As we connected to our Earthsun Body and through the Galactic Centre within and aligned through all the suns within and without. As we opened to the thirteen rays of the rainbow and the light codes of the new creation and the stars and planets in the chakras. Then opening to the levels of our Light Body and to the iridescent light body we spoke in light language about why we were there and our own connection to this mission.
By now it was really cold and the Elementals had tried to hold the rain off for as long as they could, just a bit longer as we awakened our Diamond Light Body and moved through the great Diamond there the doorway to the Light City as we entered into it and the light codes illuminated through us and into the Diamond Light Matrix. The energy, the Light City and codes were so beautiful and divine and we felt so blessed to be part of this work as we stood for a short time moving beyond the physical plane cold resonating in the higher light octaves. Then it was back into the third dimension as the rain started to gently come and we hugged and said our farewells and everyone raced off into the warmth of their cars to go off to the four directions. Myself and three others stayed on the island that night and at the hostal the lady said it had rained there all day, which was not far from there we were, but it had held off just for us.
Whenever there is a big shift it always gets really cold, so I know this was a really big shift and felt such joy at what had and still is unfolding.

The Light City itself is operating in much higher dimension but for humanity at this time it is enough to anchor into the grid and through the diamond doorway. The Light Beings there in the light ships from the Sirian Light Base had been joyfully awaiting our arrival. The energies were not clear enough to even work with this until after the Wesak full moon and the Light City itself is operating from the 13th dimension which is at the level of Shambala.
     The Light City actually expands out in a circumference from the Diamond just off Graso to 3000km in all directions, so it has a huge effect on all life in that energy field. But because it was also anchored through the great Diamond there the light codes also moved out through the Diamond Light Matrix through the Earth and all around the Earth and through the ether's.

The Light City is from the forth cycle, we are moving out of the fifth cycle into the sixth cycle now, but it was never actually operating from the third dimension and has always only been in the sixth dimensional Earth. Even though the light codes from it anchored through the physical plane and third dimension it still remains in the sixth dimension and will not come down any further into density. The is why we did a lot of preparation before the codes were able to come, as each member of the group needed to be able to hold and channel through that level of light frequencies.

The light codes that came in from the Light City are creation codes for the higher dimensional earth and to assist us to eventually all be able to operate at the level of the sixth dimension. This is the Christ and Buddhic field and where we operate from selfless service without any agendas.

It is creating the foundation not just in Scandinavian but in that 3000km radius from the Diamond at the centre of it that is the doorway and access point to be able to enter into it. The foundation of the sixth dimensional Earth where we operate from when we have unified most of our fears and pain. By the time we resonate seventh dimensional we are in the unified matrix, but sixth dimensional is a beautiful space to be in. Where we operate from pure divine love and where we do not need to use money or any exchanges of energy, as we are one with the energies and each other to such an extent that every word, thought and action is from love and selfless service to others.

The codes are now within us all in the group, who were called to do this work at this sacred space and we walk and share those codes wherever we go. Of course the codes go out to all humanity and all beings through the Diamond Light Matrix around the Earth and in the 3000km field which takes in most of the warring countries. These light codes are in the ether's and will eventually filter though the consciousness’s to assist all beings to come for divine love and move beyond the need to control, greed, create fear and to live in a loving peaceful world that we so desire from our heart. On the third dimensional Earth and level of consciousness of where humanity is at right now in the collective it will take 400 years to fully anchor. But this will no doubt exhilarate as we are awakening so fast now and so many are opening their hearts.

Thank you radiant ones for all your love and Being, for hearing the call to join in our mission at the Light City.


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