by Soluntra King

The Equinox is a time of balance and harmony and this equinox is an accumulation of all the heart link ups from light workers from this time and in other cycles. That creates a doorway into the New Earth and higher dimensional Earth from the unified matrix of light that we all are, in our bodies now, and in our unified matrix of multi-dimensional light through all worlds and dimensions.
     At this Equinox by connecting with the Inner Earth Sun and Greater Central Sun activating and the Liquid Light Plasma and Golden Light Body we can access deep fragments of self that assists us to unify more than even before and understand our soul journey and purpose.
    Going deeper into the light streams of our matrix we have created through the holograms of our love we can see the life flows and tangles, the joy and the sorrow, the light and dark of the duality dance we have taken. Now from an observer’s point of view, watching the dance and being able to accept and allow. In play in all spectrums of light, grey and darkness we can surrender it all into ourself and accept that what we are is beautiful without judgement or attachment.
     As we go deeper into the peace we move through the Galactic Centre. The pulse from the Galactic Centre allows us to move through the dimensional doorway into our higher dimensional self, into the void, the stillness and silence where all is manifest and we have the opportunity to become conscious of ourselves and earth all one, in the still point of oneness and love that can shift humanities consciousness beyond the duality dramas and into the new creation. We are in the now moment where everything is and can be; past, present future all one, a potent time to be and allow through your hearts intention of peace, harmony and love as the worlds merge through your multi-dimensional love.

MARCH 20th/21st     21st NZ 6.32am     AUST  EST 20th 4.32am      GMT 5.32pm   20th 

This is when the Light and Dark are equal in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, and equal Light and Dark in the day. The energies are unified, Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter merge. This energy is a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity, and the opening of the Solar Self. Remembering the Sun is not masculine or feminine but unified energy from Source, the Moon reflects the Solar Rays and illuminates us at night, notice how Golden the Moon is now days, and bright. In the Mayan and many Sun cultures the Sun is greeted at the Equinox at sunrise as we open our hearts to our Solar Self, the Sun within us, as we honour the Divine Creator, Infinite Spirit and the interconnectedness of all. Where our peace within is merged through the Earth in harmony for all Beings, as the Heavens are in balance with us at this time. 
      The Councils of Light are meeting at this time to bring in higher octaves to create another shift, if you are conscious of yourself at that level of your Being then be open to working with them at this time. 
At the time of the Equinox when all the energies are balanced amazing shifts can take place and doorways from higher dimensions within the Earth and Galaxy open. Try and connect at sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight.


On the March Equinox last year 2009 the higher dimensions anchored into the fifth dimension, but now with all the amazing shifts that have taken place, especially the with the Golden Egg anchoring at Mt Titiroa in the March Equinox 2009, the June Solstice, the 3 Eclipses of July/August 09 and blue new moon, the recalibration of the Second Sun on the Sagittarius New Moon 17th December and December 21st Solstice and the lunar eclipse of new years eve and  solar eclipse of January 15th we are in the New Earth and so the higher dimensions are anchoring. When I say we are in the New Earth of course this does not mean everyone is,  as attested by media news and world wars, catastrophes and such, but for those who have chosen no matter what the storm or war they are in the world but not of it. So all these things can be going on but you are not affected. I have experienced this personally by doing missions in war zones and not being affected at all even though chaos is all around and also in places of probable tsunamis and earthquakes that do not occur due to the higher energies being held.
Everyone is here to integrate and open their hearts to be who they are and for some this will not be in their body as they are not ready, and for some so much resistant that pain is all they feel. We know this is being experienced by many worldwide and instead of thinking it’s terrible or something bad, tragic or wrong focus on holding the beam for them and seeing with eyes of love, acceptance and allowing and give them the opportunity to shift also by you holding the beam of unity consciousness. This is the greatest gift you give.

This March Equinox the higher dimensional Earth by anchoring into the third dimension, Earth and you, its getting closer to full union; Heaven and Earth one, through you/us/we all one. Your bodies will heal easier, as well as your mind and emotions, your souls pain will ease and your heart open and experience joy more often as life is lighter. We are all ready there is no time, no space, all is now, one. So what energies do you want to send out from your thoughts and emotions that create your world? Your intention creates the New Earth, harmony, peace and divine love and Light.

We are already there, we are in the New Earth at the level of our fifth dimensional bodies, and it’s anchoring into matter now and through our bodies and in union with all creation, total surrender and at peace in the stillness. There is no time, its all in the now, so in this now moment where do you choose to be, and how do you choose to feel and think, do and be? Each moment is new and beautiful, you are already there.
I have seen myself in the higher dimensional Earth waving to myself here and I was already there fifth dimensionally, but things have shifted so much in this last year and our bodies becoming lighter and lighter as we are able to integrate the lighter Earth in no time and space, we are in the now, the stillness and have moved through the Crossover point of the Galactic Center. You may have chosen to be a pioneer  and be experiencing the new earth more fully in your life now, being the doorway for others to move through also.

On the March Equinox 2006 we opened up to the Sixth Dimensional Earth and our connection to the Inner Earth Sun became awakened more fully as we opened up to our Earthsun Body, all our energy bodies on with the Earths energy bodies as the new light codes awakened more fully in our cellular memory.
Please see Light Code Activations book.

Allow yourself to be with the Light from Inner Earth Sun and meditate upon the higher dimensional New Earth.
Be open to the light codes illuminating from the Inner Earth Sun, as the dimensions open for us on the surface to the Fifth Dimension.
This is a huge shift and very subtle, wonderful for those who are open, loving and choose a world of peace and harmony for all beings.
The dimensional shifts are happening in spiraling vortexes and light that move from Heaven to Earth and Earth to Heaven.
The Earth and all on her are opening up to the 5th and 6th dimensions now and ascending, as the higher dimensional New Earth is filtering down through the dimensions from 6th March Equinox 2006, to 5th on March Equinox 2009, to the 4th on September equinox 2009 now with the March Equinox 2010 ANCHORING INTO 3D. As the higher dimensions awaken in us and ground and anchor through our bodies and Earth. Just as the spiraling vortexes of serpent life force energy spiral clockwise and anti-clockwise from the lower vibrations to the higher and higher to lower.
As we merge into one, becoming our multi dimensional self, embodied in our physical body and living in a higher vibrational Earth that resonates with our level of consciousness that pulses from the Galactic Centre and gives movement in stillness and unlimited possibilities.

     Please see my  HANDBOOK OF RA and extract with meditations working with the New Earth.
MAYAN CALENDAR DAY 20th MARCH…. 11 (change, letting go, freedom) RED (East - electrifies, initiates) CANE  - BEN (time/space traveller, skywalker, angelic messenger, new directions) in the 10 (manifestation, true essence self, intention, motivation) UINAL (20 days) of Challenge ruled by the God of Darkness. TEZCATLIPOCA

MARCH 21ST…. 12 (stability in expansion, union of polarities) WHITE (North - refines, detached) JAGUAR - IX  (shaman/magician, timelessness, divine will, integrity) in the 10 (manifestation, true essence self, intention, motivation) UINAL (20 days) of Challenge ruled by the God of Darkness. TEZCATLIPOCA

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