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Our collective Love flowing through the Earth’s Grids and geopathic lines,
fault lines transmutes the old karmic overlays and imprints.
As we are One with the Earth/Heart/the-Ra this link-up also assists transmutation of our own personal grids and meridian flows. Activating the DNA light codes to illuminate us from within, the Source,
One Heart of us all and through our Earth’s Grids and heart.
As the old blockages dissipate in us and the Earth, merged into the Love
the Light Code DNA within the Earth flows and glows…



As soon as I connect in the one heart to everyone and the grids I am instantly taken to Giza and see the tangled mess on the lower astral realms this has happened due to all the illusion and deception around the pyramids. Not its core essence, that is strong and clear but in order to access it the journey has many illusionary traps. The pyramids are also physically under the control of those who know their real purpose but misuse it for power and control...

 I feel our collective love and the unified light matrix we all hold in our Soul Source Self is now strong. Even though
each of us is still here learning and especially at present processing, letting go, loving and accepting some very core imbalances with us individually as well as collectively in the union of the dance of separation we are at a time of great vulnerability but at the same time it means we are touching our Soul Source Self.

A beam of light illuminates from our hearts and collective hearts and radiates into that astral mess. I see reptilian beings thrown out. Dark Lords racing to escape all manner of demons and beings who have been feeding off the fear created by our illusion being kicked out.
As this all takes place I ask on what level or dimension and how long to affect the physical world. I am told no time it's all illusion I know, but also ask that all those dark ones ejected are given the opportunity to move into the love....all implants. ..cleared from all worlds and dimensions.

Then we travel into the grid point vortex through Cheops and into the earth aware of the crystal skulls there harmonising and the light flowing out through the grids around Earth, as we are taken to a places of the New Earth grid to Mt Titiroa,  Klang Gate KL, the desert near Uluru, Hackpen Hill, Avebury and Fortingall stone circle, new old places that spread out around the Earth through the Higher Dimensional Star System Starmap then into the Inner Earth a convergence of energy flows through the dimensional realms of the Earth. We go deep within the heart of the Earth the heart of ourselves and become aware that the grids are harmonising through us through our body.

I had to lie down and stay with this for some time. Then knew I will connect in again. I was looking at a map of have of the Inner Earth access points (I just found it after clearing a lot of old papers) and see Giza is one of them.
holow earth

Then I realise I need to go to another one in Brazil at the Iguassu Falls.  As I connect in again with everyone as the 24 hour window is coming to an end I feel so much love in the link-up One Heart and see seeding stars and rainbow lights glowing through the grids.

Then I go to the falls and through the doorway there, as I do I am met by beautiful Beings from Agharta, land of advanced races in the inner realms of the Earth. They bowl and greet me, we hug and feel such joy, they tell me that we are succeeding in our missions to bring peace and harmony to the surface of the Earth. They say it may not look like it as only negative news is brought to our attention in the cabal media but in fact there is a split taking place in the collective consciousness that our souls have always chosen. That our deep desire for peace, love harmony and abundance for all is what divides us from those who only wish this for themselves.
 That there is indeed a Wave of Light and energy coming that will shift us fully. This is something the aboriginals are aware of in Australia and many others of course.
To those in fear it will be a real physical events that take place, to those in love it will be a wave of beautiful energy.

I am sure most of you have had a wave dream at some stage on your journey. I remember mine many years ago I was standing with my then partner as a huge tsunami was coming towards us, I felt no fear and turned and told him it was an illusion and we moved right through it. I know this to be true as I have experienced similar in an initiation I had in 1995 in a pyramid in Mexico where a man tried to kill me with a machete, I had no fear so moved in my body of alight through the stone walls of the pyramid to safety. Because I had no fear. We all have fear I still have fearat times we are not perfect, but had worked through masses of it before that time and realised in the past our body could be taken but never our soul, after a lot of inner healing I realised no one can take my/our body now as well. After that I had the initiation and also stopped an army from killing me and destroying a very important mission in the Himalayas at the source as the PleiadianLiving Library of lightneeded to be anchored.

The Agharta Beings are telling me to assure everyone that as long as we listen within and are guided by our hearts all well be well regardless of what needs to take place in the physical realm. As we know that is only the minuet part of us.
The Agartha beings tell me that they too are in our link up and so are the Shambala divine ones and many others from light cites and parallel Earths that have experienced the destruction and the experiences of density and being in matter. Many choose not to fully go through with those experiences as they knew how painful it would be, so our n-multi-d unified selves are doing this for all of our other selves as we are in our amazing physical light bodies.

They tell me that it would be beneficial if we did the same linkup again 22 times. That there is no time and space so we can do this and link into the unified field and the amazing grid of our Love and One Heart whenever we choose, that if we can do the Link-up 22 times by the September Equinox that would be so beneficial for Earth, humanity and all beings including ourselves.
So if each of you can do that when convenient to you but 22 times by September 22/23 and then we will be connecting again for something I don’t even know about yet but it feels so full of joy and beautiful so amazing for each of us and our beloved Earth and beloved fellow humans and all beings.

Thank you so much dearest ones and I will see you on the inner at our connection times until the equinox….I will from time to time put up a post re it so you can add your comments and please let me know how this link up went for you.
In loving service and big hugs to each and every one of you radiant sisters and brothers, beloved family.


There is an amazing process happening through our Love and Love of the Inner Earth Beings who we are actively working with now.
This is accelerating the shift and also our own personal unification and healing. I seem to be guided to work with the inner Earth Beings, others are working with other beautiful Beings who have walked the Earth in great wisdom and love, but stay in the higher realms. Others with Star Beings.
As the Unified Field grows stronger through our Love in the One Heart, with all our link-ups and all the other beautiful souls doing their link-ups, healing and unifying. So strong that those who choose at present not to resonate with it, are losing their grip on power, as the Power of Love is washing over them and through them, like the waves on the beach taking over a sand castle that disintegrates.
Nothing stops the Wave of Love.
I have mandala that the Agharta Inner Earth Beings wanted me to create from them to you,
of their Love for us.
Thank you so much dearest Soul/Light/Star/InnerEarth/Earth family.

I see us all going through the different tunnels and doorways to connect with the Inner Earth Beings more fully. To share to feel the loving connection to each other.

love from agharta inner earth beingsGo straight to the Inner Earth and Agharta’s world. They are so happy with what we are doing in our connections and link-ups and feel it is time for us to all work together now.
They tell me they want me to paint a mandala of their Love and gratitude, the pure Love of their Soul Source Selves that vibrates in higher frequencies than most of us have so far experienced in this body. They wish us to access the love and inner wisdom within so strongly that we are purely the Beam.

As we can see the crazy dramas on the earth plane and from the lower astral planes pulling the strings, we simply hold our Divine Self as a Beam through those lower realms and Earth at places of great imbalance where humanity has really lost it to the darkness, with terror, death, torture, war, denegation, starvation, fear, terror as their daily life. We can hold the BeAm through all of that and with our Inner Earth team mates. So that the lower astral planes can’t be sustained anymore. If they come too close to the BeAm they will fry, or if they choose open their hearts and come home to themselves in peace and love, acceptance and gratitude.

In the One Heart and again instantly with the Inner Earth Beings from Agharta.
That morning in bed they surrounded me and sent beautiful healing Light through me, which made me feel so much better. As like most of us I had been finding it a bit tough physically with all these downloads and integration of higher frequency self, and light codes awakening through the physical body. That has and still needs a lot of rest to surrender and allow it to happen.

 I also was open in my awareness to my inner female and male loving them with their imbalances as they unify in sacred marriage, like many times before but deeper.
I am aware of my multi-D aspect that is also living in the Inner Earth. Having travelled there often over the years and aware of the Earth Wisdom, Ancient Ones/Self.
Now in the Linkup, the peace and Divine Light so bright, illuminating the Earth through from the Inner Earth Sun through all of us, Inner Earth and outer Beings of the Earth and Stars, all one linked in the unified matrix. It all feels beautiful, clear, cleansed and Light.

Then I felt my body changing as my Inner Earth Agharta aspect merges through me more fully. This aspect lives in the Inner Earth for at least 400 years, if choosing for even thousands of years.
I open my yoni/womb to the earth, void, the oneness, the divine feminine has balanced and merged.

Please let me know if you are having similar things happening with your body and Being.

Some much stillness and peace, the Earth and us so Light.

A great vortex opens between Inner Earth and Stars I know lots was happening but didn't get much consciously, it was so nice just to Be with it.

We are in spring now where I live, and in the morning it was sunny and the grass all dew, I stripped off, kneel and bow my head on the earth in so much gratitude to Mother Earth, All Beings ….Then I lie on my front on the earth, the soft grass, the sparkling dew and connect into the One Heart in the link up. Feeling so much love for the Earth, everyone, the Earth and us so Light.
There is a great lightening occurring as we know, but it’s now got to the stage where before the Inner Earth Sun was always glowing and shifting but now the whole Earth is glowing, and the work we have been doing with the Inner Earth Beings is creating this so much faster.


In brief the link-ups are preparation for the Equinox and are assisting us to be fully present and the Light the we are, the DNA activated through us, the grids and the Earth, thanks are shifting fast. The one heart that we are. Have you noticed how we don’t even have to consciously connect anymore we are always in the unified field. The link ups have assisted us so beautifully from our love and all our love for life all beings the earth all creation to create a space so powerful in Love that it assist each of us to accelerate our own illuminating process as our Soul Source Selves fully present in our body our body of Light.
In detail below is what’s happened from the 7th link up to the 17th.
There is a lot there that you will relate to, will trigger you and reading it will assist in the shift within as it is all our combined love.

I just haven’t had the energy for posting more often as I am so immersed in this journey and also my own personal initiation at present and seem to need lots of time to be in the stillness with nature and away for the usual distractions.
I will be posting about the Equinox in the next day or so.

I instantly go into a field of light and then are made aware of what is happening to us in our physical body with what’s happening. Our base chakra, base of our power is needing to be cleared, there are still blockages in the collective of us Unity workers (we won’t even go there with the rest of humanity) where the fear around survival, the fear to be in a body and the interwoven holograms of all that accumulations has got stuck and is a channel that needs to be unclogged.

The Agharta Beings are telling me this is happening in our central channel and also the Earths. The collective fear to really be present and be here still needs a hand to be shifted, even though most of us have worked on these issues for years, we tend to move with the collective as that’s what we have chosen to do in order to fully be of service and as a holder of the Beam of love and oneness we have to experience and know what it is. Some of you may feel pain at the base of your spine or feel the block. In our collective one heart I ask what can be done by us all now in our link up to assist this to transmute and resolve?
I see many Light Ships come in and our star families are with us, they have awaited for this opening to help us to clear the last resistances and fears we have about being in a physical body. As the Light Ships come in I hear them say they will help each of us individually as well have different stories to clear our vehicles for full light integration as we sleep and as the build up to the Equinox when the energies are balanced and a doorway opens we can merge with all our other selves from the most finite to the most infinite. This doorway opens within us, we are the Stargate and this can happen at any time in our journey as our higher self has to all sorted. But the equinox is a blessing by our higher selves in the councils of light to give us the opportunity if we are able to take it. There will be any more opportunities and we create them all the time. But as a collective for humanity and when we work with the collective…not everyone does….we have agreed to hold the energy so all who choose can step through.
I go back in awareness to the transmuting DNA at dense structural levels and the transmutation of the karmic DNA within us and the grids. It’s like a pause while we catch up to what’s happening in the Earth as we do this in unison. One of the reason so many get impatient about this illuminating ascension process is because it not just each of us individually but as a collective. The old paradigm and age of Pisces was about us doing it individually but in Aquarius we are the sisterhood, brotherhood and we do it together, or as many as are able.
I feel sounds of light music flowing through me and surrender and allow. Not attached to the outcome and just Being in the moment.

I use the mandala feeling like bringing in the focus back the original intention about the DNA and the programs in the grids and us. I look at the mandala of the “Transmuting the karma and programs from the DNA and through the Grids and make the sound codes and are aware that I am through the vortex of Crater Lake north of Mt Shasta. The lake is a Stargate doorway through Sirius and the Greater Central Sun.

As I go through I am shown us as we were before we came on the land in our Dolphin and Amphibious aspects. I get told to see the dolphin in me; swimming and playing so free then I start to feel a rip of energy going on in my root chakra.
I start to feel freer and the energy gets less painful and starts to flow. I see us all in our Dolphin aspects so full of joy and then the waters from the lake start to flow out like a cosmic flow of eternal life force energy; bubbling, flowing and glowing around the grids of the Earth. The Earth herself starts to free herself more as well. I see a web like netting break off her and disintegrate. I see missiles and hidden bases disintegrating all the negative bases and missiles that are against the divine creation that is our right being dissolved and told they have no power, the power of love and you all hold it….be aware of the base of your power…own it, grow it.
 dna karma grids5x5Transmuting the karma and programs from the DNA and through the Grids.


I connect in with a focus on the grids and DNA and instantly see the DNA spirals that are now changing within us and through the earth grids and earth as well, each code of light glowing, I see the old matrix DNA spiral starting to disintegrate and through it we open to the higher vibrational strands of our multi-d unlimited selves.

Connecting in with the focus again and get told as I move into the unified field and One Heart and are shown the DNA that most had been running on is no longer resonate within most of us now, that the reason we still haven’t made the link between our Light Body and physical body fully and are in the process of it now is because most old programs and beliefs had caught up the DNA strands into a web or tangles that separated us fully from all our bodies. We can now untangle ourselves and liberate our DNA from the old illusion and deception as our divine connection anchors fully in our physical body.

We are now at a cross roads and choose to surrender in divine love and fully allow what our Soul Source Self one with the pure love of the Creator essence as it vibrates through us or we choose to still wander in the wilderness and experience the pain of separation.
As we are in the expansive Light of our divine selves in the greater reality we simply need to truly surrender all our desires, wants, needs, plans, control dramas, what we think we are and do, and maybe for the first time in this life simply let ourselves be guided from within and allow the light to illuminate from within without any expectations.
The equinox in September is a time when we are blessed with balance of the energies and so can more easily align to the balance within us. Triggered by the Cosmic Clock and the spin of the cycle as the earth moves through the cycle as well and feels its alignment.

On Virgo New Moon I connect at the time it is exact and instantly go to the Island of the moon Lake Titicaca where I remember having a group in 1997 and the day we were there working with the New Earth 21 years ago I see the Earth as it is with the grids around her. So many some areas are still dark and blocked due to human negative activity and I wonder when is the New Earth coming through for us, I remember working with it way before this time as well and know that I am already in it and so are those of us who work with bringing it through into full integration to the fifth dimension. We need to resonate 5D to truly be in it fully, many of us do resonate 5D but still not enough to make the shift fully yet.

I bring my awareness back to my heart and the love within and in the One Heart and all of us then I am taken to the top of the Isle of Lewis, Scotland where in 2017 the Cosmic Egg of all Creation came though us, it was so powerful in the love, we were in bliss with it. I go into the egg now with all us in the link up in the One Heart and feel the love and see the swirls of creation energy, unlimited universes being created, or/and going through their cycles and experience, then I am taken into its centre where it is pure omniscience.

I go instantly to Kings Canyon and the New Earth anchor point there from past group work, then into Uluru and are greeted by Lyrans. Uluru appears to be a mothership even though it's the greatest tektite to have landed on Earth and are reminded of the Southern Cross Star Essence made there in 2000. There is a wormhole there and it starts to resonate with mine then I go through the serpent tunnel to the Lake Tsomoriri Stargate for the Equinox. The Equinox in September is a time when we are blessed with balance of the energies and so can more easily align to the balance within us. Triggered by the Cosmic Clock and the spin of the cycle, as the Earth moves through the cycle as well and feels its alignment.

The Equinox is a Stargate in itself and that we are each a Stargate and unify Heaven and Earth through us.
Each or us is required to be at location that resonates with our souls calling, it could be at home, or somewhere important to you on the earth, a vortex, diamond and GSD, at a multi-d vortex, a Stargate. Regardless of the doorway energies of the sacred location it is our own resonance that opens up to the level we are ready for.

The programs and karmic overlays in the Earth Grids and us is concentrated into 3 main areas;
The abdomen; food, integration, digesting.
The head, neck; stress, anxiety.
The base of power.
The abdomen being the centre of these stresses that affect us the most, as it expresses what the head won't own or articulate and blocks things from grounding.
So it's a buffer and block that can accumulate all that is still unresolved and denied.
The Sun opens it up and especially now as the Suns vibrations and radiations is heightening and assisting us to be the Sun that we are.
Breathing in and out the Sun 6 times then with intention putting out for balance through all your bodies.

As I connect I am aware of the Sun and the in and out breathe from our connection yesterday and the warmth and love for all the Suns through us. From the heavens down through to the Inner Earth Sun and back the Liquid Light Plasma beams through us, balancing us and merging our bodies so we can assimilate the new energies and our major transformations and transfiguring more fully.

Connecting in and with the focus of the grids and DNA and instantly in the One Heart I see us all swimming free like when we were Amphibious, then we all glow in Liquid Light Plasma and I get told that each of us can open more fully now to the liquid light plasma that runs from the Inner Earth Sun to the Suns and back; gold and platinum merging through our central channels. We flow and glow and start to shed old skins and the new DNA codes that are coming through from the Sun illuminate us and connect through to the Inner Earth Sun.

The Sun is changing fast now and is sending out frequencies and codes that we are going to be working with in the near future. Our unfolding Golden Liquid Light Body unfolds and flows.

I go into the One Heart and feel the incredible light glowing through us all, and get told we have chosen ourselves and that through the link-ups it is assisting us personally to really shift our frequency, that we do what we do for the love of self, each other, all humanity, Earth and beyond and within. That in service comes love, in love is service, there is no distinguishing to self or others as self is others. Just not the old paradigm meaning of that which is the ones who are not in the One Heart service to self is quite different. In the One Heart we are the Love and it illuminates from our Soul Source Self SSS.

Our DNA codes glow and I see us all around the Earth at vortex points and along the crystalline grids as they glow diamond light and through our own grids. The karmic overlays and old programs are dissolving in us and so the Earth. The more each of us loves all our deepest most core separation from source pain, then the more our love radiates through every cell One Cell.
I see us all there linked also through the light grids of our higher selves and that this grid has gone up in vibration. It is singing and glowing and we can travel the grids easily, we surrender and allow our HS SSS to take us. If we need to do this physically and rearrange our molecules from one space and country to another or to another parallel earth or star system, planets or beyond we can travel and then reassemble our self in the new location not because we have travelled anywhere but because we have raised our vibration to be not just consciously aware of being in another place and space or even time zone but that we can bring all our self into it if needed as our light octaves are getting heightened to the point where we truly are one in our body with all creation physically…physically as now the physical has illuminated from within, from each cell of our body.
Link to

I am in the unified field and see everyone in the link up everyone comes in and it’s so wonderful to see you all. My heart, our heart feels like it’s almost bursting with Love and Joy. Things are starting to shift within us and the earth is opening up more fully. I see columns of Light BeAms which is each of us all over the Earth. Holding the pure love and the divine Light as it stabilises the Earth and aligns out through our Galaxy and Universe. Things are linin g up for the equinox. A merging is taking place. All worlds and dimensions merging through us and the beam we are is allowing the denser realms to be able to shift peacefully. We are the gift to our self and all creation from creation. Balanced is being restored.


In the One Heart am aware of going to the Inner Earth and a Council of Light meeting where all the Beings that have connection to Earth are meeting, with many ET races present, who have always been guardians and come from non-interference, the Council of Guardians of the Earth.

There is a general sense of joy and elation at what is occurring as we Light BeAms who have come into physical bodies and are experiencing being humans have stepped it up, to really be the hu-wo/man. 

They talk about the coming Equinox and I realise I have been here before, that I/we have come from my/our future into the past to heal our creation, all of us who are consciously working to illuminate ourselves and all humanity, and care deeply for the Earth and all creation. 
I look at the Equinox from a point of view that it is past and see what has occurred within myself and so many others as well as our beloved Earth = Heart = The Ra, all the same words.

From the future self we look at our past and see the times we have come into the Earth, whether it be incarnating into a human body, or as an Elemental or Devic energy or as a Light Beam that observes from the ethers, but is there to assist from that plane. 
We were all once in that plane as the Earth vibrations were higher before she was encapsulated in the duality drama that was required to spiritualise matter. She like us is Loving her/ourselves out of the matrix of the illusionary universe or as some say the Synthetic Universe. The Earth has many levels just like us, we are her, and she is us.

I see myself as I had been going through some huge shifts in my body and my body was what 3d people might consider very unwell, but to me it wasn’t the case, it was a challenge and part of the initiation. I see myself smiling and that I had taken on so much pain in order to liberate the hold on humanity by her astral overlords. I had to own it as I believed I was so unworthy, punishing myself, abandoning myself, literally destroying myself in order to fit in to the vibrations of humanity and the suffering that encapsulates the complete separation from the Source within. 
I look out and see many others have taken on this mission as well, still others who chose to not go fully through the whole physical transfiguration as they didn’t want to feel that absolute separation from Source so stayed on the side-lines and assisted from their supporting, loving. Each took on what they could handle. Each a beautiful gift from the Creator to fully experience creation as it exists in the lowest vibrations and density. Each having gone through or still in their own hell. 
The illusion we brought in to, and that to transcend it we can only do that by unconditional love and acceptance for the part we play and for all the so called victimisers and victims. So there is no more game we have closure through our unconditional love and our acceptance.

Then I see a Beam of Light so bright that it bursts open our own inner light as it flows out of our hearts like never before creating a doorway within our hearts, the true Stargate we are as the realms of matter merge with the realms of spirit. All the polarised aspects of male and female, fear and love, give and take merge within us. 
We are the doorway, the union is within as we know, and always known but we needed to go through it in our physical bodies. 
I witness the light illuminating through my/our body, each cell sparkling and radiant, like turning on a million light switches at once within……

All the Guardian Beings in the Council meeting seem to morph into one, all aspects of self all come into one within me/we, it is done.

In my heart which is our heart, the One Heart I know that no matter what is happening to me/us, no matter how much pain or crazy physical stuff is going on with me/us, we are breaking free of the old matrix of fear and control that has trapped us all.
In the now moment, present we leave the old game behind like it never existed, we are ready to enter a whole new world. With our beloved Earth as we all raise our vibrations as Earth does and we all exist in that frequency. Those who chose not to, or are not able to, continue on with their duality experience.
For those who choose to be their Soul Source Self we are now opening up to our higher consciousness through every cell of our physical body….Light.
I see a beautiful rainbow Diamond come though the Earth, it is huge and the Earth and us are within it. The multi-prismed facets glow through the Earth and us.
I see us all so much stronger in our Love.

The love from the Aghartas. the higher frequency Light that pulsates through our bodies, intensifies as we link through the One Heart and the Love of the Aghartas and through the Earth and Grids. The Diamonds are all shining and they are shifting in frequency too. The Earth herself a great Diamond resonate through her body and through ours. The resonance is so beautiful and we allow ourselves to be one with it.

I feel our link ups have empowered each of us so much more to be in our Soul Source Self. We are shifting frequency and what we used to do is no longer relevant. Now we simply Be. In our full presence. And the old matrix falls away.

The Earth and us shining bright, there is a glow that shines for within, out and out through the Earths Grids. I ask about all the super storms and flooding, droughts, the forest fires, the destruction that has been wrought by our neglect of ourselves, the Earth and nature. The Earth sighs and says whatever it takes. I know that we are powerful, not powerless, and at present this seems to be like that for all of us, whatever it takes!
As we finally surrender into the totally allowing, beyond the duality dramas and control of what we never have. From fear to love, the Earth rolls over and lets us know how vulnerable we are. Until we embrace her and feel her, and love her as one with us. Merging with her, we move beyond the traumas of the duality world and then there is peace.

Also world Peace Day. The Peace of being in the higher dimensional Earth, the Peace of being still and allowing, the Peace of surrendering and allowing. We look back at where we have come, and now as we from our Love are the Unified Field, we feel the vibrations of Love through us, the Grids in us and the Earth, the Earth and the Stars star-mapped through us and the Earth. We are aware that we are transparent; Earth Star, Heaven Earth, Matter Spirit merged into transparent nothingness, simply Being.

 In the One Heart as I connect and feel the enormity of the energy. In the stillness and peace, all just is. We have been preparing for so long for this state of presence within us and the Earth. The Grids feel free and Light, the Earth seems so Light.
From all the transmuting of the old programs within ourselves and through the grids, transforming ourselves into being the Light BeAm and fully present, we are all holding the space. Allowing whatever is to take place.

You might notice how everything is in GO SLOW at present, I know I am, and grateful to be able to integrate all that is occurring within as my body aligns and I become still. The secret to everything is in the stillness and peace within.

I did not travel anywhere physically for the Equinox the first time in years, and all I could do was be present with it, as it was so internal. So much is still integrating within us, gift yourself the time to Be and allow.

I always connect at Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and exact time, and for our Link Up I got to connect at Noon into the One Heart and unified field with us all linked. I always used to connect in my crystal circle outside on a vortex point in my garden. At the June Solstice when the Earth and we shifted to a New Template that changed to another area in my garden and I no longer use the Circle but now make the Cosmic Egg shape which feels more appropriate.

As I watched the Sunrise at 6.01am my local time in New Zealand first light time, I did the connecting to the Sun into my heart and down into the Earth and Inner Earth Sun and out to all beings and ask to be of service for Equinox and to be able to receive healing and awareness in my own personal journey.
 I was guided to go to Shambala and go first to some amazing places in Ladakh where the Maitreya energies are strong. I travel on the inner to Lake Tsmororiri and the Stargate there, then to Nubra valley and to Maitreya’s statue then to my favourite Maitreya Temple on road to Kashmir.  
For those that are not aware of Lord Maitreya he is the Buddha to come, and as we unify and open to our full potential we are one with the Maitreya, just like the return of Christ, it’s all within.

Then get told about the Equinox journey in a bigger picture way, as this Equinox was a crucial turning point for us all.
It is the journey of the self from the point of separation from the Source, pure unified essence of love, and all light and all dark comes from. In that journey into separation you have actually separated not once and then gone through the prism and onto multiple parallel lives and holograms of your love, but have come out of the your essence many times, in fact each time you come into density you come straight from the pure Source in order to fulfil the ultimate expressions of creation in matter. You have tried many times to fulfil this experience and many times you have experienced love, as well as much hardship, horror each time you return you come directly home not just to some lower astral plane to be recycled for the dark forces food chain, or to some other stars or planets, those star planets of experience are in you, are you.
You have unified your polarities and been tested by the twins in the physical and have shown you are no longer attached or obsessed with outer love for another. This has been a big test and each person must go through it. Those who feel they are with their twins are, but they are still in separate bodies so still there is more to learn, their twin helps them to unify. Once unified then it is of no interest to look outside for love anymore, that does not mean to say you will not ever have partner while you walk the earth plane, it will be another whole being who does not need to be with you and also has no attachments.
When it happens then together you can achieve great things, as the divine is unified within each of you. Then you will meet more unified souls and that’s when you will form a community of New Earth living, regardless of what goes on in the density Earth you are now 5th and often 6th and 7th dimensional, bridging all worlds within and creating a bridge for others. This will come to pass for you.

In my Cosmic Egg I open to the One Heart of us all, and then feel guided to link up to the Crystal Skull in the Azores and connect to all my own little crystal skulls, the one in earth deep down from where I live, and ones around the Earth, the ones at Avebury Church and Rosslyn Chapel stand out. The humming and resonance so high frequency I melt and surrender.

In the Azores the skull is activating big time and the master one at Sagres. I see all if us in the Link Up in the Earth with the stars through, us multiple holograms taking place at once, as I see us as the Ring of Fire, the rings of Saturn the rings of Stone Circles, the rings of Fairy and Flowers, the rings of Dolphins, the rings of Light Ships.
It's all merged as now we come back to our own hearts and Soul Source Self to surrender what each has still stored and caught in the matrix due our fear and however that plays out. We don't need to hold on any more.
I notice as I do this I receive parts of myself that I wasn’t even aware of until then, that were missing.

For me it was not long after Noon, at 1.53pm, I in my Cosmic Egg do the Cosmic Time Clock mandala and Universal flows, I travel to Ollotaytambo, Peru where I received the information re the spiral flows as I watched the water flow over the edge of a carved stone. If I ran my hand over the stone where the water flows then it would stick close to the stone like it was magnetised, normally it flows like a waterfall with gravity and pours out away from the stone. (In 1995 I had experienced the water going uphill with antigravity on the side of the site plus other magical events).

I link up with a dear friend Julie and her group who are at these places physically right as this is all happening and I travel on the inner to the Cosmic Time Clock rock at the Solar Observatory, Copacabana, at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. And lie on the rock on the inner, I had been given the solar arch coordinates in 95 to give to the Mayan Elder in Mexico and guided to make the mandala of the ‘Cosmic Time Clock that aligns all our bodies into our centre and into Divine Will, Cosmic Time.
Then I am in the Golden Solar Disc in Lake Titicaca. I feel all my bodies aligning, and go to Tiwanaku where the Solar Grid that links all the Golden Solar Discs was activated in 1997.

Now until the Sunset it is activing even more fully. It took along time before it could even come into being. So this shows how much we have all shifted. The Solar Grid is glowing through us and through the Golden Solar Discs we hold within our heart……

I feel so much gratitude and give thanks for what is unfolding within us all. It will take not just days, but weeks and for some even years to feel the full effects of this Equinox Stargate, the alignment within us of Heaven and Earth through our physical body. No wonder we need a lot of rest so much is happening within our cells, everything rearranging.

Eternal gratitude to you all One Heart family, we are creating such a loving space for us to all grown and glow, for our beloved Earth to feel our love and care for her, for all humanity to feel the Love as the Unified Light Field is so strong now and we can link in to the One Heart with all our other selves, each of you whenever we feel. There doesn’t have to be an organised event or time, we are the One Heart.

Thank you so much for making this possible for all of us, we do this together from our love in the One Heart. The New Earth is birthed we live in the higher vibrational Earth and no matter what’s going down in the illusion, in density we are no part of it as we resonate in love not fear. We are no longer trapped by our own limitations. We no longer need to blame to government, the illuminati, the reptilians whoever, whatever, we take full responsibility for ourselves and love ourselves completely.


I have made a PDF downloadable with the Cosmic Time Clock mandala 
and the spiralling vortex energies through us, with the sounds codes to allow one to simply be…..
Aligned fully through all worlds and dimensions and time and space 
and surrendered in Divine Will and plan. 

Allowing for this amazing event at the Equinox and ongoing alignment when you need to remind yourself to come back into alignment if out.

 It is also part of the 
Out of the Loop MP3 and PDF
which also has it on MP3 and takes you through a process before hand to clear old looping patterns.


Ilea; Thank you so much beautiful Star SiStar for everything that you do.

Marita; I had a strange meditation on the train. I relieved all good times with a lover of mine whom I still love but he has been distant. But a strange warm feeling all over my body while travelling through an autumns dark Swedish country side... so much love. Poured through all of my body head to toes...

Abbey; Where did my loving go ? Your shariing of your story always means so much to me as I have difficulty articulating my experience 💓I’m having the most amazing time integrating and am being assisted by my former partner who passed a few days before the equinox. He had a beautiful death and astounded the medical authorities by needed no pain relief from metastatic cancer 🌹loving gratitude always 💓

Sapnali; So beautiful sis. I felt many of the things that you have mentioned there. Love

Long; Thank you so much and deep gratitude 💓😍

Corrie; Thank you dear Soluntra - it was quite a huge equinox

Vikki; Inlak’ech Dearest SolUnTraof the one Heart

Linley; Thank you beautiful Soluntra deepest gratitude

Jan-Marie; I was reminded yesterday ... I was told I was to be married on the 19.9.99 I knew it was not a physical marriage but one of the Divine - I have walked alone these years healing all the layers

Jenni; Yes im still out of it from all this energy...cant do much very love....hang in there sistars...and brothers..☺💜🌼

Wendy; Wow, so much happening. Thank you for this, will re read to absorb.

Ajara; Thank you Soluntra...such an amazing experience over the last 24 days! Lots of awakenings & profound experiences. After I completed the last link up today at the time of the Solstice...I felt an immense sense of peace & joy come over me! I felt that we had completed something huge & wonderful! I felt also a new sense of freedom & accomplishment...& I have to admit to feeling some relief! 💜🌿🦄🏵  

Birgitta; Thank you so much ... for your loving and inspiring being..... love

Chandana; Amazing info dearest Soluntra. U r truly a beacon of guiding light. Loadsa love. Meditations are deeper and been feeling energy buzz in my back heart chakra since a week. Waiting to meet u up sometime next year in India ! Loadsa love, light and healing.

Kathleen; I am living my Divine blueprint completely ~ embodying love and light fully into my cells down to my toes, having released and rewritten the contracts that bound me ~ Free now to walk in the love and light that I Am. Wow ~ what a Being, I was going to say feeling ~ ultimately it is only being. Much Love to you Soluntra✨🌝

Leith; Thank you for sharing your journey, with us Soluntra, so that we also may be triggered into our own experiences and the understanding of them. This equinox was a very personal experience for me.. At dawn, found myself surrendering and releasing until there was a deeper connection in my left hand side. At noon, I stood in my cascading bogganvilla shrub, surrounded by delicate white, pink, through to deep crimson flowers. The soft breeze shifted the boughs as they brushed against me;, the flowers dancing around me, the thorns gently pricking me; reminding me to be balanced. When I connected in to" love in the one heart," I was in bliss. After this I tuned out having reached my capacity. The other experiences I had are still being processed. xo

Birgitta; A big shift I am more calm and very grateful.... thank you Soluntra and all that paticipated in this ...I love you all...
Nalini; HUGE shift for me..truth exposed. Powerful.. still integrating. With much love and gratitude          



***A chain of ‘stars’ appeared, like stars arriving in the night sky but in a curling line, like a linked chain, linked by a glow around each one.

The stars advised me to ‘rest in peace as they flowed through me’. My feet tingled as they did so.

‘We assist with planting of seeds for new birthing’. I see a glowing light with a nucleus at the centre and a whitish luminosity around as they show one of these ‘seeds’.

‘We are the carriers of light and disperse around the land’.

They ‘attach’ some of them to me. I feel one behind me on my back.

‘The light in the earth destroys the shadows and illuminates all life. We are a collective, working in harmony, bringing the light to you (earth). We are so bright we come as small stars shining in dark places’.

They tell me they will continue to work through me for the remainder of the day and night.

 ​**** Done and will do the link-up each day! Soooo much Gratitude to you SiStar Soluntra King and ALL BEings of Light who work with us at the speed of thought. WE ARE so empowered!

​*** Amazingly beautiful! I felt I was already one of those beings but changed forms to birth water 💦 through the earth grids, I could see the waterfall and felt I was under Uluru! All the while clearing and transmitting information! Like fire and ice ! So much thankful for & joy! 22 links up - how beautiful see you on inner yessss! 🥀

***Also beautiful re the 22 link ups and today I got the 222 code again. Did another link up today and straight through the sun and my body went to dust through the fire. My light body joined the others in the sun and we were blasting the earth with focused light to create fire in the core. I saw a red crack in the earth which was literally a river of fire. Got that the earth purifying so it too, can shift.

Thank you for your link up; so lovely, and the map. My blue inner serpent used to take me to inner earth, literally through a trap door, under the water, where I used to meet and swim with it. I loved it as much as my inner fire dragon. It showed me where the trap door was. I never met anyone there but saw the countryside, hills and streams etc. I would go there and stay for a while.

**** Dear Soluntra Blessings to you.  I opened up this beautiful Nebula photographed by the Hubble telescope just after finishing my link up. It just felt so joyous I wanted to share it with you.  I did find my self on the moon of all places working with the oceans and the tides as a transmitter of love. (Odd place but not that surprised really for me)  I love it out there.  Love Vicki

Long; Thank you for the beautiful Mandala.

Annie; Thank You Soluntra King - So beautiful??????!

Jessica; Thank you Soluntra for your beautiful mandala & your insights.Geoff Dean Beautiful words, info, sharing, example and inspiration. Thank you with loving gratitude and hugs dearest Soluntra. Jagan ????

Sara; Thank you so much dear Soluntra got this beautiful gift. The mandala fills my being and uplifts. Yes, deep connection with off planet souls of wisdom and also collective forms of nature. It is such joy to participate in this work with everyone xxx

Wendy; Soluntra, I am happy to read this to my core. I want to share my blessings, feeling like it is alot to write, but much has been revealed and I have daily interaction. I feel very protective, still. Will message you.??????????

Leigh; The loving energy from this mandala is divine. Thank you xx????

Fiona; Ooh I love, awesomeness!

Ajara; Thank you Soluntra, for the beautiful mandala & the amazing insights from the beautiful Agharta beings! So special to be of the inner Earth, as well as the Stars! Love & blessings flowing to you! ??????

Carla; Thank you dear Soluntra, love to read from you and the mandala is beautiful.

Geronimo; In turning times I've been feeling the depth of our soul s .. xx thank you Soluntra x x x

Pamela; On the same day, I chose lying flat down on the ground. :) I AM guided to Quintana Roo and Belize crystal caverns and waters for 999. The link-ups are syncing Divinely. So much Gratitude with Love to ALL navigating these waves, embodying, merging. Agneta Lindeborg Thank you dearest Soluntra for your beautiful work. Agartha resonates so well with me, it has been so active for me for almost a year now, especially since I was called to go to La Tierra del Fuego. And in just a little more than a month I am there. I love your beautiful mandala, quite amazing. Send you lots of love. Agneta

Camilla; Thank you Soluntra ?? Great shifts are taking place. Flying on my dragon right trough the drama, I won't allow the outer to control or affect me. Magical, almost ecstatic state. Hear the words New Earth templates coming in for anchoring. Still, a bit difficult to focus on the practical. I will take time to really ground with family and nature this weekend. We have election day in Sweden tomorrow, so to stay grounded Will be key. The collective is all over the place... so back to Mother Nature Shannon Duncan i have had 3 massive meditations so has been pouring out of me and sending it to others who are trying so hard to bring us down but are not getting through the power of love and gratitude no matter how hard they try i keep sending love lov…See More

Pernilla; Thank you?! I have felt more close to Agartha and Inner earth this summer. Also my inner feminine and masculine wants to marrige. I am not sure if they have emerged totally but I can feel how they really want to become one. I also feel a desire to have them balanced in my "outer reality" but I'm not really there yet I think. Much love and thank you for your work?

Inner earth entrances, Amazingly beautiful! I felt I was already one of those beings but changed forms to birth water ?? through the earth grids, I could see the waterfall and felt I was under Uluru! All the while clearing and transmitting information! Like fire and ice ! So much thankful for & joy! 22 links up - how beautiful see you on inner yessss! ??

Saraiya; Thank you for sharing ... For All you do and Are... ONE Love.. ONE Heart ..Love you Soluntra King💖 and Everyone opening their Hearts to such transformation.

Debrah; Thank you so much for sharing this and , as always, for all that you do, Soluntra. I feel the truth and power and love of your words. Thank you so much

Linda; Beautiful beyond words.

Jeanean; Thank you. Such clarity. Beautiful.

Shri; Thank you Soluntra for this. Currently shifting thru deep blocks and pains in sacral and root chakras. Trapped nerve, bedridden numb. Shifting thru it all in love

Julia; Dear Soluntra ❤️ thank you for this comprehensive information, so appreciated and such an amazing time with continual change and movement 💛 so blessed Chandana N.c. Such a beautiful write up, Soluntra. We are blessed to have u with us... You are empowering us with all this info. Love n hugs

Nerida; Had been guided to play crystal singing bowls mostly the root chakra and heart ❤️, my little one tunes in to and plays at different intervals! Old illusions come up try to distract us from this work we are all moving forward. Xxx thanks for sharing thank you big time for the work and if anyone is wondering about the beautiful essences Soluntra King has cocreated- we highly recommended them, so get into it 💫⚓️if you really want amazing shifts especially during these equinox energized awareness! ✨🌪🙌✨✨ too much to write - just feel it! Yah!

Sara: Thank you so much for sharing the link up information. Mine has been strange all through. Today was quite personal and yet an active part of the link up; I saw a beautiful diamond, octahedron shaped; purples, pinks with other shades and with an inner central sun. I walked into the sun and became the sun in the diamond, which sent its rays out all around. After this happened, I found myself back as I had started, with the group but relinked still as this central sun within the diamond, continuing the link up.



Link up with intention and in make time to be still to link up,
whenever convenient in your day or night, once or as often as you like.

Also through your day and as you sleep, 
the intention and inner knowing you are in the One Heart. 
As our Love transmutes the old Grids within and through the Earth.
Open to the Light Codes from the Source within that serves you and your Loving Service Now…

If it is possible or you feel guided to go to a sacred site, vortex point, 
or injoy the sacred space in your garden, home or room.
You can also Soul Travel or simply with intention be at a vortex place in your Light Body, that you have visited and love and resonate with, or wherever your inner self takes you. 
It maybe a few locations over the span of the 24 hours.

Remember you are unlimited, surrender, allow and all is done in Divine Will and Plan.


The DNA holds all the information about you, the earth, the cosmos, the more DNA you have awakened the more information you have to access. Two strands is the limited slave mentality but as one awakens and knows they are Light then it awakens deep memories of who one truly is.

The karmic patterning of a soul can strangle the DNA and stop it from activating fully. This karmic pattering is not just from parallel life times, but through all worlds and dimensions and from wherever you exist from. When we have experienced playing in the dark side, or become encased in fear and mortality, 
then this energy can sabotage the light codes in us. 
The Earth herself has no problems with this and those who live in the higher dimensions of the Earth. Since the Diamond Light Matrix has been activated this has helped a lot, but the collective fear and implants, programs and energies that humans run and from wars, media, thoughts, and negative actions has all been accumulated. As well as from other cycles and civilisations, that has accumulated into a matrix of negative energy that can block the flow of Light for those who are still not open enough in their hearts, but it’s changing very fast now. 

With the opening of the Solar Grid in 1997 and the Diamond Light Matrix resonating through the Crystalline Grid since 2013 this negative energy was released briefly but has been trapped in again by our control freak friends who are really peaking now since the big shifts of 2015 and especially after the Shambala Template, the Higher Dimensional Starmap and Light Templates have been anchored it has made it easier for us to be able to transmute and transfigure , not to mention all the behind the scenes work that is going on.

In the landscape there is DNA through the Earth and there are portals that are doorways to be able to clear this accumulation of information that has been used to trap humanity and the Earth from reaching their true potential and fully vibrating in love. This all changed in the Great Shift December Solstice 2012 but it’s still filtering down on the lower dimensions and consciousness.
The karmic clearing of the grids and each person will activate the grids again and bring in the songlines to be clear so we can travel them.

There are portals where this strangle hold of negative energy can be released from the DNA, that is the Light Codes through the Earth and Grids. By being present at places and with love and intention transmuting one’s own DNA and then through the Earth the negative energy, programs, lower astral rubbish and fear and implants can be transmuted permanently.

dna karma grids5x5  It is finally time for all the old wounds and traumas from so many overlays of the Earth to be cleared.

     I have also made a new mandala that assists;
 “Transmuting the karma and programs from the DNA and through the grids.

Please also see my books Lightcode Activations Diamond Light Workbook and Living Light

We are so much more connected in the Love now. I notice that with our link-ups how the link-up remains even if we don’t consciously do one for several months. In no time no space we are all One Heart.

It is important that you connect to the Source of all that is 
in Divine Love and Oneness before commencing. 
In your own way. 
Or through connecting with your intention;
 To the Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun, as the golden light flows down from the outer Suns, down through your crown, head, neck, chest and into the Sun in your heart. Through your body, legs, out through your feet, down through the earth to the Inner Earth Sun, the heart of the Earth, connecting there. 

Then energies of the Inner Earth Sun up through the earth, your feet, legs, body, heart, neck, head, out your crown, back through the outer Suns, you are connected like a tree.  
Now with your breath and or intention having awareness of the Sun in your heart as your divine self illuminates out through every cell of your physical body, through your etheric, emotional, mental, spiritual bodies, one Gold Body of Light from the Source within you.

Take some deep breathes to allow yourself to go deeper into the stillness within.
Connecting to your heart centre, feeling the love.
Aware that you are connected through your heart to the One Heart of everyone else that is participating, those you know, and the ones you don’t know, but are there worldwide. 
You are also connecting to all those on a soul level who wish to participate but don’t consciously know about our link-ups.
Also aware that we are connected through the Light Grid 
of our higher selves and divine essence of Source to all humanity in divine love and oneness.

Now with your love, intentions, imagination know that the love of the Creator flows through our One Heart and through the Unified Light Matrix. 
That is now fully connecting us to all life and through the Greater Central Suns, 
through the Inner Earth Sun, the elements and Elementals, all life. 

Aware of our collective Love in the One Heart flowing through the Earth’s Grids and geopathic lines, fault lines transmuting the old karmic overlays and imprints. 
As they are transmuted. 
Aware as we are One with the Earth/Heart/the-Ra our own personal grids and meridian flows are transmuting, the old programs and fears, accumulations of karmic stories and energies on all worlds and dimensions through all bodies and physical body... 
As the transmutation in pure Love activates the DNA Light Codes to illuminate us from within, the Source, the One Heart of us all and through our Earth’s Grids and heart. 
As the old blockages dissipate and merge into the Love, the Light Code DNA within the Earth and us flows and glows, unlimited facets of Light awakened within our cells, all bodies, the Earth glowing clear…

We allow the Love to do its work in its infinite wisdom, we surrender and allow.

It is free will zone so if something else comes in for you that feels more important then please go with how you heart guides you.

If you get guided to places where there is a lot of negativity, see everyone there as divine, at peace within, open hearted and abundant already. Don’t buy into the fear/illusion. 
See with your heart what is the ‘Greater Reality’, the divine in everyone and thing, 
and that everyone is at peace, living in joy and abundance of life.

Complete in your own way with gratitude to the Creator, Mother Earth, all life and each other.

Thank you so much from my heart to yours for your love and dedication to your own ascension and embodiment 
of your true essence as well as in service to all others.






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Permission is given to copy and redistribute this article on the trust that the contents remain complete, 
all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.

Many of us participated in three big Planetary Link-Ups and the Eclipse Link Ups and if feel you would like to experience them 
please do the connecting and then read what unfolded at each and link in and allow. 

There is no time or space. We are one with all that is.

Thank you everyone who has participated and the Eclipse Doorway July- August 2018 and the three sets of link-ups 
from August 2017 to May 2018 over a very powerful time for the New Earth and Multi-D Embodiment



solareclipse9march18frmindonesiawave x eclipse uk photos marc.maramay


embodiment h d linkup18



As you know humanity has opened their hearts, the new Creation Matrix anchored, the DNA awakened for Galactic and Universal consciousness, our remembrance of ourselves as Creator Goddess Gods here creating Heaven on Earth. 
We come from beyond to the beyond in pure love, now we are actualising it.
Thank you so much for all your love and participating in what is the most important thing we are here to do. 
In the One Heart love Soluntra.