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The star system of hopes and dreams unfolded through love and acceptance.

THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS THUM LITHLA; Brain waves in synchronistic union with the left and right hemispheres, awakens full unity consciousness.

 The exact time of the eclipse was at the time of our link-up, and where I live in NZ it was at 2.30am. So I went outside at midnight as that was when it was first supposed to start. The sky was clear with cloud around and by 1am just as I couldeclipse-starting-feb1,1am.jpg start to see the start of the eclipse, great black clouds came over and it rained with strong winds. I spent the time going within, transmuting and connected to the crystals skulls as well and to the master one at Sagres Portugal that I has been called to visit back in October 2017. It was giving me a download about the eclipse doorway into our new body, new life and moving beyond the Archon dreamscapes. No more subservient under the dreamscape, free now to resonate in even higher dimensions.

Aware of eclipse doorway awakening even more fully the Earth Star Walker, the old body is gone, the new is building itself in a different frequency of Light so it’s important to be aware of what is the right food medicine to have at this time for your body to help it to fully transfigure.

It was still windy, raining and black outside by the time 2am came and I got ready for our link-up. It doesn’t matter if we can’t see the eclipse we feel it regardless.


In the link up aware of the gifts of the star and the importance of why it was chosen to utilise with the eclipse:

THE STAR FROM ANA LISE; The star system of hopes and dreams unfolded through love and acceptance.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS THUM LITHLA; Brain waves in synchronistic union with the left and right hemispheres, awakens full unity consciousness.

As the eclipse shadow crosses the moon the brain waves are important, and the light from the left to right hemisphere opens a doorway. The synapses connect, you/I feeling the connection and once the brain waves link, the union of Heaven and Earth can complete.
 It has only been our division of thinking, intuiting, operating that has kept us locked into the third dimensional world of fear. Fear is a perception and is not even real in the greater reality. It’s come in to our essence as we descended and took on form. In order to be form we had to be dense. In order to be dense we had to forget who we are, and think as separate beings with separate brains. Now it’s time to be One Brain again, One Consciousness, and One Heart.

Connecting to everyone in the link-up I was aware of the happiness to be linked in joy with each of you. Then acknowledging the star system and star, and aware of the synapses between the two hemispheres of the brain into one. As it opened us up and we moved beyond doubt and fear.
Into the New Earth as a Light Beam we collectively hum in light language and our heads all start shining. Like the ‘Lightening Brothers’ (star beings on cave drawings in Northern Territory, Australia) with rays pouring out of our heads.
There are endless ideas of great creative endeavours unfolding, each one of us had hidden until now.
 It's time for our creative spark to fully form and our One Heart beats in unison. Each of us holds so much creativity and brilliant ideas unfolding like a great scroll of light language it starts to form from us all. The codes dance on the scroll and filter through the Earth.
The star THUM LITHLA shines bright and illuminates our brains, then through to the brains of all our cells, the cellular nuclei of each cell and the synapsis. With jumps and sparks as the brainwaves harmonise with our bodies.
There is glow from each of us that links out around the Earth, and a film of old thoughts lights and dissolves.

The Starmap starts to resonate and the awareness of new thoughts and ways of operating beyond the controlled programs start to appear. Like the old dreamscape the reptilians have controlled through life times of despair, clear like a fog lifting from those who have been hooked in. Those who were never hooked or only programmed from fear breathe easy, and start to recognise the misconceptions they have been in. It's clearing away in the psyche to be free for fresh new ideas of wholeness and health.
Then an awareness of new lights activating in the DNA. It's harmonising with the collective energy we hold in our group and sings and shines through the Starmap of Earth. It is anchored.
On 3d it's still a black sky, no sign of the moon or seeing the eclipse until 3.30am when I see it moving off the moon briefly, a doorway opened before I went to bed to see a portion of it.

Wow a lot to assimilate for all of us and more time to be still and integrate.
Thank you so much from my heart to yours for the beautiful connection and what we transform, transmute and transfigure together in our Love.

We would all love to hear what unfolded for you. Please share in the comments on


We actually had a cyclone and high seas, storms, floods hit the country on the eclipse exact. I was ok here just been lots of rain and winds but other places the sea has damaged coastal homes, floods in mega places,  major high wind damage, super moon, super storms.


Dwight….Hi Soluntra I did the planetary link up! It was my first one. Thank you for all the info. It was really great. I felt so much in the brain and heart. It was very fun. I had a crystal skull with me since I got curious for it to store energy from that star. that link up. After the link up I feel those same energies from it. its interesting. I'm excited for the next ones!!!????????????????????????

Maria… Soluntra, i haven’t been able to connect on some of the link ups before. I connected briefly last night and this is what I saw: I first connected myself and started seeing all my chakras activating until I became light. A star. At that point I started seeing other stars like me (you amongst them) and then we all formed like a grid around the planet. A protective grid and filled it with light. Together. It was quite brief, but it was very nice! Especially, because I wasn’t expecting to see anything.

Leigh….Thank you Soluntra was such a wonderful and loving energy connection last night. It was 12.30am here in Sydney and the Supermoon was covered with cloud but the unified energy with the moon's energy was intense but at the same time soooo yummy like sitting within the soft cloud. Opening a wide pathway of new frequencies to be explored ????????

Sara   I linked in with all and we were in the stars and saw a pale blue planet surrounded by lots of rings coloured white, blues and occasional orange or reds, all muted. Then nothing.......  When eventually came out of the link up though, the air/my eyes/brain (not sure which) were flashing grey, black and white orbs, like the lights at a railroad crossing flash, before the barriers are operated. This went on for a short while and I needed to wait initially until I left where I was sitting. Perhaps indeed this was the two sections of the brain.  Not sure if I was taken out due to overload of all else going on or if it was due to brain work.

Ajara…. Thank you, Soluntra! So beautiful to see these shots of the eclipse! I was in Brisbane, where it was overcast & could not see. However, managed to do a connection & work with Analise & Thumlitha, the mooon & Suns! I felt that it was really wonderful & powerful! So grateful to have been able to do it! Lots of love & gratitude! ????????

Lynn Hume such a powerful message; so beautiful - thank you dear Soluntra

Mukesh… Connecting to everyone in the link-up I was aware of the happiness to be linked in joy with each of you ~ the moon emerged with Bright Moon Light connecting each one with the Light. 



WE CONNECT AT 9am first light NZ time 9th 7am Aust EST 9th,  GMT/UTC 8pm February 8th 
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.
Star systems of tapestries of the higher field matrix that is now able to anchor on Earth.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS NEMUS…..The starseeds of the highest dimensional Earth exist though this star and can come into the highest dimensional Earth freely. To anchor the sonic sound codes to re-establish the heavens that keep all the lower worlds in harmony.

 I can feel the star coming through even before I link in with everyone and it’s so strong I am instantly in a higher frequency of myself, also aware of what’s been unfolding in my/our bodies recently with what I now call the ‘Dark Night of the Body’, just like the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ that once through brings in such amazing heightened awareness and consciousness, the same is happening for every cell of our body.
I am told the star is coming through and healing the body,
and the body is the starmap and the points of the stars all through it.
 I am transparent and floating in the universes feeling so at peace as I become aware of the 6D grid points at Hackpen Hill, Avebury and Telwoie Gorge South Australia, then Iceland, Castle Hill, Hicks Bay, Azores Mound many places around the Earth, the star light is coming through those points.
Then I start to hear to sounds like a beautiful high frequency celestial song that resonates through all of us in the link-up, I see us all in the New Earth and know that all of us in the link-up have chosen to be in the New Earth.
We are resonating in the sounds and the vibration is through our bodies as well. Like streams of higher octave light it can filter through us more easily now as we have cleared so much in the ‘Dark Night of the Body’ period.
There is a new alignment taking place organically through our physical bodies,
which are Light (Lighter than before) and through the Earth and Stars,
the Multiverses hum and expand like a bubble ready to burst.

I am told suffering for salvation the old codes, we have had to really go into that.
 I had found personally with my own body pain I have been experiencing on and off for at least 6 weeks now, that the body had to realign out of the old programs and beliefs. For years I have been on the mission to exclusion of how all my work had affected my physical body. Not that I noticed, as the energy took me effortlessly in the day to day organisation of bigger picture missions, dealing with groups going through their stuff, eternal sos emails and bringing in new codes and information. Until at Christmas time when the Light coming through was saying rest and relax and then the body started to really show how it had been trashed. Old patterns of service to others with no thought of the self, but always the energy to service regardless no sleep, wherever on Earth.
 Now with this link-up and the star shining through us things are shifting faster than we can understand in our 3d brain. No matter we have just come through a great alignment of star light that has fashioned our cells into a resonance more conducive with where we are at.

I am not saying it’s over yet, we have the Solar Eclipse next and our link-up.
But our bodies are now able to responding more easily to the ascension process and New Earth realities.
The crumpling of the old world which we see around us every day, is like it’s in another world. It has after all been a big illusion and it crumples as we shine. Out of the ashes the Phoenix rises.
The sonic sounds are still resonating through us and will do so right through to the eclipse.


Michele; Thank you so much. Had visit from Drakuhl the Tibetan telling me it was time to transcend the old world karmic pain body weeks ago. My body has been in a constant processing of this for weeks while feeling a great void like I no longer really exist in the old but the new has not fully downloaded. Great to feel their is a group journey going on with these intense clearings. Much love and light.????
Charles; I woke up today with the word MISOGYNY on my mind. To achieve HARMONY we need to balance the male and female energies. For the past month, my energies have been very low as I adjust to higher energies and work with purifying my chakras. Thank you, Soluntra, for letting us know about the energies that are available to us.
Liz; Lots of insights coming in. Revealing where old patterns are being dissolved and new holistically healthier patterns can now manifest. I have heard the high whistle/tinkle bell tones throughout the past few days. This morning in dream, I saw a large white seed emerging out of the bottom of my heart with several other small seeds "planted" within my heart! Feeling very optimistic for the future xx Thanks for sharing everyone xx ????
Leigh; I missed it Soluntra. Found it hard to sleep last night and so slept in .... but have also been feeling aches in my body since December. So thanks for sharing. The Pheonix rising has been dominant in my consciousness since December too. Will connect with the star Nemus today.Thank you so much Soluntra ????????Dear Leigh its been happening to alot of us this aches and pains as our body rearranges, quiet intense at times...and you can tune in whenever as there is endless time xxxxx love Soluntra
Nirmala; I have also been through the old patters of having to work and service in order to be here, the last half year. It culminated two weeks ago, and I have kind of stepped into my higher Self, who are more confident with being. Today i felt a strong longing to go home, to a place, where there are no predators and no bloodsuckers. Dear Nirmala yes its a like that i have been in hermit mode as this whole transfiguring process is so full on. Home as we know is in our heart and we did sign on for this, i don't feel its going to last much longer and we will be out the other side, i know how i felt years ago after my dark night of the soul so looking forward to being out of the dark night of the body, love and big hugs xxxx
Kathryn; I made a cuppa and actually sat, enjoyed the stillness of birds and a beautiful morning❤
Anjana Thank you beautiful soul Soluntra. Love and Light.
Ky; After the link-up I felt dragon energy that wanted to be released from my solar plexus. Feelin' good. Thanks Soluntra. :)
Abbey;  Dear Soluntra I have been having the seemingly typical physical stuff happening also . I prepared and sat on my floor but couldn’t get comfortable. I then began to choke and had to get Water right at 7am our time. Back to the meditation and it seemed like the vibration was too much to enjoy and so I “ gave up “ to find that 20 minutes had passed ! Thank you for co ordinating these wonderful events. Loving gratitude always.
Geoff; Thank you so much heroic Soluntra. For me it was intense, beautiful and profound. I lay and slept for 30 minutes and am grateful for your description as I now recall little. ❤️❤️❤️.
Nikko ;. . connected with people & a journey I wish to pick up & continue with . . have hot water (first time in weeks) washed hair
Margaret; Wow ... Your Tree of life tells me it is alive and active within us fully and the new energies/colours of the new higher chakras are fully integrated. We are all one. Yaa Hoo. Many blessings .xx
Pam; Nothing to add. Totally agree, so much releasing, some people close, felt like their souls were leaving. But we experience a 'death' as we pass to new levels ????????????
Long; Thank you so much. I am so happy to be connected with so many beautiful souls. I hope you continue to feel better and take care of yourself more, Soluntra. You have help so many and now it is your time to be served. ????????????
Joanna; I had a disturbed night sleep with many dreams. I felt a lot of energy just before link up and let out two massive sneezes during the beginning, that I even felt clearing in the back of my throat they were so strong. Felt lots more energy swirling around in my body throughout.
Sian;  Soluntra I connected ????I felt like I was in a vast void ... such silence. I heard the high tones within my head and ears that were coming and going ..seeming like they were far away then in a milli second loud and within my head. I will connect again today and sit in the energies available. Thank youuuuu love and hugs x x x x????????????????
Agneta  Thank you dearest Soluntra. I welcome the Star healing. With much love
Olivia;  I have been clearing slot of the dragon red energies. Feeling very high while connecting to My.Shasta.
Will prepare for next wave. Loving the relaxed calmer energies coming thruGreat feel an arriving is taking place. Coming home.
Guruprasad  Beautiful.
Birgitta; Thank you all I have had digestion problems but now aware of what to eat and not.... The sound is very intense and beautiful... so glad to be here with you love and blessings.
Bev; Thank you Dear Soluntra for all your beautiful dedicated work . ???????????? sending love, dolphin clicks & whistles from T.C.B.
Sara; Thank you dearest Soluntra for these beautiful link ups and your sharing xxx
Fiona; Wonderful Soluntra x


The star system of infinite possibilities beyond duality and through the Galactic Centre interface and the Galactic Centre of Andromeda. 
This stars is in the Andromedan Galaxy.

THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS MAL LI ……..The new Galaxy is through your higher dimensional heart, it is time to be aware of this now and your true love is through this doorway. 
Awakened to divine love, swimming in the cosmic oceans, singing the songs of creation of all worlds. Flying high and awakened in dancing formless wonder, not light not dark beyond liquid light plasma.

Very different again with some very dark, light dances presented to me to assist others and bigger picture  as the eclipse shadow starting going through us. Then just before the exact time and our link up time I go out into my garden and crystal sacred circle to connect and then link in with you all.
I instantly felt a great desire from everyone to be linked and to be in our hearts, knowing how important it is and the love and the strength of our connection is beautiful.
I was instantly aware also of the Crystal Skulls in and around the Earth singing and leaping up and glowing into the matrix of illusion and pain.
I saw a soft violet and pink light glowing on the Earth, gentle and loving. The eclipse has brought up in its shadow so many dark beings that are being unmasked as I had been aware just before our connection. Then I was aware of the intensity that has been off and on since the transfiguring process has been happening so full on since the December Solstice and before that since the Equinox in September and really since the last Solar Eclipse in August 22.
So much has been presented to us, of our old patterns and programs we can’t run anymore and the collective resistance we have had of moving forward with so much still unloved.
All falling away now as the transfiguring is on through the doorway of the higher heart.

I was aware of a doorway opening and our bodies moving through. From all our love and combined Being it has a created a doorway for others to move through as well.
The higher heart, the divine love that each of us truly is, is guiding us more easily, we can respond to the higher frequencies without it bringing up so much pain or fear now. We have come to a level of love that will now propel us into our new bodies and lives more easily.
It’s been an intense time for so long now and for those who assist others even more intense as we have still being dealing with the collective fear even though we don’t personally need to, but our service self still chooses to allow it to happen through us. From now on it will be easier on our lives and bodies.

As I looked up to the clouds they transmuted and went to nothing, each one I looked at. I did this to a few to make sure this was what was ahppening and they transmuted into nothing at a glance, I felt it was a sign.

The skulls wish to tell us ‘that we may not notice things so obvious just yet but that we have now moved into a higher vibration of love as we have collectivley dealt with a lot of the illusion within and without. 
Your own personal body and systems phyiscally and etherically are going to be upgraded more fully now to adjust the the light that we hold already, and are now being prepared to hold in our physical level’.
Of course we are Light but its about full integration with matter and we have now made a leap into greater frequencies of light in our body.
Go into your body and sense the vibrations of Light there through all your organs, your body systems, your cells. Make tones and sounds that bring joy to your cells as they dance in the eternal light of your hearts delight.
As Mal Li the stars bids us ‘Awakened to divine love, swimming in the cosmic oceans, singing the songs of creation of all worlds. Flying high and awakened in dancing formless wonder, not light not dark beyond liquid light plasma.’

Thank you so much dearest soul sisters and brothers in the One Heart.
We would all love to read what you experienced .
Please share in the comments on


Hi Soluntra, a strong energy connection this morning. The first time I recall working with both high frequencies and strong dense energies simultaneously! The Earth filled up with strong dense red ànd green energy and then one of my dragon team moved through the energy and with it's tail flicked up and then pounding down in three places..Northern Hemisphere... To the East once. And to the West once...the Southern Hemisphere South in the lower centre once also. This force rippled out toward the surface..feel there will be repercussions with the force of it. The whole time this was happening the high frequencies were flowing down onto the outer Earth. My dragons look otherworldly with shiny black metallic bodies more like Japanese/Chinese art forms with diamond or black dragon heads but without wings. Do you know of anyone working with the same family of dragons? Blessings xx

A beam like a blue white laser came through me into the earth, from above. It stayed like this for a while. Then heard ‘Our system flows with the goodness of pure light. We are in radiant light, such as your planet doesn’t see or experience. We are pure in essence.  The beam through you goes directly to the heart of your planet and radiates its essence.’ I then see myself under a ship which has an almost doughnut shaped undercarriage, with a thick light (orangish) leading up the the interior. I go up and find myself in a space with 5 or 6 blueish white, hairless beings. Very simple features but very beautiful. They didn’t ever seem to look directly at me and telepathically communicated apparently as a group. They didn’t have a determined sex and looked much the same as each other.

They placed upon my clothing a small orange object, a bit like a flower but not sure if that is what it is, almost like you would wear a buttonhole flower, They said ‘The hue contains vibratory links to the essence of the star. They tell me to put it next to my organ (skin). I do so and become aware of an energy circulating through my system as though traveling through the circulation. I feel bigger/ taller/ larger and expand to incorporate the experience and understanding of the star.

They say ‘You will radiate the essence of who we are into the earth. Much work is to be done on Earth. Your systems are waking up. Now is not the time for messages (to humanity from them) but the light is showing in the future. We see it as a dim glow.’

And then it was over..

Abbey; Thank you for coordinating this wonderful event dear Soluntra. I’m totally blissed in the one heart ????loving gratitude always????

Carlos; Thank you very much beautiful ❤️

Birgitta; Thank you dear Soluntra... I made a painting just after and it was in pink...loving from the higher heart... <3 Meeting our true ones <3

Sian; Thankyou Soluntra.....before our connection I felt an irritated feeling rising I allowed it to flow thru me as I asked to became a Divine portal to be a reciever and transmitter of these beautiful gifts available to us and connected to the group. I felt a deep love for mother earth.I could feel heat thru out my body and tingles on my crown. I was in a very still expansive space feeling soooo much love. ????????????????????

Sara; It was another extraordinary experience of linking our hearts and intention with all. How blessed are we and for your work dear Soluntra, I thank you xxx

Shikha; Dear Soluntra, just reading this charges one with so many beautiful energies and abundance of love. Thank you for sharing! <3

Estelle; Beautiful - as an aquarian born in the year of the dog, I have a good feeling about this year!!! Gorgeous pics and message thank you! <3

Val; Wow, thank you for your description Soluntra ???? ???? ???? ✨????✨✨????✨

Charles; Let's step through the doorway of compassion, clarity, and connection. Thank you Soluntra for your hope and inspiration.

Chandana N.c. Thanks a million Soluntra !!! Loads of love n light !!!! :)

A beam like a blue white laser came through me into the earth, from above. It stayed like this for a while.

Geronimo; Beautiful times , the fusion of light and matter...xx
Nirmala; Interestingly, what you write. I experience almost exactly the same in this time. Indeed the sky has turned pink this evening

Jangchub; Dear Soluntra, it was very tough, after i was burning in fire :-), many emotianal stuff, but next morning just spaced out in deep eternal love. Thanks


NZ 6.10pm 24th  AUST EST 4.10pm 24th   GMT/UTC 5.10am 24th Americas 23rd  
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.
WITH THE STAR FROM ARASTONEEN The star system of cosmic rain and flow, harmony and balance.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS MARKIS SEMO ....Brings through new light codes of the new creation, through your central channel and chakras and the central channel of the New Earth.
Possible now as the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth has activated through the
Galactic Gate.

The first thing I am aware of as I connect to everyone is that we have all shifted. Everyone seems lighter and also taller and vaster like we are all so much more transparent. I see so many light codes flowing through our energy fields and the cosmic rain from the star system illuminating us.
There are aspects of ourselves that are fairy and devic coming through and we are creating a beautiful realm with the light codes coming into form as new life, our bodies are glowing and thriving.
We look at the great cosmic clock that marks the timings of ages as it grinds to a halt. In the silence
and stillness that there now is a wind blows through with us all in our fairy devic forms, as we become aware that we are in a whole new realm.
The love between everyone is beautiful and it's creating endless worlds of peace and harmony.
The star Markis Semo resonates with a high frequency that aligns the new worlds as they merge through the galactic gates and brings in the unified matrix.
Our bodies also align through our central channels and through the New Earth with all the light coded realms.
Then a tingling glow through our cells….the one cell glowing and stable. It is done and we
can no longer get lost in the Illusion, the New Earth is here in us organically!!!
Thank you so much dearest fellow New Earthers

Teresa; And such powerful imagery Soluntra ☀️????☀️ .... ????????
Gini; Feeling/seeing/sensing....Transparency and visibility at the same time...allows us to move through invisible fields/other dimensions merging more fully within....loving it all fully ????????????????????‍♀️????????????‍♂️???????? thank you for
Shannon; i went to a place we call lovers rock here in Whitianga for the link up yesterday ...this place is a rock in town the tallest peak which has many warriors that watch over the place....i have done many links up from there....what was interesting was a y...See More
Lisa; I saw the light codes in the form of a sphere with light language engraved on them on the cosmos, also a huge ball, vast ball amount of negativity, poisons & toxins were removed from NZ during the cyclone. With the light codes coming in, I have felt much shifting in the shushumna, the spine, hips & kidneys as the light codes work their way through. Felt very expanded & lighter then wanting to sleep & integrate <3 <3
Tanya; i feel like i have been birthed and it is all new...need to pause to step ligtly and so beautiful....flooded with love (was flooded in literaly in kin kin :) <3
Nicola;.... I have had such an amazing week & yesterday when I woke up there was a 'fairy ring' in the grass it was so amazing ..... I joined in with the meditation .... & regained my focus & connected with source & the highest bestest outcome for all ..... After wards there was much negativity around & in stead of letting my thoughts spiral with the negativity .... I remained grounded in love & I was able to tackle the negative energy with love respect & truth ...... Thank you for sharing your wisdom & for helping all to remember & understand .... I am so grateful & I send you love now & always ???????????????????? Oh I have been seeing light codes / beams of light now for long time at first I didn't understand but now I do ..... I feel so much lighter & clearer & it feels like there is something going on in my belly !!! Maybe I am about to birth some thing totally amazing & finally move on from this very special place ( ancient volcano & with so much energy ) that has felt that I have been stuck here against my will !!! However I am so grateful for all the meaningfull lessons & learnings that I had experienced here .... Time for Re-Birth
Ajara; So beautiful...& awesome, Soluntra, thank you! Such a privilege to be part of it! Thank you to everyone! ????????????
Birgitta; I felt the energy coming true me very intense...already on the 22th of february on my walk I was aware that i was lighter and the day before when i looked and took a picture on the water...i saw beautiful flowers in waterdrops in the springwater..the flower Azalea.It, was as I feel it a gift to me from my Divine Child ...... so lovely.....
Marie; Thank you. I can feel this. Xxxxx
Agneta; It was all amazing! Sat on top of Mt Eden, Auckland, with its vulcano crater. So beautiful, so powerful. Much love, much gratitude.
Jessica - thank you for connecting. Is this why I’ve been aware of SO much joy & beauty abounding? Elegant & bubbling with colour .... this is the fabulous creator of the mandalas you gifted us too. I’m sure you are meant to be connected here????
Annwyn; Felt incredibly blessed and deeply peaceful. Even had some sleep last night! Thank you for your unwavering devotion to the Divine plan on Earth, Soluntra King ????????????
Sara; Gratitude as always for the beautiful connections. Much love to you xxx
Sian; I connected to the group felt and still feel the lightness ????????????Thankyouuuuuu love to ALL x x x x

MARCH 1/2  FULL MOON IN VIRGO 11.22 degrees

NZ 1.52pm 2nd AUST EST 11.52am 2nd   GMT/UTC 12.52am 2nd   AMERICAS 1st  
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.

WITH THE STAR FROM NUMONEE The star system with stars pathways through the vertebrae of the spine, the kundalini pathway of the stars, illuminating the Light Body.
 THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS   CORUS ...Anchoring the Light Body fully into the physical body, one.
As I link in I can feel the star system and star they are so powerful and have been waiting for this full moon, Pisces Sun cosmic light multiverses delight, as the Virgo full moon illuminates the earthly realms and our bodies shine.

 As the light intensifies a beautiful symphony of celestial sounds resonates through
us all as our kundalini life force glows.
The kundalini sparks and glows, I see so many divine beings; Rishis, Light Beings, Golden Ones through the Central Suns rejoicing and taking this opportunity to illuminate us iridescent shimmering telling us to be open and receptive for the next 5 days as a process has started.
Each day mediating on being pure light seeing it glowing from inside out...
What lead us to be caught in death and decay can now be fully embraced and dissolved.
The star Corus comes through the mire to allow the
transformation to occur, like old skins falling away.
It's not about the wrinkles and other signs of aging, but about the illumination from the soft inner glow regardless if in male or female body the loving Goddess within can glow under the old worn matrix of death and decay.
 It's time to play in the fields of star light in the higher dimensional star system, blessed be the flow, for we are light and creation resonates to our higher dimensional star glow.
The Goddess speaks of a time now that we can embrace our Light Body more fully in order to take ourselves beyond the mortal fears that have bound us to the illusion.
Aware of your own Goddess self, allow and embrace her as she filters through your cells and bodies.
The Rishis and Light Beings are with us, holding the beam to allow us to glow more fully, feeling, knowing, sensing our Light at a physical level, and for the next 5 days if we choose to go deeper with this connection as the star Corus illuminates us from within, now that we have made the connection.

If you feel guided I have mp3s on Light Body Activations; the 5 light Bodies, the Diamond Light Body, the Star Light Body
the books Light Code Activations
and Diamond Light matrix
and Earth Star essences of the Diamond and iridescence Light Body’s.


Kristy; As always Soluntra, thank you for your be-ingness and wisdom. I am loving that feminine glow.
Sally; Heart, heart, heart. Thank you, Soluntra for this amazing contribution to our lives and expansion. I am so grateful. <3
Dee; Special hugs to special you! Deexx
Leigh; Thank you Soluntra???? I felt a strong connection with you and then everyone else appeared as glowing starlights. The Light Beings around me were amazing and felt them doing some energetic work in and around my body. Thanks again Soluntra for showing us the way and holding this beautiful space ????????????????????????
Fiona; we lit torches all around the lodge and requested that the negative energy leave.. altogether 10 of us, was very powerful..this morning lights were still burning and today soft rain finishes the cleaning !
 Abbey; Loving gratitude always
bbey; Loving gratitude always ????????????????????
Long; Thank you so much!! What an amazing experience. ????????????????
Geoff; Thank you so much Soluntra. ❤️????
Lisa; Experiences of deeper illumination, clearer sight & psychic abilities expanding, cosmic body expansion, deeper grounding & anchoring, deeper connection to teams & light beings assisting & experiencing deep serene, calmness <3 <3 <3
TaRa; Such Beauty, Love and Radiance. I am open and so very happy for such Divine Gifts. Thank you so very much xxxxxx
Marie; TY. Wonderful advice. The moon last night was very clear And powerful. Thanking you in love xxxxxo
Ajara; Thank you so much Soluntra, for guiding us to such Blessings! ????????????
Annabella; OMG so beautiful Soluntra!! Yes seeing and feeling this stuff too.. so exciting!????????????????????????????????????????
Birgitta; Thank you Soluntra ...I think I fell asleep but I had decided to be with you and I woke up and felt like a beam of light going true me and down into the was very powerful....<3 <3 <3
Bev; Thank you dear Soluntra???????????? Beautiful meditation. Connected to star maps & then fell asleep for several hours. ???????????? xxoo
Sara; Very powerful on all levels. Thank you so much xxx ????
I see myself as a tall white candle with glowing, steady flame and a golden rose shaped base. It’s as though near nighttime and darkness outside where I stand as this candle, with mountains and tall pine forests in view. Birds are still flying around in this semi darkness with awareness of elemental and nature’s activities.

Attention is shifted to the stars and a strong light beam pinpoints and illuminates the golden rose at the candle base. The beam widens and fans up the candle and then circuits around the group. We are all candles, standing and shining our steady flames.. The beam has a rose quality, hue and radiance is of its essence. It brings this essence to each of us. Feeling intense heat up my back, then across my shoulders and back of neck. My forehead is perspiring. I sense an anchoring of essence into the gold base of our candles and deeper penetration still, into the earth beneath us, leaving my feet tingling as this processes.

My inner being now has a rose coloured hue with gold flecks which are alive and shoot through like little short golden wires.

Radiance imbibed with sweetness (of life)’.
Jasiraah; Felt into the Cosmic spine

Elongated spine up through to Corus and all that is....

I have been walking with the whale discs and spine the last few weeks and prior, sensing the 144 crystal diamond DNA. Birthing all within ???? All is in divine light alignment...Thank you goddess ????????✨

And a big be earth day hug

Rachel;Thank you dear one as always for your beautiful work ????

MARCH 9/10 

WITH THE STAR FROM TUNNAS The star system of infinite possibilities beyond duality and through the Galactic Centre interface and the Galactic Centre of Andromeda.
This star is in the Andromedan Galaxy.

THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS  EEEESSOL ……Rewires the matrix of the duality worlds into synchronistic alignment with your soul at the levels of the Gold Light Body and infinite possibilities unfold for you. This is the doorway that takes you out of the whole Earth story as you have now completed the Earth dance.
Your being assists others to be Earth Star walkers and move beyond the illusion.

After connecting to everyone I was instantly guided to connect to Andromeda and into the centre of its galaxy through my heart. When out pops an Andromedan aspect of myself that says it is going to tell me about my body. “Your body has been working in higher energies for so long but it has not been able to adjust fully as you still need to operate in the physical. So you have two separate bodies, the one for purely physical work that is releasing all the time and the clearing of the carbon based structures, as the crystalline diamond star light body has been awakening more fully. Now this has created some pain and stress in the physical body that keeps trying to release all the old energies but only knows how to do it one way through elimination but now see it releasing with ease and joy from your other holes in your body gently peacefully and taking the pressure off the rectum. As this happens I see both bodies merge one body of light. (I know there are a few others that have been having fun with this as well, and it may be relevant to you, so I left it in here.)

Then I go deeper into the galactic centre of Andromeda and to a council meeting with plans of holographic layers of light that are creating the new fabric of creation. That's not possible fully unless we do our inner unification and our bodies are holding enough light.
I get told to the level of the Gold Light Body is required; some are way beyond this, many not there yet but with the other shifts occurring this is becoming more attainable to many. The whole earth story is not known in all its detail but one thing is; that it was hijacked and as we know we have been held in suspension with the duality matrix playing out in the extreme, and for most of humanity asleep to the fact of such full on programming that even the thought of alternatives is not there so fixated on the dramas and so traumatised to not even know it.
With Eeeessol beaming to us it creates a doorway through the illusion that facilitates change in the wiring of the entrapment to allow the divine spark within all to awaken to their golden self, Gold Light Body where we know who we are, and that we are holding the Living Library of Light at the level of the Central Sun and creation as we know it is illuminated through our goddess god selves.

 I look out into the world and see a cracking in the matrix and it starts to disintegrate and vanish. Then I get a sense of an inner question; ‘what do we do now?’ Then I see through the doorway that is multi-d multipurpose and we step out into what looks like virgin landscape fresh and new, clean and in harmony. It's like a blank canvas that it's up to us to paint with divine conscious and awareness of what has gone before and is no more.
For each of us to be really conscious of what we are creating.

To read more about the Gold Light Body


MARCH 17/18 NEW MOON IN PISCES 26.53 Degrees
The star system of quantum interfacing through the dimensions of the physical realms and body, transfiguring the molecules, master of your molecules through union with all creation.
    THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS   SO SAY…….Harmonious, the in breathe and out breathe, flowing with the energy of your body, solar system, galaxy, universe. As a transmitter and receiver of cosmic energies coming from other universes.
 I connect with you all and instantly feel the love and beauty and strength of our united love and being, so strong that it’s invisible to anything or one that comes from the dark side. It feels so freeing and liberating our one heart, our united love. I instantly feel us all like a water fountain flowing high into the sky so refreshing and beautiful each of us like a bright star in the night sky, a conduit between the lower realms of existence and the multi-verses.

Like we are all star-mapped in one body, a light ship that travels through worlds and dimensions effortlessly, in the stillness and now.
There are messages in light codes and Starlines flowing through, rejuvenating, aligning and attuning us more fully to our celestial state of Being.
The doorway of the New Moon in Pisces is facilitating an upgrade of our star body and we are each gifted with the star So Say flowing through our thymus chakra and gland, energising, rejuvenating and expanding our vital force, our own personal energy.
You may wish to connect to this star in your thymus whenever you feel a bit depleted or wish to strengthen your energy field.
Thank you so much dearest soul sisters and brothers in the One Heart.

Abbey; Loving gratitude always 💕💓💕
Sian; Feeling the connection as a vast space full of light.....flowing thru/within/above /below every particle touched by the frequency.🌟💎🌟💎🌟💎x x x x
Katherine; Thank you so much Beloved One..whole new dimensions opening to many .. now for 1st time
Marie; TY. Indeed. Blessingsxxx
Nadine; I feel the flow of interconnectivity and I am more open to other people's awareness -seemingly more centered in my own- thus opening up to new possibilities and joint forces. My massage-healings were looked after which might be connected to an increase...See More
Long; Thank you so much. We are so blessed. I took this picture a few hours after the link up. 💓💓🙏
Sara; Wonderful shower and waves of light, fusing and harmonious. Very gentle and healing. Beautiful, thank you so much xxx
Birgitta; I did a ritual at my sacred medicinwheel just before and there was so much love everywhere..and I took two oshocards before too and there was the same ..Celebration....and a whalespirit came in the ceremoni with a messiage to all..... when your heart is open are Home... <3 <3 <3
Fiona; making healing food sin my lovelab!
IS Donna; thinking of you all connected and sending so much LOVE X

MARCH 20th /21st    

AUST EST 4.15am 21st      GMT/UTC 4.14pm March 20th
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.

The star system of doorways through the un-manifest universes.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS  KUN AB……Light is created from this star that shines through the doorways, as the union of the un-manifest and form bring about a confluence of star births to seed the lower planes of existence.


For the link up myself and the group of radiant Light beams I had with me at Bunya Mountains, Queensland Australia we had been preparing for three days in the sacred landscape. As well as for months before with atunements with each member, and we had worked together on the inner planes a month before also.
When we meet on the 18th March star mapping ourselves with the New Solar System stars, and from the stillness within a very high vibrational multi-d aspect of ourselves had come through for this mission.
Connecting with a beautiful diamond in the landscape there, which was waiting for the event for aeons of time and the New Sun codes coming through.  Working with the Elementals who also moved into higher dimensions as we are all doing.
We needed to also be in the Southern Cross Starmap through the landscape at the doorway of the new paradigm, and the new Solar Systems stars through us merged with the Southern Cross stars in the starmap. Aware of the Cosmic Egg birthing the New Earth. Connecting to the amazing Golden Topaz Skull that I had become aware of last year when the Starlines came through the Stargate at Bunya, as there is always a Crystal Skull at those anchor points.
The Crystal Skull was in the Light City inner sanctum and called us to be within it, as we connected to the New Earth Grid and a 6D Grid Point near where we lived, or where it took us of the New Earth Grid, then all the new grid points around the Earth. That are not connected to the old grids.
The actual time of the equinox and link-up was at 2.15am 21st March at Bunya and we connected at sunrise on the 20th with more preparation. (I will write all this up in detail when I get a chance as still travelling at present and not home not on a good internet connection). We also needed to be at the Stargate doorway within and without later in the day.
Then at 12.30am we meet to walk to Mt Kiangarow where the skull had called us to be, and got up to the lookout at the end of the track so fast as all our Star families were with us, Light Ships, the Elementals all part of it, so we literally flew up the hill through the beautiful bush in the dark. The cloud was starting to come in but was waiting until we had finished before it enveloped everything.
We opened up to our Star Light Body, to our joy and creative essence. To ourselves through the Greater Central Sun with awareness and linking in to the crystalline, Light, solar grids, pyramids and standing stones worldwide. Aware of ourselves in our higher dimensional aspects with the Elementals, holding the New Sun codes, being the Stargate, the unifier of the un-manifest and manifest realms. Star mapped through the new Solar System stars.
Then we linked in with everyone else in the one heart; all of you consciously linked, as well as all those with open hearts worldwide.
 With the star from Memsat, the star system of doorways through the un-manifest universes. The star Kun Ab; Light is created from this star that shines through the doorways, as the union of the un-manifest and form bring about a confluence of star births to seed the lower planes of existence.
The star was illuminating so brightly and came through us and into the skull where we were, then all the crystal skulls worldwide, as they resonated and glowed. All of us present in the link-up and the group physically present beautiful conduits, as this unfolded and the New Earth Grid was anchored. It was so beautiful words are hard to describe, so vast and huge in the scheme of things. We witnessed the birthing as we were all glowing from inside out.
Through the mist and cloud the Southern Cross showed itself three times to let us know as a sign in the heavens that we had truly moved through into the new paradigm with the New Earth Grid now anchored worldwide.
Later after some time being there with the incredible resonance and love, the peace and inner glow. As we got ready to leave I got up to pick up my folded sarong I had put on a rock to sit on, a black snake had been sitting with me, unbeknown to me, as I picked up my sarong it slithered off down the side of the rock. Also wishing to be present in the incredible energies the symbol of transformation and also the kundalini life force energy.
Thank you so much dearest soul sisters and brothers in the One Heart.
We would all love to read what you experienced please put in the comments.

For More on the Star Light Body

Erin; Ohhhh a snake!!
Abbey; Loving gratitude always 💓
Long; Amazing! Have a safe trip home! 💗💗💗
Birgitta; Gratitude <3 i did a ritual at the sacred medicinwheel and a white Dragon came.....Love <3 <3 <3
Ajara; Thank you so much, Soluntra for the connection with the Crystal Skulls!🏵 I felt to imagine myself standing in the Carlo Sandblow! I actually got the time wrong, thought it was 2:15 pm instead of am! So when I realised my mistake, I worked with the intention of being in the unified field, where all time is now! It was wonderful! Lots of love & gratitude! 💜💛💚
Sara; Thank you so much for all the beautiful work xxx
Anjana; Thank you dearest Soluntra. Blessings.Bea Martin Fabulous news :D We've linked up with you along the songlines and the crystalline grids. Last night we were at a gathering of a humongous conclave of crystal skulls! Wonderful sense of reconnection with so many different soul pods this week. Also finding doing the Star Light Body process regularly immensely helpful in navigating these times. Many thanks 😘💖
Ky'lama; Amazing field of Light Resonance opening through the Universal Star Gates. Such profound light through the crystalline grid. Thank you Soluntra King

Tanja; Cosmic Love, Dear EarthStar Family ❤ such a Joy when we Gather 🍃🍃

Fiona Mcloughlin Yes, yes Soluntra..I am reading this post after driving from Christchurch to Te Anau (virtually non-stop) with ease, enjoyment wonder at the beauty and I felt the flow all they way!!! I was wondering how I never felt tired as I used to :)

Soluntra; Dear Fiona awesome!!!!!!!

Fiona; really significant difference!!

Christine; 💞 Stunning 💞

Leigh; Thank you Soluntra 💖🙏🌈 for everything 😘😍. Feeling the peace and ease and flow within the New Earth Grid.💫💞💖

Soluntra; aren't we blessed, its so awesome xxxxx

Anjana; Thank you beautiful SiStar for the fantastic work you are doing for Mother Earth and all of us. So Grateful. Blessed are thou.

TaRa; Such blessings!!! I feel immensely grateful, humbled and so honoured. Thank you thank you dearest Soluntra and Star family xxxx

Ajara; Thank you Soluntra & all the family of light who worked to bring in & anchor, the New Earth Grid! Love & gratitude to you all! 🌞💜🌿🏵

Adam; Thank you beautiful Soluntra, deeply grateful to be part of it with all the other beautiful souls, love Adam

Mary; Thank you Soluntra Wonderful.🙂

Geoff; Profound gratitude dear Soluntra. 🙏🙏❤️❤️☺️☺️☺️

Abbey; Loving gratitude always 💕💓💕

Swapna; Beautiful 🌷🌷🌷

Tim;Nice feeling!!
Annabella; Love and Blessings to all of you and us joining our hearts as one for this incredible galactic activation and transformation!🙏👏🚀🌏👍💕💖🐬💖🌈🦋Catherine; Gorgeous work beautiful xxxx
Birgitta Serafima Lindstrand Thank you Soluntra.... Today i took a picture of waterbubbles as I have done before but today they are multicoloured without the is realy a shift....<3 <3 <3

Soluntra; yes everything has shifted so amazing and such joy xxxxx
Aditya; Wowsome photos, thank u Soluntra
Catherine; So much joy! xxxx

WITH THE STAR FROM HIMLUK Star system; like Gold is to the Earth Himluk is to the New Star System, holding the fabric of the stars together.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS   LEKEAST……Centering you through all worlds.

After connecting to everyone I am aware of the excitement and joy of the New Earth Grid the Inner Earth Beings, Devas, Elementals are so happy and very busy with the star coming through, the star fabric is through the Earth, the gold glowing through the golden solar discs. Earthstar, Starearth as the Earth is a
Stargate, so are we. Centring through all world's as this happens it's so connected in divine essence and the power of love, the old paradigm programs start to fall away the world's centring means there is no room for anything not of divine essence, focus on the strength of your inner light.
There are beautiful beings everywhere, Angelics, ones of Light, Devic, Fairy, Golden Beings through the Greater Central Suns, like everyone has come in. There are mega formations of Light Ships, Star Beings, it’s so thick with beings but because they exist in so many dimensions they are all easily accommodated with space and they seem so interested, and invested at what is unfolding here on Earth.
They say they are so happy that we are opening up to our sovereignty now and are here to support us to exist in the inner realms of pure light and that our origins of creation is more easily accessed to us. Of course for many of us we know who we are, but there is an energy field now created from our love and link-ups that is making this more possible for us to all to exist in our higher dimensional selves and Earth.
They exist in celestial sounds and lights that resonate so beautifully and there are codings coming through for us all to support us in our transition and transformation.
Lekeast (the star coming through) centres us through all worlds, the peace and love of our union with the higher realms of our selves is here now for as many as choose to be open to their divine essence.
I am so grateful for these 3 sets of link-ups and can see the beautiful of how they have been and still are orchestrated as part of the service to bring into embodiment our multi-self and multi-d Earth here now.
Thank you dearest dedicated beam holders for your amazing service in love to create heaven on earth for everyone (who chooses).

Jacqueline; I instantly felt myself as the Void with multiple stars within my Celestial body as I read these words. Super activated with these types of activations happening with this full moon🌠💫🌀Ajara McDouall It was wonderful, Soluntra! ✨

I felt/saw the Gold & felt great joy at the centring of myself through all worlds...& all worlds being centred through me, in my Earth/Twin Sun/Moon & planetary body, as I was working with all of those beautiful beings & the Sources within them...their help made it very powerful! Feeling that some of the gold, previously stolen from the Earth, was being "replaced", with the help of the visualisation through Himluk! 💛🌞🌎

Mukesh; One in Love ~ Lots of Love n Hugs.

Joan; Thank you for all you post it is divine Blessings Joan Curson

Sara; Beautiful link in with all; thank you so much xx
Pale blue and white flames like DNA helix, swirling upwards and then the words ‘Origins of systems’. Then swirls of emerald upward meet the blue flames and gold above my head as though being blown by air above, causing the gold flames to follow the current of air. Then see a diamond shape above my head; orange rim with yellow centre with an opening. Inside is a brilliant white star shape of light and as I go in a high pitched tone is everywhere. I sense myself travelling along a circular type corridor and then stop, suspended in nothingness. I sense beings who seem quite short, with long heads, easily a third to half their total body height. ‘We make music in our sphere’. Music comes around and I see lots of colours as though there is no distinction between colour and sound. The music lightens my light body and I see my inner being infused with pale blue light and they say they cannot give more as it would be difficult to settle (on earth) again. At this point my being is horizontal and apparently weightless.

‘We send you with these (for us all). They look like codes which are a mix between a flute edge beer bottle top and a long petal type daisy and metallic in appearance. Was told they were to assist with regeneration back to our truer nature. Was told that they liked the (link in) groups music. Was then shown the codes floating around the group.

The star system of Joy of life, in the multi-prismed experience of source.

THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS  WAN TIUMBA…..The direction of the soul is guided by the inner light, completion of duality is not even a quest, it is done.

The full moon above me rainbow colours beaming through before the cloud engulfed it.

Again as with the Good Friday link up all the divine beings with us. Our link ups have created a grid of love so strong and we are all embraced by them through the grid as the rainbow lights of the 13 rays
illuminate us.
Aware that we are in the Council of Light and as we own our divinity and move beyond duality, it allows us to come from the point of oneness, and the games that we have played for so long have no more hold over us. We ascend on mass...
I then remember we are at the Christ full moon coming into Easter Sunday and the ascension as he/we move beyond the whole idea of sacrifice and look at ourselves differently.
Seeing that we have always been whole, healed, aware, radiant we change the template and see with eyes of love ourselves as always who we truly are.
Many of us know this already but it's integrated within us now collectively as the Template of Love and wholeness.
We didn't come into density and forget, we came to accept and love density and so transcend it.
The Councils of Light and all the star/light beings are rejoicing with us.
We are home…
Please comment on your experiences.

 To read about the 13 rays of the rainbow 

Annie Alexander Wow thank you ....blessings and love 💕🌈🌟💜🌈

Linda Adalina Aronsen Dear Soluntra King, thank you so much. 💎💎 I wonder, this Star, Do you see any Color? And Just a week ago, a new Portal was opened. This is the source code to embody Neutrality big way! Not to be effected by the collective disharmony so to speak. Everything is pure white, as a symbol for Neutrality. And yesterday I saw another Portal approaching. The color is beautiful Golden Yellow, like the Sun. But I am not sure yet what it is. But it seems powerful. Any comments? Thank you

🙏🏻💎💎🙏🏻 Love&Light - Linda Adalina

Carlos; Thank you very much beautiful soul 💗

Sian; Helloooo soluntra I sat and connected back to the energy from 29th/30th and as I was doing this I didnt realise till your message that I was also connecting to the now link up💛💛💛The centre of my body was buzzing with the energy and then my heart began with palpitations...I felt the expanded heart group and became Galactic/star/Gaia/inner earth ONEness🌏 Thankyou soooo much love from my heart to yours x x

Catherine; Totally gorgeous. From the Himalayas to you with love. Xxx full moon rising is glorious. X

Birgitta; Thank you all this was such a beautiful experience of joy, joy whole being was filled with joyyyyyyyyyy.... <3 <3 <3

Bea; We stopped off at a motorway services to do the linkup! Phew, it was powerful linking up with you all. Shower upon shower of intense golden light showering us. Felt so peaceful & hopeful after. Thank you 😘💖

Carol; Oh so lovely❤️

Jacqueline; I felt so much loving energy surging through me. Gentle release and higher utilization of force and mind
Abbey; Loving gratitude always 💕💓💕

TaRa; And so It Is. It Is Done...Wow thank you Beautiful Beautiful One xxxxxx

...Felt/feeling incredible Joy and Freedom!! And all the Divine Beings and Mother Earth so joyous!!! Xoxo

Chandana; Connected .....and felt lot of buzzing at solar plexus chakra and the back heart chakra. Thanks for sharing this info. Loadsa love <3

Ajara; Thank you Soluntra...such joy of Oneness! 💜🌞🌸

Geoff; 🙏🙏Thank you Soluntra❤️
Sara: ‘Radiant joy greets you this day as we ascend into Mother Earths shift in time and space. Radiant lights that you all are, rejoicing from your hearts space into the becoming ( all handed lit candles). We light the nights sky with your lights as your star glows brightly. This much you cannot see, but you will my friends’.

I see open windows with rainbows in the clear blue sky.

‘In transit you shall find your pots of gold. We awaken further too and recognise your part in this for as you transit, so do we. Congratulations and great joy comes as your steps become strides. Lions taking courage and standing united across the globe. We offer our great support for this endeavour and assistance in all ways. We are much in awe of the work you do for the good of all. Honour your journey for it is a grand one’.

We are then all handed a fine, highly polished wooden (of the Earth) sword (looks like Oak colouring), encoded from the stars and with a long ‘signature’ (attached drawing on the blade.

APRIL 13/14th     11TH LINK UP
The star system of Creator Gods who are male but asexual and cloned. Their involvement now in the new solar system is to create doorways that can be opened easily by the evolving humans.
To take them into the inner realms, beyond myths, fairy stories
and into hyper-dimensional experiences.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS EN IX... High frequency cleanse.
The source pure love and divine light comes through to cleanse us all, beautiful energies colours sounds infuse us, it’s time to open us self fully to our embodiment and Light self, no matter how that pathway manifests for us.
It’s like we see all that we have gone though in our journey though the dimensional realms and bringing it all into merge with our physical body. We are given the opportunity to clear ourselves so fast now and so easily, awareness love, acceptance, allowing, embracing, surrendering and so transcending.
This has brought through so many Beings who are all part of us to be part of this too
So much love.


Sian; I felt and constantly had an image of mother earth🌏🌎🌍 within my vision.I was aware of the base of my spine and then bodyless..weightless..merging with everyone as the cosmos....sooo
Thankyou Soluntra Abbey Burton Loving gratitude always 💓💓💓

Sian: It was beautifull....I had images of our beautifull planet all the way thru🌍and energy flowing thru my lower back.It felt so expansive connected in love with everyone with the gifts being received Thankyouuuu 💚🌏💚🌏

Ajara; Thank you so much Soluntra, it was very special!💓
Unfortunately had to do the connection at home, due to rain...but I did hold the image & visualisation of the sandblow in my mind...& felt that I was there on the inner! I had a glorious paddle on the beach today, to complete the cleanse! 💜🌊✨

Birgitta; I had flashes of white light and love coming true...beautiful..<3

Bea: The lead up to this link up was pretty intense, clearing a lot of anger. However on the day we were with a group of healers in a beautiful space in Bath, infusing the grids with sound. Immensely profound energies touching depths of our being. Much love & gratitude, thank 

APRIL 15/16  NEW MOON IN ARIES  26.02 degrees

The star system of hopes and dreams unfolded through love and acceptance.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS ANTROVA….A running flow of liquid light plasma,
aligned to the centre of the new Galaxy merged with Andromeda.
The Andromedan Beings especially the praying mantis looking ones who are so in divine love come in, the love for all life each other is igniting the lower planes of existence into a symphony of light that glows brighter and brighter. Our hearts in the one heart opens so beautifully how can we see feel and do anything that is not of Love. the purity of Source essences flows through the centre of the new galaxy through the centre of us, the centre of our cells and the centre of the Andromdean galaxy all one. Each of us enfolded in the love we are all moving into whole new spheres of operating, in the higher frequencies of our multi-d selves all merged aligned within us.
Through to the higher galaxy and the state of telepathic connection with the unified matrix and core self in union with the creator. 

     The Andromedan transmission of awakening our new purpose and gifts. Clearing the way and opening up the deep heart connection within each of us.
We can see how our love is spreading to all the realms and in your own life how it’s affecting everyone we connect with in such a positive way.


Abbey; My thoughts exactly 💓💓💓
Ajara; So beautiful Soluntra, thank you so much! So grateful for the Andromedon beings & the Andromedan transmissions of awakening! 💜✨🌞
Maria; I saw a few stars connecting through a ray of light!
Then, with my imagination I saw people on the Earth opening their hearts. Those who are ready to start walking in a new direction!
Carlos; Thank you beautiful 💗
Lisa; I saw the merge of the two galaxies while camping at Mangatutu Hotsprings <3 I will never forget the beauty of seeing that many stars lighting up the night sky & the Andromedan's visiting in the weeks leading up to the merge <3 <3 <3 Amazing blessings <3 <3 <3
Jangchub; Thank you, dear Soluntra, so awesome magical! ❤️❤️❤️
Agneta; wow, what a wonderful special and important day today <3 <3 <3
Vikki; Within the Heart of Hunabku Open to our Ascension 🌈💕🌹
Jenny; Thank you.💖
Looking forward to the new awakening.🦄💖

NZ 12.58pm 30th   AUST EST  10.58am 30th    GMT/UTC 11.58pm 29th AMERICAS 29th
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.

The star system that aligns the cellular structures of life through the spaces of non-form
to the spaces of form.
THE STAR WE ARE OPEN TO IS MAS AB…….The structures of physical illusion that have held the realms trapped into fear is unlocked by this star that sings the voyager home to them self.

Before the linkup and exact time of the Full Moon and star illumination of Mas Ab I do my usual Wesak connection. Most people still they travel to Mt Kailash to meet with all the masters, Light Brings, and divine ones that work with humanity as well as those in human bodies. But since 2009 when the energies were transferred to Mt Titiroa and lots of missions there since I travelled to Mt Titiroa and everyone is there, it feels like a celebration so Light and joyful.

Aware that the Stargate within is opening now for many, as the Light Body is not only merging non form realms with physical but the atomic particles are expanding to bring in more light. The Stargate is placed through your Soul Light Chakra, or if you don’t have chakras or kundalini (this is my reality) then through one’s wormholes. The coordinates need to resonate with the New Earth Sun, with your main gateway; the star system or galaxy that a lot of your multi-d self operates from, and the Stargate you came through as you came into the Earth plane. As this all integrates and each is given sounds to tone.
I see everything open up and the white pearlescent Inner Earth Sun comes out of Mt Titiroa, with the DNA codes that had been stored deep within the Earth and us, and the reason for all the root imbalances many of us have been experiencing as our bodies adjust to the new frequencies and level.

The vortex that flows through all the dimensional spaces of the mountain are glowing, the New Earth Codes, the Earth sings and rejoices, the Light Beings at Titiroa, one through Mt Kailash, and Shambala in unison through the dimensional fields opens as a lotus flower would. With clarity and even deeper levels of awareness of how we are whole and radiant regardless what we are experiencing right now. There is nothing we need to cling to, or that is within us needs to cling too, it doesn’t exist…

 The Link up
As I connect to everyone I also see all the Light Beings, Masters etc. who are here at Wesak with us all in the linkup and the Star illumination of Mas Ab.
They being more unified aspects of our divine selves. I see everyone's greater selves step out to be seen, acknowledged and owned more fully.
As sound flows out from all our hearts, it's the same sound and is seen as effervescent colours in a flow that links us more fully into the divine love of Source.
As this sound and light grows it starts to shake the illusion in the lower realms and fear based junk breaks off that's been caked on us, some very physical and internal in our physical body, some more etheric, some like the ground is shaking in places of war and suffering as I hear on the inner ‘breaking away. let go’……..

I feel all our love from our link-ups and the one heart it brings the inner smile and peace to us all. We know things are changing fast for all of us now. We are all stepping it up, in our own ways.
The three sets of link-ups have created a shift in themselves not only in the collective and inner which has and is ongoing to assist humanity to be in our hearts as we create and live in the higher dimensional Earth.
But for each of us that has participated it has been the most loving and expansive experience and our heart connection and the link we have in the one heart cannot be broken.
We have created a loving grid around the Earth, star mapped through the higher dimensional solar system stars and connected to all those who link in their own ways, and are heart centred.

Thank you from my heart to yours for giving of your love and your time, your dedication to the upliftment of us all. As beautiful co-creators of Heaven on Earth.
We know it’s all Now and is happening so beautifully, the love we feel for others and receive from others is so strong so divine, expanding and connecting to all sentential beings……In the One Heart all my love.

Sara; The link ups have been so powerful. Feels like have been on many new journeys, experiencing interactions with new cosmic brothers and sisters and also how much love for one another exists across the multiverse. Deep gratitude beautiful Soluntra for your work In arranging all of this xxx
Sian; 🍃🌍🍃It felt soooo expansive sooo beautifully I connected to the group.Feeling the light vibrations flowing thru.I feel I AM my heart 🙏 💛Thankyou Soluntra 🙏lots of love x x x
Agneta; Dearest Soluntra, how wonderful and how beautiful! I feel such joy for all and especially for Mt Titiroa, she touches my heart so deeply. In her majesty she stands proudly in the most pristine landscape ever on Mother Earth. I was called back a third ...See More
Birgitta; Thank you so much dear Soluntra.... <3
Julia; Thank you beautiful Soluntra <3 Mt Titiroa is resonating strongly, my heart wide open and beating strongly <3 Joining hands and hearts at this Star Light filled time <3
Ajara; So amazing & beautiful Soluntra, thank is just wonderful! ✨🏵🌞💟
Abbey; Loving gratitude always 💓💓🐶💓💓
Jangchub Zangmo Dear Soluntra, all your words like glossy pearls! Thank you!🏵️🏵️🏵️
Susan; Happy new year sista. So lovely to tune in during my meditations over the past 24 hrs xx Strong, deep energies
Julie; The full moon over the beach at Inisheer ...Aran Islands...Ireland. Feeling truely blessed to be here for this special time. A lovely connection!
Leith; Oceans balanced,whales and dolphins,new codes.We are so blessed.Thank you.
Dee; Soluntra you are so inspiring and give such incredible information. Thank you. Deexxxx
Hugo; Soluntra King Sended perfect Phi Golden Section - Earthgrid( cfr )correlations Titiroa for Your further eventual qualifications on Your FB messaging facility
TaRa; So Completely Beautiful...all of it...on all levels...I thank you with all my heart Dearest Soluntra and Everyone. All my love xxxxxx
Leigh; I wasnt able to connect at that time but connected the next day. I felt an overwhelming connection of love with you all and everything within and without. Feeling so blessed. Thank you 🙏💫💖
Bea; Such a clear vision of the Wesak Valley, could feel us all there, very potent beautiful energies. Feeling very grateful for the Star Light Body meditation! Thank you so much for this information and service. Much love 💖💖



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Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroa transfer

If you didn’t do the first or second Planetary Link-Ups and feel you would like to experience them please do the connecting and then read what unfolded at each and link in and allow.
There is no time or space. We are one with all that is.
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Photos by Soluntra of the eclipse Feb 1st 2018

The artwork logo for this link up by Soluntra King is the mandala of “Embodiment of Higher Dimensional Aspects, Andromedan Doorway” from the ‘Inner Pathways” mandala set.
 And the paintings of the “Higher Dimensional Solar System” and ‘Light Being at Mukinath” by Soluntra King