by Soluntra King

The New Years eve Lunar Eclipse link-up brought in a great cleansing vortex of energy that is still being felt and clearing away the old energies. On a personal level clearing away people and attitudes, ways of living and being that are not appropriate for the new you, the real you. The energies were so beautiful on the evening and we also had the merging of the Golden Solar Discs with the Silver Lunar Discs, so much happening on the inner planes with clearing, transforming, integration and preparing the way for the Solar Eclipse that we had on Friday 15th January. You might wonder why I am writing this so many days after the event but it is still happening and with all the codings I received it was not until Monday 18th when I went to the light house at the place of first light, East Cape, North Island New Zealand, that I was downloaded with much more. In my cosmic events I had written of a gift being given to each of you so I trust you were open to receive it, and if not its still there for you. You might understand more once you read on.

At the actual time of the eclipse as I linked with the golden beings through the Greater Central Sun and a soul sister in Hong Kong and Israel there were Dragons flying in from everywhere and my soul sister in China telling me on the inner that the cycle has finished and we are being re-directed elsewhere, my soul sister in Israel pointing to the sunrise, the new dawn, new day. I was told on the inner ‘we are all being rearranged (this has been happening for along time now but its intensifying), the eclipse is heralding the new energies and tonight when you sleep be open to the codes, you are being downloaded’. (This is still happening even though we are after the actual eclipse time).
The Dragons were carrying eggs in their claws and they are for the New Earth, they came from the parallel world, higher dimension of the New Earth and they have come in now to gift them to us for preparation into the new way. As I watched the Sun come up in Israel on the inner I was told a new birthing is taking place there, the old guard is going now, it cannot sustain anymore. Then in China I saw a river running yellow with lots of muck carrying all the toxins and waste and was told the old ways from the ancient times have been forgotten and the newer ways are like toxic overlays of what was once emerald green crystal clear light, the wisdom of the ages has been replaced with greed. This too is being removed; those who are power hungry and greedy will be washed clean. As I looked around New Zealand I saw sparkling waters and dolphins jumping all around and in Hawaii the great diamond in the centre of the Great Central Starmap glowing. The Dragons buried the eggs in mountain tops, valleys, under the oceans and in the volcanoes; they will be ready soon for the bridging of old to new and integrating the New Earth codes.
This Solar Eclipse has given us the opportunity to walk through the doorway of our own illuminated self as we create from this space. All that you have waited for and longed for in your spiritual life and journey is coming to fruition now, it could not before as we had to work with the collective unconscious of all humanity and the timings that were best for the greatest numbers. But now with all the work that has been undertaken by our collective selves and our beautiful multi-prisimed, multi-dimensional self in the Diamonds of Light that we are, our over-soul, one heart; what could not come to us before is now possible.
It has been a big journey of love of self and for many it’s been experienced on the outer world by relationships never working out. We had so much completing to do and tying up of lose ends from karmic experiences unfinished, and soul contracts made that it felt like the old record would never end. Just when we were so over our self and gave up on all the duality dance, knowing that true union is within, but for many still hoping that one could walk beside the one/those who are equal, will now it is the beginning of a new story, a cosmic story of completeness and wholeness where those that truly resonate with us and can hold the same energies and intensity of thought, emotion and physical energy can come to join us. The union is at hand on the lower realms now as we have cleared the way.
Also the longing for a place to belong, really belong, not just a place you love to do your mission and live, or you love the place but do not resonate with the people around, or you love the people around but do not resonate with the place or somehow it never quite fitted. Even though you made do and were positive about it all and felt good mostly, but still something not quite there, now the New Earth is birthing we can feel at home, the doorway is opening for a life of joy on all levels with family, soul family, friends and all in harmony with each other and with the Earth, where the creative spark that lights you from within shines out and guides your way, not only for your direction but all around you in your home, the land and community. The light shines brightly from within and we are home.
For some never enough money to even get food or shelter, yet alone the abundance to create in a beautiful way artistically, musically and in all creative pursuits, is opening too for those who held themselves back as now it is beyond the karma, the contracts, the sacrifices for family, the limitations of unworthiness and lessons of greed and poverty, and all the duality expressions are coming to an end, abundance for all if you choose. As with all the gifts that are here for us and have always been here, for some its been easier to access due to lifetimes of spiritual practise and giving, service and love, for others with lifetimes of despair and the trap of the lower astral planes. The doorway is open now more than ever before to allow us to move though and be all we are.
The energies of the Solar Eclipse have not finished yet and will actually be on going until the full Solar Eclipse of 11th/12th July when that cycle will have completed and a new step will be taken. This Solar Eclipse just gone is so important as it is how the Councils of Light are able to bring in the higher and new energies. It does not matter if you have only got this information now, after the eclipse as it has not grounded fully yet into lower frequencies and takes awhile to integrate.

On Monday 18th January on my way to the light house I started talking in light language and immediately was in a light ship with the Galactic Federation and beings from other universes like a Confederation of Universes meeting, some of them very unusual looking through earth eyes but normal through galactic eyes, They told me the effects of the eclipse are still ongoing and that there will be opportunities in the next three weeks. We are being prepared as we are ambassadors of this galaxy, even though we too are the One and are from multi-universal hyper space. That our bodies are encoded with special Light that pertains to this Galaxy and for the shift that is happening when we move through the wormhole and inside out, upside down, round about all is merged in the vortex. That will do no harm to even the material plane when it is prepared in accordance with the patterns of Light through the Diamond Light Matrix.

This eclipse is the biggest shift we have had yet with light codes and that for those who are light workers and those who are open to growing and being their Light Body and being fully in the New Earth then it is important to be open as the download continues and many are and have been aware of this since the eclipses, but many are not and that being consciously open to the light encodement is necessary for it to be received.


transformationBy recognising the higher dimensional cellular structures in your body now, as we all know we are transforming from carbon to crystalline based and onto our Diamond Light Body, but what this means is that the light codes in the etheric blueprint that have lain dormant all our life and have not been activated in our body are doing so now as we need these awakenings for fully activating the DNA codes. The etheric DNA patterns of light are releasing Liquid Light Golden Plasma that is coming through from our higher dimensional aspects.

By being open to the Liquid Golden Light Plasma through your higher chakras and down through your central channel and into Earthstar chakra assists with the new divine blueprint. To be open to the Golden Liquid Light Plasma from Source in divine will and unity consciousness is the gel that activates the latent DNA.
Connect First.....see under UNITY
Achakracharts the Liquid Golden Light Plasma flows down from the outer Source and Suns and into your energy field and bodies allow it to spin; which ever way or both ways it wants too in your chakras, one by one from the highest chakra first at Cosmic Gateway down through your central channel and the Universal Gateway, Stellar Gateway, Soul Star, Crown and so on and down into the Earthstar below your feet.
You may find some chakras need it for longer than others.

Then be aware of Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up from the Inner Earth Sun up through your chakras and spinning through them up to Cosmic Gateway. (This was Silver but since the Ninth Wave Light codes came in on 9th March 2011 at the beginning of the Mayan Calendar Universal Underworld it has changed to Platinum).

Once this is done allow the flow both ways, the Golden Liquid Light Plasma down and the Platinum Liquid Light Plasma up and allow the two to merge in their own way in each the chakra as it spins, also in allowing of your own natural flow, your higher self/soul has this all in hand, so best not try and control it.
Your own inner being will tell you when and how often you need to do this, but no more than three times a day, once is really enough in a day.
If there is resistance to it then breathe into it with love and acceptance first.

See LIGHT CODE ACTIVATION book on DNA and Light Body and Chakras with extracts for more detials.
If you wish to work with these more fully the book is available in pdf download now, as well as hard copy posted.

The codings of light coming in now are to assist us to fully be our body of light and awaken our divine blueprint, when this will fully integrate is not known by me as it is an ongoing process and monitored by our higher self/oversouls and dimensional aspects as the Golden Beings through the Greater Central Sun, Galactic Federation and Masters and Angelics, the Light that we are in our unified divine state.

This process is in major exhilaration as you know and so the years of work and dedication that you have put in, is much appreciated and has assisted the collective conscious of those ready for this great event to be the Sun of our true self in your physical body, as the Earth becomes a Sun, our Sun a Central Sun and the Central Sun a Greater Central Sun, the graduation party was not possible without you, the Goddess God you are in clear Light. Thank you.

If you wish to work with these energise and the Diamond Light Body more fully then I am taking workshop/journeys at several places worldwide that are vortexes where transmissions are taking place both for your own individual growth and also bigger picture cyclic work.

For the March Equinox central North Island NZ. Early May at Tathra south coast of NSW Australia, mid June in Singapore , Iceland for June Solstice, Ireland for July Solar Eclipse please see under WORKSHOPS.

If you are not able to come to one of the workshops then I will be making MP3s and PDF downloads available once the initial work has been completed that you can access at your leisure and when you are ready in your own home. These will probably not be ready until after the actually physical experiences at the locations has completed. 

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