By Soluntra King


all artwork is from my photos, mandalas and paintings


The purpose of this journey was many fold, but working through the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun and our Sun for the completion and transmutation of the old destructive cycle. To assist with the opening of the energies of these powerful portal places for the return of the Golden Cycle, and the merging within the one heart for earth and all beings. We were working with the Councils of Light, Light cities, Light ships and Star bases.

The first stop on this journey was Easter Island where I had done much work there in `94 on the higher levels and non-physical. I was aware of part of my group soul collective, being one of the statues. The Moais or statues are of the “Gods” that were here in Lemuria, higher frequency beings from the stellar realms. Easter Island was a mountain and major temple, pyramid ceremonial and connection point. Now I returned to be physically present, and found the key Moai that was activated through a row of stone coded rocks, that activated the key for when in divine will all was operating again in their full presence, in other words the “Gods return”. The Council there also showed me when this happened the island would move and re-align and go under the sea.

I then meet the group of 17 others that had come to join the journey of the Golden Solar Discs. After Lemuria went down, at the end of the Golden Cycle, a Golden Disc that was used then to assist earth to be operating from its divine presence of love and peace, and aligned through its centre with the Sun and Central Sun was taken to Lake Titicaca. It was used by the Incas but hidden during the Spanish Conquest, humanity is not quiet ready for it to reappear yet, as Gold is still considered of great material worth but not of spirit as of yet. There are many golden discs around the planet at powerful places, some have always been active like the ones in the Himalayas and Andes, others that have been re-activated and some anchored in new places to link up the golden solar grid around the earth. These are all in the etheric at present as was the one we were working at the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca.

We meet at La Paz in Bolivia and went out to Tiwanaku, incredible ancient Lemurian site, that was at sea level and as the cataclysm happened and Lemuria went down, the Andes were formed and Tiwanaku was suddenly 4,000 metres high. As you drive across the plains to get there many Light Ships can be seen, it was and still is a base for them. We went up on top of the main Pyramid and participated in the major activation that anchored a whole new grid, the Solar Grid.

We then travelled to Copacabana on the southern, Bolivian end of Lake Titicaca, to the Solar Observatory in rock on a hill above the town. This is a doorway through the creation and prism of Lyra, through the Stargate of Antares, merging the beginning with the end into the new Now. Not all of the group were ready, but those who were stepped through the doorway. We embraced the heightened energies of our own part in the creation story, and complete with the full anchoring of the Golden Solar Disc on the Island of the Sun. We then went and lay on the Cosmic Time Clock rock that two years previous I had worked with in alignment with Divine Will and all our bodies, 3D as well aligning into Cosmic Time and Divine Will and Plan. Now as we each took a turn lying on the rock we aligned ourselves and opening the collective consciousness for all to merge in accordance with divine will. This was also part of the physical immortality journey, as we are completely aligned so we are rejuvenated, and become masters of ourself and anchor our light body complete. I was told twelve years more before the collective consciousness is expanded enough to bring this into reality for all.

Then we travelled by boat out to the Island of the Moon on the Lake Titicaca that is more like a huge ocean. Here was were the destruction of the Goddess energy needed to be healed and transmuted. This was the end of that cycle, with the male energies becoming dominant. The boat man tried to stop us getting on to the island to the site we needed to be at. But it was now time to merge and heal all without judgement, or holding on to any more pain. As the Goddess is now within us once more merged with the God. Compassion, softness, love, healing and abundance now integrated within us.

Then to the Island of the Sun for several days as we worked with the Council of the An a ta ra, the Council of Twelve, as the Golden Solar Disc was fully anchored, at the place where the Light Beings came in after the end of the last cycle. The old memories of destruction from the nuclear holocaust that happened there, and the ET’s who were still running that story was merged with all their agreement. As the energy was transmuted for us all to walk together into the new cycle of creation, together in love.

We then travelled to the northern end of the lake and inland to Sillistani, ancient Pleiadian base. The energy in Peru is pretty heavy, and around this part extra so, but we were told to not focus on that it, was none of our business. It was the stellar energies that needed transmuting and embracing. As we are awakening more and many of us have cleared our karma with others and the earth, now we are clearing all of our multi-dimensional selves on the other planes and dimensions.

The energy at Sillistani which is a so called Inca site was very intense, and each of us a part of it. A great battle had taken place between the childlike Pleiadians in their power plays, with the ultimate destruction that always follows. The rivers of blood were still flowing on the other levels and it was time to heal and transmute this energy. A great storm blew in as we made our way out to this site, but not bad enough to stop us. The energy was so on as the build up had been in dreams and clearing for days before coming. Suddenly those that could make it, or were meant to be there, were present as the energies were transmuted on all levels. The fabric of Light that had once been held here was re-anchored and the place felt great, there were connections with those at home who were part of this story as well, and went through great clearing and integration at that exact time.

It was then across the Andes by train to Cusco, the umbilical cord of earth according to the myth of the two light beings that came through the island of the Sun and Moon, and placed a golden rod here. At Cusco we went to the Temple of the Sun where the Golden Solar Disc had been used, again integrating the old destruction as the divine energies merged to heal the wound of the conquest. With total understanding of its higher purpose in anchoring the Christ within. No longer the need to worship the Sun without but the Sun or Christ within. At Suscsayhuamen we visited the Sun Temple then up to the Inca Kings Seat, a hill of divine rock codings in the centre of the site. The Crystal Planet is connected here and a doorway was opened through its connection to the gridpoint there, and the crystal generator under the rock. The next day it was the Full Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra, we go to Tambo Macay outside Cusco, a sacred site with a major waterway coming out of the hill. At the top of the hill in the rocks we give our offerings to the Goddess and the moon and Earth. Align through the Silver Disc within, and the silver rays of the moon, through the heart and into the cavern of water beneath us, through rays of cosmic energy as it pulsed out through the subterranean streams and rivers, and to those on the surface and ocean. The Goddess guardians were also activated again as their energy radiates through the earth, water, air and fire to awaken our inter-connectedness with all that is. That night we returned to Suscsayhuamen to the Moon temple for a full moon meditation to open up to the new time spiral with clear intentions for the new creation. A processional of Light Beings came with us on our walk to the temple and in all our ceremony, the energy was very high and we felt the blessing.

Next up the sacred valley of the Incas to Pisca where there is a huge site. We were guided up to a high little temple, the Star Temple, away from the main site, and moved through the doorway of Orion and to the 11th dimension, the energies and beings there, as that energy was anchored into the earth. The light spread out through the crystalline grid to become activated in its own time out through the lower dimensions. Then we went to Ollantaytambo with the doorway rock into AN, the light city and civilisation that was here in another cycle now moved beyond the veil where all cultures that use the Sun and Moon are seeded from. The veil is now dissolving as the worlds and cycles merge, many of us are from there and here to complete the cosmic dance of the sun and moon. This is also the doorway that we draw back all our fragments through the heart. The Light Beings also used to come here to initiate people from all over the world in past times.

The next day we journeyed up to Moray, high up on a plateau with mountains all around. Down in the valley were great circles of stone and earth terraces, going into a centre deep into the earth. These terraces were used to grow new plants that were brought in extraterrestrial and adapted for use on earth. There were several of these circles, one was an Out Lane that I had experienced before. As an incredible portal that physically can transmute our bodies and travel to other worlds. But the In Lane was where we had to be, as we connected through our merkabah and the Light ship above and Light Beings, spirals of rainbow lights were being channelled in, opening us up to a whole new circuitry and anchoring into the etheric blueprint the new creation.

It was now time to go to Macchu Picchu, when I was here two years previous, the energies had been very heavy and a great battle of Light and Dark had taken place, now two years later there was no where near the duality play. This whole journey had showed me how much we had now all moved into oneness and love. The unity through the grids and our collective consciousness was now strong. Soul Star Chakra was fully anchored through a major attunement and link-up through the Pleiadian sun rock and stellar sacred geometry at the site, through the guardians placed around the site. A great Light Ship and Council of Light with us and as all was connected the worlds, as well as our multi-dimensional selves merged, the underworld beings were also free to move. This showed how humanity and the collective were now ready to weave the fabric of their Light Bodies and merge with their I am’s.

Some of the group thought they had now completed the journey with this major anchoring, which was not the case, but lead to the fact that only one took the final initiation. So we headed for Lima and the site of Pachamac with its pyramids of Sun. The energy was completely fragmented, a Sirian star base imploded, and a splinted solar disc, as we worked through the Greater Central Sun and brought in the different levels of Light Body through ourselves and this place the Solar Disc became unified.

Then up to Trujillo on the northern Pacific coast and to the pyramids of the Sun and Moon. At the Sun pyramid we aligned with Andromeda through the eight peopled, eight pointed star, and the Andromedan energies were anchored, that had waited aeons for this time. At the Moon pyramid we were given the gift of being in a rejuvenation chamber. Then on to Chiclayo and the site of Sipan, the final initiation. The energies had become very fragmented in the group and I was guided not to worry about holding it together anymore, but just to do the work and focus on that. I had told everyone that we were to do work there, this was a pyramid and burial site with the ruler and entourage found buried with all the embellishments. The energies here were old Orion, the accumulation of the old story of fragmentation and separation. As we entered the site the group felt it alright, some complaining as to why they had even come, some refusing to go in, I knew then we couldn’t do the final journey together. A feeling of disappointment and sadness came up, but higher self told me that we are always given other opportunities. I climbed alone to the spot on one of the crumbling pyramids and as I attuned went into the underworld. I have experienced this before, and you can only go through the underworld and get out if aligned and one with God, no judgement but in oneness and love. As I came out the other side beautiful prisms of emerald diamonds were there as gifts. I felt the presence of another that had also come through, and turned and saw the tour operator who had created a great deal of discomfort to the group through his constant mismanagement of the 3D side of things, that were always remedied. But to some the buttons that were pressed brought only blame, with no embracing in acceptance. He was their great teacher, but they couldn’t see it. I asked him what guided him to come, he said he just intuitively knew to come where he stood, and that he was thinking of what I had spoken to him of unconditional Love and Acceptance of all!


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