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     Before going to Mexico i was in USA briefly then had 5 weeks in Mexico over the Lunar Eclipse June 3rd, Venus Transit 5th June and the June Solstice. Below is a brief bit re USA then 2 days at Calakmul, on the border with Guatemala, Yucatan Peninsular,  Mexico, the Golden Sphere at Calakmul is something that can help you to heal yourself, read on.

     I almost disappeared in a sand storm at Lake Pyramid, Nevada USA for the Solar Eclipse 20th May that was aligned with the Central Sun Alycone. I was invited to take workshops at the Synopsis Gathering there for the eclipse which we viewed on the most still and beautiful sunny day of the actual eclipse. But before that it had been pretty windy, cold and dusty. The gathering was created in the desert at the lake as it was the path of the eclipse and there were 9000 people who came. With amazing stages and incredible musicians who came from all over the world. Wonderful workshop and seminar facilitators and spectacular art and stages that almost got completely destroyed a few days before the start of the gathering with 80 mile dust storm winds. 

    Those who were there for it told me they thought they were going to die and even a food vendor truck got lifted up off the ground. Most of the stages and domes were destroyed so it had to be recreated again very fast. I arrived at the start of the gathering in 40 mile dust storm and after long haul flight I was amused by what I had arrived into as the beautiful souls there helped me put my tent up and anchor it with eight great big rocks. Needless to say I had an amazing time at the lake which was a light city with golden solar and silver disc. I then went to Mt Shasta to see friends and to Crater Lake in Oregon which was such an incredible vortex and Greater Central Sun anchor point.
    I then went to Mexico and had a group of seven beautiful souls with me for the Lunar Eclipse at Tepotzlan south of Mexico City and a very multi-d place and pyramid. We were at Monte Alban at Oaxaca for the Venus Transit that was so awesome and heart opening and the Solstice at Becan, Calakmul and other amazing sites in the jungle on the border with Guatemala. I had another two weeks on my own in the Yucatan and back at Teotihuacán getting downloaded even more if that’s possible, and having such wonderful light experiences at those amazing pyramids.

    I will get round to writing it all up, 60 A4 pages in my diary but just want to share with you now the two days that we were at Calakmul, huge pyramid site that the Mayan Government say they have information about the Mayan Calendar and the extraterrestrial links. They are supposed to be releasing this information for humanity this year.

     We were there for the two days just before the Solstice, for the exact time of the Solstice we were at the top of the pyramid of the Sun at Becan the place I had had my initiation in 1995.

      We had to drive for two hours to get to the site of Calakmul from our hotel at Xpuhil and most of that was down a narrow road with trees over hanging and all over the road. I had warned everyone about the mosquitos as I had been there the same time in 2008 and they had been thick. This time they were bad but not so horrendous and when we spoke to the Deva of the mosquitos and loved them they mostly left us alone. That was necessary as my natural insect repellent did not really work and I did not want to use chemicals all over my skin.
jaguartemcalakmul     The first place we were guided to was the Jaguar Temple and we went to the top next to the great stele, I knew this was a Light Ship doorway and place of merging worlds with a great Light City through the landscape. I got everyone to choose from bits of paper with multi-d aspects on them what their aspect was for the work here. There were lots of different aspects and I asked everyone to put their aspect back into the hat and then onto the next one to choose so everyone had a chance at all aspects. Of course they were all appropriate and we had an Angel, a High Priestess/Priest, Earth/Star Walker, Serpent Wo/man, Shaman, Fairy Queen/King, Code Keeper and I choose the Gate Keeper. As we connected and the doorway opened, the Lightship was not the usual Galactic Federation kind but one from the Galactic Core and future Earth. Ten thousand years into the so called future, really just a higher dimensional realm where we had come from to be of service now, as our past needed healing and balancing. As we went through the doorway we collected light codes from our so called future selves and brought them through into our lives now for our service work. In whatever form that took and to assist humanity to raise their consciousness and move out of the illusion and duality dramas, that are just about at full self destruct mode. This time instead of going deeper into the fear we are moving from our love through the doorway of our heart into the Golden Cycle.

     The energy was very strong and intense and we then used the sound codes and light from the mandalas of the “Activation of DNA at dense structural levels” from my Light Code Activation book to get our body and energy field even clearer to hold the higher frequency light coming through. I guided everyone into their star and planet chakras and merging our frequency with the unified self through the universe and body all one. The stars and planets through us and our transparent selves brought in the Light City there as the worlds and dimensions merged. As this happened I not only saw it, but heard a clunk sound as they all fell into place. The energy was so high frequency I had to lie down with my head to the stele, the others were already lying down as we were being downloaded and taken through the worlds within worlds, as we lay and enjoyed the high frequency light illuminating us. Often there is not a lot of conscious awareness at the time of what is occurring but these high frequency light codes are rearranging our molecules. Aligning us through the Suns within and awakening our Divine Blueprint as we start to remember even more our own soul story, our service here with love, and the bigger picture story that we are part of and have created, and still creating as Creator Goddess/Gods.


calapysun     After we were able to move and get up we went to the base of the temple and had our picnic lunch of tortillas or tostadas with avocado, tomatoes, tuna, lettuce or whatever each person had brought with them. We needed the physical energy as we had burnt up a lot of energy with our journey through the Lightcity and dimensional worlds. We then followed the track past a small lake in the jungle, with thick jungle on the sides of the track and butterflies and small birds dancing around us until we came into the Grand Plaza. With pyramid temples at both ends, in the north is the Moon pyramid and to the south the great Pyramid of the Sun (Structure 11) with another pyramid behind it, making it into a huge double levelled pyramid. For now we were guided over to the western pyramid with its steles at the front that we connected to and then walked up the steps to the temple. Finding our spots to sit we attuned to the energies and spoke in light language about the codings that were brought from Atlantis.

    A great rod was brought here by sea with sacred codings that were held by the Atlantean’s and that came originally from the first cycle and here at Calakmul was the last time it was used. The Mayans knew how to use it but it went into the higher dimensions with them when they moved into Light. The vortex here had been and still was in the higher dimensions, an Antares doorway through the Earth from the Andromedan Galaxy, Lyra, the Pleiades and Sirius. This doorway had been used by Star Beings to incubate and acclimatise to gravity in the lower realms, to bring in the light codes for the transition.

    We then walked to the southern end of the Grand Plaza and just behind the southern temple is the great Sun pyramid, Structure 11, with doorways into the pyramid on both sides of the first level. There were men working in one of the doorways and tunnels and we were not allowed to go in. So we kept climbing up the pyramid and at the top we could see the pyramid behind it, the double pyramid even higher. With view across the tree studded Plaza to the Moon pyramid and to the east across the jungle to Structure 1, another huge pyramid that was a great dimensional doorway.



calakmul2calakmul   Sitting up the top of the pyramid we were way above the mossies with a light breeze and I guided everyone deep into their centre and through the stillness into their more unified dimensional aspects. We accessed the Pleiadians who had come here and I saw on the inner a Golden Sphere that they had been left here which was in the physical. I knew it would only be found if it was time for humanity to utilise it from love, not a government hiding it or misusing it.


   By the time we had finished it was time to walk out of the site as it was close to closing time, we had to get down the top pyramid, then its large base and through the Grand Plaza and the jungle track for some time until we could get out to the carpark.


    The next day we arrived earlier as there was still a lot to connect with and really one could spend days or weeks at Calakmul, it was so big physically and energetically. We went straight to a very small temple the next morning with beautiful stele in front of it that looked nothing compared to the great pyramids and temples with lines of stele in front of them, but I knew this temple to be a good disguise and the Golden Sphere was under it in the Earth.   
calagoldensphere      We each took turns to walk up and connect to the stele first and step through the doorway and through the stars. I saw my connection from the Source direct to Earth and my essence here in a body and the holograms I had created, and imprints I had taken on through world and dimensions. Then we enter into the temple and sat down as I guided everyone through the etheric pyramids there on the inner planes and the five levels of the pyramid for realisations and healing. Working from the denser third dimensional body and then through the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. At each level we connected to the Golden Sphere that worked through our hearts and is a beautiful gift to assist all humanity to become aware and heal. The Golden Sphere got stronger and stronger within our hearts and was placed at the vortex here at the inception of time and space on Earth. We were here on the Gemini New Moon that heralds the return of the Pleiades and is the Maori New Year. The Pleiadians had put the sphere there in the first place and here we were at the return of the stellar doorway as the Golden Sphere glowed brightly, doing its job of assisting humanity to be whole and healed.

     The energy of the sphere was buzzing through our hearts and being and it took some time before we were ready to move. You can connect to the Golden Sphere as well, it’s for all humanity to assist you to heal and unify for the great shift in cycle. To have an open heart and to move through into the higher dimensional Earth and your new life as the being you truly are, still in a physical body, as you fully integrate spirit and matter.
    We walked over the plaza to the south and sat and had lunch and refuelled again, even though we still need some food, I am sure you have noticed how much less you need now days as we are becoming lighter. Then we walked behind the great double pyramid of the Sun and along more jungle tracks to the huge pyramid to the east Structure 1. The energy at the Golden Sphere temple was pretty intense and I for one was feeling pretty tired as I was integrating like crazy. So by the time I had climbed right up to the very top of the pyramid with amazing views over to the Sun and Moon pyramids seen just above the tree tops, I had to lie down for awhile and rest. It was still not the right timing so we all had time to take in the view and rest and integrate for awhile before the next blast of light and cosmic energies.                        

    At the right timing we went down one level to the platform with a great stele on it and the energies were on again as the dimensional doorway opened. Aware of ourselves in the other dimensions and layers of creation and again just had to rest and absorb all the codings and energies, with realisations of much inner healing and letting go old patterns that was a follow on from the Golden Sphere. The doorway is open to all humanity and from this amazing site so much has been anchored from not only the Pleiadians and the Golden Sphere, but from the other star lineages from times before these pyramids were even built.


calaballcourt   It was then free time and my inner self told me to go back to the Grand Plaza and up to the Moon pyramid first to receive the energies. Then I went along a path to a beautiful smaller temple pyramid that was away from all the others, it had been calling me. So with honour and respect I climbed up it and then walked around the top and at the back of it, it opened out to a whole other world with another great plaza and pyramid temples on all sides!
     It was where I had tried to take the group earlier in the day to the Ball Court, but had been blocked as the archaeologists were investigating some temples on its way, with barbed wire all around to stop anyone entering.
    I had been lead to another way in, I could not call the others as they were all off on their own adventures and connections and it was getting close to closing time. I walked over to the Ball Court and sat in the centre in the interstellar dust cloud doorway and was told on the inner I would write more about the Galactic Centre as things are changing fast there now. I know I will be back as there is so much more to investigate. The Ball Court there had very subtle energy, at Tula outside Mexico City, the Ball Court there was very on and we did a lot of work, but this one held codes of light that were needing to be awakened now for the next step we are taking as Earth/Star Walkers in our fifth dimensional bodies and through the Galactic Core.




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