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Artwork by Soluntra 




My year will be difficult for many. Those that need to learn to let go the material world have already been getting it tough, but it will go tougher and harder for many. No one is innocent or guilty, or their karma. Those are illusionary beliefs.
What you do is crave to experience everything, many to the absolute depths of that experience, no matter how painful. Or often how many times its repeated in various timelines. Until you reach to point of no return.
You die”.

This could be a physical death, but it’s a death of everything you have carried within you on all levels and dimensions.

You surrender it all, accept leaving your body if required, and have no attachment to people, places, things.

This is what has happened for us as we birth into a whole new way of being and doing, or not doing in many cases. So much is not necessary now.

The regular 3D struggles no more, as we learn to communicate with the energies of all creation and in our immediate environment. And in our body which is matter and so energy and so Light within it. Our body is Light because its energy because its matter. We no longer distinguish matter and light as they are the same thing.

Now we operate from the higher vibrations and frequencies of energy, so the lower vibrational energy which is the third density ruled by fear no longer has any control over us. It is not like before when we were in the world but not of it. That worked well for myself I know.

But NOW we are in the world of Love, Peace, Joy, Harmony.

NOW we work in harmony with all the energies we live with. We communicate to those we have issues or difficulties problems with and the deva of each of those energies are now ready to come into harmony.

Start with your body as well as and ask any energies that are negative to you like pain, fear, a particular dis-ease, an injury or a major emotion or belief system you have been working on transcending like anger, disappointment…

Ask the deva and energy that is in you if it is completed now and ready to leave. You may see where it’s come from, or not, the energy may talk to you and tell you things about what you have learned from all the experiences of that particular energy.

You thank it from your heart for it has served you well.

Then ask it how it wishes to leave, to move into the higher dimensions and into love and oneness.

On it’s own journey in divine will and plan.

It may wish to leave physically though your mouth or other part of the body or wish you to on the inner create a doorway for it. For example, it may need a spiral to move out, or a sound or tones. The deva of this energy will tell you, be open to whatever you sense first up.

Once it’s all gone, make sure that it has, then you need to replace the empty space as it were.

Fill yourself up with the pure Love of Source from your Heart. The pure Light of Source from your Heart. Your Divine Blueprint light through every cell.

The energies in our house garden neighbourhood wish to harmonise as we open up to the higher energies of our self, everything vibrates in a harmonious way.

“This is the energy I ask for my year. The numerological 5 means change, communication, travel which is on the inner not outer at present which suits us fine in the higher dimensions. As the inner is real.

You will learn in this year all about energy and vibration for it truly is the energies of Aquarius to bring awareness of the universal flow.

For those that have not chosen harmony and love for Mother Earth and all beings then the forces of duality will battle on to the death. The dark ones will not let go and try and take down everyone and thing with them. Do not focus on that world.

Remember energy, you will now feel and sense the energy of that trying to break through to you. Depending on your boundaries and how strong your field is. You will see sense or know them as they come out you through the tv phones as they still control the media and internet. But when your field is strong, and you know who you are and that nothing can coerce you.
It’s not worth putting your energy into, as it is a dying energy.

Focus your energy on health and wholeness in body, mind and life.

Feel the energy of Joy come through you, it wants to be with you invite that in as the old clears out.

Fill yourself up with the pure Love of Source from your Heart. The pure Light of Source from your Heart. Your Divine Blueprint light through every cell.

See your world as it truly is. Beautiful and Light, see the life force the energy, the light in all things.
Remember harmony and ask, see, work at harmonising yourself with everything else.
Your energy is in harmony, peace, love.
This is the NEW EARTH we are in it and co creating it.
The rest is just the old way that no longer vibrates with where we are at. Let it go.


Please see https://helenbea.blogspot.com/ for astrology insights as ther year progresses by Helen Nicholas.

Dear friend I do not have the energy anymore to do my cosmic events, that I have done since 2001. There are plenty of others doing it nowadays, not the same as what I used to tune into admittedly but for me it’s all shifted so much. Here is an article I wrote Feb 2nd for social media and it might explain what’s happening. I will be writing more on this soon and sending out a newsletter.

Dear friends how are you travelling?
Personally, I have been really low profile as too much is happening internally. I am in NO world, from everything to NO thing.
Experiencing seems to be my way to do things to grow and learn and my experiences have always been pretty full on to make sure I get it.
Since 2014 I have experienced no chakras, since 2017 no kundalini, then the meridians dissolved, more recently no astral bodies, after the conjunction my etheric body dissolved.
None of this has been intentional or planned or even known that it was possible. But as I have always taken responsibility for my thoughts, emotions, words, actions and owned my dark, grey and light self the body gets lighter. Until now I perceive that that is all that is left, my light body which is my physical body as there is no separation.
Obviously feeling Love for all the dark, grey and light within self and all others helps to move beyond the duality realms and dark matrix.

I have even noticed this year I cannot do my cosmic events anymore. I loved tuning in and as those who know me, I am not an astrologer but would get cosmic events, in more recent years on the inner like Stargate’s within opening, but now that too has become a NO thing. I understand why as it is all integrated.

All my life I have observed how I evolve myself out of work/service at the different levels, first as a waitress and cleaning rooms, then years of assisting others to heal themselves from within as a Naturopath and guide to inner healing, as a workshop facilitator and taking groups on journeys for bigger picture missions. To more recently just working with my essences and bigger picture work. This has never been a problem for me as I trust in the abundance that comes from the Source within me.

I also note that my body has always been used, what ever weird little thing or big thing that goes on with it has always been found to be connected to some huge, bigger picture work. I often said ‘no more’ when things got seriously life and death, full on with my body. But it has not stopped and there were no contracts or agreements just part of the reason for coming into a physical body on Earth to be of service. As our body is our biggest gift to be of service. And as we clear, unify, transform so does our body. Spirit and matter fully unified. We become the BEAm.

I did ask back in the early 90s after working through my ET abduction stuff and black magicians always trying to kill me, ‘why do I do all this crazy stuff?’ and my inner self said ‘because you are a unifier and in order to unify you need to know what it is’. And boy have I experienced. A lot I never put in the public arena as it would freak people, or they would not understand, or I can’t be bothered dealing with the flak from people’s perceptions.
But through experiencing being in a body as a multi-dimensional being which has not been easy at all, as I am sure you the reader who is an experiencer would understand.
But our true service is by simply Being here. As the divine one we truly are, in our beautiful physical body, no matter how many wounds, scars, disabilities it has encountered. We are blessed beyond measure to be here in the beautiful body’s we inhabit, our beautiful gift to awaken every cell and subatomic particle as it is light.
Your Inner Sun glows so bright is shines through all imbalances and fears, as your presence here is so blessed.
Happy experiencing No thing dearest friends, I love you.

Art by Soluntra the 6D formless light body    THE FULLY PRESENT LIGHT BODY AND NO ENERGY BODIES


Nothing comes up cosmically this month as I am sure we are still feeling the energies of the eclsies and Solstice Conjunction and all that means for us as we integrate and start to take baby steps into our new life and world.

The Quadrantids is an above average shower, with up to 40 meteors per hour at its peak. It is thought to be produced by dust grains left behind by an extinct comet known as 2003 EH1, which was discovered in 2003. The shower runs annually from January 1-5. It peaks this year on the night of the 2nd and morning of the 3rd. The waning gibbous moon will block out most of the faintest meteors this year. But if you are patient, you should still be able to catch a few good ones. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Bootes, but can appear anywhere in the sky.


This means Wega is sighted before the Sun on this day. Wega is the brightest star in Lyra and a star essence I made of it in 1990, it told me simply "I am Light", this was made in water that has never had anything put into it to keep it from going stagnant.

Lyra is the prism that we came out of, as the prisms of light create life on many different star systems in this galaxy we experienced many degrees of duality. Orion was total dark and light games and these also came to Earth, which was originally settled by Lyrans who went on to settle the Pleiades. 
So Wega is an important star in our Creation Story. 
Star Essence of Wega and New Paradigm Wega
Stargate Essences   of Wega and 
the Harp; Messier 57 (m57), also known as the Ring Nebula, in the constellation of Lyra.

JANUARY 11 = 11:1:11
A doorway is open for our highest potential moving beyond duality and being our divine shining radiant self.

Take advantage of the energies today to meditate upon what it is you still need to love in yourself 
so that you can be free to fully Be.
29 years since the 11:11 Gateway opened 11.1.1992
To support you in this if you feel:
A link to Inner Healing unification MP3 PDF’s A link to Inner Healing unification MP3 PDF’s
A link to Activating your Light Bodies and Multi-D self MP3 PDF’s

Read here about the New Moon.
05:02 GMT/UTC

The planet Mercury reaches greatest eastern elongation of 18.6 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the evening sky. Look for the planet low in the western sky just after sunset.           

This means Alpha Aquilae the brightest star in Altair is sighted before the Sun on this day. 
Altair (Alpha Aquilae) is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, and the 12th most luminous in the entire night sky. ALTAIR being in the constellation of AQUILA the Eagle; companion of Jupiter who often carried his thunderbolts 'I am spirit flying straight for my home'. Altair is at 1 09 Aquarius, conjunct the Sun on 22nd January. With the bright stars Deneb and Vega, Altair (Arabic for "flying eagle") forms the prominent asterism of the Summer Triangle. 

"I am the still point of the spirit'. Matter into spirit, spirit into matter the seventh point of the six pointed star, perfection, completion, the Heart of the Cosmos".
Star Essence of Altair
Stargate EssencesStargate Essences of Altair.
The Hyper Dimensional Essence  Mead Wall, through the Doorway to Altair

Read here about the Full Moon.
19:18 GMT UTC.




The Autumn Festival when the crops are harvested, the second quarter of the year waning to midwinter and contemplation of death. A time of remembrance and the sacred union of female and male.
The Spring quarter and the coming of fertility and crops. The growth aspect of the Goddess, the quickening Goddess, at time for woman, birthing ceremonies and the veneration of the Holy Wells.

To raise awareness around the globe of the healing benefits of Reiki for animals, as well as honouring all animals as our spiritual teachers.
To achieve this, we and SARA encourage shelters, sanctuaries and other animal welfare organisations, veterinary clinics, animal groups, animal-related businesses and individuals who love animals to organize Reiki events in celebration of World Animal Reiki Day.
In addition to larger, organised events, celebrating can also be as simple as lighting a candle to honour your animal teachers, sitting in silent Reiki meditation with your animals, or doing a compassionate act for your local shelter or sanctuary.

FEB 11/12 NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS 23.16 degrees
NZ 8.06am 12th  AUST EST 6.06am 12th   GMT/UTC 7.06am 11th  Americas 11th   
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html 
    The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden, it is also the seed of the new beginning. In Aquarius we can create new ways of thinking and being. As the Moon and Sun are one at a New Moon, in Aquarius we are given the opportunity to look at others and the world in love and as a sister/brotherhood, we are all one. We can use this loving energy to create new ways of being for our self, moving beyond the limitations of duality and separation. Where in our own life can we create a more unified, humanitarian approach to the way we are and what we do? As we unify our greatest service to humanity is in our Being ness as we become the example of true love and acceptance of all and are free to create exciting new ways of living, working and co-creating.
See what the year has in stall for your chinese zodiac sign

A day of romantic love, also being utilised to connect in unconditional love for all humankind.
In order to assist your co-creation of the 18th Annual World Sound Healing Day, Healing Sounds pioneer Jonathan Goldman has created a specially designed "AH Training Wave" recording to enhance this most important event. 
This special recording is available now as a
FREE DOWNLOAD at http://www.worldsoundhealingday.org/ 
The first section of this recording utilizes special techniques that help create heart/brain coherence and an amplification of our electro-magnetic field.
Become a Sonic Co-Creator 
Join us on February 14, 2020 for the 19th Annual World Sound Healing Day.
On this day, thousands of people through our planet in hundreds of different cities and countries will sound forth with an "AH" encoded with the energy of Love & Compassion, sending a sonic valentine to the Gaia Matrix, our beloved Mother Earth with the intention of raising the consciousness of all living beings

1). Heal Our Planet! 2). Heal Our Waters! 3). Raise Our Consciousness!
Science and Spirit have shown us that intentionalized sound is quantum in nature and has the ability to interface with the very field of our planet. 

Data measuring the effects of World Sound Healing Day provided by the Global Consciousness Project, the Global Coherence Initiative, and other organizations shows great promise with regard to the power of consciously created sacred sound to help create positive shifts and changes.

Sound forth with the "AH" tone for five minutes at Noon in your local time zone for this event. Spread the word—Organize others to join you and create toning groups, concerts, and other celebratory activities in order to bathe the Earth in a field of Light & Love through Sound throughout the day.
We heal our planet and we heal ourselves.  We heal ourselves and we heal our planet.  

NZ 9.17pm 27th  AUST EST 7.17pm 27th    GMT/UTC 8.17am 27th   AMERICAS 26th
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.
In Virgo the Goddess energy flows through us and assists greatly with healing and being of service polarised by the Sun in Pisces the compassionate, cosmic flow of divine energy from this full moon is one to assist humanity out of their fears and the consequent disharmony caused by this. Take yourself somewhere that is sacred and has a powerful energy to celebrate and be illuminated by this full moon. Be open to receiving the Goddess within your heart and see the loving, nurturing, compassionate energy illuminating all beings as they are in their full presence.
This full moon will also illuminate the beauty you are in your body, that your body is Liquid Light Plasma and your temple. When honoured and loved is your vehicle to not only experience all the joys of embodiment, but to go beyond all limitations and fears you hold onto about being in it and know there is no separation that your body is Light, and One with all creation, you are transparent and translucent.



The planet Mercury reaches greatest western elongation of 27.3 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Mercury since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky. Look for the planet low in the eastern sky just before sunrise.

International Woman’s Day is celebrated every year worldwide

The Divine Mother spoke of each Balsamic Moon now which the energies are being utilised to step up our DNA light encoded amino acids and helixes and our RNA  antenna are up to pick up the higher light resonance and soft healing loving energies of the New Sun .
The Waxing Crescent Moon is the crescent moon just before the New Moon. 
In astrology called the Balsamic moon, a time for rest regeneration, 
with awareness and utilising past wisdoms into new ideas for the future.

NZ 11.23pm 13th     AUST EST 9.23pm 13th    GMT/UTC 10.23am 13th   Americas 12th
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live.http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
In Pisces we delve into the Cosmos and the spiritual depths of our soul, a good time with the Sun also in Pisces to explore the deep inner realms of your Being and yourself as One with the Universe. Open to your Celestial home and allow yourself to be open to your Hearts hidden depths and the Source where your essence gains its sustenance. 
Knowing you are not alone but one with all creation, allow yourself to flow freely through all your filaments of Light, and for the Light of your true self to radiate through your being. 
This is also a time to do any deep inner healing and to love unconditionally yourself and all beings. Gaining compassion and a sense of selflessness in loving service to humanity by being the divine aspect you are from within. 
In order to really serve humanity and have compassion for others we are our divine self and see it in all humanity, as a living Christ seeing yourself and others as already healed and divine. 
Much can be achieved on this New Moon in your journey to unity, 
selfless service, surrender and peace within and for all creation. 
A focus on creating in the bigger picture, where are you at in the greater cycles, 
have you embraced the fact that we are becoming light and changing our sub atomic particles, 
is there some resistance to change? 
If you embrace the changes then tonight before sleep connect to the Source and ask the higher aspects of you in the Councils of Light, golden beings in the Greater Central Sun and Galactic Federation to assist you to become aware of your role more fully.

NZ 10.37pm     AUST EST 8.37pm       GMT/UTC 9.37am   
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you livehttp://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html
This is when the Light and Dark are equal in the Southern and Northern Hemispheres, and equal Light and Dark in the day. The energies are unified, Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter merge. 
This energy is a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity, and the opening of the Solar Self. Remembering the Sun is not masculine or feminine but unified energy from Source, 
the Moon reflects the Solar Rays and illuminates us at night, notice how Golden the Moon is now days, and bright. In the Mayan and many Sun cultures the Sun is greeted at the Equinox at sunrise as we open our hearts to our Solar Self, the Sun within us, as we honour the Divine Creator, Infinite Spirit and the interconnectedness of all. 
Where our peace within is merged through the Earth in harmony for all Beings, 
as the Heavens are in balance with us at this time. 
      The Councils of Light are meeting at this time to bring in higher octaves to create another shift, if you are conscious of yourself at that level of your Being, then be open to working with them at this time. 
At the time of the Equinox when all the energies are balanced, amazing shifts can take place and doorways from higher dimensions within the Earth and Galaxy open. 

Connect at sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight, and the exact time
if you want to experience the equinox energies and be an anchor and clear vessel in divine will and plan.
I always do the sunrise to connect to the sun rising and bring it into my heart down into the inner earth sun and out to all beings with gratitude and positive intentions for humanity and the world. At the exact time and or noon I always connect into the one heart and link in with everyone else and allow, be open to us all moving it a state of peace and pure love and if you have a specific work your higher self has guided you to then do that otherwise just Be and allow with a focus of being in the New Earth. At the exact time is when I also work wit the theme/s of the Equinox in deep meditation and inner planes work.  I always do sunset as well, doesn’t have to be at the same place just wherever you are.

The Equinox is a time of balance and harmony and this Equinox is an accumulation of all the heart link ups from light workers from this time and in other cycles. Creating a doorway into the New Earth; the higher dimensional Earth from the unified matrix of light that we all are, in our bodies now, and in our unified matrix of multi-dimensional light through all worlds and dimensions. 
Allow yourself to be with the Light from Inner Earth Sun and meditate upon the higher dimensional New Earth, be open to the light codes illuminating from the Inner Earth Sun. 
This is a huge shift and very subtle, wonderful if you are open, 
loving and choose a world of peace and harmony for all beings.

Many of us feel we are here to complete the old duality dance in all its forms as the New Creation Matrix is coming through more fully. 
We are preparing for the birth of our Christ within.
as we merge our multi-d selves we are beyond how we have operated before.
Once you can sense see feel all that you are, which doesn’t mean you need to consciously know ever multi-d aspect but through your heart you know and are one with all creation so you have love and compassion for all expressions no matter how dark negative or light flaky or solid and present. Your essence shines through from the union to assist you to go beyond that which you have been and to bring in that which you are to becomes. As it all merges in you now. You know you are a sovereign; golden, diamond, pyramid goddess god and beyond all those worlds.

See Grounding  Being fully present in your Body mp3 pdf,
 the Light Body, 
Light Body mp3s
Healing the end times of Atlantis and Lemuria and other cycles in ‘
Gateways of Unity Inner Natural Healing’,  Parallel Worlds mp3
the Golden Solar Discs that each of us has within, that we are the Living Library of Light and here to do a new thing.
You may wish to take yourself through your heart and crossover point into the Galactic Centre and journey to a sacred initiation site that resonates with you…
The Galactic Centre Cross over point is important for this Equinox as it open the doorway into the void where all is manifest and into the new creation.
In the Connecing Meditation  you go through the Galactic Cross Over Point so a this time you might wish to experience the Galactic Centre within and without and experience the new energies coming through.

It’s time to balance fully our inner male female, goddess god, twin; flame, soul, ray. All aspects of male female imbalance on whatever level or world now merging through us in pure love. 
We are now unifying the old myths and stories of the gods and goddess, many of us relate to Isis and Osiris which is archetypical of all other cultural goddess god union. That creates the sacred child that is birthed from love, the Christ within. From the Great Mother and Great Father, the surrender into the void and then creating a whole new life, body, world. 

Please see: The Fully Present Light Body and No Energy Bodies and the New Hu wo/man   
Aligning all the cells through the centre of the Galaxy and the Suns   Galactic Centre
Free journey into Mayan Sun Pyramid
the Creation Chamber     Goddess God self
or see my book ‘Gateways of Unity Inner Natural Healing’ for male female union, 
Handbook of Ra for goddess god union. 

Think of the virus breathe into any fears you feel about it with Love and Acceptance until they are gone then feel the Love for the Virus, all the conspiracy theories and agendas regardless what you believe and don’t believe.
See everyone on Earth as Whole Healed with open hearts at peace and radiant. Hold this for as long as you can and feel the Love for the whole dance.
When you think or talk about virus/flu remember to use the higher words and thoughts of Love about it, not the fear about it. We can shift it fast by loving the virus and all the agendas connected with it.

The planet Venus reaches greatest eastern elongation of 46.6 degrees from the Sun. This is the best time to view Venus since it will be at its highest point above the horizon in the morning sky. Look for the bright planet in the eastern sky before sunrise.

This is a world-wide synchronized event, happening in over 600 locations around the world. It is a day to offer blessings to our water and honour our relationship to it.

  7.49am NZ       AUST EST 5.49am      GMT 6.49am  
     This is the Easter Full Moon and the first of the three most powerful Full Moons in the year.
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration; the Sun in Aries opposite and the Moon in Libra at this time it is about the ascension and awakening of the divine being you are. 
A time when the Masters, Angels, Golden Solar Beings and Councils of Light illuminate humanity with the Light octaves at the level of Christ consciousness. So a time to transform yourself and surrender into Divine Will, a time to let go of all the old patterns and fears and allow yourself to be the love you are. 
Move beyond your issues of being a martyr and poor me, as well as the anger and resentment of taking on others stuff, which is really yours and feeling like you do too much for everyone. Time to bring the fire of spirit inside your heart and come from unconditional love and peace, allowing and acceptance.
Also a time to share in joy with friends and family and in the unity of the human family. 
The Christ Full Moon is a time of great light and followed by the Wesak Scorpio Full Moon then the Sagittarian Goodwill Full Moon.
Easter Full Moons are always times when the Councils of Light bring in more Light, and a time of being more aware of having an open heart and connecting within more fully. 
It would be a good idea to meditate at this time and connect deeper into yourself.
It is time for us to come from the Christ Light within and own our divinity. 
The old limitations of the outer projections of our fear are no longer serving us.
At this time you have the opportunity to look at what you still fear, is it your divinity and light, do you still have self-hatred and unworthiness issues, a broken heart, aloneness, lack and fear for survival, jealousy, resentment…?
All these issues of the heart can now be faced easily once we own them with love and acceptance. By using the breathe and taking in a deep in breathe right to your belly as it expands, then holding it, then letting it out as your belly contracts, taking in a full breath. As you breathe in golden light and the words love and acceptance this will 100% transmute the fear as long as you keep it up, it may take a few sessions over days or weeks. But you will know when it’s gone as your whole life will change into love and being at peace within.
Please see Healing from Within for some simple meditations that help you come from your heart and listening to your inner voice.
The Moon as the Final Initiation takes us deep inside our self to embrace the pain and move out of the destruction that our pain has caused ourselves and our environment and world. We are at a pivotal point in our collective consciousness and being given the energies of this eclipse to see, sense and embrace that within that has still been in trauma and pain.
It is not hard to embrace the pain, once you decide you don’t want it anymore, then breathing into it with love and acceptance until you become one with it, as it is only showing us parts that are still in separation consciousness.
Enjoy the beautiful energies of this Christ full Moon as the feminine awakens within to unite with masculine, the balance takes place within and then without.
See Healing from Within 
Also see the mp3s and pdfs ‘Healing Within Series’ with free mp3s and pdfs and ‘Loving the Pain of Separation from the Source witin’  and other relevant inner unifications.



A good day to remember to surrender into Divine Will all our fears, and trust in the Source within, the radiant Sun of our true self that connects us eternally to the Source of all that is, the Christ within, the Son(Sun) of God/Source/Prime Creator. As we give thanks to Jesus the Christ for his example of surrender, trust and ascension, in divine love.
This Good Friday which is always a Light time and this year more than ever, spend some time not projecting to the outer Christ who was a messenger to show you the Christ within. To acknowledge the Christ within is what is required more than ever as the Light illuminates from the core of the Earth as Christ did not just do his mission as told by religions in very bias agenda based ways. But anchored Light through the Earth at portals and pyramids worldwide and that Light has been rising from the Inner Earth since the March Equinox 2001 when the Second Sun made itself very known. The Second Sun/Son being the union of duality within and without as the Sun illuminates the light of your soul. The Second Sun plays a part on this day and then on Easter Sunday its RA Light glows.
See  Handbook of RA for links to RA and the Second Sun.

The resurrection and Ascension, from the surrender into Divine Will now the birth of the new and into your true Being ness. Allow yourself to simply be, experience your connective ness with the Earth and your body. True Ascension is not leaving but being here fully present, in so doing you are everything all in one; your awareness through the stillness allows you to have the clarity of your essence.
The RA Light from the Second Sun is illuminating us and activating our DNA, kundalini, chakras and cells. Transmutation within our molecules through the Second Sun, RA Light, we are our future come back to our past to unify, and all is now. Whatever happens in the illusion is still beautiful, each now moment is unlimited, your whole body is becoming more balanced and flowing, your energy bodies are all easily seen geometric diamonds and codes, the Star you are/we are. Allow yourself to be in the RA Light, one with the Sun and Second Sun, see yourself as you truly are, Light, allow it to illuminate you from the codes of Light that have been activated through this doorway, in you.

At this time of the Christ Light and in Liquid Light Plasma and Gold Light Body awakened, the energies are illuminating us also from the Ra Light from the Second Sun. Penetrating deeper into density and our cellular codings as the Light awakens the light codes in the DNA and energy bodies and networks to a step up in Light octaves. With the anchoring of the higher dimensional Earth and the energies coming in now through the Second Sun the collective unconscious is making a leap in unity consciousness and sharing in the light of the fact we are all one. How divine the Mayan day expresses it all.
Please see the RA for more information and drop downs under that about the Suns and 

The Divine Mother spoke of each Balsamic Moon now which the energies are being utilised to step up our DNA light encoded amino acids and helixes and our RNA  antenna are up to pick up the higher light resonance and soft healing loving energies of the New Sun .
The Waxing Crescent Moon is the crescent moon just before the New Moon. 
In astrology called the Balsamic moon, a time for rest regeneration, 
with awareness and utilising past wisdoms into new ideas for the future.

     Every year on this day we commemorate the Earth with some form of celebration, gathering, meditations, honouring of the Earth.
Also tree planting or whatever activities, meditations, gatherings you feel guided to do in gratitude, honour, caring and giving back to our sacred Earth Mother who gives us life.
This year we can’t have physical gatherings but we have our Global Love Hug and Love Sound Link up for us and the Earth. http://evenstarcreations.com/index.php/cosmic-alerts/global-sound-and-love-link-up
And celebrate with the Divine Mother how the Love Bug Corona is allowing the Earth to be restored.
Also check here
 https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2020/  for organised events worldwide.
It is 50 years since the first Earth Day started.
The kundalini energies within the Earth are shifting fast now, as you know we have the Earth chakras and just like most of us have chakras (not all, some people have had theirs dissolved).
We have the kundalini that flows up and down our central channel, it also flows up and down the main channels around the Earth, or it did many aeons ago before all the interference by Draco’s, Reptilian’s, Orion’s and then those who came in to fight them, the Felines and others and brought in meteorites to blast them out, all the ‘Battles of the Furies the nuclear wars, all the boring old duality stuff that our poor Earth has worn for so long.
Not to mention that we have worn for so long as well, all our responsibility, we are not shirking it. But even though the Earth is mega polluted as we know with plastic, radiation, oil products etc etc she is underneath the skin, her plates experiencing a revival that is part of our own revival.  

The inner earth and multi-dimensional Beings from Shambala, Agartha, Telos, and middle earth the Ancient Ones, the Dragon and Serpent People are all working to assist the shift into the vibration of love and the Earth is responding now more than ever. Some of you are aware of the New Earth Grid and when you connect to it you flow as you travel; whether it is by road, rail, and aeroplane or on the inner planes it’s an instant trip that takes us with ease and grace. Very useful at present in this time of no travel, we can still travel the world on the inner planes and even through our body that is also the Earth and Heavens all one.
So the Earth herself is feeling the ease of this flow, this kundalini life force energy that is pulsating through her. There are so many of us doing link-up meditations with focus and intention as well as all the young people so caring about what happens to the Earth and for them continued survival on her and the older dinosaurs being forced to awake up about it.
All this is impacting and now not just on this day but coming up to it and after we have reached a stage where we can start to feel and see this practically.

and go up to a tree hug and love it, talk to it about how much you love it and through it all trees and nature. 
Then close your eyes and let the tree show you the world
that really exists for the Elementals and how it is changing. 
Ask the tree and Elementals to help you in your life to be more aware of the Earth and nature and also how you can best assist in the return of light, the return of harmony and balance to the earth’s surface and to humanity. What part you can play. Even if it’s not some big project involving people and requires a lot of work and energy, just a simple visualisation, intentions and prayers every day assists enormously.
It’s time for us to make the effort even more so.

To transfigure 5G with Love and use Ra Crystals.
These come from the Sun and are not needed physically but to open up the internet to the Sun.
Imagine the Ra Crystals from the Sun illuminating from the Sun in a gold rays of sunlight, making a golden web of rays that includes all satellites in the atmosphere, and through to all towers on the Earth and through to all phones, computers, devices. Then individually through to your own systems of electronic hardware.

I ask about the destructive side of 5G and the control side with reliance on electricity to enslave us totally. The Divine Mother says there needs to be a new way of transportation, but free energy will come in and this control drama will dissipate.
Focus on free energy, then once that connects with us the whole 5G negative agenda, as well as the smart cities will die.
It will be natural cities, not smart cities and will run on free energy, people will learn to communicate more telepathically but still have their devices. But they will be harmless to the human body and energy field and to all creatures. With the free energy comes balance and harmony.

APRIL 12 NEW MOON IN ARIES  22.24 degrees 
  2.32pm NZ     AUST EST 12.32pm     GMT/UTC 2.32am
  AMERICAS 11th  
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden. It is also the seed of the new beginning and when the Sun and the Moon are One. In Aries with Sun in Aries we have some new beginnings happening here that are fully supported by the universe. 
So focus on what you are creating for yourself as you step beyond your limitations and into the new you, alive, vibrant, rejuvenated and alive. 
This New Moon is a great opportunity to open up to the new you, Aries tell us “I am that I am’. 
You might wish to take some time to be aware of your body and do you love it as it is right now? 
Do you love yourself as you are right now? Do you love your life as it is right now? Do you love the world and everyone in it as it is right now? If not then it’s just a simple matter of Loving and Accepting all the things you don’t love or judge. In your ‘I am’ state you see the divine within and without. 
The New Moon gives us a boost with our courage to face our demons, and the strength to embrace them in love. Once we realise it takes no energy to surrender in love and acceptance to whatever is troubling us. Rather than fighting it or trying to work it out with our head, that can become draining, 
then we become more heart centred. 
Here is a link to an exercise to help you get out of your head and onto your heart, 
listening to your inner voice.

The Lyrids is an average shower, usually producing about 20 meteors per hour at its peak. It is produced by dust particles left behind by comet C/1861 G1 Thatcher, which was discovered in 1861. The shower runs annually from April 16-25. It peaks this year on the night of the night of the 22nd and morning of the 23rd. These meteors can sometimes produce bright dust trails that last for several seconds. The nearly full moon will be a problem this year. Its glare will block out all but the brightest meteors. But if you are patient you may still be able to catch a few good ones. Best viewing will be from a dark location after midnight. Meteors will radiate from the constellation Lyra, but can appear anywhere in the sky.

NZ 3.33pm    AUST EST  1.33pm     GMT/UTC 3.33am    AMERICA’S 28th 
Here is a conversion link to work out the time where you live. http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html 
This is the first of three supermoons for 2021. The Moon will be near its closest approach to the Earth and may look slightly larger and brighter than usual.
The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, and when the Sun and the Moon are opposite.
   This is the second powerful Full Moon, and often called the Buddha Full Moon or Wesak Full Moon. Wesak is the valley below Mount Kailash in Tibet that is the Crown Chakra of Earth. Every year at this Full Moon the Masters, Holy people, Swamis, Sadhus make a pilgrimage to this valley where all the Masters and non-physical Divine Beings meet together for the shift in consciousness for humanity and to anchor the higher energies onto the Earth Plane. 
It is also the time Buddha’s birthday is celebrated. 
Mt Titiroa New Zealand is the Crown Chakra of the New Earth, the New Earth is one with the Earth as we know it and as we come more from our hearts and beyond the illusion of duality we live in Heaven on Earth, we are already in the New Earth.
     So in your meditation you may want to travel to the Wesak Valley to join all these other beautiful beings and be open to whatever you feel guided from within to do in regards meditation, anchoring divine light on Earth, personal messages, transmutation of your being and/or humanities 
as this is an opportunity not to be missed.  
Or you may be ready for the new Light Codes of the higher dimensional Earth and the clear light as you own that you are the Goddess/God now and guardian in clear light.
 The opportunity with the Wesak Full Moon is that we can also surrender more fully to our fears, pain and duality aspects into the divine love of our true essence and the cosmic energies in ease and grace. So, you will be supported fully in your desire to be in divine will with an open heart. 
A wonderful time to access and love your own duality fears and well as assisting humankind to go beyond all limitations and shine in your true light. 
Also a time when you can more easily review contracts you have made to grow and unify and to do your mission on Earth. You can see the bigger picture and your soul story and connectiveness with all experiences and your life/s holograms and what is really taking place with the cycles and the shift as we move through the Galactic Centre. 
The divine beings in Mt Kailash wish to commune with you and assist in realizations within and awakenings of your vital force. They work with you in your sleep but now is a time to become conscious of them and the work you do in the higher dimensional realms.
In the bigger picture the energies have now been transferred Mt Kailash to Mt Titiroa, South Island New Zealand, but will take 35 years in 3D time to anchor fully, it was 300 years but things have speed up since 2009. So apart from soul travelling to Wesak and Mt Kailash you may want to visit Mt Titiroa in the South Island on the inner, this is the Crown Chakra of the New Earth, 
Mt Kailash has been the Crown Chakra in the old paradigm. 
When the energies transferred at the 2009 Wesak Full Moon it was a shift for the outer Goddesses and Gods to the inner within us and to Clear Light as we are the guardians and beam holders of Earth and the Solar System, Galaxy and Stars are illuminated through our energy field and chakras.

Please read Living Light the Journey of the Ninth Wave where we were at Mt Titiroa for the light that came in at the beginning of the Universal Underworld in March 2011. 
And transference of Energy for Mt Kailash on 2009 Wesak Full Moon to Mt Titiroa.
By the Wesak Full Moon a rejoicing of the unified field, the higher dimensional Earth and love and compassion so tangible. Linked in our souls, we are already one with everyone. As we be the stillness and peace. We are in a great space to open up our awareness to the Shambala planes of our existence and our ways of service. As we shift into a higher state of resonance and Being in our new Lighter bodies that are already in the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth 
are more integrated with our higher dimensional selves
We are the stillness, the peace and void and create from the stillness where all is manifest.
 We are the BeAmthe Stargate.
I am sure you notice things going on with your body; the ringing in the ears, the weird energy shifts and manifestations in the body at times. Your body may also be a bit slower than usual, or doing things is slower if it’s in the third dimensional, days just whizz by. 
You might be holding excess weight, its ok, rest has been needed and the weight is assisting the process of cellular change. For some it’s not an issues for others it is, 
either way be in the stillness and peace, allow and surrender to this beautiful awakening to ourselves.

The old is breaking down, our ego is breaking down, you might observe the systems we have been under that are controlled by fear or greed are breaking down. 
Especially at present thanks to the Love bug Corona so many more are waking up. 
Duality is not being supported anymore. 
Go on a Soul Travel to Shambala if you find it to difficult to simply take yourself there. 
Ask for healing if you need it, for greater awareness, to be of service, the love more fully. 
Whatever you feel you need help with that alleviates you out of the duality dramas and old matrix.
You will always find that the aspect of you that is in Shambala and the Divine Beings there who are fully committed to the ascension of humanity will always assist you with pure Love.
Now that the Dreamtime is open to all humanity if they/you choose it means that the veils have shifted enough for everyone to access the inner planes. It also means enough have opened their/our hearts. At this time, it is very important to be still and experience the inner planes from your heart to experience your own inner wisdom and light. 
Allow yourself to go into higher realms of yourself. 
Like going to Shambala, opening up to yourself in the 
Council of Light, in the realms of your Goddess God self, and deeper into the stillness of the source.
On December 2nd 2018 while doing bigger picture work with a friend in Wales via telephone; my body often manifests imbalances that are connected to the collective, so once its cleared from them, my body transmutes whatever imbalance it was that triggered it all. 
We were working with the guilt that the collective still holds and the shame from our first separation from Source and into density and then the abuse of the goddess, mother creation energies, 
when the Old Fellas popped in.  
As we were clearing the lower astral there were codes to do with Uluru, to do with the clearance process, and the change over from the chakra system to liquid light. 
As we were making sounds to clear, that were very aboriginal sounding…I saw the Lightening Brothers, sputnik heads (rock drawing from Northern Territory, I know them well). I became aware of myself on the rock Uluru, and the rock opens up. The Beings, who are the rock came out and embraced us. 
Then they said ‘the Earth is clear now, the Earth is clear now…of the guilt program, of the guilt program, (they repeated it twice). Our people (Aboriginal) especially have suffered from this, as the first people and yes you (Soluntra) were a male aboriginal and this is your connection to us and you were part of the Dreamtime when it came here. 
The Dreamtime is returned in its full form of dreaming, the New Earth, higher-D Earth, as it was in the beginning, as it will be again soon, it is so, we of the Dreamtime have held the energy for so long and now we are freed to bring it through at Rosslyn Chapel, the grail codes come through then at Iona the light body is birthed a new. (This happened July 26-28 2019).

At Uluru the full connection took place January 12/13 2020 Pluto Saturn Conjunction, and like Stonehenge in 2019 when the great cosmic wheel was turned back to its correct spin (those of us who were here at the inception or the Earth where all there on the inner turning the wheel). Now the correct spin is back again to Uluru the spin which took until January 2020 to formalise and was grounded through our DNA and core self, central channel without chakras, without interference, 
without guilt, shame and in the pure light of Source. 
The Old Fellas told me in 2019 “the Dreamtime will filter though to all humanity in sleep state and bring awakening sense of peace within”. 
And more recently I read that Star Lore Elder, Grandmother and custodian of Uluru, Auntie Nelly Patterson said this is the time for the Tjukurpa Pulka, the New Way Dreaming.

Please read what I understand from my experience about no Chakras, no Kundalini.
Experiences of the Dreamtime
the MP3 Dreamtime Rainbow Serpent 13 Rays Meditation
The Pluto Saturn Conjunction at Uluru
See about  the Inner Planes I have a YouTube that takes you into some different levels of inner planes work