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From the book "Egypt and Immortality, Journey to Source"
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Tkingschambersmalljpeghis painting/doorway is of the Kings Chamber, the pyramid of Cheops at the Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt. The energy in the Kings Chamber is beyond words, but what it does is unify your molecular structure and allow you to be who you are. When you have awakened this memory of your Being enough you will no longer need to connect to Source and the Earth in your meditations, alignments, day as you are that energy. You will no longer need protection, healing or guidance from without, as you are that within you. In other words you are a Whole Being. In the Sarcophagus is the initiation beyond death and birth and into Immortality not just of Soul but body as well. As the serpent, kundalini, DNA is activated within your charkas, up your central channel and through your cells, DNA and molecular structure. For separate activation in Sarcophagus. Of course do not assume you have achieved any of this, you will know deep within yourself when you have and your life will show it, as the full initiation is how you are in your life, not your head. In the Kings Chamber there is a star alignment to Orion, which is the old initiation in duality, the wheel of karma and birth and death. When you have unified yourself enough you no longer deal with karma as now you take responsibility for yourself. The star constellation opposite Orion is Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer, the kundalini risen; the Body of Light the Physically Immortality Being. This is where we are now heading which is also the creation of the Fifth Root Race and the new initiation. The God in the painting is Osiris - Orion, the Goddess is Isis - Sirius, in the Kings Chamber Orion is aligned with Sirius as it enters into the chamber and merges where Osiris sits, at his phallus. The sacred union of Goddess and God creates the divine child Horus, the Sun God and Serpent Bearer. The serpent moves through the Sun, and the Sun in our Solar System now has is it's Twin returned as they merge to create the New Earth, Heaven on Earth.

queenschambersmalljpegTHE QUEENS CHAMBER, FATHER TEMPLE 
This painting is of the Void within you, the total stillness and peace where all is manifest. In the Kings Chamber you go in to know yourself and move beyond the wheel of death and birth, to be unified. In the Queens Chamber you go into the Void and stillness where all is manifest...So when you are awakening your remembrance through the Kings Chamber and expressing your Light from within then you can go into the Queens Chamber and the stillness to ALLOW. As now your life will take a new path into wholeness, joy and peace. At the beginning of your new path there maybe confusion, or lack of clarity about where to go now. There is no going anywhere but into the Peace and stillness, through that all will come to you as your true self already knows what, who and where you are and what your souls desire and expression is. Your consciousness mind may not but if you go into the peace then it will be able to come to you, as now you are not resisting, fearful, anxious or trying to make it happen. In the Void, the silence all is manifest.


This activation is using the two A4 paintings. They come with instructions on how to use the paintings and Inner Plane meditation and activation. 

They can be brought as a set or are in the book EGYPT AND IMMORTALITY, JOURNEY TO SOURCE



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 sarcophagusThe ancient Egyptians were into Immortality, and the Guardian of the Soul Anubis the Dog or Jackal God took the person over to the other side and on their journey through the lessons of the Soul. Then to the final judgement with Osiris (Orion) and then on the Solar Barque down the Celestial Nile to the Great Spirit RA, the Sun union with the immortal KA ascent, and identification with the Supreme Being RA. 
In the is activation we move beyond Death and Rebirth and into Physical Immortality the next step; being our Body of Light in a physical body on Earth as we become the Creator Goddess God we truly are creating Heaven on Earth. In the activation painting we have the Great Pyramid, Cheops with the sarcophagus, which is in the Kings Chamber where the initiate had the initiation and went through the doorway of Orion (Osiris). In the painting Orion is on the left side, the Hunter with Siruis at his feet Sirius aligns through the Kings Chamber as well as Orion. The Great Pyramid being aligned to Alnitak in the Belt of Orion, the other two pyramids align to the other two stars in the Belt. The pyramids were built 13,650 years ago aligning to when Alnitak was the furthest from Earth now it is the closest. The doorway through Orion is closing as we unify ourselves, merging light and dark within as we then move through the next doorway which is Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer which is in the heavens exactly opposite Orion, and as we unify the Serpent Kundalini rises in us and we become our Body of Light. The brightest star of Ophiuchus (Ras Alhague) is at his Crown of the Serpent Bearer, as the kundalini has risen there. At his foot is Antares the brightest star in Scorpios and stargate that many travel through to be here on Earth right now to anchor these higher energies. 
So the painting has the old initiation of Orion; going through life and death in the painting through the flame of purification and into hells of the soul which are only its fears, as each creates their own hells. Then purifying in life again through the Blue Flame, the Etheric Blueprint is cleansed as we are born again and purified through the Violet Flame of the emotional and mental bodies to become 5th dimensional and able to merge with the Sun in life. Moving through the Sun and onto the Solar Barque journeying down the Celestial Nile and coming to the Temple of Physical Immortality where we are our Body of Light fully in our White and then Gold Light Body. 
You are not separate from your Body of Light it is you; as you awaken more fully you activate the four levels of Light Body. The Blue Light Body has the Etheric Blueprint in it, this holds all the memories from all your experiences in parallel worlds and here that go to make up your body. When it is transmuted you are in good health and all flows in your life. The Violet Light Body is fully activated when your emotional and mental bodies are clear and you become a 5th dimensional being. You are your Higher/Inner Self and seek only from within as all flows from the Source within you. The White Light Body is when you are in selfless service with no agendas, you work for the whole and are a Christed, Buddhic being, master of your molecules. The Gold Light Body is your Solar Self, level of the Central Sun, you are fully your Creator Goddess/God self. You now illuminate so brightly that you create life and are here to create Heaven on Earth. Physical Immortality is about being in life and all your cells are alive and light, you become master of your molecules. This is happening to us all now as we unify through our Heart and become the love of our true self in total allowing and acceptance, at peace as our cells transmute fully into their divinity, Light.

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GodGoddessAs we awaken to our own divine presence within us, our Solar Self, we unify our inner male and female. Through our unifying we also become aware that we are a Creator God/Goddess and here creating Heaven on Earth. We have taken back our sovereignty and are responsible for ourself, coming from unconditional love and acceptance of ourself and all creation. We realise that we create our reality through our thoughts; emotions, actions and now we are creating through our love and peace, Heaven on Earth. This is the shift in consciousness and great shift in cycle back to the Golden Age and unity with our Source. 
On the inner this means we unify our inner male and female and create the scared marriage within, on the outer we also resonate at unified energy and so attract in our polarity in unity. So regardless of whether we are in a relationships or not we now attract unified beings into our life. These do not have to be sexual partners but through this merging of the polarities; male and female we activate the DNA within ourself, and the grids within the Earth. By joining with a polarity at a scared vortex we create an unified essence to anchor this energy on the earth plane, these people will come in when required. For example when I entered into Cheops the Great Pyramid in Egypt, a Guard recognised me immediately and I spent the next three days in the Kings Chamber, he and I stood facing each other doing mudras and sounds spontaneously as we danced together on the inner planes and anchored that energy through the portal there through earth. I was later at a very sacred temple site in South Australia and the Guardian of the place brought a friend with him when he took me there, this male friend was unified and together we were able to anchor that energy at the site and into the Earth. In both cases I never meet these men before or saw them after, we came together for what was required. So the Goddess has her Consorts that come in to do the work, or the God has his consorts. When at this level you have an intimate relationship it is way beyond dealing with your mirror/issues, all you experience together is bliss and so the energies on the earth plane and inner worlds merge creating the sacred marriage and create the New Earth. We are the doorway and unified we create not necessarily babies but birth the New Earth. 
As this energy has unified in us the Kundalini rises through our charkas, which are gateways of different initiations at those levels relevant to each chakra, the Kundalini rises out the crown, eventually settling back through the heart, which is the doorway. Only through divine love can we be our full multi-dimensional self, unified essence and merged with worlds within worlds through our union. This union activates the strands of DNA, 40,000 to our Gold Light Body level of the Central Sun, Divine Being we truly are, and activates the grids fully on the earth plane as we are the portal, the pyramid, the doorway, the grid is within us, there is no separation. 
In the Activation Painting we have the Goddess as the Serpent Goddess she holds the Earth Wisdom the life force energy and the Falcon God who is Spirit, Sun and Sky and life force energy. Through their union they activate the Ankh the 'Giver of Life' through the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, at their feet is the Sun within the Earth the New Earth that is a Sun. In the background; on the left is the Luxor Temple, home of Amun Ra the Creator God/Sun/Central Sun/ Greater Central Sun/Source. The sphinxes line the doorway into the temple and on the opposite side of the Nile is the Temple of Hatesheput and the Goddess of the Earth, life, nurturing and love, Hathor, who is also Shekmet of RA. On the Goddess temple side is the Earth, on the God temple is the Sky, as Earth and Sky become One it activates the Rainbow Serpent within and your Body of Light.

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