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     In some traditions the physical ocean is considered so spiritual it is not to be swum in. For those us born in countries where we are hot at least some of the year we love being in the ocean, its energy not only refreshes and heals us energetically by clearing auric field. It also heals wounds, and clears our sinuses and colds, and in the bigger sense it supports life, without the oceans we would not be able to live on Earth.
We are blessed to have so much ocean to play in, for food and for our weather to be able to sustain us physically.

     Metaphysically the Cosmic Ocean is the void, the nothingness that all life comes from. We can let go and relax fully in the Cosmic Ocean, just like we do if we float in the physical ocean. As the solar rays illuminate the ocean with light, so too does the light illuminate our cells through the water of our cells. So they sparkle, shine and glow with life force energy.
   Our body is all most all water so just like water can be programmed or re programed so can we. Our physical body transfigures into Light and at the level of the Blue Light Body we surrender into the Cosmic Ocean for good health and flow in our life and Being.
   The Cosmic Ocean takes us home to the stillness and oneness within and without, all one, surrendered in the Cosmic Ocean right through to the cellular level.
     We came out of the primordial ocean, and then replicated into cellular then multi-cellular beings of all descriptions, now we return.

The water is now heightened in Light Octaves and will assist humanity, many of us have worked with the light codes in the water for many years and it means that the water is energised now and will hold the Diamond Light Matrix. There is still more work with the water in the next few years as it rises in the oceans, water or lack of it will be about the most important thing on this planet. Now it is time for the water in your body to get fully energised and activated if you choose, by drinking water charged with quartz crystals, and drinking more than normal to cleanse the cells and allow the transmissions of crystalline light to illuminate the cellular memory.


       The gateways to the cosmic ocean and dolphins are the first step into the multi-d realms.
This is a meditation to assist in your connection.

     Take your awareness deep within, look at the mandala, open up to the joy that the dolphin and whales have dancing through the water. Playing in the oceans, suspending in the cosmic realms always, as they know the stars are in them and through the ocean.

Now think of a time in your life when you have been really happy…
Now feel that joy more fully in your heart and become aware a doorway is opening in your heart…..As you float through the doorway….. Out into the ocean of your heart…
Your higher-self shows you your dolphin and or whale linage….

Become aware you are dancing in the ocean weightless, no gravity, just light and joyful….as you play…looking at the clear water bubbles of oxygen, waves playing on the surface……just allow yourself to float and play…

This is the gateway of your multi-d self you are the dolphin the whales…..
Now the connection to the whales and dolphins is Sirius and Andromeda, most relate to Sirius but you may also relate to Andromeda…

Now in your Cetacean body you hear the sound and see the light from Sirius beaming through you, through the water, so light and beautiful…
The solar rays
gatewayofthe cosmicocean creating Diamond Light patterning through the water as you listen within, to the deeps of you through the depths of the cosmic ocean.


Going deep within feel the joy of a time in your life when you danced free.
Reawaken that feeling from within and allow yourself to swim like the dolphin through the waves, dancing as you play in the Cosmic Ocean. With the solar rays in diamond lights sparkling through the water in you and your whole being. Each cell is alive and remembers it’s light as you float relaxed and at peace one with the Cosmic Ocean……


     The cosmic ocean is from the joy and light in our heats that illuminate all the cells and energy bodies clear, sparkling light body.

     Water is so much more than just a physical substance which in itself is amazing and transformational by the imprints of any codes to it, the impressions and adaptability. But it is liquid light as well and flows through our cells, the water in our body.

     Imagine floating in the Cosmic Ocean and that it flows through the anatomical structures of your body, meridians strange flows and kundalini, universal cosmic organism, liquid light plasma flow.

     The Cosmic Ocean is not parallel to the physical ocean, it is one with it and the lakes, and streams, and ponds, and dams, and springs, and water drops, and dew and the water in you. You swim in the Cosmic Ocean came out of the primordial waters and experience air, earth, and fire but still be passed through water that is Liquid Light Plasma and is the gel that keeps consciousness all together. Even in the driest desert the cells of each grain of sand is through the cosmic ocean, the endless realms of worlds within worlds, as you live in the cosmic ocean.
       With this awareness you can stretch and pull, fight and be still, resist and act, react and drain yourself to a point with, fear and resistance but it’s all just a play. You are still in the Cosmic Ocean of no time and space, the void, life, light, the love that is immersed through all your being.
Once you become 5th dimensional you start to appreciate the cosmic ocean and that you can surrender into it and allow the transmission of celestial sounds, the light codes, the solar rays, the dancing light to freely enter through the cosmic ocean in you.
The 6d light body is simply deeper in the cosmic ocean of yourself.

deepcosmicoceansmall Deep onto the Cosmic Ocean there is a way through the maya, the illusion fully to be one body of light from the love that you are.

As the Light that you are Integrates through the DNA Light Codes to the emotional overlays and bodies and through the physical body, Anatomical Balancer. Out of Destruction into the new Creation, Resolution of Duality, Drawing back the Fragments. Surrendering to Resistance, Flowing with Change, Healing and Rejuvenation, Peace within is Peace without, Cosmic Time Clock through the Second Sun, Doorway of the New Earth, Light Body Integration, one with the Greater Central Sun.


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