by Soluntra King

      I had been travelling through South America in 1995 on an amazing multi-dimensional journey and now flew into Merida the capital of the Yucatan, in Mexico to visit all the Mayan Temple sites. I first went to visit Hunbatz Men, the Mayan Elder who is initiating the awakening of the Maya, with Equinox gatherings worldwide and alignment to the Sun and Mayan wisdom. I had a message for him from the Cosmic Time Clock on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, which as a Mayan they know all about Cosmic Time. The Mayan Calendar being the Calendar of the Cosmic cycles and Cosmic time that we are now awakening to as we end this great cycle. The Mayan Calender is the most exact measure of all the universal cycles and Earths relationship to them. We are nearing the end of a 26,000 year cycle as Earth and our Solar System is in an outer orbit around Alcyone the Central Sun, the Sun of the Pleiadian System. By the end of the Mayan Calendar, 2012 AD our whole Solar System will be completely in the Photon Belt, which is high frequency Light from the Central Sun. We cycle through the Photon Belt for 2000 years and out again for 11,000 years. The last time we were in it was in the Age of Leo and Atlantis. 

      My first visit was to the amazing temple site of Chichen Itza, the only pyramid there is Kukulan, which is a sacred pathway, positioned for the Sun with Equinoxes and Solstices. On the March equinox as the Sun rises the shadow of a serpent slides down the sides of the Pyramid. I aligned there through the Central Sun and did much work with the sun and serpent energy. One important awareness was the release and transmutation of humanities memories of stress and belief in annihilation. For the last time we went into the Photon Belt was the destruction of Atlantis, so will humanity learn and open up the Higher Light Octaves with Love and Peace in their hearts, or will they persist in self destruction and Fear? For this time it is no longer relevant for us to again repeat the old pattern. The Universe itself is supporting our journey into Love as the time of the Duality drama is now completing and reunifying. I visited many temple sites with wonderful connections to the Central Sun and was guided to paint a new glyph of the Central Sun. I reawakened the codes, memories of my own Pleiadian connection and was guided by many Light Beings, as I worked and anchored energies at these incredible sites. Having some adventures along the way especially getting into Guatemala to visit Tikal, maybe I can share those with you later. 

    But now my greatest test was to come, I was going to Becan, a temple site way out in the jungle, only just excavated and definitely not on the tourist route. The word Becan means "Pathway of the Snakes", the snakes to the Maya are the pathway to the Milky Way, our home in the Stars. The actual site is huge, maybe 60,000 people lived there, and around the site is a mote, now devoid of water. I was told though my inner voice, from Higher Self and the Divine Beings I work with, that I was going to have an initiation here. Being naive I thought it was going to be another cosmic blast, I was also told that there were some subterranean rooms somewhere in one of the Pyramids at the site, and knew I was meant to find them, for what reason I consciously did not know, trusting my inner guidance.

      I had to catch a bus early in the morning that took a few hours to get out to the nearest village to the site. Becan was 8 kms from the village and I bargained with a taxi driver to take me out to it. It was still early when I arrived, the guard was not in his little hut at the entrance, and the site was still locked. So I walked up the road to another site, Chianna. As I entered I felt the high frequency energy there, having done alignments and earthwork at several temples I then went to another temple where I was greeted by Golden Beings, they showed me a tunnel of Light going to Becan. Then I was guided through my inner knowing to go to the temple that had as its entrance a great Snake mouth, carved in rock. Walking up the steps through the Snakemouth doorway into the temple with respect and connection, I stayed there meditating for some time. As I walked back out I literally felt and saw that I was walking in the Stars, there had been a dimensional shift. This lasted a short time and then I was aware that I was back on the road and walking down the road to Becan.

      Prepared for the initiation, whatever it was to be I gave it no energy, my focus on getting there. As I walked into the great site of Becan with a massive moat around it, I headed for the Plaza. I knew that somewhere in the site was a temple or pyramid with rooms inside it that I had to find and go into. There was no one around but on the side of one of the pyramids in the Plaza was a Mexican man with a red cap on, he looked as if he hadn't wanted me to see him. My Higher Self never warned me about him, which it always does, so I set about finding the temple with the subterranean rooms. I didn't have to go looking for Higher Self guided me off the marked track around the site. The next thing I knew I was scrambling over rumble and pushing my way through dense jungle, until I arrived at a great stone wall, the side of a Pyramid, it had a small opening on the side. I had my small travel torch with me and entered the hole in the rock wall, which was low, so I had to crawl on hands and knees down a long dark tunnel, until I came into a room where I could stand up. Then I walked into the central chamber, I shone my torch around, a huge spider lay on the floor, fortunately I don't fear spiders. I also noticed way up at the top of the roof was a small doorway with daylight coming in, this was a long way up and the steps looked mostly ruined. 

     I didn't feel like meditating or doing any Earth Grid work, and asked my Higher Self what was I supposed to do here, the reply was just wait. So as I stood there in the darkness, except for my small flash light, I heard in the distance someone else coming in, down through the long narrow tunnel. I naively thought it must be a tourist and was expecting to see their flashlight. But saw none as the sound of someone approaching in the darkness got closer and closer. Suddenly out of that darkness appeared the man with the red cap who I had seen before at the plaza, he was now standing right next to me. A huge machete in one hand, and with his other hand he was trying to grab my torch out of my hand. I immediately perceived robbery, rape and murder in his eyes, my first thought being "I don't believe this, I don't attract this kind of thing to me!" My next thought was "there is no way he is going to get me", my inner warrior had automatically stepped in. While this was all happening he was pulling my hand apart trying to get my torch, I knew I could not let him get it. He was also pushing me across the chest and I was wondering when the machete was going to strike me, this was all happening in split seconds. I stood my ground and looked him in the eyes as he was pushing me; I spoke power words that came out of my Being.

     I had had to use these same words in Peru to save myself, these words you do not learn, they come from the depths of your Being or Soul, your power within, your God I am, they were in Starry language, which is a spontaneous language of the heart. I then pushed past him, out into the other room where I gave him a swipe with my bag full of crystals and water bottle, and ran back the way I had come in. This time I was running down a tunnel of Light upright, where only minutes before I had crawled along the small dark tunnel, I had shifted dimensions! Once outside I expected him to be following, I looked at my chances of escape as thick jungle surrounded all sides except one. Still in the heightened energy I did not take much note of the fact that the tunnel had shifted dimensions, I was purely in the Now. I asked my Higher Self what should I do, it said "go to the front of the Pyramid". So I climbed over rubble to the front of the pyramid, and the man with the red cap must of used the high doorway at the top of the pyramid to get out, he was obviously a local, and worker at the site.  

      What I saw was him running into the jungle as if the devil were after him! I was slightly upset, as I didn't feel like going back into the pyramid now, and thought my chance of whatever the initiation was were over. But determined not to give my power away to it I walked over to a pyramid opposite and climbed up, and would you believe ate my packed lunch, this was hungry work. Two tourists, a couple arrived, we spoke and I warned them to be on the look out for the man with a red cap, that he had tried to attack me in the pyramid with a machete. They were horrified and frightened, they decided to leave straight away and wanted to take me out. I felt perfectly safe and so they took off fast, I did not quiet realise that they would be so sacred. I just wanted to know what this was all about, Higher Self said "go back to the pyramid where you saw the man originally at the Plaza". I walked back through the lonely jungle path around the site, keeping an eye out for him, thinking I'd really get him if he tried again. 
     When I got to the Plaza I climbed up the pyramid that I had seen him at and sat down. My Higher Self then spoke to me "that was your initiation, you passed with flying colours, you had no fear and the power of the word!" Finally I got it, I felt very empowered and invincible, but as I walked the 8 kms back down the road to the village to get a bus back to the town I was staying at, I asked my Higher Self "what did I still fear?" and was instantly told. It was a fear around intimate relationships, more layers of the onion, I was very grateful for this wonderful gift and shift. I acknowledge my fears as much as I am able and breathe into them, surrendering and loving myself no matter. So my big test of having no fear when confronted by this man was what saved me. If I had screamed or freaked out even for a second he would of got me. The fact that I stood my ground and looked him straight in the eyes reflected his fear back to him. It also showed me that when we come from our Divine presecnce, our Love and oneness within then no matter what is happening in the world of fear, we move through into another dimension. As I did when the small dark tunnel now became a large tunnel of Light. It was a powerful initiation, but just being on this physical plane, being in a body and moving through all the fear associated with our belief in separation from God is our on going initiation. The only way to pass it is through Love, our hearts are the doorway through the dimensions, we are no longer caught in the illusion of fear. As we go into the Photon Belt now and align with the Central Sun we are moving into the fourth dimension and beyond, my initiation was showing me physically how this is happening. 



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