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Merging matter and spirit, the manifest and un-manifest worlds.
The Stargate in you; that is the cosmos, universe, stars, suns, earth, nature, your body,..

The landscape of Heaven and Earth within you.
The unification, the transcendence, the Light, the pure Love from the Source is you, us all.

When I first started to work with Stargates many years ago it was ones in the heavens that opened when we as a collective were ready for that energy to come through. Then in 2013 it was Stargates located on the earth, in 2017 it was us the Stargate with the Starlines streaming through. We all came through a Stargate when we with birthed and we are the Stargate, the union of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter. We are what we are searching for, we are what we have waited for, the eternal ominesense of our true self, creating through our Love Heaven on Earth,

Now in early 2019 the essence can be made to take us through ourselves as the Stargate one with the earth and heavens all merged. This is the story of you. From the beginning of creation when you first came in human form. Etheric and Light then eventually into matter ,but as that happened it got distorted and there were those who choose to separate from the Source and create a battle that has gone on ever since in the dance of light and dark. That too has been part of Prime Creators purpose for without the dark we can’t be the light in matter. So we needed the dark as painful as that has been but we are coming to the end of it now.
The Stargate essences are coming through to assist in the completion of that old dance and opening you as you truly are. Not only a divine being of light, but the earth, you hold the Earth all through you as you do all creation. Every sacred site is part of your chakra system and yes the chakra system is dissolving too as the liquid light plasmic fields of your true self merge. Through those points in the earth and you, and create the sacred union of heaven and earth that can’t happen without you. You are the union, you are the Stargate.

These essences are only one at a time as each one encompasses so much to be integrated within and optional but good to use in conjunction with the Evenstar, Earth Star and Starlight Essences. As they are triggering and a catalyst to bringing balance into your body, emotions, mind and soul and open you up to the highest potential of your divine self as you are in a human body awakening to the fact that you are all the cosmos, all that is right through every cell and atom, sub atomic particle and into the void, dark matter the nothing which is everything, you are.

It is recommended when you have a Stargate essence that you allow yourself the gift to immerse yourself in the earth, in water, in fire and air, in ether, the elementals are important as they stabilise our being-ness here and support us, assisting us to transcend the limitations of matter while at the same time we are matter. Which is simply light vibrating at a denser frequency than your other bodies, all your body is Light regardless its frequency. The name of the game to assist our frequency to not necessarily just vibrate at a high rate but to be in harmony and balance with all creation, the earth, the plants, the creatures, the water, the stars, the clouds, the sun, the cosmos and beyond the beyond all there within you. You are the Stargate, the Stargate is you.

Only One Stargate at a time until it’s completed its integration within your Being.
Unlike the Evenstar Essences which are so many times a day for however many weeks required sent as a vibration, or the Earth Star and Star Light Essences that are a transmission for a number of weeks the Stargate Essence is a doorway and so there is no time, no limitations, it is a transmission catalyst that triggers your own inner opening in your own timing and own journey through the stillness within.

Please read about Stargates here also available in pdf or booklet.   
See about the Evenstar, Earth Star and Starlight Essences
Also see Healing the Grids Within

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    There is no pre-requisite to receiving the essences, even though they are very high vibrationally, the receiver will get what they need at the time. You can’t expect to put 1000 volts into a 10 volt vehicle but it will work with you, to activate and awaken the cells, DNA and energy bodies from within as you integrate the heaven and earth within.

You have made full circle from the inception of creation to now completing the great experiment and experience of creation into matter. The Cygnus Stargate awakens within the remembrance of when you first came in to human form. The beauty of creation in its pure form of Love and balance with all creation. Now after you have gone through the denser gateways of duality and back to the pure Love of Source within, you have completed the duality dance. It opens the way within for the whole of creation to be birthed a new through you. You are the transformer of Heaven and Earth and within your body the Stargate doorway unifies Heaven and Earth.

Cygnus is in the rift in the Milky Way and was the star system that the pyramids in Giza Plateau were built to align with, the rift births the Cosmic Egg,, the cosmic egg that aligns through the great pyramid. Star mapped at different locations worldwide: At the three pyramids of Giza, at Gobekli Tepe, and beginnings of humanity, the area of Siberia up from Mongolia and Ergaki as Mt Meru which is in the Sayan Mountain range and where Cygnus, which is in the rift of the Milky Way is sited in between two horns of the Ergaki mountain with milky lake on its plateau and these ancient giants the Denisovans as our first ancestors, according to Andrew Collins in his book ‘the Cygnus Key’.

Cygnus also as a Swan, a bird, the Bird Tribe and connected to where we leave as a soul and return in the north to Eden/ Shambala and home, to Source.
There are so many connections to Cygnus that resonate within us as part of the creation story and our return to wholeness. Just like we believed Orion was aligned to the three pyramids that was perfect for where we were at, at the time as we moved through duality and the 11:11 doorway. Now we are moving into the unified field and opposite Orion is Ophiuchus the serpent bearer where we activate our kundalini and Body of Light. Then as we become more present and open to the levels of our Light Body we start to remember ourselves as the creator, and create the New Earth from our love. Now in our 5D upwards in frequency light bodies.
Just as we have many frequencies so does our Earth and the Cosmos as we now align back to the Cosmic Egg, the birthing of our true selves, we remember also the Bird Tribe, and that we span the universes and realms of creation.
The Evenstar star essences; I made of Deneb; the brightest star in Cygnus gives “Strength of your inner light, the doorway through into the higher aspects of self that are not yet grounded into the physical vehicle until the soul has moved through the 22 initiations. Then the doorway is open and ready for the awakened soul whose body becomes light. Deneb gives the strength of the light within the cells and body, the essence to with-stand this higher light and opens the doorway. This is from the 3 stars in the summer triangle, the first is Wega ‘I am Light’, then Aquila ‘I am the still point if the spirit’, then third is Deneb ‘the strength of the light to be held in physical form’…I am the light’. This essence is also within the Stargate essence.

Guided meditations of THE GREAT CENTRAL STARMAP mp3 & pdf that includes Cygnus, see also about the Great Central Starmap.
To see a meditation with the Swan in February 2019 Cosmic Events Deneb Stargate.
Also see  In the Creation Chamber,

The Stargate of true certainty of completion in this body and life. The full integration. The Stargate aligns through Andromeda which has always been in unity and those who have come through it holding pure love and divine consciousness.
That doesn’t mean the road is easy or Light but its deep and complete. Real and authentic. This Stargate essence of full integration of Heaven and Earth through every cell of your body into divine consciousness.

Antares has many merged doorways connected through the earth plane and is not set but fluid in its connection with earth and density. The marriage completes within each cell of your body, which is the whole earth, within, the grids align through you. The Starlines sing through reconnecting you to the unified matrix, the one cell, the one heart, the journey complete with full integration of spirit in matter through you.

There was a star alignment in Antares 3.1.2008 about our connection to our Soul Story and the energies that have come with us. Our true home within our heart. Once connected to our heart and home within then we are able to awaken to multi-dimensional aspects of self, the shinning radiant prisms of light we are.
The Evenstar star essences I made of Antares is "I am the Anchor of your Multi-Dimensional Self, into your Three Dimensional Body". 
Aware of your own Soul Story and journey from Source. The radiant light being dancing in the prisms of light, as you allow yourself to be the beautiful, radiant diamond you are, the light codes are anchored through the Earth through you from your love and true essence.
Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius, the Scorpion. In mythology Scorpius stings and kills Orion which is opposite it in the Heavens and Orion sets below the horizon as Scorpius rises. Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. In cosmology Antares is a Stargate that many walk-ins and higher frequency Beings use from the Andromedan Galaxy to get to Earth.

The planet is an interesting Stargate in that it is a planet and not a star but it is a doorway and allows for the joy of the soul to stream through more fully. It is expansion of your own inner wisdom, and brings in balance, as it is in the middle of the line of planets. It is exhualted joy; for in essence it seeks truth and higher knowledge, and as a Stargate as the material realms of the old paradigm crumble under the full light of the photonic particles illuminating us now, it opens up to the truth and wisdom within from your own inner light. The union of the old and new, the corrupted and the pure to bring you back into focus, balance and confidence of your own inner knowing of your Higher Self.
It also assisted with manifestation, and manifestation is from joy, so in that state one with your higher self what is yours can come to you. You don’t have to make it happen, it happens in the balanced natural flow of joy and love of the expansion of your Higher Self and the deep connection to the truth of your soul to be the Love that you are.
The Stargate grounds itself on the earth plane wherever you are.

Jupiter is at the Sacral Chakra in the Star Chakras and Planets within:
 The SACRAL CHAKRA requires JUPITER to be present to expand the water contents of the life force energy into full expansion and joy of life.
I have an MP3 and PDF to take you into your Star Chakras, also used in the Star Light Body, and in the Living Light Booklet.

The remains of the collisions of the planet Marduk/Nibiru and Tiamat which became the Asteroid Belt and the Earth.

The fragments of our self from some very old cosmic battles and wounds that have plagued us/you through into this life experience. The return of yourself from the fragmented energies of this time and space of destruction and trauma. This is also relates to other fragmentations and traumas through all time and space that you have encountered in your soul journey. Bringing back the pieces energetically to be able to stand firm in your body and bodies and feel whole once more. As the Stargate doorway of the union of Heaven and Earth. The Stargate union of the manifest and un-manifest union allows for recognition and acknowledge of the deep layers of fragmentation that your soul has endured and that it still runs on. Now as you open to the Stargate union within, the old traumas and fragments can be brought back into wholeness as this is the job of the Stargate union.
This Stargate likes to be anchored through the New Earth Grid, this is not a grid that you need to know its coordinates, as in reality they are within you. On the earth plane they allow you to flow wherever you travel. Whether this is on the inner and your travel the New Earth Grid in liquid light plasma to other locations worldwide within. Or if you are physically traveling if you allow your awareness to be in the New Earth Grid you will find you get there  before you know it, in the beautiful flow of no time or space, as you are already there.

Please see link here for diagrams and full story that has been recounted by the Sumerians and also in Genesis about this creation story of the collisions that occurred between Marduk that became Nibiru and Tiamat that would eventually become the Asteroid Belt and Earth.

1. Be aware of the Sun in your heart centre, it is like a magnet and draws back all your fragments from wherever they have been. It could be an argument with someone five minutes ago, or fragments from other worlds and dimensions you are not even aware of.
Allow all these fragments to flow back as the Sun gets brighter and brighter, all those fragments are merged into the pure Love and into wholeness within the Sun in your heart.
When the Sun feels really glowing and full then you can use this energy to rejuvenate all of you and send it out through your whole body, or you can send it to one area of your body that needs help and energy. Or you can send it to the creative faculties in your brain to assist you with a project you may be doing.

2. See a Golden Hollow Sun up above your head arm’s length or 3 feet, and draw all fragments into it. It is like a magnet pulling your energy back.
As you draw the fragments back at the same time you also open up to the pure golden light of Source and imagine it like a swimming pool of golden light. This is your trust fund, inexhaustible energy, with your Higher Self in attendance, it also comes flowing into the Sun.
When the Sun is full it needs to be purified. Imagine there is a fire under it and it is boiling the contents until the whole Sun is golden.
Then imagine the Sun coming down through you to your feet it is 6 feet wide and like a fiery mist down to your feet.
Put a word in it as you do this.
Words that are good to use are CLARITY, CERTAINTY, FORGIVENESS, HAVING-NESS if you wish to receive something. VALIDATION, TRUST, AMUSEMENT, SENIORITY is helpful if you need to get things done.
Start with just for the day, then two days etc. go back as far as you need to as you do it. Then once you have the hang of it just allow it without any time frame.

The light and dark dance we created to experience creation in denser realms. We have all experienced this dance to the max and now we are coming through it into wholeness and beyond duality and illusion. Our dark shadow side can be very tricky, it’s not just what we assume is our own shadow self in lifetimes of victim and victimiser. But also with other beings we have made agreements with along the way and are still within us controlling us on very subtle levels.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done consciously with this, but this Stargate union within brings light into those dark spaces and beings who have remained hidden in you, your own dark lords and those foreign ones who have hitched a ride from may be aeons of time and mega life time’s ago.
This essence does not cure all that, it’s a conscious process within us to sort out, but it brings light into what was not recognised, not understood and not owned and acknowledged.
Once the Stargate union happens within it creates discomfort for anything foreign within you. The Stargate essences is about union so what’s not in union, and what refuses to be in union is exposed into the light of day where it finds it can’t tolerate being seen.

1. You can work out what the agreements are that you made. Consciously aware of what those agreements are, state the date of the day you are in, the month and year and state that you forgive yourself and the other being involved.
Love and accept what has unfolded and then state that you no longer choose to participate in this agreement, it is null and void. Imagine it being stamped with your “todays date” and the paper work is done. Then the Being can be escorted out of your space. Love and accept yourself as you were back when you made it. It would of come from ego, greed, desire to have spiritual knowledge, power, control, magical powers whatever it was what your ego wanted and basically sold yourself for. Forgive, love and accept yourself in this zone until you feel free and know that the being is gone and the agreement/s have ended.

2. For your own Dark Lords, Black Magician, Sorceress, Black Witch, whatever you feel is still there within you, do one at a time, go within and sense that aspect, see how they are and what they have been up to. Then tell them inwardly “I love you, I accept you exactly as you are….” Until your inner dark one has shifted and is at peace, whole, healed, connected, open hearted. Do this for each aspect separately. It doesn’t matter if it only takes 10 minutes or if deep set, you might need to chip away and do over a period of time.

3. Also check and see if you have any White Lord, White Witch within who is in denial of their own darkness and repeat as above.
As you do this you will probably gain awareness of how this has affected you in this life time, love and accept that as well, until it feel all golden and loving.

The Evenstar star essences I have made of Orion are: BETELGEUSE – ORION I am the creator, expressing the Manifestation of Life.
RIGEL - ORION  I am the Cleanser of your Etheric Blueprint.

Orion is at the Crown Chakra in the Star Chakras and Planets within: The CROWN is THE CONSTELLATION OF ORION vast worlds within worlds where we unify light and dark into oneness as the journey of the soul has reached that point of unity and can now open up fully to the higher octaves of light that express life. The union through ORION opens you to the impersonal divine essence of yourself as you allow it to ground into your body and go beyond the fears and limitations, the judgements and pain that has caught you up in separation. Now in oneness the light illuminates down through your central channel and into your BASE as it grounds fully in the earth and transformed through PLUTO now down into EARTH STAR and is communicated through all worlds within the Earth and Cosmos.

I have an MP3 and PDF to take you into your Star Chakras, also used in the Star Light Body, and in the Living Light Booklet.

Also see the 11:11 Gate all about the gates through Orion and the dance of duality that we have gone through until now as we move through into the Oneness.
Orion is vast worlds within worlds and so there are Light and Dark zones as well as unified zones in Orion. All the dark stories are in the past now but some beings haven’t realised that yet, who still play that game so It’s important to have unified your own dark and light story. Don’t think it’s just the dark ones that are an issues the Light ones are too they are both polarised. The Light Lord has dark in their heart they just don’t own it, i.e. when we first get into the spiritual path and it’s all Love and Light, meanwhile we are creating havoc within ourselves and all around us. As we just see the Light, and don’t own that we have dark within. The Dark Lord is easier to deal with as they are outwardly dark and trying to suck, manipulate, control and do whatever they can to get power, control, money, whatever as they haven’t acknowledged they have light within them. So both are learning curves for us. We need to own both aspects within ourselves and then we move into the higher realms of 5D and beyond. Where those dances have completed and we exist in a peaceful state, not judging or reacting to any old triggers, as now we have embraced our ego and surrendered to our higher self, which can operate through us in harmony and balance with all creation.

Please see MP3 and PDF ‘Love Self, Others, the World, Psychic Attack’ as well as the ‘Pain of Separation from the Source within’ and others under the Healing Within Series.









Or email me if you are not sure if you feel you need a combo and not sure which ones. 
I can tune into your Higher Self to see which combo is required for this time.

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Dearest Soluntra, It Is So Sacred, such Beauty, thank you for the Stargate Essences, thank you, thank you Beautiful Radiant One.I love you. TaRa xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dearest Soluntra, thank you so much for this incredible journey! 🌷🌷🌷Somehow you clarify and strengthen in me many on hidden levels running processes in the best time...I am in a permanent gratitude to be connected with you, dear Soluntra. 💚 And yes, yes Cygnus! Thank you,  I love you Jangchub