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Merging matter and spirit, the manifest and un-manifest worlds.
The Stargate in you; that is the cosmos, universe, stars, suns, earth, nature, your body,..

The landscape of Heaven and Earth within you.
The unification, the transcendence, the Light, the pure Love from the Source is you, us all.

When I first started to work with Stargates many years ago it was ones in the heavens that opened when we as a collective were ready for that energy to come through. Then in 2013 it was Stargates located on the earth, in 2017 it was us the Stargate with the Starlines streaming through. We all came through a Stargate when we with birthed and we are the Stargate, the union of Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter. We are what we are searching for, we are what we have waited for, the eternal ominesense of our true self, creating through our Love Heaven on Earth,

Now in early 2019 the essence can be made to take us through ourselves as the Stargate one with the earth and heavens all merged. This is the story of you. From the beginning of creation when you first came in human form. Etheric and Light then eventually into matter ,but as that happened it got distorted and there were those who choose to separate from the Source and create a battle that has gone on ever since in the dance of light and dark. That too has been part of Prime Creators purpose for without the dark we can’t be the light in matter. So we needed the dark as painful as that has been but we are coming to the end of it now.
The Stargate essences are coming through to assist in the completion of that old dance and opening you as you truly are. Not only a divine being of light, but the earth, you hold the Earth all through you as you do all creation. Every sacred site is part of your chakra system and yes the chakra system is dissolving too as the liquid light plasmic fields of your true self merge. Through those points in the earth and you, and create the sacred union of heaven and earth that can’t happen without you. You are the union, you are the Stargate.

These essences are only one at a time as each one encompasses so much to be integrated within and optional but good to use in conjunction with the Evenstar, Earth Star and Starlight Essences. As they are triggering and a catalyst to bringing balance into your body, emotions, mind and soul and open you up to the highest potential of your divine self as you are in a human body awakening to the fact that you are all the cosmos, all that is right through every cell and atom, sub atomic particle and into the void, dark matter the nothing which is everything, you are.

It is recommended when you have a Stargate essence that you allow yourself the gift to immerse yourself in the earth, in water, in fire and air, in ether, the elementals are important as they stabilise our being-ness here and support us, assisting us to transcend the limitations of matter while at the same time we are matter. Which is simply light vibrating at a denser frequency than your other bodies, all your body is Light regardless its frequency. The name of the game to assist our frequency to not necessarily just vibrate at a high rate but to be in harmony and balance with all creation, the earth, the plants, the creatures, the water, the stars, the clouds, the sun, the cosmos and beyond the beyond all there within you. You are the Stargate, the Stargate is you.

Only One Stargate at a time until it’s completed its integration within your Being.
Unlike the Evenstar Essences which are so many times a day for however many weeks required sent as a vibration, or the Earth Star and Star Light Essences that are a transmission for a number of weeks the Stargate Essence is a doorway and so there is no time, no limitations, it is a transmission catalyst that triggers your own inner opening in your own timing and own journey through the stillness within.

Please read about Stargates here also available in pdf or booklet.   
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Also see Healing the Grids Within


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    There is no pre-requisite to receiving the essences, even though they are very high vibrationally, the receiver will get what they need at the time. You can’t expect to put 1000 volts into a 10 volt vehicle but it will work with you, to activate and awaken the cells, DNA and energy bodies from within as you integrate the heaven and earth within.


You have made full circle from the inception of creation to now completing the great experiment and experience of creation into matter. The Cygnus Stargate awakens within the remembrance of when you first came in to human form. The beauty of creation in its pure form of Love and balance with all creation. Now after you have gone through the denser gateways of duality and back to the pure Love of Source within, you have completed the duality dance. It opens the way within for the whole of creation to be birthed a new through you. You are the transformer of Heaven and Earth and within your body the Stargate doorway unifies Heaven and Earth.

Cygnus is in the rift in the Milky Way and was the star system that the pyramids in Giza Plateau were built to align with, the rift births the Cosmic Egg,, the cosmic egg that aligns through the great pyramid. Star mapped at different locations worldwide: At the three pyramids of Giza, at Gobekli Tepe, and beginnings of humanity, the area of Siberia up from Mongolia and Ergaki as Mt Meru which is in the Sayan Mountain range and where Cygnus, which is in the rift of the Milky Way is sited in between two horns of the Ergaki mountain with milky lake on its plateau and these ancient giants the Denisovans as our first ancestors, according to Andrew Collins in his book ‘the Cygnus Key’.

Cygnus also as a Swan, a bird, the Bird Tribe and connected to where we leave as a soul and return in the north to Eden/ Shambala and home, to Source.
There are so many connections to Cygnus that resonate within us as part of the creation story and our return to wholeness. Just like we believed Orion was aligned to the three pyramids that was perfect for where we were at, at the time as we moved through duality and the 11:11 doorway. Now we are moving into the unified field and opposite Orion is Ophiuchus the serpent bearer where we activate our kundalini and Body of Light. Then as we become more present and open to the levels of our Light Body we start to remember ourselves as the creator, and create the New Earth from our love. Now in our 5D upwards in frequency light bodies.
Just as we have many frequencies so does our Earth and the Cosmos as we now align back to the Cosmic Egg, the birthing of our true selves, we remember also the Bird Tribe, and that we span the universes and realms of creation.
The Evenstar star essences; I made of Deneb; the brightest star in Cygnus gives “Strength of your inner light, the doorway through into the higher aspects of self that are not yet grounded into the physical vehicle until the soul has moved through the 22 initiations. Then the doorway is open and ready for the awakened soul whose body becomes light. Deneb gives the strength of the light within the cells and body, the essence to with-stand this higher light and opens the doorway. This is from the 3 stars in the summer triangle, the first is Wega ‘I am Light’, then Aquila ‘I am the still point if the spirit’, then third is Deneb ‘the strength of the light to be held in physical form’…I am the light’. This essence is also within the Stargate essence.

Guided meditations of THE GREAT CENTRAL STARMAP mp3 & pdf that includes Cygnus, see also about the Great Central Starmap.
To see a meditation with the Swan in February 2019 Cosmic Events Deneb Stargate.
Also see  In the Creation Chamber,

The Stargate of true certainty of completion in this body and life. The full integration. The Stargate aligns through Andromeda which has always been in unity and those who have come through it holding pure love and divine consciousness.
That doesn’t mean the road is easy or Light but its deep and complete. Real and authentic. This Stargate essence of full integration of Heaven and Earth through every cell of your body into divine consciousness.

Antares has many merged doorways connected through the earth plane and is not set but fluid in its connection with earth and density. The marriage completes within each cell of your body, which is the whole earth, within, the grids align through you. The Starlines sing through reconnecting you to the unified matrix, the one cell, the one heart, the journey complete with full integration of spirit in matter through you.

There was a star alignment in Antares 3.1.2008 about our connection to our Soul Story and the energies that have come with us. Our true home within our heart. Once connected to our heart and home within then we are able to awaken to multi-dimensional aspects of self, the shinning radiant prisms of light we are.
The Evenstar star essences I made of Antares is "I am the Anchor of your Multi-Dimensional Self, into your Three Dimensional Body". 
Aware of your own Soul Story and journey from Source. The radiant light being dancing in the prisms of light, as you allow yourself to be the beautiful, radiant diamond you are, the light codes are anchored through the Earth through you from your love and true essence.
Antares is the brightest star in the constellation of Scorpius, the Scorpion. In mythology Scorpius stings and kills Orion which is opposite it in the Heavens and Orion sets below the horizon as Scorpius rises. Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. In cosmology Antares is a Stargate that many walk-ins and higher frequency Beings use from the Andromedan Galaxy to get to Earth.

The planet is an interesting Stargate in that it is a planet and not a star but it is a doorway and allows for the joy of the soul to stream through more fully. It is expansion of your own inner wisdom, and brings in balance, as it is in the middle of the line of planets. It is exhualted joy; for in essence it seeks truth and higher knowledge, and as a Stargate as the material realms of the old paradigm crumble under the full light of the photonic particles illuminating us now, it opens up to the truth and wisdom within from your own inner light. The union of the old and new, the corrupted and the pure to bring you back into focus, balance and confidence of your own inner knowing of your Higher Self.
It also assisted with manifestation, and manifestation is from joy, so in that state one with your higher self what is yours can come to you. You don’t have to make it happen, it happens in the balanced natural flow of joy and love of the expansion of your Higher Self and the deep connection to the truth of your soul to be the Love that you are.
The Stargate grounds itself on the earth plane wherever you are.

Jupiter is at the Sacral Chakra in the Star Chakras and Planets within:
 The SACRAL CHAKRA requires JUPITER to be present to expand the water contents of the life force energy into full expansion and joy of life.
I have an MP3 and PDF to take you into your Star Chakras, also used in the Star Light Body, and in the Living Light Booklet.
Jupiter is one of the Star Chakras THE STAR CHAKRAS ARE FROM THE ‘LIVING LIGHT’ BOOK
Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

The remains of the collisions of the planet Marduk/Nibiru and Tiamat which became the Asteroid Belt and the Earth.

The fragments of our self from some very old cosmic battles and wounds that have plagued us/you through into this life experience. The return of yourself from the fragmented energies of this time and space of destruction and trauma. This is also relates to other fragmentations and traumas through all time and space that you have encountered in your soul journey. Bringing back the pieces energetically to be able to stand firm in your body and bodies and feel whole once more. As the Stargate doorway of the union of Heaven and Earth. The Stargate union of the manifest and un-manifest union allows for recognition and acknowledge of the deep layers of fragmentation that your soul has endured and that it still runs on. Now as you open to the Stargate union within, the old traumas and fragments can be brought back into wholeness as this is the job of the Stargate union.
This Stargate likes to be anchored through the New Earth Grid, this is not a grid that you need to know its coordinates, as in reality they are within you. On the earth plane they allow you to flow wherever you travel. Whether this is on the inner and your travel the New Earth Grid in liquid light plasma to other locations worldwide within. Or if you are physically traveling if you allow your awareness to be in the New Earth Grid you will find you get there  before you know it, in the beautiful flow of no time or space, as you are already there.

Please see link here for diagrams and full story that has been recounted by the Sumerians and also in Genesis about this creation story of the collisions that occurred between Marduk that became Nibiru and Tiamat that would eventually become the Asteroid Belt and Earth.

1. Be aware of the Sun in your heart centre, it is like a magnet and draws back all your fragments from wherever they have been. It could be an argument with someone five minutes ago, or fragments from other worlds and dimensions you are not even aware of.
Allow all these fragments to flow back as the Sun gets brighter and brighter, all those fragments are merged into the pure Love and into wholeness within the Sun in your heart.
When the Sun feels really glowing and full then you can use this energy to rejuvenate all of you and send it out through your whole body, or you can send it to one area of your body that needs help and energy. Or you can send it to the creative faculties in your brain to assist you with a project you may be doing.

2. See a Golden Hollow Sun up above your head arm’s length or 3 feet, and draw all fragments into it. It is like a magnet pulling your energy back.
As you draw the fragments back at the same time you also open up to the pure golden light of Source and imagine it like a swimming pool of golden light. This is your trust fund, inexhaustible energy, with your Higher Self in attendance, it also comes flowing into the Sun.
When the Sun is full it needs to be purified. Imagine there is a fire under it and it is boiling the contents until the whole Sun is golden.
Then imagine the Sun coming down through you to your feet it is 6 feet wide and like a fiery mist down to your feet.
Put a word in it as you do this.
Words that are good to use are CLARITY, CERTAINTY, FORGIVENESS, HAVING-NESS if you wish to receive something. VALIDATION, TRUST, AMUSEMENT, SENIORITY is helpful if you need to get things done.
Start with just for the day, then two days etc. go back as far as you need to as you do it. Then once you have the hang of it just allow it without any time frame.

The light and dark dance we created to experience creation in denser realms. We have all experienced this dance to the max and now we are coming through it into wholeness and beyond duality and illusion. Our dark shadow side can be very tricky, it’s not just what we assume is our own shadow self in lifetimes of victim and victimiser. But also with other beings we have made agreements with along the way and are still within us controlling us on very subtle levels.
There is a lot of work that needs to be done consciously with this, but this Stargate union within brings light into those dark spaces and beings who have remained hidden in you, your own dark lords and those foreign ones who have hitched a ride from may be aeons of time and mega life time’s ago.
This essence does not cure all that, it’s a conscious process within us to sort out, but it brings light into what was not recognised, not understood and not owned and acknowledged.
Once the Stargate union happens within it creates discomfort for anything foreign within you. The Stargate essences is about union so what’s not in union, and what refuses to be in union is exposed into the light of day where it finds it can’t tolerate being seen.

1. You can work out what the agreements are that you made. Consciously aware of what those agreements are, state the date of the day you are in, the month and year and state that you forgive yourself and the other being involved.
Love and accept what has unfolded and then state that you no longer choose to participate in this agreement, it is null and void. Imagine it being stamped with your “todays date” and the paper work is done. Then the Being can be escorted out of your space. Love and accept yourself as you were back when you made it. It would of come from ego, greed, desire to have spiritual knowledge, power, control, magical powers whatever it was what your ego wanted and basically sold yourself for. Forgive, love and accept yourself in this zone until you feel free and know that the being is gone and the agreement/s have ended.

2. For your own Dark Lords, Black Magician, Sorceress, Black Witch, whatever you feel is still there within you, do one at a time, go within and sense that aspect, see how they are and what they have been up to. Then tell them inwardly “I love you, I accept you exactly as you are….” Until your inner dark one has shifted and is at peace, whole, healed, connected, open hearted. Do this for each aspect separately. It doesn’t matter if it only takes 10 minutes or if deep set, you might need to chip away and do over a period of time.

3. Also check and see if you have any White Lord, White Witch within who is in denial of their own darkness and repeat as above.
As you do this you will probably gain awareness of how this has affected you in this life time, love and accept that as well, until it feel all golden and loving.

The Evenstar star essences I have made of Orion are:
ALNITAK - ORION Connecting Stellar to Cellular. Reawakening your connection with our Essence in the Stars.
BETELGEUSE – ORION I am the creator, expressing the Manifestation of Life.

RIGEL - ORION  I am the Cleanser of your Etheric Blueprint.

Orion is at the Crown Chakra in the Star Chakras and Planets within: The CROWN is THE CONSTELLATION OF ORION vast worlds within worlds where we unify light and dark into oneness as the journey of the soul has reached that point of unity and can now open up fully to the higher octaves of light that express life. The union through ORION opens you to the impersonal divine essence of yourself as you allow it to ground into your body and go beyond the fears and limitations, the judgements and pain that has caught you up in separation. Now in oneness the light illuminates down through your central channel and into your BASE as it grounds fully in the earth and transformed through PLUTO now down into EARTH STAR and is communicated through all worlds within the Earth and Cosmos.

I have an MP3 and PDF to take you into your Star Chakras, also used in the Star Light Body, and in the Living Light Booklet.

Also see the 11:11 Gate all about the gates through Orion and the dance of duality that we have gone through until now as we move through into the Oneness.
Orion is vast worlds within worlds and so there are Light and Dark zones as well as unified zones in Orion. All the dark stories are in the past now but some beings haven’t realised that yet, who still play that game so It’s important to have unified your own dark and light story. Don’t think it’s just the dark ones that are an issues the Light ones are too they are both polarised. The Light Lord has dark in their heart they just don’t own it, i.e. when we first get into the spiritual path and it’s all Love and Light, meanwhile we are creating havoc within ourselves and all around us. As we just see the Light, and don’t own that we have dark within. The Dark Lord is easier to deal with as they are outwardly dark and trying to suck, manipulate, control and do whatever they can to get power, control, money, whatever as they haven’t acknowledged they have light within them. So both are learning curves for us. We need to own both aspects within ourselves and then we move into the higher realms of 5D and beyond. Where those dances have completed and we exist in a peaceful state, not judging or reacting to any old triggers, as now we have embraced our ego and surrendered to our higher self, which can operate through us in harmony and balance with all creation.

Please see MP3 and PDF ‘Love Self, Others, the World, Psychic Attack’ as well as the ‘Pain of Separation from the Source within’ and others under the Healing Within Series.
Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

The Stargate of Sirius with the triple star of pure light, unified essence, and also shades of duality bring the trinity of creation through us. When we have unified our own light dark and come from unity consciousness the Stargate union of Heaven and Earth magically aligns us in full integration.
The full power of our inner sun can illuminate us as we no longer look outwards to the Stars and Source, but inwards to the Greater Central Sun star that we are. Our inner Cosmos and Earth blended on divine alchemy.

Anchoring through spirt and matter through the Greater Central Sun within you through all the Sirian Star Bases of the Earth and through the dolphins as you swim in the Cosmic Ocean grounded through your inner Source connection of the full union of the manifest and un-manifest realms.

The Sirian connection for us all is very strong not just in our star linages personally, but as a potent source of wisdom and influence of higher awareness on Earth. Sirius B is after all our Greater Central Sun, and the ancient mystery schools and so much higher spiritual wisdom has been brought in by Sirians, including sending beings to create a big shift in consciousness when required. We also have many Sirian Light Ships working with us observing us and assisting us worldwide, as well as Sirian Star Bases under the oceans. As well of course the beautiful Sirian dolphins who play in our oceans and teach us about real joy and surrendering to the divine flow.

I have made Sirius as a Star Essence in 1990, in 2016 the triple star Earth Star Essence, and now 2019 as the Stargate.
Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

The Stargate of Alpha Centauri unifies the thought process of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions with higher dimensional light technologies. The union of spirit and matter in this Stargate brings the lower and higher minds into integration with higher realms understanding to create in the denser realms with clarity to uplift humanity. Not by telepathy or thought transference but by awakening the inactive and latent parts of the human consciousness to expand into greater awareness and application of the awareness in practical ways to advance sustainability and living in the New Earth.

As we move it the higher realms we open to these more highly advanced ways of sustaining our bodies and lives without creating disharmony or harm to all sentential life.
Alpha Centauri anchors through spirt and matter and into the earth plane through the New Earth Grids and New Earth, higher dimensional Earth.

Alpha Centauri (Latinized from α Centauri, abbreviated Alpha Cen or α Cen) is the closest star system and closest planetary system to the Solar System at 4.37 light-years (1.34 pc) from the Sun. It is a triple star system, consisting of three stars: α Centauri A (officially Rigil Kentaurus),[15] α Centauri B (officially Toliman),[15] and α Centauri C (officially Proxima Centauri).[15]

Alpha Centauri A and B are Sun-like stars (Class G and K), and together they form the binary star Alpha Centauri AB. To the naked eye, the two main components appear to be a single star with an apparent magnitude of −0.27, forming the brightest star in the southern constellation of Centaurus and the third-brightest in the night sky, outshone only by Sirius and Canopus.
They are the Pointers to the Southern Cross.

Alpha Centauri is a nearby multiple star in the constellation Centaurus. It is the name of a binary star system with a small additional star called Proxima Centauri.

Extraterrestrials from the Alpha Centauri system are particularly scientifically and technically advanced, possessing great theoretical knowledge that they endeavour to instil by inspiration into Earth scientists. In fact, according to the Explorer volumes this star system is directly involved as a portal from the Creator - life in effect comes forth from Alpha Centauri.
They represent the violet band of frequencies - giving scientific and technical knowledge of the highest quality in the universe. The violet ray is the highest vibration. It is through this frequency that connection to the universal intelligence and the Great Central Mind is made for all. The Alpha Centaurians do have access to this channel of information in their natural state -  they are totally empathic and telepathic on their home planet.

Hercules the Greek mythological hero famous for his twelve labours through the signs of the zodiac. He has one foot on Draco the dragon.
The Stargate of Hercules takes you through each labour to make sure you have completed the quest and the lessons of each. To be humble and able to control your own inner realms and energy, mistress or master of yourself. Transcending the control by all spirit attachments, agreements and contracts, to be bound to no being or entity.

You have either completed or about to be prodded to complete each labour fully, until your being and energy field is clear and strong, incorruptible and not able to be accessed by any but your own Divine Self and Source. You are the owner of your inner realms fully sovereign.
Or your higher self is about to embark you on the final initiation’s of the last threads of duality and out of alignment stories that now need to be reviewed in the light of the clarity of the unified field that you are moving into.

Anchoring through you and your central channel down into the Inner Earth Sun, as you open fully to the Sun that you are, one with the Earths Sun (heart) and all outer Suns, your cellular and DNA codings are ready for a step up into your higher vibrational multi-dimensional self. You are transparent and through all the Cosmos and Earth in full consciousness of your divinity.

The brightest star in Aries, also known as Alpha Arietis,  it is one of three stars in the head of the Ram. Over 2000 years ago it was conjunct the Sun at the equinox but has now shifted way past that point, and is now conjunct the Sun around 28 April.

Hamal guides us from the past with awareness of all the conflict and waring we have experienced individually and collectively. We come through the fire and out the other side to rest in peace. Hamal is merging the conflict and peace as a Stargate unifier.
We have known both aspects and now in this end time of duality and opening up to the New Earth we need to bring with us the wisdom of experience of all our conflicts now surrendered in love, acceptance, allowing. As we walk new timelines into a world where we have learnt the greatest lessons of duality and are ready to move beyond all that we have gained in our experience, no matter how heavy.

Some of us have experienced in this lifetime a lot of violence and abuse, victim, victimiser issues accumulated from life times. Now we have completed that story we too can move through the equinoxal energies of balance and stillness and out the other side where a whole new world awaits us.

This Stargate essence is very useful if you have had a lot of painful experiences in this life time and have chosen to complete it all, hence mega experiences you have been through. You can rest now in the deep knowing that all is well and that you now head into a whole new story. Letting go all the past while maintaining the wisdom earned.
Hamal the Stargate assists you to integrate and unify the final dross and energies of the enormous journey you have come through. It gives a quiet reprieve and integration of all the energies of victim, victimiser, duality dancing that has held you in so much pain and separation, and now the union of all that has gone before is done, gone, finished, over.

You have learnt to now be the Spiritual Warrior. You haven’t lost your fight but now it’s with wisdom and the power of love. There are still many battles in the dense realm of Earth but they will be conquered by your love and wisdom..

Alpha Virginis, is the brightest star in the southern constellation Virgo and the 16th brightest star in the sky. It is a blue subgiant star located at a distance of 262 light years from Earth. Spica is really a close binary star system. Spica looks like a single star. But it’s at least two stars. Both are larger and hotter than our sun, and they’re separated by only 11 million miles (less than 18 million km), orbiting their common centre of gravity in only four days. That’s in contrast to 93.3 million miles (150 million km) for Earth’s distance from our sun, and one year for the length of Earth’s orbit.
The two stars in the Spica system are individually indistinguishable from a single point of light, even with a telescope. The dual nature of this star was revealed only by analysis of its light with a spectroscope, an instrument that splits light into its component colours.
The two stars are so close, and they orbit so quickly around each other, that their mutual gravity distorts each star into an egg shape.

Spica ‘the ear of wheat’ that the Virgin holds is the sign of abundance from the nurturing energies of the goddess as she dances in union with the god. Two stars in one, the union within of our own inner male and female brings unlimited abundance to Earth as we cease all judgements of goddess or god. But know both need to be whole, healed and at peace to bring in the true self and Light.
The egg shape of the stars creates the Cosmic Egg of creation. As a Stargate we experience the union of goddess and god within that creates the third aspect; the child that is to come birthed from the cosmic egg of pure love. Seeding the earth and higher realms of this galaxy and beyond with abundance of life. As the old falls away on Earth our union in pure love within births the New Earth, the abundance of life we have all dreamed of and now are ready to move into.

You my gain insight into your own duality dance and what still needs to be loved in your own goddess and god, the many and the one all aspects of self. As we have busied ourselves with DNA splicing creating new races, humans included we have caused a lot of pain and conflict as we were not in balance with all our worlds there were too many agendas running by many gods and goddesses. Now we have felt the repercussions of that big time in our own personal story in this life.
There is always a way bigger picture to your story and deep guilt’s and grief at what has been done to create new life. Now in this Stargate union the meddling completes, the union of the polarities completes. The cosmic egg can only birth from pure love.
You might become more aware of your role in the creations you have made through time and space, it’s all reflected in how your life is now. If you feel responsible for others, wish to heal, rescue, save others, the earth then look deep into your guilt and grief. Love whatever you have created and accept it as the journey of Love that it is. It has been a huge storey to get to this awareness. The Stargate Spica brings you to completion of all the old control dramas of what life should be. As you surrender into yourself and your goddess god merge in pure love and simply allow. The new creation is no longer with agendas and power plays. You are home in the cosmic egg of pure love.

The brightest star in the constellation of Lyra. Lyra the prism we came through as we came into the duality worlds. We came to Earth from there but it was too unhospitable at the time, so we seeded the Pleiades and came back later bringing the Love. We journeyed to many star systems to learn different lessons and now as we have come out of the white hole we return through the black hole, the stillness and peace. Wega is Light, which is Life.

The Stargate of Wega integrates the experience of being in separation consciousness as we came from the oneness and pure love into creation and duality.
The Stargate union of the manifest and un-manifest. The Wega Stargate assists to being in all our other selves, our multi-d aspects, some know others unknown to us consciously, but all coming back into the one, into wholeness and peace. The stillness.
The Stargate awakens the conscious recollection of yourself as a manifest being and also as an un-manifest being, a light being without the dense body. One is not better than the other, both need to be integrated. We judge density and being in a physical body as lower vibrational, and of course it is, it vibrates at a lower frequency of Light but that does not mean it is bad or something is wrong. It is also light.

Now with the Stargate union you can hold the light within your beautiful physical body, your Body of Light, there is no separation.

I have made two  Evenstar star essences from Wega:
I am Light.
Light way of the soul; for the new light codes and light that is with us now.
The Wega light essence streams through the cells and bodies to create a diamond window of unlimited facets that can be accessed when the soul is ready.
This is a lot higher frequency than the WEGA, “I am Light” essence made in 1990
that is still totally valid to assist one to be ready for the heightening light energies.

Also read about your Light Body
Wega  is one of the Star Chakras 
Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

Arcturus is a red giant star in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth's sky and the brightest star in the constellation Boötes (the herdsman). Arcturus is also among the brightest stars that can be seen from Earth. 

Arcturus is thought to be an old-disk star, and appears to be moving with a group of 52 other such stars, known as the Arcturus stream. With an absolute magnitude of −0.30, Arcturus is, together with Vega and Sirius, one of the most luminous stars in the Sun's neighbourhood.

The Arcturian Star Beings from it are very familiar to most of us and of course they assist humanity with healing and come through many healers on Earth. To bring higher light frequencies and codes to those ready to receive them, and to unify their imbalance and to assist in moving out of the dark matrix. The dark matrix or god matrix is the major programmed illusion that almost all of humanity is programmed into. That disempowers humanity and keeps them as food for many negative ETs and other beings like reptilians, all with agendas of power and control, and ruling by fear.
Many starseeds feel they also come from Arcturus or have a very close infinity with the Star Beings from there. In the greater reality it is a multi-dimensional aspect of the starseed, and one that is closely associated with restoring the vibration of Love to Earth, often working in conjunction with the Pleiadians, Sirians and the Lyrans in the Councils of Light and Star Councils.

This Stargate assists to integrate the dark and light matrix; to merge and unify the two so that the remaining programs and implants can more easily be acknowledged, loved and embraced into the oneness and pure Love of Source. It open’s us up to more Grace, the grace that comes from our own inner Love and pure connection with Source. The Star Being that we are shines bright.

As we know it is up to us to resolve the old dramas, and that we have come in Love to uplift this sector of our galaxy. Opening ourselves up to being the Stargate doorway Love that beams out to all creation and assisting to complete this great mission of being Light in the densest dimensions.

Arcturus is one of the Star Chakras THE STAR CHAKRAS ARE FROM THE ‘LIVING LIGHT’ BOOK
Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

Altair (Alpha Aquilae) is the brightest star in the constellation Aquila, and the 12th most luminous in the entire night sky. ALTAIR being in the constellation of AQUILA the Eagle; companion of Jupiter who often carried his thunderbolts 'I am spirit flying straight for my home'. Altair is at 1 09 Aquarius, conjunct the Sun on 22nd January. With the bright stars Deneb and Vega, Altair (Arabic for "flying eagle") forms the prominent asterism of the Summer Triangle.
Altair is an A-type main sequence star with 1.8 times the mass of the Sun. It is also a rapid rotator completing a rotation on its axis every nine hours (the Sun takes 25 days). Because of this fast spinning motion, Alpha Aquilae is oblate in shape, meaning its equator is about 20 percent larger in diameter than its polar regions.
The Māori people called this star Poutu-te-rangi, meaning "pillar of heaven"    

Aquila the eagle has also been related the eagle in the Roman, Nazi and American empires and obviously they all have their downfalls, it is supposedly comes with action and forcefulness. But in order to spin so fast, and be active at its centre is stillness, to transcend the violence and excessive use of force to come into a state of peace.

Altair as a Stargate means we have gone through the lessons of over active behaviour, forcing issues and our self; of violence and war, it also holds the reptile in its beak. We can’t look at reptiles negative as even in the Reptilians there are positive ones, neutral ones as well as the ones that have caused havoc for humanity. The Serpent is a symbol of transformation so we transform from this lower base instincts; lusts, desires and transcend it all as we open to our highest potential and a divine state of being. Which means we come from the still point not negative not positive just is in the peace and stillness.

As a Stargate we have the merging of spirit and matter, the manifest and manifest, the violence and waring duality dramas of density and the absolute peace and love of the higher realms that we are learning to merge within us. So this Stargate awakens within us the last of the extremes of our experiences and personality, ego self to come into the centre where we embrace love and merge with it all.
Altair gives us the gift of peace, stillness and transcendence of all that was programmed and implanted in us to keep up the illusion and the inner violence and agitation, the inner waring can now come into the stillness and complete.

 "I AM THE STILL POINT OF THE SPIRIT' Matter into spirit, spirit into matter the seventh point of the six pointed star, perfection, completion, the Heart of the Cosmos".

     Cleanses imprints no longer required that have trapped us/you in patterns and programs that sabotage one’s life, physical body and energy bodies.
     Through the doorway to Altair, ‘I am the still point of the spirit’ (the original star essence for Altair), now through Mead Wall the hyper-dimensional doorway. Taking you deeper through the imprinted codes to release them one by one as your Higher Self deems it. The essence allows the cleansing to take place.

The fixed star Fomalhaut is positioned at 3º 52′ Pisces in the southern fish. It is situated in its eye and the fish itself, which is found at the foot of the water bearer. Originally this star was part of the constellation Aquarius.  Fomalhaut once being part of Aquarius, as then it forms part of the fixed cross of the four Archangels; Michael (Aldebaran), Raphael (Regulus) and Oriel (Antares). Fomalhaut is Gabriel, the human.

The doorway to higher consciousness as a Stargate it merges the highest spheres of your own divine self through into your denser planes and physical body. As all is Light and there is no separation when the Stargate opens the doorway to full union of your higher and lower consciousness.
The Stargate anchors through you and your physical vehicle through the physical plane to clear old imprinted codes of locked in blocks, to being able to function fully.
It anchors especially well in water of all kinds. But can only be open when one is balanced.

Crux is a constellation centred on five stars in the southern sky in a bright portion of the Milky Way, four that make the cross and one other seen with the naked eye. It is among the most easily distinguished constellations as the four main stars each have an apparent visual magnitude brighter than +2.8, even though it is the smallest of all 88 modern constellations..
     Acrux the brightest star in the Southern Cross is sighted before the Sun at 11.51 degrees Scorpio, 5th November.
Used for navigation it was also seen in the Northern Hemisphere, but now only in the Southern.
Metaphysically it is a doorway through into the new paradigm and personally I waited many years before I could travel through it back in 2000. It is very high frequency and takes you through multi-dimensional doorways very fast to where you need to be.

As a Stargate it merges the new and old, it was seen in the Northern Hemisphere and now seen only in the Southern Hemisphere. It unites that which has been with that which is to come, and in the centre as the Stargate union it brings all your dimensional selves into your centre.
It is the guiding light to bring you home to yourself.
As the union occurs within, it steps you into the reality of your choosing. We have multiple realties to choose from, most of humanity is locked by fear into the third dimensional only and feel powerless as the dark ones in their final throes of control attempt their control now with AI, weather control, terror, wars and the ongoing duality sagas. But this is illusion we are the power of Love and as we own our fear and embrace it we move multi-dimensionally to the world of our choosing. Not the world of the mark of the beast, but the world of peace, joy, life and love and harmony with all beings.
The Creator that you are from the pure Love of Source within your heart has completed the great journey of the out breath, and through all spectrums of creation to the point of stillness and the journey home to yourself within.
The Stargate assist the last of the unification process as you step through the Stargate of yourself and into the new of your creation.
The Stargate grounds through the New Earth Template.
See also the New Earth.

Made on Uluru on the Autumn Equinox and Blue Full Moon 20.3.2000
"I am your salvation and doorway through into the new paradigm. I assist those who have chosen to be here to help bring in the new paradigm. I am the catalyst to awaken your full potential as a grounded abundant, loving, wise, clear Being in service to God Creator and all Creation in Love for the shift in cycles. I am the Doorway of the New Paradigm.
With ULURU VIOLET FLOWER, three flowers- "I am at onement with the Soul".
I am at onement with all others". "I am at onement with all creation"

The Southern Cross is one of the Star Chakras THE STAR CHAKRAS ARE FROM THE ‘LIVING LIGHT’ BOOK
Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

Draco is a constellation in the far northern sky. Its name is Latin for dragon. The north pole of the ecliptic is in Draco. Draco is circumpolar, and can be seen all year from northern latitudes.
Draco has nine stars with known planets and contains one Messier object, M102(NGC 5866). The brightest star in the constellation is Gamma Draconis, Eltanin. There is one meteor shower associated with the constellation; the Draconids.
The star Thuban (Draconis) was the northern pole star around 2700 BC, during the time of the ancient Egyptians and due to the effects of precession, it will once again be the pole star around the year 21 000 AD. Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degrees Sagittarius on December 20th each year. See the Cosmic Events for whatever year for December 20th.

Many people look at Draco as negative as the Reptilians are creations of the negative Draco’s, but like Sirius which most people feel is positive; Sirius B being our Greater Central Sun, but Sirius also has two other stars, and there are dark beings also from Sirius and neutral ones, so too from Draco.
The Dragons are our ancestors, just as the Serpent people are, dragons without wings. They came here at the inception of the Earth when it was uninhabitable and the crystals were being formed by heat and pressure and linked them to create the dragon lines. The electromagnetic field that created life on the surface of the Earth. The Serpents being the multi-dimensional portals that link the Earth with the multi-verses and make inter stellar travel possible.
The negative Draco’s became so as they felt the Earth belonged to them then created the Reptilians to guard it and keep others away. But this is only one branch of the Draco’s. But of course with any duality dramas we need to love and accept our fear and own our own inner Reptilian as we are Reptilian as well. We still have part of their brain and the flight fight reflex that in this time we are in; is finally being loved and transmuted into the higher brain and floral energies of the flower of life and life force energy direct from Source and not via any genetic splicing’s.

This Stargate is for those who have fully owned their dark and light and can move through to full peace and don’t have fear left from the reptilian genetic splicing.
The Stargate merges within the Cosmic Cyclic flows of universal love and peace and the cyclic flows of entrapment that were created in density to keep humans and others on the wheel of karma. Which in the greater reality is an illusion but an illusion that has been well imprinted. As all this illusion dissipates from the full love and acceptance of everything you have been in; the dark, grey and light, it brings deep peace. And while still in your physical body the ability to hold the BeAm through the highest realms of creation through all the distortions and into the physical for Light awakening in density.
See also Out of the Loop and the Draco Codes

The Star Essence from Draco ELTANIN -the Dragon's head in Draco
Eltanin assist in the purification of the old energies still held in the cells, DNA and energy field,
opening us up to the matrix of unity and the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth. Its energy resides as the dragon at the base of your spine and as you activate and awaken it ignites up your spine and en-livens you.
Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath. I create new worlds to inhabit within the light of consciousness of the unified matrix. Acknowledge me not as destroyer or negative but as creator and unified. The fire I breathe only destroys that not of spirit in unity. I transmute and purify that which is old, tired and ready to move on. I give rebirth, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the new comes from the old, all form changes through the fire I breathe. I herald the new birth, the new creation as transmuted through the fire of spirit and through the eye of the needle. My alignment with the Earth plane again is a sign that the purification is happening. Be at peace and transcend as the fire of my breath awakens the spirit of thee."

   The ancient memories return, the cycle is complete. You reconnect to the time when your genetics were enslaved to release the chains now. The essences of Draco through Mead Wall allows you to rejuvenate and bring in your Light Body codes that have been hidden and trapped.
  Resurrection through the doorway that gave you limitations in your DNA and now opens you up to your unlimited DNA light codes as the lesson of control, fear and limitations are transformed through your acceptance and love of those aspects within.

Canopus is the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina, and is located near the western edge of the constellation around 310 light-years from the Sun. Its proper name is generally considered to originate from the mythological Canopus, who was a navigator for Menelaus , king of Sparta .

The prominent appearance of Canopus means it has been the subject of mythological lore among many ancient peoples. The acronychal rising marked the date of the Ptolemaia festival in Egypt. For Chinese astronomers, it was known as the Old Man of the South Pole. In Indian Vedic literature, Canopus is associated with the sage Agastya, one of the ancient siddhars and rishis (the others are associated with the stars of the Big Dipper). To Agastya, the star is said to be the 'cleanser of waters', and its rising coincides with the calming of the waters of the Indian Ocean. It is thus considered the son of Pulastya, son of Brahma. Canopus is described by Pliny the Elder and Gaius Julius Solinus as the largest, brightest and only source of starlight for navigators near Tamraparni island (ancient Sri Lanka) during many nights.

The Stargate of Canopus assists with the embodiment of spirit and matter within, being a Stargate that is a Stairgate’s purpose anyway but the qualities of Canopus wish to fuse the manifest and un-manifest universes and realms within.
 It is a prominent star and it also has a prominent job assisting us to be fully Light in our physical body. The Stargate illuminates through your molecules and sub atomic particles. Which if we keep going deeper come to the void, the stillness, the all and the nothing.
The Canopus Stargate allows for the infusion of these opposites, it flows in liquid light plasmic waves through the denser realms bringing Light to that which is dense, awakening the cells to their full potential.

The Star that you are awakens in each cell and glows through the Star/Sun in your heart. As you connect deeper in to the Star/Sun that you are the rays of your Solar Stellar Self glow out through your densest dimensional self in 3D, through all your multi-d aspects beyond the beyond.
The song of your heart Sun/Star brings all the aspects into alignment so that you can embody all of yourself right here, right now.

Evenstar star essence of Canopus in Carina is: I am Life. Embodiment of Spirit into Matter.
Also read about your Light Body 

Also the mandalas and sounds codes TRANSMUTING DNA AT DENSE STRUCTURAL LEVELS


 Is a well-known planetary nebula located in the northern constellation Lyra.

The Ring Nebula has an apparent magnitude of 8.8 and lies at an approximate distance of 2,300 light years from Earth. It has the designation NGC 6720 in the New General Catalogue. Messier 57 lies to the south of Wega.

Fine tuned to the highest realms of your divine being you sing the song of the universal melody of harmonic light. The harpist plays the most divine music as it resonates from your soul through your whole body and being.
You are fine tuning yourself to vibrate at the highest cosmic realms right here in your physical body, your body of Light.

Remember yourself as the divine one you truly are in the highest notes of your soul song as it merges through the Stargate that you are in union with; your physical body from the highest realms of the un-manifest worlds.
In harmony with each cell they are attuned to your own song. Allow yourself to surrender and be the harpist of your true self in divine union with all creation in the Divine Light of Source.

This Stargate union within is not easy as we often have many so called health issues or imbalances as we adjust to our harmonic song of pure Light. Allow yourself to surrender to the harpist you are, playing your highest vibrational song that resonates in ease, grace and balance through to the densest structures of your physical body as your physical body is Light.

I have also made a Stargate essence of Wega in Lyra No.11
And two  Evenstar star essences from Wega:
I am Light.
Light way of the soul; for the new light codes and light that is with us now. 
The Wega light essence streams through the cells and bodies to create a diamond window of unlimited facets that can be accessed when the soul is ready. 
This is a lot higher frequency than the WEGA, “I am Light” essence made in 1990  that is still totally valid to assist one to be ready for the heightening light energies.

Also read about your Light Body 
Also the mandalas and sounds codes TRANSMUTING DNA AT DENSE STRUCTURAL LEVELS


Rigel, also designated Beta Orionis, is generally the seventh-brightest star in the night sky and the brightest star in the constellation of Orion—though periodically it is outshone within the constellation by the variable Betelgeuse. Rigel is really a star system composed of three stars. It has been a known visual binary since 1831, possibly even earlier, when F. G. Struve first measured it. Rigel is surrounded by a shell of expelled gas.

The Etheric Blueprint Cleanser in the star essence made from this star in the 1990s now it’s come through as a Stargate in full integration of matter and spirit. Our Blueprint holds all that we came in with and also all the old paradigm programs, the cross breeding of genetic engineering that went wrong in so many ways due to so many saboteurs along the way, not wishing humanity to have full divinity. This has now shifted as we have done our inner homework and loved all these old programs and defective blocks in our DNA that limited us and stopped us from being Physically Immortal, able to heal ourselves easily if we did go out of balance and all the old guilt’s that we have held from the creation stories and all their fractured attempts to bring love into our DNA fully. This is project that has taken millions of years to get to where it is now. But now we are in the time of total transformation and transfiguring back to our Divine Blueprint.

Rigel has also a long history of Light and Dark just like all of Orion, occupied by the Blond Nordics who destroyed their world, some went underground and became Greys, having to clone, others went off to Procyon as they were beaten by Draco’s and Reptilians. Many freak out about the Draco’s and Reptilians but they are not all negative and evil, like with humans we have the dark ones, the ones dancing in the grey and then the light loving ones. The Reptilians are moving into the Love as well and owning their own Divine Blueprint. Frankly being dark and controlling can be fun at first having all that power and control, but after a while it gets boring and is soulless so there is nowhere to go and it all self-implodes eventually. So just like us and our experience with the duality drama its goes on in other worlds as well, but in Orion they have now resolved this and it is coming through to us as well as we resolve it too. Deep in our hearts we yearn to be whom we truly are, and the seeds of love planted aeons ago for us are now flowering not just for us on Earth but in our Universe.

The Stargate of Rigel essence assists in your journey back to full wholeness and to open you up to your Divine Blueprint, your true sovereign self and for the first time in a physical body, as your physical body is Light. Now integrating fully right through the sub atomic particles as the old blueprints dissolve in your love and radiating their Light once more.
You have stepped it up into a whole new self, home to yourself as the Light Being you truly are in your beautiful physical body, all One.

The Rigel Stargate anchors through you wherever you are on Earth, as all the Earth is within you, so as you open to this Stargate process you also assist the Earth herself and all on her to awaken to the divine love and peace, as you and the Earth and all Creation are One.
What we do for ourselves in the unification process and lightening up we do for all creation, all one.

Rigel being in Orion and Orion being such a vast world where we experienced as we came into creation light and dark, now we have unified the polarities within ourselves, this happened in the heavens as well as the doorway opened 11.1.1992 with the 11:11 Gate and we went through the eleven gates. Of course every person does this in their own timing but for many it has been a major focus and now full circle we are coming to. The completion of Creation as we have know it, through this whole duality dance, and so we take ourselves into a whole new world where we exist in Love, Peace and Harmony with all life. Regardless what still takes place in the third dimensional world, we help it by holding the BeAm of pure Love and Oneness, not buying into the illusion of fear that it still dances. If enough if us do this then the whole planet and all on her will soon have moved into the love as well. We have also had the Holy Grail and Arc of the Covenant opened up within us now also. Please see more here.

Evenstar star essence of Rigel I am the Cleanser of your Etheric Blueprint.
Also use Being your Divine Blueprint MP3 PDF
Please see my Light Code Activation book to clear your Etheric Blueprint, activate your DNA and open to your body of Light. As well as  Diamond Light Worksbook, Living Light and the DVD Light Codes.

The Constellation Corona Borealis is the Northern Crown, a northern constellation sitting above the head of the Serpent, constellation Serpens, between Bootes and Hercules. Corona Borealis spans 12 degrees of the Zodiac in the Sign Scorpio, and contains 2 named fixed stars; Nusakan and Alphecca
Corona Borealis represents the garland given by Venus to Ariadne on the occasion of her marriage to Bacchus after she had been forsaken by Theseus.

I have worked with Corona Borealis a lot over the years and it is at the Cosmic Gateway Chakra in the Star Chakras.
Once many years ago when I lived at a very multi-d vortex place I was telling a friend about it and we went out onto the deck and there was the crown shining bright in the night sky with different colours as the points of the crown. This was in Australia where it is not seen in the heavens due to its northern position, but it wanted us to see it.

The love that we are is more powerful than anything else. The Holy Grail is opened and is within you, as you drink the golden nectar from your inner Grail cup that illuminates your body and whole being. Through all your energy bodies and the ones beyond your normal comprehension.

The Stargate of Corona Borealis merges the love of the material realm with the love of the non-material realms into a symphony of pure love within each cell as you learn to trust completely all that comes to you, that is you.
No more resistance, judgment and fear of what is present in your life, regardless of how you once might of reacted in fear, panic, horror, shame, guilt, flight and flight. Now you simply face it in pure Love, without any reaction, with total trust. You are the Love.

On the 10:10 10th October 2019 we had the Stargate of Corona Borealis within, which has been an amazing step up, as well as connecting to the Beings from the brightest star Alphecca.

Evenstar star essence of Corona Borealis I am the Expression of your Eternal Love. The Power to Be.

Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

Ursa Major constellation lies in the northern sky. Its name means “the great bear,” or “the larger bear,” in Latin. The smaller bear is represented by Ursa Minor.

Ursa Major is the largest northern constellation and third largest constellation in the sky. Its brightest stars form the Big Dipper asterism, one of the most recognizable shapes in the sky, also known as the Plough. Ursa Major contains a number of notable stars and famous deep sky objects; among them, the Pinwheel Galaxy (M101), Bode’s Galaxy, the Cigar Galaxy, and the Owl Nebula.
The brightest star in the constellation is Alioth, Epsilon Ursae Majoris, with an apparent magnitude of 1.76. There are two meteor showers associated with the constellation; the Alpha Ursa Majorids and the Leonids-Ursids. There are 7 main stars; Alioth, Dubhe, Merak, Alkaid (Benetnash), Phecda, Megrez, and Mizar.

Ursa Major is well-known in most world cultures and associated with a number of myths. 
In Hindu legend, the brightest stars of Ursa Major represent the Seven Rishis or Sages, and the constellation is known as Saptarshi. The Rishis in question are Bhrigu, Atri, Angirasa, Vasishta, Pulastya, Pulalaha and Kratu.

References in ‘The Secret Doctrine and A Treatise on Cosmic Fire’ by Alice Bailey
 "In Egypt, the Great Bear was the constellation ... called the Mother of the Revolutions, and the Dragon with seven heads was assigned to Saturn, who was called the Dragon of Life."
"The seven Rishis are the Regents of the seven stars of the Great Bear, and, therefore, of the same nature as the Angels of the Planets or the seven great planetary Spirits."
"It is the seven Rishis who mark the time and the duration of events in our septenary life cycle. They are as mysterious as their supposed wives, the Pleiades."
"Vibrations (energies) come to our solar system from the seven Rishis of the Great Bear and primarily from those two who are the Prototypes of the seventh and fifth Rays or planetary Logoi."
"Great waves of energy sweep cyclically through the entire solar system from the seven stars of the Great Bear. The strength of these vibrations depends upon the closeness of the connection and the accuracy of the alignment between any particular Heavenly Man and His Prototype."

In the theosophical world they also relate the Great Bear to the Seven Rays, and the seven colours of the rainbow. We are now opening to 13 Rays of the Rainbow.

As the Stargate of Ursa Major unifies within we feel the cosmic flow of the light codes as we open to our higher dimensional self and higher dimensional life. The Rishis who are Light Beings who guide us from the higher/inner realms of our self, open the doorway through the 13 Rays and DNA light code activation to be the Beam and transmitter.
We become the conduit, the receiver and giver of Life. Safe guarded until we are fully ready, we learn at each initiation and move through the rays of light to Be the Light illuminator.

Just as we have the initiation in the sarcophagus in ancient Egypt and if we pass we come out as the holder of the Ankh, the giver of life. This Stargate integrates within us the un-manifest Beam with the manifest, as the union takes place within.
We are in the world but not of it.
We are the BeAm from the stillness. We come into the realm of the Rishis as their guidance and Love that comes through to us from the higher realms is now fully opened within.
The Stargate merges within our being to bring us home to our self. We are the bridge, the ray the connector of the higher realms of creation and light that give life right through life as it manifests in density. Now in alignment with love and harmony, peace and wisdom.

Delphinus constellation is located in the northern sky. It is one of the smallest constellations. Its name means “the dolphin” in Latin.

Sitting between constellations of Pegasus and Aquila, Delphinus lies at the edge of the Milky Way. In Greek Mythology, the Dolphin was a messenger of the sea god Poseidon and sent to find Amphitrite, the Nereid he wanted to marry.

The constellation was also sometimes referred to as Job’s Coffin because of its long, box-like shape. Mostly, the name was restricted to the four bright stars in the constellation – Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Delphini.

The Stargate of Delphinus merges within us as we surrender deep into the Diamond that has unlimited facets of light. The dolphin light so joyful and free, dancing and always creating from joy, the true abundance.
As we unify our dense limited self we become free and open to the dolphin we are.

As the state of joy and bliss unfolds you create from your divine self without out agenda or limits, spontaneous and light.
The Stargate anchors through the ethereal lights of the star dust that you hold from your Starseed self in your energy field that shines so bright.

Evenstar star essence of DELPHINUS - THE DOLPHIN -
"I am the Diamond Doorway of the new world, re-patterned in Divine order of symmetry of Light, the foundations are anchored. All is merged and transmuted in the vortex of the diamond facets of Source. What is yours will come to you."

Delphinus is also in the Star Chakras  at the Universal Gateway Chakra


Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

Pegasus is a constellation in the northern sky, named after the winged stallion horse Pegasus in Greek mythology. A divine creature that brought forth springs from the Earth wherever it walked. Pegasus was also a servant to Zeus the King of Gods, obeying his every command.

The constellation contains the first planets outside our solar system to have been directly observed by an Earth based telescope.
Also known as Epsilon Pegasi, Enif is officially the brightest star in the constellation of Pegasus, it is an orange super-giant star nearing the end of its lifespan and could possibly explode as a supernova over the next few million years, the star is almost 200 times larger in diameter than the sun and is located 690 light years from Earth. It is at the horse’s nose.
Main Stars in the Pegasus Constellation; Alpheratz which is actually officially part of the Andromeda constellation, but is considered a connecting star as it makes up part of the "Square of Pegasus" asterism. Alpheratz is the brightest star in Andromeda and also the brightest in Pegasus if you consider it part of the constellation. Scheat also known as Beta Pegasi, Scheat is a red giant around 200 light years from Earth, it is almost 100 times larger in diameter than our Sun with twice its mass.
Matar also known as Eta Pegasi, Matar is a binary star system around 170 light years from Earth, the primary star is a yellow giant 250 times brighter than our sun.

Evenstar star essence of MATAR in PEGASUS
"I am sovereign unto God Creator. I create a clear passage of Divine Light

to the Earth plane for the release of darkness. I am the cleanser of all old aspects of dark, magicians world, astral worlds, worlds where only fear, power and control rule.
I leave those worlds alone, but cleanse all connections of those worlds to this,
through thought forms, energy bodies, codings at a cellular and molecular level,
all imprints still remaining are transcended, transmuted and loved.
Those energies not wanting or ready to embrace God Creator in the fullness
of their being are returned to their source and world. I am the cleanser of
interference from other worlds and aspects hooked into self, with the Joy to
transmute these lovingly. Clarity is now the game, in readiness for Prime Creators
new world, like a radiant crystal you and your world now shine".

The Stargate essence of Pegasus;
The freedom to fly above your mortal toil, to see what has been stuck and wounded, what has played out and still runs you.
As the Stargate gives the gift of union of the mortal and immortal realms that you dance through. Both can merge in harmony and balance, instead of the old dance that struggles with identifying with each separately and in the hidden realms of the depths of your soul. Hidden and festering no more as the flying Pegasus is free to soar while still in a physical body. As you the goddess/god who has played with so many stories and come into a mortal body to experience what it’s like to be played, now settles into peace.

As the Stargate union brings peace from your heart to love your body, your life, your out of balance god/goddess acts and games. To move beyond the experience and into the wisdom that comes from so much high drama. Like a movie you watch and then let go off, it’s done and over.

The Stargate doorway assists you to feel the freedom to be the peace. No longer caught in victim or victimiser, control or controlled.
You soar free like the wild horse with wings and dance across the cosmos, knowing you are always at home within yourself.

Columba constellation is located in the southern sky. Its name means “the dove” in Latin. The constellation’s original name was Columba Noachi, meaning “Noah’s dove,” after the biblical dove that informed Noah that the Great Flood was receding. Columba can be seen just to the south of Canis Major and Lepus.

In the myth, Noah’s dove is sent from the Ark to see if there is any dry land left after the Great Flood. The bird returns holding an olive branch in its beak, signalling that the flood is receding. In some interpretations, Columba represents the dove sent by the Argonauts between the Clashing Rocks to ensure the Argonauts’ safe passage.
Columba has one star brighter than magnitude 3.00 and no stars located within 10 parsecs (32.6 light years) of Earth. The brightest star in the constellation is Alpha Columbae, also known as Phact.

Columba is also in the Star Chakras  at the Causal Chakra. The messenger of new life and the new thoughts that create from divine inspiration and expression in peace and unity.

The Stargate essence of Columba awakens us to new ideas and inspirations, a whole new way of operating. A new life awaits.
You have done your homework and love all yourself in the dark matrix, old paradigm, duality realms and now it’s time to open to the unfolding of your soul into that which is more aligned to your true essence.
You dance in the light of the creative energies that flow unhindered from your divine self.

The Stargate is anchored through the New Earth Grids and New Earth within as we create within what will show without when we are strong enough in our inner light and divine essence.
This Stargate essence is showing you that you are ready to step up. The timeline of your deep loving self and balanced inner world. As you create the New Earth from your Love and inner Light.


Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

The brightest star in Leo is Regulus, Alpha Leonis, with an apparent magnitude of 1.35. There are two meteor showers associated with the constellation. The Leonids usually peak on November 17-18 every year and have a radiant near the bright star Gamma Leonis. The January Leonids are a minor shower that peaks between January 1 and 7.
Leo is one of the oldest constellations in the sky. Archaeological evidence suggests that Mesopotamians had a constellation similar to Leo as early as 4000 BC. The Persians knew the constellation as Shir or Ser, Babylonians called it UR.GU.LA (“the great lion”) and knew the star Regulus as “the star that stands at the Lion’s breast,” or the King Star. Both the constellation and its brightest star were well-known in most ancient cultures. Syrians knew it as Aryo, and the Turks as Artan.

The Stargate essences of the heart of the Lion, the strength to stand strong as a beautiful Beam of Heaven and Earth, the Lion Heart.

Your stargate doorway through your heart is calling to be fully open and that you can merge through in Love and Peace. You the vessel that merges Heaven and Earth does so in full Love.
There is no going back into the mire of illusion. Your heart is strong in the strength of your pure Love of Source and you are here to transcend all old matrix, duality programs and patterns for yourself and all humanity. To be the Love.
There is no doubt, no fear, your heart is awakened and you come from your higher heart as the union of Heaven and Earth takes place from the Love that you are.
You bring in the sovereign codes of soul source self and hold it for others to open their heats. This takes great strength and power of love. The Stargate allows for no distortions. Your energy field is strong and full of divine light.
Your inner Stargate through your heart completes your mission here in joy and flowing abundance of Love for all life. Through your Stargate heart you are home.

Evenstar star essence of REGULUS from LEO
"I am the bounty and abundance of Creator's Glory and gifts, a heart full of Divine Love and joy, the eternal flow from Source. The return of your strength through Love, your Golden Self and the Golden Age, the light of Source illuminates and aligns you."

The Andromeda Galaxy, also known as Messier 31, M31, or NGC 224 and originally the Andromeda Nebula, is a barred spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years (770 kiloparsecs) from Earth, and the nearest major galaxy to the Milky Way.

The number of stars contained in the Andromeda Galaxy is estimated at one trillion (1×1012), or roughly twice the number estimated for the Milky Way.
The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are expected to collide in around 4.5 billion years, merging to form a giant elliptical galaxy or a large lenticular galaxy.

This Stargate opens us up to the full unification of Heaven and Earth through Andromeda, which has never been in the duality experience, and many of us have higher aspects that walk in from Andromeda. When we connect to our Andromeda multi-d aspect/s we are being nudged to step it up.
This Stargate doorway provides a graceful integration of this higher dimensional unified field through the physical realms, through your cells and through the Earth.
This Stargate is for when we are ready to fully surrender and ready to embrace all that is still unloved within, so you can be in your full presence in your body, body of light.
It’s time to step into your unified divine presence more fully, as you integrate it through the stargate within as Heaven and Earth merge through you.

Evenstar star essences of stars in the Andromedan Galaxy are;
ALMACH – ANDROMEDA I am Divine Will and Plan.
SIRRAH - ANDROMEDA  Through the eye of the needle you go, blessed of light you are new, alive, rejuvenated - here to BE fully present in a body immortal.

Earth Star Essences of Andromeda:

    Through to the higher galaxy and the state of telepathic connection with the unified matrix and core self in union with the creator. 
     The Andromedan transmission of awakening your purpose and gifts.

Andromeda is also in the Star Chakras  at the Thymus Chakra

Please see my Light Code Activations book, the DVD Light Codes.

Ophiuchus is a large constellation straddling the celestial equator. Its name is from the Greek means "serpent-bearer", and it is commonly represented as a man grasping a snake The serpent is represented by the constellation Serpens. The brightest stars in Ophiuchus include α Ophiuchi, called Rasalhague ("head of the serpent charmer"), at magnitude 2.07, and η Ophiuchi, known as Sabik ("the preceding one"), at magnitude 2.43. RS Ophiuchi is part of a class called recurrent novae, whose brightness increase at irregular intervals by hundreds of times in a period of just a few days. It is thought to be at the brink of becoming a type-1a supernova.

Ophiuchus is the thirteenth sign in the zodiac between Scorpio and Sagittarius, it is sighted before the Sun on December 15. But the Sun travels fully in front of the astronomical constellation Ophiuchus from about November 30 to December 18, so if your birthday is around those date you are an Ophiuchuan.
The Star System of Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer extends into the rich star fields of the Milky Way looking towards the Galactic Centre.
Ophiuchus is opposite Orion in the Heavens and when we have moved beyond duality and unified the Serpent rises within us, the Kundalini, up the 22 vertebrae, the 22 initiations and is illuminated out the Crown. We become our Body of Light and master of our molecules.
Ophiuchus is the next initiation after we have worked through the duality dramas that the Orion gave us and the 11:11 doorway is completed. In Orion we experienced duality and birth and death, in Ophiuchus we experience Life, Physical Immortality and Being our Body of Light fully present in a body.

The Stargate union of the physical realm and higher light realms is here for you now.
In the duality world we stay in the illusion ruled by fear, which is now complete, you have shifted your frequency through all your inner unification process and now hold the serpent, the kundalini, the life force energy.
Opening to the Serpent Pathway to the Stars you are ready to open fully to your inner star/sun self and illuminate your body with light from the radiance that glows through every cell. Your RNA antennae receiving the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow. In your Christed body of light glowing.

Ara contains part of the Milky Way to the south of Scorpius and thus has rich star fields. Within the constellation's borders, there are 71 stars brighter than or equal to apparent magnitude 6.5. Just shading Alpha Arae, Beta Arae is the brightest star in the constellation. In mythology is was considered the Altar of the Gods.

Ara the stargate puts you at the crossover point, the merging and union of inner and outer, higher and lower, matter and spirit. As you surrender yourself to the pure source of the creator. You are the altar of yourself. The sacred objects are your divine essence. You awaken to the sacredness of each cell, each particle and subatomic particle. As you let go and surrender fully and open to the pure source unified essence of your divinity.  Learning how to hold this in your third density body and life.

The Octans Constellation is located in the southern hemisphere. It was named after the octant, a navigational instrument.
The constellation was introduced by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille in the 18th century. Octans is the location of the South Celestial Pole. The constellation is circumpolar to the South Pole – it never sets below the horizon. It does not have any stars brighter than fourth magnitude or any deep sky objects that are bright enough for observers.
Octans contains the southern pole star, Sigma Octantis, which is located about a degree away from the South Celestial Pole. The star cannot be used in navigation because it is too faint.

The southernmost constellation and the hidden one that has so much influence from the invisible. Opposite the North Star, the Southern Star holds all in place.
The balancing act between the visible material world and the invisible. The centred space within you, the Stargate Octans allows for total surrender into that central state between both realms. Then the full union takes place.
This Stargate that merges the material and unmanifest, the visible with the invisible, the invisible becomes visible, the veils are g-one.  The Octan guides you into the eternal state of source, the union of opposites
opens your own deepest self, invisible until now.

Electra, also designated as 17 Tauri, is a blue-white giant star located in the zodiacal constellation of Taurus, the celestial bull. It is a member of the Pleiades open star cluster. It is the third-brightest star in the Pleiades open star cluster (M45); the most visible stars in this group are named for the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology.

Electra translates to “amber” and “bright” in Greek. In the mythos, Electra was the mother of Iasion and Dardanus, the founder of Troy. Some sources state that she was the lost Pleiad, who disappeared in grief after the destruction of the city in the Trojan War.
The missing link in the DNA spiral shows itself once more and reconnects one, once the old wounds are healed the war has stopped, the game is done. Our inner goddess shines out no longer bound in grief for what had befallen humanity. Love reunites us to our linage and sovereignty. As a star in the Pleiades connected to creation stories on Earth the true purpose of restoring Love on Earth is here for all to open from within.
The Stargate of Electra opens the heart space as the union takes place to feel, see, be the joy of your I Am, Divine Self, Sovereign Self.

Hydra is the largest of the 88 modern constellations, measuring 1303 square degrees, and also the longest at over 100 degrees. Its southern end borders Libra and Centaurus and its northern end borders Cancer. It is commonly represented as a water snake. It is located in the southern hemisphere.

The shape of Hydra resembles a twisting snake, and features as such in some Greek myths. One myth associates it with a water snake that a crow served Apollo in a cup when it was sent to fetch water; Apollo saw through the fraud, and angrily cast the crow, cup, and snake, into the sky. It is also associated with the monster Hydra, with its many heads, killed by Hercules, represented in another constellation. According to legend, if one of the Hydra's heads was cut off, two more would grow in its place. However, Hercules' nephew, Iolaus, seared the necks with a torch to prevent them from growing back and thus enabled Hercules to overcome the Hydra.

The Stargate essence of Hydra brings us to the point of surrender and love to all the illusions of the material world, including the illusions of magic and the satanic control dramas into a state of peace. The many heads of the inner demons are loved and transformed through the stargate within.

The kundalini energy can be released and there is no more entrapment.
You are the stargate merged and now span the worlds of illusion and density with the worlds of love, light and joyful creation. Neither exists without the other both two sides of the one. You bridge through all the worlds and dimensions to merge in peace the doorway through.
You find no division anymore, you hold the BeAm of unified essence through your experience of all worlds.









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