by Soluntra King

Please read about the levels of Light Body and the Diamond Light Body also.

Receive the shimmering Iridescent Light Body transmissions in the Earth Star Essences.

     Since the March 2010 Equinox and unification of all the dimensional worlds with the Earth as she and us are, the Star that we are. These new Light Bodies are awakened with all the new light codes anchoring now and through us awakening and activating our Diamond Light Body. The Diamond Light Body encompasses these new aspects of our awakened multi-dimensional self, as we activate our light codes and DNA, we remember the Light that we are. 

    The Iridescent Light Body at 30,000 strands of activated DNA is where you sing the songlines in joy, as you journey in ease and grace. The Iridescent Light Body gifted at the March Equinox 2010, for those open and clear to hold the frequencies from being in selfless service and love, and awakens our creative energies as all is manifest from a state of stillness and allowing.

     I received my Iridescent Light Body spontaneously right after the noon, inner planes, bigger picture work for the March 2010 Equinox at Lake Rotopomanu near Mt Ruapheu, North Island, New Zealand with a group on a magical journey to the main vortexes for the integration of the dimensions. Lying out on an ancient tree trunk over the lake aligning with the Star Charkas and Planets, and in  higher dimensions of Light , anchoring the stars and planets through ourselves, the earth and sky.  I was invited and taken on the inner to the top of the spinner wheel vortex of Mt Pihanga by the Waitaha ancestors, where they placed a rainbow coloured feathered cloak on me. There were also many other galactic visitors there, and as I took the cloak off I was a whole new body of Light. I was not used to it and saw myself adjusting to the frequencies. The next day we finished at Lake Taupo with DNA Integration of all the bodies and I stayed the night there. The following morning my inner self guided me to get petrol right in town next to a car dealership. My car was 25 years old and had almost died getting up to Mt Ruapheu. I had no intention of buying a new car but the next thing I knew I was driving home in a brand new car, my new body of light. The car saleswoman let me take it for a small amount and somehow I found the money to pay for it with a generous gift to help and a big discount off the car. So I had grounded fully my Iridescent Light Body with effortless effort.


     At the level of the Iridescent Light Body we can now access our Divine Blueprint in ease and grace. Of course the awakening of all levels of your Light Body involves a lot of inner transforming of the duality aspects of your being, and the conflict and waring within. So the inner unification through the breath and unconditional love and acceptance is the main pathway that opens you to your higher dimensional selves.


     The Iridescent Light Body is an aspect of the Diamond Light Body that encompasses all our light field and our whole multi-dimensional being. It activates unlimited abundance of life flow and joy for us to fully be the creators of the New Earth. It is the level of being where we allow all to come to us and trust completely in our inner connection for all guidance and wisdom that assists in our own journey through this transition time, and as a holder of the beam through dimensional worlds to the level of the Greater Central Sun. 

     In this new age we are in it is no longer about controlling energies or grandiose magic, where we dematerialise and do all manor of multi-d magic. We have all done teleporting, bilocating, inter dimensional travel and what we have to now learn is not to be attached to any of the glamour to do with power and attaining higher frequencies of light. Instead we are grounding Light into matter and realise that we are one of the whole. Everyone is our equal/us, and that humility and service to others with an open heart and allowing is the goal to be attained, as we find our peace within and the stillness where all is manifest. It is not about being a magician with powers but being a hu- man/woman fully present on Earth as we are in all other worlds at once in alignment with the source within and divine love. ‘ Far greater things yeah shall do than I have ever done’ is what the Christ spoke of and in this time we can attain the Christ within and take it to the next level where it is here for all of us to share the love and be in the New Earth, from the outer one to the inner one, all one. The Iridescent Light Body is our rainbow coloured body of light that vibrates at the Christed Buddhic vibration of divine love and allowing and where we experience true joy and allowing in our everyday life.


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Please see about the levels of Light Body and the Diamond Light Body and Diamond Matrix of Light.
The book Light Code Activations has all about the Light Bodies and Chakras, Energy Bodies and DNA activations. 


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