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This was posted for the Cosmic Events May 24th 2013 but is of ongoing importance if you feel guided to work with this project, thank you.

The Pacific Ocean is now full of radiation from Fukushima. The media mention nothing about this but it’s a fact, this is not to generate fear but that we can transmute the radiation. Everything is divine and we are one with it all, including radiation. There is so much radiation on this planet now, not only from Fukushima but Chenyovl and other nuclear blasts on land and in the oceans so there is no point freaking out about a reality that has been with us for along time now.

The ancient Mu doorway is open and here to assist from the great Diamond.
On 19th January 2004 a dimensional doorway opened on the equator at 0 degrees latitude and 161 degrees longitude and is an equaliser of the poles while the Solar Flares are activating the consciousness so the poles do not move too radically. This dimensional doorway has been open since Lemurian (MU) times but was dormant for aeons and is now being reactivated.  On 10th January 2007 the dimensional doorways opened in Antarctic and the Arctic. This brought stability to the axis and as we raise our light octaves and become the Diamond we are, we become the dimensional doorway, holding Light through all the dimensions and right into the densest levels of being in a body on Earth.
There is a huge Diamond at this doorway about 150km in circumference that I have just become aware of and we are invited to connect with it to assist in the transmutation of radiation in the waters. Not just the Pacific Ocean but all waters worldwide.

Connect first, then connecting into the Diamond within your heart and experience the multi-prismed, multi-dimensional facets of Light you are, aware of yourself through all worlds and dimensions, One with the Diamond Light Matrix, one with all life. You are the Diamond, the vortex, the Goddess/God, Light Being and Doorway of your love and radiant divine light that creates life.
Now take yourself into the great Diamond, you have been invited by the guardian there and be aware of linking with all other humans who are connected in this task, as well as all the Divine Beings, Goddesses and Gods and Light Beings who are with us and here to assist us.
With your intention to love the radiation as it is one with all life and ask that it be transmuted into a form of energy that supports all life.
Make what ever tones and sounds you feel guided from within to do and also ask for yourself to be cleansed so that your atoms and molecules are clear and support your life/light in your physical body and energy bodies as well.

On the Eclipse we are also working with the Diamond Light Matrix and you may wish to continue connecting through the great Diamond with awareness that all is one and divine love to assist the transmutation of radiation on the land, in the humans, plants, animals etc.
Always have the intention that all is done in Divine Will, so that we do not interfere in anyway with souls that need these experiences for their growth.
Please see on my website under Diamond Light Workbook available in pdf as well as book form posted.
Please see the link here, scroll down about a quarter of the way and on the right hand side you will see the map of all the Pacific with lots of colours click on it to get  a better view.



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