The intensified light and consciousness coming to us from the centre of our galaxy means that we can unify ourselves more fully. Regardless of whether we are on the beginning of the inner healing journey or feel we have completed. We can never say we have it totally together as we are still in a body.

As we move further into the stillness, zero point and move through the cross over point within our hearts one with the crossover point at the centre of the galaxy we are given the opportunity to unify easily and with grace now. We are having a very exhilarated journey and the Light illuminating through us is shinning on any parts of illusion still sticking in our energy fields to be embraced in oneness.

This is not difficult and you do not need to be a psychic to work out your issues. All you need to do is see how your life is going. The most important thing is to know is who you are, when you have that you can deal with and heal anything. The biggest block to moving forward is lack of trust. Trust in yourself and trust in the Creator/Source energy that gives you life, abundance and all that you need. Learning to be open to receive and breathing into your fears of lack, anxiety and insecurity with love and acceptance, Golden Light and or the 13 Rays of the Rainbow to enhance it even more. You do not need to be visual as its ones intention that energy follows.

The secret is in the breathe. Deep abdominal breathing to get in a full breath and as much oxygen into your physical body to clear the toxins and bring the nutrients for the cells through the blood. Breathing in the life force energy, prana, Light to transmute the darkness and fear. It does not take anywhere near as long as it used too to embrace your shadow self, fear and anxieties, old patterns and programmes.

Some inner work to have unified so you are clear to receive the new light codes is:

Unification of your mother and father in you, and your inner male and female. This is important as we are completing the journey with our polarities, until they are at peace within.

Awareness of aspects in the illusion being brought into oneness and peace.

1. Awareness of thoughts causing negative circumstances, where is it in you and how does it express?

2. Words spoken without thought of the consequences, where does it happen in you and how can it be unified?

3. Actions that involve; stress, anxiety and fear, where is it happening in you and how do you unify?

4. Any patterns of abuse and judgment of what's happening around you and any anger or upsets with your world or the bigger world?

5. Fears of the unknown, are there any still left and if so what of? For example the future, lack of food, water, money survival issues, the cyclic shift, the darkness, entities, hell, losing control, losing your lifestyle or people in your life?

6. Attachments to what you do in an ego sense, as seen by the world, and how does your work/career or what you do or have done make you feel worthy/superior/inferior/ loser failure or successful?

7. The importance placed on a partner/spouse/lover/friend support of another or others close, family, friends, co workers? If you were to be left alone how would you cope?

8. Attachments to animals and other life forms that are unconditional; do you dump your stuff on them? Or not open to the gifts or energy of nature and kingdoms of nature?

9. Connection to self, where is it lacking?

10. Connection to the Earth, what keeps you separate from it?

11. Connection to the Universe and inner knowing and wisdom, how is it flowing and is there still blocks?

12. Can you see the dream of your life and the illusion and Be the Light or is there still some blocks?

The way to unify these is simple, the hard part will be giving yourself the gift of time and space to do this. It is simply using the deep breathing and love and acceptance.

See the extract from my 'Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing book' Healing from Within'.

If you wish to know more I have written books on this as well as take workshops. There are lots of free extracts from my books also as well as see under UNITY on the menu bar 'Healing Within'.

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