For the June Solstice 2014, June 7th to July 2nd
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50pages A4 all colour with countless photos and as well as mandalas


       This journey was multi-dimensional and physically lasting over three weeks in the most amazing landscape of Shambala, Maitreya and the Motherships. There were thirteen of us who had heard the call and had committed to being there for it. My dear Kashmiri friend of 20 years Bashir had organised the 3D side of things which made it a lot easier for me and we all met in Delhi. Arriving at different times and days to meet up at the Hotel Walnut in a suburb just out of the tourist area of Delhi the night before we flew to Leh. It was very hot and just before the monsoon and I was grateful for aircon as I needed to work in my room and I had lived in Delhi on and off in the early 1990’s so had no desire to go and see the sites. Erin and I arrived early morning on the 6th June after waiting eight hours in Singapore airport after a ten hour flight from Auckland and flights before that to get to Auckland so were pretty tired. We meet Lillian at the gate just before boarding at Singapore airport and it was great to see her again. Of course I had asked everyone to travel light and Lillian was stacked up with bags which later revealed lots of things that were helpful to the group.
     Once we got to the hotel, instead of going to bed Erin and I got an auto down to Paharganj, the main bazaar and meet Lisa, Cynthia, Victoria, Angali, Amelia and Cameron at their hotel for breakfast. After seeing everyone and getting all their cash for the trip that Bashir wanted me to collect, I was loaded with many thousands of Aussie dollars. Erin and I then go into Connaught Place to Janpath and to a market that I remembered from the 90’s that had great western clothes. But it had all changed and there were not many stalls, I had told the others about it but never saw them, they had gone off on their own adventures. After visiting the underground market and then to a south Indian restaurant for the best masala dosas out and we headed back to our hotel for a rest. Except the auto rickshaw guy did not know where our hotel was, of course he said he did when he picked us up, so Erin was starting to get a taste of India.
     It was boiling hot and we spent ages going all around these streets as he kept stopping to ask, I decided to take charge as he was not getting us any closer, so I told him to stop at another hotel and I asked them. Of course they knew and our hotel was just down the road. It was also probably a case of the caste system and rich verse poor scenario, as he had only asked other rickshaw drivers and was not confident to go into a hotel, as sad but true.
     That evening we went out to look for a restaurant for dinner, the Walnut Hotel Bashir had booked us was in a quiet area, but not a tourist area and it was all motor shops and commercial around the busy streets. We were getting tired of looking when a guy pops out of the crowd to say where a restaurant is, he stops a rickshaw and off we go. But instead we end up at a department store of tourist shops with beautiful stuff, but we are not interested. Then he said if we go into another the shop he gets a meal so we go into another one for his sake, but are tired and so over it, all we wanted was something to eat ourselves. Then a guy jumps on board and says the rickshaw driver is his uncle and he wants to take us to another shop. We say no, just take us back to where he picked us up, so he takes us to a supermarket that is just down the road from our hotel, some food at last and we get a few things but ended up with room service and burnt vegie cutlets that we couldn’t eat. Welcome to India, we laughed and I told Erin ‘this is what it’s like, it’s fun and all part of the adventure’. Meanwhile it’s hot as, noisy and polluted, nothing new there.
By this time a few more of the group have arrived at the Walnut and I asked Ida if she would be ok sharing with a man, she was a bit taken aback but I told her what a great guy Geoff was. The twin room sharing evolved out of when everyone happened to arrive. Geoff was ok with it when he arrived and they became great friends. Lillian was to share with Erin but wanted her own space so ended up paying for single rooms for the trip and Erin was happy too as she was used to being up at all hours with downloads and multi-d visitors and so was Lillian, so eventually everyone got sorted, until later on in the journey.

     Riyaz, who was the son of Katija and Munsoor who I knew from years ago in Kashmir looked after us in Delhi and I was amazed to see how big their son was, last time I saw him he was a child, now he was a lovely grown man. He arrived with our air tickets the next day at 6am just as the girls and Cameron arrived from Paharganj to drop their gear off at our hotel, then they with Erin all got into two cars to Agra in the stinking heat, it was 47 degrees Celsius that day. Meanwhile I just worked in my room sorting out some of our inner work we would be doing and greeting the new arrivals. That night we all met and had dinner at our hotel, the ones who were at Agra arrived welted and tired, not quiet believing it could get that hot. So now we were all gathered and ready to go on our adventure.

   On the Saturday morning 8th June we left really early for the airport as we were flying out at 5.15am so we got up and out at 3.30am, but as it was we were just there in time. The streets of Delhi were still quiet empty and it didn’t take long to get to the airport, we stood in the queue for Indigo airlines and finally someone said ‘Leh flight’ as it was due to go shortly. So we all bundled off to the end counter to check in and weigh our bags for the payment of excess luggage, internal flights in India only allow 15kgs. I had to pay 3000/- it was a joke and we were all giving cash to the attendant, as he charged everyone regardless that some were under weight, it was too soon before flying to go to the counter to pay the excess. We realised later they had really ripped us all off. Then it was through security and I had to wait for Cynthia and Lisa who were held up with their body searches and I thought we would miss the plane, then finally we were on board and off to Leh, flying over the Himalayas.
     Once we arrived we felt the altitude, and I was amazed at the new airport terminal, it was a little shed last time I was there. We filled out forms and then Nassar from Ladakh Adventure Tours was there to meet us and off we went to the Yak Tail hotel in Leh where they had breakfast waiting for us, and our rooms were getting made up but not for long we were in them and resting. I had given strict instructions to everyone to not move or they would regret it due to flying from sea level to 3360meters high. So we all chilled out and had lunch and later in the afternoon met in Victoria and Amelia’s room as it was the biggest and lovely and sunny, to do our first connection and workshop.

     After connecting and honouring all the beings; Guardians, Light Beings, Rishis, Maitreya, Goddesses and Gods, Golden Beings through the Greater Central Suns, Tibetan lineage that has held the energy here, Devas, Nature Spirits, Elementals, Inner Earth Beings I get everyone to draw a spiral for their own personal journey and one for the bigger picture service work.
     With kundalini breathing and transmuting DNA at dense structural levels we go into our golden presence aware of our self in the last Golden Cycle and now this one. Seeing the self as transparent and clear and going into our own kundalini, aware of what was blocking it from flowing freely as a Being of Light that one truly is, we breathed love and acceptance until the flow was once more clear. Then we spoke in light language and I saw us all in a cosmic egg we were creating as a group energy.
     In the landscape there is a Mothership, it is a Mothership that is integrating into the essence of humanity more fully the love, peace and awareness of the creator and the all that is. Lord Maitreya’ s presence is everywhere and I was told on the inner I would meet someone that had the key for me to unlock my physical body to be immortal and it’s time to move out of the collective conscious and that my work would change. I had forgotten I was told that, but ten days later I met them telepathically, my consort from Shambala and the day before I met them, at the Wega Star Alignment the collective consciousness embraced physical immortality. This had been a big stumbling block in my mission with this energy as most still believed in death and decay, what liberation and joy that this is changing, we are all doing this as a collective now, not just a few individuals.


   The next morning after a hearty breakfast; (the food was awesome everywhere we stayed), we slowly walked up to the main street in Leh. It was blocked with men digging up a ditch for pipes and no vehicles could go there, as we proceed past all the road works and into the small lanewayslehuptopalace and followed the arrows to the palace. It was not easy for any of us with the altitude, and we stopped frequently along the steep path and steps that took us to the entrance of the palace.

       We went first into the little temple there which has amazing energy, last time I was there in 2007 with the group there was a young monk making music and there were huge orbs all through the picture I took. This time no monks were there but I noted smaller orbs in the picture of the group. We wander through the palace until we find the right room to sit in. It is just an empty room and very dusty as all the floors and walls are made of dirt, rammed earth but disintegrating now. There is evidence of beautiful paintings that once lined the walls and wooden supports with beautiful carvings once brightly coloured, now all crumbling. We sit down amongst the dust and tune in.

     I used the ‘Transition into Light’ mandala and then we did the dimensional flows of what blockages there may be between ourselves in the different dimensions up to the 13th dimension, which is where we exist in Shambala as a goddess/god. Breathing in love and acceptance to any blocks I hold the energy while the group clears their dimensional bodies ready to shift through the dimensions at the palace.
     Suddenly the great Dragon comes up from the valley, I met him last time I was there in 2007, this time he puts a pearl in my third eye and shows me the different cycles and what’s happening. Others in the group met him also on the inner planes and had different experiences with him.

   We continued walking around the palace and I would have liked us to sit over the temple but the doors that lead to the roof area are blocked so we sit up on a roof nearby to the temple with beautiful views looking out to Leh, and behind to the more rural areas and great mountains that we will be driving over to get to the Nubra Valley.
   After doing the ‘Liquid Light Transmission of DNA’ we awakened our Earthsun Body and moved through our hearts and the crossover point and Galactic Centre within. As we owned our higher dimensional aspects of guide and master of our self, Angel self, Light Being self in the light ships, being in the Councils of Light and Goddess God self, connecting through the ‘New Inner Earth Sun’ mandala and the grids, the Dragons show us through the mountains here and the grid network.
     Some of it needs help as we observed and allowed, things would shift a lot on our journey. Aware of the new Inner Earth Sun and how it has changed vibration so much, as has our Sun and the Central and Greater Central Suns, realigned within us, through the Solar System and Galaxy all one through our hearts and Sun within.
   We connected at a soul level to the Cosmic Egg on the higher dimensions at the palace and merged into the group cosmic egg, aware of the Cosmic Egg here at the palace glowing. It was created when this land was forest in the last cycle by the lords of the forest who are Andromedan and the codings it holds are here now for the New Earth.
     We were invited into the egg and became aware of the lush realms and the doorway through to the Andromedan Galaxy. The codes were being sung in celestial sounds that our inner being could hear, if not our 3D self, as we received the codes that will always be anchored through us wherever we go.
   The Andromedans who have not done the duality experience but stayed in the higher more unified matrix emanated a loving energy for each of us to be more open in joy and love filled existence with all other life. We breathed in the clarity of essence as they held the doorway open for us.
         As the Andromedan codes illuminate through us and the Cosmic Egg it grew and the energies released from aeons ago through the worlds. The egg encompassed the Earth in a cocoon protecting it from meteorites and comets, this happened at the central Golden Solar Disc at the Mysore Palace in 2009 and was now reinforced again. The central Golden Solar Disc was released from the Mysore Palace in October 2013 and that energy has gone out to assist light workers everywhere now.
     As the Cosmic Egg glowed through the Earth we observed the grids through the mountains became clearer and our Earthsun Bodies glowed. It was a lot more profound than it sounds in words, as the energy was so vast and what had occurred so huge for the Earth and humanity. A new matrix of light was created thatis also a cleanse for humanity, and on the inner the Earth cleansed and cleared through the land masses.
   After we finished we navigated our way down the hill more easily and everyone went off to have lunch and look around as we had a bit more energy now to walk in the altitude. I went down to the local market to buy some freshwater pearls for presents and met a lovely girl working in her brother’s shop. That night at dinner I told everyone we were going on a soul travel to the Golden Buddha of our self that is in the mountain caverns of Tibet.

       We left at 9am in the three cars, each could fit comfortably six people, and we would had them until we reached Srinagar. One of the drivers who was sheygoldenbuddhathe co-owner is Khan, I chatted to him as we were taken along the valley to Shey which is an ancient palace with a temple of the Golden Buddha inside. All the monasteries have a Golden Buddha but at Shey the energy is very special.
     Climbing up the steep hill we go straight to the temple, spending time looking and tuning into the Golden Buddha in the temple, then outside we found a quiet corner away from where people go into the temple and sat and began our inner work. Connecting to our Earthsun Body and Galactic Centre within then the etheric temple here where Ophiuchus and a star system for the higher dimensional Solar System merge. In Ophiuchus we connected to our serpent within and love and accept any blocks and the kundalini flows to where it needs to be. Then to Analise the Star System of hopes and dreams unfolded and the star Thum Lithla, as our brainwaves were brought into synchronicity and the left and right hemispheres balancing as we are awakening into unity consciousness.
     Then using the light and sounds of the ‘Cosmic Time Clock’ mandala and flowing in the spiralling life-force we awaken to our Gold Light Body aware of our golden presence and the radiance of the Golden Buddha. Each of us in the group, but not all humanity or spiritual people, but those who come from the RA and Tibetan lineage have a Golden Body. This is from a time and space when we had transcended the physical realm as a Lama and gone into the serpent tunnels and caves that only those in higher dimension can access. Moving beyond the need to function in one’s physical body, but the body is still there in a golden state, physical gold. If you were to go into the cave you would see a golden statue of yourself. This golden self is now accessible and one can connect to it at any time. As we allowed ourselves to merge with our Golden Buddha self, integrating the higher frequency self. As I created the space for the group to understand if they choose; how they got to this state and any awareness of their golden self for healing and growth.
     The energy was very high frequency and some of the group were finding it quite overwhelming. I had connected to my Golden Buddha, Golden Body self many years before and found it a very useful aspect of my multi-dimensional self to connect with for all sorts of reasons. If you feel you have an aspect of you in the mountains of Tibet somewhere you may wish to connect to it to assist you to awaken more into this very high frequency you. If you feel you do not have this aspect it does not mean you are not without higher dimensional aspects, it’s just not this particular one. People who have an affinity to things Tibetan in some way often do have this aspect. I know for myself I am not Buddhist or drawn to the religion but started making my own mandalas in the 1980s and was drawn to do the Kalachakra initiation to remember this part of myself more. I also work with the Dalai Lama on the inner planes but have no need to see him in the physical.

     Next we continued our drive along the valley a little further to Thikse, which is a very big monastery with lots of temples. The Golden Buddha here is a lot newer and much more elaborate but we were not here for it, but to work with the Golden Solar Disc from the first cycle which was brought through the worlds and cycles the last time I was here in 2007. We looked at the temple of all the Tara Goddesses and the temple where the monks did their prayers, which they were doing as we entered and sat absorbing the vibrations of all the mantras. I wandered off into the little temple of the protector gods who I know very well and have helped people at my request a few times, as I thanked them for all they do and have done.
     After we had wandered around and gone on the roof to see the great view, some spun the beautiful big prayer wheel or all the little ones, we went down and sat along some stairs out of the way to connect to the Golden Solar Disc from the first cycle as we needed to receive the codes.
     We connected to the highest aspect of self that we could sustain and having just come from connecting to our Gold Body and Golden Buddha self this was perfect for the frequencies of light we were connecting too. As we also connected to the Golden Solar Disc within and our self in the Council of Light, aware of any blocks as we integrated our higher dimensional self through the Golden Solar Disc in our heart and into our third dimensional body, and awakened more to the Living Library of Light that we all hold within our being at this level of self. The Golden Solar Discs were brought in from Sirius the Greater Central Sun and this one at the inception of Earth, it had been one of my mission right from the beginning of Earth and I was awakened in a Golden Solar Disc in the Himalayas in 1981 to that mission again. Having spent many years activating them around the planet and in 1997 at Tiwanaku, ancient Lemurian site on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the Solar Grid was activated and connected to all the solar discs all around the Earth. Since that time the Silver Lunar Discs were also activated and integrated and in 2010. They are now activated through the ethers into the collective consciousness as everyone has a Golden Solar Disc within them. Being utilised in the last golden cycle to connect the Earth and Inner Earth Sun through the Suns, now we are the Sun of our true self. We hold the Living Library of Light that is encoded through the Solar Discs and through the Central Sun, the creation story codings as we become the Creator Goddess God here creating Heaven on Earth. Now it’s not just the solar discs from the last cycle that were physically utilised to make that connection, the last being used by the Incas. Now the Golden Solar Disc is internalised within each of us as we are the Golden Solar Disc and hold the Living Library of Light codes.
     The first Golden Solar Disc was anchored with great difficulty into density at the inception and creation of Earth and now as we received the codes of this disc, that has held the energies through all the Earths cycles bringing union and peace, it was coming from the fourteenth dimension into the fifth, opening up the Earth to the Heavens and Heavens to the Earth and this was part of the preparation for the Stargate opening. As the codes came in it was very intense and we had needed to connect and be in our Golden Body and presence to hold the Light and also receive the Living Library of Light Codes that were glowing from the disc. Some of the group were not used to such high energies and felt fried, I was fine but later in the journey I was fried a few times also with the high frequency energies.

     It was back into the cars and eating our picnic lunch as we were driven to the final destination the monastery of Hemis. The last time I was here was the hemisfestival so this time the big plaza seemed quiet and very empty as we walked in and headed over the museum first. There were some monks sitting over at a table and there was a shop with lots of wonderful books, postcards, wooden dragons and other souvenirs of traditional Tibetan things like prayer flags. I joked to a monk about ‘shop til you drop’ and he was really cute, myself and Erin; one of the group a yoga teacher who lives near me in NZ, had a lot of fun with him and I said how about coming to New Zealand. Then their superior came in and it got more serious but one of the monks said ‘not in this life time’, we thought what a pity, they were so cute. The new paradigm energies were not fully here yet, with the whole concept of next life time no longer existing, as it’s all in the Now and simply holograms of our love.
     I so appreciate and honour the energies the monks hold, and the prayers and mantras they do for humanity, and the level of peace that is held on Earth through all their divine work, without them the world would be even more chaotic. This set of monks are of the dragon lineage which was awesome to us as we all resonated a lot to the dragon energy, and coming from New Zealand where it is dragon land big time we found a nice dragon plaque each to take home. We also went and looked in the museum at ancient objects and after we had shopped, not quiet til we dropped. Wandering off to the temple areas and then we all met in the courtyard. It was now time to do our work so we sat outside under the veranda facing their main temple buildings.
     As we breathed in the Earth and Sky and became one with them through us, and made the sounds of the chakras and light bodies and then opened up to the stars and planets through our chakras and being. We became aware of the overlays of thoughts, attitudes and conditioning that each of us had taken on personally. Like a fine powder through our energy fields we got a sense of it and spoke to it, all the collective thoughts, fears and feelings and deep breathed and loved and accepted them until we surrendered into the love. We made tones to clear this old energy through us and then through the amazing vortex at Hemis which allowed the old overlays to be cleared through the collective consciousness to assist all to be free of these overlays of fear and conditioning. Such a blessing for all the mantras and prayers of generations of monks that had created the vortex for this to be done.
     Then it was off back down the hill and over the Indus River and along the valley past Thikse and Shey and back into Leh to our hotel for dinner and early to bed. All this high frequency work made us pretty tired as well as the high altitude.

stokpalaceschoolkids     The next morning June 11th we were off to Stok Palace that was over the Indus again, this time closer to Leh. As we entered we went into the bottom foyer and the female guides and guardians came and unlocked doors into rooms that were museums. More fascinating objects to see from tea pots to swords and old clothing and photos. After we had looked around we went out the front entrance with groups of school children joyfully chatting away who had come to visit. We found a place in the outer foyer to sit and tune in, connecting first to the Liquid Light Plasma through the chakras, platinum from the Inner Earth Sun and golden from all the Suns balancing our chakras.
     I guided everyone into any imprints they had taken on that were still to be loved and embraced. Some people may feel they have had countless parallel life times, but I realised when I finished doing the one on one healing as a naturopath and guide to inner healing in 1992. That what I thought had been lots of life times I had had to clear; certain physical, emotional and mental and spiritual imbalances were not actually my life times. In fact I had hardly been in a physical body before, which was pretty evident as a child not able to operate my body too well as far as gymnastics was concerned or co-ordination. I then realised I had actually taken on all these imprints to understand what it was to be human and also to be of service here to assist others to heal. It had got pretty ridiculous in the years before 1992 I must have cleared hundreds of my so called life times, as well as assisting others to clear theirs. It had always worked and shifted whatever the imbalance was, but then I was ready to understand things in a more unified way. So I asked the group to look at these experiences simply as imprinted information and to love and accept whatever was there to be embraced in love and oneness.

     Then it was into the bigger picture work of the Light City here of the so called future where there are two Suns. The energies of the Light City got anchored and the Maitreya came through and gave each of us a blessing which was very profound and felt amazing. Everyone in the group felt the blessing and it was very intense and loving, I was told I will paint the pathway to the stars and light body. Knowing that I am coming to the end of my work here on Earth at this level, I am looking forward to when I have the time to get into painting once again. We left feeling very energised and blessed and arrived back in Leh for lunch then it was up to the Shanti Stupa later in the afternoon. Usually I walk up all the steps when I am in Leh but felt it would be too hard for most of the group so we got our drivers to drop us off at the top and would just walk down.

     The stupa was huge and built in more recent times with a focus on peace for humanity and great views of Leh and the surrounding mountains and valleys. Everyone enjoyed the scene and walked around the stupa then we found a place to sit by the side. We could see the Sun setting, there were Light Ships there waiting to give us codes for the Stargate but first we needed to connect to the RA. Using the mandala of ‘the Greater Central Sun’ then guiding everyone into the RA energy and RA temple to have awareness of any holograms of their experience that were out of balance or had misused the RA energy. Then opening to joy and creative expression through the RA and Golden Solar Disc within, connecting it through the Inner Earth Sun. In the RA light the Golden Solar Disc resonated within, full of joy as the light codes from the Light Ships and great Mothership illuminated us with joy of life and the codes for the Stargate as the Sun set behind the mountains.
   We slowly made our way back down the hill and through the town feeling so light and bright and ready for our journey up the Nubra valley the next day.


     Thursday morning June 12th we were off early and drove out of Leh and up the steep mountain road to the highest motorable pass on Earth, although someone said there was one in Bolivia higher now. No matter the KhardongLa Pass was really high; 5602 meters or 18,380 feet. The road was pretty good, mostly two lanes and tar sealed, we wound up the mountain range like a snake, looking down on the valley and Leh below until they were gone and we came to snow covered verges and hill sides and right the pass itself with masses of prayer flags. We got out and really felt the altitude, a few of us went off to the toilets but they were so disgusting we couldn’t go in them and I lead the way to an area hidden by a rocks, it was difficult to walk and squat due to the altitude and most went straight back into the cars. I decided to walk to the other end of the pass in amongst the many cars and motorbikes that were there to experience it. I took some photos then we were off and started to descend, this side being a lot longer in distance until we came do into valleys with little streams, grass meadows and flowers. Then onwards pass the permit controls and eventually we got right down to the vast valleys of the Nubra and Stok Rivers where they meet, we turned left up the Stok Valley heading for the Diskirt Monastery. First we went to a great statue of Maitreya that was new, it was huge and beautiful, overlooking the valley and we stopped and enjoyed the sun and warmth and the beautiful energies.

     By the time we drove down from the great statue and up to the monastery it was starting to get windy and cold. The climb up to the monastery from the car park was not easy with the high altitude, and as we neared the top with the temples there were workman having a break and some of the group were offered tea, but declined as we reached to the top of the stairs huffing and puffing. After taking off our shoes went into the first temple, I walked in and straight out again, as I did not like the energy at all and then walked up the stairs to the other temple where I did the same. I almost couldn’t wait to get away and as the others came out and put their shoes on I went down to find us a spot out of the howling wind where we could do our thing.
     One of our group was not able to walk up to the temples, so I walked back down to the car to tell her what we were doing and by the time I got back up again, huffing and puffing some of the group were sitting in the monks chairs outside the kitchen door. I thought to tell them not to sit in their chairs, but then thought to say nothing and sat down on the ground on my usual plastic bag as everywhere we went it was very dusty. It was quiet unpleasant with the wind howling up the hill and we were sitting to one side of a small narrow courtyard that was also the main path to the temples and outside the kitchen door, which I found out later. I was focused on the work and had no idea that dramas were unfolding around us until the group told me later.
     There was a great Diamond from another universe seeding energies for the Stargate into the Diamond Light Matrix here on Earth and we became aware of the etheric Diamonds formed through this Galaxy and the Diamonds in our chakras, one Diamond Matrix of Light. Aware of the etheric Diamonds open for the Diamond from this universe, then from the other universe to merging and creating new worlds and coming through for the Stargate opening. After it had all taken place we did the Diamond Light Body mandala. I could of stayed in the energy for ages it was so divine, but was aware of the cold, the wind, the group and the presence now of the monks standing by us staring at the mandalas.
     Meanwhile on the physical plane while all this with the Diamonds was happening, I was not aware of at the time, there was a young monk being beaten by an older monk behind the kitchen door which opened to the scene that others in the group saw, and the older monks were going off at the two members of the group who were sitting on their chairs. It seems hilarious now that all this crazy scene was taking place in 3D while in multi-d such beauty was unfolding with the merging of the Diamond from the other universe through ours and into the Diamond Light Matrix for the Stargate at Lake Tsmororiri.
     The wind really came up as we got up and all walked back down the monastery steps and pathways with dust blowing everywhere. Grateful to get into the shelter of the cars we drove down the valley into a quiet little enclave and to a brand new hotel that was lovely. I went off for a walk up the road to check it out and stretch my legs and had some nice conversations with the locals. Then came back for dinner and that night it was the Full Moon in Sagittarius exact the next morning. We enjoyed a great view of the moon as it came up over the mountains and the Diskirt monastery with its lights on the mountainside below.
     There was no water happening in the hotel and the lights had to go out so that the generator could pump the water so most of the group went to bed. I sat and watched the moon for some time now the wind had died down it was so beautiful there under the full moon, in a beautiful garden looking at the great mountains around.

     We needed to leave early so we could get up the Nubra Valley and be at the place where the two rivers meet for the exact time of the full moon. So we drove off from our lovely hotel and along the valley, over the big bridge then up the Nubra valley as we passed the camp that we would stay in.
     I did not realise at first we would be in a set camp, luxury camping in fact as in 2007 we had jeeps, tents, a cook and men to help and we found a field right up the valley and the village people and farmer let us camp on his field. We had little two man tents, but this time we were not allowed to do that, the Ladakh government had set certain rules. Also unbeknown to me they had permits that only allowed tourists to stay seven days in any of the places out of Leh, but we needed ten days; what without four nights up the Nubra Valley and five nights at Lake Tsmororiri. Nasser our dear travel agent from Ladakh Adventures, bless him, had managed to get us the extra days as he told them we were on a major spiritual mission and the doorway opened for us. Nasser was amazed as they are so strict, but when one is on a mission for humanity and the shift in consciousness and cycle then doorways always open, no matter how limited it may appear on the physical plane, it was always so in my many experiences.
     So for now we drove past the camp ground and I was looking for where we could stop and get near the rivers meeting. It was all very tricky and at last I was told to stop and we all got out and walked across the moonscape then down a bank and into a wetland from the rivers. We took our shoes off and enjoyed walking in the water and wet grassland until we found the right area to sit that was slightly raised and dry.
       We began with light language about the Living Library of Light holding codes of the fabric of life through other universes not just this star system. Needing to be aware of the Living Light Library here at the union or the two rivers, and also where Orion and Ophiuchus joined when I had a group here in July 2007 for the Seventh Gate in the 11.11 doorway. With the union of the rivers of life and the old and the new paradigms bringing in the union of the universal Living Library of Light the codes can come through now and anchor into the earth plane.
     For this to happen it needed to be on the Full Moon in Sagittarius, Sun in Gemini for the electric transmissions to come through, and the Sagittarius focus on higher learning and spiritual truths to ground into the earth plane. As we did the mandala of the New Sun, the sacred breathing of the five elements with our hand chakras, through our heart and the Galactic Centre and the Living Light codes came in through the New Sun and the elements through the Galactic Centre as we sounded in the new creation.
     Wow, we basked in the energy and the Sun for some time, then walked back over the marshland and to the cars and drove up the beautiful Nubra valley to the hot springs at Panamik. We were first taken to see the hot water come out of the ground and then us ladies went into the ladies pool. I had gone up to see the other spring and so when I entered to pool room that was enclosed and everyone from the group, the females that is were sitting around the pool.
     I wondered why everyone was not in the water but they said it was too hot. I got in straight anyway and told them to get into their bodies and then everyone got in and enjoyed. It was hot so we couldn’t stay in too long. When we got out we found out the guys, that is the two men on our trip; Geoff and Cameron had no hot water in their room, but Cameron had gone up to the small source spring area.
     We then got back in the cars to go to our camp and Khan the owner driver said aren’t we going up the valley further? He showed me my itinerary which was only for the group and on the first day I had written all the things in the valley. But he had thought we were doing that all the first day and then I assume thought we would be sitting in the camp for three days! I told him no we were coming up the valley each day and then he mentioned about diesel.
     The last time I had come the driver had that all organised and so I falsely assumed that these drivers would be organised as well. I was in Khans car with a third of the group, the cars sat 6 people with three rows of seats. We were then in for a mad, fast drive down the valley with the ones in the back seat holding on for crime death, after our lovely soak their bodies had no chance to relax further. He raced into the camp site and I thought he must have had bad news from home or something, he was so angry. We struggled out of the cars and it took ages before the other two cars arrived.
     We were welcomed with a nice drink and sat and waited for the rest of the group to finally arrive, then we were taken to our tents which were permanent for the summer season. With concrete bases and a bathroom, hot water bucket style and western toilet and little balcony out front in amongst gardens. We had lunch and realised there was a big drama unfolding with the diesel, as Khan said we did not have enough to go up the valley again and that he did not want not buy black market diesel as he did not trust it in his cars. But the owner of the camp assured him it was fine, then he demanded another 3000 rupees off us for the extra diesel, later he said he wanted 3000 rupees extra per car but I refused. He should not have charged us anything as he was his responsibility to have fuel for the cars and he charged a lot to hire the cars and drivers. Later back in Leh the travel agent gave us a refund. Khan was still angry and we were shocked and did not feel like going with him again in his car as his anger made him drive like a manic, and with all the energy work we were doing and lives at stake he was not a suitable person to have driving. He made a big drama of it in the days to come. Racing ahead in his car and then stopping at little shops to see if we could get diesel and eventually he got some, but in fact we did not actually need it and had enough to get back to Leh. So when we did get back to Leh we got rid of him. The other two drivers were lovely.

     Later in the afternoon we walked down to the Nubra River which was along the road a ways and then down over boulders. It was so beautiful in the late afternoon sun, and no wind had come up, we went and sat by the raging mountain river, the Nubra River. We found our own spots on the beautiful boulders. I guided everyone to clear any blocks so that they could receive the light codes that had come in with the full moon, and then asked everyone to find a small rock that jumped out at them, some already had picked up some beautiful rocks. Then I guided everyone to receive the essence of the rock on all levels and then ask if the rock needed some assistance as well. We had a beautiful connection to the rocks with love and oneness as the Sun set over the mountains and we felt so blessed to be in the valley, by the river in this most magic place after such a high frequency day.
     We all seemed to want our dinner early then off to bed for most of the group. It was so intense energetically with what we were involved with, as well as the vortexes there and also the high altitude. The owner of the camp we stayed in had very kindly stopped a nightly fire that people pay for and have loud music blasting. So we got our transformational sleep at night, he understood.

June 14th
       Early the next morning we met Erin at the welcome building at the entrance to the camp. She had organised to take a Chi Kung class every morning and this was our first time, there were about six of us that continued to do this each morning of our journey, except when we were really high altitude at Lake Tsmororiri, and it was a beautiful accompaniment to our inner journey.
     Then after breakfast under a beautiful tree in the camp ground we gathered, sitting in chairs in a circle to do a workshop with everyone. We did archetypes that were so relevant and helpful to love, as well as implants, astral hooks and fears and the fear of being in the body and on Earth.

nubrasunset14thjune     Then we had lunch and drove back to the hot pools, this time the ladies pool was not anywhere near so hot, and the men’s was still dry but Cameron went back up to the source spring to soak there.
    It felt great to have had another soak as we were all processing, integrating and rearranging our molecules like crazy. It was a wonderful drive up and back down the Nubra valley and we saw little towns and many stupas and small roadside temples and prayer wheels, against a back drop of towering mountains with snow still on the top peaks and the vast river basin with the Nubra River tumbling down through it. Connected to the Stok River at the meeting of the two great valleys and multi-dimensional doorway and vortexes, heavenly abode of goddesses and gods. We also saw caves in the sides of the mountains and there existed a scared lake in a great area of rock in the river basin where we were going the next day.
     Before dinner I went for a walk with Amelia up to the view of the two valleys and rivers meeting and the sun setting and sending of a golden light through the vortex and landscape. I took my smartphone note and wrote down some important information for the work the next day with the star alignment.

       After breakfast everyone choose three more archetypes to love within and had time out. Meanwhile Erin had seen a small school down the road and visited. She had a wonderful time with the three teachers and children and was full of great ideas to connect the primary school she worked at in New Zealand with the children here in the Nubra Valley.
     After lunch we drove right up to the furthest point we were allowed to drive in the Nubra Valley, to a place called Sasoma. Because we were close to the Chinese and Pakistan borders we could go no further. Which was fine as the place I sensed we needed to be was down along this beautiful stream that flowed into the Nubra Valley.
       It was quiet a climb and walk down over and around the boulders and to our spot. The Sun was still high and the water glistened in the river and stream, the view down the valley was magic.
     We were here for the Star Alignment of Achernar in Eridani, the end of the river in the heavens. We all connected and did lotus kundalini breathing and opened up with the sound and light codes of the Physical Immortality mandala. Then I guided everyone with a meditation of Light through their pineal gland and then all theendocrine glands, all sparkling clear and radiant out through our chakras and back to the cosmos as we become aware of the stars and planets within us.
     As we did the star chakras and then the extra stars behind the chakras and spoke in light language about our own work with the star alignments, and our connection with Eridanus the river and the brightest star Archenar, “
I am the attunement to your God Self. I am the music of your soul that flows eternal”. The light was anchored through us from the star, and the star alignment meant that we can be more open to being our divine self and shinning our light, being the universal flow like the river returning always back to our source. We spent time in the beautiful cosmic star energies as well as the divine energies by the river until the Sun slowly sank behind the mountain. We were spell bound in the vortex and I had to go and lie down in the water, which was freezing and let it wash all over me, and energetically through me. Then a few others did the same thing and luckily there was no wind and the Sun was quiet warm to dry our skin and clothes before it disappeared.

     June 16th, in the morning I gave everyone some more inner healing work; on their inner male and female, child and inner parent. I soul travelled to the sacred lake we were to visit and got I would be told later what it was all about.
After lunch we drove up the valley again to this great rock on the river basin, we turned in and drove over the river flats that were not watered at that present time, but dry.We walked up a step track along the side of the rock and up and over the top and down to the side of the lake where there was some shelter. The Sun was strong and in high altitude it was too easy to get sunburnt fast.
The lake looked beautiful but it had this foam scum on it. We sat under these thorn trees and connected. The sacred lake is a doorway into Parallel Earths, they have always been there and are not the New Earth, we are still creating that. This is a Parallel Earth in the fifth dimension where another our self exists and if you have never met the right partner, they maybe from there so you exist there as well, but live in a different way from here.
     To prepare ourselves to enter into that zone we did our own personal mudra and connected breathing in a Figure 8 and sounds with DNA Transformation mandala. Then I asked questions to help access our inner knowing and codes in Light language. I can only give my answers here as I don’t know what everyone else got.
     What does the Parallel Earth mean to you? ‘We would not be here without it, it exists to sustain us’.
     How do you exist there? ‘Exist beautifully where I go often in dream state to be nourished and healed’.
     Do you need to be aware of yourself there now, if so why? ‘Yes to integrate my multi-d selves and help my 3D body and health and open to the higher octaves’.
     Is there someone in one of the parallel worlds that’s getting closer to being aware of? If you met them there then you will meet them here? ‘Yes they are coming’, little did I know a few days later I would meet my consort from Shambala, I didn’t even know I had one.

   I guided everyone to be aware of the spiralling vortexes of the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow Light coming through and around us. Then the Thirteen Rays came up from the Earth through our central channel.
     Isaw on the inner as did others the Universal Dragon arrived through the doorway in the lake with a great Dragon Egg for us to go through, as we travelled to the Parallel Earth that we exist in. As I guided everyone to get a sense of them self, asking the aspect of self for help if they had any health or other issues.

   Then with awareness of the Two Moons we sensed how they create the environment in the Parallel Earth and then the streams of Light from the Two Moons came through into the Earth. Bringing in more nurturing, nourishing energy, fertilising the Earth that has been degraded by chemicals, mining, fracking, nuclear bombs, war, greed and technology and GM. We were aware of the Two Moons moonlight filtering in and repairing the Earth as it also glowed through our energy field with the energy of our soul self in male and female form merging.
     After we finished the great Universal Dragon flew off back to the Parallel Earth. When we opened our eyes the lake was clear and shone beautifully, it had transformed in front of our eyes to show us how the beautiful Two Moon’s light had been received into the earth plane to assist with the cleansing of all the toxic energies.
     We finished with the light and sound codes of the ’Anatomical Balancer’ and then slowly walked back up to the top if the great rock. As we came down the other side the land was now covered in water, so we had to take our shoes off to get through it to the cars. It seemed that every afternoon they flooded the fields.

     That night I walked with Amelia up the road again towards where the two valleys meet and the sunset was so stunning and we both felt so blessed to be there in this vast vortex and divine Light energies.

     The next morning, June 17th we packed up and ready to leave after breakfast, but before we left we met all the staff and I gave them each a tip from our collective tip kitty, which they were very happy about and I took photos of everyone at the entrance hall to the camp.
     We drove down the road and stopped and walked over the sand and rocks to the riverside where we were the evening after the Archnerar star alignment. The Sun was strong and I found a big thorn tree to sit under with enough room for everyone.
   After connecting we did the Solar Flares; bringing them into the Inner Earth Sun and out from our heart centre to help us assimilate them without then causing disasters for humanity, they always came to bring in higher Light octaves to shift us. Then with abdominal breathing into the solar plexus and out the crown, in the crown and out the base, in the earth star and out the soulstar, in the cosmic gateway and out the earth star chakras our energy field, chakras and central channel were clear. As we brought in the light into the pineal gland and endocrine glands and using the light and sound codes of the Physical Immortality mandala. As we opened up to the star chakras and extra star chakras, through the higher planes of our self, through the prisms and out to all creation as the Star Alignment of Wega came in. The energy was very high frequency as the star light from Wega brought in physical immortality into the collective consciousness now!!!
     It felt vast and as well as very high frequency, and I was blown away by how profound this is, what had just occurred, wow we are moving so fast now. I had been waiting for this for years, having experienced my Light Body fully many times and being into Physical Immortality since the 1980’s I was told that we had to wait for the collective consciousness to open up to the reality of it, as the programming that we decay and die is so huge on this planet. I had accepted aging as well, as real physical immortality is not about what you look like, but how Light you are. The vanity aspect has to be let go of and it is still counterproductive to suddenly appear like a spunky twenty year goddess. People either feel intimidated, and think they could never attain it, (like how Christianity made Christ seem unattainable when the Christ essence is within each of us). Or it would make people do the pedestal thing, so while we might be able to do lots of amazing things with our body now, as far as looking twenty again instantly, the maturity of so many other lessons still needs to be attained by the masses. But people who are into being Light are starting to look younger, and their Light shines out, the focus is not physical looks, but Being.

   Walking back to the car feeling very humbled and blessed to be here in this scared vortex at this sacred time, it was not with sadness or regret at leaving, but just so full of all the amazing energies and experiences. When then drove all the way back up to the Khardongla Pass and over without stopping for lunch, there were so many other vehicles on the road, it has become very popular now with Indian tourists since a Bollywood movie was made in Ladakh.
     We were pretty hungry when we got back late afternoon and most went over the road from the Yak Tail to the German Bakery or a couple of other restaurants nearby to get a western meal or salad. As much as we all loved curry, twice every day was a bit much for most of the group and myself, our physical bodies digestive system took a while to adjust.
     It was nice to meet other travellers and have a chat, they were all on their own inner as well as outer journeys. India is one of those places that can’t help but shift people’s consciousness as well as dealing with lots of issues that poverty, hardship, suffering as well as great wealth and opulence bring up about our own self. Lessons with having exchanges with beggars for example, to give from love and not from guilt, to see the divine within the beggar and look them in the eye with love, or fear to look and try and get away as fast as possible. So many opportunities to come for our own divinity within.
   Everyone chilled or caught up on washing for the rest of the afternoon and then it was food again at dinner which none of us could really squeeze in, we had board at the hotel and the food was so amazing and bountiful, they really looked after us everywhere we stayed.

     After dinner Erin, Lisa and Cynthia and I went for a walk, I wanted to do a proper exercise walk, but it was busy still in the streets. So we turned left out of the Yak Tail then left again down a laneway and then came to another main street, Fort Rd. We walked up it until we saw a shop that makes beautiful embroidered materials sewn to form a piece with tassels that you put over the top of a doorway. They also had Thangkas; material hangings with a painting of an aspect of Buddha or Tara that has beautiful embroidery surrounding the painting, on a wooden hanger and little curtain that can go over the painting or roll it up to show the painting. Erin and I we were taken with the doorway top hangings. We organised with the dear man who was sitting behind an old Singer sewing machine that works manually with a treadle at his feet to each buy one. We had to come back at noon the next day to pick them up, he would have them done by then.
     We continued on around the block and back to our rooms at the hotel. Little did I realise this was the beginning of a major new chapter in my life.

   We had the day off and after lunch Erin and I walked back to the shop to get our doorway hangings and I looked at their Thangkas of the Buddha and decided this would be a great birthday present for my dear friend in Wales. The shop did not have the right one and so we went on a journey around Leh to find the right Golden Buddha, going first to the main Tibetan market and seeing many beautiful paintings. I brought a Green Tara, I was so attracted to her and did not find out until weeks later when I was in Bangalore with my friends there that she is the beautiful Goddess who presides over Shambala.
     We walked up to the main road where I spotted a shop that advertised selling Thangkas. When we entered I knew it was not the right shop and the owner proceeded to tell us how he sells to politicians and rich business people, hardly the right sales pitch. He had a beautiful one but way too expensive for me. Just as he was sending his man off to see what a good price would be, a man came into the shop whose energy was very on. We both noticed him and said hello, he told us he is a yogi, he gave some name for it, a yogi who wears normal everyday clothes.
   We both said ‘we are yogis’ in unison and we laugh, he told us that he has a teacher and that he is going to meditate in a cave up the Nubra Valley where we have just come from. We had seen the cave in the mountain in the distance as we drove by. He was looking for comfortable trousers to wear in the cave and once he brought them he left the shop.

     We continued on down the road to the local market as I wanted to get some more pearl necklaces for presents and we passed a shop I knew the Golden Buddha would be in, a Tibetan shop selling all sorts or ceremonial cloths, prayer flags and Thangkas. Outside was a beggar, a beautiful man on the ground with very deformed legs. I had an instant connection with him and bent down to give him some money and laughed and smiled with him. Then proceeded on to the freshwater pearl stall in the market where I had previously brought some necklaces and was happy to see the same lovely girl who served me before. I picked out some more pearl strands and earrings and on the way back we went into the Tibetan shop and I found the Thangka that was right for my friend, and at a very affordable price.
     When we came out of the shop the beggar who was right in front of it was smiling, and again we had a wonderful connection and I gave him some more money. Feeling very happy to have seen him I did not realise until a few days after just who he was and he was part of a test to see if my heart was open enough.
   I had the blessing of meet Babaji once in the early 90’s on the swing bridge over the Ganges where he was in a lepers body begging. I knew it was him straight away, he used to test people to see the divine in everyone and materialised in the guise of a deformed beggar to see if people could see the divine within himself and so themselves and all others.


     June 19th all thirteen of us in the group piled into the three cars to drive the eight hours to Lake Tsomoriri. We now had a new driver to replace Khan and everyone was relived. Our new driver Tensin was fun and he wore a pink big floppy sunhat at times. We drove along the Indus valley by the river and at first past Shey, Thikse and the turn off to Hemis, then further along until we got to the Chumathang springs. In 2007 we had soaked in them and myself and the others were looking forward to a nice hot spring soak. But things had changed for the worse and now everything; all the rooms with the pools and other buildings were almost ruins. The restaurants were still open so some of us went into one where they had some rice and vegetable curry or soup and then it was back in the cars as we drove past a huge Indian Army base and on the checkpoint before we crossed the Indus to start winding up the mountains into the higher altitude again, Lake Tsomoriri is 4530 metres or 14,860 feet high.
     I was getting a telepathic message not from the yogi we met the previous day, but from his teacher. I asked him if it was about the mission and he said no, it was personal. I must admit to being surprised at that, but knew I would get my chance once we got to the lake to find out more.
traveltolaket-lake-kiagar3     Enjoying the journey up into the mountains and to the desert like landscape that still had snow in the valleys. With the nomadic herdsman the Changpas, who raise flocks of yaks, sheep, goats and Tibetan horses, they live in little tents with their families. We saw a few camps along the way as well as coming to Lake Kiaga, the “Lake of joy” that looked so blue amongst the sand coloured hills. The energy was amazing and we stopped and took photos and breathed in the light and air, feeling so excited to be in this sacred space, then it was onwards in clouds of dust to our final destination Lake Tsomoriri. After stopping at the army checkpoint where we had to produce permits and passports we drove into the village of Korzok and to the only big guest house in town.
   It was very high altitude and a lot colder and there was some problems with the rooms and all I could think about was getting away and going down by the lake to tune into this being who I knew only as the teacher of this yogi. So I managed to get away once everyone was sorted and having some tea, and raced down to the lake over the little stream and up the other side. The altitude was kicking in so I took it a bit more slowly and walked carefully over the fields so not to step on any fresh sprouted barley seed and finally sat down beside the lake. I met Shelley and Cameron on the way and they too went down to the lake to talk while I sat further up the bay. I was pretty cold and the wind had come up and the Sun was setting at the very end of the lake.

     Instantly the teacher said to me telepathically “you know me from the Seventh Universe (that I found out later is Shambala) and I have called you, and you me, we dance together in that realm. Now we are here connected again and we dance through the lake, sister, brother, mother, father, lovers of old.” He told me I am his consort, and he mine, I asked if either of us had other consorts and he said no.

     Then the Water Dragon in the lake came out and handed me a box and told me ‘this is your future’, I open the box and there is a beautiful rose glowing with love. Then my consort from Shambala said “we will meet and teleport to each other. Your body is a Diamond and it shines so bright”. I then see the Diamond shatter and other universes came through and was told that this will open it up for others as well.  
       I then realised I was completing my level of service with the work I had done since 1981 with the Golden Solar Discs activated, and Solar Grid linking them until the Golden Solar Discs are through the ethers fully. As well as all the work with the Crystalline Grids, the Star Alignments and Stargate anchoring’s, the Second Sun, the Diamond Light Matrix and now since last year the five big Stargate openings it’s completed, I am ready for the next level of service.

       As I walked back to the guest house with Shelley and Cameron I was thinking about it all and how I know I have the choice. I felt elated and so blessed to have this contact, completely unexpected by my conscious self. I started to see the dance that has taken place as I came into the earth plane and my consort stayed in Shambala.
     Meanwhile with the group back at the guest house many were feeling the effects of the high altitude and I raced around to each doing whatever was required to help them get back in their body and love the fear. I just managed to get into my room before 11pm when the lights went out, (power was on in the village from 8pm to 11pm at night). I got my sleeping bag organised and once I lay down I could feel the presence of my consort very strongly as he lay beside me that night. I was dancing through the thirty three Heavens and the Diamond Light with so much happening to me in the higher realms, but on a conscious level I was not as clear. I asked the name of my consort and he replied ‘Us Am’, I laughed, of course, and I realised much later we are actually one soul.
     Not twin souls, twin rays, twin flames, I had experienced all that as well as soul mates before the twins came on the scene and frankly was over it. Having learnt so much from all my beautiful relationships with the twins and soul mates, some not so easy and some downright painful, but having got through all of that I was not in relationship space anymore and so enjoyed living alone. But this was different and I had often laughed to my girlfriends that any man to come in now would have to be a Light Being.
I had told everyone at dinner we were going on a soul travel into the Diamond in the lake in the night. Now with Us Am with me as well, and moving through the Thirty Three Heavens and Diamond and Shambala energies it was such an amazing, trippy, cosmic, intense, expanding night.

   The next morning June 20th I tuned into the soul travel and also received an understanding about the Thirty Three Heavens. From my own communication with family members who had passed over, some years ago, some more recent I had observed where they went for healing or on with the mission. My maternal grandmother had to go into a hospital for some time, my uncles where working through stuff, one by building a house, my father had gone straight to the Light Ships and we were even more connected on our missions together. The Tibetans have such an amazing awareness of death and higher realms and I did not realise before, that there are actually thirty three heavens that souls can go to for healing, or to other spaces to continue or do new missions, often into other universes and so contact with them becomes less direct.
   After breakfast I had organised a workshop on ancestors control and family line, inner male and female, contracts, star alliances, astral hooks, and how to listen to the inner voice more fully. The only place to do it was in the dining room and it was a cold morning, only Lisa and Cynthia and Carolyn and Geoff were there. Some of the group had gone down to the rice fields and Angali had a great experience with some of the locals.
       When we looked at the ancestral lines, I have done this many times on myself and in workshops, and while guiding the others I decided to do my own again, which I never normally do as I am focused on holding the beam for the others. But my inner self wanted me to know and so this time I was so surprised, on my mother’s side there was nothing and the line went straight into the lake, through the Shambala doorway and into Shambala. Then I did my father’s line and it went straight into the Lightships and Mothership. Wow all cleared, my ancestral lines are done, I was amazed, at the December 2012 shift my ancestors and close relatives who had passed over had all moved into higher realms, and now this. I certainly didn’t expect it, but considering what else was happening I shouldn’t have really been surprised.

tsomoriripavillonview     After hearing about everyone’s adventures from the morning at lunch, I went to check out where to go for Sunrise on the Solstice the next day, and saw a pavilion up on the hill from my hotel room. So I walked slowly out onto the road through the village and found a path that lead up past ancient stupas and people’s houses right up to the Pavilion.
     I sat and looked out over the lake and Us Am asked me to travel into it, I was aware of a slight hesitance and loved that aspect of my inner female. As she shifted I was in Shambala showered with flowers and love. I felt so happy and walked back down to the hotel to get everyone for our soul travel into the Diamond in the lake. Lillian was busy with her missions on the inner and two of the young ones who were not well the night before were still suffering. Thankfully we had an oxygen tank to help them and they rested while the rest of us walked down to the lake. Once we got to the shore everyone lay down, feeling the altitude and also the energy was so intense and high frequency.
     I took everyone into their Light Bodies, the first five and then the ‘Light Body Integration’ mandala, the Diamonds in the chakras and out into their Diamond Light Body. We were then ready for the journey into the dimensional realms of the doorway through the lake.

      The Water Dragon in the lake picks us up and sweeps us through into the great Diamond, 16 kms in circumference. We move through the beautiful prisms and what would be termed by the Tibetans as the Thirty Three Heavens, until we get to the centre into a beautiful universe that exists through the realms here. Aware of ourselves as a goddess and god both unified. The Diamond becomes transparent and we are taken beyond that level of creation.
     The energy is so high frequency and it’s so bigger pictureall we can do is just Be in the zone as we are the anchors bringing in the energies of the un-manifest Universes through the Heavens, the Diamond in Shambala, Light City, Light Ships through the dimensional realms in the Earth and the Inner Earth Sun, all one.
     I got it will change many things for us in our lives and we had to stay with the energy for some time as we lay on the beach beside the lake.

   The reason we needed to be at Lake Tsomoriri for the Solstice was because the Councils of Light and Shambala doorway is so accessible from here totsomoriridoorway integrate the higher energies of the Diamond into the lower dimensions, now into the fourth dimension.
To catch the sunrise up at the pavilion we left at 4.45am, sunrise was at 5.08am approximately but because of the Sun having to climb up behind the mountain range we don’t see it until 5.25am.
     We walked up to the Pavilion slowly due to the altitude and once at the top we did our mudras and went into the Councils of Light. Then spoke in light language about what was so important about this Solstice as the Light Codes from Shambala were coming through into the earth plane in the pyramidal and diamond matrixes. We were here at the lake for this as it was the vortex that could receive the energies.
     For our own soul journey I got for myself that it was the final time at this frequency before I moved, and everyone sensed a completion and move into a higher realm of themselves and their life experience. I guided everyone into the awareness of any new contracts or missions from this point on as this Solstice was changing many things in our Being and Life.
     It was freezing cold and after we had enjoyed the sunrise and completed our connection and taken our photos we went back down to the guesthouse for some breakfast.
       For the Noon connection we left at 11am to get down to shores of lake, it was a bit of a struggle due to the altitude for most, and we plopped down on the sand at our usual spot by the lake. Doing our connecting mudra, and the light and sound codes of the ‘New Sun’ mandala. Then through the Galactic Centre, Earthsun Body and thirteen rays of the rainbow illuminating our cells and DNA, aware of the Suns aligned through all the cells of our body, all one Sun. We looked at Solar Flares through us, as we opened to receive them, it assists them to be gentle to us, the Earth and all the electricity on Earth.
     We were resonating in the RA energies and then moved into Shambala in our Light Bodies. The energy download was huge as Shambala anchored through the vortex here and through the Earth. Cynthia saw the changing of the guard and new codes in gold all through the lake and the multi-dimensional doorway. I was aware of dancing in Shambala as the codes were anchored into the 9th dimension. (At the Spring Equinox on 22nd September 2014 when I was at the Stargate at Lake Taupo Shambala was anchored into the 7th dimension).
     We all stayed there for some time in the energy, it was so on, and all we could do was lie and be in the divine energies, I had to go and drink the water in the lake to physically absorb the codes. Because it was the beginning of the new in so many ways, I was shown my new mission which really excited me and was very multi-d, for all of us there were changes going on within us. It is not a matter of what happens in the physical plane, which unfolds in divine flow when we have shifted on the inner.
Then it was along the dusty road and down into the small valley and across the streams and back up to our guest house for a hot drink. I needed to attend to all three of the young ones as they were finding the high altitude pretty tough as were some of the others as well. This was not an easy mission on the physical and I too needed to lie down, which was only for a brief time in my room then up and off for next connection which was at the exact time of the Solstice.
     I had a bit of a creative opportunity of where to do it, as everyone was too stuffed to get down to the lake again and the same at sunset. So I sussed it out and at 3.30pm we went down to the little stream below the guest house and village and sat in the Sun and by these beautiful yellow flowers ready for the exact time at 4.20pm.
     We opened up to the platinum and golden liquid light plasma, it sparkled through our cells and main chakras and the smaller chakras, through our body and into the Diamond Light Matrix. As we opened up to the Second Sun and RA light, as it glowed through our bodies and awakened more fully our Iridescent Light body with the mandala of light and the sound codes. It was very powerful as we resonated in our Iridescent Light Body that illuminated through us, the Earth and ethers.
     Meanwhile, while all this high energy was happening, on 3D there was a dog next to us that was barking and barking and she would not stop, which really distracted people and gave us the opportunity to hold the beam. I was guiding everyone with the dog right next to us, but I didn’t stop, just kept going as it wasn’t distracting me, having dealt with worse things than that while needing to hold the energy. I did wonder later when we came out of the zone why it needed to do that as it just kept on and on barking. The dog seemed to have a bit of a story with Angali and Cameron as they said it was being attacked often by the other dogs, so I guess it had come to tell us about it. Regardless we all felt rather uplifted and still happily radiating in our Iridescent Light Body as we went back for a cup of tea, and the arrival of a lot of new tourists to our guest house.
     It was then our last connection at sunset and we walked back up the Pavilion, with beautiful view of the lake and mountains. As we connected to our Diamond Light Body, went into our divine presence within and awakened more fully our Divine Blueprint at the level of our self in the Greater Central Sun. We acknowledged and resonated with the incredible energies of the day and watched the sunset in the distance at the far end of the lake. The sunset was not that spectacular as the weather the next day was bad and it was freezing cold, we were done and dusted so didn’t hang around and went straight back to have dinner and celebrate, with another cup of tea.
     That evening myself, Shelley, Shabir and Azaad had to move to little guesthouse nearby in the village. We had originally been going to stay in tents at the lake but it was unseasonably cold so our 3D organiser in Leh had booked us into the guesthouse, but it wasn’t possible for us to all be there for the five nights. At least it was only for one night and we came back the next morning as all the other tourists just came and stayed one night and left early the next day. The Solstice energy wasn’t over for me and through the night I was guided by Us Am to prepare my physical body more in preparation for my new life and missions to come.

   We arrived back for breakfast from our room in the family home and the day was bleak, as usual when there is a big shift it’s always really cold, it was tsomoriri22walkbackactually snowing gently on the mountain tops. It was a free morning for everyone and just as well I had made it so, as I ended up spending the whole morning going to most of the rooms, as most of the group needed help, they were hitting the fear and accumulation of unresolved issues, this energy wasn’t keeping anything hidden anymore. I was not immune either but I had my shift later when I got fried by the high frequency Maitreya energies, but for now I was feeling good so could hold the space for most of the others to transform.
     After lunch we went out as the light rain/snow kept falling. We rugged up and rain proofed up as much as we could and then walked back down to the little valley. This time not left along the lake, but right and along the valley that turned into a beautiful grassed valley with yaks and cattle. We met as we were walking some tourist who were mountain bike riding over these passes and camping along the way. It was freezing and they were going over a really high pass and we wondered how they would manage. We were just grateful we had the guesthouse to stay in, as not only was it cold but really windy at times and now snowing gently. One lot of Indian tourist who were to stay in the tents were ill prepared for the cold and didn’t even stay the night, they turned around and drove straight back to Leh, eight hours both ways. We did wonder when we saw them and others arrive with just their usual attire plus a shawl, meanwhile we had about three or four layers, ski jackets, hats and gloves and boots.

   We walked for a short time as everyone was still affected by high altitude and it was not easy. I found a spot for us to sit, but it was wet, cold and windy so not that inviting. I dispensed with using the mandalas and doing mudras as we just needed to do what we had come for, and most just wanted to get back to the guesthouse as fast as they could.

   I guided everyone on a soul travel to the Kings Chamber at Cheops. I had spent three days there back in 2002, and been in another dimension all those days as never saw a single tourist. I since have realised the importance of this as the mission of transferring the energies of the Cosmic Egg at the Great Pyramid has happened a few times now at different locations. The creation codes have been anchored from the Cheops’s Cosmic Egg to Mt Tarawera in New Zealand being the first, then in Kuala Lumpur and the West MacDonnell Ranges in Australia. Not to mention the Cosmic Eggs all around this planet that have activated in recent times like at Jasielmer in India and Lake Hawea in New Zealand, in Singapore and Wales, Sweden and Leh to name just a few more recent ones.
   We connected to them all and the New Earth and the Shambala anchoring. The Cosmic Egg was through the Mothership that is the landscape, and it anchored more fully the creation codes for the New Earth. Balance is taking place through the Earth and Solar System, Galaxy and Universe without the agendas of seeding new worlds as the Gods and Goddesses of old, who had misused that energy.
   We who are the Goddesses and Gods of old, returned to heal our mess, we did not understand the mis-use of this creative energy. But now we are here to complete the story in a body, in the limitations that we created, but now creating through love, allowing and in alignment to the divine plan. It is now the power of love rather than the love of power. I guided everyone to go within and love and accept the Creator Goddess God within and all their creations and manipulations until all are whole and at peace.
     The Cosmic Egg anchored through the landscape of the New Earth and allows us to become free of the old paradigm control dramas and any out of balance imprints from those times and holograms.

       We were sitting on or near the beautiful yellow flowers that we experienced at the stream for the exact time of the Solstice the day before. They only exist for such a short span of time before the snow covers them again. We opened to receive the essence of this divine flower and understand how it was assisting us, as well as giving back to the flower in love.
     The wind got worse and the snow that melted to rain as it got down to the ground made us all feel cold. Our plastic ponchos had been noisily flapping around us as we sat there, and once we finished most of the group headed off back down the valley.
     I stood there and felt the wind and rain on my face, it was cold but invigorating, and I didn’t want to leave. The Cosmic Egg energy was so transfixing and just Being in it was all I felt like doing. So I stood for some time looking at the incredible sky, the Sun was milky and trying to shine through the thick cloud, but everything appeared so light and I allowed the energies to flow through me.
     The cattle even got too cold and came running back down the valley to get some shelter where they could. Regardless of the cold I felt so happy and eventually I slowly made my way back down the valley and then up the path to the guesthouse. That night I told everyone that we will be soul travelling into the Stargate.

Monday 23rd June THE STARGATE
     I woke up with the Sun rising and it was shining its rays into my room which was so nice when it was so cold. I sat in the sun by the window tuning into our soul travel that night and organised the last bits for the meditations and activations that we were to do.
     After the usual hearty breakfast of toast, boiled eggs, jam and what little was left of Lisa’s vegemite, that helped a few people feel better, we walked back down the valley. Across the streams and up the other side to the dirt road that took us along past the barley fields just sown. Once we passed the fences we walked over the stones and sand to the lake shore. It was no longer snowing and it was so nice to be back by the lake.
     We connected and did the ‘DNA Transformation’ mandala and Figure 8 breathing and sounds as our energy fields freed up and started to flow. Then I handed out a silver envelope that had small cut pieces of paper folded with an archetype written on each of aspects of self that it was now time to own, or let go off. They were not the sabotaging type archetypes; like our inner trickster, spider-woman, dark lord, seductress etc. But aspects that it might be our time to really embrace in our self now, like; member of the Council of Light, Earthstar walker, Goddess/God, Beam Holder, Being of Light, Light Energy technologist. Or even aspects and roles it might be time to own or move on from like Guardian of the Doorway, Wise Woman and Crystal Guardian. This was helping to recalibrate the awareness of our multi-dimensional self and divine self to embrace and Be, or let go aspects still held subtly in the old paradigm.
     We did the ‘DNA integration of the physical and energy bodies’ and opened up to our Diamond Light Body. Then travelling through the Stargate each of us came through as we were birthed into this life, becoming aware of the light codes we brought in and the unique gifts and abilities that the Stargate gave us for our missions and work on Earth. We also chose the location on this planet where we come in, and through the vortex there that holds codes also that resonate with our soul journey, and assisted our higher self to merge with our physical self as we birthed out into the world.
     Once we could understand the connection to who we are more fully and why we are here, we became more deeply aware of the centre of our self, and the Galactic Centre within, into the void and stillness. The sound started to come from our heart, from the stillness and Void where all is manifest, creating new life and worlds to experience in higher dimensions than before, as we expanded our awareness and opened up our hearts more fully. The DNA strands were activated and the broken DNA loved, accepted and unified through the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow as we opened to the ‘Liquid Light Transmission of DNA’ and the new template that was anchoring through us and the lake.

   It was then time to have a break, some food and rest before the actual Stargate opening. We walked back to the guest house and for once it was not curry, but Chinese food, wow what a treat. We had all got a bit over curry, not that we didn’t love it, but our bodies were having a bit of fun with all the food we normally did not eat. With a few jokes about farting goddesses.
     There was just enough time for a short rest to integrate and then it was off back down to the lake, some were not able to make it, but that was fine as we were all one and so connected. Amelia was on the concrete ledge of her bedroom window, and Lillian was off in the higher realms already and on 3D snuggled into her silk sleeping sheet and sleeping bag. She had some interesting ET visitors at times in her room.
     We slowly walked back to our spot by the lake and did our mudras, then the Chakra and Light Body Activation with light and sound. Opening up to the stars and the planets within the chakras and then we opened to the Stars from the New Solar System. Connecting all the Standing Stones, Stone Circles, Pyramids, through the Crystalline Grid, Light Grid, Diamond Light Matrix, with all the Golden Solar Discs and Solar Grid into the Sixth Cycle.

We were then ready to go into the Stargate.
     A whirlwind spiral of energy takes us up into the Mothership where we were prepared energetically within a chamber immersed in rainbow coloured lights, clearing distortions still held in our bodies and minds.
     The higher aspects of us as Goddess/Gods in Shambala were looking on. The Mothership was like a two way station as the Un-manifest Universes, thirteen in all, that each of us carried are in the stillness within. As the Dragon guardians and all the Dragons from around the lake awaited the union into form. They the Ancient Ones from the inception of Earth had been waiting for this day as it meant their work was complete.
     The Cosmic Egg that was anchored yesterday in the valley and all the Cosmic Eggs around the Earth awaited this union before they could start to really hum with new life. At the last Stargate to come at Bunya Mountains in Queensland Australia in early November they will start seeding fully into a new Matrix of Light that can sustain the higher frequency light into the Earth plane.
    The energies intensified through us as the rays of coloured lights, twenty six different tones to open the twenty six chakra points that are most important through our central channel, feet, hands, ears, eyes, jaw, shoulders, elbows, hips, knees and ankles had our energy field glowing.
   The Un-manifest Universe we each held started to come into form, the Light and then a Sound came from within us as the Earth and Worlds of form responded with joy at the new life that was seeding into the denser light and physical structures. It resonated out through the Grids, Dragon Lines, and Serpent tunnels, Solar Grid, Golden Solar Discs, Diamonds and Diamond Light Matrix.

   The Stargate was opened through each of us, we are the Stargate, the union of Heaven and Earth can only take place by us being in a body. We allowed ourselves to resonate as the Stargate….allowing what is to follow in our life to unfold. We stayed in the energy for ages, unable to move and then finally went back to the guesthouse to have dinner and celebrate. We all felt the magic and knew that not only was the Stargate opening a major bigger picture event in the shift in consciousness and New Earth anchoring, but that it had changed each of us as well into deeper stillness, clearer bodies and even more of an open heart.

Tuesday 24th June BACK TO LEH
       It was time to leave, for all us we felt that the lake and doorway was part of our heart, and I know for myself anyway. I knew I would never be the same again and was so grateful for the amazing shift that had taken place for humanity on the Solstice and Stargate and also the shifts for myself personally and for the group. We got going after saying goodbye to all the beautiful staff and owners of the guesthouse and their beautiful baby. Driving back past the army check post and along the valley, up onto the plateau with Lake Kiaga and down the winding mountain road past the shepherd camps, until we got to the bridge over the Indus River then along the Indus for a few hours until we get back to Leh.
     Everyone was then busy with emails, laundry and the last shopping in Leh. We all contributed to the local economy and our bags were bulging as we left the next morning to drive 125kms to Lamayuru which is on the road to Kashmir.

     With stunning scenery on the way, the Indus was this amazing turquoise blue against the sand coloured mountains and little villages along the roadside with prayer wheels. When we got to Lamayuru Monastery there were many vehicles parked and we wondered what was happening. We did not even get to go into the monastery, but were transfixed by the most amazing festival and dances in the courtyard.
lamayurufestival4     After the ceremony had finished we checked in and I was given the room that some high dignitary was in, as it had an elaborate table and bed covering and I thought what a privilege to be there in that special room. Our hotel happened to be bordering the courtyard and we had windows that looked down on it. They were still packing up from the ceremony and their beautiful music still filled the air.
     I wondered where we could do our workshop and some of the group had rooms the lead off the top flat roof that was open to the sky with big area we could sit, so we all gathered there.

     We connected to our kundalini and talked to the serpent within as to any blocks in our central channel or around or under the chakras, and then did the activation of the Chakras and Light Body. Into our Earthsun Body and through the Galactic Centre within all aligned through the Suns all one, through our cells and being.
   The serpent energy took us through the Suns as we became aware of the serpent energy here and the serpent tunnel. Each of us went on our own journey with the serpent. I went straight to a Shiva Lingam in the mountain and connected with the Shiva and Pravati aspects within me and I received a great pearl in my third eye. I love the Nagas (serpent devas) so much and was told I would dance with Shiva and Pravati in the night and go into Inner Earth. I felt serpent markings being placed on my forehead and the energy was so beautiful and uplifting.
     After we all stayed in the glow of the beautiful energy and remembrance for some time it had got dark and was time for dinner. So we all went down several flights of stairs to the big dining hall, there seemed to be quite a few staying at the hotel and the hall was buzzing with people talking. We saw a group who came for a night to Lake Tsomoriri when we were there and enjoyed a few laughs with them as we lined up to the buffet to get our meal.
    The next morning after breakfast we went back up to the rooftop and connected, in meditation opening into the temple of physical immortality and then our soul travel through the serpent tunnels there and into the Inner Earth.
     The serpent came up through our central channel and exploded in light above our crown, as our chakras spun and opened up to our inner sight and the Inner Earth. Our travel through the serpent tunnels had been instantaneous and we were there in the presence of the Ancient Serpent Woman who told each of us our story of serpent connection and reawakened serpent flow…
       As we returned from the Inner Earth to the surface we became aware of the inner chambers under Lamayuru since the time of Mu, hidden in the higher dimensions awaiting our return. Each of us connected to our sacred aspects there and to the gifts that it was now time to receive energetically. We were not in a hurry to leave so enjoyed just Being in the divine energy field and allowing of this union with our higher dimensional aspects.
     Then eventually it was time to check out and leave our gear on top of our cars as we went into the Monastery.Two young boy monks were in charge of ticket sales, both struggled a bit to work out the cost for the group and give is our tickets, they were just small boys. We first entered a temple where the monks were chanting, the older monks leading and the very young boys all sitting there trying to pay attention, one of them was going around with a tea pot refilling little cups. We had noticed this at each monastery we had visited and the boy monks were very young, especially here and at Thikse which must be training monasteries. After they had finished chanting and saying their mantras and prayers we continued around the monastery going into the different temples and little rooms, up on the roof and around the outside with the beautifully painted stupas and some very ancient looking prayer wheels.
     We then drove off on the highway, in parts still really bad dirt road, towards Srinagar in Kashmir and stopped at a small mountain village for lunch. Some stayed safely with bananas and some if us found a little shop with some samosas and other pastries that had been sitting in the old cabinet for who knew how long, I asked on the inner and got they were ok to eat. Then we continued on the town of Mulbek where the Chamba Temple was with the great carved Maitreya in the rock.

     I had arranged it so we would have plenty of time with Maitreya, I had been to this temple before in 2007 and had a great download at the time. We maitreyaarrived and parked and I went straight to the temple, it took a while for everyone to come and I was waiting inside the coutyard underneath the great statue carved in the huge rock, the temple was built at its base with the base of the great carving in the enclosure.
     The energy was intense already before we started and after guiding everyone to connect and give thanks, we did light language about what Maitreya means to each of us. Maitreya is the Buddha to come who lives in Shambala, a higher dimensional world that oversees the shift in consciousness. For me; I had been working with him for many years and on the 5th May 2000 planetary alignment the Maitreya energy anchored through the Earth plane, I had to be at Mukinath 6000 meters up in the Anapura Mountain range in Nepal to anchor it.
     I was told on the inner as we sat under the rock and carving in the temple courtyard at Chamba that the codes are changing and Maitreya is here now through the landscape and the thirteen rays. The codes are the light matrix that brings in the New Earth and higher energies of Light into the Earth herself and the matrix of nature; with many new flowers, fruits, vegetables and planets being gifted through the Maitreya energy.
     When we connect into the Maitreya level of our being we are here to bring in the new codes. Working through Shambala and the Maitreya essences in light and sound to feed the lower realms with abundance of love, peace, compassion for all life and new life. The Maitreya energy is also repairing and rejuvenating and will continue to do so.
     I was told on the inner to be open to receive the codes, a rewards for all the work I had done, with great thanks and gratitude for all the blessings beloved, Maitreya. The energy was so powerful and I sat there without moving, pen in hand, without really breathing, just in the stillness and was literally almost getting fried it was so high frequency. I was in Shambala with Maitreya, the thirteenth dimension, unable to move in my physical body as everyone else was getting restless or leaving and Lillian brushed past me. I knew she was a bit concerned, she told me later when I finally came out if it, that she thought I would not return. I was told on the inner ‘this powerful light flow will keep rejuvenating me, and that tonight and all the time in India to connect back to Chamba’. Everyone in the group was blessed in the divine energies.
   A few of us walked around the great rock and then back to the cars, I felt in awe at what had taken place, I knew it was huge. I did not realise until much later that it was when my chakras dissolved completely, Maitreya was and is preparing me for my transformation and transition.

     We drove on and finally got to Kargil a big town alongside the Indus that had grown a lot since the last time I had been there. We stayed near the river and once everyone was sorted with their rooms I started to feel pretty washed out. Shabir had a bad back and I promised to do some work with him but I was starting to feel ill. I had to have a hot shower and wash my hair and had a cuppa with Lillian, Erin and Carolyn in the last of the afternoon sun outside on the balcony. We then went for a walk up the road and down by the river, then along the other end of the road the hotel was on. It was rowdy with busloads of young adult’s yahooing some sports win and people staring at us as we walked by.
         I was still feeling off and wondered if I had Delhi belly but got no, we got back to the hotel and went to dinner in the dining room of the hotel that was packed out. The buffet food was amazing but unbelievable in its spiciness, it made me feel even sicker, so I left early and got back to my room not well. Shabir came and I massaged and did healing on his back then I crashed. Not for long, I was up all night vomiting and diarrhoea.

   We had to get up at 2.30am anyway and leave at 3am so I wondered how I was going to cope with travelling for about ten hours in the car. I came downstairs looking like death warmed up and was given drugs to stop vomiting and diarrhoea, normally I would not take anything like that but was grateful for them to get me through the journey. They worked well and I was fine, just not hungry, my body had just had a big cleanse from the high frequency time I had at the Maitreya temple.
     It was the New Moon in Cancer and I had intended to take everyone for a meditation but we had to leave so early to get to the one way section of the mountainous road that was one way due to lots of slips. Much to our consternation we had been travelling for some time and it was day break when we came across hundreds of army and their trucks, they started to come out and move in front of us, and they stopped us from going ahead. But thank goodness they then allowed us to move into the line and we slowly over took them all and continued on the uneven, pot holed road. Past shepherds camps as they were just getting up to start their day, and others who were moving their flocks on the road.
     Eventually we got to the very steep area where the slips were, and the road was dangerous and hard to drive over. It was very muddy and with rocks and deep holes, we slowly made our way down the mountain until eventually we got onto the valley floor at Sonamarg. It was early afternoon and we stopped off at Shafi’s tourist camp. Shafi is Bashir’s younger brother who I have known as long as I have known Bashir, and we went and had a talk in his office tent while the group were given food and tea. Shafi had not changed and was giving me the usual lecture about being a good god faring person and obeying the Koran or Bible. I just nodded in agreement, and was grateful for the soda water that settled my stomach.
     Azaad who had been with us the whole journey helping us with Shabir had to stay at Sonamarg camp to work for Shafi and we were sad to say goodbye, as we jumped back into the cars for the final leg of the journey. We continued on down the mountain road, through numerous towns and past all the organisation for the yantra to Amaranth cave for the big Hindu devotee’s pilgrimage to the cave. Where Shiva and Pravati come down in the physical plane and the Full Moon shines onto a Shiva Lingam, a great
stalagmite in the cave.
     The traffic started to get more chaotic and we came through one town near Srinagar where the police where controlling the traffic and a few of them were in the middle of the road. They were in fact making the traffic flow worse, not better, and a truck on our inside was refusing to let us in, it was pretty chaotic. Then one of the policeman who was holding a M16 and wore a black headscarf came to our car and yelled at our driver, then clipped him hard across the head. We were shocked and saddened for him, he kept his composure and you could tell he was used to such things, but of course we weren’t, but we held the beam so that it didn’t turn even uglier.
     We also saw other fights, one with two guys outside near a bus, another just afterwards near their cars, and we wondered where we had arrived at. There was certainly an undercurrent of hostility, and as we saw not just an undercurrent, but quiet out there at times. Compared to the last time I was here in 2007 and before that in the early 1990’s, there were hardly any Indian army now. The others thought there was a lot as they all stood at different places along the road watching intently. But I remembered the days when it was road blocks and sandbags with machine guns sticking out everywhere, and often gunfire so to me it was so much better.
     We wondered if we were ever going to get there as it was getting hot now, we were down at almost sea level. We drove through the dusty streets of Srinagar and stopped to see our drivers offloading goods and doing other deals with the locals. Eventually we got to the shores of Nageen Lake and Bashir was there waiting for us with a bouquet of flowers for everyone. Dear Bashir, I could always rely on him to have everything really organised and great. Such a dear soul, we had done journeys together to other parts of the Himalayas and Rajasthan on bigger picture missions in the old days with lots of adventures. Even rafted down the Ganges and arrived in Badrinath way up into the Himalayas to stay at a place booked but because we were not Hindus they refused us, we had a bus full of tired and some Delhi belly people and Bashir did baksheesh to get us a place.
     Shabir had told me he was an old man now, and I must admit he did look quite a bit older and had a limp due to knee problem, but he was still the Bashir I had always known and we all looked older. He was the black sheep of the family, but at the same time he was the one that held it all together in the times of war and also kept them all feed. He had charm being a Sagittarius and knew how to treat his guests and look after people and he had the biggest open heart.
grouparrivenagin1     After having our photo taken with the drivers, we said our goodbyes and the shikaras were waiting for us, we all piled into them and then our bags were put on as well and rowed across the lake. It was a beautiful day and was so divine gliding across the lake to the houseboats and to the peaceful quite area of Srinagar.
     Once we had got our rooms sorted on the two long houseboats we had lunch. Bashir had erected asrinagararrivingbacktogoldprvilege tent in his neighbours place big enough for a long table that we could all sit at. He had got a chef and there were the boys that acted as butlers, come waiters, come housekeepers all in their beautiful uniforms of crimson tops with lapels and cording. The food was great, I had spoken to Bashir by phone a day or so before to tell him everyone was over curry and to please make western food. So we had soup, roast chicken for those who ate meat and beautiful vegies and fruit salad. Then we chilled out at the front of the houseboats on the long wide padded mattresses that fitted into the beautiful carved wood walls and open balcony sides that looked out onto the lake, and across the other side to the gardens and hills above Srinagar. Sipping our Kashmiri tea that was a green tea made with spices and so nice, we had endless cups while we were there.
   Everyone seemed to be in a celebration mood and the hard part of the journey was over both mission wise and high altitude, so Lillian asked Bashir for beers and Geoff went off with Bashir’s son Feroze to get some. It being a bit of a drama as Kashmir is a Muslim country and they are not meant to drink any alcohol so a tourist needed to buy them. That night before dinner most of us had a glass and everyone was in high spirits.

       The next morning, June 28th we were off on a sightseeing mission and we took the shikaras to the mosque over the other side of Nageen Lake. Once we got to the other side it is not quite like where the houseboats are. There are craft factories with their mats all washed or in the dying process hanging up blowing in the breeze as we rowed along beside the shore. We got to the parking area for the shikaras and get out and walked along to the mosque. We were mostly woman, there were two guys who came on the trip and Geoff took off to check out the markets. Not sure what happened to Cameron, but all us females went into woman’s area in the mosque to sit respectfully and pray or meditate. I was deep in meditation so was not aware of the drama going on around me. But an older local woman who was in there told a policeman to get us out, but he did nothing apparently. Then she got the other woman to get us out, by this time I was aware of all the action, so we got up and we leave. I felt a bit of disbelief at what was happening, but it was their prayer time. I must admit I have never seen anyone chucked out of a church for praying, but it just seemed to be another part of the undercurrent some of us had been feeling and we could understand they didn’t want us there which was fine with us.
   So it was back to our shikaras with newspaper sheets of fried junk food and local takeaways people had brought at the surrounding stalls. We glided past the floating gardens, they are literally floating and have mostly marrows and tomatoes growing up on sticks that are part of the floating earth and matted weed. We found a place to stop to have our lunch, a real dry argument of a thick white bread cheese sandwich and banana. There were kids around fishing and we threw them a bag with our sandwiches as they looked hungry. Then we were rowed to the old city with canals and old houses along its sides and ancient bridges. A lot of the houses had been abandoned by Hindu people when the trouble started back in the 1980’s and they had never come back, so the houses just crumble.
   Later after we had got back to the houseboats Feroze took me up to their house to see Meenu, Bashir’s daughter, his wife, Seena his older daughter and her two daughters and the holy woman Feroze wanted me to meet. It was lovely to see them all again, and then he drove me to Katija’s place, Bashir’s sister who used to live in a tiny shed with her husband and children down by the houseboats. Her son Riyaz we had met in Delhi and he is helping them and she was given some land at another area of Srinagar to build a house. It is in a new subdivision and is big beautiful house. I felt so happy for her that times had got better and she lead me into the lounge with beautiful carpet and furnishings and proceeded to bring out all this food. It was a feast and I was still not feeling that well and could not appreciate it, but it was either really spicy or really sweet. While I was there an announcement from the mosque blasts out that Ramadan was to start at 9pm that night. This is a whole month of fasting from food and water, from sunrise to sunset. Not so bad if it’s in the winter but this time Ramadan fell in the summer and right near the solstice, so it meant there was a lot more hours to fast as the sun rose very early and set late.
     Meanwhile back at the houseboat the sellers had started to arrive on force, there was always the flower man and the snack man who also did money exchange and toilet paper who came by our houseboats often in shikaras. But now we had the saffron man, and the jewellery man, there ended up being three that had varying jewellery to sell. There was also the shawl man and Shabir had the leather bags, hats, gloves and shoes. There ended up being a few shawl men as well over the next day or two. It was starting to be a shopping frenzy and the papier-mâché shop was handy, just up the lane with exquisite boxes, trays, bowls, coaster sets and ornaments, all beautifully painted and glazed.

   The next day 29th June was the first day of Ramadan, it didn’t stop us getting our breakfast, but it felt a bit weird eating and drinking in front of the boys who served us, and I wondered how they would get through the hot day. After we finished, and fed the starving dogs that were waiting nearby, everywhere we went there were starving and wild dogs, we left in cars this time to the Shalimar gardens. It was Sunday and so it was packed with people but still very beautiful, then we visited the Mogul gardens not far away. It was now pretty hot and we were getting tired when we got taken to yet another lot of gardens. I went off and walked around inside them, but then realised no one else was there, when I found everyone they were seated on grass near the car park having their packed lunch of cooked potatoes, carrot and a samosa.
       I went off to get some Lays chips, they had been a life saver for us in the high altitude, and we had all ended up munching away on them regularly. They don’t sell Lays in New Zealand and just as well, as I normally never eat chips. They made my lunch more palatable and I wondered how it was we all loved and needed them as they are not exactly great for one’s health. I figured it might have had something to do with the salt while we were up high, but now it was just habit. The funny thing with them was that the bags in Northern India were all puffed up so much it was like putting a balloon into your bag.
     We had some woman come begging and when we gave them food they turned their nose up, if I was a beggar I would have been grateful, but they were just opportunists and not even hungry. Then some young guys were busy eye balling us and we didn’t want to stay any longer, no one wanted to go into the gardens and so we drove off to the carpet shop near Dahl Lake that belonged to some relative of Bashir’s.
     There always has to be a visit to the carpet shop, and they are magnificent, some take years to make literally, as each knot of silk is tied by hand into the back of the carpet. No one wanted to buy a carpet, but, Victoria ended up buying two beautiful ones, silk on silk that were going to get sent to her home in Australia. The rest of us just enjoyed sitting and watching, drinking Kashmiri tea and eating cake.
       Then we drove to the Old City and to the oldest mosque in Kashmir which was made of timber and we walked around the outer rim, then we visited a huge mosque that could accommodate thousands and its lovely gardens. The place most wanted to visit was Rosabul, Jesus’s Tomb that was not far away. I had been blessed to have visited there twice before. The first two times I was in Kashmir in 1994 and 1995 it was closed off due to the militants and the war, then in 1996 I was there with a group on a major mission and the war was still happening big time, but the old city was now open. But no one wanted to go to the tomb, so I went with Meenu, Bashir’s daughter who was only 11 at the time. We were able to go right into the inner chamber and next to the coffin. The energy was so powerful I could not think, pray, meditate or do anything but Be in the energy. Then in 2007 when I had a group we got into the small building, but not the area around the tomb, it was closed, never the less the energy was still there and very on.
       Bashir had told me that now the locals do not want any foreigners or tourists visiting, he had taken some India tourists not long before and it had got a bit ugly. So we stopped nearby and Feroze went out to see if it was feasible for us to visit, but it was locked and because there were a few of us it would of caused a stir if we had all stood around it or at the entrance.
     What a pity, the tomb is such a divine place, the story is that Jesus was taken off the cross embalmed and then escaped from the cave and got to Kashmir with Mary his mother and Mary Magdalene his wife. The valley of Kashmir actually has all the names of the Promised Land, and the heart shaped oars are only in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. As well as the traditional clothing of the Kashmiris being the same as the Israelis, and their noses also look like they came for that part of the world. People can dispute all this, none of it matters to me, I just know that whomever it is in that tomb is such a high frequency being of Light. They also have the mould of his foot marks with the wound from the crucifixion and apparently he was 172 when he laid down and passed over. They call him Isa and he was a prophet to the Kashmiris.
     Moses had also come and his tomb was up the valley to Pahalgam, I had been on a life and death mission there in 1996 to hand back the Sirian staff to the Sirian Light Ship that Moses had taken from the pharaoh, then Egypt fell from a place of light and abundance to darkness.
   But back to our story now, Ida really wanted to go to Rosabul and Geoff and Shelley did as well, the others were not that interested, and the ones who were interested to go were hoping to be taken there early one morning and just sit quietly nearby to meditate and be in the field of light.

       Next day June 30th we drove through beautiful scenery and small villages until we got to Lake Manasal and the road took us down to the lake. There is a park with trees on the waterfront and we found one with enough shade for everyone.
   Connecting first with a mudra, we then went within the kundalini, serpent flow into the central channel clearing any blocks through our 3rd to 7th dimensional bodies for our health and vitality. As we opened up the New Sun and light codes, then our Light Bodies integrated, and the stars and planets all one through our chakras. We opened to the stars of the New Solar System ready to soul travel into the lake, into the great Golden Solar Disc there, aware that our bodies were shimmering and going from opaque to clear, glowing and transparent.
     Gaining awareness that things are completing in our soul story with others, as we allowed any unfinished business with a person or people to be observed and allowed. Becoming lighter and even more at peace, transparent and surrendered. As each of us was shown the book of our life, and on it a page that was important to read. As the energy through the Golden Solar Disc within us got clearer and illuminated from each of our centres, clear light.
   It was then time to go out into the lake for our swim in the Golden Solar Disc and we got into the shikaras and were rowed out into the lake away from prying eyes. As we got into our swimmers awkwardly we were aware that on 3D that this was not a country one exposes one’s body. Most of us slipped into the lake, it was so divine in the water, it felt like silk aware we were in the energy field of the great Golden Solar Disc through the lake, through us, as we opened to being our Gold Body of Light. There was a transference of energy for the DNA and we felt refreshed and blissed out in the water, the energy was so divine and it was such a beautiful blessing for all the work we had done on our journey.
     When we were ready we got out of the water, some with much difficulty getting back onto the shikaras and we all had a lot of laughs at the floundering bodies. As we awkwardly got into our clothes and rowed back to the shore then drove back to the houseboats and back into the shopping frenzy. Some of our group brought hardly anything but others brought up big time, so the vendors were happy to get some business. Before bed a few of us had stayed up late talking about transfiguring and about the shifts taking place within us and as I lay in bed that night asleep but awake, I looked at my arms and hands and they are transfiguring and light, transparent.

     July 1st was the last day for everyone except Erin and myself, and some of us were off at 4.30am in shikaras to the floating vegetable market, Ida, Shelley and Geoff sneaked off to Rosabul. We heard back later at breakfast that they couldn’t go in but stood outside and to receive the energies, they felt quiet emotional about it and it brought tears to their eyes.
     For those of us that went to the vegetable market it was fascinating as we sat around the outside of all the shikaras piled high in some cases with onions, or some not so much produce of cauliflowers, beans etc. Mr Delicious was there as well, as a few tourist came to see the market each morning. Mr Delicious sold sugar in the disguise of what looked like different chocolates. I brought a few off him, mainly because he was always hassling and after eating one didn’t want any more it just about made me sick. I guess I don’t have a sweet tooth but some did and brought off him a few times in the days we were on the lake.
   Back at the houseboats after lunch I took everyone back over the whole journey, and when I got to the part at the Diskit Monastery in the Nubra Valley, about anchoring the diamonds from the outer universes on the inner planes. Meanwhile on 3D a young monk was getting hit with a stick by an older monk right beside us, we cracked up it was just so absurd, the duality dance still happening.
   We had all had life changing experiences and I know for myself it was coming to the end of my mission of 33 years anchoring Light in the form of the Golden Solar Discs, the Star Alignments and Stargates, the Second Sun, New Sun and Inner Earth Sun. The Crystalline grid that’s now Diamond Light through the Diamond Light Matrix plus so many full on missions in war zones and all over the planet. The foundations have been set by myself and those of us first wavers, now the stage is set for everyone if they choose to awaken to the fact that we are the Diamond, multi prismed, multi-dimensional. We are the Golden Solar Discs working at the level of the creator, at least at the level of the Central Sun in the Councils of Light, co –creating the New Earth. I know I am not out of a job just yet as there is so much else to do in the higher realms as well as on 3D helping with the masses awakening, it’s all so exciting and happening in front of our eyes.
   There is a new grid being anchored now, I really don’t know what to call it, except to say it’s the Goddess God grid, as we allow ourselves to shine and be the Goddess God we are here in a body on Earth, shining our multi-d selves and creating through our love the higher dimensional Earth. As we all choose peace and love and the only way to do that is to Be it.

May you be blessed with the connection to the Source within,
your inner wisdom and love, at peace and allowing.
Joyful transformations and see you in the dancing light of our hearts delight, shinning bright.
In the One Heart, Love Soluntra

     On the morning of July 2nd we said our goodbyes to the group as they packed into the jeeps with all their excess baggage. Erin and I had two more days and it was all a bit crazy, I had brought a laptop for Bashir and it was not working with Windows 8. It would not even let us get in with the password, so I spent a bit of a frustrating morning after everyone else left, trying to work it and dealing with people who were not drinking water and were finding it hard to think clearly. In the afternoon we took it into town to the computer whizz guy who got rid of 8 and put back Windows 7 and we could operate again thank goodness.
     On our trip into town I had some things to post home as now on internal flights in India you can only take 15kgs and I worked out with all the flights I still had to do it was cheaper to post it. I had been trying to source a box to make a parcel but we ended up racing off with Feroze in his usual speedy way and before we knew it we were at the Post Office without a box, but taken to the side road. There were two guys standing there with a wooden plank as a desk and it was all propped up over the cutter with dirty water in it. I was standing one foot each side of the cutter trying to avoid the dirty water and Erin was just about knocking me over as she tried to avoid a beggar in her face, it was so comical. The two guys assured me that they were DHL and that my parcel would get there, I asked on the inner and got it would get home. So we left them with all of my stuff just in a couple of bags all spewing out on their plank and wondered how that would happen. We laughed at how amazing it all was, and I did get my parcel beautifully packed and itemised and faster than they had predicted.
     The last day, July 4th Erin and I got to Rosabul on the route to the computer whiz in the main part of town, this time to get a printer with Bashir, Feroze and Meenu. They stayed at the car while we walked down the laneway and quietly stood in respect with scarfs on our head at the front of the small building. The energy was very on and we moved to the side of the building with the window open in the room with Isa’s tomb. Standing and just allowing I was aware of the birthing of new universes, it seems to be a bit of a theme at present and I also got a download about our star lineages on Earth. Erin had a wonderful experience as well.
     That night we went up to Bashir’s new guest house for dinner and Meenu had cooked, less spicy for us and super spicy for them. While we sat and waited with the TV was blaring away and they kept asking Erin who had a watch on, ‘what was the time?’ Erin and I looked at each other and wondering what was happening and then they told us ‘it was to know when the fast time was over and that each night the fast gets one minute less’. I think that it was in tune with the sunset getting less each night since it was after the summer solstice. Then we realised why the TV was on as the next thing there was an announcement to say the fast was over. So they went and prayed, for Bashir it was a long awaited fag as well, and then to break their fast they drink some concoction that tasted fowl that helps with constipation, and also eat some dates, then their usual rice and curry meal. We felt blessed to be considered family enough to see how it all worked and be a part of it, just grateful that we didn’t have to do the fast. Meenu gave us both a shawl and beautiful bangles, we were overwhelmed by their love, generosity and care.
     The whole journey had been so easy on 3D and with all Bashir’s organising, and in the Ladakh part we had Shafi and Azaad who were so supportive loving and caring. It was sad to say goodbye, I had known them all for twenty years and they were the most beautiful open hearted people. It had been wonderful to see that they were finally getting back on their feet after the war and all the political and security problems for years.

     Little did we realise then that in early September they experienced the worst floods imaginable, through all of Srinagar and the whole Kashmir Valley. Lillian had gone back for Feroze’ s wedding on September 7th and was stuck there in the huge flood, we were so worried for her and all their safely, but she managed to get out eventually. The wedding was postponed and their lives have been thrown back into chaos and so many of their family and neighbours have lost their homes and livelihoods. I put out about it in a newsletter, if you wish to help please contact me.

     Then it was off to the airport the next morning, with our baggage still over 15kgs and big hand luggage. We had to go through so many security checks, from the beginning of the drive into the airport they even screened all bags. When we got through all the security and checks to get into the terminal it was crazy, we had a guy that wanted to take our bags for baksheesh. But neither of us had much money on us in rupees and so were trying to tell him we didn’t need him, he didn’t listen I guess he thought what everyone thinks, we are walking dollar signs. After even more security and signing forms and showing our passports we finally got into the queue to check in. Hiding our hand baggage behind us, our bags got put on the scales together, Erin’s was heavier than mine and I was going further afield so we said ‘no you need to do them separately’. They insisted it’s cheaper to do them together and we worked out later it was all for baksheesh. Just as we are giving our passports and ticket printouts to the man at the check-in counter there is a man pushing in on us. But thankfully he helped, somehow our bags got through no mention of excess baggage charges and we still had our hand luggage. The guy who grabbed us at the beginning and one of the baggage handlers at the counter then came racing after us wanting money. We told them we didn’t have any and needed to go to the ATM which was not nearby, so they just got small change and we realised we had got through in the madness without excess baggage being charged. I was not so lucky at Delhi or Trinvadrum airports. Then it was into the body search area to be checked for weapons and bombs on our body and because I had my backpack and shoulder bag that were bulging with things I had to take everything out to be inspected. Having packed it in so tight it took ages to get back into my bags after they were satisfied there were no weapons of mass destruction.
     Then as we were queuing up to board we got called out, thinking as we were the only passengers with hand luggage that they were going to take it off us. Instead we had not been told before as we had checked in, in the chaos that we had to identify our check-in bags before they were loaded, ours were the only ones left sitting on the tarmac. So we raced down to say they were ours then back on to the plane with a giggle.

   For me I was now on my solo journey after saying goodbye to Erin at Delhi airport, I was off to anchor the energies down at Kanyakumari, the very bottom point of India and were the three oceans meet. I had been there a few times before and was looking forward to being by the ocean.
     When I arrived there was a loud speaker from the church below the hotel that broadcast the whole service in Tamil, and it started at 5am every morning until about 6 or 7am, then at 4.30 in the afternoon until about 8pm. All I can say is I am glad I don’t understand Tamil, and what made it even more crazy was that this was a sacred Hindu pilgrimage place with thousands coming every day to visit the 3000 year old temple and go out the island with the temple for Kumari and also the island that was a huge statue of a saint. I had more amazing insights, adventures and activations as well as bigger picture work with the Cosmic Egg and New Earth before heading to Bangalore to see my dear friends and take a workshop.
   It’s taken me all this time since the journey to get it written up, a month of integrating while I was still in India. Then home to computer crashes, new website up and crashes and more 3D just to make sure I stay in my body.LoL


*****The Earth herself is surrounded in beautiful light codes that protect it from being hit by Comets or Meteorites. This beautiful cone of light codes first formed in 2008 at the Central Golden Solar Disc that was at Mysore Palace in India. In October 2013 it spread out to all those able to hold that frequency of higher light codes of the creation story within them. The Maharaja actually passed over not long after the mission was completed. With a Cosmic Egg that was anchored through the Maitreya landscape of Ladakh, from the Leh Palace and ancient dragon lair, the egg awakened and went out through the earth and stratosphere strengthening the light surrounding her.

*****At Shey ancient palace, the Golden Buddha aspects of self, came into the collective more fully.

*****At Thikse Monastery the Golden Solar Disc from the first cycle activated fully and we can receive the light codes.

*****At Hemis the overlays were cleared through the vast vortex there held by the dragon lineage monks and lamas. The overlays of all the collective thoughts, fears and feelings were able to clear through to the fourth dimension.

*****At Stok Palace the future light city was anchored and Maitreya gave such profound blessings for the New Earth and our roles in it.

*****At the Shanti Stupa in Leh the RA Light illuminated more fully the joy and divine expression as the Light ships and ourselves in them awakened more fully the divine light that we are.

*****At Diskirt in the Nubra Valley, at the monastery; while the lower dimensional dramas were still playing out the great Diamonds from other Universes merged with our Diamond Light Matrix creating new worlds.

******The Living Library of Light at the Sagittarian Full Moon was able to integrate through into the denser realms through us and at the place of the Orion Ophiuchus union, and union of the Stok and Nubra Rivers. At the time of the Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius that created the doorway for this to happen.

*****The energy and blessings of the Star Alignment of Archenar into the denser realms, and through us into the earth plane as another symbol of how we, as a collective, are now ready to open up to our I am, Divine Self fully. The doorway is open for humanity to choose to flow with the cosmic forces in love and openness, allowing, surrendering and being in divine will. Trusting the process and the inner connection to Source, at peace within. We are blessed with this beautiful starlight to strengthen our inner connection and illuminating our endocrine glands and body.

*****As the parallel Earths that exist with two Moons came through to unite and fertilise and cleanse our Earth. We were at a sacred lake in a great rock in the vortex of the Nubra Valley as the water of the lake became transparent clear.

******At the Star Alignment of Wega physical immortality opened in the collective consciousness.

*****We opened up to the thirty three Heavens and this means instead of dying to experience them we experience them while in this body as we move into the higher dimensions in our Light Body through the great Diamond of multi-dimensional realms of unlimited facets and prisms, our Diamond Body of Light.

*Aware of our existence in Shambala
more fully, as the realms of our higher dimensional selves as Goddess/Gods is accepted into the collective, and we dance through the worlds creating Heaven on Earth.

******At the Solstice we had a change of guard as the old guardians left and we are the new ones. This change of guardians has been happening for many years, but at the June Solstice it completed. In fact a lot of things completed.

******At the Stargate the un-manifest worlds merge with the manifest creating a doorway through the void and we are the spaces in between, the nothing and everything, the union of form and non-form. We have danced in both and now we are holding the beam through all the worlds.

*****From the Maitreya Temple of Chamba at Mulbek in the Zanskar Mountains of the Great Himalayas the Maitreya essence of the higher heart and divine love is opening within us more fully.

       As we finish our Earth and duality story through our love and acceptance, and union of dark and light, sun and moon within, we are becoming the being in the light council more fully. Our body and our energy field is changing fast and in fact some no longer need chakras. We are operating from the higher realms and much is falling away, all our old attachments to people and places and things. All our old desires to relationships, lust and sex, money and power, control and limitations has been or is being cleansed from our being.

     The old paradigm is transmuting and we are transfiguring. We are moving even beyond the concepts of physical immorality or teleporting, into a state of being and existing from Shambala, the New Earth, higher dimensional realms, while still here in a body it’s really only a projection still left until we can fully trust that we are the source and matter has integrated with spirit through us and we have become transparent.

     There are miracles constantly happening in our own being and life and for others, by loving and accepting we have moved beyond the illusion, out of the old loop of karma and death, birth and struggle. We dance on the mountain tops and look lovingly at the whole scene.

Stargates, Teleporting with Stargates,
The Five Stargates, overview and participants experiences.

The first Stargate Opening in Scotland.

The Second Stargate Opening at Lake Taupo New Zealand
The Third Stargate opening at East Gippsland Australia.

The Last Stargate Opening, Bunya Mtns Australia,
The Cosmic Eggs all activated seeding the new creation and the astral planes cleared of the trauma from all the other cycles.


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Living Light’, ‘Diamond Light illumination Workbook’, ‘Light Code Activations’, ‘Handbook of RA’, ‘Egypt and Immortality, Journey to Source’, ‘Gateways of Unity, Inner and Natural Healing’, ‘Crystals, Gateways of Light and Unity’, Dragon Friends’, the DVD 'Light Codes; Awakened Light Body & Chakras’.
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