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Soluntra King

We are making the leap now to galactic and universal mind,
and an Earth Star walker resonating fifth dimensionally.
We are here to Be the light and from our inner union of light and dark, male and female, we can now consciously awaken to our own multi-dimensional selves more fully and our role here on Earth as a Beam Holder, a standing stone, pyramid, a diamond, a vortex.
A conduit between Heaven and Earth, a Stargate.

     Before I flew to Queensland I was told on the inner that in the bigger picture by us being the Stargate, union of the un-manifest and manifest realms we can hold the Beam at the eclipse doorway to allow the Light to come through from the Source; Suns, moon and stars to the Inner Earth Sun. The Elementals requested the healing of the fractures from the earth changes in the past but more importantly now the fractures from the nuclear bombs, fracking and mining, as well as comet impacts. So first we need to heal the fractures in us, in our energy field and body as we are the Earth.
     I also knew the Starlines would come through from the multi-verses, but I had been so busy before I drove to the airport to fly out that I just knew it was so important but trusted it would all unfold.

     There were 31 of us that heard the call and made the effort to come, and I had told everyone that the night before we were to meet’ we would be going on a Soul Travel through the Southern Cross doorway.
       As my friend and I were driving up to Bunya from Springbrook in the Gold Coast hinterland I was made aware of those being used to try and stop us with implants all over, which was easy to deal with. Also working with the group on the inner so by the time we got there physically everything was already set and no interference could come in.
     Once we arrived and went to the office there were some of the group there. One of the ladies told me that there was someone wealthy trying to buy land around Bunya for fracking and mining so I understood why the elementals wanted our assistance, apart from the much bigger picture work.
       I had hired two chalets joined together and had originally thought I could use one of the lounges as an inside venue in case we needed it, but as the numbers grew I realised it wasn’t possible. But it was fantastic for 16 in the group, as it was very cheap and everyone had some wonderful heart connections. The whole group were so amazing and heart centred and worked in sync even though many had not meet each other in the physical before.
     We were in a heat wave as well, with it predicted to be in the high 30C’s even 40C’s each day. So I knew that people wouldn’t be able to walk the tracks and be outside in such heat. I asked the Elementals to make it in the mid 20C’s with a slight breeze and cloudy. Of course they had asked for our help and so would make it as comfortable as they could for us. And that’s what happened, while the rest of the country was in a major heat wave, we ‘so called’ miraculously had comfortable temperatures. The Elementals are so helpful with the weather, no matter where we work with them; from the cold in Iceland to the heat of mid-summer Queensland.


       I was told on the inner the purpose of this mission was to re-establish the Starlines through the Stargate. So that the Earth, our Solar System, Galaxy and Universe are brought back into balance and divine order with the multi-verses. Assisting us to once again be fully part of the confederation of universal peace to uplift our souls and awaken our galactic and universal consciousness, to be part of the fully functioning multi-verses of creation.


     Meeting the next morning just outside the chalets under the beautiful Bunya trees for shade. The temperate was not a problem, and we all formed a circle to connect first and honour the guardians, ancient ones, star beings, light ships and elementals.
   Drawing a spiral for intentions and bringing in the scattered energies into the stillness and centre within for the bigger picture and personal. Then straight into it; by clearing implants and activating the Twenty Chakras with Light Bodies and into any Cosmic Karma that may be sabotaging the mission. As the old was transmuted in love and acceptance, the cells getting lighter and transmuting DNA at sense structural levels.

     Then deep into the heart, into the diamond in the heart chakra to be aware of what’s blocking from being fully present. Loving and accepting what’s blocking from being fully expanded into galactic and universal consciousness, being who we truly are. Then toning light codes until aware of the deepest connection to the Source through the Sun’s within the light we are. Feeling our light body in the cells open to the divine blueprint, all surrendered in allowing physical immortality.

     Out of the loop and in the universal flow, spiralling vortexes of light, glowing through all our bodies merged into one body, aligned to divine will and plan. In the flow and now able to unwind from the guilt that’s held us back and programmed the limitations with fear. As we open to the imprint of peace and the light shines through the endocrine glands open to life, seeing the light within and without. Metabolising the light and life streams of nature, in joy of life. Unifying inner male female showing the imbalances in one’s body and life, as embraced in love, the goddess god merges into the one.
       Open to the new paradigm light codes in the Earthsun Body one with the Earth, levels of light body awakening more fully one with the Earths light bodies, Earth Star body.


     First in the Light Ship here overseeing this project aware of the Light Beings here, higher dimensions of our self and others here for this mission.
     Aware of the armour that had been shrouding ones light, peeling off like getting out of a wetsuit. Stepping out of the level of fear that has insulated one from being their body of light fully. Aware of being in these beautiful celestial lights and colours flowing through you, allowing your body to flow more as you are aware of going deeper and deeper into your heart, into their love, into the trust, into all that is, the Source creator essence of pure love.
     Now ready to travel through the Southern Cross doorway that was anchored through this sacred mountain in November 2014 and established the starmap through the landscape on the inner planes and higher dimensions, as above, as below. The doorway of the new paradigm open, you move through the landscape of the Southern Cross aware that you are the landscape, you flow in the liquid light plasma in joy of union. As you move through the Southern Cross in the stars all one through you and the landscape. You go deeper into the stillness, the union within you. And opens you to the New Earth, new you, real you, real earth, beyond the illusion of density and duality. Allow yourself to Be and allow whatever you need to experience in this space, in your life, body, loving service as a Beam holder here. The light codes downloaded in us to support us.



       Then we had lunch at our accommodation and drove to the Cherry Plains carpark ready to walk the track to the Cherry Plains lookout. The heat had still not gone over 25C, even though it was over 40C in many other places, we were blessed. As we found our spots to sit, overlooking the rock canyon and plains way below.
       In preparation for the Starlines to come through, opening to your divine blueprint and physical immortality more fully. Into the diamond light matrix within and without, aware we are in the Stargate, the union of form and non-
form. Aware of ourselves 6D sitting in the council of light. We went deeper into our expanded awareness of creation and the liquid light template of DNA resonated through us.

     In our Earthsun Body light bodies open with the Earth, Earth Star Body through the stars and the planets within us, grounded and connected, the Starlines came through us, through the Stargate within and without. The Starlines from the multiverses as we now come into balance and harmony not only with the stars in our Milky Way but universes beyond universes as we have awakened to our self as the Earth Star Walker and galactic and universal consciousness.
     As we sat there we could see and feel the starlines, streams of light, starlight from the multi-versescome through us. We held the energy for a long time not able to talk or move. So big was the experience no words could describe it. We had changed the molecular structure within us and everyone knew it.
     Everyone in the group was there and experienced the Starlines. The next two days some couldn’t make it to the steeper tracks and walks but everyone got the Starlines which was huge.


     In the evening we meet out under the stars and full moon. It was the most magic clear evening as we sat in a clearing, the great Bunya trees, our sententials, as we looked at the moon shining on us and the stars. Sitting on the earth and first became aware of the contracts we had signed for this mission, and any star alliance.
       Aware of the star lineages as we followed the Starlines to where they wanted to take us in the star fields and beyond to receive and awaken to the gifts and codes we already have.
       Talking in light language about the Starlines that anchored in the afternoon, through the earth and inner worlds of the earth, to move through the Elementals at the eclipse.


       The next step to be the Stargate, allow it. At the eclipse doorway, the joy of life and creative expression to merge with the magical realms of the Devas and Elementals.

   We meet in the early morning at the carpark for the Koondaii Lookout walk. It was still fresh and not hot as we walked along the ridge and through the beautiful bush and trees, the plains below, the rock ridge a glow, we got to the rocks where we had been for the Stargate opening in November 2014.
     Everyone found a spot in the shade as we opened to our joy and creative expression and then the new stars from the higher dimensional solar system anchored through the Stargate. As the thirteen rays of the rainbow glowed through us and the Stargate and starmap through the landscape. The rainbow serpent and the kundalini flow. As we moved through the Stargate we had come through before we came into this body being with us, the light codes we came with, one through the Greater Central Sun.

     As the Elementals now required our focus, as we looked at a plant, flower or tree that jumped out to us and connected to the Deva of it by going into our heart centre and feeling the love for the plant. The Deva greeted us and took each of us into her world, at this time of the full moon 10.33am and exact Eclipse 10.44am local time. A magical doorway opened as she took each of us into a world of joy and light, moving through this realm each of us becomes aware of a bright crystal sphere that is a Sun that we are, each given to look into.

     It opens up to the New Earth fully, aware of yourself, ourselves there, feeling it, aware of how we are already there. Our connection to nature and all life in harmony and joy…
     Aware of being in the New Earth and here, all one. Standing strong in one’s inner light, in joy of life, in balance within and without. At this time of the full moon and lunar eclipse doorway holding the beam with the elementals through the earth here first. Seeing and sensing the sacred mountain and the Stargate landscape with the Southern Cross starmap clear of all interference that would disrespect the Earth and nature here.

       The fractured energies in the Earth from mining, fracking, nuclear bombs, from the cern, comets from other cycles. Sensing it all in harmony, embraced in the purity of love, as the divine light from the Source through the Earth, through her crystals and crystalline grid, the great diamonds and diamond light matrix. Through the golden solar discs and solar grids, the light grids of our higher selves. Through the goddess god grids illuminate and heal the fractures, aware that we are not alone in the work, linked to other beautiful souls here right now on Earth and all the Elementals and Devas.

     A song of joy comes through all our hearts and sings a light matrix through the Earth and out around the Earth, to assist the collective consciousness to awaken to what’s taking place in disregard for nature, the Earth and so ourselves.
     To awaken the realisation that it’s time to stop the abuse and to see everyone as whole and healed, open hearts and peace within. The fracture within our own collective psyche now embraced in love and acceptance.
   As this happens we move through the Stargate in the landscape that is through each of us, as we are the Stargate from the union of our self through all planes of existence. Non-form, in pure light, in form, in the myriad multi-d aspects we are. We are the unifier, the Be Am, the love, the one, Heaven and Earth merge through us…..

     The energy was on as we stayed in the zone and I saw all the ancestors leave who had been there for aeons of time, others saw this happen as well. It was hard to leave such a magical divine place but we made our way back to the cars and off home for lunch.

     Meeting in the afternoon at the entrance to the park with Festoon Falls. I did wonder how we would go as it was a Saturday, a few people were around and also down at the falls, but they all seemed to go as we arrived and we had the whole place to ourselves. There was only enough room for us to sit on rocks or beside rocks and the falls were not flowing much. What water there was gently cascaded over the top and down the cliff face that was covered in creeper, with multi-d doorway through the waterfall and rock.

     As we went within to connect more with our dimensional flows and how the dimensions were working in our body for vitality and wellbeing, loving and accepting any blocks in whatever dimensional body that blocked the flow for health and vitality. Opening to the universal flow like the waterfall glowing and sparkling, the cosmic waterfall flowing the thirteen rays of the rainbow and into our Iridescent Light Body.
     Liquid Light Plasma from the Inner Earth Sun and Suns flowing through us The chakra points all turned on and glowing Iridescence Light Body and multi-dimensional states of being, the Liquid Light Plasma through the water.

     The water holds the light codes of life for all creation on Earth as you know, but it also holds the liquid plasma electro-magnetic stellular earth connection for the transference of light to be more conductive and more easily assimilated into the denser material realms of form. So everything that has water in it, be it human, lake, ocean, plants, insect bird, reptile, whatever is glowing and thrives on this higher dimensional liquid.

     The real substance of matter is nothing, the void, as has even been discovered scientifically. So how does water fit into the void of our Being? It is a connector of light currents. So to cleanse the water in your body, as well as in the oceans, lakes, rivers, subterranean water it needs to be able to flow freely through the body it inhabits. That is already divinely designed and functions as we understand and integrate the higher dimensional aspect of water.
     The Liquid Light Plasma that streams through each of us as we use symbols I was given at the source of the Sacramento River at Mt Shasta, and we sipped the water with the imprints of the symbols within us and through the waterways of earth.
   In the void, the nothing and everything.

     We stayed in the sacred space for a long time, it was cool and shady and so we were comfortable to be there. The energy was so on and even when I took photos they were just a blur as the energy was so potent.
   See the photo below with the Liquid Light Plasma through some of the group, the rocks and waterfall.



   We finally left and walked up to the track and across to the Light City from the fourth cycle that has been healed in us and was peaceful and glowing on the inner planes. As I guided everyone into their Starlight Body and into a place that was familiar to them in the Light City for their own experience as we all had a connection to it.
   Aware of the great cyclic shifts and now this cyclic shift, all one through the Galactic Centre within, all the Suns aligned all one through us and our cells then into Shambala as the beings there had called us. For some not so familiar with Shambala, others who knew their connection, as we allow ourselves to Be as what we needed in Shambala occurred and we opened to being more consciously aware.


     The next morning we meet near Fischers Lookout the top of the steep forested hill with the track that leads to Cunjolei Falls where in 2014 the Starmap had anchored and the Cosmic Egg birthed through it, the doorway of the new paradigm.

     We reached the top of the falls and found our spots it was all in shade but later some of us had to move out of the changing rays of the Sun. Peaceful and still, a trickle of water in the rocks and stream bed but this time of year it would normally be flowing well.
   First we needed to transcend the old paradigm before we could be in the new, as I guided everyone into the levels of their heart to love themselves exactly as they are, their body and health issues. Where they lived and worked, out into the world the politicians, and those behind them pulling the strings we might judge, all an aspect in us unloved until now. The more we love what we judge within, then the outer changes to a world we resonate with in love and peace. Including the banksters, reptilian illuminati, ceo’s etc. We judge the pollution as bad as well so it affects us, it’s all from the one Source, pure love.
     Into our Diamond Light Bodies we move through the Southern Cross doorway into the new paradigm, multi-prismed doorway into the new paradigm you. Seeing our self there fully in the new energies at peace. Fully connected, aware of a beautiful Cosmic Egg shimmering, glowing as we moved into its energy field, open to the energies glowing within. The stars and the planets glowing through us. Aware of the timelines merging into the stillness, the now, the peace, no past, no future just now as you connect deeper and deeper within open to your joy and inner wisdom. Through the stillness the peace you flow one with your higher self in your divine presence in the Shambala field aware that you are a BE AM, a Stargate for the union within you. In a human body, form but also no form, free to be and follow your heart.

     In the afternoon we meet under the Bunya trees outside the chalets again and it was still beautiful weather, not too hot with a slight breeze. Down the plains and the coast it was a different story, with temperatures over 40C and huge storms the next day that we missed as well.

     We relaxed in the shade and went deeper within our heart centres and down into the heart of the Earth. She has shifted as well, as we allowed ourselves to be bathed in the rays of Earth Star Light. Aware of all our light bodies one with the Earth’s light bodies in our Earthstar Light Body one through the Inner Earth Sun.

     The Sun within aglow so bright, the Sun in our sky has shifted as well, with new light codes and the thirteen rays of the rainbow. As we open up to the New Sun and the RA light., One with the Earth, One Heart as we are linked through all the standing stones, stone circles, pyramids all linked, diamonds, golden solar discs all one as we are the Stargate, inner and outer all one. The union of Heaven and Earth through each and everyone one.

   The most amazingly beautiful heart centred group, each and every one, so much love and joy for our divine experiences and shifts within and without, bigger picture, smaller picture. So much gratitude to each soul present, as well as all the guardians Light Beings, Elementals, Devas, Shambala beings all the more unified aspects of us.



     Before myself and my friend left I knew I needed to go to Mt Kiangarow, the top point at Bunya Mountain, 1135m. It wasn’t far away and we drove to the carpark. Then as we walked up the track my own skulls were jumping with excitement and I realised there was a crystal skull under here, one of original ones placed on Earth.

     The skull wished to communicate about our mission, very successful and gratitude from the elementals. The skull was placed here in the first cycle of Earth, it has been under the water, under the earth, in a volcano and exploded out onto the lava flows but never did it shatter. It has waiting all this time to be activated again. It came not from the thirteen that have been from more recent times, but ancient, ancient times. It sends out a code of light that has not been utilised on Earth except when it was created and now it is to be created again.

   So there will be another level of work take place at Bunya again, when the time is right. Such an amazing multi-d space.

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The Cosmic Eggs all activated seeding the new creation and the astral planes cleared of the trauma from all the other cycles.






Dear Soluntra, It was such a pleasure to meet you too after years of being on your mailing list and reading of your adventures. So nice to be there with you while we created one!! I had such a wonderful time with everyone. I have never felt such ease at any gathering before. The connection, the allowing and nurturing I received was just a joy to behold. J xo

Dear Soluntra, are so kind...but I am happy to pay the full $ you are SO WORTH IT! In fact, that is so cheap for the wonderful work that you do! I have been so grateful to have been a part of so many of your workshops & Journeys! Much Love & Respect, A XXX

Thank you so much Soluntra for the price you offered me. I am feeling quite excited about coming. I've started reading all the pdfs. Even some stuff I read about resolving duality and shadow and light within has been enormously helpful already and healing that, Look forward to seeing you, Love D

Blessings Soluntra  I just wanted to thank you again for a most awesome weekend of joy and peace and enlightenment! As a newbie I felt very honoured to be part of such a powerful group of souls. I commented to a few people that ‘I had found my tribe’  I know the amount of ground work that goes into coordinating such an event and so truly appreciate all that you do. I will continue to be open hearted and compassionate and see the world as it truly is… devine and beautiful, at peace and abundant! Thank you. Love Julie

Hi Soluntra! Thank you Soluntra for the wonderful gathering we had at the Bunya Mountains, It was really cool i had the best time.. An honor to have finally met you in person too. Love always, V.

Hi Soluntra, I thought I would drop you a line as I didn't get a chance to say a proper goodbye and thank you for the amazing weekend! I cannot hardly describe how wonderful and I felt and am still feeling, becoming more and more attune with myself at a higher frequency. I re-discovered many things about myself on the retreat and feel like I am truly beginning to know just how capable I am of doing all the work that I need/want to do in this life. I just love how your guidance is really all about getting us to access our own abilities and higher selves, rather than giving us insight through you; that feels in total alignment with my own paradigm of knowing that we are all magical beings, sovereign and capable. I even discovered in that evening that we sat and spoke in light language, that I could hear translations in English of what everyone was saying in Light Language! I was so shocked and amazed that I could do it, but I truly believe that I did :) I am doing your heart connection meditation (can't remember the name, it's the one where we merge the sun and moon in our hearts) and golden octahedron meditation everyday and finding them so so helpful in presence and grounding.
I am also devouring your books and am learning so much from each page. Thank you for channeling and producing them! My connection with crystals is being re-established, among other things, and I feel like I am learning so many final pieces of the puzzle to bring it all together. I love reading about our galactic histories, it so resonates with me and feels right.
The gifts that you have helped me receive are invaluable and I can see are going to assist me exponentially to grow even faster than I have been. Thank you so much for the work that you do, and I look forward to meeting you again on our journeys. So much love, A xox