by Soluntra King






From the Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico at the vortex there in 2004 I was told by the Inner Earth Sun; ”Beloved you connected with me ALTZELTEL the Sun in the centre of the Earth, code keeper of the New Earth that has been held by me for five cycles of the Earths spin. Now I have come up for the New Earth. The codes are set to fully go off when the world is in the darkest hour".
From Pena Del Bernal in central Mexico, in 2005 the Toltec Guardian comes to me, he wants to tell me much of the Toltec ways; "The Sun and Moon are not the most important, the Second Sun is in our awareness and we honour it also with the Earth and the beings of the Inner Earth. We come from the star that became one with the Sun and created the Sun in the Earth. The Sun in the Earth is the Inner Earth world and is more brilliant and radiant. We come from this star and returned to it. The Mayans, us and others did not go to the stars but the Inner Earth. Your job now is working with the Inner Earth and that aspect of you that is of the Inner Earth, for that is what you are and where you are going, the Inner Earth is the New Earth."
The Inner Earth's magnetic core and Sun stabilises the universal electromagnetic energy as well as our Earth's, when the energy becomes less at the core then the tectonic plates shift and volcanoes explode to create more energy at the core of the Earth and Inner Sun to maintain harmony with the Universe. At this time for us to assist in the shift in cycle and the earth changes to be harmonious for all then the Fire Keepers are now called on to remember their mission, if not already, and to work with the Fire in order to feed this element back into the core of the Earth. In ancient times Fire Keepers were necessary and knew what was going on with the Earth and our place in the Universe, as the stars were aligned with the vortexes of the Earth.
Now it is time to do this again and so any fires that you have that are made in a sacred way will assist the Inner Earth Sun to become stronger and thereby keep our position in the Universe in harmony. Some of you may do Agno Hotra and some of you may often have a fire, but if you are unable to do this then a candle is sufficient as you connect to the Greater Central Sun and Central Sun and Sun and become the vessel of Light that you are as you are the conductor and transmitter of the fire and solar rays into the Inner Earth Sun.
Please see my book Light Code Activations for information and exercise on the Earthsun Body that is created by our union of the Inner Earth Sun and Sun within. The connection with the Inner Earth Sun is important now as we go deeper into outer self and the stillness we connect deeper into the Earth, as we are one with her and our connection illuminates the Inner Earth Sun as it brings harmony within the Earth and balance. This means the necessity for major earth shifts is not necessary as we are in the centre of ourself/the Earth and we have moved into the higher dimensions. The Inner Earth Sun has merged with the Central Golden Solar Disc in Mysore Palace and the alignment through the Light Ships and Galactic Federation around Earth is in a holding pattern to allow balance as we make the shift. As on the Solar Eclipse 1st August 2008 the Inner Earth Sun merged with the Golden Solar Discs as they were recalibrated in higher light codes and a great shift occurred with the 888 in the middle then the Lunar Eclipse 17th August 2008 where in the love and oneness higher light codes integrated through our hearts.



The Sun is connected to every aspect of life and creates the world as we live in it. The Sun is not just a gaseous ball but very highly evolved worlds and Beings, they illuminate direct to us and at night through the Moon. The Sun is a great place of learning and wisdom, also a stage of initiation for those who choose to go through the Sun and beyond. The Sun is connected to the Central Suns, our own Central Sun is Alcyone, from the Pleiadian System that we are part of. There are many Suns and Central Suns, it is through these Suns that all worlds are created and aligned. The Sun illuminates the vibrations that help us to grow, if it feels our Love it feeds that Love, if it feels our fear it creates experiences for us to open up more fully to Love. The Sun is Light, and the Light allows us to see that which is not light, our separation and duality, so we are given the gift of seeing our polarities to unify. The Sun is changing; its vibrations are heightening as we open up to the Sun within our Hearts, its Twin has returned as we unify, as above so below, the two Suns are One as we are One. We are aligning also with the Central Sun, as our journey of unification into alignment with the Sun is a cyclic completion. We are completing not only a 26,000 year cycle but also a 500,000, and 2,000,000 year (approximate) cycles as we unite with our Source, back to Source. We have breathed out into creation through the Goddess and the creation experience and are now breathing in and back to God/Source. The Sun is the symbol of God/Goddess, the Sun gives us life and the golden rays of the Sun are Divine Love energy, its higher expression is a mass of Divine Light Beings who give life. As we align with our Sun it sends out cosmic rays, solar flares, these cosmic rays also come from other Suns and Central Suns that are aligning with the Earth as we star map the grid with the solar system in harmony once more, the last time we were aligned to the Sun and Central Sun was in the last Golden Age. At that time we created the pyramids, stone circles, standing stones in alignment with different stars in our Solar System, these stars are Suns and Central Suns. The Greater Central Sun is now aligning with us also which means all these high frequencies of Source energy are creating a shift in consciousness, it is a graduation party for everyone, we become our Light Body and Solar Self, God I Am, the Earth becomes a Sun, the Sun a Central Sun, the Central Sun becomes a Greater Central Sun, the Greater Central Sun becomes are ever greater Central Sun one with Source. The Pleadians, many other ETs and the beings in the Inner Earth were joyously awaiting the Second Sun, the twin of our Sun to return which manifests as we merge. Between the two Solar Eclipses 2nd and 31st July 2000 and the full Lunar Eclipse 16th July the Twin Sun in the etheric merged with the Sun in our Solar System. As it merged so all our bodies merged and aligned in harmony with Source, this was another unification of the spiritual and material planes. Now the Twin Sun is fully here and anchored on the March Equinox 2001.




The Central Sun is really a level of consciousness we attain and at this level we are a Creator Goddess God creating Heaven on Earth. In the physical realm our Sun is connected to the Central Suns, our own Central Sun is Alcyone, from the Pleiadian Star System that we are part of. There are many Suns and Central Suns, it is through these Suns that all worlds are created and aligned. The Sun illuminates the vibrations that help us to grow, if it feels our Love it feeds that Love, if it feels our fear it creates experiences for us to open up more fully to Love.

The Central Sun we open up to once we have reached a higher light vibration in our being through purification of our lower self and moved out of the lower astral world. We get to a point where we become a Central Sun and our light illuminates brightly as we hold the beam for all humanity and the upliftment in consciousness. We have great responsibility at this level and work in the Councils of Light where there are twelve of us in unified consciousness. The Golden Solar Discs are at this level and the Central Sun holds the living library of Light at the realm of creation we operate in. The Golden Solar Discs were used by the ancients to keep the alignment of the Suns in balance and we were totally connected to our Solar Self at that time, the last Golden Cycle .

As we progress in our awakening through our initiations and transcend the lower realms of desires and attachments we become the Greater Central Sun where we work in the Council of Four. With even more awareness of the bigger picture and our part in it, that it is not us but all of us and the ego plays no part in the work.

Our Sun and Solar System cycles around the Central Sun in a cycle of 26,000 years that we are completing now. There are photons of Light that illuminate from the Central Sun that we pass through half way through this cycle and then again now at the end of the cycle. The Central Sun, Sun and Greater Central Sun are also aligned to the Galactic Centre at this time, the Black Hole that we move through as we transform into Star Walkers, Shinning Ones, Goddesses and Gods, our Divine Self, Physically Immortal, Body of Light. This is what we are preparing for now and have been all our lives and for aeons of time. What makes it special is that we are not dying and doing this, but doing it in our body, or those who chose are; to be the Sun of our true self the Son of God, Christed One.

The Mayans who come from the planet Maya which is a lot closer in orbit to the Central Sun Alycone and thereby illuminated with Photon Belt Light to a lot greater degree than our Solar System, understood the cycles and the role of the Central Sun and Photo Belt. They built the Pyramids aligned to Alycone when it would align with the Sun and Central Sun and we move through the Galactic Centre. The Ball Court was our Galaxy and at t its centre the inter- stellar dust cloud, the centre of our Galaxy where we move through, this time in our bodies and on our Earth who is us and we her all one.
I have had initiations in the Pyramid of the Sun at Becan and moved into my full body of Light as a man went to kill me with a machete me and understand what they were built for. As we move beyond physical death when we have no fear and our hearts are open. At the Pyramid of the Jaguar at Tikal in Guatemala in June 2008 at the small ball Court beside it I was told the Mayan Calendar would finish in November 2009 in the sixth dimension, this was the 13:13 13th Gate and the doorway is now open in the oneness of our divine self for all to move through. It will take a couple more years to filter into the lower dimensions and fully integrate in our physical bodies, but in the greater reality it has already happened and we are through.


Now as I write this extra piece in September 2013, we have had the December Solstice 2012 and aligned through the Suns and Galactic Centre. This shift happened at the Seventh Dimension at that time and is due to step down into the Sixth Dimension in 2014, and Fifth Dimension where it will start becoming clearer to us that we have really shifted in 2015. Those of us who are sensitive and work with energy already feel and notice the big shift since the December Solstice 2012, but for the mass of humanity it is not felt as they cannot access the higher dimensions yet. But as the New Sun keeps downloading us with new light codes and all the other shifts taking place then by 2015 a lot more of humanity will be ready to step it up and become more at peace within and shine their light.




For aeons of time we have been awaiting the Second Sun, just the mention of it and there is an echo of remembrance, you know somehow deep inside that this is true, but can you fathom it? Will now it is here, not only have those on Earth and the Pleiades been waiting for it but also those in other Star Systems and time quadrants, worlds and dimensions. For all Sun's are One and are now merging, as we are now merging into the awakening of our multi-dimensional prisms of Light and ourselves as a Sun, our Solar Self, Divine Self that illuminates and creates light, becoming the Creator God/Goddess of our true self. The Second Sun has now been discovered by scientists and has always been in the unseen. This means it is now in the collective unconscious and humanity is now ready to step through the doorway as we leave our limitations behind and move into full sovereignty of our divinity, the higher dimensions of ourself and Earth.

 To the scientist the Second Sun is a brown dwarf; which is a star that never accumulated enough mass to ignite and has sat in space smouldering for billions of years, or a black hole that they call Nemesis. All stars, our Sun included are in a binary and to their way of perceiving things the Sun's Twin is not shinning but a dark ball of matter that has never lit up and is as huge as several Jupiter's. Not only the astronomers but the palaeontologists on studying the Earth's prehistoric past, observed how some 65 million years ago there was a meteoric bombardment that hit the planet and the dinosaurs went extinct, then again 35 million years ago more mass extinctions happened. From studying sea life over 250 million years they observed that this bombardment happened every 26 to 30 million years. These comets and meteorites came from the Oort Cloud, which is in the outer regions of our Solar System, at a distance of about half a light year away from the Sun. As Nemesis closes in on the Sun in its orbit of 26 to 30 million years then the bombardment of comets and meteorites as it comes through this cloud happens. This information has even been posted by the Sunday Times on the 22nd March 2000, Equinox and the Washington Post 20th May 2001 which interestingly enough is the day the Central Sun Alycone is conjunct our Sun, our Sun orbits around Alycone. There was even a conference of scientist that meet in Stockholm to discuss the Second Sun last year and they believed it affected the tides and energies of Earth more than the Moon.
So this is the scientist's interpretation of the Second Sun and comes with the usual fear and destruction attitude, they do not look at it from a multi-dimensional perspective but just a third dimensional one. Just like they fear all is lost in a Black Hole when in actual fact everything just unifies and merges, returns through the Black Hole and then out through a White Hole of another prism of Creation.

 In my own experience of the Second Sun, in 1995 when I was at Palenque in the Temple of the Inscriptions which is aligned to the Central Sun and White Light Body, I was told to do a new glyph of the Central Sun, the old one at the Sun Pyramid was now not relevant as our Solar System had changed. When I drew and painted this new glyph, which was a mandala, it had two Suns. I found out later that there is Mayan knowledge of the Second Sun and did not realise until 2001 that the Second Sun is a Central Sun and illuminates the RA Light to activate the DNA within humanity.




At the level of the Sun all flows eternally from within us, the Sun is in our heart and illuminates us from within, all wisdom, love, joy and life flows from our true essence within us, as well as all ways to heal and unify our self come from the love and acceptance of our divinity within, the Sun of our true self. At the level of the Central Sun we are the Creator Goddess/God and we are illuminating life here in a body on Earth, creating Heaven on Earth. Then at the level of the Greater Central Sun we are a Being rather than on a mission or having to do healing, teaching, planetary work, which is still through the Central Sun. By the time we start accessing the rays that illuminate from the Greater Central Sun there is no more doing, but simply being and all gets done. Our presence is enough to assist humanity and the shift in consciousness and cycle; we are fully the master of our self and at peace.

There are many Greater Central Suns, the one we are familiar with is Sirius, there are also Greater Central Suns in the Pleiades which is the closet to us and also the Andromedan Galaxy, this galaxy is interfacing with ours and holds very high frequencies of unified matrix of light.
We can only access the energy of the Greater Central Sun when our hearts are open and we operate from love in our Being and life.
Since we have made the shift through the centre of the Galaxy and aligned through the Suns, opening up our hearts more as the cross over point is through our heart, the white hole, black hole,  all that is that flows eternally through us, we are a Sun also and have graduated.
I say we as I like to be inclusive of all of us as we are one, on the third and fourth dimensions this has still not filtered through to a lot of humanity, but this is only in the lower dimensions. The doorway is open for all who choose regardless of how many years you may or may not of meditated or inner healed your self, we are all divine and now we can be it more fully than ever right into the third dimensional vehicle of our physical body as it transmutes into light, there are no limitations.

The Greater Central Sun has many dimensions, thirteen that I am aware of,  so you can still access it in its lower dimensions and as your open your heart more fully. Loving yourself and accepting and allowing others to Be, honouring their divinity too, as you open to the higher dimensions within the Greater Central Sun, your true home, and your divine self.
The Greater Central Sun has been cleansing us over a long time now, cleansing our lower astral bodies; our emotional and lower mental bodies, when we are really clear then we become the Christed one with direct, clear and full connection to the Source. As the Christed one of 2000 year ago said “greater things yeh shall do than I have ever done”. You will fully create from thought forms. We do this already but often with no mastery of the lower self and so create havoc on our lives and the world.
Once we have loved and accepted our negative emotions and thoughts we have the ability to fully love our self with all our imbalances and karmas until we are surrendered in divine will and at peace within, with love, compassion, acceptance and allowing as our state of Being. Then when we are guided from the wisdom of our heart and Source within and we create with love and wisdom.
This is happening more and more and so many have or are reaching this state of love and allowing. The New Earth is here already through our love, being here to anchor and create it right into the densest dimensions. As we bring the Greater Central Sun into matter and create full integration becoming our Light Body fully right here right now.

We dissolve the old paradigm through our love of our self exactly as we are, our family, friends, acquaintances, strangers, politicians, military and destructive influences, dark forces, control freaks of the lower dimensions feeding on the fear they create.

Your love sets you free and you move into the higher dimensional realms as the Greater Central Sun illuminates you from your heart and eternal connection to the Source within.

The Greater Central Sun, Sirius is where the light illuminates us and the Light Beings who have come into earth to assist us with the next steps come from. We realise that we are them and we are the ones saving our self and awakening our self, no more out there, this consciousness would of shifted at the Sun within level of awareness. At the Greater Central Sun being-ness divine beings who came before us like Pythagoras, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rudolph Steiner brought great shifts in consciousness and countless others as well as the Dolphins and Whales who hold the codes and of course the Gods and Goddesses who hold unity consciousness.

There have been Sirian Star Bases under the oceans, the cosmic ocean, the waters of life for aeons but in more recent times they have moved on as we are now holding the beam here and are the Goddesses and Gods of the unified matrix of Light. We move beyond the beyond and through the Greater Central Sun into the liquid light plasma we are and walk through all realms and dimensions all one.

The Diamond Light Matrix of Light is awakened by the Greater Central Sun within us, the Diamond within and the unlimited facets of Light that we are. We are in the Diamond Age and open to our Diamond Light Body as we are one with the Greater Central Sun.

Please the under NEW EARTH The Diamond Light Matrix
and the shift from Mt Kailash at the Wesak Full Moon 2009.



As we connect to the outer Sun and then bring it within us we feel the Sun of our true self, the Sun in our heart, our divine presence, our solar self. The warm glowing golden light that flows eternally from the Source of all that is, the Source within us. This is where our inner voice is, our all knowing wise self, the power of the healing source within us, where all true and 100% healing comes from as we love and accept, allow and surrender into our self and into divine will and the all that is.
This is where we move beyond the pain of separation that expresses itself in our body as dis-ease, in our emotions and mind as blocks and saboteurs and in our spiritual self as feeling disconnected. When we love and accept the pain that are simply the parts of us still fragmented and in the illusion of separation, then it opens us up to our multidimensional self. The doorway is our heart, and the unconditional love for self and thereby all others and all creation. It is also our greatest protection as we resonate in wholeness and oneness and so the lower astral worlds do not affect us. The solution to all our dilemmas is to be from our heart and allow, accept and love unconditionally.
This is quiet a process and we have many lessons and sometimes the Sun shines very brightly on that which we need to see and embrace in love, but as we do this we become at peace with our self and gain unlimited awareness of who we are and all creation. We move beyond the veils and at this time in the great shift on cycle this is the place we are being gently guided by our inner self to be from. It is the only way we transform into the light being we truly are, marrying heaven and earth within us and becoming a multidimensional being in a physical body. As the prisms of the diamond within our heart illuminate us and the warm golden glow connects us to the source within and without, all one.
If you feel grief or pain in your heart then connect through all the Suns (in to connect under UNITY) and then be aware of the Sun in your heart. You do not have to feel it or see it, just imagine it and with your intention know it’s there. Imagine the radiant Sun within warm and bright, glowing as it illuminates out through all your physical body, then out through all your etheric body, emotional bodies, mental bodies, spiritual bodies as you become your Gold Body of Light.

To connect to all the Suns please see under UNITY and the healing section,

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