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The Creation Chamber


The March Equinox 2019 was the first in a stepping up process that is preparing us for full connection with the Holy Grail, the pure love of creation, Regenesis, as we come full circle and return to the garden as it were, creating Heaven on Earth through our love. Up until now we have done massive preparation and clearing work now it’s time to step it up as the higher light octaves and star energies can flow more fully.

With so much occurring in recent times to challenge us not just individually but collectively as well with 5G and annulation of humanity down certain paths if we choose them. We haven’t only needed to unite within but unify with all others, especially like souled others who we are now connected to very strongly in the One Heart. And our hearts more open than ever, not going into separation or judgement of any others, just seeing the love, being the love as the old walls crumble in the old paradigm and we step into a loving world that we all choose to create together. In this Aquarian Age it is all about doing it together as well as vibration and frequency, and the mental level is where we find the challenges coming through more now, hence the ability of this behind 5G and other insidious actions that wreck destruction on our communities, nature our whole plant.

The Greater Central Starmap that I worked with in 2009 is now merging with the deeper realms of the earth, the dimensional doorways can open more fully. Not to mention the Starmap of the higher dimensional Solar System which is anchored all through the Earth and if we choose through us. 
The Greater Universal Stars are now anchored at the June Solstice.
Through the rest of the year inputs and amazing events will occur not necessarily on dates that one would associate, but orchestrated by the Elohim and Councils of Light as the old god matrix further constricts and chokes as the Unified Light Matrix expands.

The New Earth Grid that is Liquid Light Plasma will start to transfer more fully into the old grid and the serpents will fully glow in their cosmic conscious state as this travels through the Earth vortex points and gridsStargates, Star maps and through the Starlines of the multiverses. The song of our hearts is glowing.


With these next two eclipses we are experiencing more of the resurrection of the Holy Grail. Which has been a major journey for those who were Knights Templar to protect and hide it since the time of the Christed One who came to Earth for the next level of the pure Source Love and Divine Light to be able to illuminate us from within. This journey to bring Love to Earth has been, and still is a huge mission. For some of us it has been a very conscious mission all this life time as well, and even if not conscious of it explicitly, then for most the understanding that all stems from the pure Love of Source and that it comes from within our own heart centres. 
To BE from that space, act from that space and trust from that space has been a journey in itself of personal development, working to unconditionally love and accept, and allow all the fear that has accumulated from other timelines of experience to come through us now for unification, surrender and to simply Love and accept. Which is what the Source/God/Prime Creator/Great Spirit/Universal Mind/Supreme Being and Mother Earth, the RA; all the Suns from our own heart, the Inner Earth Sun heart of Mother Earth and all outer Suns of creation align within us and through every cell.

Now at this huge crunch time we are all facing with open warfare on humanity from AI, 5G then 6G which means everything is controlled by AI, to the world climate situation, pollution, and the mind control of so many previously by religion, society, patriarchal domination, war, terror and now the complete suck into the AI world…
It is with great relief and joy that even though through these challenges each of us faces we have the resurrection of the Holy Grail. The pure Love of Source. 
We leave the actual physical Grail which is very protected and only known to those who are meant to know where it is and how its presence in the physical will come to pass. It is starting to activate more through these eclipses. The time is NOW.

So with this Total Solar Eclipse July 2/3 Cancer New Moon (the mothering nurturing love for family, home and the Earth) and July 16/17 Capricorn Full Moon (the initiate, the goat always gets to the top of the mountain and sees the whole view) we are beginning to see the evidence of all the hard work, suffering, sacrifice, determination to love no matter the experience we are in; flower and blossom like never before. 
As we then come into Sun in Leo the sign of the Sun and heart where the light of the creator shines so bright for us to rejoice in all our surrender.

For some of us there is a lot more going on in our own private missions with this work and a lot of that cannot be out in the public arena for obvious reasons until it is completed. As we cannot allow any interference at this time to disturb what will occur and for the protection of those whose mission it is to play their part.


So for those of you who are awakening to this I have some suggestions below to assist you in your own heart opening, and if you pray for others if you can add a pray for those who are doing major missions for humanity and have sacrificed their own lives and bodies to do this, then that would be greatly appreciated. 

For those who do know more of this consciously we offer our loving gratitude and see you whole healed and in your full presence of divine essence in your work for all humanity.

The most important thing has always been to see the divine in yourself and everyone always; no matter how dark, or in your judgment or perception how dreadful you may perceive these outer dark ones. They are in fact from the same Source of Love as yourself. Once we honour that and know they too are playing their part and it is in fact a great cosmic game that can end once you acknowledge your own inner dark and light. And own the fact that you are the reptilian, dark lord, black witch, negative ET etc. Then you move out of that lower astral world and that world of victim and victimiser when you stop being a victim and poor me and know that you are also the victimiser and that it’s up to you to end the game by loving and accepting all of it.

I have taken an extract from my book ‘Gateways of Unity Inner and Natural Healing’, which is a huge book with so much in it on inner and natural healing, about the fundamental things you can do to assist you to have an open heart. Download for free here.

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Also the free pdf and mp3 on ‘Connecting to the sun within and outer suns all one’. 

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