SEPTEMBER 13th 2015

   It all started with a Soul Travel to Graso Island, Sweden on September 5th, where I was guided to take a group working with the Light City there and the great Diamond in June.
Please see link here for what happened then.

The Dragon there who we had helped called me back. I went to the first point of the work we did in June to help the dragon flows that were very fragmented at that time, no longer after our presence and inner work.

   I honour the Dragon Guardian who shines so bright like he too is a Diamond Dragon how beautiful the Dragon is.Then to the Diamond the Dragon takes me, so happy to show me, the Diamond has become so vast and I move into its energy field and see us all standing there awaiting something which is to pass. We are in the Diamond for it will assist and magnify the opportunities for us to grow and become our diamond light body more fully. For those of us came in June we we asked on the inenr to link up at the time of the Virgo New Moon and Solar Eclipse.

The anchoring of the 6D Earth is happening through those who can hold that unified energy and on the new moon eclipse was an opportunity for it to anchor even more fully through us and ground as we are gifted with the Diamond Light Matrix illuminating our bodies more fully.


Linking up with those in Sweden who came to the initial activation on June 14th 2015


     I had been guided to Soul Travel to this Sun on the night of September 9th with my father whose anniversary of his passing for the 13th year was that day. I had travelled with him to this Sun in another universe, and un-manifest universe and experienced some amazing personal healing and messages.
Aware of flying through this beautiful milky, soft coloured light and in the distance is a brighter golden light as I come nearer I see it’s a Sun, not the Sun of Earth but a Sun from a star system that is familiar to me. I move into it and there is a meeting of advanced souls who come from this star system and they tell me that Earth is free now. That humanity doesn’t even know it, but its true and that all the control and fear, and war and terror, and greed and technology for evil is an illusion and still perpertuated by our own egos. They sing a song to me and I feel uplifted and they say my DNA circuits are upgraded.

     Now in preparation for the Diamond at Graso and our group connection for the Solar Eclipse I was guided to Soul Travel there again the night before the eclipse, September 12th .
This time the Diamond is stronger through the Sun and now I know why I had to go last night for it is merging with the Graso Diamond and other big ones….I thought of these down at my beach while I was watching the Sun and codes from Sirius come through at Whale Island.
The Diamond Light from the un-manifest is taking form now as the union takes place it merges through the great Diamonds.
     The one at Graso is important as it is a lot higher frequency than the others, and is a key for the integration into the 6D Earth plane and New Earth reality. Beyond even the 5D where there can still be duality issues come through. Especially with so many transiting now and the veils disappearing, it makes it easier for those still not quiet holding a higher frequency to enter. Which is good for them and for the collective, but it does bring some dross with it that can only be cleared once the 6D New Earth is anchored more through the great Diamond and the Diamond Light Matrix.

     The Diamond Light Matrix grid has increased in its frequency since the June Solstice and as I enter into the Sun and again greet and meet the divine Beings there they seem to be busy in preparation for the Solar Eclipse here on Earth soon. They are showing me a doorway open and that humanity has the opportunity to really shift a lot of things on this eclipse. But it’s up to each individual to be guided from within, to the ability to do this, and was not so much broadcast. As it depends on the awareness and dedication and commitment that each has to their own growth and also attunement to the divine energies coming through.

     I saw us all at Graso in the Diamond and the sounds are getting louder in the diamond as it started to illuminate and opens its filaments to the Sun and Diamond from this un-manifest universe. This was not the same as when the manifest and un-manifest universes merged through the Stargates. But is the next step in the integration process, as Andromeda aligns with our Galaxy and opens more doorways and portals of light. That can now be anchored through the higher dimensional stars in the Earth and also through the new Goddess God Grid that was connected even more on Friday, September 11th


     Physically I was at my home in New Zealand and it was 6.30pm Sunday evening when I connected first my time in my crystal circle outside then came inside and sat by my fire (its early spring here).
I connected to everyone in the diamond, everyone's hearts are shinning and diamond bright. There is buzzing sound that comes from within the diamond and the filaments and prisms open up to the Sun and Inner Earth Sun and then through the Sun's to the Un-manifest Universe and the soft Diamond Sun that I have been visiting a bit recently including in preparation last night for our link up.
     Then after making sounds and connecting again with everyone I see the Inner Earth Sun pull up out of the Earth and the Un-manifest Universe be pulled down like the antarion conversion. Suddenly we all start to resonate at higher frequencies and it's like we fly out like butterflies out of the chrysalis. Aware that the Diamond is transparent and the Earth is now encompassed and shining diamond bright.
   There are many people leaving and being taken by angels or light ships away as if they have passed over or being taken to a place more suited to them for healing and growth. But the many left are releasing toxins or what looks like toxic gas coming out of them, then celebrating feeling freer and more joyful.

   There seemed to be a reunion of souls like Goddess Gods re connecting, the old limitations of the gender and sex and our identities are being released and more of a merging of souls happy to reunite male and female is happening, into joyful bliss of the war of the sexes is over.
   I am told that once the male and female energies on Earth become more balanced it will clear a lot of old patterning and misconceptions and that a more balanced and peaceful way of operating can start to happen. That this eclipse has opened a doorway through and that we can now move into a more unfifed state with ourselves.
     As we finished everyone was laughing and happy and I was aware of those who were actually at the physical location. Thank you beautiful ones as you held the beam through the Earth and sky as the Diamond was able to glow and it's radiance out through the grid to the other great Diamonds around the Earth. I see an old skin fall off the Earth transmuted and the Earth's atmosphere glows brighter and I realise we have the power to heal the atmosphere so we don't have to have an Ice Age and we can fully be in the 6D Earth.


I saw everyone smiling and with suns in their hearts so beautiful, not bright but just glowing in that soft otherworldly glow. I asked about the 6D Earth and what that means for us. Of course the Diamonds are multi-d and way higher frequency than 6D. But 6D is a big stretch for most of us on Earth and because it’s coming from the Christ and Buddhic level of consciousness it has to be anchored gently and over time as to not bring up too much, too fast for those who are well and truly glued into the 3D fear matrix.
     At the same time there are so many souls who have put their hand up as it were and opened their hearts to be operating in a 6D Earth where we live in such abundance of love, and peace and harmony is the reality not the dream.
   The Diamond started to pulsate more and told me or showed me how not only the worlds are merging, as we know already but also the worlds are shifting into the frequency that those in them vibrate with. So the inner and outer are one, the dimensions are merging but as that happens we all shift into spaces comfortable to our self.
     I have observed this in my own life and I am sure you have too, while we have a beautiful life, others are suffering so much, or while we are in peace we can even be in war zones (I have) and be completely safe as we are not vibrating with that energy and fear. We create our own world and live in it, what we resonate from our hearts is what we create on the outside. This concept myself and I am sure you have known for years but now with this Diamond Love in the Solar Eclipse it will become even more pronounced.
   I have learnt after many years of helping people and ones in the underworld (Hell) that it’s when they are ready they call out for help to shift, and then there are beams of light there to assist them to where they wish to go next. Those beams of light as some of you may have seen on FB pictures or elsewhere on the internet are being seen all over Earth now, showing humanity help is there, that once we ask then it is given.
I asked about the Ice Age and how we can transmute it, and told if there is enough love then it can shift and create anything and everything.

Just as I was writing this I had a ring from my real estate lady ….I rent the most beautiful place on 4 acres overlooking Ohiwa Harbour and out to sea and have a vegie garden all year round and fruit trees, I feel I live in paradise. Now told I have 90 days to get out, which is fine as I know things always get better and better and surrender into the universal flow. Wave X hasn’t even struck fully yet so we are all in for an amazing ride of the wave.
Happy surfing and blessings for the most beautiful life for you and your family and friends.
Thank you so much dearest Light Being/s for connecting and I look forward to seeing you some time in the near future in the physical if possible and definitely on the inner.

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Dear Soluntra,

I was meditating at 7.42 am at home near Stockholm this morning the 13th of September. I'm not sure I made it the right time but I had an experience I would like to share. If it was in my imationation or not - however it was a strong experience.

"I was asked to go to the Diamand at Graso togehter with Soluntra and the other participants from earlier this summer. Our task is to anchour the 6D world at Earth, by being oper for and holding the energy through our bodies. I could feel Soluntra at place and another 4 people. We were standing in a circle Soluntra saying her prayers, connecting us to the different Suns. I felt a light in the middle of the circle and I asked God for help. The answer was "Relax, just relax into a relaxing mood of your body". I felt how my body got more relaxed and I could feel this big white room we were standing in. The energies through my body is strong. I said "I'm ready to receive my gift". Soluntra finished the ceremony and gave me a Golden Sun into my hands. A strong feeling of love and appreciation came into my hole body. I put the Goden Sun into my heart and started crying. Soluntra thanked us all for being there."

Thank you Soluntra and God making this possible and thank you Me for being here.

Was I there in time and space? Did my presence mean anything? Could I really have received a Golden Sun?

In Gratefulness Karin Fjällström Enköping, Sweden

Hi dearest Soluntra and all other Diamond-Light Bearer friends of our Gräsö Island group,

Thank you Soluntra for making all this possible fo us to participate in. Thank you for connecting and also sharing the insights and visions you got. So wonderful to read!

  The Sunday morning was magnificient. Camilla and I came back earlier to the room, called Middle Room (translation) of Hälsans Hus where we already had done light work with our class on the Akashic Records the day before. To start the morning connecting to the beautiful Diamond and the Light City at Gräsö felt like a blessing and a wonderful start of this second day.

I felt so much anticipation and a kind of reverence in connecting to the Diamond. At the same time as I could see the Light City at Gräsö like in a haze moving slightly back and forth and felt the Diamond so clearly within myself and down below in the Inner Earth sun. This was like I have seen it during the last few weeks although this time it was so much clearer. At the Light city I saw several “diamond dragons” happily lining up on each side of us when we were passing by. Toning came though. Felt like the beautiful clear strong diamond light and frequencies started to  connect to the North Pole Portal and starting to fill, wake up or clear the earth grid and thereby conncting to crystals or crystals structures on or within the earth. I also got that it was clearing the atmosphere outside of the earth crust. From my personal perspective I felt in my heart the diamond energy like a diamond flame so clearly conncted to Christ conscience. It all was very deeply touching and I felt so much gratitude. Thank you everyone, we all did this in a beautiful manifestation together and with all the Love and Support from the Highest Source.

 With much love Agneta

Hello Dear All of You Everyone!

Greetings from Gräsö! I got there at 08.30. The tingling in my whole body started already on the night before, and on the ferry ride from Öregrund it was obvious something really great was going on...

It was a wet morning, I got totally soaked, but fortunately had good rain gear and gum boots

The weather was very similar to the June gathering, it was warmer though, the water in the sea was warmer,  the air approx +14 and there was no wind at all.

But how it rained  - "bucketsfull", "cats and dogs", you name it...the first ten minutes I was not aware of anything else than the RAIN on my jacket hood, it was very funny indeed. I had great difficulty relaxing for the meditation.

I was not aware of any conscious entry in the diamond, but I tried to ground myself and hum a bit and was thinking how very funny it all was, linking up to you all guys. You all warm and cozy in your blankets ..... indoors for sure, maybe?

At 09.30 I suddenly stood up and had a great look around and enjoyed the beautiful views and had warm coffee and a bread and some fruit and I stayed for another hour or so. No more rain came down that day.

I heard the words "Turn around and go back home" again, this is the second time, I am considering the offer from my ex-husband to buy back our home where I lived for 23 years, we separated at X-mas 2012.

I say this was my gift from the diamond Dragon (see him in one of the pics) and I say "yes please"

so today I have ordered som more Vietnam Dongs..... The Dragon can help me get this happening, for sure.

Well, we´ll see....

BUT MAN oh MAN, on the way home - driving - I got this enormous download of energies, approx three hours from our sitting.

It was 10.40 and I wondered if I should have stopped my car, but I was driving on and all eased out and I am so happy and content now. I stopped to pick one litre of  blueberries on the way home and feel so good in my heart and soul!!!

It was all worthwhile, the short night, the  long drive, the wet clothes and the great experience.

It certainly was one of my better days this year!!!!!!

I am so happy I made it up there today, thank you Soluntra and all of you others!

I was nor consciously there, but must have been there unconsciously!!! And it worked!!!

Who can I discuss all this with?? haha, no one much

Love from Aslög

NZ FIRST LIGHT 6.42pm Eclipse 6.54pm AUST EST 4.42pm Eclipse 4.54pm
GMT/UTC 6.42am Eclipse 6.54am
A partial solar eclipse occurs when the Moon covers only a part of the Sun, sometimes resembling a bite taken out of a cookie. A partial solar eclipse can only be safely observed with a special solar filter or by looking at the Sun's reflection. The partial eclipse will only be visible in southern Africa, Madagascar, and Antarctica. (NASA Map and Eclipse Information)
The Moon will be directly between the Earth and the Sun and will not be visible from Earth.
The New Moon is always the time to go within, to the inner planes and parts of us that are hidden, it is also the seed of the new beginning. The Moon and Sun are one at a New Moon so it is a powerful time of union on all levels and with the inner male and female also.

Read also about the Moon as the Final Initiation
In Virgo we get the opportunity to go within to work on our health on all levels and it is a good time to make steps towards doing some positive things for your body and well being.
Virgo is also of service and where we serve our self and others lovingly and from the purity of our heart? In the esoteric sense it is also the Christ energy so with the Sun and Moon both in Virgo you can access your divine self, the selfless being who has no agenda but pure Being.

Much can be achieved on this New Moon in your journey to unity, selfless service, surrender and peace within and for all creation. Open to your Celestial home and allow yourself to be open to your Hearts hidden depths and the Source where your essence gains its sustenance. Know that you are not alone but one with all creation, allow yourself to flow freely through all your filaments of Light and for the Light of your true self to radiate through your being. This is also a time to do any deep inner healing and to love unconditionally yourself and all beings. Gaining compassion and a sense of selflessness in loving service to humanity by being the divine aspect you are from within. In order to really serve humanity and have compassion for others we need to be from our divine self and see it in all humanity, as a living Christ seeing yourself and others as already healed and divine.
With the energies of the Sun and Moon in Virgo the Earth Goddess and nurturer, time of new seeds planted or harvest depending on what hemisphere you live. The time of bounty and abundance of the gifts our mother gives, with gratitude in our hearts we open the doorway to the New Earth. There have been many light workers and light beings working to anchor the New Earth for many years now, and it is here for all of us, but the doorway is through the heart and in Love and peace. Now is the time for all humanity to awaken to the reality of the New Earth and to acknowledge that we create it right now.    
See yourself there in the New Earth and how you live and function. It may seem that it’s in your future but in the stillness, in ‘
No Time’ where all is manifest, it is now. You choose it with each moment; how you think, feel, act. If it’s in love and service, compassion and allowing then you are in the New Earth. If you still have trouble being in the loving essence of your true self then ask the Goddess, the Devi, the Mother to help you now to feel the love in your heart, and accept yourself in all your prisms, dimensions and worlds as you are, with unconditional love and acceptance. As you ask to feel the love in your heart and allow it to grow and shine.
Please read about the
New Earth
At this time the energies of the Sun and Moon are utilized and infused in love vibrations from the Greater Central Sun to assist the doorway opening, this is the next step in becoming co-creators consciously creating the New Earth.
How do you see the New Earth? The energies of the New Earth being higher dimensional naturally express harmony, beauty, radiance and light.
Whether you are able to get to a vortex or portal for the day or in your sacred space you may wish to come on a Journey with
Rainbow Dragon that assists us to awaken to the New Earth.
Eclipses are deeply connected to the evolution of consciousness. As astronomical events their appearance has always been an essential time for initiates and for awakened humanities work with the Councils of Light, Celestial Beings and Prime Creator. Eclipses herald and initiate transformation into the Higher Light Octaves and reunite light and dark, while creating a shadow - a cone of power- that can heal as well as destroy.
A Solar Eclipse of the Sun only occurs when the Moon is new, and when it is between the Earth and the Moon. This occurs because of the variations in the Moons orbit and its shadow is sometimes longer and its distance from the Earth shorter, this is when we have an eclipse. These are important openings or doorways as the Sun, Moon and Earth are aligned. The Golden Solar Beings use these times to infuse heightened Solar vibrations to the Earth. A Solar Eclipse affects the inner transformation as well as the outer manifestation, channelled either for destruction or creation, the choice is ours.

At this New Moon and Solar Eclipse the light is shone on our deep hidden fears of survival and how we are operating here on Earth. Fear or Love? It’s all on now to embrace those fears in love and let go the fear of death and resistance to life. The hard word has been put on us if we have not already accepted and loved these very human fears.
Also the fear of being so vulnerable on this planet; Mother Earth is showing us that our real security is not by being on this little rock spinning around in space, with mostly space within her and us as well, she shows us that it is all transparent, one with all creation and we can let go and flow.
Being our multi-dimensional self means we are no longer trapped in the limitations of duality and density, and fear is what keeps us dense.
Our Mother is a Sun now and so are we, so time to Be it.
As we connect deep through the Virgo Eclipse shadow energies the worlds and dimensions, the civilisations and Light Cities that are in other dimensions but part of our story, and where we often have unresolved experiences, and out of balance holograms are becoming easily available to us to unify.
As we breathe through all the densities and dimensions with a fresh new breath.
The phoenix rises through the dimensional overlays and through all the worlds of experience that we have danced in the duality game. The light from our solar self and the love that radiates through from our collective hearts, and individual hearts, merges the filaments and fabric of realms, as they unify through the void, transparent and in harmony.
A wonderful time to complete the duality dance in all the worlds we have played in.

Have a fire at the beach or lake, river and bathe in the water to cleanse and purify you energy field.