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with Soluntra King

This was the second time I had been guided to come to Stegeborg to do bigger picture work and there were nine of us that heard the call and came from Sweden and Denmark.
     We meet on the Saturday morning at a holiday house I booked at Bothna not far away. It decided to rain so perfect that we had a venue, the elementals told me we would need to do this and rain was badly needed as it has been a dry summer and the water levels in the well were way down. Having lived in Australia for many years it didn’t look like it as everything was still green including the grass but for there it was dry and a problem for people and the trees, not being used to going without lots of water, especially the Birches. The landscape was so beautiful where we were and close to the ocean which was a long harbour with so many islands and bays.
       We started with connecting in through the octahedron and the thirteen rays of the rainbow as it spiralled through us and up or central channel and out to settle all around as we opening up to the universal flow. Then down into the kundalini to love and accept where it was blocked relevant to what was happening in our life. Clearing implants and the sounds I made to clear them blasted those old duality hooks away as the ones who put them in the only choice now to move into the love and divine energies of the creator in peace and the light.
   Transmuting the DNA at dense structural levels and then healing the blocks to being trapped in the limitations of the illusion as the synapses in the brain jumped happily across each other bringing in one consciousness, one brain and sparking the brain like turning on light switches as the DNA spiralled in our body and down into the earth the goddess energy of nurturing and love from the earth as the DNA flowed in the earth as well as us. The god stillness essence spiralling DNA through us and the earth all one as we are holding the light codes through the DNA and through the earth.
     As we went down the family line of our ancestors to where the DNA was first broken and they first came into separation consciousness with love and acceptance.

       After the rain had stopped for a bit we drove 3kms away down a dirt track to the carpark for the boat across to a church on one of the many islands. We walked through the forest then up onto this beautiful rock overlooking the vortex light city and ocean.
     When I had checked out this place the evening before the energy felt very discordant and spiny, it was flowing the wrong way. In the third cycle there was a disruption in the flow of the electromagnetic field due to a comet coming through, it didn’t hit earth but tore through the atmospheres and stratosphere and ripped the energy. This righted eventually but now the vortex was still out of alignment. It was not affecting humans or animals but was stopping the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth from being able to come through fully and anchor which was important and why we were there.

. We were all part of this Light City and story and here we were back again. Three years before when a few of us were at Stegeborg the old magician waring energies had to be cleared now it was the next step.
We did our own personal mudra and name to really bring in our divine essence through our body and opened up to the radiance within and the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun and the light codes we hold and our divine blueprint awakened more fully as we opened to our Iridescent Light Body. Connecting even more fully to the heart of the earth and the Inner Earth Sun and the light codes from the higher dimensional sun.
Going into the Light City to a place familiar to us and what from we are/were there and what was happening for us as the comet came through. We then made sounds to clear the energies and I know personally my body rearranged and I could feel it shifting as the discordance had still been affecting my energy field. Now the New Earth could come through.

Then we came back and had dinner and in the evening did a requested workshop assisting everyone in a visualisation to get out of the head and into the heart. Then working with in-to-me-see intimacy issues.

We drove to the ferry and crossed to the parking area and walked past the inlet and into the forest and then up the ravine which was so divine, fairy’s devas and elementals everywhere the most magic of places and a serpent tunnel as well in a the top of the ravine.
I was guided to the vortex which was on a great rock shelf with thick lichen growing on it and forest all around.
the last time myself and other friends were there in 2013 the Golden Rainbow dragon had actually ascended but she had left the most incredibly clear vortex for us to now be able to clear the earth DNA and grids of the karmic overlays through time and space, from all cycles and also space wars and the dross left over from them. The vortex really open and resonate with divine essence in love. The
Cosmic Egg is an incubator of energies for those ready to awaken their own inner eggs
We did our connecting mudra and then light language about our connection to the dragon. Being called here the light codes of the dragon Lair so pure and beautiful. The golden rainbow dragon left her legacy. The dragon lines had become so tangled and blocked now as we prepared through the breath and our kundalini energy flowing connecting through the earth sun body aligning through Suns and the 13 rays of the rainbow awakening the light codes within our sound codes form our heart cleared the grids. The energy so divine it brought tears of joy to our eyes, so much shifting within each of us and through the grids. It felt like a huge shift and we basked in the sun and the divine energies form the clear vortex and all that shined form within. Cleared right through Russia and China the rest will clear in another mission to there, but the core was cleared and though the artic. Clearing only through northern areas in Scandinavia as Europe was not ready yet too much happening at the human and 4th dimension and would stir things up more, but Russia and China were ready and the Artic beings had been waiting in joy for this.

     Then climbing down through the magic forest and rocks to get the ferry over the castle side and have a well-earned lunch at the restaurant there on the wharf.
   After lunch we walked over to the castle picking fallen pears from the bountiful trees, apples trees laddened with fruit in the castle grounds and all around a symbol of the creative energies of the cosmic egg and the abundance of the sacred space we were in.
We walked past the castle tower and to the rock overlooking the harbour and islands, the Sun shimmering on the water the air still and warm.
   Opening up to our joy and creative expression in the cosmic egg. Then the diamond light matrix and diamond light body, physical immortally, star chakras shining through the stars and planets transparent through us.
The cosmic egg holding the creation codes for the birthing of the 5D earth, not just in this area but all earth. It could come up here now from the inner earth sun and down from the cosmos and the greater central sun Sirius due to the great vortex here after the warring energies were cleared in 2013. Waiting until now having settled and many more shifts and changes taken place within humanity and the collective consciousness.
Each one of us has chosen our self to be part of this work. Remembering our divinity and as we opened up more fully to our divine blueprint, iridescent light body and the electromagnet field healed in the light city from the third cycle as the new earth can now anchor more fully. The cosmic egg star resonating with the cosmic eggs within each of us and into the collective consciousness as we awaken more fully to the galactic human and earth star walker in our diamond light body strong and clear as we allow the comic egg to do its thing.
We can travel into the cosmic egg whenever we feel too, for utilising our creative expression, creative projects and joy as we go more fully out into the world.
Thank you so much divine ones for hearing the call and coming and to those who came in 2013 to create the foundation there will be another layer in three more years.

It didn’t finish there a few nights later in the Old Town in Stockholm the ancient dragon there in so much pain causing discord and so many souls trapped, we cleared to karmic overlays and anchored the higher dimensional stars into the vortex as the Dragon was able to ascend and left the cosmic dragon eggs ready to hatch with the higher dimensional star system stars such joy as the old embraces the new and oneness is held in our hearts.

   Now it’s on to Iceland with a major mission there and lots of logistical challenges I have had to deal with in the 3d side of things. Many tests for us all to get there but well worth it and the Shambala doorway opens and anchors on the earth plane through the clear light of the land of ice and fire. That was a hot place once with the Ra light shining through all the earth crystals, stones, trees and nature. Thank you so much for those who are praying or connecting with us there.

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