Photo from video, link below in red.

Amongst all the confusion on times and all the resistance by those holding on to the old ways.

Challenging people to listen within instead of without. Love not the fear. Connection of the manifest and unmanifest worlds through our presence in our body.
Letting go of what has gone before as we take baby steps into a new way of expressing our divinity with ease grace and flow, love, joy and peace. As we harmonise with our beloved earth and all creatures and all beings through all worlds and dimensions in the unified matrix.

Below is an account of the most joy filled experience and the biggest shift we can imagine.
I have also put below that some other links you will find beautiful.

Please see about the Two Eclipses in the lead up which connected us in the Lunar Eclipse to the Golden Solar Disc within and Living Library of Light and the living light codes of creation each of us holds. As well as the Total Solar Eclipse with the Cosmic Egg ready for the birthing. Also about the Creation Mothers.



I was taken on the inner to the spinner wheel at Lake Rotopounamu NZ where I had been so many times in years gone by and amazing things had happened including 2010 March Equinox when I was taken to the top of the nearby Mt Pihanga and given a cloak of rainbow feathers by all the ET’s, Light Beings and I then took off the cloak and I was in my Iridescent body. Afterwards I went into Taupo the nearest town as my old car was on its last legs and brought a brand new car without finance and only a few hundred dollars and drove it home, my new body.
A lot of people who have come on my previous missions were there preparing for the Solstice and Conjunction so I kissed them all on the inner, feeling so much love and gratitude and then went to the central point in Lake Taupo Stargate where in June Solstice 2017 the unified matrix came through the Starlines. I then I went to Ladakh to the monastery where I had worked with the Golden Solar Disc from the first cycle and connected with it as it was stagnant.
 I was guided to blast my own Golden Solar Disc within and it went through to the first cycle Golden Solar Disc which activated and light poured through and it all connected from the first cycle to now making a full circle so that now we can move forward into a completely new higher vibrational cycle that is beyond duality.

This would of no doubt stirred the opposing forces into even more frenzy to sabotage and of course that’s what happened. Especially to those physically at Uluru with a new time announced for the ceremony and because of Covid and the conference there with many from Sydney the authorities saying they had to self-isolate. But thankfully most old souls know the game and did not buy into it.
The force of Love way too powerful with millions worldwide supporting the activation at Uluru and millions more not even knowing about Uluru, but doing their loving service for Earth and all beings from their loving heart space. With so much gratitude to all.



I set my alarm for 5.15am as sunrise was at 5.46am and I never managed to get up as too tired and went back to sleep. I have never done that in my life before and for such an important event! I woke 7.30am just as the Sun did rise from out of the clouds. So, I witnessed the sunrise anyway and connected through all the Suns and out to all beings and the Inner Earth Sun and Earth as One. But I had to go back to bed I was so whipped out. Thinking of being in a Sun Pyramid in Mexico that I had seen on the inner not a physical one and the Sun winged serpent light that takes us through the Sun.

Back in in bed on the inner greeting the Sun and it comes up through me and activates my cells in diamonds toes to head. This all happened spontaneously and felt amazing.

Then I think of Black Sun and realise it is trying to stop the Suns light and the shift from taking place. I stand as guardian of the Sun and ask all other beings of divine light, love, oneness to help please. The Black Sun dissolves into a pin prick, I ask is it going to trouble us again and get a big no. I ask is it going to trouble others and told leave that to the creator.

Then I am aware of being in a Council of Light meeting which is vast, all the Councils of Light are meeting. In the centre is the Sun of our Earth. 

I am told there is two ways this Solstice can go; those who still follow the old ways and who still cannot come from their own sovereign self and must follow the crowd, not trusting their own inner light let them be.

Then those who listen to their heart and are not coerced my malignant forces will truly be free to shine and radiate.

I ask about all those who have no awareness as they are simply not conscious, but their inner self still exists and if more loving than not will experience the shift also.

The shift will take 3 years to be fully noticeable for many and in that time, there will be a clean-up taking place of all that harms Mother Earth and all life on and in her.

The beloved Inner Earth Sun Beings now inject and start to sing a song of the Inner Sun through all the Earth Grids and the frozen lands unfreeze to release that which has been held in secret trust of what occurred to the Earth and what will no longer need to be experienced as the Sun shifts frequency and so do we.


I connect to the Sun and Suns and everyone, prayers, give, receive…

I was triggered to ask that at all devas and elementals are able to move on now, those that have been stuck in myself and all humanity. Especially those picked up at sacred sites.
A clearing needed to take place so that Rainbow Serpent could freely move through to places where it needed to go without old stuck energies blocking. I know so many others had done similar work in preparation in different time spans and lines ready for this huge event.


I connect in and give thanks to the Sun and all life. Aware of holding the BeAm and staying with the energies in readiness for the exact time of the Solstice and Conjunction.

I was not bothered by all the time changes it was too close to when it was happening to let people know and would of caused sabotage and disharmony. All that mattered was that we were coming from our heart and love for Mother Earth and doing what our hearts guided us to do, mostly simply BE.
I heard later that it was touch and go if the ceremony at Uluru would even take place, such was the sabotaging energies, but Love held strong and with gratitude the original people did their ceremony. This was for all humanity to experience and be with the shift. So, any sabotages were insignificant to the power of Love. I get it was even billions holding Love around the Earth. Even those not conscious of this taking place; their Love and pure hearts still there as their soul knew. Nothing was stopping the shift in cycle.


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Closer to the time of the Solstice at 11.01pm NZ time feeling so much love for the Earth and Uluru,
I am aware of being with Divine Mother and Creation Mothers ...

At my midnight I am aware of the grids and like fireworks at Uluru in state Love for Mother Earth

Then I see the top of Mt Titiroa become light golden.

The Rainbow Serpent moves up to the Sun then it ignites the song lines I see the Grail Cup come out of the rock overflowing with bubbling light, the Starlines all merge and come through inverted as they have crossed over through the Galactic Centre.
Photo from video, link below in red.

There is a rainbow formed from Darwin to Adelaide and Mt Warning is vibrating and light.
The Creation Mothers in the rock were singing and nursing a baby that is the collective of everyone's own inner baby now birthed in Love. The rock opens like a vulva to give birth and as the birthing waters release bringing fertility to the Earth as she is born into a higher vibration where Earth can breathe fully.

A great Mothership opened up as many Beings rejoiced at being able to experience the Earth, now she has shifted.

As it gets closer to the exact time of the conjunction, I can feel the love of everyone worldwide it is so incredible, my heart feels bursting with love and joy.

I sat with the love then felt the energies of the light through the grids.

Because I was sitting outside on the lawn, in my sacred space the possum came over near me and was busy talking to me, the peacocks who all live up a nearby valley all went off also in unison. I have not heard so many of them before, but they know and rejoiced.

I feel new too like what I have done before is gone and now its baby steps into the new.
Personally for myself I wasnt capable of writing any of this, answering emails nothing I just needed to be and integrate.


The awareness was presented as I was talking with a friend in the UK, doing some deep unification work that with the sabotage energies and resistance there were threads of the dark matrix energy that had been carried through. I don’t need to go into details, but it was expected that those involved, not all had pure hearts or intentions, often totally unconscious, but still leaves the doorway open and the dark matrix players take advantage of every situation and apply all sorts of trickery to those still in their matrix.
In the greater reality and what you may call aeons ago, we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable to the dark. Because we knew that in the future realms, we needed to experience darkness and duality in order to spiritualise matter. We allowed this dark thread to infiltrate us, some might say in order to get into the dark matrix, to create change we made all sorts of agreements with the dark ones just to get in here. However, we allowed it, it was so that we could be in this dual world when required because without that dark thread we would not have been able to get here.

Now we are at the time of the total shift back to the in breathe and into oneness and wholeness so now all the dark threads that we took on to be here to complete, duality can be released.

Seeing my Golden Solar Disc within me and I am pulling out the dark thread as its goes into the disc spinning very fast to dissolve it and as that happens I see that dark energy that got caught in the grids dissolving as well, it can’t stay now.

The Creator Mothers at Uluru wish to tell us that this was necessary, there was so much distortion and sabotage, and they knew that it would be like that at the crucial times. So allowed this to happen in order for us to all be able to dissolve each one that has the dark thread in order to be here.
Now we no longer need this darkness within us, but we did even at the activation time as it prevented even darker energies attempting to stop the process.
But now this thread can dissolve, and I am asking on the inner in the one heart that each beloved person that was involved be able to activate their Goldens Solar Disc now to dissolve that dark thread and to see the Golden Solar Discs all over the Earth glowing and radiating and sending solar light out through all the grids to clear them and bring them into harmony.
And so it is 10:10 am when completed.

I found out later that at the same time Oracle Girl was doing a big purification for clearing the slave matrix, which you can be part of see the link below under ‘Experiences and Links of Others’.
I also know others would have been triggered to work from their heart as well in harmony with what was occurring, as this is a major team effort.


The perfect time to go within and connect to the union within of the physical realms and nonphysical unmanifest realms through the Stargate union within.
From the start of our dance into duality realms to now, if we choose, coming full circle and merging the dual realms of illusion through the frequencies of our inner sound as we now send out a vibration that creates through unification and not separation.

The doorway is open now for us to fully create from the Source within. When we came out of the White Hole into creation, we had to learn to deal with being separate from Source, we started to form in light and then gradually the light got denser. Until we fully formed into the third density realm of Earth with all that meant as far as separation was concerned. Now we have completed and moving through the Stargate within our heart into a whole new creation.
Feel your heart and the love there, the cross over point there that takes you into deeper levels of Love, higher frequencies of Light. Not outside anywhere but in you. Where all is manifest.
So now starts a new cycle.

For myself the night of the 25th I thought I was going to transition out of my body, the death of the old felt so real even physically. (Mind you I have Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in my first house of the physical body) so for me it was all very physical. I surrendered to it all, no more attachments to anyone or thing, gone.

I must admit I find it hard now to relate to what is occurring in the third dimension. All the ongoing dramas with Covid, the control freaks etc seem a million light years away and not even real. Which of course it is not. It was the gift from the Divine Mother to kick us into our divinity more fully than ever before. The alternative being not so nice, sucked into the negative spiral of ongoing dramas with vaccines etc.

Now it’s time to work with the Devas of all creation, which is purely the energy of all creation, as within each atom of our body is a light spark, all energy is sparked with light. We are Light.
So now we create from this space and place within our Stargate self. Where we have unified the worlds of the manifest and unmanifest.

I know this is easy to say for myself as I live in NZ and here with no cases of Covid, life goes on as normal except for no overseas travel and tourists coming here, it could change at any time though, depending on the government program of the game they are playing. But we each create the space we need to exist in.
Each of us vibrates at a certain frequency and if the frequency is high enough then the lower fear based frequencies don’t affect us, and we are invisible to them.
Many of us have done this work all our lives to get to this place now, but it was never a journey for ourselves. We are already Light, Divine and ascended. We came here to raise the frequency for all life. So, keep holding the BeAm you are doing the most amazing service for the whole of creation.

You will start to see all those dark ones who previous may have been attacking you, implanting you, programming you through lifetimes now in another world; like they are cocooned and not able to harm others anymore.
They too are loved for their mission and got no thanks from us, but without them we would not have unified. They too deserve to be transformed now into their true essence, which is no different to ours, as we all come from the One Source and to the One Source we return.

The out breath has been super adventurous, dangerous, filled with dramas and ‘tit for tats’ through lifetimes. Now the inbreath as we return to the one point, zero point will be gentler. We are exhausted with all the dramas and games and need a break. And so, we are getting it.

So, for those who are at the coalface with vaccinations about to be shoved at you and all sorts or draconian measures, do not put your energy into it, as it’s not real. It is just a game that is ending now. And if we do not fear getting vaccinated, or all our assets taken, put in concentration camps, zapped by 5G etc it has no power over us. Its water off a duck’s back. The choice is ours. Remember “I do not consent”.
I know for those who have not been aware and not done their inner unification work this seems like all Love and Light BS. But it’s not when you have done your inner work, it’s real.  The inner is the space to connect with, so if nothing else hopefully it will start you on your inner unification journey.
Which is super-fast and easy now seeing so many have been doing this work, especially since WW2 a whole new wave of Light Beings came flooding onto the planet to clear all that lower astral muck. It was hard work and one had to be dedicated, but we did it and so cut the way through the jungle, so now it is a huge freeway.

Now we have a flood of Christed Ones coming in and being birthed in 2021, I know from personal experience on bigger picture work this is happening. They have one cell and by osmosis their unified matrix merges out to all.
Just as those who have done the hard yards and merged into one cell, one body of light merges out through osmosis to all life.

There is no ‘us and them’, no more unified or less, we each decide when we would wake up and what our expression of divinity is. None better or worse than the other. We all do this together. So even if this is all new to you, it isn’t to your soul and you are able to wake up to where it’s at, at any time your choose. If nothing else just remember you are Loved eternally and to Love yourself eternally.


The beloved Inner Earth Sun Beings in the build up to the Solstice and Conjunction sang a song of the Inner Sun through all the Earth Grids and the frozen lands, unfreezing to release that which has been held in secret trust of what occurred to the Earth and what will no longer need to be experienced as the Sun shifts frequency and so do we.

They; the Agartha’s kept coming in also after the actual ceremony and activation, showing the Earth within, the glow of the Inner Earth Sun, the Earths Heart. It is surrounded in a beautiful soft light grid with many portals that come through to the surface and out through the surface aligning to the stars.
The star light comes through the portals and into the Earth, in the Inner Earth Sun and activates it to be a Star.
The Agartha’s tell me that Earth is fully a Star.
I had seen this happen previous in the higher dimensions, but they told me now its integrated firmly through the portals and grids of 5D.
The time codes no longer resonate with the Star birth. As we have moved beyond the old matrix and limitations of the third density realm where time and money rules, to the space of no time, no money where art, creative expression from each soul, from all nature is the value.

Now we need to live this reality.

We have all had a breakthrough into deeper awareness of the subtle levels and the multi-dimensional reality. In the physical realm things look, feel and are super challenging for many, also for many even the potential fear of the control freaks drama to come. But that’s only in the third dimension and we are multi-dimensional.
Since the shift which was so huge to really have no words.
Things have already shifted massively.
We are in a higher vibrational timeline, personally I don’t like the word timeline as it creates limitation, and we are unlimited and in multiple experiences all at once in the NOW.
We have merged dimensions and are learning to bring into harmony the physical realm of light with the Lighter realms.

In this now moment we are aware of the devas of all matter, as its all energy. And within the energy a spark of Light.
You are matter, which is energy, which is sparks of light…igniting NOW in each cell of your body and through all you experience. LIGHT.





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SEE IMANI, SOVEREIGN AND CHRISTIANE NORTHRUP WITH ORACLE GIRL WITH A PURIFICATION  New Earth vs Polarisation - Solstice Purification  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnDvnRAqvh8  really worth watching.
This is where I got the two photos of Uluru with the Star and Star dust.

By Magi Whisson


ALSO SEE RECLAIM OUR LIVES www.reclaimyourlives.com

THIS IS THE LINK TO THE FORGOTTEN ORIGINS PAGE WITH LOTS OF COMMENTS AND INFO. This is limited to Facebook and you have to join the group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/380062128751110/permalink/3554166954673929/

I have also had lots of wonderful feedback for friends that we succeeded. I was never in any doubt that we wouldn’t.

This is a message on 30 December from a dear one who I have been sending essences to and guiding with my mp3 pdf inner work, which says it all.
Good morning Soluntra
Pleased to let you know that since 21 December things are a lot easier, a lot more peaceful and I feel like I’m getting a handle on everything again.
It’s been one hell of a ride.  Loving me so much at the moment so a great feeling. Much love and thank you. D

It doesn’t mean it will all be plain sailing. We are after all little babies completely vulnerable to this whole new creation, but now we are not hooked up to the dark mother matrix but back in the arms of pure love from divine mother the creation mothers and the connection to the love in our hearts.


FROM Edward Romano (O'Le-An)

Dear networkers,
I'm writing this response to the Dec. 21st Global Solstice Ceremony and the Uluru Activation in central Australia. Our guidance is that an Activation of Energy for the Earth did occur at Uluru, despite some confusion at the location in regard to timing as a result of a plane load of visitors arriving, and being forced into COVID quarantine.
So I'm writing this as a message of hope and optimism and possibilities as we go forward into the Christmas Festive Season and the "5" New Year of 2021.

We embrace the boost of New Energies in the transformation from the old paradigm into the New Paradigm of Unity and Balance of Masculine and Feminine energies. ~Best blessings, Edward.

                                       ~~~ WE  SAY  YES ~~~

WE SAY "YES" - to the fresh opportunities presented to us by the burst of Planetary energies that were activated around the world on December 2020 Solstice and at ULURU in Australia.

WE SAY "YES" to Healing the Earth, and to Respecting the Earth and Environment!

WE SAY "YES" to embracing these New Energies as we go forward to create through our

INTENT - "As we Believe, so we Create". What we focus our Attention upon is what we give our energy to. We choose to only identify with positive life affirmations and possibilities.

This is a momentous time in our planetary history, a New Earth Paradigm, and the Spiritual

Promise for manifesting our New Reality - the fruits of Keeping the Faith.


CLEAR our minds of the old paradigm energies of duality, and division of conflicting opposites.

EMBRACE UNITY - the Unity of Masculine and Feminine Energies in Balance, in cooperation!

- to global power plays. These are man-made illusions! Their energy will dissipate through lack of support. They will be exposed for All to see! We withdraw our energy from all surfacing negativity. Cause and effect will follow its natural course. .

WE SAY "NO" - to unethical operators, by avoiding their products and services!

As we withdraw our purchasing power from big bullying nations and global manipulators, their power will be diminished. It's time to buy and support quality products again.

Support your local community. Support your environment so that it can support you!

TRUST YOURSELF. Trust your inner resources. Big media serves big vested interests.

Choose to support good, reliable Independent media sources and Independent journalists.

Speak your truth calmly and clearly, and reasonably.

The People of Earth are powerful when united. Nature is powerful.

Mother Earth will no longer tolerate the iniquities and degradation inflicted upon Her.

Karma is more powerful than the conspirators.

There is a Spiritual Plan for the Earth, and it is in play now!

Your personal plan is what you make of it. Reset your goals. The energies are now available to

boost positive initiatives and help you achieve it.

Best blessings, Edward Romano (O'Le-An)