By Soluntra King 2011


        The Age of Light is upon us and in reality it is only by being the Light we are that we will navigate our way through the changes that are taking place on Earth right now and the coming shift in cycle. We are returning home to our self, as we have come out of the Source and danced in unlimited facets of Light until we decided to experience the furthest extremes of our love and came into the physical realm and into dense bodies. But even though our bodies are dense they are still light, just vibrating at lower frequencies. Now as we complete the great cosmic dance and the experience of being in matter we come to a time of completion of our experience on Earth and in density, for we cannot get any denser or any further away from our Source. We are almost at complete self destruct mode and have come from lack and greed and separation consciousness and brought into the illusion of fear to such a degree that we forgot that we are Light. Now in order for us to move beyond the limitations of fear and density that we have confined ourselves to, the only solution is to awaken and activate the Light that we are right from the densest levels of our being, so that we once again illuminate from inside out and shine the Light of creation from our hearts.

The doorway though is from the love that we are and absolute acceptance of all of our self and all creation without judgment or fear. As we love and accept all of our self then we become lighter and lighter, until all the cells and our energy bodies are light and radiant and we remember who we are. This is the only solution to the dilemmas we face now on Earth as we learn to embrace our light and dark and move beyond duality consciousness and separation and into oneness and wholeness and realize we are one Being and one Earth. No longer feeling and behaving in separation, competition and aggression, or comparing ourselves with others, but acknowledging the Light in each other and the Light within so we become the multi-dimensional being that we truly are.

 The children coming in now know this and see this and respond to our Light, they are here to take the Earth through into the Age of Light and it is our job to have cleared the way. We are the cleansers of the old paradigm and we start with our self as we clear our self through love and acceptance of our fear and pain until we shine so bright that nothing that is not of the Light can come anywhere near us. The Light cannot invite into it that which is not of it so those who choose to still play the power and control dramas will cease to exist in this realm. We are the guardians and the ancient ones returned and we are here to herald the new day, the New Earth and the Age of Light. This is not foreign to us but our natural state, being caught in the illusion and the world of materialism and limitations is the abnormal state of existence that for many of us we can longer maintain. It takes too much energy being in fear and pain, but once we realize the pathway through our heart and from love then we return to our true form which is Light.

Light comes to us from the Source, the creator and is all creation, light is life and without Light there is no life. At the physical level in density we find it difficult to perceive light unless we meditate or channel light to another for healing. We are here in bodies and at this plane of existence we have to learn to become conscious and awakened right at the densest levels of our being and in our cells and DNA. So in order to become conscious we channel light and open up to the light within our self. As we receive it and give it out we receive more as light gives love, peace, abundance and joy.

    Our inner light gets stronger and it brings about many wonderful changes within us. The strength of our inner light connects us strongly to the Creator, the Source and when we have a strong connection with the Source, we open up to our unlimited potentials and express the divine in ways that serve humanity and our self in divine love, in peace and beauty, dancing in the light and our joy illuminates out to all creation. The strength of our inner light means we can handle the many challenges that are given to us in our journey through life. We cannot stop the challenges but we can now greet them in at state of peace and confidence. The Light gives us everything, and the lighter we become as we embrace all our obstacles in unconditional love and acceptance, it frees us to be the divine light being we truly are right here in our body, our Body of Light. The lighter we become means the light illuminates from us even unconsciously, where ever we go it touches everyone and all beings, allowing them also to open up to their divinity and express their light, moving beyond duality and the pain and fear that traps us in the illusion of separation. For we are one light, one breathe, one heart, one with all creation and we are here at this great time of the completion of duality and shift in cycle, back to the unified essence of creation, Heaven on Earth is created through us, right now here on Earth.

    We are the ambassadors of Light as the Rishis and Light Beings assist us to channel and be the Light on Earth, and so the shift as we move through the Galactic Centre is no longer traumatic or done in fear but done in ease and flow, love and peace as we have become the Light Beings we truly are in a body on Earth. Total integration of matter and spirit, Heaven and Earth are one.

        By being a selfless server of the Light and channel it enriches your own life in ways you would never have realized. The strength of your inner light gives you the strength to stand up and be the Light Being you are right now, the Goddess/God creating Heaven on Earth.

     You are divine and beautiful, a shinning radiant diamond of light in the unlimited prisms of light of all creation, and as you shine and sparkle this light illuminates through the grids of the Earth and the light grids that connect all our higher selves around the Earth. It is only by a shift in consciousness that humanity will move beyond the madness of hatred and fear, lack and denial and into the abundance that is here for everyone as the Light opens us up to the unlimited possibilities of our true self, and to the unlimited possibilities of our service on Earth.
     We are in the dawning of the Age of Light as we see the light and radiance that shines from within each other and in all living creation. As we learn once more to be in harmony with nature and all humanity and honour all beings as we give thanks and gratitude to be born here on this beautiful planet, the jewel of the universe and to live on Earth in harmony and at peace. Because of your love and dedication this is possible. 

May you always be open to receive the Light and to give it out to all creation, may you feel the peace within and the radiance of the Light that shines from within your heart, May the Light illuminate you so you can be free to dance and be the joy that the Creator wishes for you and all humanity. May the unlimited abundance of the Creator be upon you, as you own your own Light and share it out in the eternal flow. Light is the all that is. Light is life.
In the One Heart, Love Soluntra    June 2011

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