by Soluntra King





This is the story of a journey, one of many missions but for some reason I need to write this up. Probably because of the enormous changes taking place right now as we and the Earth are going through our transition and integration of the higher light codes for full living light, as higher dimensional beings in a higher dimensional Earth, the Stars that we are. This is happening whether we want it or not, or believed it or not, it does not matter. The pulse from the centre of our Galaxy has called us home to our self and the oneness of all creation so we can play in our creation in a state of harmony and divine love.  This you know but there are steps and initiations that we take on this journey and many of us have spent all our time and energy in our service and mission here for the shift in cycle. Now it has come to pass as we complete and embrace the last shattered fragments of our radiant diamond that is light from the source and all creation.
     I honour you for your loving service and the work you have done not only in healing yourself but in your love and sharing to others and to the whole in awareness, showing the way. Thank you and congratulations, I know there are still challenges and big ones to come and things will change greatly before our eyes, but we hold the beam through all worlds and we are creating Heaven on Earth, Shamballa here in our lives right now.

        I usually travel alone but when  group energy is required for a big cosmic event then I will organise it. Months before hand in 2010 I had wondered what was going on with the journey, it had taken me ages to book the right places and rooms were scarce at Milford Sound when I booked seven months prior. There were twenty three of us contracted to be there and there were eight of us that made it and came in the physical which was perfect of course.
       I was also amazed by the high fear levels of some of the group and wondered at first what I was attracting?  As it has never been so obvious and out there as it was this time with people. My inner self told me that we represented where humanity was at, and it made sense. As here we were at the Crown Chakra of the New Earth and place of first light, as vessels prepared to receive and transmit the new Light codings that were coming in with the Ninth Wave. Preparing us for what was to come, as we come to the end of the Mayan Calendar and time and space as we know it no longer exists. As we expand  through our hearts and the cross over point, the centre within self and the Galaxy all one as the Suns align all one Sun within our hearts.  
      So the eight of us who represented humanity did amazingly well, there was within the group from individuals fretting, dis-ease and tumour, pain and anger, fear of losing everything, attachment to lovers and others, attachment to ego and power dramas, fear of the unknown, old dark forces archetypes and mirrors, dazed, confused and not owning ones own light. Of course on the positive a deep desire to heal and unify, to be who we truly are, to hold the beam and be in selfless service, creating the New Earth and dancing in the stars and earth. With open hearts and vessels still clear enough as the cleansing process intensified.
       I could see how for those still sorting it out its happening hard and fast now as we need to be ready to move through the doorway of our hearts in Love. From that space being a victim to earth changes, greedy power freaks, pollution and wars are not our experience.                       
       Everyone shifted beautifully and rearranged themselves into higher light octaves, they knew of course that their lives would not be the same again. Extremely brave in facing their demons and coming from love and acceptance, it showed me how all of humanity are making the shift with Mother Earth, more beautifully than you might imagine.

   One big challenge was the Christchurch earthquake that happened two days before I was to drive to the South Island via the car ferry from Wellington to Picton. One lady coming from USA arrived just as Christchurch International Airport reopened, and with her hotel smashed to the ground she spent the night on the floor of the airport shaking and rolling all night long. She also had a big tumour in her body and so was bravely moving through her limitations and into her unlimited self, just as we all do and the third dimension is where we have the real initiations.  I was very heartened to see how  very deep fears were transformed and everyone opened more fully to the living light within and so a positive sign for humanity.
     There is no time anymore it just is and what we think, feel and do in each moment crucial to all other moments.

        In an overall picture of the Living Light influx with the Ninth Wave and last underworld, the Inner Earth Sun has completely changed and so the Earth is adjusting. The Diamond Light Matrix is also vibrating at very high frequencies and now there are great Diamonds activated through the Earth and diamonds have been also awakened in the tectonic plates. This is all positive as far as what’s happening to us and the Earth. We heal ourself then we do not need earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis to get the message. We need to change how we operate on Earth and with these intense inputs of light, we are experiencing our body as light and all creation, as we are unifying heaven and earth through our bodies and our transition into the Crystalline Matrix of Light and now into the Diamond Light Matrix as we open up to be our multi-dimensional self fully present.
     The Ancient dragons are awakening to work with us and the Fairies and Elementals all shifting into the higher light frequencies as we all move with our mother as she and we become the star that we are. The lower astral planes are clearing and even the Reptilians are realising the duality game is over and opening their hearts.
        We are coming into the time of Living Light and as the veils open we exist in Shamballa, which is not just in the Gobi Desert in the higher planes of existence. But in our hearts where ever we are, as we come into union with the source of all creation and vibrate in the same frequencies where we live in the higher dimensional Earth that we create from our love and peace within.

     The journey started for me back last year when I was first preparing for it, but on the 22nd February we had the Christchurch earthquake and like most I started to pray and hold the beam and could feel many passing over. As I went down the beach some came and knew my name on the inner saying ‘Soluntra I am dead’! So I was busy helping them over like so many other light workers and beautiful people, as well as holding it for those alive and not rescued. I emailed the group as most were flying into Christchurch and thought how it was another challenge for some.
      I did not get out of my house until mid afternoon on the 24th and wanted to leave at 8am with an all day drive ahead.  I too had my fears as I forgot to make myself invisible as  I was so caught up; in not only the collective conscious in New Zealand and all the emotions  re the earthquake, but I had a lot of work I had to get finished before I went away for three weeks. So on manic mode I raced down the island to get to Wellington where I was getting the Cook Straight ferry. Two speeding tickets later I asked my inner self why, I forgot to put out I was invisible was the reply, which I did the rest of the journey with no more tickets. Normally I would not need a kick myself to do this but I had not slept for two nights as too much to do before I left and the earthquake energies were weighing strong as well with all the trauma that people were going through. We do not have to take it on but sometimes we can feel it a bit much.
     As I was driving in that direction I could see those that were feeding off all the fear hovering over Christchurch and I asked for them to be removed if in divine will. They have to eat too so it was not for me to judge or know the whole story, all I could do was ask for it to stop and the higher light to come in and hold the beam of love and acceptance and those ready for it would utilise it.
     I drove past Lake Rotoiti and Rotorua on my way to Wellington and the ancestors and ancients ones said they were coming with me. At Lake Taupo I stopped at my favourite spot and was told I will come there that night on a soul travel that prepared me to hold the highest energy possible for the journey that was about to unfold.

     Early the next morning I drove onto the ferry and then walked up on the deck for the over three hour ferry ride that was very intense.  I was aware of people still trapped in the rumble in Christchurch and holding the beam and I knew so many others were doing this also.  On the ferry a message over the loud speakers saying that there were petrol shortages in Christchurch and to fill up in Picton or Blenheim.  I knew I would be on almost empty coming into Christchurch, not a good idea and I did not want to take petrol from those needing it and could do better by being physically away.  I was heading right down south and Christchurch would have been the quickest way, but not now with the earthquake. So I decided to go down the West Coast which I knew would be a lot more driving but it’s so beautiful there and I had no hesitation.  It also felt good to be away from Christchurch for the time being as I knew it was not good being caught up in the emotionalism of it and I could be of better service by being away from it. Looking at the road map I found the most direct way over to the West Coast and the road went past Lake Rotorua, both north and south islands had a lake Rotorua and Rotoiti. I stopped and had a swim in the divine waters of this glacier lake exchanging light codes, I was blessed with hot sunny days all the way down the coast that can so often be raining.
      Then I drove down to road off the highway to get to Lake Rotoiti and on the physical the minute I stepped out of the car sandflies and bees just surrounded me and were everywhere. In the lake on the higher dimensional realms is a Diamond and Cosmic Egg, ‘wow that’s pretty on’ I thought as my inner self told me the double energies are needed now with what is unfolding. I was being rearranged at the molecular structures in the diamond as I slept that night and uploading and downloading codes. I could see the reptile self as it transformed into a great beautiful butterfly with huge clear wings as it flew effortlessly into the Sun within and through the Galactic Centre crossover point wormhole into the new creation of bliss and diamond light, divine wisdom and peace rules within and without.
    I reached the West Coast early evening and watched the sunset on the beach, so warm and beautiful. The next day I drove along the beautiful West Coast past stunning lakes and Glaciers where I had done work in the past and taken groups also for cosmic events, but now I drove past and stopped at some other beautiful lakes and spots I had not seen before.
     On one quiet beach I stopped and danced on the sand but then get a bit too serious and thought about all the duality dramas unfolding and the fear that most humans are holding at present and also the group with theirs as well and aligned myself to stay clear and do my mission and the work I had been asked to do for the bigger picture and the new earth. Nothing and no one had ever stopped me before in my missions over many years and in war zones as well, but I was also aware of the times we were in and that there was still a battle going on in the realms of light and dark and duality. With the final throes of the controllers now doing its dampest to create limitations they are giving us the greatest gift of all, to be unlimited and not in that world at all, in the world but not of it, transcending duality but still being in our beautiful body, all one.
      I drove on through the magic Haast Pass and beside Lake Wanaka and to Lake Hawea that has a great cosmic egg in it. I stopped and had a swim and exchanged codes and was in bliss in the divine lake, the water was amazingly warm and the day sunny. Then after going through Queenstown I drove down the Lake to Wakatipu to Glenorchy at its southern end stopping often to take photos of the amazing sunset.

   The next day I saw Lake Diamond on the map up the glacier valleys on the way to Paradise Valley so I drove along the dirt roads to the lake and it is not like the other lakes and much smaller. I spent time doing some inner healing and then drove over to another glacier valley and walked to Lake Slyvan through an ancient forest where
there is an ancient dragon. Her name is Selemic and she tells me ‘I arise from my slumber so the Earth will rock. We are all rising from our slumber now and some things will be destroyed, but the new will be so much better. We sing together in beauty’s play of worlds and dimensions beyond this veil. The Earth will shake and pull and shrink and go up and down in places, you know you will be ok and all is well in your world of divine service you shine for others’.
     I am taken back in time by Selemic to when she lived and reigned over the Earth and when the ancient forests were light within not dark, and there were cities made of crystal and gems, this place still exists in higher dimensions. I am shown how at this stage the Earth was a lot more vibrant with light like it was a star before also and now will be again. That is why the dragons are rumbling now and ready to move, the Earth is shaking and as long as we connect to our Light within we will all be not only fine but wonderful.

      The next day along Lake Wakatipu to Queenstown  and I went up on the gondola in the evening and at lookout I could see Mt Cornet and was told to come to it tomorrow. Then I walked into the pines at the top of the hill and there were all those red with white spotted toadstools, the real trippy ones. They asked me to come see them that night and on the soul travel with the Toadstool I went into the fairy realm and was told the fairy realm is experiencing an overhaul and shift also into higher octaves of light. They told me they wanted me to work with them at Lake Gunn on the road into Milford Sound with the group.

       Then the next day which was the 1st March I drove first to Mt Coronet to the top and all the amazing views. The vortex there was blocked due to recent disturbances of the earth. To unplug it just my intention was enough and I saw a lot of sludge coming out of it. Then the golden Sun glowed into it and lit up the grids as golden light flows to Christchurch, meeting resistance, as little bolts of light get through. Then I drove to Manapouri to get ready for the work with the group. We met for dinner at Te Anau on the evening of the 2nd March and everyone was excited and they all had full on stories about their adventures of getting to our meeting through the earthquake, as well as other crazy things happening that were big tests, but they made it and were safe and also very enthusiastic.


    We met and drove in convoy to a great open plain on the road to Milford Sound with mountains around and great river flowing through the Eglinton Valley, there is a Light City here in the sixth cycle. We connected to the Diamond within and our multi-prismed self as we observed the new cycle and how it is anchored through the landscape. As we connected deep into the light within and experienced the light world there in our so called future self that is all now, the light codes downloaded and integrated into our bodies. The energy was very strong and intense and the outer Sun came out on queue, it had been showery weather and the sun only came through intermittently what felt like just for us as the elementals always support us in their love. 

    We then drove to the Hollyhock Road turn off and along a sort distance to the car park for the walk to Lake Marian, a glacier lake up in the mountains. I had not been before and was not aware of how steep or far the climb would be. We had lunch in our cars as it was raining and then walked across the swing bridge over the ragging mountain river and up the side of the river and waterfalls with great boulders and clear glacier water. It is such a magical place, the bush was divine and the ferns and moss, ancient trees and the light dancing through the foliage of the great beeches and other natives. The path was coated in plant matter and moss, little trickling streams and tree roots and rocks that we had to get up.
      It seemed the path went on and on and I wondered when it was going to get to the lake, the sign had said three hours return but it was more like five hours return. Four of the group stopped way back and the other four of us continued on. Crossing an area where there was a great landslide from the earthquake in 2009 that had sent New Zealand closer to Australia. Then it was up into the trees and forest once more until finally walking through some swamp areas we came to the lake at last. The Sun was now out and the mountains surrounding the lake clear with their first snow lightly dusting them.
      Wow, I connected with the ancient dragon there, who told me her name was Zuss and she was just awakening. I was not used to ancient dragons just awakening, most of the ones I knew where very active or had left the Earth plane and moved on. But up the glacier valleys from Lake Wakatipu I had also come across Selemic ancient dragon just awakening. The land here is so pristine and undisturbed that it was not surprising that they were only now waking up. As they blended into the landscape and Zuss was curved through the mountains and holding a great cosmic egg that was the lake on the physical plane. It looked so beautiful to see her curled up there holding her great egg.
    She told me she had gone to sleep as the world had become too difficult to exist as they had once done, and now returning as the worlds are merging.  The egg has been cradled and waiting this time now as we awakened to the dragon egg light codes within and with. The Sirian Light Ship connected there as Zuss stirred and then flew away with the egg to New York and into the Atlantic between the USA and Europe. She said that was where the new light codes were needed most as there is a vast concentration of consciousness there that is stuck and now ready to awaken also. She was so happy to be on her mission and taking the pristine energies to where they are needed and a dragon from the Baltic was meeting her.

    It was so nice lying on the grass by the lake with the sun streaming through as it had been cool and showery before hand. We started back down our track and after about twenty minutes came upon one of our group still bravely walking on to get to the lake. There was no time now for her to finish her walk and she was helped back down the long windy track with rocks to climb over and trees and vines everywhere. The others were way at the bottom but had seen the sunlight open up in the mountains above them and knew when the dragon had been awakened.
      It had been quiet a walk and it was too late now to go to The Chasms so we went directly to the Milford Sound Lodge where we stayed for the next two nights. We meet on the inner planes that night in a soul travel to the Sirian Living Library of Light in the Sounds itself.

    The next morning as it still poured down we gathered in one of the rooms to consciously be aware of the soul travel as we went first to the Sirian Light Ship that existed over the sounds and had also been with us yesterday with the dragon Zuss. Aware of the higher more unified aspect of self as a being of light in the ship, as we embraced in love our light friends and family and relaxed into the divine light and peaceful energies flowing through us. Our higher dimensional selves required more awareness and unification and guided me to take everyone to their spirit essence coming into third density and how their energy was at that time and to love and accept any imbalances. Then awareness of how they felt through their parents at conception and the energies they took on. The Stargate that they came through and codes of light into this life at conception, and in the womb and birth, reconnecting with the vortex that their higher self had come through in the landscape nearby to the actual place of birth. Now physically birthed into love and the higher self coming through the vortex now merged as the baby grew one with its higher self, divine self. Through childhood, puberty, teenage years, and twenties and up to whatever age now, all one with divine self.

     In the soul travel to the Sirian Living Library of Light in the Sounds we were shown ourselves in the New Earth and how we operated in the higher dimensional Earth in our higher dimensional bodies.
      We were shown that as the Earth formed that here in the sounds deep down left by the Sirians ten billion years ago in earth linear time, but no time in higher dimensional world are capsules left that are connected with us. I went and connected with mine and was made aware even more of my soul story and also moving beyond the polarised energies and male and female imbalances as this dance has now completed. I was shown years ago coming in as a dolphin and felt it fully in my being and how I swim even now in the cosmic ocean as I leave as a star, that I am. Everyone connected with the capsules and these codes will gradually become clearer as we go along. We then went into the kundalini flow and allowed our bodies to vibrate in light.
     In the afternoon the sun was out and we sat by the Sounds in preparation for being out in the boat on the Sounds and aware of the capsules there and the light codes. Receiving and giving as vessels of light the codings that we hold in the Living Library of Light and matrix of light that we are. As we start to remember even more fully as we go into the stillness and peace and the void of the Sounds, the womb of creation and allow ourselves to simply be.

   The boat journey in Milford Sound was magic as always, I have been there a few times now on missions over the years but its still the most incredible place with waterfalls cascading down hundreds of metres from their high rock that has been cut out by ancient glaciers slowing melting their way to the sea. The energy was so intense that I found I needed to sit down at times and just be in no mind and allow. The energy of the Light there was very strong and very high frequency and it was beyond thought and prayer it, just is.

       The next morning was the New Moon in Pisces and Sun in Pisces, very relevant energies for being in the cosmic ocean as we connected deep within and without to the transparentness of all creation and the DNA glowed through all our energy bodies.
       Then we drove out and stopped at The Chasm for a star alignment of Aldebaran that the Fairies and Elements had asked for, and it needed to be anchored right through the great rock tunnels with the beautiful glacier water flowing through creating great holes in the rock. The Fairies were indeed grateful and we were to meet them again at our next location at Lake Gunn after we had driven up the great mountain road and through the tunnel under a mountain and out into more beautiful valleys with bush and rivers and snow capped mountains above.

     The walk into the edge of Lake Gunn is divine with ancient beech trees and moss ferns and palms guiding our way. We connected to the Fairies that this time needed our help, as they too are moving on into the higher dimensions and years ago they were always the ones that helped us. They assisted in my ‘one on one’ healings with people often, especially with traumatised and sexual abuse issues as they are so free, joyful and light.  I have taken many into the Fairy realms for inner healing and release, but now they needed our help and as we connected were aware of all the elementals and beings. There was a beautiful bird that came to each person in the group and gave a blessing, just like we had the blessings on the inner also, and one of the group took a picture with a blue friary.
      We needed to go into our centre deeper and deeper experiencing the love, the stillness and our more unified self as the guide to ourself, our Angelic self, Light Being self in the Light Ships and Golden Being in the Council of Light. Then as the Creator Goddess God we are, in a blink of an eye whole worlds are born, go through their cycles and die to be transformed again. As we held the beam through these worlds and dimensions the Fairies and Elves there transformed into light.
      We made an essence from a flower, berry, leaf or rock at this sacred place by connecting with an element of nature that shine out to us and inwardly attuned to what its gifts were on all levels and received the blessing of the essence for as long as we require it as we blissed out in the worlds of nature.
     But as always after a lot of light it can stir up old fears and insecurities, and a few buttons were starting to get pushed with some in the group. I had not experienced this sort of reaction happening for some time in groups, but this was different, we were all moving paradigms. So much was happening so fast and a few were ready to bail but kept it together and worked through it. Core fears were surfacing ready to be embraced in love. This was the critical mass time and I had intended to go to Lake Mistletoe as well but knew it was getting too late in the day and everyone was tired and ready for chill out time, so we all drove to Manapouri and got our accommodation. 

      I went down the lake where the Devi lives and she loves Lake Prasad its higher dimensional name on the inner and Lake Manapouri in 3d. Absolutely magic and I sun gazed until it went behind the mountain range and sat in the vortex of stillness and love. Meanwhile a bit of chaos was happening around me and I knew the next day I needed to do a day workshop on inner clearing as the following day we were going to the great Diamond at Doubtful Sound and then up Mt Titiroa/Akum so clarity was required in our bodies, minds and souls to be able to channel the light coming in.
      So the next day I repeated what some or most must of done many times before, but always another layer of fears of Mu and Atlantis going down and still holding old patterns and fear of earth changes, of contracts and energies running in black magician worlds, archetypes of drama king and queen and others as well as ancestral and family line healings and inner child and inner parents. It amazes me how many are not aware of their inner parents. They do inner child work and it never holds for long as the inner parents always come in and chastise the child, as they go back into dysfunctional mode until the inner parents are thanked and told they can move on now. This all took most of the day, then in the evening I wanted to do star lineages at the lake and sunset but again it was delayed as I had wanted to do it at Milford Sound as well. As we sat at the lake the energy was so profound and on, just being there was all we could do, sitting in silence and being in the vortex. We were going that night on a soul travel to Doubtful Sound and the great Diamond.

    Monday March 7th we got to the wharf early and ready to get the boat across Lake Manapouri to the West Arm where a bus took us down to the Manapouri Power Station with great tunnels into the mountain that was built like this to save raising Lake Manapouri and Lake Te Anau. Its chilly standing out on the top deck but great views of magical Mt Titiroa/Akum with its white crystal that looks like snow. The golden egg glowing and the doorway open with golden light beings lining the processional way on the inner planes.
     After going to the power station the bus takes us up and then down a winding road through beautiful forests and ragging rivers to Doubtful Sound. We board the boat to go out on the Sounds and the Diamond that is huge there is beaming and the energy is very intense. The soul travel we did in the night takes us dancing across the waters of Lake Manapouri and the lake is alive with light and into the great Diamond that is like a great mothership, pulsating with light, there are many beings there. There in council are ET’s, Inner Earth Beings, Light beings, whales, dolphins, and the council meeting is about the great changes occurring on Earth and how humanity can handle them. They are saying humanity cannot withstand the shifts at present and are not prepared internally or externally and that more beams are being anchored. They are putting out the call to those still asleep young and old who have signed on to hold the beam but have not taken up the call. The light of the Diamond illuminates out through the diamond matrix and we are visiting many in their sleep state to nudge them awake. This is crucial for the shift to be loving and harmonious. For most the web of entrapment and illusion is still so strong and now needs to be broken as we see the spell falling away.
      As we now sit on the boat literally over the great Diamond I am told on the inner that the Diamond has withstood immense pressure from earth changes and has not cracked. It is here to clear the illusion. The yogis under the water and earth there are now holding the Diamond Light Matrix and assisting us to cut the illusion on the third dimensional plane. The yogis are very happy and I was told they would come to me that night and that we had achieved more than we could realise by being present there. I had become aware that there were yogis in caves under the landscape through the sounds and lakes when I was there in 2009.

       After we arrived back to Manapouri at the end of the day I drove the twenty minutes to Te Anau to send off some emails and as I drove along the road in full view of the mountain I honoured Mt Akum/Titiroa giving thanks that the doorway would be open for us the next day as we were due to fly up then in the chopper, I knew it would be as we had been called. The first time I took a group there in December 2008 for the 12:12, we could not get up the first day due to not good weather on the mountain. The second day we made it for a few hours, which was long enough and actually the perfect day for what was to unfold in the following visits. Here is a link that someone took of our journey.

       The second time on the March Equinox 2009 when I was anchoring the golden egg I got up early afternoon and by the time I got picked up early evening it was freezing and there was fog everywhere but my inner self had told me to take a torch so the pilot could see me through the fog.

   I sat at Lake Te Anau and it called me to come back on the 9th March with the group and that it was the male energy and Manapouri the female which figured seeing the Devi was blissed out in Lake Manapouri. I then went back to Lake Manapouri and sat by the lake getting downloaded on the next day up Mt Akum/Titiroa and the journey of the heart.

     March 8th had finally arrived; it was the day we were to go up Mt Akum/Titiroa on the physical, which is the Crown Chakra of the New Earth. The energies were transferred from Mt Kailash at the Wesak Full Moon 2009 after the Dalai Lama had asked me to come on the inner to the Potala in Lhasa. After days of preparation to receive a golden egg that I energetically took with me from India where I was while this happened, to New Zealand and I needed to go physically down to the South Island to Mt Titiroa/Akum for the March Equinox as the golden egg was anchored. Then on the Wesak full moon with Tane Mahutu the ancient kauri tree, thousands of years old and lord of the forest, who I had visited on the physical not long afterwards in Northland. He suddenly appeared as I was meditating and came with me to Mt Kailash on the inner also which was unusual. Usually I will go within the mountain and sign new contracts, or get awakened to something in higher dimensions but none of that happened. We were there to bring the energies back to New Zealand, to Mt Akum/Titiroa where the Devi was looking into the lake and her long hair flowing through it, she was blissed out and clear light flowed through the mountain.  Now we are the Goddesses and Gods as the paradigm has shifted and we are the ones holding the beam here and creating the New Earth, Mt Akum radiated in clear Light.

      I had been told back in early February that the golden egg I anchored back in 2009 was so important and it is awaiting more activation re the seeding of the New Earth. Mt Akum told me ‘when you are on me please get the group to dance and play around the two little stones you connected with last time, these stones seem insignificant as they are so small but they are the twins of the universe and its important in the journey into wholeness to welcome and embrace them into your energy fields as they hold codes that will awaken ancient wisdom and new light both old and new that will exhilarate your journey’.

        I had asked the helicopter to pick us up at 8am and there was no cloud on the top of the mountain so it came on time and with two trips to get us up there we were soon skimming across the landscape and moving up the mountain to land by the lake.  I had been given four locations we needed to be in and connect and the first was just across the flat crystal laden area to two standing stones just mentioned. Where we did our mudras and connected into the diamond matrix speaking in light language about the universal underworld and the input of higher octave light. 

      The mountain was in the second cycle on the flat ground and a Stonehenge type place. It was necessary to heal the inner male and female and merge the sun and moon within through the breath and figure 8 flow and orbit through the body. On the etheric there is a great pyramid there and in meditation we ascended the steps of the pyramid that is aligned to the Central Sun. Aware of the experiences in the illusion and all the steps of evolution through the Nine Underworlds, until reaching the top and entering into the temple and aligning through the Central Sun. Walking down the inner stairs and moving into the sarcophagus with the lid placed on top to go through all the fears and transcend into the light bearer we truly are.

     The next location was a hike up the mountain side to these amazing rocks and where we connected into the great golden egg and the light codes. I got that the Dalai Lama will reincarnate here as well as other places. The egg is not activated yet but humming and holding a beautiful resonance. As we were about to enter into it I got a text and I knew without looking who it was from, my ex and twin ray who I work with on the inner planes in the bigger picture often. After we entered the egg on the inner, because the energies were so high frequency most went to sleep or went into another zone in the void. The fog came in and surrounded us and obscured everything, then it went away again and it was bright sunshine.

      We climbed down the hill and had lunch then went to sit by the lake, a diamond doorway. As we connected to the golden liquid light plasma from the Central Sun and silver for the Inner Earth Sun and it balanced within our chakras clearing them and opening them to hold the higher octaves, we sensed ourselves in other dimensions and how that affects us in our physical body. Then into our diamond light body and through the diamond doorway for what ever was required individually and in the bigger picture. One of our group told me later I stopped mid sentence while talking in between the meditations and then ten or fifteen minutes later came back in the flow of the mid sentence that I had left with. Most of the group did not notice as they were in altered states also.

      Because we were at the Crown Chakra of the New Earth, and I had asked my inner self where is the heart and was told in the Pacific, the land has not risen yet. Here we were in the Living Light, clear light of the mountain and new vortex and the Shamballa realms are here also as they are simply spaces we open to in our unlimited potential and radiant well being. Shamballa is a higher dimensional realm of existence we aspire to live in and now here it is and we are in it, with room for improvement and fine tuning as we still surrender into our self in love. So it was appropriate that I read what I called the Shamballa Principles that have been given to me over a year ago now. But here we are in the new Shamballa the place of the so called future Earth.

     The Shamballa principles are not the Lore of the One and the basic degrees of the third dimension that get people to move out of the illusion and take responsibility for them selves. The Shamballa  principles are how to complete being your body of light and live on light fully.
     How to travel without being noticed and being invisible, which is necessary now.
     The way of the heart in a Galactic and Universal sense, beyond your understanding of wisdom right now but without this it is not possible to fully travel through the world.
     The transference of energies to fully assist those passing over, not only personally but in a big way as many will be exciting on mass soon and the things that have already taken place like the 2004 tsunami and the  Haiti earthquake are nothing compared to what will unfold soon. (This was written at Wesak Full moon 2010).
      The ability to be fully multi-dimensional and so not be affected by changes on the third density Earth. This you already know and can do spontaneously but now you need to take it to another level and be able to give transference of light to others to be able to do this also.
      The ability to see where a person is at on a soul level, instantly to access a situation and be able to work with it to full potential without conflict or negative reactions.
     The channelling of Light through the Earth and all kingdoms is now being opened up in the light matrix fully and learning to see and work with this for the betterment of all creation and the establishment of the New Earth fully. The ability to travel not only invisibly which will be so necessary soon which means your light will not be detected as it is in too high a frequency, but also at times you will need to dance the song lines fast to be in other locations and often at more than one at a time.
     To live on light and not require food and to be able to be in no breathe fully. In other words fully Light but also still in a human body on Earth all one and you can still eat if required as there maybe times when it is necessary for many reasons.
      To be conscious fully of the work in the Councils of Light and Galactic Federation and Confederation and beyond, and communicating consciously with other life in other worlds and dimensions.

       Then the four of us who had made it up to Lake Marian climbed now up to the highest point and the amazing rocks at the top of the mountain. We got up to a ridge and energy was pouring through. It did not seem to matter that we were not aware of what was happening, it was just happening anyway and then we continued to walk up to the very top and the great rocks and doorway there. The energy was so intense we just sat or lay there and allowed.  It was like all the business and kinetic energy did not exist here. I just knew it was coming in and we were beam holders here at the Crown Chakra of the New Earth.
      As is often the case once the mission is over it’s out of there fast, sometimes real fast. I had wanted to be at the four locations then go off exploring but now it was twenty minutes before the helicopter was to return and I knew we would not get down in time but that he had to come back for us, the second load.
     As we were about a third down the mountain we heard the helicopter come in and take off, we all got down in time and were still in wonderment mode as we took off in the chopper and got taken around the mountain before returning to Manapouri, the energy had been very intense and everyone went off to chill out. I went down to the lake as usual and watched the magnificent sunset.
    That night I was woken up by one of the group staying in my motel being sick from both ends all night, what a huge cleanse, and the others also had big cleanses in their own way.

      On the 9th March we drove to Lake Te Anau and I was guided to finally take everyone into some of their Star Lineages and as each one was remembered and integrated the star energies came down into the Sun in the Inner Earth. The stars were Aldebaran, Sirius, Pleiades, Arcturus, Lyra, Orion and the Andromedan Galaxy. The group all had strong connections and remembrances of some stars lineages more than others, but with our combined star blueprints we were able to be vessels for the light from the star codings to come through us and into the Inner Earth Sun, at that point I did not realise how important that was, but it felt beautiful.

    Then at Lake Mistletoe at the end of the valley we connected with the Second Sun through the union of opposites within us and with Mars and Venus, the Sun and Moon that opened us to the Second Sun and Ra Light that is the doorway of the New Earth.
      Walking through the beautiful forests once again we came to the top end of Lake Te Anau
and connected to the Golden Solar Disc in the Inner Earth Sun. We became aware of all the stars and planets within as we breathed through the Second Sun Ra Light and Inner Earth Sun one, as the Golden Solar Disc aligned with the Stars in the Inner Earth Sun. This felt incredible and was all spontaneous as we witnessed this happening.

       Later that afternoon when we were back in Manapouri, I went down to Lake Prasad/Manapouri as I knew that I must go into the water. It was pretty cold but an exchange of codes had to take place, the water was that cold I could not fully relax like I wanted too. Then my inner self said its enough and I got out to stand naked at the shore line and honoured the energies as the Sun danced over and through the water, I went into the Inner Earth Sun, it was completely different, I could not believe how different. So what that exactly meant I did not know but it felt good, real good and if the Inner Earth Sun had shifted that much that meant us as well.

    After our last supper together as a group we went to the lake one last time and watched the sunset and the mauve sky and water at this magical lake at twilight zone time. We connected through our Earthsun Body with the centre of our Galaxy, the centre within each of us and moved through the Galactic Centre doorway in the lake.

        When I went to give back my key at check out time the lady who runs the motel and holiday park where we stayed at Manapouri was amazed by how the weather had been sunny the whole time we were there, as it usually rains two out of every three days. I chuckled to myself as the elementals always give us great weather to help us which I am always eternally grateful for as it happens in every journey I take with a group. It would be too hard if it was raining and windy for everyone to hold the energy and beam so we get loved and supported by all creation.
     This was not the end of the journey for me and next I was off to Mt Cook the highest mountain in New Zealand and only a few hours drive away.

        I was so grateful for the group of such beautiful souls and all their own effort to break through many limitations, everything felt different now, and it was.

     The following day I spent the day as close to Mt Cook, Aoraki is the Maori name as I could get without mountain climbing. I went up the Tasman Valley with the Tasman Glacier coming down from Mt Cook with icebergs in the lake that had fallen off the end of the glacier in the Christchurch earthquake.

      I walked up to a great view of the glacier and icebergs and Mt Cook there looking over us, beautiful at the top of the glacier. There was a great dragon there called Elysletuuun and I sat and communed with the mountain and dragon and was told what I and many have known all along but others need to realise. That we are the Earth and by healing our own shattered being this heals the Earth so we do not need to manifest such heavy earth changes if we change within ourself.
       It was so peaceful just being there and I was told on the inner I would go into the mountain that night on a soul travel. I had been focusing on the inner in regards the Earth and the balance and peace here at this great vortex. On my way back after I had got down the valley and back to where I was staying I went to the shop and brought an ice cream and two big sweets  that I stuffed down me  thinking ‘how weird I do not eat these things and all together in one big sugar and fat hit’, but I was soon to find out why as at that exact time  the earthquake was hitting Japan and then later I switched on the TV to see the tsunami live coming in.

       I had also felt there was going to be a big earthquake again in Christchurch and then I found out that a moon weather man had predicted a big one also, he had been right on other occasions, but that was to change once the great diamond near Christchurch was activated.
        The next day I was off to stay with a friend near Castle Hill an amazing place of great stones and significant grid point that is on the highway that goes from Christchurch to the West Coast. A big deal place to some but it never did it quite the same for me, but I knew I needed to be there.
       My first stop was just to the bottom of Lake Pukaki with Mt Cook straight up the lake and glacier valley and covered in fog. As I connected in I am aware of being picked up on the inner by a huge eagle, guardian of the air around the mountains and get taken to the top of the mountain and enter into a Pomanu (greenstone) cave with a monk like being, guardian waiting for me there who is wearing greenstone. As I was about to enter the cave in the mountain in came my twin ray again right on queue with his relevant texts. I laughed as he always had the most imbecile telepathic timing. He was a nemesis to me years ago and as I healed all my inner disturbance of male and female energies over the years we remained best friends and in a state if unconditional love. We have different paths and vibrate at different levels of awareness but the love and support is always there on 3d and the other levels. We had a very loving exchange over a few texts and then when I went back into the cave in meditation the guardian was now shining golden codes and so was the cave. My twin ray and I needed to complete something which was done then and it shifted everything in the cave and the levels I was shown. As we know, love is the doorway.
       The walls in the cave were greenstone with golden hieroglyphs and doorways into other realms. I chose a doorway and went through into a Council of Elders meeting where I was expected. With concern now at the frequency of diasters on Earth that will increase. There is a great vortex here at the mountain that was not anchored yet and I could feel it. I asked in divine will and plan that if it was meant to anchor now in divine love and oneness, that the vortex could now be anchored through the dimensions and through the Earth. Then I observed the vortex opening up and it started to channel out a lot of discord from the Earth. This discord was being transmuted into the Diamond Light Grid. Then I saw that the vortex was in fact a great Diamond and it was anchored through the mountain. As it was anchored the cloud and fog cleared and there was Mt Cook looking stunning in the sunlight, right on queue as always. It felt really good and by the time the great Diamond at Christchurch got activated on the 13th March I knew that the big one, the big earthquake was not going to hit. Humanity has to get it now, we are the Earth and what goes on in us goes on in her.

        After thanking the mountain and lake and all beings I was off to my friends via hot mineral pools at Lake Tekapo and the next morning we went to Castle Hill. My favourite place is past the main rocks and down near the tunnel cave that goes under the hills where with the river flows through it and people go through the tunnel as an initiation. I did not feel to do that, having had my far share of life and death initiations it was not necessary. I just needed to sit there and be. I felt my chakras being cleansed and the Fairies and Water Sprites were dancing all around. I then brought in the Golden Liquid Light Plasma from the Suns through my chakras, but now instead of Silver Liquid Light Plasma coming back up for the Inner Earth Sun it is Platinum Liquid Light Plasma!

    We drove back down the road to the main site which to me felt that a lot of old paradigm stuff has been done there over ages and the lower astral planes a bit mucked up, I could also see it trapping some people including my friend who lived nearby. We split up as I knew my mission was to get to the top rock which I called the RA Rock as soon as I touched it the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun aligned through it and into the Earth and to the Inner Earth Sun that radiated back up through it. The energy felt so much lighter and brighter as stars were also aligning and I saw a Great Starmap spinning and the stars that were aligned through the Inner Earth Sun came back up there and aligned as the rocks shone and glowed like the stars that they are and out through the Diamond Light Matrix and Castle Hill is now in the new energies. I wondered how those that frequent the place will feel about it now. After the energies we aligned at the top rock it freed everything, my friend who was not with me but was off doing her on thing felt it also, and as we drove away later she said she was free to move now physically as well.

     We then drove down to Christchurch and two weeks later after the big one it was still rocking and rolling, and had been for months since the September 2010 earthquake, and is still rocking now as I write this.  As we drove around the outskirts the roads are all bumpy and the liquid faction is now grey dust, what’s not been cleaned up. There are houses, walls, roofs and windows broken and signs up saying free water here, but other than that everything was functioning.

         We had to drive over Dyers Pass Road to get to Governors Bay which is near Lyttleton and the epicentre of the earthquake. The road is narrow and windy at the best of times and there were still some boulders near by that had rolled down the hills. We arrived at the spiritual oasis of a beautiful divine goddess who was hosting a workshop I was going to take on that day, but because of the earthquake it was not happening.  But my beautiful host and a lady staying with her and my friend had all signed on for the workshop and what they had really signed on for was the bigger picture work to do with the Great Diamond out in the bay.
      In order to be in the higher light frequencies to be a vessel for this work we connected through the Suns through our heart, and the Inner Earth Sun through the lower chakras to Soulight chakra. Then the Sun through the higher chakras and then the Inner Earth Sun and Sun merge within as we opened to our Earthsun Body. We became aware of the pulse through the Galactic Centre and the pulse within us all one, the cross over point as we moved through and into the diamond light within us. The great diamond we are from our heart and multi-dimensional self. At first to heal any shattered energies in our diamond and merge them back into wholeness as the diamond within became lighter and brighter until it was glowing. We are the prisms of light through all our bodies, one body of light as we travelled into the great Diamond there in the bay and each had their own experience.

        The energy was very on and very high frequency and I saw the Diamond Light go out through Christchurch and it felt beautiful, like a soothing wave of loving energy. Then I witnessed little diamonds going  out through  the tectonic plates from right where we were up the fault line in the South Island onto the North Island and right to where I live which is right on the great Ring of Fire. I have an active volcano just out to sea from where I live as the diamonds just kept coming up in the plates of the Ring of Fire and through the planet down the great rift in Africa and all round the tectonic plates of Earth.
      This was extremely positive to me and I knew the big one was not going to hit Christchurch anymore, even though the predictions were such for the full moon with its being the closet to Earth since 1997 and the equinox.  I have seen the light codes around Earth and know we are doing it in love not fear this time. We just have to keep working on transmuting fear from within ourself and helping as many as possible to do it also as we are the Earth.    

      The next morning I left in a great fog that was very unusual and as I drove up the step Dyers Pass road the sunlight shone through on the beautiful bay below shining diamond light.

       I then drove to Nelson Lakes again, such beautiful vortexes and at Lake Rotorua the codes were uploaded into the lightship there. I had my last destination in the South Island and went up to Cape Farewell at the end of Golden Bay. Before driving over the Takaka Hill there is a road to the left that wanders down to a park and track that takes one to the very source of the Takaka River from the mountains, called Resurgence. The river is beautiful with forest all around and great rocks and I got to the side of the crystal pool, it was calling me to be in the water. I did not have a towel and it was a bit cool, but I needed to get in, the Fairies and Water Sprites were calling. No one was around so I stripped off and slipped into the aqua clear water in the big rock pool. It was cold and refreshing on the physical but on the inner worlds codes are being exchanged from where I had been into the water there and I received some beautiful energy for myself also, my aura was tingling and clear. As I got out and wiped the water off my body with my hands I could see the dancing light matrix in the water and all the Fairies and Elementals dancing through it. I then walked the short distance up to the cave where the water comes straight out of the mountain and honoured the beings and guardians at this most scared place.

     I found at great place to stay by the beach and the next day went up to Cape Farewell.  As I sat on the sand I transmuted dross in my emotional and mental bodies, aware that it was happening for many others also. I gave great thanks and asked if in anyway I could be of service there. I was told by inner voice that the Golden Solar Disc there was stuck. I connected and asked for help and the energies come through, I was told a lot of energy had been drained from there. The Golden Solar Disc grew big and bright and started to hum. Just as it reactivated the Sun on physical plane came out, as always. It was very happy and then I observed a Diamond under the Golden Solar Disc. The Disc started to shine into the Diamond Light Matrix, it was very subtle and different from before. I was told that the Diamond Light Matrix activated by the Golden Solar Disc is different there, as this is a send off point for energies no longer needed to be transmuted. The vortex there was now clear and ready for the New Earth.

     I drove to the car park for Waikariki Beach and walked over hills and past all the Nikau Palms and through the Teatree to the coast with stunning rock bridges and great caves in the great rocks near the beach and out to sea. It was low tide and I was able to walk into the caves that faced the ocean, some were long and had other caves leading off them.   The energy was very on, kundalini energy, I feel that energy at the beaches where I live too, very powerful sexual energy, it’s always at beaches and places where there are big vortexes and light cities and doorways into other worlds.I went for a swim in the vortex ocean, the water was colder than on the East Coast North Island where I swim, but I was just blissed out to be in the water, it was gorgeous.

       I had been aware for the last few days that on the inner planes alot had changed since the Inner Earth Sun shifted; it’s made it a lot easier for us lightworkers. Many years ago I had black magicians try to kill me a few times, then I sorted it by loving and accepting my inner black magician aspect. Not long after I got a phone call and invitation to meet up with a Maori Tohunga, this was in Queensland Australia, for me to join the Illuminati they wanted me to be a master planner, work in the temples sites of the Pacific, write scripts for their movies etc and a big salary, secretary house, if you cannot beat someone get them to join. But I declined their offer and when I got home that evening went on the inner planes to see what was happening and was aware of walking into in a big metal temple in the shape of a triangle. At the end was a Reptile with a crown on his head, sitting on a throne and holding a spectre. The door slammed behind me and it felt like they wanted me dead, I told him I am one with the Source and golden light blasted me out of there. That was years ago and once I had healed my victim and victimiser, my inner killer and inner hatred and violence then I was not in their world and they knew it.

      Since that time all I have felt is love for them, as to me there is no right or wrong its an experience and everyone choses to be a victim to that drama until they wake up and heal their inner demons. Then that world no longer exists, there are no hooks to draw you in. Very occasionally over the years I had spoken to many Reptilian beings and explained what was happening with the cycles. They had actually opened their hearts and chose to come with the shift. Making the leap into their heart and moving beyond the duality games that they had been playing out with humanoids for so long.
       But I was a bit taken aback when I saw myself as a giant now going into the temple I had seen the Reptile on the throne and literally kicking him off his throne like he was a little toy. I am not into intervention, from the  point of light that I am all just is, and we  hold compassion and love for all creation, but here I was kicking this little toy, that is only an illusion and a game that we played. To me this shows me how far we have shifted, I often work thousands or at least hundreds of years in the future anchoring light for the foundations of the New Earth and the higher light world that most of humanity is graduating into, just as our mother is becoming a star so are we. But to see that happening means that on the higher levels that game is now over.

      Just like the 11.11 doorway opened for us to resolve duality and all the 11 Gates are now open and have been since the Eleventh Gate opened just after the Solar Eclipse 7/8th February 2008.
       As well as the crown chakra of the New Earth being established and ready at Mt Akum/ Mt Titiroa and the Crystalline Grid now vibrating in the new matrix of light since October 2006. And the Diamond Light Matrix which holds the Living Libraries of Light and the multi-dimensional prisms of our true self as the fully Christed light being we are. With the great diamonds activating around Earth in divine will and timing, as we can now hold the higher light octaves that allow this to take place. The diamonds have even gone through the tectonic plates now. To me this is very positive and I know as do you that this great shift is done through the love in our hearts that is the doorway to our multi-dimensional self. The Earth is surrounded in coding of light and even though there will be many passing over as the shift continues. There is nothing wrong with that, they are learning about duality and will need to experience more of it. On Gaia as she is right now she is a star and only stars can be on her as the light gets brighter from inside out.
      Focus on what you are and not what you are not, focus on the love and beauty in the world, it’s all beautiful even the mass destruction is beautiful. Shiva would definitely agree, nothing dies it just changes form, bless those busy changing form right now, we are all doing it either in a body or without, to do it in our body the greatest gift.

        I get the car ferry back across the Cook Straight and know I must stop at Mead Wall the great hyper dimensional doorway on Mt Ruapheu and so drive up the mountain and walk to the wall. It’s all foggy and showers and I cannot see the mountain at all, just be on her and when I get to the wall I can only see a foot or so in front of me as I climb over rocks and up to the great doorway. I honour the guardians and ancient ones of the mountain and all beings and Draco. The dragons use this doorway to travel to Draco. I have a piece of Mt Titiroa with me and it needs to go into the rock wall there, so I placed it where I trusted no one will find it. I sensed the Inner Earth Sun coming up through there and that the light codes from where I have been are anchoring in there. I am told on the inner that is very important as Mead Wall is on the New Earth higher dimensional grid and that there is a great Diamond in Mt Ruapheu but it is not time yet for it to be activated as it would set off the volcano. Mt Ruapheu does go off, the last time just a few years ago and I had just been there as a higher dimensional Inner Earth doorway opened and then she went off, not a huge explosion just a little one, no one killed than goodness.

        I am told on the inner that the Inner Earth Sun is now vibrating where the Earth will all be soon. I then go to Draco and to a meeting of the Dragons Council of Light, the ancient ones are stirring on Earth now and the Earth will become more balanced thanks to their love and support and being here and as we move through the cross over point of the Galactic Centre within and without all one. The Dragons, our ancestors and part of our multi-dimensional selves created the Earth so we could actually inhabit it. Thanks to them linking the crystals and creating the electromagnetic energy grid, so it makes sense that they would be instrumental in assisting with the great shift for us and Earth and beyond now.
      There were and still are many light beings around three nuclear reactors in Japan that were damaged in the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th 2011 and I know that apart from giving them a big shake up and reality check about building nuclear power stations full stop anywhere on Earth but especially built on fault lines. So we hold the beam for the realisation and that the greed can now be replaced with love and common sense and we can finally utilise the technology of Telsa and have free energy from the electromagnetic grids and release humanity from their imprisonment as well as all the other creatures who are adversely affected buy our old paradigm need for control and power and the wrong use of the atom.

     I then drove down the mountain to Lake Rotopomanu where I received my Iridescent Light Body up on Mt Pihanga the spinner wheel at the March Equinox 2010 and then got my new car the next day in Taupo. Even though my car was 25 years old and I could not see how I could have a new car financially, it came anyway as I was now vibrating at a new frequency of light and my higher self always knows what I need and I am given it. So I knew going back in again I could not expect the same amazing experience as last time. The walk through the forest was divine then down to the lake which was so peaceful. Instantly I went into that peaceful space and just sat there with her. I threw at Mt Akum stone into her and could see a great Cosmic Egg in the lake glowing. I had first seen that egg in 1994 in the lake and now with the New Earth crown chakra energies in her she glowed and I was told that myself or anyone can enter into the Cosmic Egg there in the inner planes no matter where you live on the planet in a soul travel for healing, rejuvenation and integration of the light codes coming in now and through your bodies. 

After experiencing the peace and gleaming light through the lake I travelled on the inner planes to Mt Pihanga and the Reptiles thanked me giving them a nudge, I was quiet surprised but things are shifting so fast now. Other ET’s came out and asked me about the Iridescent Light Body, I told them it is for now and helps us travel and move around  the Earth and to be a flowing vehicle for the alignment of stars and planets and the RA Light glows through it beautifully as they bask in it.

      My last mission before I got home for the Virgo Full Moon and Equinox was at Lake Taupo the huge vortex, and I stop at my favourite spot and throw in a Mt Akum crystal which felt beautiful. The ancient one in the lake speaks ‘Soluntra do not forget you are us, so that beautiful feeling is you, one with all. We have made the leap, you passed another initiation and did not even know it’.
      I saw the stars and cosmos in the Inner Earth Sun, ‘the union has taken place, you will be working in a new way now’. A star came down through my central channel reminding me of the Star that I am, we are. Nothing is as it was we have made a bigger shift than we consciously realise. We are the Goddesses and Gods, the Guardians of Earth and with our beloved ancestors the Dragons,
and the elementals and Golden Light beings all aspects of our multi-d self we are creating Heaven on Earth.

Footnote: As I am writing this story and just as I got to the part about my inner journey into Mt Cook my twin ray who I do not see very often in the physical plane dropped in and gave me a Pomanu greenstone dolphin.

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