by Soluntra King
this is a short extract from my book HANDBOOK OF RA, please see the book for in-depth work with your Holograms


     You as the Creator Goddess/God that you are, are creating whole worlds and dimensions, which are prisms of Light. In these prisms are many stories of experiences, reflected images of Source/God/Prime Creator, each is a filament of Light or a hologram of experience. When you move beyond the smaller picture of limitation and duality and know who you are, you are no longer in the concept of time and space, but in the eternal now, the silence. In this space you realise that you are not having past life/future life experiences but they are simply codings of information, filaments of Light - life force energy and a hologram. You then realise that you have created these holograms to play in and experience creation. Holograms are images from Source, the eternal Light of all Creation beamed like reflections through a prism, the spiritual reality into a physical reality, like a prism that refracts the light into rainbows of coloured light/life that creates a third dimensional image of you. When you realise your vastness you are no longer attached to the third dimensional image but realise it is a Hologram of your love and you learn to play in your creation without attachment to it. 
     You come from the Bigger Picture, know there is no death or birth but just a changing world of forms that you choose to experience. You are already home, what you think you have to get ie; enlightened, ascended, clearer, more loving, light is only an illusion as you are already that, and never not, you are simply experiencing a refracted image of your Light. You love and accept yourself as a human and spirit/light, you are both in One having fun, and if not then surrender, love and accept so you can be the eternal flow you are. What else would you be doing, just being Light, a Bliss Ball is very boring, so in your dive into the prisms of Light you are to experience your creation. When it gets a bit tricky or dense and painful you either very fast or more slowly learn to embrace it all in love, not judge it but surrender to it so you can flow in your spectrum of Light again. Like the river always flowing back to the sea to be returned once more through moisture, clouds and rain to the river and what an adventure along the way. 

     To understand the Holograms you have created do the following remembering meditation. When doing the meditation read through it a few times first to get to know it, then take yourself through it. Otherwise get a friend to read it out, or make a tape and play it to yourself, remembering to leave time in between to gain awareness and do your healing. 


    Relax and deepen, align and connect to Source through the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, Sun as the Golden Light illuminates your Crown..... through your head, neck, chest and into your Heart, be aware of your connection to Source through the doorway of your Heart, the radiant Sun of your Divine Self.....The Golden Light radiates through your body, legs and feet and into the Earth, into the core of the Earth, into the Sun in the centre of the Earth......Connecting into the heart of the Earth..... The earth energy illuminates through the Earth, through your feet, your body, in through your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and into your Heart.....as you connect through the doorway of your Heart through the core of the Earth..... The earth energy radiates through your chest, neck, head and out your Crown, through the Suns, unified with Source....You are one with Source through the doorway of your Heart, and one with the Earth through the doorway of your Heart, you are the doorway, the marriage of Heaven and Earth through you. 
    Now focus on your breath, breathing slow, deep, rhythmic breathes.....As you breath IN you expand right out into the universe, as you breathe OUT you contract right into your centre...Breathing IN you expand right out into the universe...breathing OUT and contract right into the stillness, into your centre... Continue this for several more breathes until you feel at peace and in union with all creation..... 

    Now become aware of the very centre of your being the stillness, absolute peace, the seed essence of all creation that is with you, is you, as it is all creation........Go into that essence, your centre the absolute stillness where all is manifest and ask 'who am I?'....Trust whatever comes and feel yourself as you truly are.... Remember yourself in all your radiance and have awareness of the prisms and holograms you have created....that you have illuminating from your being....the prisms of light that illuminate from your essence.....Remember how you chose to dance in those prisms and filaments of Light, the holograms of your creation......Travel through those prisms of Light and see, sense, intiut your journey from Source and the multi-prismed experiences you are..........Allow yourself to trust whatever comes to you...... You choose to experience the furthest extremes of your love, right into density and into a body.....now as you unify your body becomes Light...You realise it is only a hologram of your love, you have created yourself in all worlds and dimensions in love.....Dancing through creation you become aware of aspects of your Multi-dimensional self....the prisms of light and life....the wonderful plays and guises you take on to experience all aspects of your love......all the holograms of your Love......You are the love of your divinity having a divine experience...... 
    You breathe IN and expand out into the Universe....You breath OUT and contract within.......Do this several times......There is no separation...only oneness....You are the Universe within and without....One....the Hologram of your Love.....All experiences are but filaments of Light, vibrating in different dimensional worlds, holograms you created to experience, all is Love, all is you, you are the master of your reality, the creator of your dance through Light and Life, from the seed essence within you through all your Love, through all the universe........

When you are ready bring your awareness into your body, into you as you are right now, feel the seed of creation within you as it illuminates through you, through your body, you are Love, you are beautiful and radiant, from the Source within you, you illuminate your being....Alive, rejuvenated, refreshed. you are fully present in your body, your Body of Light.....when you are ready slowly open your eyes...... 


      Holograms are projections of energy that on the third dimension appear real and dense but are just a filament of creation having an experience. The Holograms of experience come from you the Creator Goddess/God in order to experience the furthest extremes of your love, as you have experienced if you have done the last meditation. They are real and you feel them in your emotional body and all your bodies, just as you feel all creation. Most humans are cut off from this through fear and separation, they find they cannot cope with the feeling as it means pain, or maybe joy, but that is short lived for most, so they close down to all feeling and are walking dead. To feel is to be brave, once you feel you know, you have compassion and your heart opens, you do not need to take any of it on, if you do it is more learning, as like attracts like and we can only take something on if it is already in us. 
     Pain is guilt and comes from feeling separate from Source, the belief in committing a 'Sin' or wrong in some experience - karma to be paid back - is an illusion, all experience is Prime Creator. When we come from oneness and Love and Acceptance, there is no karma only a state of Being, there is no pay back, have too's or fixing up, as there is no longer separation and all is accepted. It is just an experience, there are no victims or victimisers, everyone involved has simply chosen to have an experience. After awhile the experiences get too painful and the soul is forced to look for a solution, which is love. When you separate totally you fall into what you may call negative experience; war, abuse, hatred, betrayal, grief - as you unify you leave that world behind and you know beauty, trust, love and bliss - this is simply because you unify and raise your vibrations. Your feeling becomes 'Grace' and you can bestow your grace by your feeling of pure love, this is when you become your Body of Light. It is not difficult when you Love, Accept and breath into your issues of separation, you transmute the cells and once you have unified yourself enough you see it as a hologram, a projection of experience and radiate it with RA Light to transmute it. 
     HOLOGRAMS are thoughts and filaments of Light, you can go into them and see the old thought as changed to what you want- but if you feel any emotion is still attached then Love, Accept and breathe into it. Your holograms let you experience the energy of karma and separation through creating something and then seeing the response. Obviously the deeper you go into matter the denser your creation gets and the more effort and energy is needed to work through it at that level. But your Holograms are all created from Source and in the Bigger Picture there is no time, or karma you have already completed your return journey into Oneness. You have now become more aware of your Holograms in the last exercise so why not go in and see what Holograms are still running and do you want them to, or do you want to make new ones - you create your reality. Have fun with your Holograms remember you are divine and you choose your experience.




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