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THE FIRST LINK UP  NOVEMBER 10TH FRIDAY AT NOONTHEME; at a sub atomic level see/sense/know that the joy of life and life force essence of creation is glowing and radiant. The Sun is in each sub atomic particle within you, all humans all creatures, all life.

I connect to the Suns within and without and open up to my golden solar self and sun illuminating through all my bodies then into my star light body and link with everyone who is consciously into the link-ups. Even though I am at the first time zone and it will spread around the Earth for 24 hours of Friday 10th November at noon all over the Earth I see and sense and feel everyone linked already as there is no time or space.

We are making the most beautiful flower of life types pattern with our heart connections and then we open to the Sun that we are as we align to all the Suns of creation right through to the sub atomic particles which of course are one with the all that is, as all the Suns are within and without all one.
The joy of life and radiance of our essence glowing through all life, as I see all those who come from lack; starving fearful, abused, in terror, horror, pain all over the world they have their hands out as if reaching for the sun and begging for substance. As the sun that we all are ignores that fear based aspect of them and illuminates in their hearts as they start to look inwards instead of outwards for their sustenance and life enriching energy. Awareness of the divine self, starting to awaken in their/our consciousness more fully. With the realisation also that we are the Sun/s and give life from within our hearts as the joy of life is glowing through all the plants, creatures, all life.

Then I am asked to have my hands cupped to receive a gift, it is codings of light and I realise it is one part of a series of codes that will come in with our then link ups. That we will have full understanding of these codes by our last and tenth link-up.
I feel the creator talking directly to us and being told that the shift is happening for all of us and that we are here to witness this incredible event. That we are creating from our love and our connection to the creator of all that is, in pure love. However we perceive that core essence of creation doesn’t matter; religious, spiritual, scientific it’s all the same, different ways to help us to not only perceive but to be the love. It looked like an opening of a lotus flower with the void there before us.
I could feel my body being energised by the sun within and glowing and sense that the RNA, DNA was being recalibrated. That our link-ups with the focus of thrival and abundance for all beings might be giving us a lot more than we could ever guess.


We all stood in a circle, aware circle was around the world and each of us turned and used our right hand to press the centre of our neighbours right hand. Felt this was some sort of impression of our signatures but was also getting that this was our ‘giving’ hand. I then saw a cloud of pinkish energy arrive in our centre and saw myself in a construct of sorts, looking through various portals onto lives of those living in abject and adverse conditions; on all levels. As I witnessed this, I was also showering them through the portals (or windows) with the energy that we had been given in the pinkish cloud. The energy showered like golden sparks of abracadabra magic. I was then shown that the construction I was in was actually a helter skelter, and there were different windows  at different levels all the way up.

As I looked up at this, you came right up to me ( as though actually with me) and said, Sara, I want to show you something. You took me to the sea shore and showed me a couple of very small white crab/funny shaped molluscy things in the shallow water and you said ‘ These are going to feed the world’. 

This is speculation but felt either they were capable of producing a vibrant harvestable crop in the ocean that was abundantly nutritious (first thought) or they were star beings that would bring needed consciousness to all as accessible and prolific.

Wow! Thank you dearest one for doing this. Much love xxx

Nalini ..  💖🙏🌷🌈🌺✨✨🌟🌞 I saw our hearts connected - flower of life- See earth from afar - glowing light with effervescence- then it becomes a mist.Angelic beings, enlightened ones surrounding Earth. See lotus flowers across planet in water shine beams of light -out to cosmos - Earth shines -
Then lotus flower outer petals burn- new flower petals- - butterflies- emerge- shining - Was gifted a string of white glowing pearls around my neck- Remove necklace -,break necklace free and throw pearls around the earth-  Each pearl begins to shine and shine and open like endless Suns around the globe- like a grid of suns shining brightly around the earth-Much love and gratitude

Mikasa... Beautiful✨ We've already connected!

Shoshanna... As one love we shall all receive abundance....thank you for your love and selfless guidance... Namastè <3

Troy... Sparkling light like glittering snow with coresponding feeling of love. Awesome.

Amelia-Apsara ... This was very beautiful, felt really connected, saw so many beautiful colours and feeling so truly myself now and refreshed. Big love xxxx

Gwenda ... A lot of white light encodements and a brilliant orange sun. Very peaceful energies.

Anne ... Just love it....thank Soluntra....I had better meditate and align up.
Yes I connected Soluntra...could feel a connection with other light workers surrounding the planet...could sense and see the energy being touched by all species of life (fauna and flora) on the planet. I also saw a flower of life forming.

Geoff.... Lots of energy, kicked in about 11.30, beautiful, thank you ALL❤️.

Abbey ... Wonderful to be connected to the team again/always 💓loving gratitude always 💕💓💕

Ajara ...A truly beautiful experience...felt so much Love & peace! Didn't so much "see" what was happening, more felt the immense Joy & gratitude...from ALL & for ALL! DID the Heart Link up in my Earth/TwinSun/Moon & Solar System Body! Offered the Sun Light &...See More

Sheli .. The first one (red) is of expansion outwards, while the seond one (yellow) brought me inwards. Thank you
Julia.... Big energy to open to receive embody and recalibrate within. I Am


THEME; at a cellular level see/sense/know that the light of the Suns glows through each cell, all aligned through all the Suns of creation, all one through you and all humanity, all creatures and all life.

     I was laid out for most of an hour with the link-up in the most wonderful zone.
    After connecting to the Suns within and without, and from my heart, the One Heart to everyone participating in the link-up consciously, then everyone on a soul level who was also linked but not conscious of what we are doing, as well as all the divine beings in no form. With the theme in mind; the Suns through each cell and though all of us and all life I instantly went into the “One Cell”.

     The cell of all life that is in wholeness, no distortions. It was so still peaceful and I didn’t have any visuals, just Being the One Cell with all life in the divine I allowed it to Beam through me in total allowing. Knowing that this was the gift and that it would unfold. It was more than enough to simply allow.
I was aware only of the radiance and layers of the unified field through me, in the One Cell, through all of us. The portals of inner worlds through which we exist. Beyond immortality as it was everything, in the stillness nothing.
I felt exhilarated and with the knowing that this is the start of a whole new awareness for us.

Please let us know what you experienced.
Thank you so much for all your love in the One Heart, we create Heaven on Earth for us all.

Connecting again on 

THEME; at a personal level see/sense/know yourself in joy, expanded and excited about your life and open to your creative essence, as you see all humanity and all beings in this state too.

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