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THE FIRST LINK UP  NOVEMBER 10TH FRIDAY AT NOONTHEME; at a sub atomic level see/sense/know that the joy of life and life force essence of creation is glowing and radiant. The Sun is in each sub atomic particle within you, all humans all creatures, all life.

I connect to the Suns within and without and open up to my golden solar self and sun illuminating through all my bodies then into my star light body and link with everyone who is consciously into the link-ups. Even though I am at the first time zone and it will spread around the Earth for 24 hours of Friday 10th November at noon all over the Earth I see and sense and feel everyone linked already as there is no time or space.

We are making the most beautiful flower of life types pattern with our heart connections and then we open to the Sun that we are as we align to all the Suns of creation right through to the sub atomic particles which of course are one with the all that is, as all the Suns are within and without all one.
The joy of life and radiance of our essence glowing through all life, as I see all those who come from lack; starving fearful, abused, in terror, horror, pain all over the world they have their hands out as if reaching for the sun and begging for substance. As the sun that we all are ignores that fear based aspect of them and illuminates in their hearts as they start to look inwards instead of outwards for their sustenance and life enriching energy. Awareness of the divine self, starting to awaken in their/our consciousness more fully. With the realisation also that we are the Sun/s and give life from within our hearts as the joy of life is glowing through all the plants, creatures, all life.

Then I am asked to have my hands cupped to receive a gift, it is codings of light and I realise it is one part of a series of codes that will come in with our then link ups. That we will have full understanding of these codes by our last and tenth link-up.
I feel the creator talking directly to us and being told that the shift is happening for all of us and that we are here to witness this incredible event. That we are creating from our love and our connection to the creator of all that is, in pure love. However we perceive that core essence of creation doesn’t matter; religious, spiritual, scientific it’s all the same, different ways to help us to not only perceive but to be the love. It looked like an opening of a lotus flower with the void there before us.
I could feel my body being energised by the sun within and glowing and sense that the RNA, DNA was being recalibrated. That our link-ups with the focus of thrival and abundance for all beings might be giving us a lot more than we could ever guess.


We all stood in a circle, aware circle was around the world and each of us turned and used our right hand to press the centre of our neighbours right hand. Felt this was some sort of impression of our signatures but was also getting that this was our ‘giving’ hand. I then saw a cloud of pinkish energy arrive in our centre and saw myself in a construct of sorts, looking through various portals onto lives of those living in abject and adverse conditions; on all levels. As I witnessed this, I was also showering them through the portals (or windows) with the energy that we had been given in the pinkish cloud. The energy showered like golden sparks of abracadabra magic. I was then shown that the construction I was in was actually a helter skelter, and there were different windows  at different levels all the way up.

As I looked up at this, you came right up to me ( as though actually with me) and said, Sara, I want to show you something. You took me to the sea shore and showed me a couple of very small white crab/funny shaped molluscy things in the shallow water and you said ‘ These are going to feed the world’. 

This is speculation but felt either they were capable of producing a vibrant harvestable crop in the ocean that was abundantly nutritious (first thought) or they were star beings that would bring needed consciousness to all as accessible and prolific.

Wow! Thank you dearest one for doing this. Much love xxx

Nalini ..  ????????????????????✨✨???????? I saw our hearts connected - flower of life- See earth from afar - glowing light with effervescence- then it becomes a mist.Angelic beings, enlightened ones surrounding Earth. See lotus flowers across planet in water shine beams of light -out to cosmos - Earth shines -
Then lotus flower outer petals burn- new flower petals- - butterflies- emerge- shining - Was gifted a string of white glowing pearls around my neck- Remove necklace -,break necklace free and throw pearls around the earth-  Each pearl begins to shine and shine and open like endless Suns around the globe- like a grid of suns shining brightly around the earth-Much love and gratitude

Mikasa... Beautiful✨ We've already connected!

Shoshanna... As one love we shall all receive abundance....thank you for your love and selfless guidance... Namastè <3

Troy... Sparkling light like glittering snow with coresponding feeling of love. Awesome.

Amelia-Apsara ... This was very beautiful, felt really connected, saw so many beautiful colours and feeling so truly myself now and refreshed. Big love xxxx

Gwenda ... A lot of white light encodements and a brilliant orange sun. Very peaceful energies.

Anne ... Just love it....thank Soluntra....I had better meditate and align up.
Yes I connected Soluntra...could feel a connection with other light workers surrounding the planet...could sense and see the energy being touched by all species of life (fauna and flora) on the planet. I also saw a flower of life forming.

Geoff.... Lots of energy, kicked in about 11.30, beautiful, thank you ALL❤️.

Abbey ... Wonderful to be connected to the team again/always ????loving gratitude always ????????????

Ajara ...A truly beautiful experience...felt so much Love & peace! Didn't so much "see" what was happening, more felt the immense Joy & gratitude...from ALL & for ALL! DID the Heart Link up in my Earth/TwinSun/Moon & Solar System Body! Offered the Sun Light &...See More

Sheli .. The first one (red) is of expansion outwards, while the seond one (yellow) brought me inwards. Thank you
Julia.... Big energy to open to receive embody and recalibrate within. I Am


THEME; at a cellular level see/sense/know that the light of the Suns glows through each cell, all aligned through all the Suns of creation, all one through you and all humanity, all creatures and all life.

     I was laid out for most of an hour with the link-up in the most wonderful zone.
    After connecting to the Suns within and without, and from my heart, the One Heart to everyone participating in the link-up consciously, then everyone on a soul level who was also linked but not conscious of what we are doing, as well as all the divine beings in no form. With the theme in mind; the Suns through each cell and though all of us and all life I instantly went into the “One Cell”.

     The cell of all life that is in wholeness, no distortions. It was so still peaceful and I didn’t have any visuals, just Being the One Cell with all life in the divine I allowed it to Beam through me in total allowing. Knowing that this was the gift and that it would unfold. It was more than enough to simply allow.
I was aware only of the radiance and layers of the unified field through me, in the One Cell, through all of us. The portals of inner worlds through which we exist. Beyond immortality as it was everything, in the stillness nothing.
I felt exhilarated and with the knowing that this is the start of a whole new awareness for us.


Joy ; Dear Soluntra PRANAM, unconditional Love, Gratitude for all your loving efforts to help all...HARI AUM
Sally ; In the one heart ❤ full of gratitude, Soluntra, and feeling the changes on a deep level. I could see and feel the one cell as you described it. ❤️

Christine ; Ooooo One Cell Love ???? I likey that :D
Ajara ; It was a beautiful experience! I felt the powerful heart link-up around the World. Saw myself & all of us around the Earth, as part of a huge diamond with unlimited facets...we were forming the edges of the diamond...the base point of the diamond was at the inner Earth Sun & the apex of the diamond was at Source. I guess that is like us being, "the One Cell"...for some reason, I saw it as a diamond! I felt so much love, peace & the stillness! ????????????
Ajara ; Thank you so much Soluntra! It was so wonderful to be a part of it! ????
Birgitta ; Thank you dear Soluntra and all that participated....I fellt my heart open up and then I was very small and inside the one cell it was like inside a bubble with diamond light ..very peacefull and pure... <3
Bea ; It was very powerful. I decided to start just before the New Moon at 11.42 UK time. I saw a huge black snake come towards me which devoured me whole. I then journeyed within it, through deep dark caverns, some looked as though they had man made walls with ancient script. I came to a point where out of the darkness came a golden lion head which became a spinning sun. Out of the centre flowed spirals of gold filaments, filling my being and environment with the most beautiful golden light bringing great joy & upliftment. I remember thinking during the journey that I'd forgotten to look at the theme for this linkup. Now I've looked at it & feels perfect for my experience! Thank you <3
Troy; Had radiant orange light. Set me up for powerful womens circle later that evening . Had devine golden light shower down .made me cry in gratitude.????

Energy was there waiting to help me link with group even though it was later than noon. I linked with group and found myself standing in space, on top of the planet. After a while I became aware of the grid around the earth (and myself). It was shaped like a icosahedron, although am not sure if this was in fact how many faceted it was.
Another grid then presented itself and I assisted in adhering it to the top of the existing grid. The grid had golden lines and ruby red points where the intersections met. My focus was then taken way above the grids and found myself witnessing the earth as a cell... Other ‘planets’ came into view and they too appeared as cells. Then I became aware that I was witnessing this from the body of Pure Source and all within were cells in The Creators body..How beautiful.. Much love xxx

Dearest Soluntra Hi beautiful What a full on day it has been! The visual downloads I experienced after the connection time were amazing and varied with beautiful colours from vibrant to very subtle So much to integrate!

Thank you so much for all your love in the One Heart, we create Heaven on Earth for us all.

THEME; at a personal level see/sense/know yourself in joy, expanded and excited about your life and open to your creative essence, as you see all humanity and all beings in this state too.

After connecting to the Suns, each other consciously in the link-up, and those with open hearts who are not consciously aware but on a soul level present. I felt so much love in my heart and see the joy of the creation essence in all who chose.
I was taken instantly in a light ship which is a Sun, of myself/ourselves with the higher dimensional aspects we are as a greater Sun, beaming through the multiverses to our self here in a body on Earth as ground crew.
At that frequency of self, there are Light healing energies resonating through me/us as earth goddess/god in my body as I lay outside in my crystal circle on the grass at my home in NZ.
Awareness that I am/ we are the Starmap and it brings in so much more abundance.
Aware of multiple other selves that create in all spheres of creation.
I ask that all that creative energy supports me/us here in my/our physical earth body and replenishes us.
I am aware of the unified light matrix and of everyone linked being replenished and the stars illuminating so bright, each shinning their own star light.

The abundance of life in the starlight is unlimited, we are after all made of star dust as well as all living beings, it depends how much we choose to tap into it.
The star light will continue for 24 hours as each noon is embraced.
As we experience the full 24 hours of star light we each are enriched. This is also enabling our star light body to form more fully.

So after your Noon be open and allowing of the downloads of your star light self to glow within you, opening you to your creative essences more fully and the abundance of all life that we/you are.
You might wish to also put out for more awareness and healing energies as you sleep.
The starlight is flowing through all who are open in their hearts world-wide as we see, sense and know each soul as radiant star light, at peace and open to the abundance of all life from their own star/sun self. As well as a celebration the joy of life and the beauty of creation.

Please share your experiences www.facebook.com/soluntra.king 
and thank you so much from my heart to yours, together we awaken more fully to our true potential as Creator Goddess Gods creating Heaven on Earth.

Please read about the Starmap window here; http://www.evenstarcreations.com/index.php/cosmic-alerts/2017-cosmic-events
See on my website www.evenstarcreations.com under Star Union all the drop-down menus about Stargates, Star Alignments, the Starlines, Starmaps, Star linages. Under Unity on the menu bar drop-down menus on Star essences, Hyper Dimensional essences, Stars for the higher dimensional Solar System and the Star Light essences from the higher dimensional Universe.

Here is the link with the link-ups so far. http://evenstarcreations.com/index.php/47-cosmic-alerts/441-planetary-link-up-thrival-the-10-link-ups
And about the themes, focus and meditation http://www.evenstarcreations.com/index.php/cosmic-alerts/2017-cosmic-events/47-cosmic-alerts/435-planetary-link-up-thrival-in-the-new-earth


Thank You for the New noon meditations...the dates and the attached themes are most useful!  Im beginning to see a pattern from all the work that we are doing...first we work on ourselves, and the earth (Both are absolute ongoing projects!) and then we work together with the moon (unifying matrix of what we feel) and then with the sun (the strengthening force within)....Absolutely beautiful and exciting!  Am resonating with it All and am feeling most supported!

Ajara; Such a beautiful experience Soluntra...thank you so much!???? We had torrential rains here for the connection, so had to do it at home in my room! I did ask specifically for joy, expansion & abundance for all of the farm animals & animals used by humans f...See More

TaRa; Seeing, sensing, feeling Shimmering Light and abundant Joy!!! all dancing in our True Expanded State...and such relief and gratitude!! to be who we truly are...as we, Mother Earth and all Her Creatures acknowledge and Be their/our true Abundant Sparkling Beingness! Thank you so much xxxooo

Sara  Amazing link up as always xxx Linked with group and all others and there was a Maypole in our centre with red and white striped ribbons, which I was dancing around. Suddenly was pulled up into space and was joyfully touching all the zodiacal star maps on my ascent until found myself on my planet.

Crystal; The downloads had started last night for me, and they are still unfolding. Thank you Soluntra King, for your updates!! <3

Rob; Super energies ???? xx

Michele; Thank you Soluntra for always your great star wisdom ✨????✨????

Annabella; Ohh I could feel and see everything happening simultaneously as I read your beautiful encouraging words Soluntra! Thankyou star sista ????????????????????????????

Anne; Thanks Soluntra for your cosmic insight and awareness.

Gwenda; Tuned in at NZ 12.30 and did violet flame cleansing until 1pm..heard the 1 o'clock news come on inside while at that exact moment the energy amped up with creative energies vibrating and expanding sacral chakra and strongly rippling up to heart centre. Energy still vib rating



DECEMBER 2ND SATURDAY AT NOONTHEME; at a community level see/sense/know that we all grow and create together in a beautiful realm. Where each is acknowledged for their being and able to share with all, to start really creating a world of abundance for all.

After I connect to the Suns and to you all and all those linked at a soul level I was made aware of the type of community we are creating. It is not all living together but functioning together in unison for the greater good of all. It entails the formulation of organising the gifts that each has to give, when the time comes to implement the change-over from the old systems to the loving space of peace, wisdom and abundance for all.

I was shown a dome type meeting house and star beings also working with us, not just on the inner as now or hidden, but openly sharing with us.

The advanced technology of using free energy that operates from the dome not only as the centre of the free energy as it goes out to every building and utility needing energy to operate. But also water flowing abundantly for us, plants, the environment, a lush abundant place for all to live.

At first there will still be remnants of the controllers trying to attack and stop this, but ineffective as the energy field of Love and the higher Light unified field protects us from those who vibrate in fear and with agendas. (As it does now as we have loved all our own dark and light duality aspects).

It will start with those souls awake first but those holding onto the old will realise it's useless and their world is crumbling.

I ask how will we manage the transition in regards money and energy to thrive.

There will be no change with the banksters or corporations they will cling on as it falls beneath them and attempt to punish those who leave their world but there will be stepping stones to as assist the transition. Banks with integrity will start to be formed (there are a few already) from those whose gift was to make lots of money and the whole idea of debt will be cleared.

Money is energy and so those in debt will clear themselves enough to be creative and also live within their means not caught in the glamour and illusion of materialism. It won't be communist system or any ism system but fair exchange of energy in wisdom and love.

For those used to ‘taking’ this might be hard at first but the collective conscious supports empowerment for all so that each member of the community will feel worthy, and loved and appreciated, instead of drinking, drugging or numbing themselves to stay in denial. The Light that is coming through now will, and is assisting everyone if they choose to shift with grace and ease out of the old program.

I then see those of us connecting consciously regardless if in Hawaii 24 hours away yet, those in UK 12 hours away, in ‘No Time’ we are all in a Council of Light meeting talking about how to best implement the changes.


Just as I am in the Council of Light with you all…as the multi-d and 3d are all one,

a car comes up my drive. I wonder who it could be coming right as I was connecting. I finish off then go and greet my visitor who is this beautiful old gentlemen who lives down the road. I live rural in amongst the hills with sheep farms, lots of native bush and houses on smaller blocks, not far from the ocean, it can be seen in the distance with White Island active volcano puffing away.

He was representing the community in the area and wanted to make sure I was in the community watch and knew about all the gatherings. I had joined when I moved here last year and already got emails re it. But he wasn’t in the internet world so was following through as he had done for 65 years of living here. He talked about the history of the area and was such a beautiful soul. Telling me how the community pull together, how everyone has different gifts to help, he meant more physically like a generator or tractor, or bulldozer to clear the road, last time when we had a big storm.

I thought how amazing and showing how we are and have always operated in a loving way to help community through time and space with our gifts. As he said ‘it used to be about survival’, nothing really changed there except its changed form and is about our thrival.


DECEMBER 10 SUNDAY AT NOON… THEME; at a Planetary level see/sense/know that the light grids are shining and glowing with life force energy, and that new life is being birthed with the elementals and humanity in harmony and peace.

After connecting through the Suns and to everyone who is consciously in the link-up as well as those with open hearts who are connected on a soul level, I connect to the grids and taken instantly down into the Inner Earth Sun. The old grids all melting and transformed anew.
Mother Earth speaks and says “when humanity realise that true abundance is Love, then the Earth will renew and shower all that is required to thrive. Right now many know this but in the wealthy countries pay for it, and in so called poor places those still connected to me live in hardship due to the greed of a few”.

Then I see from the Inner Earth the Earth Goddess rises up to the surface and she flows out through the energised grids and new grids. All the grids through each of us and the Earth, the Stellar Crystal Earth body glows and illuminate through us all.
I feel the need to lie down on the earth and allow myself to be...the Stellar Crystal Earth body ...as this happens I see lights all over the Earth, through the grids glowing so bright as we sparkle, the radiant gems we and the
Earth are.

With the inner voice saying “remember that which you are; radiant jewel so bright, one with all the jewels of us all in the One Heart. Remember when you feel lack whether it be lack of money, love, friendship, home, food whatever it is, connect into the One Heart and the sparkling gem that you are. Then you magnetise to you what you felt you lacked and depart from the illusion, to be free with an open heart.
Give thanks for everything you have be it only free breath, you are about to embark on the journey that takes you through the dark that is no longer stark but full of creation, and that you are the creator of your abundance from your kind loving heart.”

I see the Earth Goddess that we are glowing through the grids and through us all and know that another level of awareness has been awakened in the collective to assist us all, and all humanity to come more from the heart. The loving essence of creation soft and sustaining, nurturing and peaceful embraces us all. As we can surrender into the Void and let go with love and acceptance all the struggles that dissolve into the eternal love of creation as we make another step in our great shift to a world of love, peace and harmony.

The Earth vibrates and shakes like she is shaking off all the old webs and energies of fear and control. No longer real but a gift to give thanks to as its brought us back in the inner heart as individual physical Light Beings to celebrate that density too is light and woven in love.

Thank you so much from my heart to yours, together we awaken more fully to our true potential as Creator Goddess Gods creating Heaven on Earth.


THEME; at a Galactic level see/sense/know that we work with our Star brothers and sisters who have always watched us, in fact birthed us genetically in many ways. That we all thrive together with the elementals and all life in peace, joy and harmony. The Earth shines and glows, her/our love so divine it means that nothing not of love can get through to distort what is happening.

After connecting through the Suns and opening to my Star Light Body and the Elementals and our Star brothers and sisters who operate in divine love and oneness, they come instantly, being invited, through the wormholes and vortexes so many Light Ships.
But stay in the higher dimensional Earth telling us “we are not here to interfere in the 3D Earth but to remind you of your Star origins and multi d self so that you can exist and open up to your selves in the higher D Earth.
To let go any judgements about the systems on Earth and what's taking place, it's how it always is in density. Embrace and love your fears, judgements and separation issues and allow yourself to naturally move beyond that Illusion. Those who choose to experience duality see them as whole and healed and move your focus to what you create, not what's wrong with the Earth that needs to be fixed up. But holding the light through the physical world and higher realms.”

The Elementals true guardians and light beams of the natural world, stand tall through the dimensions of Earth, the galaxy and beyond, loving sentinels.
The Earth shines so bright, her love so tangible, feeling her embrace, the Elementals say ‘how the Light through their world's has intensified since the Light Templates  anchored through the different elemental realms to the multiverses and stones.
The potency of all nature stronger in light, as more acknowledge and honour their being.
If those who live in places of calamities would simply connect with the Elementals then needless destruction does not need to happen, it is for them to awake and realise. Not just those awakening and holding the beam’. The Earth shouts out her need to open more fully to her star light essence and to shine.

There is a great spiralling vortex through the Earth, us and the heavens, the Lightships and Elementals are merged in their love and divine light, their service and love for Earth and all on her. The Star Beings of our true essences and Star Families all singing and toning as the Elementals rejoice in the union of our awakened selves and our desire to be of service for the upliftment of humanity and so all on Earth and through her shines.
They entreat us to observe that in our Light Body self (doesn’t matter what level you are resonate with at present), your Light Body is always with you and whatever resonance you are clear enough to integrate.
They say that the Light Body of Earth is shimmering also and as we connect our Light Body with her Light Body it creates a doorway through for us to experience the New Earth principles of creation, and the form of light that creates in harmony, in peace, the world that we choose to live in from our love.

We have with this link up created an opening in the collective psyche that can grasp the concept of an Earth that we create with love.


DECEMBER 22ND SUMMER SOLSTICE FRIDAY AT NOON (I know for most countries the Solstice will be on the 21st, but for this link up it still needs to be your 22nd at Noon).
THEME; at a Universal level see/sense/know that we are part of the abundance of life inter-connected with the stars, moons, planets and in harmony and peace with all.





This is written from my time zone in New Zealand.


At the sunset of 21st before the exact time of the Solstice 5.27am 22nd in NZ I honoured and connected to the Sun as it set and the light codes coming to us were so divine. I felt like this Solstice was going to be big for each of us in a transformational way and that things will shift fast now. This is great but often in the transformation and shifting we do experience tests in the physical plane.


I connected to the Suns and to my friend Sara at Avebury as well, and instantly saw the Serpent come down from Hackpen Hill where the 6D grid point is. See September group work there with very multi-d picture. The head of the Serpent and Crystal Tablets, very multi-d space, where crop circles appear nearby as well. 
The Serpent was misty and went over the sacred landscape, aware I was also at the Sun Temple Pyramids that I have worked at over the years in Mexico at Becan, where I had an initiation. In Mayan ‘Becan’ means ‘pathways of the stars’ and has mote as does Avebury, Silbury and others places of the Serpent transformational, initiation-al energies. Aware of the Tikal Sun Pyramid, Teotihuacán and then all the Sun Pyramids and Temples worldwide. 
They were all activating, and the codes from the Sun were flowing through them and the serpent energy; a misty glow of soft light. 
I see Sara her face smiling, I see us both like I saw the Serpent as a mist and we merge, I am told it is done. 
The Serpent takes us from our lowest desire body and fears of survival, being here, present and takes us thought the chakras and to the sun/stars, of our true self

What has occurred on this Solstice means that the pathway has majorly exhilarated for everyone. You don’t need to go to the Sun Temple and have an initiation like me back in 1995, just being here on Earth now is enough!!!!

I got told on the inner; 
This Solstice is about the solar return of our self, for those who have been of service for so long and are ready to move into the next level, the doorway is open
At the Solstice is the serpent at Avebury, at Becan and all the great Solar Sun Temples and Pyramids worldwide. Where the vortex serpent doorways take the initiate to the Sun now it returns across the landscape within and without as the Solar Ra Body of the Hu Goddess God.
Now at Teotihuacán and Tikal Sun pyramids the electromagnetic fields are changing in the Earth, our bodies, and the Suns. 
    This is why many of you have felt so tired, worn out by it all, affected by those who are not responsible for themselves, now your energy will return but for the next two weeks rest make way for it to happen.
 Make sounds that strengthen your body and energy field’.

Ask your inner self to bring them through for you, trust and open your mouth and make the sounds, tones, vibrations to bring harmony through you and to clear any pain or blocks, it will be different sound vibrations for whatever you require for what you are focused on, and for general strengthening of your body and energy field.
It has been a huge year, and life time/s (so many in one). We are being rearranged hugely at present, rest, play, nature as the focus……Being to allow….what is unfolding from within us.

Then the sun rose over the distant hills it was pulsating new light codes.

I was required to be physically present at the Stargate at Lake Taupo for noon of the Summer Solstice, at the huge lake, volcanic crater and multi-d doorway with so many dimensions, and layers of doorways and Beings, Lightships…


I drove to Taupo which took almost three hours, I had a bit of time before I needed to be at the Stargate which is out of the town, down the shore of the lake a ways. Where myself and with groups have been, recently with the Starlines and Unified Matrix 2017Light Template through the water and cosmic ocean 2016, Stargate  Opening 2014 and many other levels of bigger picture service over the years/aeons/no time.

I drove up one of the main streets and as I was waiting to park, a car backed into me, they hadn’t looked or heard me, I had nowhere to escape. Then they took off before exchanging names, phone numbers, with me running up the street after them, like a slapstick comedy and I took their Rego number. It was no big deal and is getting sorted but it was a test for me not to let myself be distracted by the physical plane craziness, especially with what was occurring.

I was able to drive easily to the Stargate down the lake, as the car just had a small ding and hole in the side and plenty of time for our Noon connection. 
     There was no one there as I walked across the grass, with the view down to the end of the lake, too hazy to see Mt Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe and Tongarrio.

stargatedec22 2017stargatedec22

Then down onto the sand to the favourite place, as I connected through the Stargate in me, the Stargate in the lake. To the vortex in the lake, where the top peak of the volcano is under the water in the lake, where the Starlines came through, and made a full link through to the hyper-dimensional Mead Wall doorway and Greater Central Sun’s at the June Solstice. 

   Connecting to the Suns and to everyone in the link-up, that felt so beautiful. We have certainly made a beautiful love grid through all our hearts globally…

The Starlines were flowing and pink spirals all around the Earth, the link to everyone, our connection so strong, the Inner Earth Sun pearlescent glowing. As the Starlines through the multiverses connected through our union with the universal theme of the link-up.
There is a sound that aligns the joy of the Earth, through the Stars and Universes, a vibration that expresses joy and attunes with each of us, star mapped through us, our bodies full of star light. I see each of us glowing and showering the gifts and abundance we have, as we have an eternal supply, one with the Source. It looked and felt like we were all holidaying in the universe, like it's a holiday destination!


    I am aware of where I am sitting at the Stargate of the within and the without, our Starlight selves glowing bright, peace for all. 
I go into the Stargate in the lake where the Starlines came through and a new Light City births. I had seen on the inner an amazing glowing egg type energy of gold and pink the whole time I had been there at the lake and now realised what was happening. The Light City covers all the North Island. I see others anchoring it at its edges.
 I step into the Light City and there are all the Gods and Goddesses, Rishis, Light Beings, Star Beings, Masters, Maitreya, everyone is there who we work with, who guides us, who we are in our more unified selves. 
It is such a joy and when I have been in Light Cities before it’s always been ones from other cycles, or other dimensional realms like Shambala, but I haven’t been consciously aware that I can recall right now of one birthing New. 
I have lots of questions like are others being birthed anywhere else right now? ‘No’. 

Why here? 
‘Because there are more souls with open hearts vibrating in this physical location on Earth to support the Light City to be able to come through’. 
Ok, far be it for me to know, my job like most of you is to be present, a channel and vessel to marry the higher dimensions with the physical, to have an open heart, be of service and observe and allow. BeAm.

I don’t like the idea of some place being more exclusive than others as it were, or the fact as with a lot of new age spiritual places; people flock to take the energy and make it all murky on the lower astral planes with all their unresolved stuff.
I get told on the inner ‘if souls feel guided to come and live in a place of peace, love and abundance then that is their right. But this will go out, more new Light Cities will be birthed in other places. It just takes enough to have open hearts for it to come about.’

So I ask what does this New Light City being here mean? 
‘It is a Light Template of higher dimensional life and living that can easily assimilate into us and the physical world of Earth. 
Just like we are Light and as we transform and transmute our fears into love, we get light and are our Body of Light. So too is this happening collectively as we know, but now it can be collectively in a landscape where many exist who are being prepared to live as we all desire; in peace, harmony with all beings and nature and from our hearts with abundance for all. 
It’s a space here for those to come, experience even if not consciously, but take it away with them and start to awaken fast in their landscape, the population to open in love more fully also. 
It is a start of a whole new process for us. That is making it even more real to be in the New Earth’. 
(Maybe NZ tourism want to give me a commission LOL)

Wow what a Solstice and what a linkup!

Permission is given to copy and redistribute this Cosmic Events on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.
Copyright © 2017  Soluntra King 


Anne; Definitely feeling lots of energy connecting me to our Galaxy and yonder...with other light beings. <3

Kathryn; ????????????????. Massive emotional shift in the arvo had to ground my feet to nature????

TaRa; I Am so happy to hear this! Thank you beyond words... I felt the Love of everyone and every thing, all glowing, so joyful and myself as a Stargate...and making spontaneous new sounds. Yes all getting more and more Beauty Full wow Xoxo

Frances; Such a Blessing......thank-you Soluntra and all who participate on both the inner and the outer, so many beautiful hearts xxx

Sara; it’s HUGE.. As I stood in awe and joy, a door opened with the most brilliant light behind and I was asked if I wanted to see what was behind. Well, of course! It was Ganesha in all his archetypal glory! Beautiful being. He was smiling and I was in joy at his lovely presence and I asked if he had a message for us. He said ‘ Expect the unexpected; way beyond your dreams. Thank you dear Soluntra for such beautiful link ups; such joy coming through with all from multi d joining in. How blessed we all are to connect so consciously and abundantly xxx????

Phyllis;. I shifted and am on my way on a new 11year journey. My number my stabilizer My friend gave me a peruvian healing. Shawoman to shawoman i was able to see and feel again..... Thank you.. for reminding me.❤????❤❤❤❤❤❤????

Malani;  Namaste Soluntra.Thank you for your service.I was divinely blessed to be part of soul group @ Tokaanu wharf @05:25 for scared ceremony of the elements, especially Fire ,Golden dragons x8 and their orbs of codes and a Diamond dragon that linked in with the 24 taniwha that apparently frequent the southern end of lake Taupo(so close to you :we did link in global network by intention ) .We honoured Earth mother:Gaia and was honoured with a stunning Fire sunrise .We took pics that had magenta orbs. Also just around midday we travelled in convoy with now 6 of us including a delightful little angel(lovely girl ) to Mead Wall where we greeted the guardians of the stargate and honoured the dragons and starbeings/starsystems and were blessed with many Gifts .The best was a dragon face emerged from the mead wall and presented itself after our meditation that was visible to all in group.Some were also priviledged to meet their dragons and for one special soul she got to meet her dragon for the 1st time later that day at Lake Rotopounamu for sunset meditation to complete our Mission.It was a divine gathering in the inner as well.Felt a huge expansion and I felt a link of our dna was rewired /activated as could sense via 3rd eye.Also I linked in to the energies of our last June solstice when we visited Mead Wall with you Soluntra so bless you divine goddess.I cannot share pics until get permission from the Group and will post then.Aloha/kia ora/blessings We also did amazing toning/sounds at all vortexes as above.

Rely; Namaste dear Malani that's wonderful, Mead Wall is the hyper-d doorway the stargate is in lake Taupo, I got i didn't need to come down yur way this time, I just had to be in the Stargate and where the Starlines came through, thought at first I might need to get a boat but being at the doorway on the shore was all that was needed. thank you so much and your group, its great how we all work together love and super big hugs xxxx

Annabella; Oh yeh we are cooking with gas now Soluntra!????????????????????So much happening on so many levels. Felt really under the weather but through now and aware of all the suns connecting and star codes coming in. So much healing energy coming through my hands all the time lately. Thankyou for keeping us posted Soluntra ???? Love and Blessings from one heart during Christmas and New Year on a brand new Earth ????????????????????????????????

Long; Truly amazing and grateful for all that is occurring. Thank you for everything you have done and for who you are. Looking forward to the next link up and the greater expansion and unity. ????????????????

Klare; Rested in golden light frequenzy throughout humanity and beyond....


DECEMBER 28TH THURSDAY AT NOON….. THEME; at a Cosmic level see/sense/know that you are one with your original Divine Blueprint and the highest aspect of self you can illuminate from your heart. Through the cosmos and multi-verses, the love that you are/we are in oneness, we are home to our self and all creation.

Over Christ mas and the last two days there has been a lot of Light coming through, and for some we were made to lay low, not get caught up in the material side of things, and have time out to allow it to flow through us. With realisations of aspects of self still caught in the illusion and separation consciousness so we could move to the next level.
I found myself waking up in the nights with pain in my body, and knowing pain is separation from the Source within; breathed into it. With the intention of loving whatever fear and separation conscious was still in me to alleviate the pain. Which was a blessing as it not only transmuted the physical pain but made sure I was focused fully on my divine self, God I am; owning it and knowing that the rest is not who I am, and so beaming from my heart and inner divinity.
I hope you created or were forced to have some down time and it’s still not over.
Today when I read again the theme for our link-up I realised we had been given the opportunity to step up into a higher level of our Divine Blueprint and with our link up we were actualising it in the collective.

I was excited to link-in with you all and after connecting to the Suns, to each of you and those with open hearts at a soul level connected to us; the love and beauty of our connection so beautiful to feel within my heart and glowing through me and us all in the one heart was so expanded in love.

As we move through the dimensional doorways from love we connect with those who also resonate in the highest love, regardless they are in this world or dimension, we know them from love. It calls us in our own hearts; the pure love of the creator essence, as the dimensions merge to bring us home.

Our Divine Blueprint has received an upgrade in the last few days over Christ mas and now sings with clear essence, clarity resonating with the divine self that all our fear has taught us: All the tricks of words and misleading ways that seemed like liberation before, now seen as the traps that they have been. A new level of self-realising as we extract ourselves out of the web.
The awareness that all of us have been going through this process in our own way to the point where our Divine Blueprints have got lighter collectively.
We are all shining Lights; out through the realms of the lower astral, clearing and cleansing it.

I see us all, beautiful Lights creating intricate patterns surrounding and enfolding the Earth. She is protected and starting to repair. There are legends of light ships from ourselves at that level that can hold this beautiful body of patterned Light through us, the Earth and atmosphere’s.

We are owning our divinity more and more fully, to embody with and through our link up and hearts.

Sense how much lighter your body is, the light codes within you glowing. Us all making such a beautiful geometric shape around the Earth.
We have gone deeper into the oneness and love, it resonates through us and if you still feel fear or pain then know who you are. Allow it to shine through you, you are not the pain or fear, you can go into it with your breathe and love and acceptance become it and transcend.
Our link up assists us all to actualise our self in the higher light octaves.
Rest and allow it to fully take place.

The link ups are still happening in between the given times and days, and in fact our collective open hearts and love is allowing us to own and love the illusion that has still kept us trapped in the struggle, lack and old ways of doing things. The stress of living in a 3d world that is so foreign to most of us. We are able to realise what is within us that is still trapping us in the treadmill, in whatever way it plays out in our lives and stresses our body.
We have this wonderful window together to transcend. With two more link ups to carry us through to living in the New Earth as we create it from our love.

JANUARY 2018 6TH SATURDAY AT NOON…. THEME; from the point of oneness and pure love see/sense/know what is unfolding through all worlds and dimensions of the Earth and Cosmos and allow…

JANUARY 14TH SUNDAY AT NOON…. THEME; in the New Earth see/sense/know yourself and all of us in the One Heart creating abundance for all, peace and love are here. What comes to you personally, and as our group to practically ground the abundance for all our Earth, humanity and all BEings.

Please share your experiences and thank you so much from my heart to yours, together we awaken more fully to our true potential as Creator Goddess Gods creating Heaven on Earth. It just keeps getting more and more beautiful, thanks to us all in the One Heart.

If you wish to read this with links to relevant topics please read here, scroll down http://evenstarcreations.com/index.php/47-cosmic-alerts/441-planetary-link-up-thrival-the-10-link-ups 

MP3 to be your Divine Blueprint http://evenstarcreations.com/index.php/shop/product/101-being-your-divine-blueprint-meditation

MP3 Divine Self and Free Love and Acceptance and Connecting http://evenstarcreations.com/index.php/shop/category/50-mp3-pdfs-healing-within-series



Frances; So beautiful...... thank-you Soluntra for creating this opportunity for us to come together on a conscious level.
Caroline; Thank you! I am so feeling this, have had no family time the last 4 days, just minimal work commitments and seen so many old habits up and clearing ... tonight I have been called into deep meditation to allow every part of my body to realign and can see how I've so often held myself in/back in light of other people's illusions reflecting parts of my own illusions ... and not lived my own truth ... my body is tingling with energy all over as it comes back online and connects ever more deeply ! Thank you for your words of encouragement and inspiration ????????✨ what an amazing time to be here ???? Blessings one and all ????
Kohia; I've been forced to have downtime this week..... I managed to go for a gentle walk through Hukutaia domain & tuned in from there with Kereru flapping overhead, Tui & Bellbird song also kotare, Piwakawaka, Weka & a Peacock! Sublime altered state, feeling the reunion of Papatuanuku & Ranginui infused with IO. Still in altered state! Arohanui dear sistar <3
June; Blessings to you Beloved. ????????????

Frances; It was a such a gift to connect with every-one ........ As I breathed into and focussed upon the Divinity residing within my heart, and turned my attention towards Soluntra and all who are participating in this link-up at a conscious or unconscious level there was a starburst of brilliant light. The earth and all humanity were surrounded by a matrix of living light substance. Each of us a point within that matrix, and the note of our soul sounded within the very core of our beings causing all cells within our bodies to come into high, resonant vibrational alignment, fully harmonious, completely in resonance with the sacred note of our soul. Each soul note containing all that is required for each and every-one to be restored to our Divine Blueprint. Each soul note became part of a living Symphony reverberating throughout the universe and cosmos activating each individual form to come into alignment with their own soul note, providing the space and highlighting the potential for each and everyone to access the truth of the divinity that we all are......such a beautiful, harmonious creative symphony of love and light available to all as we choose the path of light, the path of love, the path of return, the path of unity and oneness..... as one beautiful, cohesive group of beings of light and love sounding forth....... the time is come, reveal your true identity......... that radiant spark of God that I Am, you are, we all are, now and forever.
Vikki; Fire burning through the shift Fibronacci back to Mu and beyond xx
Carina. Thank You so much Soluntra !????Woken up this night, with so much pain in my leg.. then I read your message ! ???? Fall asleep again, and had a conversation with You in my dream ????????❤ ???? Big hug !
Ajara; So beautiful, thank you Soluntra!???? Wasn't able to do it 3D at noon! Will work from the unified field tonight! ????????????
Maria; Soluntra, I’ve been meaning to connect, but I have been at work and hasn’t been possible. Can I do it retrospectively? Reply; connect when you can, with the intention you are one through the suns, endless time xxx
Abbey; Dear Soluntra loving gratitude always for your beautiful work ????
Monique; Wonderful Soluntra, thank you, i wil tune in today between en with the horses and dogs <3

Agneta; Much love and gratefulness to you dearest Soluntra and to all others connecting <3 prepare myself to connect in just one hour at 12 noon from Sweden <3 meet you there <3
Lillian; Awesome Soluntra!! The collective beam is getting stronger beyond words!! Such an explosion behind infinity for me!! And groundedness all within too????????????
Sian; My high heart just throbs and radiates out as I connect with you ALL Thankyou ????????????????x x x
Phyllis; Brilliant xx peace sister ????????????
Agneta; What a powerful manifestation of absolutely pure love and light! So many did take part, so amazing, so beautiful, it moved me to tears. Thank you all!
Birgitta; Thank you Soluntra and all it was beautiful...

…. THEME; from the point of oneness and pure love see/sense/know what is unfolding through all worlds and dimensions of the Earth and Cosmos and allow…

I connect to the Suns and everyone and instantly feel the love, but also such a state of stillness and peace.
As I allow I know there are transformations and transfiguring’s taking place on all planes as we in our group all linked through our hearts hold the beam as this takes place.
It’s like there is a rip in time, a tear that had meant we did not learn from our mistakes as a collective on Earth. Repeat wars, terror, greed and the destruction it creates in a loop of unconsciousness that was always holding the collective from ever evolving beyond the lower vibrational experiences in density.
From our love and connection the Beam we hold connected to all others who have love in their hearts and the wisdom of how to live and thrive on Earth in peace and love.
 I could see some personalities who have been in more recent times as ones who have come in to shift the consciousness, as well as those through endless time, all with us in our group link-up. Like the beam we have created in love and peace has drawn them through time and space to join us in a combined force of higher Light and pure Love.
There are Star Beings, the Bird Tribe, ETs, Angelics, Light Beings, Masters, Rishis, Goddess and Gods, Saints, Avatars all collectively with us, are us.
Everything grows bright and lighter and through the light is the pearlescence of the Inner Earth Sun, the heart of the Earth, within us, with us glowing.
The tear/rip in the fabric of creation is healed by this combined love that we are; being, beaming.
Those who have not had good intentions for the Earth and humanity are melting away from the pearlescence of us and the Earth.
The dross melts and falls away to transform in divine love and oneness.
Then I see barriers that had stood between humanity creating always duality and strife falling away, as well and people all over are coming out from their self-imposed prisons.
There is so much love and celebration happening. At the higher realms of course this is reality. I ask how long it will take to filter down to most of humanity, and told that each individual still has free will but this creates a sacred space that exhilarates peoples awakening and opening hearts with realisations of programs that no longer resonate with where they are at.
That this New Year is a great doorway and opportunity for all who choose to ascend within.
I give great thanks and gratitude to all our beloved selves in the unified light matrix. We can now merge more easily with our other selves in the higher dimensions, as well as meeting more of our group soul on Earth and being with those who we resonate with, and together we uplift ourselves and the Earth and all on her.
Thank you so much for my heart to yours dearest co-creators of the New Earth.
Please let us know what you experienced.

THEME; in the New Earth see/sense/know yourself and all of us in the One Heart creating abundance for all, peace and love are here. What comes to you personally, and as our group to practically ground the abundance for all our Earth, humanity and all BEings.

Before my noon I kept getting told that a beam was coming from the Sun at noon, as usual I was outside in my crystal circle. After honouring the elements and directions, Source and Earth and connecting to the Suns and then to each of you and to those who are with us at a soul level and not consciously as well.
I looked up at the Sun shining bright in my summer blue sky as the Solar Beam came through, it is connecting all around the Earth. Through all of us in our own time zones, as everyone receives the ray through their third eye first then down the central channel and Earth to the Inner Earth Sun then up and out the crown and higher chakras creating a combined Being that is all of us. A goddess of Earth, Star and humanity then we move through her and are in the New Earth. I see the busyness of the 3d Earth transfigured into nature like a busy freeway becoming a glowing thriving pathway through bountiful plants. Skyscrapers being replaced with crystal domes.

It's all to do with the Sun and why we have been required to do our link ups at noon each time.
The Sun is preparing us, apart from all our other transfigured preparations with our inner self, star families and beings. The Suns light pulse comes from the Greater, Greater Central Suns and the pulse affects us all differently until we are able to channel the pure light rays that transform everything. The Sun gives life and we can only thrive and grow with the Suns blessings in our world.
Then it's like a gong sounding on the inner and those who don't resonate to the pure light and resist it outright scuttle away and try and hide from the intense illumination of light. They still have time to move into the love or will cease to exist.
Some say this is in the future, but there is no future or past, as we align to the Sun within, our Solar Self.
It's a hot summer day where I am and I am guided to lie on the grass to receive the codings and download. As I do I keep repeating inwardly ‘I am a Solar Light Being, Stellar Crystal”

As the Ra speaks ‘the abundance on Earth and through the doorway into the New Earth, the abundance of life is light and I endow it through you all. There is no need for investments and crypto’s or stocks and shares, working on the treadmill just to survive, or all day to search for a morsel of food as many do on Earth. This gateway is swept aside for the illusion that it is. The solar light illuminates you and your body is crystal light transfiguring to the golden diamond heart of the cosmos. The sun’s rays illuminate through the densest planes’.

In the New Earth we sing and we are in a state of joy, some can’t believe they have got through, through the veil and barrier of limitations into ones unlimited self.

Thank you so much radiant beloved other my-selves, our Love gives us everything. This has all taken place in the higher realms and now it’s up to us to bring it through fully into the physical plane and our everyday lives.
I am so grateful that we can connect and be in our true presence, albeit even if only for a short time at first, but it gets stronger and stronger with each connection to our heart and the One Heart.

How to consolidate this into real terms as a person living on Earth and desiring to be in the New Earth. Remember that you are already there. Don’t treat things as past or future, it’s now and as you align through the Liquid Light Plasma fields of the Suns your body becomes more conscious of its own individual resonance of light in each solar cell as it unites with the Suns of all creation. Endless creation, you endlessly create….

Most create from fear which in turn creates greed, control and all the dramas. I learnt many years ago to deep breathe love and acceptance into any fears about survival and not having money to be able to pay rent, food etc. Once the barrier of fear is down then you can be open to full abundance. Abundance is not about money, money is one of the energies we use to thrive here. Mostly a misguided illusion as one acquires it and gets out of the breadline it still doesn’t solve ones fears and issues, in some instances it only creates more. It’s not about judging that either, but simply trusting from the heart.

The New Earth is here if you choose it to be, abundance is here if you choose it to be, we still have challenges it’s how we deal with them, from love and acceptance and the breathe takes us through the traumas into the heart and stillness and peace where all is manifest.

There is nothing wrong with whatever you do to make money to live, and opportunities abound for people now with cryptocurrencies and new start-ups, if it feels right for you go for it. The secret is if it feels right for you, is there joy in it, but don’t get caught into any illusion that the latest fade or get rich scheme is about living in the New Earth, mostly it’s just another way to control. In the New Earth we don’t operate from that space at all.
Be honest and look at where you are coming from, is it fear of the future and lack, or love?.

How does this relate to our everyday life?
 If you change your consciousness you change your life. It doesn’t mean you are driving round in a Porsche or doing other excessive material world things, as you are in balance and wisdom drives you, not ego and power.

Rest and look at your life, make a list of where you struggle…then next to each write spontaneously the solution; you know it within, trust and allow.

How to we bring in more abundance for humanity and create the world that we truly choose to live in as a group?
We know deep within we are all connected in the one heart, we have experienced this since the first link up at the eclipse August 22nd 2017 with the ‘Actualising the Unified Light Matrix’ and then this link up ‘Thrival in the New Earth’. We resonate and feel the love, the strength of our group connection that is not just when we linkup at the prescribed times but it’s there always.

The strength in numbers accelerating all the time, the shift within as we experience the alchemy of transfiguring. Our greatest service being that we are in our true presence.
Linked in the One Heart we keep seeing the Earth as it truly is, abundant, peaceful, with loving interactions between humans and all creatures and nature.
We are the creators, we create through our Love and our clear focused intentions of what the greater reality truly is.
It is up to us not to buy into the fear, lack and struggle. Remember to love, accept surrender embrace whatever fears in however they manifest as myriad emotions, old patterns and thoughts.

A practical way to create your day, work, projects, relationships, life;
Draw a spiral, pen on paper to ground it, from the outside in. From the left side inwards anti-clockwise with the intention as you draw the spiral that whatever it is you are focused on whether it be personal or for everyone on Earth. We don’t try and control anything but we can create the flow of energy to be positive for ourselves and others.
As you draw the spiral…My day is, or the Earth and all humanity is, or my new project is….Full of divine love, joy, peace, flowing, in divine light, aligned to divine will and plan, easy, abundant in all ways….As you bring the scattered energies into the centre of the spiral.
Anti-clockwise bringing the lower energies into the higher energies, right into the centre of the spiral, the still point.

Please share your experiences and thank you so much from my heart to yours, together we awaken more fully to our true potential as Creator Goddess Gods creating Heaven on Earth. It just keeps getting more and more beautiful, thanks to us all in the One Heart.

We have experienced some big shifts in our ten link-ups please see here to read them all, and also with relevant links.

We will be doing a third linkup starting at the Leo Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse January 31st/February 1st.
I will be doing a newsletter soon and also putting it here on FB when organised, meanwhile I see you dancing in the shining light of our glorious New Earth reality.

See here for cosmic events http://www.evenstarcreations.com/~evenstar/index.php/cosmic-alerts/2018-cosmic-events

If you would like to work more with Abundance then I have made a booklet ‘Being Abundant All Ways” and Mp3 on opening to your Joy and Creative expression.


Sara; Linked in and saw black and white chequered flags (finish line type) and celebrations all around. Group went into slight ‘dip’ and was shown we were held in a gold winners trophy.

The scene went back to where we were standing high on mountains and were passing a huge blood red serpent through our hands as we all made a link for it. The serpent wound itself along our outstretched hands and continued down and disappeared into the side of the mountain. It was symbolic of the new blood/life, the link up has created for thriving. Accomplishment strongly accompanied this scene.

Was then shown a large satellite dish placed on the side of the mountain top. Was told the link has created a frequency. Asked how we tune into the frequency at will and was told that intent of harmony and co-operation alongside intent of thriving provides access. Cosmic forces will utilise the frequency to continue to assist.

You truly created such a beautiful birthing. Bless you, as always.

Much love xxx????

Agneta;Thank you dearest Soluntra  in my meditation for Mother Earth at noon today she became all transparent and shining through the intensified light from her own Inner Sun and the beautiful light from the outer Suns. At their encounter magic happens.  Gratitude 

Aslög; Just got back from this awesome event, as it turned out to be. Short and quick, middle in a busy day. I went to the nearby nature reserve, climbed up on top of the rocks with a sea great view. The day is cloudy and grey, no sunlight in sight, at 12 sharp no Beam, no Ray... I thought: Well, this was it... Just then a great big eagle soared above me, must have been a sea eagle, slow and gracious. And then it just disappeared into the void... so there I got the answer ad got really emotional, feel we ARE in th New already. Thank you All!!!Birgitta Serafima Lindstrand I fellt a lot of joy and feel very blessed...dragons in the water and Divine Feminine rising in one of my paintings.....bliss.... thank you Soluntra <3 <3 <3

Ky'lama Telos Thank you Soluntra. Really felt and experienced the powerful Inner Earth/New Earth gathering of all in their powerful Presences and the huge sharing and exchange of codes/energies. A deep blessing. Much appreciated.