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On the physical plane the places we were focused on were Rosslyn Chapel in Edinburgh where the Grail was hidden, and to the Isle of Iona to link it with the highest point of Eden, Rosslyn being the base of what remained of the highest mountain in Eden. Then to Glen Lyon, to Acharn Falls and Fortingall Ancient Yew Tree and Church.
On the inner also linking up to Callanish stone circle on the Isle of Lewis, and Iceland as the land that was situated at the Artic when it was a Eden, but shattered when the Earth moved and most went into the ocean and remains in Scotland.

Once the Arc and Grail activated and illuminated out through the collective consciousness and grids, through the new templates we hold within us for our own inner Grail and Arc is anchored through us at a cellular level. Then the ripples can go out to all life on and through the Earth of pure love and the return to the higher dimensional selves and operating from that state of being as now our environment supports us.
But first we ground Heaven and Earth through us, through the physical plane, the most difficult mission as we all have, or had, so much fear about being in bodies on Earth. It is our ultimate completion of our mission here, our transcendence of the physical body into light. Spiritualising matter fully to the densest structural levels.


Sara connects with the Arc of the Covenant several times and we both connect to our Knights Templar selves.

Sara travelled physically to St Tristan’s Falls in Cornwall and we linked up and had very visual remembrances of our Knights Templar selves.
I go into my inner sun and I am like a star as I travel to Sara at the falls, I see her in 3d but mostly in her goddess self, standing there by the doorway at the falls. I/we go straight into the doorway and there is a wonderful cathedral type cave it is magnificent, and similar to a physical cathedral with light coming through the stained glass windows except they are tiny gems not glass, all shining soft light

The knights are there in a circle at this sacred vortex and sacred meeting place, both Sara and I are knights in the circle.
The Grail cup is in the centre we each drink from it and as each of us does we chant an ancient Dragon chant, we are with the Elementals and the ancient Dragons in the Inner Earth, and the natural flow is returned to the Earth with the cycles of the Moon and Stars. As I drink it down it is like a fire down through me but not sore it opens me up and I get asked who I am and I see myself in the past in this life then other life’s as they all fall away, I put out that I let go all my past and I merge into the Inner Earth Sun which the cave is a multi-d doorway for.
I then feel the Elementals around and in me, are me, I remember saying as I was rather stiff; crystal and moss, and vegetation all merged together that it would be nice to be more flowing, so then I am a dolphin dancing and laughing.
Then I see you in the Inner Earth Sun and we have a conversation, it’s in the ancient Dragon language the same one we did the chant when drinking to liquid fire in the Grail cup. It’s like we are rearranging the time setting almost like we are holding old fashioned alarm clocks with the big bells on them and moving the time but there are 13 clocks for 13 hours of the day.
So this must be the shift to the natural flow of nature rather than man made days times that had been controlled for so long. We had been in the old 12:60 control of time and so us.
For years so many have worked with the 13.20 flow and the thirteen moons not 12, the Mayan Calendar. Now this has just been corrected at the heart of the Earth, so at the heart of ourselves, as we are one with the Earth. As a collective we are moving out of the dark matrix, another step in the preparation.

Was huge and you can read about it here
, with the Return of the Second Sun and the Star Temples were anchored that was also part of the preparation for the Grail and the Arc.
Sara gets guided to work with the Arc of the Covenant and that the time is right to bring this light (truth) into the world. It requires willing hearts to hold this beam.

I was told on the inner back in June that the Ark of the Covent will be able to filter through the ethers once the Grail is activated and that is the work of the 13 Crystal Skulls at Rosslyn Chapel, the skulls are telling me that it is not necessary to be there physically and in fact better that we are where we are Sara at Wells the control centre and myself in NZ, the opposite side exactly of the planet to facilitate the Grail awakening so that it can be balanced through the Star Temples that were set up on the Solstice.

Sara travelled to Rosslyn on the inner and saw a cup with smear of blood = light of truth H/S This is about grounding the light of truth and bringing it into planetary consciousness (was then shown the new ark of the covenant). The time is right to bring this light (truth) into the world. It requires willing hearts to hold this beam. More will unfold.

I am there also and see the 13 skulls around the grail guardians of it under Rosslyn, under the Knights Templar tomb on the floor in the main church….and get not to be there we don’t need to be, it’s all too powerful would probably wipe us out.

With regards to the Templar’s, they have appeared with regularity through meditations over the years and I have a memory of a relationship with David, who was a Templar, having to hide and leave our village before he was captured. I trained to do many courses above the Templar cave in Royston Herts ( you can see it online). But it is the Christos, original Templar’s I most relate to, as written about a couple of years ago by Lisa from Energetic Synthesis.

So, I keep getting a connection with the Ark that was shown and it appears to be a part of the new energies that are now being made available with humanities assistance.

First will write about what was seen with the Ark; 4.12.18
‘Was taken down through winding caves to a white platform area, open to a very starlit sky. A white cliff type face formed the backdrop to the ‘stage’ of the scene. Approx 15-20 white, shift clad individuals, with dark hair (not sure if human) stood standing apart, watching the open pentagram shape in the centre floor of the platform, which appeared to be lit from below and exuding a blueish hue.
The star shaped pentagram widened and an ‘ark’ appeared and my knowing was this was the replacement to the Ark of the Covenant. The words with it were ‘Testament of Truth’. The understanding was that this contained the content for the New Earth. The Ark was seen as predominantly white with gold edges and encased in a glass type case which again has gold edges. Two poles either side to transport (or show recognition of what it is).
New guidance, birthed through a star.
Knights Templar’s surround me and speak of how they had to go underground as corruption had set it. They said everything, as even with the old ark of the covenant and what we witness with our current day channellers etc are prone to corruption as we see.

Humanity is given another opportunity so these energies assist to inspire us to crave a better outcome.
‘We need willing, grounded participants’. I ask about time and get that it has always been about this time ( a sense of make or break for humanity and the planet as we currently know it), ‘Releasing these energies will produce a deep desire to awaken’.
N.B. I also got an imprint of words saying ‘The 3rd Age’...

The numerology is about seeing through illusion and holding the cup in seeking the grail (16/7). It then goes into The World (21/3) with a new understanding of service for humanity (46/10/1). Perfect numbers for the work.

From myself, Soluntra
I am getting that the Arc of the Covenant will be able to filter through the ethers once the Grail is activated and that is the work of the 13 skulls at Rosslyn Chapel, the skulls are telling me that it is not necessary to be there physically and in fact better that we are where we are you at Wells, and myself here in the opposite side exactly of the planet to facilitate the Grail awakening so that it can be balanced through the Star Temples that were set up on the Solstice.

I just asked what was my connection to the Knights Templar as I have seen myself as one a few times now, and we had that wonderful connection with them in the church at Avebury as well with the crystal skull there too and recently at St Nectans water fall and myself at the woods as the Templar first off.
I am told I was one of the original ones before the corruption set in and that was part of the group who took the Grail to its resting place hence now back again now when it is to come through for humanity. That Sara of course was there as well and two others, I ask if it is anyone you or I know consciously and get no but that they are doing their part in the work as well.

I get that before this can all unfold that in the Inner Earth Sun with the Dragons the Sun itself is very involved with this and the Dragon guardians of the Sun there. Not sure what is to unfold yet with that piece of information but as we know it will unfold as we are meant to know.

Wow re St Brides Mound. It definitely has a personal strong pull. The understanding is that it connects to Iona as St Bridget also holds a presence at the Mound and feel that’s who was encountered at my first visit there. Of course that all links in with the Templars. Evidently loads of Irish (they love St Bridget) journey to Brides Mound each year. There is supposed to be a well and Chapel with a portal there too and I will go have a look soon but keeping a low profile until our work at Rosslyn is done.
Guess it’s possible Bridget and Mary are one and the same; aspects of the Divine Mother.

From Sara; I have started receiving preparations in my meditations for our work and one was especially interesting as my body was shown as a solid crystal sword shape. It struck me that the sword is possibly also the origin of the cross as the width of the sword ran across the shoulders, while the blade ended at the feet, having run the length of the height. Wondering if the Christ Templars bought the idea of the cross in, because of this internal sword (which of course is the spiritual ‘word’). 

I also saw several of us together as a group, encircling the room, each holding a bronze or dark gold bowl of oil or water(?), with a flame floating on top. Got that each one of us holds a key (codes) and the release of these codes will enable mankind to also receive them.


A friend of Sara’s has just been to Rosslyn. Just had an email from Barry to say he’s just been to Rosslyn and the energy absolutely knocked him out. He doesn’t normally say stuff like this so it must be seriously buzzing right now. Plus he said that he particularly felt it in the little room off the crypt and up by the altar.. both places we are interested in..

From Sara; Today in meditation, again with bowls, flames and group we see a central inner ‘cauldron’ in the centre of the floor. The cauldron is only partially above ground and it is huge, having flames appearing from it. A type of ladle appears from around and above us and goes quietly around our bowls, scooping the water or oil out and adding it to the fire in the cauldron.
After this ends we seat ourselves on the floor and laugh together.
As I leave the room to go to my own private chamber to continue my meditation, I see myself as a dragon.. I am purple with green around my eyes and seem to have jewels in the skin.... Such a strange sight.. wouldn’t tell many this lol.

From myself’; I get a sense of lots of cauldrons around the earth as well, they are at particular vortex places (same sort of resonance as Rosslyn) and their fire is igniting the inner fire within people, their spiritual self
I can see the vortex places are major dragon lairs and the dragons have been guarding the cauldrons until the time was right for them to activate.


I connect to Sara and then go to Rosslyn, this is at 3am, but before getting into bed last night 11pm I am aware of my Knights Templar aspect very strongly with me, I connect align to everyone one
My 27th 3am which was 4pm Sara’s 26th at Rosslyn
I go straight to Knights Templar buried under floor at Rosslyn, I see the chalice and get it was from Joseph of Arimathea so the Grail under Rosslyn is the cup from the last supper, so Christ Light and love held within it and the return of the Christ within, without sacrifice now or crucifixion.
Then I don’t remember anything else and didn’t get anything else but told it would continue and I would get more about what is unfolding in the morning.

So now morning; the Knight is glowing in Light and Joseph is there also in the etheric realms watching, as he was its main guardian.
I see there are lots of people surrounding the church holding candles to symbolise the Light has returned.
The chalice comes forth and is glowing and transfixed into gold with a golden nectar. It is handed to each person standing around holding a candle, each person takes a sip from it, and the golden nectar is a never ending supply.
Sara and I are standing together in amongst the others and as I take my sip I feel the golden nectar flow through me and through all my being. It’s like I am transparent and are the stars and the universe. I see each person is a different aspect of life as we know it on Earth. I see Sara and she is the one star, I see others and it has come further in to the physical realms as I see it going through everyone on Earth who chooses and then out to the plants, trees for some reason I keep seeing a little bunny rabbit its ears standing up watching and approving like it is the guardian of the nature realms and watching what is taking place. It doesn’t go down into the Inner Earth and I am told it doesn’t need to as they already exist in the fullness of love.
Then the Holy Grail/chalice comes back to Joseph and he drinks from it, but his drink is not a sip but a deep drink like he has been thirsty for so long and I feel his mission has been tough on whatever realms he has been holding the energy. He starts to become physical and then the chalice is handed back to the knight glowing in Light. He takes hold of it again and says we are not done yet as you know. Two more inputs of participation required before it can link Eden back together again.

I arrived 10 mins early and waited in a circle in the chapel. A small blueish dragon was placed between us all, who waited. It felt as though awaiting the arrival of a bride and groom at a wedding.

You arrived and stood nearest to me and we linked hands in recognition.
The cauldron in the centre of the room appeared with flames shooting from it. They subsided and left a deep well of watery substance, deep down within it.
A large ethereal white dragon appeared from its centre, followed by a gold, silver, red and a black one. There was a pause and then a huge gold dragon with turquoise stones in its flesh appeared came out. It was larger than the building.
Flames then shot up my head and gold codes leapt out the top of my crown, spilling over the Chapel floor and into the cauldron. My physical body became very hot.
I went to stand on the Templars stone but it had become part of the cauldron, which was still present. I wondered if the cauldron was actually The Cup.
 I then returned to my original place and watched as The Ark of the Covenant came to rest on the floor beside us. We were told that truth would be out for the first time in many a long time.

A huge, huge wind then swept through the Chapel and as we were pinned to the sides of the walls, it was all we could do not to be swept away. All the doors and windows were blown open and The Chapel was cleared of all recognisable furniture and fittings. 
After the wind died down, we regrouped and I saw we all had noticeable blueish white diamonds where our third eye is. We were told our lives would all change.

My noon 27th in NZ. I knew this link up would be about the Crystal Skull I encountered at Rosslyn in September 2017 that was so powerful and literally floored me at the time as I was the skull and it was huge for me in the physical to hold that energy.

I connected to Sara and at Rosslyn to the skull. I was physically sitting outside on the earth and had to have four of my skulls, the citrine, Crysophase, Amethyst and Jade. I become aware of an 11 pointed star at the chapel that connected all of us there. I am on an ‘in point’ of the star in the crypt where I stood back in 2017 for ages, as the crystal skull there came through me. Then aware of connecting to skulls at Azores and Sagres, Portugal that I worked with back in October 2017, they provide the other side of the star. Now the land can move and I see at the heart of Mother Earth the Holy Grail, then there is vortex spiralling through and am told not to concern myself with how that will take place. The chapel itself is spinning in light and it is the centre of the vortex I see all the candle holders moving out to different points on the Earth. I am aware of Ollotaytambo Peru, and the light temple, Golden Solar Disc and temple of love.
Then I travel the serpent tunnel to Milford Sound womb of creation, Mt Titiroa and through the tunnel to Cheops then to  'Rennes-le-Château in south of France then back to Rosslyn now the spin moves opposite as I go round Iceland to the hot water cave then to the Artic doorway and through to Antarctic up to Paralinga springs, Arkaroola South Australia. Then Jageswhar, foothills of Himalayas, and to the Shambala doorway up to the artic doorway and back to Rosslyn now it is still and silent.

I don't see anyone and told they are all holding the energy in different time lines. I see I am in a time line before the chapel or chalice and when Eden first fragmented. I felt like a crystal that has been shattered and then the skull that’s at Rosslyn came through from Venus. It came in after the wars on Mars and the Asteroid Belt was formed from the shattering. I hold the energy but feel anxious but told to let it go, surrender and trust and as I do the Holy Grail comes through from the Inner Earth Sun and all is melted and merged in the golden sun. Then a flame comes out of the Sun and now we are all back at the chapel singing sacred chants and the surrounding sunlight streams through.
Then the Templar Knights all leave as their mission is done and we all feel a sense of relief and relax ready for the final link up at the chapel.

Sara Rosslyn 2nd visit 1am 27.7.19
We stood in our circle to commence and the diamonds in our foreheads were alight and active. A much lighter breeze was still present inside.
The Chapel became thick and almost overcrowded with Knights and they spoke to us for the need to stand firm in the face of the coming changes. 
We were told the Knights were also there to assist us and that the winds of change were the breath of Spirit, blowing through, creating clarity. In doing so, that some men’s minds would choose madness over change and bowing to Spirit. We were told no harm would come to us and to be silent other than to those who have ears to listen and hearts open enough to console. We were told we were friends and partners and the Knights stand with us, in this phase which shall pass.
After this address, a Christed energy appeared in the form of Jesus, who spoke of how the last pieces of the puzzle now needed to be placed together.
The Chalice was passed to each person and we drank from the cup (I felt this in my heart and saw a white feather float down to my heart). We were then told that the portal would be fully opened to enable humanity to enter New Earth if they chose.
We saw the portal open wide within ourselves.

My 5pm 27 July; Rossyln is descending down into the Inner Earth at first before I connected I was aware of us all above it. As it goes down the Grail cup gets bigger and rises I see Sara opposite me and I am aware I am on the opposite side of the world I see us holding a golden rod over the Grail. Then nothing seems to happen for a while then I see this golden mist come out of the Grail and for those who choose they can breathe it in.

 I don't see it just going out there, people still have to be proactive and choose to rejoice in the love that they are and want to surrender all else. They have to be conscious enough to know that by being the love of their divine self they have everything and not still be chasing their tail on the karmic swing and wanting; things, lovers, fame etc then I see all of us at the chapel acknowledging each other and giving great thanks. Then we all shape shift into scarabs and weave a beautiful cocoon around each ourselves there is a cessation period to allow the changes to take place. The chapel then comes back up from the Inner Earth Sun and the Holy Grail sits on the altar and I hear it is done.

 "Scarab beetle is a metaphysical and mythological symbol of ancient Egypt. Scarab holds great meaning and significance... opening one up to an entirely different atmosphere, to the elements and mysteries of the cosmos".

FROM SARA Rosslyn 6am 27.7.19
We all stood in the circle as Knights Templars. The Chapel is clear of all else. The cauldron appears and from its centre a large Chalice rises, suspended above it. The golden liquid light runs over the cup, yet doesn’t spill.

The Chalice presents to each in turn and we all make private communion with it. We all partake of it. The Chalice then suspends (for all time?) in the Chapel.
As this happens, I see we all receive the Chalice, whole, into our heart spaces. We stand and receive and then the floor of the Chapel opens where the cauldron was and splits wide, producing a molten ravine in the earth underneath.
The suspended Chalice tips it’s liquid into the ravine and pours light into the molten fury.
When complete, the Chalice uprights itself into suspended position.
The molten solution carries the liquid off into the earth with the words ‘It is done’.

11pm 27th Before we link fully I see us land at the gate to the golf club and run down the grass hill so happy to be there, all the others are not with us but St Bridget is, she tells me she is a goddess of physical immortality and she helps those who are ready transform themselves into their full divine selves. She says that the vortex here is designed for it.

Then when I sit in my crystal cycle at home and connect I am aware of being at the vortex and a whole new world is coming through it, it feels like we have brought through the grail energies, Through from the chapel and the vortex is a Stargate.
There are Light ships over the ocean and I feel they are not from anywhere but are us.

Then I feel really heavy physically like we are integrating it through our body, or mine at least I can feel it into my physical body, it takes some time to integrate and the grail energy feels like it is throughout the whole island and the land and out at sea.
I don’t get much else except I feel so grounded, like maybe the most ever in my life, then slowly my body starts to feel lighter and I am told ‘what happens to you happens to the earth’.
I don’t get any more but feel it will keep going as I sleep until the next like up my 4am.

 27.7.19 Noon; As soon as arrived on beach 10 mins early, a waiting party of prehistoric men, mermaid, sea creatures, star beings were there. Such joy. They wanted to commence so as soon as you arrived (woolly jumper, knitted hat, big hugs - we laugh), we take our clothes off to swim with the mermaid.

The large Chalice seen in the Chapel is above us as we dive into the water and swim out to a place where there appears to be a largish vertical ‘pipe’ in the ocean floor. The star beings assist to divide the water and as the water clears, the Chalice empties into the ‘pipe’. We see the fluid create roots, like trees, flowing across the planet to other nations.

We are then taken further out to a small dome or mushroom shaped rock in the ocean, which turns out to be the back of a huge sea creature. The sea creature moves its position to reveal an entry point to a portal, beneath it. The creature opens the portal and again, assistance is given to stem the sea while the Chalice again empties its contents into the portal. The roots seem to go to nations across to the other side of the planet.

My sense that the original codes for the planet are held here.

We go back to shore and the ‘hairy menfolk’ lead us across the beach, somewhat inland to a place where there is entry to an underground cave system. We walk until reaching an inland pool or lake where again the Chalice did its work, creating an inland root system across the land, back and forth.

We returned to the beach and sat.

4am 28th July I connect with Sara and we laugh as we fly down the hill to the beach about how we wandered around the lake last time trying to find the path which we did eventually when thee physically in 2017.
Then once we get to the beach there is a mist of shimmering light coming off the sea the Mermaids and Mermen are there and we are all singing in light language they seem very happy and invite us into spiral columba bay ionathe ocean under the sea to view the most beautiful Light City and the Grail is there also.
I ask them is it meant to be here now, as I saw it on the altar at Rosslyn last, they say it spans Eden and has returned to make the bridge that connects Eden back as it once was before we had the great fall when all was in harmony and love on Earth.
They say there are new light codes coming through from Eden that will move around the Earth through the New Earth Grid, once this process has been completed at the church at Fortingall and the ancient Yew tree has reconnected to the living light codes now of the New Earth. Once that integration has taken place then the doorway will be fully open into the higher realms of the Earth for the collective who choose.
The singing gets louder and the Grail shines through our hearts.

Sara and I are back on the beach sitting look out to the sea feeling the Grail within and the enormity of all this hasn’t really sunk in, but we feel so blessed and at peace. A feeling of wellbeing that will always be with us for now on, as in the past we have sacrificed our body in many time lines and in this life for the greater good and to assist the collective, but now that time is over.
The Grail symbolises the Christ within, the love within, our Light of Source within. It does not mean there will not be challenges there will be and in fact a lot as we transition. As this has happened for those participating on whatever planes of existence, most unconscious, but still needs to filter through to the lower planes and then to those who have not participated or been called on the inner.
Meanwhile the Sun is glowing the most magical colours gold but with rainbow electric lights as it is setting. The Sun has also had a shift and has merged with its twin to form this most magical rays.
There is great rejoicing in the higher realms and as we sit on the beach we are aware of all the fairy folk and devas, nature spirits as and they are truly shining ones glowing in the new Sun light.


5pm 27.7.19 we met and started to tone. Then stood back to back like bookends.
Our toning entered into an ancient tongue and we became star selves. I was Razoulla and you had rainbow skin. I did not see visible hair but the back of your head carried a Mohican like rainbow wave of skin. You definitely held a female sense still.
We went to work on creating a new grid.
I was threading lines from the stars and although I didn’t see you working I felt it was land based and you then connected the lines through.
The words ‘Star Nations’ came through and I was working with seven lines.
Star beings were watching and I wondered why, as they were clearly already here, why this was needed.
They said that they needed ‘on the ground ‘humans’ to create the new grid points for entry and one of these will now be at this beach.

10am 28th July I see us run up the hill and we go to our spots. Last time we were here physically in 2017 I had been given new software, which was pretty full on intense

At first the beings there through the Generator Rock that are in the Inner Earth say to me ‘you have had a rough time since you got your new software’ and I say ‘yes’. Then they start to work on me and I say what about the bigger picture and they say we need to do you first so you can do the bigger picture.

Then I see a Cosmic Egg and it starts to get bigger, I looked over at Sara and I see she is in a Cosmic Egg as well.
They say the creation codes for the next stage of the Hu-wo/man are directly aligned through the Cosmic Egg and will filter through and into the new template that is now being anchored here.
Before it came through your body on the eclipse 17th July but now needs to anchor into the Holy Grail, New Earth with the codes of Eden returned so that it can be aligned fully first here with the new Hu/woman and as you can see it’s the two of you who are females and past child bearing age. There is good reason for this as it needs to stay incubated in the clear energy of pure love and not corrupted by the old paradigm relationship dramas that most still carry.

The time of the crone is the most powerful time of a woman’s life where she is free to be fully connected to her divine self and not distracted by any earthly desires, needs or programs.
Then I see we are both in the Cosmic Egg and it connects through the Grail and through the Rosslyn and grounds there. The crystal skull at Rosslyn starts to pulsate and send codes through to the Cosmic Eggs. The codes are from the Star Beings who placed the skull there but were too high frequency to come down into the lower realms otherwise they too would have been caught up in the denser realms and so used the Crystal Skull as the go between.
The sounds and energies are intense as the skull sends out the octaves of light that get softened through the Cosmic Eggs.

Then I see lots of smaller Cosmic Eggs all multiplying like when people see lots of orbs, the Cosmic Eggs keep multiplying and then they disperse into the ethers and go out through the grid that you created from the stars and was also created through the Earth. This grid is a higher dimension of the New Earth Grid and the Cosmic Eggs literally surround the Earth now through this higher-D New Earth Grid then into the New Earth Grid then through the higher-D Earth.

Then I am aware of the Shambala beings coming through as its all the same thing the Shambala beings who live in an Eden utopia realm of love overseeing the return back to our home within, and so our outer home becomes like our inner home, glowing golden and pure love.

There is a shift in the sky as a great star comes through, the star of Bethlehem, the sign of the birth of the Christed Ones within. The star appears on the inner to those who are ready. The outer manifestation was in the last age when the density required physical signs. Like the Christ having to manifest into the physical realm, now it’s through each of us and the star is a sign and can be seen by those with eyes to see. I get it will also be a sign to be able to tell the deceivers who will come to portray the anti-Christ but will not have the inner star so can easily be recognised for what they are.

Then I look out at the island of Iona shinning under the star studded night sky. The goddess guardian known as St Bridget is merged across the landscape she is the landscape the Divine Mother and in her womb the Cosmic Egg of the new creation.
We seem to be moving away from the island and off up to the place of the royal dragon and the doorway through the beyond, the beyond such higher frequency vortex that Star Beings from such higher realms can come through.

I have always called Glen Lyon headquarters so next we are off to report back to headquarters lol.
But I leave it there for the next link up as I know things are in preparation mode and I see the rock is moving to reveal a doorway below as well as all the doorways in the surrounding hills.
While we wait for the next connection our Cosmic Eggs are growing and preparing us for what is to come next.

FROM SARA 27.7.19 11 pm Hill Fort Generator

On arrival at the Hill Fort we stood and watched in awe at the sky, which although daylight, appeared on fire with vivid and incredible hues of reds and yellows. A dragon appeared in the flames and then the outline of the large Chalice from the Chapel, was plain to see. The rock of the generator started to vibrate and then to speak in harmonics. Star brethren came to stand and watch with us and fleets of ships appeared as large dots in the sky. As the harmonics in the ground increased, a merger appeared to take place between the Hill Fort with the sky... Initially this wasn’t visible; more sensed vibrationally but then a pathway visually emerged to the sky from the Fort.

I asked if you wished to walk up with me. We were asked to wait until the harmonics ceased as the pathway still formed as they continued.

Then we walked up the pathway and were met by an ancient who advised the link had been renewed and it offered yet another route, linking heaven and earth, as had always been before.

 I always call Glen Lyon headquarters, or main place on planet where Star Beings from our homes beyond the beyond can come through and we can access such heightened aspects of self.

My 4pm 28th; when we arrive the Star Beings there are so happy to see us they dance around and in and out of dimensions. The doorway under the rock is open and we or I go down (I didn’t see Sara so not sure if you had the same mission or probably different) through the serpent tunnels to the Inner Earth and to great the ancient dragon who is so immense and then aware of a Star Line coming from Iona to here.

 Not a Starline from the multiverse but rather than a leyline it’s a Star Line the energy builds up along it from Iona to under the royal dragon rock. There is a connection fully made and it’s like a line has been anchored from Iona to here and through the Inner Earth and the Star Beings are coming through on mass from the doorway behind the rock where they came through last time.

They are connecting the Star Line from Iona and weaving it through the Earth to the Inner Earth Sun. The Dragons all recognise what this means as they wake from their slumber some have been dormant since the inception of the Earth. They are seeing the imbalances on the surface of the Earth and realise that a lot has gone on while they stayed out the way. They feel it is time to right the balance as they deemed it to be when they first came to Earth.
The Star Line glows and lots more come out from under the rock and go out through and around the Earth linked into the Ancient Ones in the Inner Earth creating a strong field through the Earth and around its surface. It’s a protective layer to help life on earth as the electro-magnetic energy field changes, which has affected to ozone levels and atmosphere allowing more gamma rays and radiation rays to come in and cause problems with weather and levels of consciousness. As it’s been a disturbance in humanities mental processes as well. Which has mean that it has made it easy for the reptilian dreamscape and all the other programs and implanted imprints that have controlled and kept humanity as slaves and limited.

The Dragons are creating such a strong matrix of Star Light that it is bringing back a resonance that can allow for harmonious undertakings between all life. This is such a new way of being that for humanity to fully grasp this there will still need to be a few shake ups to catalyse this.

But it’s been done.
The rock comes back and is placed over the doorway and the Star Beings are still here waiting for the next connection as they are at the doorway they can most easily comes through. At headquarters as it were on the earth plane.

On Mt Schellion is a great mothership it is also the mountain and the sky and landscape around. The mothership is here to observe what is taking place and has beings from multiple star systems and planets universes and worlds.

Then I see the Dragons they are through different time lines that are all interfacing in and out and aligning with this timeline now. As this happens it brings all the wounded Earths back into alignment, all the traumas and destructions where the memories are still held in the Earth are being diffused as the alignment of all the Dragon time lines comes into the wholeness and one.

As this happens the rock and hills all around shift and the New Earth is easy to see here. Like a Light City but it’s not from some other cycle its being created a new with the alignment of the Dragons, the Guardians and Creators of the Earth. They are now able to play their role once more in creating a habitable space for all to live and love in peace and balance. They did this before and used the crystals which created the electromagnetic field to come over the surface or the earth, then moisture that created life. Now it’s the Star Lines for the return of the Holy Grail, the Arc of the Covenant the pure light that comes from the light within in each of us.

The new creation is well on the way.

FROM SARA 28.7.19 5am

On arrival at the rock, a doorway immediately opens into a hub of activity, filled with busy elementals. I decide to await your arrival before entering in.
You come joyfully across the field with excited gnomes by your side.
We connect with the dragon at the rock and appear to give the Chalice for it to drink from.
The dragon tells us it is both guardian and watchman for this range of hills and mountains. The position of the rock is a marker on the landscape and ties in with the surrounding mountains in conjunction with celestial alignment, as part of the planetary landscape. It also acts as an underground doorway for the linking of the elementals across the ranges, offering safe passage. It appears to have a vast network running beneath it.
The dragon is very loving and says the position enables the necessary solitude it desires.
The dragon tells us the marker serves in addition for those who walk the earth that we have yet to meet - hinting at a yet unencountered species.

acharnfalls17AT ARCHANA FALLS
8pm 28th for me,  I am instantly there with the Fairies and Nature Spirits dancing all around the falls, from the bottom up to the top and down by the magnificent trees. I see Sara and she looks very Elven. The Fairies remind me that they already live in the higher d Earth and always have. I have been into the Fairy Realm and it is beautiful and helps humans to move into joy and let go. This whole mission would not be possible without them as well.

Then I move into the vortex near the bridge into the cliff faces where they meet and taken in the Fairy tunnels to Iceland and realise Iceland is part of Eden, a fragment still remaining. It totally makes sense having been there twice and knowing what the energy is like, so clear and strong, loving and alive.
There is a connection made from Rosslyn, Iona and through Archana falls to the Asbyrgisvegur canyon near the Arctic Circle in Iceland. I see the connection like a gold rope of codes that is strong.

Then we are back at the falls down the bottom and the Fairies are all around singing as the morning sun light steams through the trees and onto the river shimmering golden light. As the Grail glows through the falls the trees and rocks, the hill side and Loch Tay through the landscape and to the mountain. The Yew Tree is like a great vortex and the church is a wormhole or looks like it as I look across the landscape the mothership still through the mountain.

SARA 28.7.19 9am Archana Falls
We met on a ledge by the Falls, near the bridge. We were so excited as the Sprites were jumping and diving over and through the water. We made out way down to a quieter area under the falls near the rock face base.
I witnessed a small Neptune like male elemental watching from the rocks.
We took our personal chalices, knelt, and dropped liquid from them into the water. On standing back up, an opening in the rock face appeared and we proceeded inside.
We came to a serene blue pool which held Serpents of Wisdom and were invited into the pool to join them.
The water was calm and healing, feeling thicker in weight than is usual.
The Serpents invited us to use their knowledge and to ask that we wish to know.
The Serpents seemed to heal our bodies with massage and the surrounding water.|
They said their function was to receive and store the codes in the water like living libraries of knowledge.

My midnight 28/29th
I am so excited to be at the Yew Tree and as we stand there next to it I become aware of everything merging into the tree which is a vast vortex or portal of light that extends from the Heavens to the Inner Earth Sun. It is very busy in its channel with much activity of beings on many different dimensions. And it feels like the whole of the landscapes are aligned and joined back that had been fragmented at the fall are now whole and healed and I see new land coming up out of the ocean above Lewis……I now know why we had to go to Lewis it’s about the rising land, but I know we don’t need to go now physically.
I had to go outside under the night sky and connect with my skulls that had been out there the citrine with  a gem cut citrine, the cryrosphase with a big chunk, the jade with a piece of nephrite and then amethyst with a amethyst cluster.
Then bring them inside to the magic carpet and to bed.
I get there is a big integration process taking place and best to lie down until 2am when we meet at the church.
I know there is more happening but will get it tomorrow morning.

In the time in between I go to bed but keep my awareness at the Yew tree. The energies are very powerful and it feels like it is aligning balancing and connecting everything that has gone on.

FROM SARA Yew tree 28.7.19 1pm
Around the side of the Yew tree where I have connected previously, a star brethren comes and greets me; feeling familiar. I am immediately my star being self.
You arrive and we are taken through a light passage in the earth and around to where the massive portal is. I understand now why it made me feel so sick the first time it was seen when our guide explains it goes completely through the earth and out into the universe. There is no bottom to it...
Our guide offers to show us from his ship, which we do. The ship takes us through the void in the earth out out into the starlit darkness. As we journey, we talk.
Our guide explains that in asking for change, humanity needs to decide whether it wants to be ruled by others (referring to off planet interference) or rule itself. Our guide continues, ‘We cannot interfere if enough of you elect to be ruled by others. It is the task of mankind to help one another, not to leave it to others in self interest. Your brothers and sisters will mock and laugh (at you), they know no better, but by providing information, you plant seeds, even amongst those who appear impervious. Do not doubt the strength of the Sword of Truth, Crusaders! You are on the planet because you have access to that truth. I speak these words to all who will see them.’

I ask if this has not always been the case for humanity but appeared to have changed little.
The response was ‘Yes, but currently the highest proportion of population ever, resides on the planet, available to hear it. This is the Golden moment.’
We were offered work on our voice boxes to assist with a longer lasting resonance of our words and advise given to enable additional production.
After our journey ended, we stopped at a type of docking station in the side of the portal. It glowed pink.
Our guide confirmed he was Sirian and his people had arrived here at ‘first light’. They had to fight many wars with others to retain their position here. They said they now share with other visitors and use the space as temporary homes while away from their own planetary home. He added that they feel this is their planet too.
I asked if it’s because of the Earth’s resources that it appeals and am told that nature creates resources for all. No one is purely privy to all that is provided by One. I understand this to be true.
Our guide continues, ‘We take only that which is required and this is something humanity needs to learn too.’
Our guide said they are happy to assist individuals, once they have awakened to their star being selves and that we are watched (assisted), once awakened.
He added ‘We all have our tasks to do here’.

My 2am 29th
We are at the church, in fact we haven’t left the tree or church area and I see the stained glass windows at the end, not very big but enough to light up the church. At the altar we stand and then I feel this incredible energy through me and I feel like I am being imprinted with a whole new hologram for want of a better word, not program it feels like mega imprints of light dancing through me like little atoms. I look at Sara and see she is shining light, a glow. There is angel singing in the higher realms.
I get told about new contracts but I say no, I am not signing any until I know what they are. I am so over clearing mega contracts and agreements I am not going back into that dance again. In fact would prefer to have no contracts or agreements and be in direct alignment with source and divine will and plan and operate from the stillness and wisdom within. So be it!!

The church itself seems to be a disc of light and then the knights all come back in and surround us they say it is done and what they have waited a long time to happen. They say there are other people in different knight locations who have been doing similar work, a lot not fully conscious of why they are there but they have anchored this new template. The template of love, template of new Eden, the New Earth for the collective.

There is a celebration and then the Holy Grail is handed around one more time to drink from and share in its purity of divine essence and pure love. Sara drinks and then I take it and drink long and hard, this time not a sip as it is a never ending supply. I see all my old contacts, agreements, and aspects out of balance, pictures programming grids all fly off me and are dissolved in the light in the church.

 I hear the words ‘born anew’. Then I am aware of the Christ presence in the church so vast and loving and we are all encompassed in it, at peace and completed. It’s like there is a collective sigh. As this journey (from the beginning of earths creation) has not been without its dangers and challenges, and still on the lower planes the duality dramas are not over yet. But we are in the Christed love of our true selves and act as a BeAm of love and oneness through it all. As our service is by no means over yet.. But now it has changed direction. We are out of the old energies of sacrifice, struggle, work too hard, die for the cause, give always but receive little. We are born anew.

FROM SARA 28.7.19 Fortingall church 3 pm

The Chalice is in the ceiling above where an altar should be (but isn’t). Gold lines or star wires are coming out of the Chalice base and running through corners of the room and floor.
The Chalice temporarily lowers and appears to ‘seal or fuse the wires’ underneath it.
I am given to understand that they are new grid lines of communication and the merging of the lines with the purity of the Chalice ensures no distortion.
It is like a sort of cosmic telephone exchange. We are told the purity held in the church at Fortingall and the position of it above the portal, makes it the surest site for such connections. New gridlines of communication, in and through the land. We give each other high fives and laugh as we knew this to be the final outcome. It’s like the joy of end of term exams where all was successful. A truly epic journey!!

In regards to the massive winds that blew through while we were all in Rosslyn, of course this happens on a personal level too.

Complete life changing situations. We’d better hold onto our hats lol.

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