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with Soluntra King



On November 15th just after midnight, on the Taurus super full moon and pedigree 0.21am almost the exact time there was an earthquake that went on and on. Where I lived in the eastern Bay of Plenty, NZ it rolled and rolled on the ground and the floor of my house was shaking and rolling. I knew there was a big one somewhere. I asked inner self if a tsunami was coming and got told no, so went to bed. The next morning of course I found out about the earthquakes, the biggest was 7.8 near Kaikoura where we were to meet as a group on the 29th November to connect with the dolphins in a dolphin swim and whales out at sea to receive the light codes for the Light Template anchoring.
No one realised just how bad it was at first, the earth quaking took no lives in the South Island, or Wellington where they did claim several buildings in the CBD to be demolished. I tuned into what the reason was for it and saw the Earth releasing light codes and establishing the New Earth. We learnt a bit later new land literally came up along the coastline at Kaikoura, up to 6 metres high and 50 meters more land to the shore now.

I had to regroup and tune into an alternative place for us, and found that the only place we could swim with the dolphins would be Akaroa Harbour, Banks Peninsular east of Christchurch. To my surprise and delight we could all get a swim and in fact had the whole boat to ourselves. Then it was just a matter of finding accommodation which was in the form of holiday homes and we were set with our new direction for the journey.

There were twelve of us, one had a sick pet so arrived later on the journey, with people from NZ, Australia, Malaysia and Wales. Meeting at one of the houses of some of the group with views over the harbour, we
connected with gratitude and opened to our Diamond Light Body. The purpose of the journey to thread the Starlines into harmony with the Earth domes and grids. The dolphins and whales hold the codes as do the ancient sacred rocks at Castle Hill. Slipping in to the timelessness and void, and universes within universes. All is well, the ancient ones await you all and greet you. The Sirian Stargate keepers will seed the codes through the dolphins to us all as we swim. Aware of the Light City through the ocean and landscape there. We opened to our Earth Star Light Body that takes us into the Earthsun Body then through the levels of our Light Body one with the Earths Light Body and soul travel into the Light City.
akaroa harbour view

The next morning 30th November we meet again to prepare for the dolphin swim with the Hector Dolphins who have always lived in the harbour at Akaroa. With light language in our Earth Star Light Bodies and through the cosmic time clock spiralling vortexes of universal flow, in the octahedron 13 rays dimensional integration we soul travel with the dolphins swimming in the Light City. They have been here since the third cycle.

The dolphins greet us and instantly we are revealed, our soul is bare like coloured fragments all floating in the ethers contained in our transparent bodies. Then in an instant we see the parts unloved, then we come together again and enter into the Light City, where we play and swim with the dolphins through their beautiful structures. Until we come to its centre and there is a Great Sun with soft light not blazing and burning, as our souls beauty far outweighs the little portion still to be loved into the one.
We stay in this beautiful light soft golden light while any fears, pain, grief are realised that still held us in limitations. The dolphins softly toning as we shift frequency and start to go deeper into the Sun, and through the Sirian Stargate to receive the codes for the Light Template to be anchored at Mt Titiroa, crown chakra of the New Earth. In the Shambala Field that is about to integrate through the physical realms as the majority of humanity are now ready to embrace the love. Surrender into their higher selves and their light selves, when enough can do this things will change for the better for everyone and all nature.
The dolphins look each if us in the eye, all knowing all love as we go deeper and deeper, the codes come
through you/us not only to hold for the Light Template but for each on a personal level also in the love and joy.

boat dolphins akaroagroup swimsuitsThen we go to the wharf and get geared up in thick wetsuits with booties and snorkels and onto the boat.
For some reason I felt sick as soon as I got on the boat, I thought it was seasickness but never get sea sick on calm water and when I first get on a boat. I start to feel sicker as we go out into the harbour and the dolphins start to come in and surround us we all enter into the water, I think I will feel better in the water but feel sicker still. The dolphins swim around us all and play and dance so full of joy, there are so many of them and they keep dancing around in between us all as we bounce around in our floating wetsuits. Then it’s time to get back on board.
As the boat starts I am at the back being sick over the edge of the boat while the dolphins are putting on such an amazing display dancing and jumping up high at the front of the boat. According the boat people they don’t usually do that. But of course the dolphins know what’s going on and so happy to share the codes for the Light Template anchoring.
I still felt sick that night and the next morning when I realise what it was. I was picking up on and transmuting a dark mass of very negative energy from ET’s from the third cycle.

We drove up the hill for Akaroa Township to looking down on the harbour, then across the hills to the end of the peninsular. It was cold grey day, but as usual the elementals are holding off the rain as we park and walk down the hill in the long grass to find a flat area to do our mudra and sit, as we looked out to sea and to the stone cliffs below with an archway.
After we had opened to our kundalini flow more, dimensional integration and into our Diamond Light Body we connect to the Whales who are waiting for us with smiles on their faces. So beautiful as we open to receive the light codes for anchoring at the New Earths Crown Chakra through the gateway of the Cosmic Ocean and divine energies of the whales as we play immersed in the Cosmic Ocean with them and resonate to the sounds of creation, the Living Library Light that they shared not only to carry with us but for our own benefit as well.

It had got even colder when we finished and started to gently rain as we drove back to the township and to the venue house for lunch then journey into the Light City. As we opened to the light codes of DNA at the densest structures of our physical body and to our self in the unified matrix and higher planes of creation, open the highest aspect of self we could access. Then into the Light City aware of the dolphins there. Who took us to the dark mass like a meteorite but placed there by an ET race that in that cycle killed everyone and thing except the dolphins who survived. They had shields of Light and were able to go back through the Sirius Stargate there. The Sirians could not stop these ET’s from the destruction and take over at that time but sent Light Ships and the Galactic Federation came back and managed to contain it until now when it was to be transmuted completely so it could no longer harm anyone or thing. It was connected to the earthquakes as well.
Once it was contained the ET race left realising they were no match for the Galactic Federation but hoped to come back and slip in unnoticed at a later time. Which has not happened. The ET race were from Spica in Virgo and the dolphins have stayed at Akaroa all this time keeping guard.
Now in our highest aspect in alignment with Divine Will and Plan we tone as it disintegrated. As this happened the Sun came out and shone through the clouds, always a sign that the shift has occurred. The energies became so beautiful in the Light City and out through the sea and landscape.

We needed to work with the earthquake as well. The big one in February 2011 that has destroyed Christchurch CBD and many suburbs, and killed almost 200 was part of the Earth realigning the energies. From a cycle when she had been abused in Atlantis style technology and many thousands of souls had to be released from the Earth as well. But this latest earthquake was not a release of old karmic energies but a release of codes for the New Earth.
We connected to the stars and planets within then to all the standing stones, stones circles, crystalline grid, Light grid, pyramids all around the Earth, great diamonds all around the Earth and the diamond light matrix and golden solar discs and solar grid. Aware of twelve crystal tablets that had been placed in circle that encompassed the ocean, Christchurch, up to Kaikoura and they were shattered. These were from the second cycle when a misuse of them created great imbalance and destruction of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, and now to raise the Light City again with the Kaikoura earthquake.

Now it was time to assist the tablets to heal, as we opened to the universal flow and the thirteen rays of the rainbow. We connected to each Crystal Tablet in the oneness, open to their gifts and essence.

The first Crystal Tablet; for clarity of purpose as it heals what is yours.

The second Crystal Tablet; openness to the divine love within and through the Earth and ones heart as the fragments return through love and acceptance.

The third Crystal Tablet; strengthen the inner light that is ours to connect to more fully.

The fourth Crystal Tablet; harmonising the grids and energy flows of the Earth and our body.

The fifth Crystal Tablet; synchronising the Stars into alignment with the grid points and vortexes here and within us.

The sixth Crystal Tablet; harmonising the water flows under the Earth and on the surface, in our cells and body.

The seventh Crystal Tablet; clearing the trauma in the tablets and in each of us.

The eight Crystal Tablet; adjusting the light frequencies in the tablets and within as we hold the higher light octaves now coming through.

The ninth Crystal Tablet; energising the vortex and chakra points in the Earth here and within.

The tenth Crystal Tablet; synchronising the Inner Earth Sun, Sun and Central Suns through the tablets and you.

The eleventh Crystal Tablet; holding the Diamond Light, multi- prismed as the fragments are drawn back into oneness and love.

The twelfth Crystal Tablet; the twelve harmonising though the Earth and grids, opening up a whole new grid point in the New Earth.

Aware of the Crystal Tablets resonating, the Light City rising, the land changing and rearranging just as we are. The DNA in the Earth, the light codes resonating more as the fragments are brought back into the one. The DNA resonating with the crystal tablets, everything, rejuvenated, aware of the crystal tablets singing in harmony as the vortex starts to flow and glow and open to the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth.
The grid point opened for the New Earth for us all, the light in your cells glowing bright, the doorway opens within, as you and the vortex open into the higher dimensional Earth. Harmony glows out from your centre and the centre of the vortex within the circle of crystal tablets in the land and seascape, DNA integration through the earth, crystals and us. Harmonising to create the sacred space for us to live in love, abundance and peace within.

The next day December 2nd we drove through Christchurch with some of the group needing to stop at second hand shops to get more warm clothing as they live in hot climates, not prepared or used to it being cold. Then we all meet at the carpark to Castle Hill up the foothills of the Southern Alps at 2.30pm. We all arrived at the same time, amazing. We walked along the path looking towards the incredible rocks, the
landscape of giant stones "Spiritual Centre of the Universe" an important energy centre for the Earth according to the Dalai Lama. Waitaha legend had it that this was where ancient priests passed on their knowledge to their protégés, a place of archeoastronomy that aligns distant galaxies with sacred rocky outcrops.Great Sun and Star Temple vortex point to connect with the ancient ones and through the rocks into the new solar system and galaxies as the starmaps come through us.
castlehill distance top

We first stop at the doorway and connected, asking permission to enter and connect to the ancient ones here, the guardians and star beings, inner earth beings, elementals, devas and all beautiful beings who exist through the scared rocks and vortex.
Then we walk through the rocks and up the steep hill to the top and the Great Sun and Star temple. The walk was not as easy as it first looked and as we huffed and puffed to the top and walked over to beneath the great rock of the Sun.

caste hill2decsunstartempleWe sat and connected open to the liquid light plasma from the Inner Earth Sun and Suns, open to the New Sun, the Sun has shifted as well and illuminates Central Sun light codes. Aware we are in the temple of the Great Sun and Stars and connecting to the RA in our Earth Star Light Body, aware of the great RA and cosmic doorway of the Great Sun and Star temple with the solar system spinning around us, the galaxies out from the solar systems spinning around us, as we are in their centre.
A great explosion occurs and the new stars are born from the Great Sun, sparkling and glowing out through the rocks, solar system, and galaxy. A release from within us and the Ra creative essence. It sparks through the golden solar disc and solar grids through the Suns that we all are, all humanity is.
Now we can begin and whole new process of Being the Love from within. As on a personal level feeling so much love for our struggles, fears, grief. Our ability to stay present and Be who we truly are in our body and life as before our eyes it all unfolds. From the love that we are, aware of the Ra Being we are as the illusion of who we are not opens to the solar being we are.
On a cosmic level through the solar system, distant galaxies and universes a resonance of love pours out in preparation for the Starlines to align.
The energy was powerful as we lay on the Earth feeling the kundalini energy pulsating through the Earth the starmap and our body. I had been feeling exhausted before this as had so much to do before coming on the journey with not much time to sleep for so long. But now all exhaustion left my body thanks to the starmap earth energies flowing through me, as everyone in the group also experienced the blessings and rejuvenation.

caste hill3dec

We then walked back down the steep hill and over to some rocks where I knew there was a serpent tunnel. As we sat by the doorway and moved through as we embraced our dragon serpent origins and moved through the serpent tunnel to where we were guided to be. Aware of the purpose, moving in divine cosmic flow. I went straight through the tunnels and up through Mt Titiroa to the top point as the codes for the starmap and Great Sun Star temple and rocks went through the top point at Mt Titiroa. Where the golden cosmic egg had been anchored on the March equinox 2009 after my inner planes journey (I was in India at the time and was out to it for three days in the higher planes in preparation) to the Potala in Tibet and the inner tunnels, as I was given the cosmic egg to then physically have to go to Mt Titiroa and anchor it. Now the codes from the Castle Hill starmap, rocks and stars came right up to the top of Titiroa and stars formed in a dome shape.
Honouring that Antares was conjunct the Sun on this day also, my Stargate as we went deeper into our heart and through the doorway of the Stargate we each came through, aware of the codes we brought in as we prepared for the soul travel to the ancient mystery school at Castle Hill that night.

caste hill3dec schoolWe meet at the doorway and connect, finding some beautiful rocks to sit in between, but the sun is so
intense that we have to move to a great rock that is providing some shade. It was Saturday and there were school kids everywhere in groups climbing the rocks as well as others with their parents, we couldn’t believe how busy and noisy it was, but it was beautiful to see everyone injoying the rocks.
We first do inner awareness and loving of the imprints we had taken on in our physical and energy bodies. Old programs no longer needed and that possibly still affected the health and emotions, thoughts and experiences we choose to take on to help shift the negative programs in the collective consciousness. As service as a unifier, or to know what it is to be in the physical planes and experience that for our soul family, light and star families who choose not to come into bodies.
As the imprints transmuted as we opened to our divine blueprints and physical immortality. Dimensional integration
through each of us and the crystalline grids. As we made the sounds codes of the mandalas some of the children climbing and playing around us also toned the sounds which was really gorgeous.

We had lunch then had to move to move to the other side of the great rock as the sun had moved and it was still very intense. NZ might not be as hot as some places but the UV rays and sun so strong, the ozone layer being so thin here.

As we opened to the stars and planets within and the Councils of Light at the level of the sixth dimension where the ancient mystery school was operating from and through the Andromedan Galaxy.
Aware of our self at the level of the sixth dimensional council of light. Each of us sitting in the council and holding the codes of the star wisdom, earth wisdom that is taught here. On the inner planes aware of the thirteen teaching chambers and levels of awareness that those who are ready come too.

The crystalline structures of light start with a vibration that can adjust easily to the physical body first, the initiate illuminates with healing energies to balance the endocrine glands, hormones, nerves and cleanse blood. Allowing yourself to be in the chamber resonating, your body balancing and learning to heal yourself from within…
As now you open up to the next chamber, the light codes are glowing through the chamber like waterfalls of codes, you learn about your Light Body.
It is not just filaments of Light and adjusting to the flows of the Universe but is the universe and sings in oneness, you have a Cosmic body of Light. Earth body of Light, Star body, Tree light body, water body of light…

As you move into the third chamber it resonates with the pulse of the heart of the earth, the rocks, crystals, diamonds and life force as it expresses itself in density. You open to the understanding of creation in dense form. Creation creates from Love at all levels, it impregnates the Void.

As you move into the fourth chamber there are beautiful lights and soft colours flowing through and around you, your feel light in form and learn about the ethers and how it is part of everything and connects everything from densest form to the highest non-form.
The ethers connects all and is the love plasma essence of creation, the glue of it all.

As you now move into the fifth chamber and the light is so bright, but soft and loving, you meet yourself and converse about your soul journey. Here to be free, the Light in its limitations to be divine light. Observe your soul journey and what you have learned from it.

In the sixth chamber you are walking in the stars, they sing to you as you pass by, so light and joyful, you see stars supernova and new stars born, you become aware of how this works.

In the seventh chamber in the stars, through the earth, you sit and go within, into the void and stillness within. You are given from the stillness a sphere that is a Sun, but also crystal and light you look into it and are shown the secrets of life.

In the eight teaching chamber you become one with the sphere/sun and are given the information you need now for the creation of the New Earth.
To see it as it is already, as it is here, to Be in it from love and acceptance of all your fears.

In the ninth teaching chamber as you come through the sphere in the earth, your body, and can travel the songlines, the serpent tunnels as you allow yourself to simply Be. Travel in the stillness and oneness as you are already there, and everywhere at once.

In the tenth chamber you move in Liquid Light Plasma, you learn how to move through the serpent vortexes to distant galaxies already there.

In the eleventh chamber you are in the Councils of Light once again receiving codes from the Andromedan Living Library of Light and how to utilise them.

In the twelfth chamber there are so many Beings, each you in a different hologram. Learning about yourself in the holograms of the furthest extreme of your love.

In the thirteenth chamber you are grounded, present, holding the earth star wisdom you are ready and the rocks sing to you. You greet each one ready to move into your new life, you are shown what you need to know about your flow, as you are in your life here on earth with the changes taking place.
Let go of all you do, allow it to be, surrendered into divine will and plan, aware of the healing chambers of earth and star wisdom.

Then I realise one of the thirteen skulls is here. Very big smokey quartz, citrine with twelve jade and amber skulls surrounding it. The great Skull here is important for the Starlines that will be anchored next, it is sending out transmissions to us and to my citrine skull that arrived just as I was off to get the plane to Christchurch, with lots more to unfold yet. The great Skull if it allows you to connect with it is so deep and vast through multi-verses. The Skull is a receptacle of cosmic wisdom and knowledge as well as a catalyst, doorway through our self to move to the next level in our own soul journey in physical body on earth one with all creation from the stillness within.

I asked if it had a name and it told me from feeling so deep within it that it has no name, is beyond names, but I could call it a sacred name that I felt resonated for where I was at with it.

It was now 4pm, the day had flown since we arrived in the morning, we walked through even more amazing rocks and cliff faces and back up to the top of the hill to the Great Sun and Star temple. It was still a tough climb for us all and this time we had to go to the rock at the very top of the hill.
     We sit in the long grass near the huge rock and vortex and speak in light language. The energy so intense, we speak about what’s happening, as we are in the Mothership preparing for the alignment of the Starlines, they are coming through us.
   The Skull is beaming out transmissions ready for the connection of its origins and the resonance of harmony from the multi-verses through the Stars and Starmap.
It vibrates in the higher dimensions as does Shambala and is holding a beam, a rod that holds the worlds together including Shambala as we speak of our connection to Shambala.
castlehill3dec starlnes
The Dalai Lama and Lord Maitreya are there and we are embraced in the eternal love, as we open to Shambala with the awareness of our place there. Embraced in such gratitude for our/your loving service. Now Shambala and the Spiritual Centre of the Universe, the higher dimensional Stars come through the great Cosmic Starmap to be anchored through the landscape.
The New Stars of the higher dimensional Solar System are then anchored through the Starmap as the Starlines aligned, we one through the Greater Central Sun.
The higher dimensional stars needed to be anchored first to stabilise the Earth. As the Starlines anchored, the alignment of stars through the multi-verse, universe, galaxy, Andromedan Galaxy the higher dimensional Solar System, our Solar System as they come through us into the Starmap and Crystal Skull under Castle Hill. Placed there aeons ago and used in Atlantis and Lemuria and other cycles before, now activated and aligned once more, resonating and connecting with all the skulls.

The energy was so on we couldn’t move for some time and just lay or sat and injoyed it. We realised we had been at the stones almost 12 hours and the day had just flown in no time, the stillness. Feeling so blessed and grateful we drove back to our holiday home at the village nearby to integrate.

franz joseph4decfranz joseph2

The next morning we drove over Arthurs pass, an amazing feat of engineering with concrete shut that takes the waterfall over the top of the road to pour out over the cliff. As the road came out of the mountains and fog and down onto the plains and west coast to the town of Franz Josef.
In the afternoon we walked up to the glacier which has been retreating radically in the last few decades. Some might be upset with earth changes but look at it in another way, the glacier is sharing the ancient light codes that hold the memory of a time when the earth was pure, the atmosphere clear. The memory can be transferred through the waterways of the earth and also through the water contents of our body.

We sat as close as we could get to the glacier, now because of the rapid melt it’s too destructive to the glacier and dangerous for anyone to walk on it unless you pay a fortune to helicopter in, but we didn’t need to be right on it.
We connected to the Ancient Ones and guardians and the water in our bodies and waterways of the Earth with the awareness of where we were, and the deva of the glacier and water sprites dancing around us. As we connected deep with the ancient codes in the water. We had prepared by being one with the Liquid Light Plasma field from the Inner Earth Sun and Suns with light bulbs going off in the chakra points through our body awakening more fully to the vastness of our Being. In the spiralling vortexes of the thirteen rays of the rainbow through the octahedron multi-d doorway, doorway of divine love and light open to our Iridescent Light Body. Aware of the iridescence through all our bodies form the love within, one with the earth heart, seeing the light and not the judgement or separation, but oneness all aspects of self, beautiful. The old dross falls away, the light shines through the endocrine glands from the chakras, then out through the body and bodies.
The ancient light codes coming through the river of the glacier, out to the ocean and oceans, through the rivers, lakes, ponds, streams, waterways, waterfalls, irrigation, stored water in dams, tanks, underground water, the rain, snow, hail, through the atmosphere and clouds, sparkling and the light codes illuminating through all the water as well as within our body’s. Through our heart and love we send the vibration out as the ancient light codes flow through the waterways within us and the Earth transmuting the pollution, it’s all divine, all one, all love, not creating separation anymore. Through the water in us and the glacier light codes flow. With our visualisation, intent, thoughts and from our heart the ancient codes of light.

We stayed in the energy for a long time, it was getting darker and really cold as we made our way back down the valley beside the river. Another glacier lover coming up the track had told us about some of the glacier right by the path, it was amazing huge chunks of blue ice under the gravel, we drank from it and touched it. That night a soul travel in Shambala.

lakematherson5decThe next day we drove to Fox Glacier but first had to go to Lake Matheson nearby, Inner Earth Doorway, a serpent tunnel here to the Gobi Desert and Shambala, (in the old cycle we are now moving out of Shambala was accessed by the initiate physically attempting to get there, a major feat with many challenges to transcend. Shambala is now within us and with us in the vibration of love).
We walk around the lake through the bush with the birdsongs and such natural beauty of ferns, moss, trees and plants. With views of the lake that on a clear day reflects the mountains so magically, but this day was cloudy but still warm. We sat by the water in the stillness not wishing to move. Then later walked right around the lake to the doorway as we found a great place to sit off the track and private on the cliff, the lake below us not far, the occasion chatter of people walking past.
We connected to the Elementals first where we lived to see if they were trapped by human activity on the landscape in disregard for their wellbeing. Then within us, any causing health problems or any helping. Connecting to the elementals where we were and then our Dragon and Serpent origins. As we connected to the Inner Earth Sun aware of the cycles and civilisations gone into light, in the higher realms like Shambala overseeing the evolution of humanity.

Aware we were at the sacred lake, mirror of the sacred mountains Aoraki (Mt Cook) and Mt Tasman. Moving through the serpent tunnels to Shambala. Aware of the energy spiralling through us/you as if you are disintegrating into nothing. A beautiful vapour of golden light with rainbows glistening through and around you as you enter Shambala and re materialise.
Aware of how you look and feel and what your form is…and light within, life giving radiance. As you become aware of being in the presence of Lord Maitreya and that you are receiving a transmission for your new body, new life. Be open and aware of what comes to you…….in the One Heart, One Earth….

foxglacier5decThen we move off and drive to the car park to Fox Glacier, again the glacier has receded a lot even since
the last time I was there in 2008 when we could climb on it. We walk up the track through the canyon that the glacier has etched out of the rock over thousands of years. We get to the end of the track and viewing area and sit on the rocks as we tune into the glacier and all the beings here, the Light Ships, water sprites. The ancient codes come flowing through the water in our cells and the waterways from the ancient light codes from the glacier. They go out to the oceans and all the waterways of earth and in the earth. Spiralling and iridescent the ancient codes merge through all the water in us and the Earth.
Seeing all beings can open and be in the higher light and heart light, peace within and on Earth if they choose. One with all the pollution and disharmony to see it all as it truly is. Each of us has the power to transform the toxic water, earth, air, food into its true form; love, by our love and moving out of the judgement and separation consciousness to see the divine in everyone and thing. The water is able to flow, the codes through everything in nature but is transcendent nature. It’s up to each and every one to remember the power of our love and our visualisation, intent and thoughts of whole ness as we don’t have to buy into the fear and then be trapped in the physical. All is energy and our love creates the New Earth.

The next day we drive down the coast through Haast Pass and inland past Lake Wanaka and then to Lake Hawea, one of my favourite places with the amazing Cosmic Egg here that the ancient Dragon has guarded.
We go down to the lake and it is a windy day, the lake is choppy and the devas, nature spirits, sprites and elementals beings as happy for us to be there. As we connect in our own way with the lake and Cosmic Egg, we are silent and absorbed in the incredible energy, feeling at peace and relaxed.
Opening to our Diamond Light Body and the thirteen rays of the rainbow, as the ancient guardian the Dragon in the lake comes to us holding the Cosmic Egg. We surround the egg with the intention to clear the karmic dross and programs for the DNA through the grids. As we do lotus breathing and merge into the egg, expanding and contracting within, without our breathe awareness brings us through the egg, through the stillness and void within as the dross and old stuck energies in the fault lines and grids in New Zealand first, then out through the Ring of Fire, the Dragons all align and fly out from the mountains, volcanoes, valleys and caves.
We all tone and sing as the grids start to harmonise through the tectonic plates. The fault lines and grids intensify the healing impact as we are one in the Cosmic Egg. Aware of the cosmic structure of the egg, the filaments of light and codes of creation.
The Dragon in the lake has been the guardian of the egg from the beginning of Earth. Since it was created, made habitable by the Dragon, Serpent People, the Cosmic Egg has been through all the cycles and maintained the purity of Prime Creators essence in the realms of form.
Receiving the Star energies, the Sun and Moon rays of the changing cosmos, it has been present as we have evolved and transformed as a collective of Star races that have come to Earth over cycles and times with agendas and needs. The changing nature with the creation of plants and beings, and the extinction and move into the higher realms.
As you are open with the egg you sense and know deep within all the changes of creation, the flows and the ebbs of starlight codings.
Now you are prepared for the next change in creation as we know it in and on the Earth, in our Solar System, Galaxy/s, Universe/s.

Aware of the Light, Starlight, Solar and Lunar rays glowing through the egg and you. Adjusting your body and bodies as your soul knows deep within and you allow your soul to come forth more fully in the resonance of your transforming essences of Being.
As you come out of the Void into creation so too does your soul come out of its stillness and peace with an inner sound and resonance that illuminates through you, through the densest structures of your physical body.
We are now in the Cosmic Egg that is through all our energy field ready for the completion of our mission at Mt Titiroa.

lakemanapouri8decThe next day the 7th we drive to Lake Manapouri to stay on the shore of the lake, another one of my favourite places, Galactic Centre cross over point and blessed by the Devi after the energies were transferred from Mt Kailash in 2009 at the Wesak Full Moon.

The following day it is sunny and warm, wow what a blessing. I take everyone back over the journey so far aware of the light codes we hold from the Dolphins and Whales, the Cosmic Egg and Shambala field with the starmap codes already transferred from Castle Hill, spiritual centre of our universe to Mt Titiroa crown chakra of the New Earth.

With some inner union of archetypes, overlays and implants. Aware of our Stargate codes as we came into this body and particular vortex. Open to our joy and creative expression, grounded through us and the Earth. Divine Blueprint glowing through our Earth Star Light body through the galactic cross over point at the lake as we sat by its shore.
The lake holds the creative codes of assistance of light in the higher dimensions as Shambala is here now for all who choose and are open. Aware of the source that power the lower planes embraced in it all. As we remember our divinity and loving service, a privilege and blessing.

We swim in the lake, it is so clear and cool, the softness of the water and codes caress and move through us. So nice to have the sun so warm for a change as we dry off on the shore. The sun still high in the sky and light until after 10pm.

After years and aeons of experience and service we have now come to full integration of our multi-d radiant self and our physical body. Through our heart and love, the doorway. This is open to all who choose as we the BE AM holders, creating so many portals of divine light and love in oneness through all words and dimensions as we move beyond the illusion and now ready to incorporate this more fully in our lives. New beginnings.

We get to the Te Anau airport at 8.30am ready to helicopter up the mountain, they take our weights with bags and then we go up in two lots of six. Everyone is excited, this is my sixth time up the mountain but I am still excited as well. The buzz of being in the copper is so awesome and then to land on the sacred mountain by the sacred lake. The elementals had supported us for the whole journey and even though it was very possible the weather could cloud over or fog over, and we would have to come down early, but I knew we would have enough time to do what was required. Apparently there had been full snow only five days before so we were blessed with snow still on the higher terrain towards the top rock formations.

The elementals support this completely and are a major part of it as the Light Template has been coded through the elementals realm’s to integrate the non-physical or unseen to the physical eye, worlds that exist on and through Earth. Once we unify we create no vibration that is disruptive we still have our individual personalities mission, loves, life but now with full awareness and unity consciousness, what a difference that makes.


We stand by the lake and connect linked by hands and hearts and sit in the sacred space, resonating with the vortex, open to the stars and planets within and Shambala. The vortex there as we spiral into the flow, one with the vortex and down into the crystalline grid. The Crystal Devas have all come to be with us, so happy at what is occurring.

We/you each travel out through the crystalline grid to a location on Earth.
I instantly go to Sedona. Then once we return from all the vortexes we were taken to around the Earth, the frequency has shifted through the Shambala field, higher dimensional realms through the Crystalline Grid, Diamond Light Matrix and come up through the vortex at the lake sixth dimensional. As we are in the New Earth matrix of Light now ready to integrate the Earth and grids through us, the Stars Planets, Galaxy the sixth dimensional matrix of Light. The sixth dimensional grid point open in Divine Will and plan, in the Shambala field of divine love and oneness.

EQtitroa3After being in the peaceful space for some time we start to climb up the steep hillside, opposite the summit. With crystalline gravel, rocks of all sizes as we near the top where so many awesome huge rock sentinels are it is a howling wind and cold. We find the best sheltered area in the great rocks and sit and attune to our Earth Star Light Body and travel around the mountain in a soul travel seeing the rocks as the beings they are, the Stonehenge that was here in the last cycle. Aware of this sacred mountain as it was/is utilised aligned through the Earth vortex here that is now being balanced and coming back into alignment with the Stars in the Multi-verses and Galaxies.

As each of us move through a doorway that shines out to you, into the inner realms in the mountain. The beings there are busy in preparation for the light template anchoring, we greet them and they are overjoyed we are here.
They ask that we include them in the anchoring at the top and aware of the Light Ship above us all beaming Light through the mountain and us all.
As we see Shambala itself interfaced through he Light Ship and the Mountain as now we connect in the stillness and allow our/yourself to open up to the radiance of your true essence and understand your place in the world, in Shambala, in the New Earth.
Then in your/our Diamond Light Bodies we connect through the Diamond Light Matrix.
It is almost Timeline merging time, starting at 11.48am for 5 minutes. So we each go to a place we feel guided, I go over to some incredible rocks others go down by the lake or to other rocks. As we go into the silence and stillness as our timelines merge in the peace within.

We then meet down at the lake ready to ascend up to the summit for the Light Template anchoring. It was a steep climb up the crystal gravel and rock, with snow in many places but we managed to walk around it. Some of us got to the lower summit and stayed there, and eight of us got to the top summit, where the Golden Cosmic Egg was anchored, and many other missions creating foundations for this time.



mtitiroasummit2After a short rest we stood in a circle and linked hands and hearts, going through the doorway of our heart to open to the highest dimensional self we could at that time, bring that divine aspect within through our
heart integrated through us fully. Aware of holding the Living Library of Light through y/our heart and the Diamond and Sun that you are.
Aware of the light codes from the Dolphins and through the Sirian Stargate, the Whales through the Cosmic Ocean. The ancient codes from the glaciers, pure and clear. The codes from Castle Hill Starmap through the serpent tunnels already here, the dome of stars around us and through us at the top of the mountain. The Cosmic Egg from Lake Hawea through all cycles you are in and through. The Cosmic Golden Egg here from Tibet, the inner tunnels and Shambala field integrated. The Inner Earth Beings here in the mountain, the Light Ship. As now the Light Template anchors through the elementals, the stones and multiverses, the Crystals and Stars, the water in our bodies, the Cosmic Ocean, the Dragon Lines and the New Paradigm doorway, the Light Cities and Dreamtime, the Diamonds and Diamond Light Matrix, the dolphins, whales Starmaps, higher dimensional Stars. As the Light illuminates through all the elementals and earth star codes to be anchored at the crown chakra of the New Earth. The Inner Earth beings align it in to the Inner Earth realms all one. As we toned from our divine selves it was felt by us all and we were in awe of what is going on through us, the Earth, the Stars and Suns all one.

After staying up at the top summit for some time we then descend back to the lake. Those who never made it right to the top also toned with us and felt the template anchor. To those of you who linked in as well thank you dear Shambala/Light family in the one heart.

I went off to some other rocks and had to lie down on the rocks until the helicopter was coming as it rounded the corner of the mountain and came up over the lake to and take us in two loads back down to the airport.
When we got down of course it was a hot day but it had stayed pretty cold up on the mountain. We were all pretty whacked out energetically and were only capable of heading back to our rooms. All I could do was shower and lie on the bed and sleep 11 hours, which I know everyone else did to lesser or longer degree, not to mention the following days of integration.

lakemanapourirainbow11decThe last day together at the lake, December 10th, we meet at 2pm and I noticed straight away how shifted we all were, it was so easy to guide everyone into very high Light and also very deep stillness, later we spoke about how we all noticed it big time.
In our Earth Star Light body with unified male female, goddess god union within, we soul travel the mountain going over what has occurred and experienced as the Shambala field is now out through the Earth for those who choose to accept and embrace the love that they are, peace on Earth.

The Light Template anchored in the Elemental energies of Earth and Stars, 6D merging and embodiment with the physical plane through our body. As we asked the elementals what we can do for them in loving service. As we sit at the lake galactic cross over point open to our joy and creative expression, one through the Earth and Greater Central Sun our bodies clearer and embracing higher dimensional aspects we now need to be aware of as we step it up to be consciousness of our self in the higher realms and the responsibilities at that level.

As the stars of the higher dimensional Star System are anchored through the lake and Galactic Centre within and without. The mountain resonates and the star domes connect out in radius to encompass the whole mountain and lake and landscape through the vortexes to 6D grid points in the 6D grid.   

That night I soul travel back to the anchor point at the summit and meet the Inner Earth Beings there and the Devi sings the most beautiful song and the Inner Earth beings are rejoicing. They say this means that the surface beings will start to become more conscious of what they are doing to our Mother Earth. They say there were 25% of humanity conscious before, now there will be a reawakening of the Devi/Goddess so strong that it will tip the balance, they feel in five years but say it could be sooner.
Mother Earth is not distraught about what is occurring as she knows it’s all divine no matter, but for humanity she is so happy that we are here, she embraces each of us and gives a transmission of love from her heart to ours as we see everyone awaken and at peace within and without, open hearts and in harmony with all life, we are in the Greater Reality.





The Light Templates make it possible for us to hold the beam through all worlds and for humanity to be able to hold the light through the natural world and universes to be the Earth Star Walker.
     The old templates are dissolving due to our process of inner healing and unification. These templates had the old paradigm fear and control dramas and lots of programs to keep us trapped as food for the lower astral lords and dark forces of varying expressions. So all these old templates are dissolving within us individually and also as a collective.

     The new Light Templates are now coming in and are a part of our being able to anchor the higher light octaves into our physical body and the Earth.
     These templates are a combination of things, for example the
Shambala Template couldn’t have been anchored without the Golden Solar Discs activated. Or the Diamond Light Matrix in more balance with the great Diamonds and their multi-d essence and facets of light being opened within us and the great Diamonds around the Earth having been activated.
Of the Higher Dimensional Starmap anchored that was a process since the Great Shift Dec 2012 and with the higher dimensional stars being able to illuminate us, as we have moved through the centre of the galaxy within and without aligned through all the Suns, all one.
   There are new templates coming in for all facets of life, and not possible to anchor before, but now we have opened to our Divine Blueprint. So as each of us awakens to the light that we are, we become our Divine Blueprint and so anchor the divine self in our physical body as it opens to its own radiant Light. The Template through us all, so now we can remember more and not only know, but BE one with all creation through all of our BEing.


Mt Ttitroa/Akum, the Crown Chakra of the New Earth, the clear light of the mountain, new vortex and the Shambala realms are here as we open to in our unlimited potential and radiance.
Read about the

I took a group there for the 12:12 in 2008 and the  13TH DOORWAY anchoring.
Also read about the JOURNEY OF THE NINTH WAVE MARCH 2011
and how the Inner Earth Sun changed after the big shift at that time.

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irrlightbodydnaacceleratorsavebury kyrptonavebury universenewsolarsystemstarsdnas

cellavebury cell

   It was the new moon in Libra at 1.12pm local time that day and with the energies of new life and the balance of the polarities, it was the perfect time to integrate the multi-universes through the stones. I had also just learnt in my conscious mind from Sara at the Haven B&B that this was the umbilical of Earth. For many years I have worked at the umbilical cord of the New Earth and Galactic Gate, Hicks Bay New Zealand where I had first received the higher dimensional Stars downloaded February 2013 from the higher dimensional Solar System. So here we were at the ancient place with the new light codes, as we are in a time of union of not only male and female, light and dark but old and new. Not that in the greater reality there is any duality, or old or new but on the lower planes of existence that’s what it appears to us as.
     It was raining but as usual I knew the elementals would give us a doorway of nice weather when we needed it. So we met in the local hall in the High St in Avebury and connected. Starting with light language with our intention for the Light Template anchoring for our self personally and in the bigger picture to set the energies. Then the light and sound activation of the chakras and light bodies ready for the inner initiation of the soul at the level of the unified matrix of light for the inner male and female to be one, this was important and part of the anchoring, it cannot in fact anchor through the multiverses or the stones without it.
   So I guided everyone to go within to see, sense and feel their inner female and male and to love them as they were and then marry them as they merged into one. Then the Goddess, God aspects of themselves that were still out of balance. As we have many soul stories and some of them still not completed, and often one of the reasons why we are in a human body on Earth right now at the great shift in cycle. As we have created sometimes not so wisely and with agendas and control so it was an opportunity for the group to love and accept the old dramas and move into the new, in divine will and plan and surrender into divine love and allowing. Moving beyond the old limitations and the aware of the old paradigm self to love and accept and open up fully to the new paradigm within. As we can often be holding on unconsciously to old ways of operating that can affect our health and life.
     With the light and sounds codes of the ‘Out of Illusion” mandala. Then aware of the loop of fear that may still be holding in the old belief systems of karma, pain and suffering transmuted and open to the kundalini vortexing spirals of the universal flow and the “Cosmic Time clock” light and sounds codes of the mandala to merge all ourselves into full integration with our physical body aligned in divine will and plan. As we are not 3D and multi-D but just are…one beyond all separation consciousness.

     As we prepared more fully by opening to our Diamond Light Body, then walked up to the Moon circle area of the great complex. First connecting to the so called Mary and Michael stones at the vortex crossing and then over to an area not so frequented with people and away from the busy road. Of course it was now sunny and a beautiful day, thank you elementals.
   In the circle doing the connecting mudra and being in our Earthsun Body, the Serpent wisdom mandala of light and sound and the kundalini serpent self. Then connecting to the ancient serpent of wisdom that circles the stones and has waited a millennium to be free to travel once more through the worlds. It had waited until now to move as when it moves it takes us with it and it can’t do that while there is too much duality, when she moves this will be another major shift that will unfold for Earth. As Avebury is connected through the old grids to the major places worldwide and the next day in the Sun temple it opened up to the new stars and new sun and light.
     The serpent was overjoyed, great red fire serpent that connected with each of us as the new moon aligned and the new birthing could happen. The energy was full on and we stayed for some time afterward just being in the zone. I asked everyone to be open to receiving the energies from the stones.
By the time we got back to the hall is was raining heavily and perfect for the next level of clearing required as I guided everyone to transmute their imprints and overlays and unifying the broken DNA strands, I used a lot of sound to assist to transmute the old stuck energies more easily. As we then used the light and sounds of the ‘Template of liquid light transmission of DNA”.
Into the levels of the Light Body and Light Body integration mandala and deeper into the planes of existence more fully than before with a new awareness of the stillness within. Moving back through the Stargate each had come through and into the Shambala and Light City fields of earth that we created through the dragon serpent origins, Then into the light ships, councils of light, goddess god realms and further into hyper dimensional realms to the hyper dimensional light ships which are travellers through the multi-verses. Holograms of our love aware of this through all of our physical body, transparent and one, physical immortality and beyond that, holding the beam through all worlds and dimensions.
Receiving the light codes as we aligned thought the Galactic Centre and into the new creation the thirteen rays of the rainbow as we brought the codes down into a more tangible way of consciousness, through the octahedron spirals of the vortexing 13 rays and in our Iridescent light body.
Then aware of the stones and the essence we received from them. Going to when the stones were first placed there in the hyper dimensional star fields of this great star, space port through time and space merged all one. As it mattered not that many of the stones had been taken for building the houses in the village. They were still there on the other levels with a Golden Solar Disc through the centre. The serpent takes us through the sun and the golden solar disc holds the Living Library of Light now moving to Ophiuchus the serpent bearer as we open up to our light body fully.
That evening a soul travel to the light fields of the new stars birthing via Silbury Hill where the cosmic egg was waiting for us that Sara at Haven had been guardian of as she lives in Avebury.

silbury cosmicegg

   Day of the sun template and the unified field, we met in the hall again connected and opened to our Earthsun body, so important with breathing through the crown and lotus flower self and into the Inner Earth Sun. With the light from the Inner Earth Sun through our endocrine glands so we could access the matrix of life that inhabits the higher realms of the Earth. To meet the various beings who inhabit the Earth and discuss with them the coming changes for the density beings. Looking at the monetary system, war, medical and industrial systems of control and see how flimsy they are and only held by fear. Aware of ourselves in the highest realms, out of illusion, and how this world exists through the denser illusion and holds it all together, while we hold the beam through it all. I asked ‘does the world of fear really matter to you, is it real?’ If anything still holds you in it love and accept it.
   Then linking all the standing stones, pyramids, crystalline, light, solar and diamond light matrix grids into One Earth One Heart and opening to our Divine Blueprint and imprint of peace we were ready after lunch to go up to the Sun Temple in the great stone circle.
greatercentralsun in portalstone
     We first had to go to the two Portal Stones, the right side one to connect with it and through the Greater Central Sun as the energies were coming in through it, and afterwards back to the left had side Portal Stone as the energies could go out to the worlds.

   Then into the Sun circle we walked with honour and respect to do our connecting mudras. Then higher self mudra and names. In our hearts the light of the unified field at the levels of the Greater Central Sun we open up to the New Sun and our creative expression and joy and Diamond Light Body. As I made the sounds codes to transmute any fears of inner sight, light and death as the cells in the circle of new life from the Cosmic Egg of the serpent, kundalini, multi-d doorway. Open now to awaken the Living Light Library of Ophiuchus through the stones and the cells of our body. As we went deeper and deeper into the Void and the spaces in between and non-matter. Then into the star fields of new life as we opened to the stars and planets within us and the new stars from the higher dimensional solar system anchored in through us and the Golden Solar Disc in the sun temple and out through the stones.

     In our Soul Travel aware of being at Silbury Hill the new light codes, new sun and star energies added to the cosmic egg. The ancient serpent had waited long for this to happen as each of us held codes that went into the egg from all our travels and places we had been between us. The mandala of the matrix of light and new life able to form. As the serpent held the cosmic egg to her with us within the serpent. We travelled deep within through the universe upon universe, that is only accessed from within the worlds within worlds from our heart.
     The codes of new life hatch through us and each cell within and without, as we are the Earth, the stones the suns and stars and worlds.
     The template is anchored through the ancient sacred site umbilical cord of the old earth, open to the new life. All the scared prayers and work that has gone on through time and space brought us into the now. We open to ourselves and the worlds within worlds as the integration of the stones, cells, stars, solar systems, galaxies, universes are One.
     We stay in this incredible energy for some time, I can’t move it’s so intense and I am in the void and stillness as are the others. Then eventually we are ready to speak and move with some sharing light language and codes as we filter out of the circle and over to the Portal Stone that takes the energies out to the beyond as we stand in the gap in between for a group photos.

portalstone out

Slowly we wander back to the hall for some grounding food and afternoon tea and then connect to the elementals who wish to gift each of us personally and then light language about what happened for our self and in the bigger picture.


       The Stargates (a project of 5 Stargates worldwide 2013 – 2014) had to do their work first of unifying the un-manifest and manifest universes so that now with the Golden Solar Discs (1981 -2011) all linked and holding the Living Library of Light. As the serpent moves through us in our body of light, beyond the old paradigm doorway and the 11:11 to the new doorway of Ophiuchus the serpent bearer and the higher dimensional stars now anchored through the Earth (2014), and from the Galactic Gate and umbilical cord of the New Earth to the old Earth all one. As we are the spaces in between, and the un-manifest worlds are within and without us. We can create and birth worlds of love and harmony that we play in, as we have moved beyond the old concepts of war and suffering to no longer put our energy into them, as they are not what and who we are. We create from our love, the beauty of our soul as the cosmic egg births a whole new creation to experience. As we are still here on Earth and in our body, not just light, but transparent and worlds within worlds that we are, we open to universal mind and in so doing we assist all those who choose to transfigure and transcend too.
     What once was no longer exists, we have shifted in our consciousness so much that we have no agendas or investment in the old paradigm game. Nothing wrong with it, it got us to this now moment.
     All the pain, struggle and suffering we experienced was worth everything to know what it is to be in density, and experience limitations, to now experience un-limitedness.

     Whatever we wish from here is up to each of us, but for most we wish to injoy what has taken us on quiet a journey to create in the stillness, the higher dimensional Earth all merged through the denser dimensions and realms, to be transparent and dance in the stars and the earth. This is our normal state and no big deal, it just is.

     With so much gratitude and love to all those who heard the call and physically came to Avebury, and to those who were not here physically but tuned in, to those who have no clue what I am even writing about it matters not for we are all one and love is the link we all have.
     The journey doesn’t end here it’s a new beginning in hyper-dimensional realms and more expanded consciousness.

       For myself after we left the hall after cleaning up it was back to Sara’s to help her clean a room and make beds for two of the group checking in the next morning. As the old saying goes ‘before enlightenment (a word I really don’t resonate with, old paradigm and in separation, but that’s the saying) chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment chop wood carry water’.

     There is still more happening at Avebury and at the New Earth Galactic Gate, both umbilical cords, so more wonderment to come when it’s the right timing.

     With the last Template of light anchoring in early December South Island NZ and Shambala integration at the crown chakra of the New Earth it just gets more and more amazing. I hope some of you can join us for this amazing event if not in the physical then the inner.





The Light Template that will be anchored through the multi-universes and stones is in divine union with the cells of our body. As we are the multi-universes and it has been discovered that the Avebury stone circle represents a human cell. So the inner and outer are one and we are the Stargate and unify form and non-form within us. As we walk in the Stars and in the Earth all one.

So far the Light Template has anchored through the Elementals, Light Cities and Dreamtime, the Crystal Star Beings, the Southern Cross new paradigm doorway.Through the water in our body, the Earth one with the Cosmic Ocean and now through the cells of our body, the multi-universes through the stones in the circle that are the connectors of the cells and universes all one.
The Templates make it possible for us to hold the beam through all worlds and for humanity to be able to hold the light through the natural world and universes to be the
Earth Starwalker.
With inner preparation of our body, at the densest level and cellular memory to advanced Light Body integration, Divine Blueprint and New Sun and Star self, through the new Solar System, the  Multi-dimensional beings we are.
To be clear and Light, to be a conduit at this incredible stone circle vortex.
As our molecules are changing into our
Diamond and Shimmering Iridescent Light Bodies, anchored and cleansing of the old as the new light codes are brought through.
The doorway is open through our hearts and the stillness and peace within.
The Dragon energy is also moving under the land and opening up the portals to the stars as we experience Earth Star union, Heaven and Earth, spirit and matter one as the dimensional divisions melt into the golden light of love through the cells of our body in the cosmic cellular stone circle.

We will be doing a lot of new paradigm inner planes healing, unifying and realizations,
transfiguring our physical and energy bodies.
As well as new
RNA and DNA activations.
So much has shifted since last year with even more expansion and awareness of our Being.
With the energies of the Libra Sun and new Moon in union,
we are blessed with the opportunity to create balance in our own world, and so the outer world. As we step into a new path that we are weaving through the 6D Light Grid and a new grid point will be anchored as well.

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       The Starlines are remembered by us now as we make a great shift in consciousness, as our bodies get lighter, and we and our Earth adjust to the higher frequencies in balance and harmony. 
     The greatest service you can be to humanity is be still and connected, at peace and open hearted
   We are making the leap now to galactic and universal mind, and an Earth Star walker resonating fifth dimensionally. We are here to Be the light and from our inner union of light and dark, male and female, we can now consciously awaken to our own multi-dimensional selves more fully and our role here on Earth as a Beam Holder, a standing stone, pyramid, a diamond, a vortex.  A conduit between Heaven and Earth

     The Starlines are important as they take us deeper within, and further without as we unify and consciously become aware of our oneness with the universe within universes, within universes, assisting us in the stillness and peace within process.
     The more we are able to go out there, means the deeper we are connected within and to the source, the love, the peace and stillness within where all is manifest.
     When in the stillness what you need comes to you, for all is created from the stillness and your inner self knows what you need. You don’t have to look at manifesting or visualising what you think you want or need. In the stillness and peace it will come to you, no matter it may be out of your price range, if it’s what you need (not want) then it will come to you in the physical world from the stillness and peace within. .

     The Starlines run through your energy flows and chakras, your organs and tissues, cells and sub atomic particles and the spaces in between, the void within and without.
      Balancing our mental, emotional and physical imbalances while relieving the soul and spirit to be able to function more fully in one’s life and body.
     We can experience good health, vitality and physical immortality - if that’s our choice when we are in harmony and balance with the elementals, all nature, the earth, stars and worlds within worlds.

     The Starlines from the multi-verses through the cells and to the space within, from the space without. Then the space within, to the space without creates a strong connection that allows balance to take place in nature and with the elementals assisting. The elementals of the natural world and of the stars and Starlines work with us.


   The Starlines align the timelines of the discord back into balance, the Starlines from the higher dimensional universe through the Stargates, the Light Templates anchoring through the Elementals energies so important. The Shambala realms anchored, being the love in the hearts of humanity more easily and a softness in the natural realms of co-operation for all beings is going well.

     The Starlines are linked to bring the timelines into harmony in the star light matrix through the multiverses that affect Earth. If you imagine a golf ball and the inside core is your solar system then all the rubber wound around is the star light matrix of lines that need to be in harmony. The earths and solar system is out of balance but being threaded back now through the umbilical cords of the Earth through you.


     The Starlines that you are working with now from the multi-verses through to Earth kept the Earth in the higher frequency in other cycles, with civilisations that worked with advanced technology. Earth an electromagnetic star, at zero point in tune with the natural forces and at one with nature on all levels. Technology that came for the heart and wisdom, not the mind and ego. Nothing wrong with the mind but it needs to be informed from the heart to function clearly and in harmony with all life and for the upliftment of the discordant forces.
The starlines were mapped on the Earth and now are being realigned with not only our awareness but also with the crystal skulls as they start to activate worldwide.


    The Starlines were connected and on the Beltane Halloween doorway 31ST October 2016, anchored in our DNA and bodies into the earth plane. Merging the energies and creating a synchronistic harmonic equaliser of star sounds and light that is assisting the unification process.
galactic gate30oct
     I was physically at the Umbilical Cord of the New Earth, Galactic Gate Hicks Bay, East Cape New Zealand and linked wsuntemplerainbowith Sara at Avebury in the umbilical cord of the ancient Earth. We could see and feel each other as we connected over the two days, aware I was right through the star field anchored through Avebury and especially in the Sun circle where the Light Template was anchored 3rd October and Windmill Hill. Sara was also where I was physically at the place of first light lighthouse and in the stars in the Galactic Gate of Hicks Bay, umbilical cord of the New Earth, Shambala anchor point. The Starlines were being threaded through both umbilical cords.

     Aware of a whole world under Avebury and where I was at the East Cape, the umbilical cord started to pulsate and spiral aware of light city above it.
At exact time of the New Moon all the Starlines merged coming through both portals.
The fire dragon has come, the serpent needed to birth the cosmic egg (at Avebury for the Light Template anchoring Oct 3). 
    Now the fire dragon takes the codes out through the grids and waits for the skulls to activate.

      The Galactic Gate is a doorway through galaxies, Avebury is a Universal Gate so works even deeper into the matrix of light and the Light Template had to be seeded there with the Cosmic Egg. (Mt Titiroa is also universal gate). 
      The Starlines are so important they merge not only the time lines but the inter-stellular dust clouds of the crossover points are brought into alignment with the Galactic Gates within, and then the Universal Gates within. The Galactic Gate holds the seeds of new life through the umbilical cords, but now it’s time to be the seeds within our self as well and create new life. As the old world dies and in its final throws ties itself up even further, as seen by US politics which is symbolic of what is happening at this end of duality dance. The web gets so tied up and so it’s ‘be squeezed to open up, if one is still in it’.

  The Starlines came in at light house, also the dragons head in this sacred landscape and at Avebury came through with the dragons head at the lighthouse and the dragons head at windmill hill as the Starlines flowed from both points on the earth like a torus.

      The Starlines have come through the umbilical cords of both old and new worlds, and universal and galactic. We are the Stargate to bringing them into us in a balanced way.

     On the Halloween Beltane’s doorway of stepping into higher dimensions and twilight zone awareness more easily the Starlines merged through the umbilical cords of the old and the new through us as we stood on the earth, anchoring the Starlines at your local vortex.
   The star light beams in Starlines from the inner universes of the purity of the divine. The Starlines are through worlds and dimensions but when there is a connection and the Starline is in alignment with the Earth then it creates a unified realm, all the worlds and dimensions are one, that there is no time or space, that a higher resonance is created.
     This can only be integrated when we are ready to resonate at that level of our heart in divine love. But with the Star Lines lining up now it creates the space for all to be in their heart essence.

     The Starlines are beams of light that connect the intra stellular dust cloud to the outer universe and then through the planets, sun and moon. The Starlines will become aligned and balanced at Beltane/Halloween at the exact time of the Scorpio New Moon then took another five hours to integrate into the matrix that is already running in each solar system. 
    It needed Beings in each planet and star system to hold the beam while this was taking place. This is allowing the streams of life current to re-establish harmony from the Source and one point and stillness. We cease to resist and instead exist in a resonance of love and peace that has not be able to align to the earth since the fourth cycle and last golden time.

     Each cycle the light, then the dark took over, then the light resurrected again and then the dark took over. This repeating of duality happened time and time because the Starlines were not anchored through into the star fields of solar system and then into each planet. Now this can happen.

A lot has shifted with all the other divine souls love,cosmic events and light steams we are getting to the point where the old fabric of the illusion and all the deception, destruction, greed, terror  fear that goes with it is now dissolving as we all choose love.



       The Starlines from the higher dimensional universes have been able to come through and integrate within us and the Earth now as the Stargates have opened up, merging form and the un-manifest.
 Then the Light Templates anchoring through the Elemental energies so important, the Shambala realms anchored. The love in the hearts of humanity more open and a softness in the natural realms of co-operation for all beings is happening.

The inner Stargates are very important doorway, and then the inner Galactic Gates with new seeds, then the inner Universal Gate as it connects us to our origins and we open more fully to our star linages, galactic and universal heritage that takes us in the Diamond of love and the light of the one point shines through everyone. We have graduated to the Greater, Greater Central Suns.

      The Starlines have come through the umbilical cords of both old and new worlds, and universal and galactic. We are the Stargate to bringing them into us in a balanced way.

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Come and experience the Starlines through the Stargate at Bunya Mountains Queensland for the Leo Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.









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irrlightbodydnaacceleratorsgatewayofthe cosmicoceandragonlighttemplategatewayofthe cosmicoceanirrlightbodydnaaccelerators

with Soluntra King

   The Dragon energy is our connection to the beginning of the Earth story as we are each part of it, we wouldn’t be here otherwise. Awareness of the creative energy we have in us. The dragon eggs are light codes that we all hold within us in higher dimensions of self. When we become at one with nature, the earth, other dimensions and beings they activate as our body becomes lighter and clearer. We sense the energies in the earth, the stars, the crystals, the Sun, in oneness to it all. The dragon energy is life force energy that runs in our earth and us with the crystalline grids and our crystalline body that is becoming even higher frequency into our Diamond Light Body, multi- prismed multi-dimensional.
     Another aspect of our multi-d Earth and multi-d self that is now also unifying and moving into the higher dimensions as is all life on Earth. The vortexes where the dragon grids meet are the serpent wisdom multi-d doorways through us and the Earth.
     There are many dimensions and layers on and through the Earth and Heavens that are all merging now within us. We are in the time of union with our own divine essence in all its multi-d forms.

     The dragon story is our own story of liberation of our life force creative energy to create Heaven on Earth through our love.


       I had been invited last year to come to Tokyo to do my thing, whatever I choose to do and it was all organised by this company by a very loving of service Light being Masumi who was my co-ordinator.
     I knew there was a pyramid under Tokyo from the first cycle and heart of the dragon that was calling. As well as anchoring the Light Template at the head of the Dragon at Mt Asahidake the Dragons head.
     I had also just meet Coco from Tokyo who had come to the Shambala Anchoring at the East Cape December Solstice and she offered to do the logistical side of anything I felt guided to organise and wherever in Japan. So she was able to organise and also translate for me which was awesome. The dragon called for the Template of Light to be anchored at the dragons head at Hokkaido.
     Even when you look at the map of Japan you can see the dragon. And after Tokyo workshops and the dragons heart activation and before the Hokkaido mission, there was a journey to the dragons tail and as it turned out singing the ancient ones back and Shambala Template anchored 6d through the crater lake Ikeda. Three weeks of dragon business in the most amazing places and vortexes, dimensional doorways and multi-dimensional realms of earth.
     The workshops were over two weekends and two days in the week and each building on the next for full sovereignty and guardianship of the New Earth in tune with the inner planes, loving hearts.

     I was greeted at Narita and taken to my condo in Roppongi Hills area. Where it was a quiet residential neighbourhood and a 15 minute walk to the main shopping area and Metro to get to the venue. Things were in English as well and very user friendly and so were the people exceptionally helpful. Very beautiful people, everyone I meet.
     I had my own space and enjoyed the whole experience so much. With beautiful people who participated and the wonderful translator we flowed. And everyone so keen to grow, heart open and to be of service in the bigger picture. It was the most beautiful experience and the last day with the Dragon heart activated, the crystalline pyramid under Tokyo was pure joy and Light, loving hearts and transformation. The dragon heart healed and awakened.

   In the build up to this on Tuesday at the Star Union day a participant gave me energetically three dragons’ eggs. Then on Thursday 7th July at the RA workshop which was the day the Sun is conjunct the Greater Central Sun I was told the pyramid and dragon’s heart was waiting for the return of the Second Sun at this time with the RA Light. That would awaken the pyramid through us, the heart of the Dragon that had been disturbed and causing havoc. Aware of the destruction that has taken place even in the very recent past can now become peaceful though the grids of Japan and the ring of fire, restored through the hearts of us.

Friday 8th July
     When I had first got to come to Tokyo I had wanted to take a group to Mitakasan as I knew there was something there that was important bigger picture. But as always I’m too busy and also not nosey enough to bother with what some thing is, it’s enough to know I am meant to go there, so now was the day to finally visit and I got I was to pick up a Dragons egg.
Coco picked me up in the morning with Jo another friend who was visiting for work of all kinds from oz. We drove out into the countryside, which was still pretty populated. Then up a hill the cable car that would take us up the walking tracks on Mitakasan Mountain to the shrine and great rock and waterfall there in the park.
We meet two radiant goddesses who were also coming to Hokkaido and went up the step cable car that clung to the track against the mountainside. When we got to the top there were lots of shops selling tourist things and snacks and also some accommodation places.

   I went to look at the view and tuned in, and got that a great crystal in the mountain was fractured.
We walked up the path, then up lots of steps and though a small village to get to the bottom on the steps that would take us to the shrine honouring the mountain and also other devic beings.
     After cleansing ourselves first with the water, we went up to the main temple. A monk was there selling mini temples and other beautiful little items as well as an ancient reading; by choosing
thruthefogthemtnthatgavemethedragonsegga number and then getting the scroll related to it, holding some relevant information for where one is at. But first we went to the edge of the cliff and looked out through a small shrine to the mountain opposite ours.

Suddenly wow!!! this huge energy comes blasting into my heart and the mountain and dragon there has given me a Dragon’s egg into my heart. The others felt it as well.
     Then I was aware of the crystal under the earth as healing energies came through with each of us being a channel for the crystal in the mountain there. It healed fast and then we received the most divine loving energies from the mountain that was rejuvenating and revitalising.
Feeling on such a high and positive wave of energy and light, on the way back past the monk three of us choose a number and took a reading, mine was very positive and true. Everything since I stepped off the plane in Japan had been so positive and amazing.

     We then with much gratitude left the shrine area at the top of the mountain and went down the steps, then down a path that lead to a track in the woods that took us down to this gigantic rock. It was perched right on the cliff face and had a small shrine and statue of an elven god on it as well.
It was a bit tricky to climb on but with the help of a chain and lots of tree roots we climbed up onto it and meditated and tuned in.

rockmin8july16     The rock has a link to the Inner Earth Sun and songs of the joy of the light coming to the world. I was told ‘You know Japan very well from the ethereal world's you stepped in once back in the dragon times and sung the light codes that now will come through illuminated in the heart of each one. The dragon egg you collected today you placed here from the first cycle to now it is the time for it to be activated in the dragon's eye for the sight of the one to see all as it truly is, it is so’.
   Then we climbed carefully down and went down the track and steps that lead to a waterfall. I knew way before I got there I had to strip off and go under the waterfall. So by the time we got there, there were no other people around. So I took my clothes of and went into it. The most cleansing blessed feeling as the other goddesses came in also. Until some elderly people wished to come to the waterfall and they waited for us to get dressed and leave.
     Walking back up the steps to the track back through the forest we felt very happy and blessed to have had such blessings.
   As we then drove further into the country to a friend’s one day a week restaurant for a delicious organic lunch and blueberries before saying goodbye and heading back to Tokyo.
Then it was the last two days of workshops on Light Body DNA activations and multi-d reality with the Pyramid activation.

On Sunday July 10th after much preparation since Friday night 1st July and through the week until now we were ready and we soul travelled to the pyramid. It was old and covered in a calcified crust, the Dragon’s heart. The Dragon was in pain and suffering and moving around very unsettled and uncomfortable, he was very wounded. He said ‘he wasn’t always like this but that from aeons of neglect in human consciousness and the negative energies of the dragon slayers who would have him dead, who are Reptilians, he had to hide deep in the earth’.
He was sorry that his pain affected the earth and made humans weep too. He said humans have forgotten so much of their connection to their dragon serpent linages and why the earth is so neglected and abused’. His name is Altraea.
     We all have dragon hearts and he showed how much pain there still is in the collective of humanities heart.
Then we became aware of the Second Sun and the union of our Sun with it’s twin. The RA Light of the Second Sun came in to activate and awaken our hearts and know deep within who we are. The RA Light came through us and the love that’s always been there and we all formed a circle around the pyramid on the inner. We started to sing the song of love from our hearts and the heart of our Sun and Second Sun as the love came through our voices. As everyone made beautiful sound codes and the crystal pyramid started to clear and shone until it was radiant clear and alive.
The dragon smiled and was healed and at peace.
Then we became aware of a Light City in the higher dimensions of Tokyo that can now integrate into the realms of consciousness, as we remembered ourselves there and brought in the gifts to our self here in our bodies. Tokyo was shining and so light, the heart of the dragon so radiant and strong. Peace through the grids and the ring of fire. The dragon’s heart sings once again with joy and wonder for the life we are creating through our dragon heart.
   Now with awareness also of the Light City in Tokyo and as I left early the next morning to fly to Kagoshima the city was so clear and bright and illuminated.


Monday 11th July
     The taxi came on time and it was a beautiful drive on freeways near the harbour with the mass of sky scrapers all looking like the light city that had just integrated into the realms we could access and be part of. Tokyo glowed and showed her beauty.
     I met Geoff a dear friend and Light anchor at the Gate for our flight to Kagoshima. On the flight I was able to look out the window all the way as we passed over beautiful islands and lush forests until we landed at the airport just out of Kagoshima City in the southern island of Kyushu. Off the pane and to our rental car at the airport we had a lesson in the GPS that neither of us had used before and then we were off, Geoff as the driver and myself as navigator.
     We only just got out of the airport, it was raining and before we knew it we were at two ramps onto the freeway with the sign to the city not where we wanted to go but really it was, as we went on the wrong turn at the freeway and ending up going in the opposite direction to where we wanted. But Sara san our GPS got us after two expensive toll gates back on the road to our destination. Sara san was could only direction us to a place with a phone number so for our mission we still went by intuition and maps, or in our case for this mission, stay by the sea, as we were at the volcano one side of the gulf and to Cape Sata at the other side of the great bay of Kagoshima.
   The rain kept up as all tropical rain does then dry spells to give one a breather then rain again. We got off the freeway after a few more toll booths, surprisingly close together and then we were down the coast towards our hotel with the hot pools. The only place I did not experience hot pools was Tokyo but north and south they were everywhere we stayed and at one place where we had lunch as well.
     Our rooms were Japanese style which was awesome and then they had hot pools outside in the gardens, male and female separated and also the whole fifth floor was also hot pools, male and female, in Japan you have to wash thoroughly before getting in the pool and go in naked which is so wonderful.

     We checked out the pools for later and then went up the road to the Family Mart one of the great convenience chain stores to get out salad wraps for lunch and had them down the road as we parked on the grass next to the coast line and watched the view through the rain. We then drove around the coast healing to the volcano. I knew I had to deliver the Dragons egg I had received on the Friday at Mitakasan.
We kept by the coast until we could get to Mt Kaimon and the Dragon’s tail.
mttake14july     It was raining hard at times and as we drove around the coast, sometimes down dead end roads to resorts or ports we came to the most amazing rock with a huge emerald in it on the inner planes. I knew it was important and to go back tonight in a soul travel.
After spending sometime near the Emerald we continued on until we got to the entrance to Mt Kaimon and a booth to pay for a ticket to get in. Driving up the parklands road with several look out areas along the way, it did not take long to get to the end, a short distance up the mountain. Then a track lead off the end of the road that went to the summit, taking a few hours to get there.

     We parked at the top of the road and connected to Mt Kaimon and connected to emerald mountain, Mt Take over in the distance by the ocean. Geoff and I sang light
language and tones as the egg I had been given from Mitakasan birthed and lots of baby dragons came and kissed me on the face and called me mother.

     After some time injoying the ambience and loving energies we drove down and around the mountain, along the coast and then through this long tunnel under the side of the mountain where erosion was a problem. But it was surreal having a well-built long tunnel on aroad that hardly anyone used.

       We eventually got back to our hotel via a supermarket we found after several attempts at buildings that looked like supermarkets, but were American style drug stores. We had our supermarket dinner in our rooms as we had been too late to book dinner at our hotel and nowhere else to eat around the area apart from the convenience store.
     Then we went to the hot pools in our own timing as segregated and I was happy to be outside in a natural earth and rock hot pool looking at the moon coming up to full transmuting and transforming with all the elements with no other ladies coming in the pool, I had it to myself.

Tuesday July12th
     First thing I tuned into the Soul Travel
     The emerald was glowing and took me onto the volcano council meeting and about Shambala anchoring through the volcano when we come back tomorrow it will anchor.
Today we needed to go to the southern point at Cape Sata to sing the songs of the ancient dragons to bring back the life and into the grids here. The emerald will activate the grids into a higher vibration once the songs are sung and the volcano can then illuminate and move into the higher vibrations to open the Shamballa Template here.
   Very important that it happens and this mission is so important the Dragons say ‘Dragon queen you were at inception as you know and one of us now back in form on the surface. To bring us home to the worlds of all dimensions and into the consciousness of humanity to open their Dragon Earth and know they cleared the Earth and create her again in the higher dimensions to be the guardians of her, and honour her and all nature and creatures again’.

     Then it was down to the dining room for another of the most amazing breakfasts that were like a banquet with trays of small boxes of individual food and pickles. Then always something cooking in a small candle heated oven on the table next to each tray, and other hot things brought in. It was mind blowing and very yummy.

                 SINGING THE ANCIENT DRAGONS BACK AT CAPE SATA,                                              

                                 SOUTHERN MOST TIP DRAGONS TAIL

     I had no idea it would take us sixhours driving to get to Cape Sata we were in fact right at the opposite side of the huge harbour from Mt Kaimon. I navigated us through Kagoshima City and out the other side and it actually stopped raining and the scenery was beautiful. We drove down the coast for hours stopping at a view pull over for our picnic lunch and then at view of volcano Kaimon and the emerald Mt Take exactly opposite us. As we drove on and finally got to the narrow road that took us to the end of the road and a look out with map of Japan and the line of where we are in relation to other countries. Then we drove to the carpark where there were workman busy doing improvements. We said hi and walked down through a tunnel and then out and onto a track that took us into the forest and down the hill until we came to a viewing platform of the cape and light house.

cape sata   It was sunny and warm, what a blessing and Geoff and I made sound codes and sung in Dragon light as I felt under the ground instantly the rumblings. The Dragons came up and swam around the ocean and flew in the sky and I knew there would be a sign in the heavens. Sure enough I looked up in the sky and there was a dragon cloud and he looked out to the light house.

     Then we went down to another lookout and lay in grass for a while soaking it all in. As I was told on the inner ‘the Dragons are so glad to be free of the death keel of the slayers. To swim and fly and dance again as life unfolds to be like a tree and flea, a moth, butterfly and bird, and in the human heart resides as the Dragon heart is free to fully love.
   Life is now in a new dimension and hopes and joys fulfilled, the real life of divine inspiration and divine love sparks through the Dragon hearts, from ancient times revered as the Ancient of Ancient is the ones that we are.
     The world's have merged and the life of being true to self, transmuted and real, and true hearts reveal and now come forth in all their Dragon aspects to play in human form and live the joy of the gift of the creator.
   Those who cut this off and slayed the truth of life will now be given the choice to open up and be as one with all in divine love. Or cease to exist in the world's of creation to remember, and be no more for it is said as the lore of one comes forth now to be lived in full. The abundance and the light shines and sings as all wonder at the joys of life’.

     The mission was a great success being able to bring back the dragon light, the dragons love us so much.
On the physical it was getting dark and we had another six hour drive back but I saw on the map a freeway up the peninsular a ways. So we set Sara san with the phone number of our hotel, that thankfully the receptionist had taken our keys that morning and given us a card with its number on it. So we followed Sara san in the dark and rain which poured down again through lots of roads and turn offs until we got on the freeway and it absolutely bucketed down. But we made it back to the hotel by 10.30pm in time for another soak in the hot pools.

Wednesday July 13th
   I was told on the inner ‘your mission today is to go to the top point of the volcano and just be there as the Shambala Template can now be anchored through the dragon lines and Japan from the base of the dragon to the top and beyond. It will allow for the humans and all creatures to open up more fully, you will be surprised how many will awaken now in Japan.
The dragon egg you were given at Mitakasan was so important to be birthed in the volcano so now the young dragons can fly free as they do. Then the ancient ones needed to be brought back from the pain and slayers cannot touch them now, and because of this the grids are clear and flowing so Shambala can be anchored

   In the dragon council last night with Lord Maitreya and all the Shambala Beings the template was set to be anchored on this day. They told me the dragons name in the grid here is Altraea and yes this is your connection to Japan you felt as a goddess and yes from the dragon clan the ancient dragons who were awakened yesterday all from the clan and Geoff too belongs to them and they love him as well it is all in divine order or symmetry of love’.

lakeikeadragonshambalaSo in the afternoon we drive to Lake Ikeda, near Mt Kaimon, we are in the off season so no one was there and a few tourist shops over the road. But what stands out are the signs with dragons on them. They had been sighted in the lake years before.

     I notice that whenever the Shambala energies are to be anchored it always includes water, as water transmits the codes easily around the Earth, as do the grids in the Earth.
So when it felt the time; with intention and awareness to anchor Shambala I saw the mountain that was there before it exploded and is now a crater lake, it was high with snow on it and Shambala could only come in that far to the mountain in the higher dimensions. But it had anchored, a very positive sign for Japan and that part of the earth. No doubt more mission when the time was right for it to anchor into the lower dimensions when enough were ready with open hearts.

   Then we drove around the lake and kept being drawn to look at the rim of the crater cliffs and the Light Beings all around it.
   It wasn’t far to the volcano after we had checked out the farmland around the lake and we drove back to the payment booth then up the drive to the top point. Where we parked at the same place as the Dragon egg was hatched and I saw the Shambala energies come up from the inner earth through the core of the volcano and told to come back in the night in a soul travel.

     In hot springs that night the elementals who love to use me, by expanding my belly to let me know they are there all wanted to go to top of higher dimensional mountain in the lake and the Shambala field.

Thursday 14th July
   The Shambala Template could only come up through from the Inner Earth and activate the portals there through the lake first, in the time when the great mountain existed when the place was vibrating in higher dimensions of light. Now the template is set in the sixth dimension so that those who are able to can more easily open up to their divine aspects. The rim of the volcanic crater is showing the ring of the doorway as many beings from the Inner Earth can come through now. You kept looking at the rim yesterday because you were seeing them on another level.
   It will take more time for the Shambala template to fully anchor here and it needed to be at an area where the dragons came alive again and Altraea was able to flow once more through all of Japan so that energy could move throughout the land.
     When you are at the top at the dragons head you will understand even more the importance of the Shambala anchoring and the dragons egg from Mitakasan. That awakened and birthed the young new paradigm dragons so then you could sing the ancient ones back from the terror and entrapment. As now the Reptilians and others who have held the Earth and those on her hostage no longer have the grip they had. This is happening fast now and will in Japan also, liberation of the Dragon heart is our liberation as we are not separate

   We were all packed and had our last amazing breakfast and then we needed to go back to the emerald before we flew out. We had a bit of time to fill in so Geoff suggested we go to a museum that was not far away and on route to the Emerald. The museum was fascinating as it had a village built how the original people lived from ancient times and showed what had happened to the Earth there and the volcanoes.
   Then still raining we got back in the car and drove to the Emerald mountain. This time I navigated us right in past a health resort and under Mt Take with no one else around and in a secluded place. Just on queue as usual with the Elementals they turned off the tap for as long as it took us to get out of the car receive the codes and get back in again before it started to pour again.

 mttake14july2    From the emerald, Mt Take we received the codes to take with us to Hokkaido for the Light Template anchoring and the codes from the Shambala field. Mt Take is on the grid point vortex and takes us through to Draco, and for myself anyway about the new 6D Light Body that is the next step in the awakening journey.
   We then went back past the lake and go onto the freeway and thank goodness for Sara san as there was a detour and roadworks on the freeway and it would have been difficult for me to navigate. We were late getting back to the hire car place but still had time to get to the airport and get our flight. We witnessed Japanese efficiently once we did arrive at the hire car place it took seconds for them to check the car and whisk us into the shuttle bus and to departures.

     We get to Tokyo after circling around for an hour in the sky above it, before finally landing and we got a cab in the rain to our hotel for the night. Then off the next morning to Handea airport again to meet Coco and the others coming on the journey. The beautiful goddesses who had come to Mitakasan and Lillian. We had fun and then boarded our plane while I tuned into what we were doing that afternoon once we got to Daisetsuzan National Park and our hotel.



Friday July 15th
As we were flying I had an overview of what was happening.
Hokkaido is the head of the Dragon and also the site of a Light City that existed in the first cycle when the Dragons first came to Earth. For the mission I knew we needed to connect to our Dragon origins as the Light City will come back into the realms of awareness, and the role of each person as a Dragon is important as each holds the codes of the beginning. So now as the template is anchored each will bring in that quality through their being.
     I was aware of when I came first to Earth and took on the form of the Dragon to assist with the creation of the Earth to be habitable. Now we are creating again the higher dimensional New Earth, a space we create through our love.
     Each has a Dragon line so long and to remember some if it is important so that we can move into the New Earth with the wisdom of the old. Going deeper into the heart of our Dragon self and remembering why we came to Earth. The Dragon initiation is to pass as a dragon in our energy and fly through the mountain and into the new creation of the Dragon field.
The green Emerald codes hold the vibrations to assist each to get to hold the stillness and oneness.

       There were twelve of us, one local member of the group meeting us at the hotel and the rest of us from other parts of Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. We got our two six seater hire cars and headed to Daisetsuzan mountain area where our hotel was on Mt Asahidake via the supermarket.

     After settling into our rooms we meet down the stairs and went over the road and past a hotel and up a road way to a small shrine. Each of us connected for our journey personal and bigger picture. Coming back down the track and to a place to fill water bottles from the raging mountain river before going to one of the rooms to do our first preparation for our mission.

   The importance of connecting to our Dragon origins, as each of us remembers deep within the inception of the Earth and the role we played as the ancient, ancient ones who created the Earth to be habitable by linking the crystals and creating the crystalline grids and vortexes. That created an electromagnetic field on the surface that brought moisture and then life. Now we are coming full circle from the first inception to now as the Earth makes a huge shift in dimensions and light from the dense form she was, with so many higher dimensions within her, to now the dense becomes higher dimensional as well.

   We also all have a Dragon wound, from time of the Dragon Slayers who came to own and control the Earth and dominate the beings on the lower dimensions. The Reptilians and other ET races who once the Dragon Serpent beings had created the Earth to be inhabitable came and took it over, which has been our experience for a long time now.
     But now we are liberating ourselves and owning our own divine self and coming from the Dragon Heart and those controllers; who are playing out their final dance right now. With their terror and greed, and all manner of controlling and agendas of separation and fear. Are in their final throes and so it is now time for the Dragon Heart to come once more to the surface. As we heal our wounds and know our deep inner connection from the heart of us, through the heart of the Earth, through the heart of the Suns, all one.

   We first connected and became aware of contracts we had signed for the mission and others to be aware of. Then cleared implants, and I made sounds to assist the process that certainly shifted things with rather loud light codes blasting through the room to everyone’s surprise. Then we did an etheric blueprint cleanse.
As we spoke in light language about why we had been called to come and our connection to our Dragon origin. As we journeyed into the Inner Earth remembering our Dragon Serpent linage and aspect at inception of the Earth. Which was important as later in the journey with more clearing and attunements activations, bigger picture work we became our Dragon self for the clearing of the Dragon lines and the holographic re-patterning of the New Earth that happened just before the Full Moon.
We also became aware of and healed our Dragon wound and remembered our gift from our Dragon self at inception until now.
        As we then prepared for a soul travel to the Light City of the First Cycle and Dragon origins on Earth doing the 20 Chakra and Light Body Activation with light and sound.

                                                   THE LIGHT CITY

July 16
     The next morning we left early to drive through the valleys with mountains and lakes, until we came to the Lake Nukabira where I know we needed to stop. The serpent place with more preparation as we walked down by the lake and sat on the sand the sun quite strong above us, for once it was not raining.
   With connecting mudras and connecting first to the Serpent within and loving blocks through the central channel. Then aware of the kundalini flow through the chakras from Earth Star to Cosmic Gateway and back as we moved in the flow and our soul story, and descent to Earth. Loving any resistance still left to being in a physical body and attachments to the underworld and desire body.
     Then out of the loop of the old belief in karma and birth and death fear and separation, the illusion as we moved more fully into the cosmic flow, serpent spiralling vortexes and cosmic alignment though no time and space. Surrendered and in the kundalini cosmic flow.
     As we then connected to the ancient Serpent that exists in the lake and valleys. The beautiful Serpent being who is pure love and divine essence, as she took us on a journey of our soul to realise and heal whatever was still blocking our full surrender into divine will and plan. As each of us had our own journey within.
   Then it was time to walk back up to the cars and continue on of the main road up a dirt road along the sides of a beautiful river with the most divine forest. In the autumn the display of red, orange and yellow leaves so glorious people come for all over to see it. But for us now it was green and vibrant with life. As we got up to the Kosen osen restaurant and camping areas at the end of the valley. We had a wonderful lunch and then a soaked in the hot pools to integrate and prepare.

       As we went back down the valley and stopped at the doorway to the Light City by the side of the river.
We scrambled down the rocky hill and onto the river flats with beautiful rocks and the river raging past us glistening in the afternoon sun and the ethereal Light City immersed in such a joy.

     As we aligned the nuclei of our cells to the centre of the Sun, through the centre of the Galaxy, through the centre of the Earth all one. Awakening our Divine Blueprints and Light Body to move on the soul travel into the Light City of the First Cycle and Dragon origins.
     We travelled into the Inner Earth and through the Inner Earth Sun into a hidden world not seen by those on the surface before.
     There the ancient Earth Deva greets us. Calling each of us by our ancient Dragon name.
     She said each of us had a made a solemn vow to return now as the Earth moves into the higher dimensions with the wisdom of the Ancient Ones that we are. (This is not just us in the group but all who choose).
       As we healed our wound last night so we could each be at peace. The initiation is to move beyond fear so we can fully hold the light and remember.
     We spoke our name on the inner, the key to the Light City. That can now appear into the realms of humans who resonate 5D and beyond to return the Earth to her full glory with honour and respect for all that she gives us.
     (If you still hold a dragon wound from the time of the slaying then love and accept it until you can move into the Light City and remember your form and role in the Light City until you sense it coming through the veils from the doorway of the Inner Earth Sun.)

Remember the origins of the Earth at inception and now again through our Dragon Hearts we create the higher dimensional New Earth so powerful so beautiful.

lightcity dragonorigin kosen osen16july       The Elementals held the rain off for us and an Eagle came to fly above us. I felt and saw myself and as ancient dragon goddess and the energy was so on and so beautiful I could hardly move and didn’t wanted to leave there. Aware that we also had to get back for our prearranged dinner I stayed in the zone as long as I could and was the last to leave as the others were up at the car eating saki cake gifted by dearest Lillian. Then it was off back to the hotel through the dragon and serpent realms, just in time for dinner and then the hot pools and integration.

I had organised to take workshop that night but knew it was too much and we all needed to stay in the zone of the Light City and our Dragon origins as the codes filtered through us.

   I was told on the inner: ‘The Council of Light at the Light City there wishes that we continue working in the Light City and that each with our Dragon name. Use that name tomorrow to do our Dragon mudra and sound our Dragon name, this brings back the remembrance more fully and helps to anchor the Light Template.


                           THE DNA KARMIC PATTERNING CLEARED
                             FROM THE DRAGON LINES AND GRIDS

Sunday July 17
We followed the same dragon serpent lines and road the next day but stopped at Sounkyp Gorge to clear the karmic accumulation in the dragon lines, but first we had to collect a Dragon’s egg.
We found a walkway that went right up to this amazing waterfall and we walked along the track along the Akaishi River.
Then up the steep track in the deep forest with the waterfalls dancing down through the great rocks and the pregnant Dragon so happy we had come as she wanted to give us her eggs.

   We walked up past a beautiful rock doorway and little fern fairy realms, up the top of the waterfall to receive the egg or eggs. I received one, an opalescent huge one, others received whatever was needed for this mission and some for other mission to take the energy around Japan and the world.
     The waterfalls were so loud that we just allowed and received there. On the walk back down we stopped at a magical place on the grids, a doorway with soft grass and herbs as we sat amongst them. I guided everyone into clearing any cosmic karma they had as we were at the next place nearby going to clear if from the grids so needed to clear ourselves. As we spoke in light language about the Dragon eggs and the connection through the grids.

     Then drove down to the Ginga No Taki Falls that were from way up the top of the gorge to the bottom, a great distance. And along the ridges of the gorge the light beings and dragons were watching and waiting. As I went to find a spot where we could be in private.

 ginga no taki falls dnaclearing  groupdnaclearedgingnotakifalls17july     

    We transmuted DNA at dense structural levels in our bodies as we cleared the levels of ourselves ready as the rain started to come, this time the elementals were letting it happened as it was part of the work, it was still light and misty. As we tuned into our own Dragon mudra and spoke our Dragon name and then sang from our Dragon Hearts that cleared the grids of all the accumulated karma through the great Dragon of Japan and out through all the grids and Ring of Fire and Earth. It was the most amazing thing, the energy so divine, the grids so clear and sparkling and we felt so high channelling through our Dragon origins and linage to clear the old wounds held in the Earth matrix and throughout the grids in the area and then out worldwide.
     On the way back to the hotel that late afternoon we couldn’t contain ourselves and were dancing in the car to the David Bowie ‘put on your red shoes and dance….let’s dance!’ as we partied in celebration and joy for the release of so much old blocking energy now cleared through the Dragon Lines and ready for the next day and the Light Template anchoring at the Dragons Head.
That night after dinner another workshop with the DNA ancestral separation and unification now of the strands from the point of separation with DNA integration. As we opened up to ourselves in the higher dimensions and embodied our higher dimensional selves more fully and into the levels of our light body all ready for the next day.

                                                     MT ASAHIDAKE

Monday July 18
       It was raining lightly again and we went up the hill near our hotel and then up the cable car to the starting point of the track up Mt Asahidake. I knew we didn’t need to go to the top of the mountain to anchor the Light Template, much to the relief of most of the group. It was by the lake with the shrine and on clear days it mirrors the mountain but not on the day we were there.

     We started off up the track looking at the beautiful flowers and lakes and then the weather cleared, I thought yes the elementals are going to keep it clear for us. But as we climbed up more steps and over to the roaring geo thermal area and the dragon fire I could see that no, it was going to stay foggy and rainy. The sound of the dragon’s breath was incredible. I have never heard a sounds like it and living in NZ we have lots of geothermal but not like at the Dragons head with its Dragons roar.

       Then we went to the shrine by the lake, Sugatami Pond and there were too many people there and also it was raining. But there was a shed for shelter nearby and we went in and the people in there had finished their lunch and went out and we had it to ourselves while we energetically got in the zone ready to anchor the Light Template.
         Opening up the divine light through the endocrine glands and chakras to our Iridescent Light Body. As we healed any old duality games of our goddess god aspects and then into our Diamond Light Body and the highest dimensional self that each of us could hold as we surrendered into the octahedron spiralling vortex of life force and Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow.
       As we spoke in light language about why it was here that the Light Template needed to be anchored. As the Dragon here is so important to the Earth and once the Light Template was anchored it was moving out through all the Earth. (This has meant the shift is even more pronounced. No going back, no more sitting on fences, it’s either in the Light or out, for those still not sure it’s not easy as everything that needs to be looked at is brought to their attention to be dealt with.) The energy was so on as our Diamond Light Bodies glowed.

       We went outside and found a spot just off the track, as the track and area of the shrine where roped off and so there was not much room to stand as a group but it didn’t matter. The rain was very light and gentle and a fog, the Dragons were all there and so we did our Dragon mudra, and Dragon name as we gave our Dragon egg/s to the mountain the Light Template come in through our Dragon heart singing. We felt so much joy and the energy became so clear, the Dragons were happy and the grids so clear and crystalline sparkling.
     The energy was so on and I knew this was big, but how to put in human words to explain such huge shifts in the dimensional realms of Earth so much more joy and light. In 3d things needed to settle as the old is being cleansed and transmuted as everyone’s hearts are the key.

The others left to walk back down to the cable car, but I couldn’t move, I was so in the moment and energy and so found a place to sit on the side of the track near the lake and just be in the stillness and peace. Meanwhile the clearing of the grids will be shaking up a lot for the places and those who still need to choose love as the way forward in the world.

   There was so much love from the mountain and the Dragons, the Devas, Elementals and the Dragons asked that we remember the song of the Dragon Heart to be with them tonight and dance in the Dragon light of the heart.

       Eventually I walked back down to the cable car station, shop and restaurant. I wasn’t worried about catching one of our cars as once out of the cable car it was a walk down hill to our hotel and soak in the hot water.
     I caught up with Coco and a few others who then drove back. But I had my new raincoat on that I had brought the day before and it was waterproof. So it was such a joy to stay in the fog and rain and play with the Dragons.
     Then to the osen and the one outside as the rain got strong but sitting in the hot clean flow of geothermal water and just Being. There were such big things happening for us all, and the Earth, that silence seems the best way to allow it to be and integrate through the water into the cells, though the water in the hot pool, through all the waters.
     The Light Template was now anchored though the Dragon lines the water and cosmic ocean, the stars and crystals the light cities and through nature and the elementals. The elementals had given this mission and the Light Template anchored through the elementals energies on the physical earth, stars and also other dimensional realms of earth was almost complete with only the Diamonds and Diamond light matrix through the geographical location in Iceland. The stones and multi-universes at Avebury and the Dolphins and Whale codes completing at the Crown Chakra of the New Earth, Mt Titiroa NZ.

But the mission was still not completed with a soul travel into the New Earth as this was being re-patterned as well with all the shifts that had taken place.


     The next morning 19th we said good bye to Naomi who could not come with us for the rest of the journey and drove towards the Shiretoko Peninsular.
       We stopped at Lake Kussharo for lunch and to view the great crater with islands in it but no such luck as per usual it was foggy and light rain. Then we drove through lush fields of grains and potatoes and onwards to the coast and the Oshin Koshin Taki falls that were right by the coast. It was still raining of course as we climbed up the steps to the waterfall, the energy was so divine. I had of course wanted to do more preparation for the work that was to take place but it was all good and it was not hard for us all to get in the zone.

                                   OSHIN KOSHIN TAKI FALLS VORTEX,
                               NEW EARTH HOLOGRAM RE-PATTERNED

     As we opened to the Living Library of Light codes we brought with us from Lyra, as we came through the prism and danced in the holograms of our love experiencing duality. Now as we are on the journey home we connected to the Sun that was important to each of us. As we moved through the Sun/s allowing the codes through the Sun in our hearts and out through our cells. The Living Library of Light we hold awakens more fully the codes we hold create the New Earth.

     As the New Earth is a hologram of our love. As the codes we hold though our Suns re-pattern the Earth in divine order of symmetry of Light resonating in the Love that we are, one with the Source. Aware of the great vortex where we stood, the sacred Dragon portal, the Dragon Lines and grids so clear from the work we had done and others around the Earth. Creating a clear loving space for the Earth to be resonate enough now as the collective consciousness of humanity are ready or not.

oshin koshin taki fallsjuly19newearthgroup       Aware of the Living Library of Light codes we all held, and the codes through the waterfall and vortex they all flow through us and into the Inner Earth Sun and out through the Dragon Heart and Dragon grids all cleared now through the Earth. I could literally see the Earth so bright and shining clear, network of light shining. The energy was so beautiful and divine and as we opened our eyes seeing even more with eyes of Love.
     Everything had changed, the shift has exhilarated majorly and the dark forces are out. You might find that hard to believe if you watch TV or any of the media games, but that is the illusion and not even real, let go the old programmes and the brainwashing machines and feel yourself there already. Re-patterned in divine order of love. Not just changing the channel but turning it all off and allowing the reality of love and life to embrace you.

       We left the waterfall and vortex after more time just being with it and its beauty and drove not far to our hotel at Utoro, at the end of the main road up the peninsular. With just a dirt track to the hot falls or the road going across to the other coast it was not possible to get up to Cape Shiretoko at the Star Temple by land the next day.

         We put our bags in the rooms and noted it was a great location and view, and then we went down to the huge 5 star hotel on the waterfront for a buffet dinner with every imaginable thing to eat. A celebration dinner and it was much appreciated. So no workshop that night we were too busy eating. LOL

                                                   CAPRICORN FULL MOON 20 JULY
                               INNER EARTH DOORWAY AND BIRTHING FROM
                                       THE COSMIC EGG THE CODES

         The next morning July 20, we drove up the narrow forest road with lush vegetation and trees surrounding us and the beautiful deer feeding right by the road. There were devas and goddesses and gods everywhere and this flower goddess who kept showering us with flowers and the lord of the forest watched over us. Until we got to the warm waterfall that was gently sloping over huge smooth rounded boulders. As usual it was raining and cool and so we walked up to the top of the little track that lead onto the waterfall and did our inner connection to all the elementals, devas, dragons, goddesses and gods, light beings and guardians who had called us here to the Inner Earth doorway.

       I guided everyone first
into preconception about coming into the New Earth, then conception on why they choose their mother father and thank them. Then in the womb how did they feel in the New Earth. Aware of the vortex at the physical location of the birth place and is it an old Earth or new earth place, if old loving and accepting until transmuted. Receiving the codes and love coming through the New Earth vortex into life. Coming out into New Earth higher dimensional Earth and self.
     Then working with the elementals to assist anywhere we lived, in our body and gifts any are giving us. Then aware of the elementals of the doorway and falls, the flower goddess wished to give us essences of the flowers and the Tree god, Lord of forest assisting us with our inner light and inner strength. Then there were all the fairies, elves and nature spirits as they took us to a serene tunnel of gold and obsolescent 13 rays of the rainbow light.
     As we travelled to the Ancient Serpent Woman who puts us into the Cosmic Egg for healing and
rejuvenation until we birthed out of the egg the real self. We received the light codes then for Capricorn Full Moon grounding through Star Temple and higher dimensional stars into the New Earth. After much gratitude to the Ancient Serpent Woman and for birthing from the Cosmic Egg we went to play on the waterfall. Some of the group went way up high, others had a soak in the pools. It was such a joyful place to be.

   It seemed only a short ride back to the hotel then most of us went to have a shower and hot soak in the hot mineral pools and then we went down to the town and to the Boat company office. Walking down to the wharf and onto our boat to take us up to the Star Temple. It had been a bad summer so far with not enough sun and there were not many on our 80 seater boat. The fog and light rain still our friend.

capeshiretoko not far   As we went up along the coast we saw bears at two different places foraging (see on picture right hand corner the bear) on the shore looking for food, one was a mother with her cub. Then after looking at all the waterfalls coming down to the ocean along the coast line, the weather started to close in even more and by the time we got to Cape Shiretoko we couldn’t see the light house or the cliffs but we sure could feel the energy. This mission seemed more about the inner planes and sensing rather than seeing places of great importance on our mission like at the Dragons Head and now here at the Star Temple.

     The boat turned around at the cape and as we left it with the codes from the Star Temple within us and our hearts feeling so open and loving as the energies were divine, we sighted dolphins of course in perfect timing. They were happy to see us, as we them and they came with us part of the way back. Our boat trip had taken longer than scheduled so it was back to the hotel for a hot pool soak then up to my room for the last workshop preparation time before the exact time of the full moon at 7.57pm local time.

In the room we could look out and see the port and the ocean and we did inner unification on the broken DNA strands and template of light transmission activation. Then onto our star linages and one with the Andromedan heart of the Galaxy with the Inner Earth Sun, heart of the Earth, one through our heart. We had a break right as the Sun was setting with the most beautiful magenta pink sunset that illuminated right through the room magenta and the soft sun light.
     As we opened up to the stars and the planets within us and the New Solar System stars were downloaded through us. We connected in the Star Temple and the codes we had picked up. Aware of dancing in the stars and into the ethereal Star Temple as the Earth and Star Walkers. Light and free dancing in the beauty of the stars and higher dimensional stars in unlimited possibilities. Aware of the starlight, still present on our physical bodies with the light codes we carried from the Inner Earth, the Living Library of Light and Star Temple, through the higher dimensional stars and into the New Earth that now was re-patterned to absorb the new star lights.
       Then holding the energy we walked outside the hotel and over to an area that wasfullmoonrise20july parkland with view of the ocean and the hills in the east with the full moon coming up behind the hills, almost risen. As we formed a circle and toned in the codes through the New Earth and Inner Earth Sun, star light codes and living light codes with the blessing and love from the Inner Earth Ancient Ones and Dragons.
     As the full moon started to rise at the same time as to my surprise the Cosmic Egg in the Inner Earth came though and was birthed here on the surface. The new creation of the New Earth. Even more to my surprise the Ancient Serpent Woman who was a multi-d aspect of mine (this is not exclusive we are all one with these higher dimensional aspects of our self, it’s just a matter of being clear and unified enough to remember). I had worked with for years as she held the ancient of ancient codes and Earth Wisdom.

As the full moon shone through the clouds as a sign that the light had once again returned to shine through our hearts as we create heaven on earth, it was almost too much to take in what had occurred and awhile to integrate.

     In fact when I got back to NZ and into my new home in the countryside with no wifi or tv or radio I was glad these things weren’t working as all I wanted to do was sleep, eat, rest and integrate. As I gradually unpack and sort out my new home.
     We are all sorting out our new home, and it’s within our heart. So don’t be hard on yourself if things don’t seem right at present everything is still integrating and takes time to come through into 3d.

   With so much love and gratitude for Masumi, Magumi, Coco and Geoff who helped so much with the logistics of the missions. To all the participants in Tokyo and Hokkaido radiant divine ones, thank you for sharing your love and radiant light for this such amazing mission for humanity and the great shift in cycle. I love you, without you none of it is possible divine radiant ones. And to you the reader who was there too as your multi-d selves the Dragon’s, Goddesses Gods, Elementals and divine essences. We have changed the reality, what we have wanted in our hearts all along now coming to us.
In the One Heart so much gratitude and love for all of us, all one.

Love and big hugs Soluntra xxxxx

On the way back to the airport we visited Lake Kussharo again this time it was clear. And in the shop there you can buy dragons eggs, below is their packet wrapping.

Permission is given to copy and redistribute these Cosmic Events on the trust that the contents remain complete, all credit is given to the author and it is freely distributed.

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lightcity stegeborgstegeborg dragon doorway

with Soluntra King

This was the second time I had been guided to come to Stegeborg to do bigger picture work and there were nine of us that heard the call and came from Sweden and Denmark.
     We meet on the Saturday morning at a holiday house I booked at Bothna not far away. It decided to rain so perfect that we had a venue, the elementals told me we would need to do this and rain was badly needed as it has been a dry summer and the water levels in the well were way down. Having lived in Australia for many years it didn’t look like it as everything was still green including the grass but for there it was dry and a problem for people and the trees, not being used to going without lots of water, especially the Birches. The landscape was so beautiful where we were and close to the ocean which was a long harbour with so many islands and bays.
       We started with connecting in through the octahedron and the thirteen rays of the rainbow as it spiralled through us and up or central channel and out to settle all around as we opening up to the universal flow. Then down into the kundalini to love and accept where it was blocked relevant to what was happening in our life. Clearing implants and the sounds I made to clear them blasted those old duality hooks away as the ones who put them in the only choice now to move into the love and divine energies of the creator in peace and the light.
   Transmuting the DNA at dense structural levels and then healing the blocks to being trapped in the limitations of the illusion as the synapses in the brain jumped happily across each other bringing in one consciousness, one brain and sparking the brain like turning on light switches as the DNA spiralled in our body and down into the earth the goddess energy of nurturing and love from the earth as the DNA flowed in the earth as well as us. The god stillness essence spiralling DNA through us and the earth all one as we are holding the light codes through the DNA and through the earth.
     As we went down the family line of our ancestors to where the DNA was first broken and they first came into separation consciousness with love and acceptance.

       After the rain had stopped for a bit we drove 3kms away down a dirt track to the carpark for the boat across to a church on one of the many islands. We walked through the forest then up onto this beautiful rock overlooking the vortex light city and ocean.
     When I had checked out this place the evening before the energy felt very discordant and spiny, it was flowing the wrong way. In the third cycle there was a disruption in the flow of the electromagnetic field due to a comet coming through, it didn’t hit earth but tore through the atmospheres and stratosphere and ripped the energy. This righted eventually but now the vortex was still out of alignment. It was not affecting humans or animals but was stopping the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth from being able to come through fully and anchor which was important and why we were there.

. We were all part of this Light City and story and here we were back again. Three years before when a few of us were at Stegeborg the old magician waring energies had to be cleared now it was the next step.
We did our own personal mudra and name to really bring in our divine essence through our body and opened up to the radiance within and the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun and the light codes we hold and our divine blueprint awakened more fully as we opened to our Iridescent Light Body. Connecting even more fully to the heart of the earth and the Inner Earth Sun and the light codes from the higher dimensional sun.
Going into the Light City to a place familiar to us and what from we are/were there and what was happening for us as the comet came through. We then made sounds to clear the energies and I know personally my body rearranged and I could feel it shifting as the discordance had still been affecting my energy field. Now the New Earth could come through.

Then we came back and had dinner and in the evening did a requested workshop assisting everyone in a visualisation to get out of the head and into the heart. Then working with in-to-me-see intimacy issues.

We drove to the ferry and crossed to the parking area and walked past the inlet and into the forest and then up the ravine which was so divine, fairy’s devas and elementals everywhere the most magic of places and a serpent tunnel as well in a the top of the ravine.
I was guided to the vortex which was on a great rock shelf with thick lichen growing on it and forest all around.
the last time myself and other friends were there in 2013 the Golden Rainbow dragon had actually ascended but she had left the most incredibly clear vortex for us to now be able to clear the earth DNA and grids of the karmic overlays through time and space, from all cycles and also space wars and the dross left over from them. The vortex really open and resonate with divine essence in love. The
Cosmic Egg is an incubator of energies for those ready to awaken their own inner eggs
We did our connecting mudra and then light language about our connection to the dragon. Being called here the light codes of the dragon Lair so pure and beautiful. The golden rainbow dragon left her legacy. The dragon lines had become so tangled and blocked now as we prepared through the breath and our kundalini energy flowing connecting through the earth sun body aligning through Suns and the 13 rays of the rainbow awakening the light codes within our sound codes form our heart cleared the grids. The energy so divine it brought tears of joy to our eyes, so much shifting within each of us and through the grids. It felt like a huge shift and we basked in the sun and the divine energies form the clear vortex and all that shined form within. Cleared right through Russia and China the rest will clear in another mission to there, but the core was cleared and though the artic. Clearing only through northern areas in Scandinavia as Europe was not ready yet too much happening at the human and 4th dimension and would stir things up more, but Russia and China were ready and the Artic beings had been waiting in joy for this.

     Then climbing down through the magic forest and rocks to get the ferry over the castle side and have a well-earned lunch at the restaurant there on the wharf.
   After lunch we walked over to the castle picking fallen pears from the bountiful trees, apples trees laddened with fruit in the castle grounds and all around a symbol of the creative energies of the cosmic egg and the abundance of the sacred space we were in.
We walked past the castle tower and to the rock overlooking the harbour and islands, the Sun shimmering on the water the air still and warm.
   Opening up to our joy and creative expression in the cosmic egg. Then the diamond light matrix and diamond light body, physical immortally, star chakras shining through the stars and planets transparent through us.
The cosmic egg holding the creation codes for the birthing of the 5D earth, not just in this area but all earth. It could come up here now from the inner earth sun and down from the cosmos and the greater central sun Sirius due to the great vortex here after the warring energies were cleared in 2013. Waiting until now having settled and many more shifts and changes taken place within humanity and the collective consciousness.
Each one of us has chosen our self to be part of this work. Remembering our divinity and as we opened up more fully to our divine blueprint, iridescent light body and the electromagnet field healed in the light city from the third cycle as the new earth can now anchor more fully. The cosmic egg star resonating with the cosmic eggs within each of us and into the collective consciousness as we awaken more fully to the galactic human and earth star walker in our diamond light body strong and clear as we allow the comic egg to do its thing.
We can travel into the cosmic egg whenever we feel too, for utilising our creative expression, creative projects and joy as we go more fully out into the world.
Thank you so much divine ones for hearing the call and coming and to those who came in 2013 to create the foundation there will be another layer in three more years.

It didn’t finish there a few nights later in the Old Town in Stockholm the ancient dragon there in so much pain causing discord and so many souls trapped, we cleared to karmic overlays and anchored the higher dimensional stars into the vortex as the Dragon was able to ascend and left the cosmic dragon eggs ready to hatch with the higher dimensional star system stars such joy as the old embraces the new and oneness is held in our hearts.

   Now it’s on to Iceland with a major mission there and lots of logistical challenges I have had to deal with in the 3d side of things. Many tests for us all to get there but well worth it and the Shambala doorway opens and anchors on the earth plane through the clear light of the land of ice and fire. That was a hot place once with the Ra light shining through all the earth crystals, stones, trees and nature. Thank you so much for those who are praying or connecting with us there.

Earth Star Walker.
Light CityCosmic EggDragon Light Body Divine Blueprint. Iridescent Light Body
the multi-dimensional being you are.
Diamond Light BodyDragon LinesAncient DragonStarsSun
New Earth   karmic patterns from self and the grids new Solar System star light.
The New  Earth Hologram anchored through the Dragon heart



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18 to 21 JUNE 2016

     The next level of Light Template anchoring through the hyper dimensional doorway at Mead Wall and spinner wheel Mt Pihanga, Lake Rotopomanu and great vortex and Stargate Lake Taupo.
The light anchoring through the water in our body, the Earth one with the Cosmic Ocean for the Solstice.

Friday 17th June
mt tarawera
     Before meeting the small group of goddesses at the southern end of Lake Taupo for the Light Template anchoring I had to stop at Lake Tarawera, the Lemurian Moon Temple. Driving first past the Blue Lake a wormhole and gateway it was necessary to move through before I could get to Tarawera.
Dragonguardians are moving on also we go deeper into our awareness of creation, our cells are transparent and the light shines bright and clear. So clear that it is nothing and everything, substance and grace, matter and spirit merged. One in the divine state to find its Illusion and matter is spirit and always has been.
     As I drove along the windy road along the side of Lake Tarawera I glimpsed the mountain and saw to my surprise and delight that the Cosmic Egg was activated and awaiting me. Having anchored it from Cheops at the March Equinox 2010.
   I received the codes from the cosmic egg at Mt Tarawera, it was glowing, the codes were flowing beautifully and I got it is also part of the light code anchoring to complete at Mt Titiroa/Akum also in December.

   The Dragonguardians were excited as the Solstice Blue Full Moon was the tipping point for the doorway to be open fully and for the new light codes of creation to come through. The Cosmic Egg is important and I was told on the inner to take everyone into the cosmic egg that resonates with them, regardless if they had consciously worked with one before or not. Taking them into the centre of the Earth to be there with it and the dragons of their origin before Mead Wall where we were to go through and bring back a key with whole universes and worlds.
     With much gratitude I then drove to Taupo and down the lake to Tokaanu where we were staying, to meet the beautiful small team of goddesses for this bigger picture work.

Saturday 18th June
   I was staying in room 13, and each unit could sleep five or more with upstairs beds as well and my living space was big enough for the five of us. The four others stayed in rooms 6 and 7 so were 13 as well. We meet and connected and with intentions, gratitude and mudras, we started clearing old
paradigm contracts and then the contract for this mission.
     Aware of the serpent tunnels we travelled into the Inner Earth aware of how ambient and beautiful it is, then into the Ancient Serpent Woman’s realm. Feeling her love and aware of being in a Cosmic Egg right in the heart of our mother and the Inner Earth Sun. Resonating and glowing as we remembered our ancient Dragon self from the inception of the Earth and our Dragon origins.
     Aware of the Cosmic Egg codes from the Cheops Pyramid that had been created as Orion/Osiris and Isis/Sirius merged at the Kings Chamber and Pharaohs phallus and then into the Queens Chamber creating the light codes of life at the great vortex site now transferred to a place of the New Earth. To be merged with the new energies and through to the Inner Earth Sun and Cosmic Egg transference to the New Earth light codes and Living Library of Light aligned through the Suns all one. As the old 11:11 doorway has closed and the union of duality completed, as now we open to the opp
osite side of the heavens to Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearer our Light Bodyand the star system of Draco beyond. As our ancestors and creators of the Earth now coming through in us once again for the next level of creation to unfold.

   The Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow illuminating as the Cosmic Egg showed anything left in the illusion to be loved and accepted into the oneness and no longer in duality. Healing the broken
DNA from the first point of separation as the fragments unified in peace and clarity of our Dragon Serpent origins. The Cosmic Egg resonated and glowed as the love and acceptance created the egg to crack open as we birthed out into our true selves in the new creation. Having come in at the inception of the Earth, the Ancient Ones, Serpent tunnels and Dragon lines spirally vortexes radiating from the Inner Earth Sun, the heart of the Earth.
   Completing with the sound and light codes of the DNA integration mandala. Then the old duality programmes of the Adam Eve game, and old paradigm self, as well and dross left from our Goddess and God selves that had created from agendas and ego rather than simply allowing in divine will and plan. Embraced in love and acceptance as each unification activated the light spirals through the Grids of the Earth and DNA in the Earth. Creator Goddess God self, holder of Living Library of Light now in Divine Will.            
    Expressing our joy and open to the creative energies within each of us in preparation to receive the key codes through the hyper-dimensional doorway later that day. As we became more aware of our embodiment of our
as the fairy, nature spirt, elemental, deva realms, angelic, master of self, Shambala self, light being light ships, Council of Light, Goddess God.


     After lunch we drove to Mead Wall up the top of Bruce Road on Mt Ruapehu. Stopping to take photos of the mountains, then we stopped at the river, waterfallightbodyplacels and chasm that goes under road. We found a beautiful moss area and do our Light Body integration through blue, violet, white, gold and present Light Bodies and shimmering Iridescent Light Body the bridge between 5d and 6d.

     In a state of grace with our light bodies glowing we drove up past the Chateau and had expected to see snow but it had been and gone with just a little left. To the Mead Wall, no snow except a tiny bit, we walked up a new track via Happy Valley and went first to view Mt Ngauruhoe then down to the doorway.




meadwall2Ngauruhoe from.mead wall

 mt taranki inoceanofcloud  The clouds were below us and Mt Taranaki so clear floating on the ocean of cloud it was so magical.
Then when it was the right time we cleared the karmic DNA from the grids and the overlays doing the breath 2-2-2 then sounds to clear as I saw the crystals sparkling so clear.
     Then in our dragon selves we five Dragons flew through the hyper-dimensional doorway to Draco to receive the Dragon Egg, the Cosmic Egg for the New Earth. This Dragon Egg is so important to the Earth, to the Dragons and to humanity who have dragon linages every one of you. To get to Earth one needs to be part of the linage to be able to adjust to the Earths frequencies to get in.

     I was told on the inner the codes we received are bringing in a new root race for the higher dimensional Earth and awakening the Shambala codes. The codes are for a whole new creation and transference of energies for the new to the old, the old to the new, all the same just the next step in the process. A new matrix for the etheric body and energy bodies and through to the physical body to bring in our 6D Light Body.
   The Cosmic Egg is a part of the Template of Light anchoring as it anchors into the water of our cells and so the Cosmic Dragon Eggs in our cells are awakening not just through the Thirteen Rays of the Rainbow but from the Earth’s heart that is now energised and balanced further through the doorway of Mead Wall with Eltanin.
     Eltanin the brightest star in Draco and the dragons head is conjunct the Sun, the day the Sun is conjunct the Galactic Centre 27 degrees Sagittarius on December 20th each year.
Ophiuchus; the Serpent Bearer and thirteen sign in the zodiac and beyond that Draco the dragon are the new gatekeepers in the Heavens, from Orion to Ophiuchus and Draco.
   As the old initiation in the Great Pyramid took us through the doorway of Orion, the one, the union of opposites has occurred. The Cosmic Egg vibrating fully with life force, creation energy, as we move through the Crossover point and into the higher light octaves we are the holders of the serpent energy, the kundalini and our Body of Light.

The star essence I made from Eltanin:
ELTANIN -the Dragon's head in Draco
   Eltanin assist in the purification of the old energies still held in the cells, DNA and energy field,
opening us up to the matrix of unity and the New Earth, higher dimensional Earth. Its energy resides as the dragon at the base of your spine and as you activate and awaken it ignites up your spine and en-livens you.
Eltanin speaks "I am the fire that comes from the core of my soul, the spirit of fire is ignited with my song, the light of the universe is created through my breath. I create new worlds to inhabit within the light of consciousness of the unified matrix. Acknowledge me not as destroyer or negative but as creator and unified. The fire I breathe only destroys that not of spirit in unity. I transmute and purify that which is old, tired and ready to move on. I give rebirth, like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the new comes from the old, all form changes through the fire I breathe. I herald the new birth, the new creation as transmuted through the fire of spirit and through the eye of the needle. My alignment with the Earth plane again is a sign that the purification is happening. Be at peace and transcend as the fire of my breath awakens the spirit of thee."

twosuns set     When we opened our eyes after being through the hyper-dimensional doorway (please see essences from the doorway). Mt Taranaki which is at the western side of the North Island and hardly ever seen was so close and floating on an ocean of cloud. We had seen it before we went through but now it was larger in our field of vision.

The sunset with above the clouds that covered the landscape below the mountain. Like being in an aeroplane we were up above the clouds, it was clear and magical and on subtle levels everything had changed.

As we left the full moon was up over the wall, we could feel it through the wall as it came up. Then we drove back down the mountain to soak in the hot pools integrating the codes through the water of the cells.



Sunday 19th June

 laketaupo20june    We drove along the bottom of Lake Taupo to connect to the lake at a place I had worked at many times over the years with the Golden Solar Disc and Stargate as well as many other cosmic events and light anchoring’s and water code work. The Ancient Ones, guardians and Light Beings so beautiful as we connected with them.

   Then onto the 13th Gate and Stargate doorway. We connected to the source within and all the divine beings guardians ancients ones in the lake and became our Earthsun Body. To be able to receive, integrate and give out the higher light octave new paradigm light codes. We moved through the Galactic Centre cross over point within our hearts into the stillness then aware of the doorway in the lake into the higher dimensional Earth to obverse all the cycles of the Earth. Aware of the higher dimensional Earth here right now as our lives are full of joy, love, peace and harmony and we create it from our hearts. From the state of stillness where all is manifest One Earth, One Heart.
     Moving through the flow of kundalini in our central channel and loving and accepting any old paradigm hooks still embedded in the desire body and underworld. To feeling the love for being in our physical bodies, knowing deep within who we are and open to physical immortality as we opened to our light being Creator Goddess God self. Into the Cosmic Egg from Mead Wall and the new codes that had come through for new life, a new matrix for our physical and energy bodies. The Cosmic Egg part of the Light Template anchoring through the water of our cells and the water in the lake, streams, ponds, raindrops, dew drops
clouds and oceans, Cosmic Ocean through the Earths heart.
 laketaupo mtruapehu19june16    The creation energies that came through Mead Wall forming the 6D Light Body infusing the ethers with the new light codes and higher dimensions. Our bodies glowed, the flow of kundalini was grounded into the Inner Earth Sun. Grounding and connecting humanity even more One with the Earth.

     As we are the Ancient of Ancients now is the time for this to happen. It’s all in the Now and always been, it’s just that we are able to see and be it now physically, full integration. Clarity through the world of fog and games, the illusion and veils gone. As we bring in the Cosmic Eggs codes and ground them into the densest structures of our physical body and density. The new matrix of light glows and radiates more than ever before in the physical realms and our bodies. As the Cosmic Egg light codes glow through our cells and endocrine glands, organs and bones, teeth, muscles, blood, nerves tissues skin and hair. As we opened up to the Stars and Planets through our chakras, the cosmic egg glows through the cells and stars and planets and our Solar System. The Higher Dimensional Stars came through the Cosmic Egg and through our bodies and Earth through the Stargate in the lake. As the union of the manifest and un-manifest worlds opens us to the Cosmic Ocean with the codes from the Dolphins and Whales who are giving their codes and are moving on too, to will be completed fully at the last Light Template anchoring.

     The joy of being the dolphin that we are, as the solar rays glowing through the Cosmic Ocean. As we immersed in the Cosmic Ocean through our body, transparent. The light codes and solar rays glowed through our bodies, the stars and planets and higher dimensional stars. The water in our cells immersed through the Cosmic Ocean and the cycle of water from the clouds and rain, to the lakes, oceans and waterways, plants, trees and us is returned once again. As we go into the cells of our body then out through the Cosmic Ocean all one radiating and glowing. The water is recoded with new life from the Cosmic Egg through the hyper- dimensional doorway and merged with the Cosmic Egg energies transferred from Cheops to birth the new creation.
     It got really cold as we finished our connection as is always the case when there is a big shift in energy.

       Then we went to the hot water stream that flows in to the Waikato River, with little rock pools and waterfalls of hot steaming water straight out of the Earth. Sitting on the sand, lying on the rocks as the hot water from within the earth integrates the Cosmic Egg energies through the nonphysical to form. Once toasted to lie closer to the river with colder water underneath and hot above and perfect blend to sit and just be in the most divine place of water, earth, fire and air.

Monday June 20
   This full moon and solstice occurred close to the Galactic Centre at 27º Sagittarius. For one of the Goddesses on this mission it was also her 50th Birthday.

     The Light Templates are all anchored through the Elementals and now we need to connect more fully to them, who of course support us so much, it was supposed to rain but of course they held it off until after the full moon late in the evening. We drove back up around Lake Taupo connecting again to the ancient ones and all the light ships, divine beings, Golden Solar Disc, Stargate vortex, one of the biggest vortexes on Earth ancient caldera that is huge. Driving to just north of Taupo to the geo thermal area called the Moon Craters.

     We walked into a magical world with vegetation everywhere and stream rising up from the earth. Amazed at how the ferns and plants could live in the craters with hot mud plopping and steam rising up with the most gorgeous ferns and plants growing right next to the vents. It was like the avatar world and New Earth paradise.
   We went to our first place where we needed to connect to the Elementals and first I guided everyone to go to where they lived to see how the elementals were there, you can read about this and how to work with them here. Assisting them to be free to move to a place of great joy and new life for them. Then Elementals in our body that might be blocking and causing health issues. Then the Elementals with us who are assisting us.

     The Elementals in this sacred landscape are from the Inner Earth Sun as well as many others, but the Inner Earth Elementals were to be acknowledged and part for the template anchoring. The Light Template anchors through the elementals realms with the first template focused on anchoring through them. The Inner Earth Elementals are the holders of the Cosmic Egg from the Inner Earth Sun that we needed to bring the codes from Cheops and the new egg activated from Mt Tarawera into union what the Inner Earth Cosmic Egg that we worked with at the start of our journey and received the codes. With the water element in the higher dimensional stars and Cosmic Ocean as we connected to the dragon linage of our self and ancient of ancient ones with the Dragons through the hyper dimensional wall to Draco and new Cosmic Egg to be anchored through the Light Template. Water that holds the Living Library of Light that was first anchored through the waterways of the Himalayas in 1996. We hold the doorway open for the Light Template to be anchored, we are the foundation for the Earth and Inner Earth Sun to the cosmos, we create the doorway for the integration to take place.

       As we then proceeded to walk around the craters and enjoyed the amazing devic and elemental realms. At the biggest crater we needed to connect to the Suns. The next day was the Solstice time exact but the Solstice is over a three day period energetically. Because we would be so busy with the Light Template the solstice day we needed to connect to the solar rays now.
     First by connecting to the RA and any old duality holograms loved and accepted then into our full Ra connection and the RA Light as we merged our RA linage and awakened to our Ra wisdom and how it plays out in this life.
     This Solstice is the accumulation of RA Light from the cycles of the Sun from the other cycles and why we could anchor the Cosmic Egg. Through the Cosmic Ocean and water of the cells, the primordial ocean to the cosmic ocean through the solar rays and divine RA Light. Bringing the new life Cosmic Egg light codes into the cosmic ocean and water.
     As we connected through the Inner Earth Sun and the cycles of the Earth and opened to the New Sun higher dimensional Sun. Out of the loop of the old beliefs in death and birth, suffering, pain, struggle and limitations. Surrendered in the universal flow and spiralling vortexes and life force energy. The Solstice solar rays and the New Sun illuminating the Inner Earth Sun at this winter Solstice into the Inner Earth Sun and Cosmic Egg. New life. The winter Solstice is a time of new birth.

     We stayed in the energies for some time sitting on the warm geothermal earth with the Sun’s rays glowing through in the soft winter sky.

     Then we drove to the outlet of Lake Taupo on the shore of the very start of the Waikato River as it flows out to the ocean, from the mountains. The water comes into the lake at its source where we stayed at Tokaanu to the opposite end of the great lake volcanic cauldron, more like an ocean.
     As we connected to the Thirteen Rays through the octahedron cosmic flow and out of illusion mandala aligned to the celestial north pole we connected and linked to all the grids, crystalline, light, solar, Diamond Light Matrix, all the pyramids, standing stones and with the solar rays of the Solstice Suns and the cosmic egg. The Living Library of Light, the codes from the lake went out through the river and to the ocean and cosmic ocean on this Full Moon of Goodwill to all beings through the waterways. The Living Library of Light now connected with the codes from the old paradigm transference to Mt Tarawera to the Inner Earth and the new cosmic egg codes through the hyper-dimensional doorway. With the Earth wisdom love as the codes came through from the Dragon realms with new life, all merged into the water of the cells and waterways of the Earth and through the Cosmic Ocean. With goodwill to all beings as we see everyone as whole and healed.
     I saw the codes flowing down the river it was so beautiful to view, as we then went up to these amazing hot pools, with big dragon slide that we speed done in the water tunnels and soaked and experienced all the massaging from the bubbling hot water. Then off to celebrate a birth-day at Indian restaurant in the town. Then back down the lake to its source.

     As we drove down to the old Tokaanu wharf, the sky was light but the with clouds all about, with rain supposed to have started already. We went out onto the old wooden wharf into the lake, the swans busy talking as they feed in the silver light. In the distance over at the western hills the waterfall was raging and so loud, the lakes water levels were low for this time of year. We were aware of the mothership there and ourselves on it, we could even see it physically in a pink light with lots of small lights sparkling and light ships coming in and out.
     A big formation of Sirian light ships at the top end of the lake the energy was so on. As we opened to our Earthsun body and through the centre of the galaxy, the centre of our hearts aligned with the galactic centre conjunct the full moon. In our hearts we felt the pulse and then through the void into the new creation, aware of the moon the second in Sagittarius, the planets aligned, the stars and higher dimensional stars aligned at this Solstice. As the Sun’s rays illuminated the moon and through the Inner Earth Sun as the solstice energies glow to the Inner Earth Sun.
     There was a crack in the worlds and this was such a powerful time to see first of all those we love as whole and healed. Then all the trouble spots on Earth with people at peace and whole and healed with open hearts. This moon and energies made it a million times more powerful than normal, then seeing and knowing everyone on Earth in their divine present.
   The moon shone out of the clouds just at the exact time 11.02pm, the light coming through so strong we all noticed how we could hardly stand and were swaying. We received the codes as the dark energies come out of the Earth from all the cycles, it oozed out and it was so intense as we made light sounds. The grids glowed and the old templates and negative energies were transmuted. It was huge what had occurred and so beautiful.
     I was told that the level of cleansing was bigger than anything before on Earth. It is facilitating so much change in the systems of duality on Earth and people will awaken to remember their divinity now in droves. They will awaken fast, not slowly like us way showers but fast and instant.
        It felt monumental what had just come through as before we were a bit tired, but now fully awake and with a pulsating energy in our hearts as the Earth and its cycles received a cleanse and illumination of the Solstice Solar Rays through the Sun and the Moon all merged in harmony.
     Once the transmission was complete the clouds covered the Full Moon over again and we drove back to our accommodation feeling in such awe and the powerful energies still pulsating through us.

   The Solstice was the doorway to the alignment of the soul and star, the Inner Earth Sun and the Sun, the union of the opposites and the Sun being the furthest or closet to Earth brings the solar rays and Ra Light into the densest structure to be recalibrated in divine light. The cosmic egg codes were ready to be birthed through the water and cosmic ocean/oceans within us as we are one with the Cosmic Ocean.

Tuesday June 21
 sunrisesosltice21june2 sunrisesosltice21june3sunrisesosltice21june4

   We went to bed just a few hours then up again and back to the wharf for the sunrise. Before we got out on to the wharf I gave everyone a slip of paper with an aspect to choose ,not knowing what was written on the folded paper. The Gate Keeper, the Solar Being, the Time Keeper, the Crystal Guardian and the Beam Holder. We all had our role to play. As we started to walk out onto the wharf we got half way and I felt the shift into another dimension and in fact we had walked into the mothership.

     In our Earthsun body we received the codes of the Sun, it was magenta pink in the sky, we never got to see the physical Sun but its’ divine loving glow shone through in the colour of divine love. The Sun was rising right at Mt TahaRA with so many dimensional doorways through it and light ships from the Inner Earth Sun. The codes were huge energetically and I had to run up wharf with them.
     The sunrise of the Solstice brought in the light codes from Lyra and Draco (see the star essences for codes from these stars; Lyra and
Sulaphat in Lyra andEltanin in Draco, all relevant
) and from the higher dimensional solar system the stars; Thum Lithla in Ana Lise, Corus in Numonee, Mal Li in Tunnas and Kun Ab in Memsat that is star mapped through Lake Taupo into the earth plane. Being in the mothership we were able to hold the energy easily and with grace into the Diamond Light Matrix in our Diamond Light Body through the diamond matrix sharing the codes as each aspect we chose was important, the solar rays glowing to the Greater Central Sun.

rotopoumanu solstice   Then it was back to our rooms for breakfast and get our picnic lunch then up to Lake Rotopoumanu and Mt Pihanga the spinner wheel. Buy now it was a light drizzle and we walked up the track with the most amazing trees and ancient forest to then descend down to the lake as we stood by the shore. We stayed
standing as the light rain was persistent and needed to be of course as we were anchoring the Light Template through the water in our cells, waterways and Cosmic Ocean. But as usual the Elementals were so kind and loving and gave us the water required but the heavy rain held off until we had finished after sunset at Mead Wall.
     We went into our energy bodies to clear the dross left through all our other selves to see the beauty of our self and all life more fully as the Solstice Solar Rays illuminated through us. As we accessed the highest dimensional self that integrated through our hearts and into our body, honoured the Suns of all creation at the exact time, through the scared lake and Mt Pihanga.

     As we waited in the light rain until close to the noon time as we stood on the inner planes up on Mt Pihanga the spinner wheel for Earth. Clearing the imprints of all the information we came to transmute and be of service, as well as what we have experienced for our family of light and group soul in our physical and energy bodies. Then imprinted with peace and the overlays of fear from the collective in our energy fields loved and embraced so we could be in our
Divine Blueprint and aligned to all the Suns through the centre of the Galaxy through the centre of our cells all one. Then opening to our Diamond Light Body and the Diamond Matrix of Light and the Light Template through the water in our cells and water and Cosmic Ocean was anchored with the accumulation of the Cosmic Egg codes and all the work we had done. We danced in the rain feeling so much joy.

     We walked in the rain around the beautiful sacred lake enjoying the ambience and the energies of nature so abundant and alive.

     Then we drove up to the ski lift on the mountain and walked over to Mead Wall, this time with the rain and fog you could hardly see it. We walked over the rocks and up to the doorway and connected and moved through the hyper-dimensional doorway once more. This time to give the codes from the Solstice Sun, Ra Light and Blue Full Moon and the Cosmic Egg. Now it had received all the codes from the old and new paradigms, the Inner Earth Sun and the new life through the Galactic Centre.
       As we went through our codes were received by beautiful Dragons who were building a whole new crystalline Light City. Full circle at the sunset of the Solstice birthing new life not just for us but for the Dragon Ancient ones too. As they had created life here on Earth at its inception to link the crystals and create the electromagnetic energy field that brings water and then life, now to new life in the higher dimensions of the New Earth.
   At the sunset time we completed, but no Sun to be seen in the rain and fog. But we didn’t want to leave it
was so divine being there.
     The perfect timing with the Galactic Centre conjunct the Blue Moon and opposite the Sun on this winter Solstice that brings the solar rays right to the Inner Earth Sun, the heart of our Mother Earth. So that she could birth a new through the hyper dimensional realms as the new crystalline light grids and Light Cites hum and radiate new life

hyper d doorwaysunsetsolstice     The hyper dimensional doorway is not a doorway anymore it’s a tunnel of light and more accessible to all. The Dragons many who have already moved in the higher realms, as we learn to be the guardians of the Earth and open our Dragon hearts. The Cosmic Egg light codes integrating through the water of our cells and waterways.

The fact only five of us where there physically does not matter, we all physically share the water of earth and are one in the Cosmic Ocean.




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