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The Suns

AUGUST 11 2020


Mandala of the Second Sun, Doorway to the New Earth  by Soluntra

See below for more information on the Cosmic Event August 11

In the Inner Earth invited by the Agartha’s there is a Council of Elders meeting with the Star Beings. The Council of Elders includes all those with a connection to Earth; be they in the Earth, on the Earth or from the Stars with connections to Earth and are Star Family. They are discussing what is happening with the Sun in our Solar System and the transition to the Second Sun.
I am aware I have a net over me  put on before the Earth was formed, this net is on most of humanity and I took it on to fit in and be able to go into density but now I need to release it, this net also is around our Sun.

I ask is it time for the net to come off? Yes it captured the Sun and dimmed the Sun's essence now it will come off as we sing the sounds of the New Sun.
From the mandala of the New Sun the sounds are;new sun with words
As the sounds are made I see a big explosion of light in the Inner Earth that moves to the outer Sun as the net burns and dissolves. Then I feel the Second Sun within open up in my heart, all us there witness the Second Sun as it shines a pale soft light it says it is now ready for when our Sun does the Solar Flash and completes its story here in the old paradigm, which is when we complete our story in duality.

This is the time in between, the void, where we change timelines.
The Solar Luna dance completes the duality dance is done, the Second Sun is like the moon as it influences the same as the moon and its Rays are of the unified light matrix.

I remember the union of Sun and Moon, Venus and Mars to open to the Second Sun back in the mid 90’s when I first started to work with the Second Sun.

I see Lord Maitreya holding it …. a bit more unfolding yet until it is ready to be in the sky, for it is the New Earth Sun.

I enter into a field of energy that is soft golden light, it opens up into a beautiful space in nature and a temple, like a natural temple with a radiant being sitting there looking very relaxed.

I get told this is myself in a higher dimensional aspect and I am here to incorporate this aspect, everyone has this aspect, as we are one with the Sun, the Second Sun and all the Suns of creation in our pure Source Soul Self.

I have found in my own journey when I have gone through times where I have been triggered with lots of fear, once I have loved and embraced all the aspects of it I shift hugely and become so much lighter. In the 1990s to the fact I had a guy try to kill me in a Mayan Pyramid with a machete and went into light and moved through the stone in the pyramid in a tunnel of Light, otherwise I would of been murdered. Stopped an army to get to a place on the border to anchor the Pleiadean Living library of Light. Been in no breathe. But then life continues. Recently I was triggered with more fear, not Covid, no fear about that game, but something personal that gave me the gift of fully loving the last of my guilt.

Guilt and shame rule us so well until we can love it all at the deepest levels of separation from Source within.

This is really the case for all of us in our different ways and why it is so important at present to breathe into and love all fears you may feel personal to you and ones that may also be triggered by the Covid dance.

I get told by my inner self all the fear that I have experienced recently in the past and still have has been put in to assist me on the mission of integration with being in a dense zone, but it has been a bit excessive and over the top, they apologise for this, I see all these light beings around. They tell me we had to help you to wake up and become your light source in a body, so this was a way to accelerate it.

They tell me this is our last fear. This is the last phase of this dark game but it seems intense, but look back in history at the Spanish Inquisition and more recently the Nazis, Communist in Russia and China and know that this energy has been creating hell for so many for a long time, further back there are other examples, just look at the Middle Ages, so nothing has changed its just changed form but it is attempting to control the whole world at present which to many looks like it is real, and many are suffering in the physical.

So this is nothing new and yes the major fear brought in through implants in the alien dreamscape.
I was told ‘you arrived to go into the dark matrix in order to transmute the energy, it is best to be in it.’

In the Second Sun re connect with your aspect there and allow that powerful light to enhance you and bring in into full light.

The Second Sun cannot be seen often as it is still in a higher dimension, hence doorway to the New Earth and Sun of the New Earth which is in a higher dimension.

We are here to stabilise the Second Sun and to bring it more to awareness, when you are dealing with dark ones always remember yourself in the Second Sun and BeAm they will be distracted and you will glide through. You are in there but not of it, in there to bring in the Light of ChristSophia, just like in the temple with the money lenders the corruption can only be stopped by those brave/light enough to stand up and wipe it out, you do this energetically not physically, your energy by holding this light means that you are in the world but not of it. So when required you can be invisible to those who might still mean you harm or target you. No more crucifixions or martyrs, which was necessary 2000 years ago but not today. Once we love our fear of death and resistance to life no one can take our body.

If you have to be vaccinated in the future in will be erased, anything that is of the dark will be erased by the Light. Realise how powerful you are, how light that the Source shines through you from your heart.
As you know you have not consented, you are sovereign unto your Soul Source Self.


If you demonstrate, petition etc it is creating the same energy as those who one opposes, there has to be an end to opposing, judging and making one dark, one light. This is your role unity!

This is how you will get through all this and navigate the New Earth into existence.

You will lead a call and assist many, no you will not make a group, or club as you know how it always gets corrupted or simply they put you on a pedestal and want you to save them.

Who are very brave and need our support, the ones who have created political parties to stop the controllers at their own game, and the Sacha Stones and David Ickes of this world, the honest and of integrity doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges who are stepping out and losing their jobs and credibility in their corrupt systems. They of course need to be supported, loved, cared for and appreciated as they awaken the masses to what’s happening in the physical plane.

We all work at the level we relate to, there is no comparison, judgement or is one way better than the other. Its all ways.

When we are spiritually connected to our hearts we listen and are guided within, so if we do feel to join the protest or share the latest YouTube from our hearts then we do it, if not from our heart we stay still and hold the BeAm.

When we raise our vibration, it helps us a lot more in the physical plane as we can be invisible when required or information gets erased off their computers and systems, as long as we stay in the unified field. And maintain Love and compassion.

If you work from the spiritual plane then it comes through to the physical plane and you will be invisible when you need to be and where you live, travel as long as you stay in the unified field.

This is the field where you vibrate above all fear, victim victimiser as that energy comes from anger flight and flight and causes a continuation of the game, but for those waking up it is a necessary part of the game until they too come into the resonance of oneness.

Oneness and Love is the key to liberation, nothing else.

We have been preparing for the Event for not just years in this life but ever since humanity was first created. There are many experiments of that; some done with benevolence, some with agendas.
But finally we can free ourselves of all the agendas and interference and open fully to our Source Soul Self, God I AM. (I don’t like to use the word God as its been so misused by religions and dark ones, but a lot still relate to the word, when I say it here it’s the pure Love of Source not some dark god masquerading to fool humanity).

Please see about the Tone, the Aboriginal Magic Box Prophecy and What’s Happening September to December 2020






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The Alignment of the Suns, through the Galactic Centre, through the centre of your cells, all One’
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‘Opening to your Multi-Dimensional Self 
The Alignment of the Suns, through the Galactic Centre, through the centre of your cells, all One’
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Five Light Body Activation    Being your Starlight Body
I Am the Infinite Doorway  
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Golden Solar Discs and Solar Being you are, expressing your Creativity




Our soul family in the Inner Earth call us to connect with them; the Agartha’s and also the other higher dimensional realms of Shambala and Telos for the sake of our beloved Mother Earth.

We don’t have to know any of the beings from the higher dimensions within the Earth but be aware they are there and love us and are here to assist us, as we deal with the third dimensional chaos of the Earth’s surface. 
Together with also our star families, the benevolent ones here who are also part of our own story, we work together to all bring the surface Earth into harmonic convergence with the higher dimensions of more unified light matrix, which almost all peoples of Earth in their soul cry out for.

We the Agarthas, the Arcturians, the Shambhala, the Venusians, the Sirians, the Telos Lemurians, the Pleiadeans and the Andromedas who have held the higher light and beam for all, wish us to acknowledge and feel love for all these layers of divine beings and recognise that we each walk among them, and that we too exist in the higher dimensions of the Earth.

The Agartha’s warn of the time when the comet from the Second Sun coming in to fast almost annihilated the Earth but was stopped, June Solstice 2019. Of other great events in probable futures of apocalyptic portions have not been able to take place. 

That the human condition is not about learning lessons, and slavery, victim victimiser and endless looping around false karmic wheels. 
It is about being one’s magnificence while in a dense physical body. Once we can be that then we shift with the Earth out of all duality games and into the world we are dreaming.

In meditations today connect with the Agartha’s and the other beautiful Inner Earth Beings, 
they wish to share so much with us and assist us to move into the higher realms of the Earth.

See my video on 
5 shambala merge multi d divine mother cosmic egg

Read about the New Earththe Dreamtime,  the dreaming from Capricorn Eclipse July 2020

More of Agartha with map from the September 2018 Equinox Link Up 
From the Link up in 2018
Then I go to the falls and through the doorway there, as I do I am met by beautiful Beings from Agartha, land of advanced races in the inner realms of the Earth. They bowl and greet me, we hug and feel such joy, they tell me that we are succeeding in our missions to bring peace and harmony to the surface of the Earth. They say it may not look like it as only negative news is brought to our attention in the cabal media but in fact there is a split taking place in the collective consciousness that our souls have always chosen. That our deep desire for peace, love, harmony and abundance for all is what divides us from those who only wish this for themselves.

 That there is indeed a Wave of Light and energy coming that will shift us fully. This is something the aboriginals are aware of in Australia and many others of course.
To those in fear it will be a real physical events that take place, to those in love it will be a wave of beautiful energy.
The Agartha Beings are telling me to assure everyone that as long as we listen within and are guided by our hearts all well be well regardless of what needs to take place in the physical realm. As we know that is only the minuet part of us.
The Agartha beings tell me that they too are in our link up and so are the Shambala divine ones and many others from Light Cites and parallel Earths that have experienced the destruction and the experiences of density and being in matter. Many choose not to fully go through with those experiences as they knew how painful it would be, so our multi-d unified selves are doing this for all of our other selves as we are in our amazing physical light bodies.


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This powerful and incredible Solstice was over two days for me where I am in New Zealand; June 21 and 22.

I had written as you can see below, about how important the Second Sun was on this Solstice, and when I wrote that I hadn’t realised how personal that would also be for myself. I have even written a book about the Second Sun ‘Handbook of RA and connected with it back in 1995 at Palenque in Mexico when the Pleiadians told me they were joyously awaiting the Second Sun. In 2001 I did a big mission in Mexico with the Second Sun at sacred sites I was directed to, and for a few years after it had to be anchored at certain places worldwide. But only places that had clear energy as it was way too powerful in what its purpose was for places where there was even slight conflict with humans.
To give you an example in Bali at the Mother Temple the Goddesses and Gods all asked for the Second Sun the be anchored so that they could move on, I only do things if fully aligned in divine will and plan, it’s not my business to interfere but just allow. So as the Second Sun came through the Goddess and Gods left, they had been holding the energy for the humans there for so long, but now it is time for us to take responsibility for ourselves and that we are the Goddesses and Gods. Not long after that the Bali bombing happened, unfortunately things do get stirred up when higher energies are anchored, sometimes volcanos go up or big earthquakes happen, but things need to be shaken up so that harmony can come through.

As the Second Sun is the doorway to the New Earth, the sign in the heavens that the twin of our Sun is returned. So for that to come through it meant that a lot of humanity needed to have unified their own inner polarities of Sun and Moon, Mars and Venus, male and female, mind and heart, dark and light. We all know that’s quite a journey for all of us.
What I hadn’t realised until just before the Solstice was that a tumour I had in my body started back in 2001 and in the last few years has given me a lot of physical problems, it was discovered early last year. And I had done so much clearing around it but still it persisted, until this Solstice. It was actually blocking the energies of the Second Sun coming through. You might think that weird but I work in major bigger pictures, I don’t put out publically what I do, or only a more easily understood version for the public.
But my body gets used and has done all along, I always seem to be the one that does the real full on mission to war zones and crazy places worldwide, where fools would fear to tread often. I have some of my adventures here. But in recent years I was made aware that my dear body was finding it hard to catch up with the rest of me as I continually zapped around the planet organising groups and taking them on bigger picture work and groups at certain locations worldwide.

But you can imagine my relief when I found out that the tumour no longer needed to be there after this Solstice, it was a completion of such a big mission, a lot of it I still don’t understand consciously myself. I must admit in all the years I have done major missions alone and with groups sometimes I would not get the full picture till even years afterwards. But would always trust totally and be guided from my heart and inner self wisdom, and no harm ever came to me regardless of how so called daunting to other’s some of these missions have been. All about preparing the fabric of creation for the full shift into the higher dimensional Earth.
A lot of preparation has taken place over many years for this to take place with the Crystalline Grids brought more into harmony, the stars realigned at certain places, that had come out of alignment after Lemuria went down. Starmaps anchored of this solar system stars, higher dimensional solar system stars and now in this Solstice the higher dimensional universe stars.
The Golden Solar Discs activated and the Solar Grid established, the Stargates opened, the great Diamonds awakened that were placed in the first cycle by the Sirians and the Diamond Light Matrix activated. The Light Templates anchored through the Elementals. The 6D Grid Points activated, the New Earth Grid activated and the Crystal Skulls humming. The Unified Light Matrix and New Creation Matrix anchored, the Cosmic Eggs awakened once more the list goes on…

So this Solstice has been huge personally for myself as well as for us as a collective. The sign in the heavens of the Twin Sun returned within and without is a great sign for all of us who have been working for so long to bring Love back to this sector of our Galaxy. As well as the stars of the higher dimensional universe being able to come through myself and those who participated; into the New Earth Grid and New Earth all in preparation for what is to unfold next.
And let’s face it we need to have the pure Light and pure Love of Source very strongly operating from within us and as BeAms for all humanity with what we are dealing with the final throes of darkness and the whole 5G madness that is threatening to destroy all life on Earth.

Next I can only write what occurred at the Solstice from my experiences and what I observe in the bigger picture.

My solstice started in the afternoon of June 21st in a big way before the sunset.

 I am the Sun, all Suns within me as I see myself on the inner planes at the top of a Toltec Sun Pyramid, I had connected to this pyramid first many years ago when first in Mexico City. Then all my lives as a RA Being all tumbled into the centre of the pyramid and I surrendered. Then I felt to be with all that I have experienced in my journey and mission of the tumour to do with the Second Sun.
secondsunI looked at my mandala of the Second Sun doorway to the New Earth and made the sound codes.
It was then that I realised the tumour was blocking the Second Sun from coming through to soon. It would have been disastrous again for humanity. Why I had to block it like this I don’t know except that some pretty dark ones were behind attempting to force the Second Sun through before we were ready, timing is everything. The last time the Twin of our Sun came through it brought with it a huge comet that was the end of the dinosaur age with mega destruction on Earth. Now with our Earth so populated it would have been disastrous to so many lives. After I finished the sound codes it all opened up and the Second Sun came through.

I felt my body all decrepit and decayed and surrender to that. I have always been into Physical Immortality but my missions have over ridden my personal preferences for my life and body and the actual reason I popped into Earth at this time. I surrendered to that; the old breaks down so that the new can come through I have completely broken down and now can rejuvenate in the Monte Alban rejuvenation chamber, that is at Oaxaca Mexico, you too can experience it.

Saturday June 22 the exact time of the Solstice for me is 3.53am, I had agreed to link with a dear friend at these most sacred woods in England where I have been with her physically before and done some big work for the Earth, in the ring of Yew trees. So I travelled on the inner to the woods as my friend was in there physically. Normally our links are very clear and connected but this time I only touched base with her briefly there were other things that needed to unfold.

I was standing outside the wood with these white pillars up, I saw myself as a Knights Templar and I put my sword away and knelt in honour of the Elementals and Devas. This dear little fairy came and brought me into the Yew tree circle and next thing I am naked on my front, and this Elemental is getting the tumour out of my body and holding it, it looked like a white pearl, then the fairies are all over me and I know that now the Twin Sun can come.
Then the next thing I knew I was in the Council of Light meeting aware of the Golden Solar Disc in my heart. The Light Beings in the Council thanked me for the mission and told me my body will be back to normal. There was also a lot of other things about my next mission to do with the New Earth, at present I am not conscious of details but know it will all unfold as it’s meant too.


It was then sunrise to greet the Sun, being mid-winter I never saw the Sun, it was behind the clouds, but grateful that it would not rain on this day.
I had been told by my heart wisdom that I needed to be at Lake Tarawera (central North Island NZ) for the anchoring of the stars. Lake Tarawera is an ancient Lemuria Moon Temple, but now it’s also a Star Temple. I have done a lot of work there over the years and with Mt Tarawera; which was an active volcano that exploded in 1886. It completely covered a village nearby, that one can now visit as it was a tourist destination, even back then it was a tourist destination for a different reason. As people came by ship, then horse back to visit the Pink and White Terraces which were one of the wonders of the world.
The explosion hid the terraces and recently they have been discovered under Lake Rotomanhana which is on the other side of the volcano from Lake Tarawera. The actual volcano is a Dragon Lair, Dragons love volcanoes and many years ago they called me and I helped them with the Cosmic Egg there as it was all damaged.
Then at the March Equinox 2010 when I had a group; the Dragons came through and wanted the energies from Cheops transferred to the mountain, this was in divine will and plan and so happened.
I had been in the Kings Chamber at Cheops for three days straight back in 2002 and in another dimension as when I came out I wondered where all the tourists were. But of course they had come in and out of the chamber without seeing me, and to me I was there alone in another dimension. When I first got to Cheops the guides recognised me and one allowed me stay in the chamber for as long as I wanted, then he came up and we did all these sounds and mudras together in harmony as Goddess and God, Pharaoh and Queen, the walls were interfacing in and out and he invited me into the sarcophagus and I travelled in the solar barque through the celestial Nile to the temple of physical immortality. The guard also opened up the Queens Chamber for me to be in, no money just because he knew it was important. I have a whole book on all of this and also activation paintings I have painted to assist others into that zone as well.
The Dragons wanted the energies transferred from Cheops to KL in Malaysia as well, they are very active there along the crystalline ridge the runs along behind the city. Another time into Central Australia near Uluru it was anchored. There has been much transferring of energies over the years from places of old grid points to new grid points, goddess energies and from Mt Kailash crown chakra to Mt Titiroa NZ New Earth crown chakra.
entrance to lake taraweraend of lake tarawera

So this was the place that the stars needed to come through.
I had to walk along the side of the lake then go into the bush and out onto a small jetty to be over the lake, away from anyone who would wonder what I was doing.

lake tarawera1lake tarawera2lake tarawera3
The Sun was out when I arrived, a very dull winter Sun but still a bit of warmth, as soon as I was done it went away and the cold set in again, but as always the Elementals make sure it’s all good while the work takes place.
In my Starlight Body I connected to everyone else on the human plane who was also anchoring the stars worldwide. I note that a few people had chosen to do this by the downloads off my website about it and I would like to thank you beautiful ones so much for joining in this important work. I am so grateful to each and every one. Of course there were mega Light, Star, Solar Beings with me and my star family from beyond the beyond as I invoked my name from the highest frequency of myself that I can sustain in my physical body. The energies were all set, all beings in place and also there were Black Swans who stayed under and near the jetty with me the whole time I spoke the stars out loud and they anchored through the New Earth Grid and New Earth. For those that are not aware of the swan Cygnus, the star is very important in our beginnings here and you can read about it in brief on my Stargate essence page as it was the first Stargate essence that wanted to come through.
black swanblack swan2lake tarawera stars thru

winter sun juneAs I read out the stars which are also essences that you can receive as well, I was blown away by how appropriate each star system and star from the higher dimensional universe was. Linked with everyone else and all the divine beings, as I read out each one and felt it through me, and out through the New Earth Grid, the energies felt amazing and so beautiful. It all made perfect sense and was in such divine timing. And in the Star Temple that was created from all of this I realised that Star Temples were created at each place worldwide that each of us who did this work was part of.
We had created the most beautiful Starmap worldwide with the Star Temples, and if you are one of the people who did this work it would be great to hear how it went for you and where you actually were physically located when you anchored the stars.

As soon as I had completed the Sun went behind the clouds, it got cold and was time to go. Before my drive home I stopped at a café at the bottom end of the lake and had a hot meal, and the number they gave for my order was 19. I was very heartened to see that also, the alpha and omega the end and new beginnings.
New beginnings for us all. We have completed so much. A time to celebrate and feel the joy of life and look to the future with love in our hearts and stars in our eyes, fully here in our body present, our Body of Light and aligned through the New Earth and old Earth all one.





Mandala of the Inner Sun

This first came through June 11- 28 2019 which peaked at the Solstice June 21/22 where we experienced an influx of solar rays, not solar flares or any type of solar activity that is received in the physical realm but a beam of solar rays from the Light Beings, the RA that actually make up the Sun and Great Central Suns, that are you in your higher dimensional self, from within you.

This is also ongoing since that time and is a blessing for us all if we are open to receiving it.

In order to be open to receive it we need to connect deep into our own inner Sun for it comes from within…

I know most of you who are sensitive to energies and are awake are having, or been having very challenging times as the light flows in so strongly with all the cosmic events we have experienced recently. That has brought up our deepest fears and darkness to be loved and accepted, surrendered to and let go. Or if you have done that work previous, then more subtle programs and patterns that have been running you from all this life time and many other time lines.
Often programs from guilt at what one has done, or not done that have meant being on a treadmill of over compensating, and so working overtime, stressing out, doing too much, and obsessed even to be of service or be on missions. Or ways of operating that no longer serve, the ‘have toos’ the deep feelings of fear that had not been able to surface until now, and deep programs that have kept one on a certain path that may have felt was positive, but underneath always this core feeling or inner knowing that still something was not quite right.
We are at the time of finally uncovering those deep inner fears that have taken all this life time of inner healing and unification to finally uncover now.
For the second and third wavers a lot of you haven’t had to do all this inner work, the first wavers did it so you could come in and operate in a higher frequency from day one, but still you might sense something within that still needs to be loved.

To give you an example I was on a treadmill, not a 3d ‘tick tock’ treadmill, as I could never do normal jobs and haven’t all my life and always created my abundance from my own creativity, and walked my talk in all regards to everything I have ever done in my life. But I was always on a mission, all very valid, all very important and you can read about them on my website there are masses of them; Golden Solar Discs, Diamond Light Matrix and great Diamonds, Shambala energies anchored, energies transferred from the old Earth to New Earth, the New Earth Grid anchored, Light Templates through the Elementals anchored, it goes on and on. 

But this took a lot of my physical bodies energy, for the last 30 years or more I had worked day and night with mega sos’s on emails helping people all over the world and mostly for free. Taking workshops and journeys with groups, to keep the price down even doing all the tour operator side of it, and driving everyone around in vans or cars. Taking extra workshops, or one on ones when it brought up peoples stuff which it always did, never sleeping for more than a few hours a night as there wasn’t time to sleep with so much to do.

All those missions were successful and wonderful, and I and everyone else grew so much and it anchored so much Light to bring in the New Earth more fully for all humanity. I know a lot of you have done the same in your own ways. But my body that always had so much energy; I had done chi kung many years ago and yoga all my life and so my energy was also flowing.
Until once all those missions were completed very successfully, I got a sledge hammer and my body packed up and just couldn’t do it anymore. Through even more mega inner healing I came to realise what the core of all this was, that drove me so full on.
It was my guilt and unworthiness, and it’s not like I hadn’t worked on that for years and years, but I read a book by a beautiful star being in physical form about the Pleiadian Mothership that came here 800,000 years ago and was sabotaged as the mission was to bring love to this sector of the galaxy. As Earth had been taken over by the Draco who created the Reptilians and many others besides and the dinosaurs, the first ape man.
The Star Beings on the Mothership were from many other star systems as well; Lyra, Arcturus, Sirius but mostly Pleiadians. They didn’t know that the Reptilians who were supposed to exit Earth as agreed in a Council of Light meeting, never meant to do it, and they destroyed the Mothership as it was coming into land. A few survivors managed to do a bit of genetic engineering with the ape people before they could no longer handle the atmosphere and environment of Earth, it was way too harsh for them. All their equipment had been destroyed when the Mothership went down, which would of allowed them to survive here. But it started the original people; the aboriginals, who still remember their origins from the Pleiades. This was not the first, we have had many cycles and we have been here for millions of years, even the scientist and archaeologists are finding bones of humans like ourselves in this era, but are millions of years old.
See Light Cities.

There have been many other seeding’s since and genetic splicing, the most recent big story is in Sumerian times with Enki and Enlil from the planet Nibiru. The Anunnaki who came here with their own agendas to mine the gold as they needed to for their own survival in their atmosphere, and we know the story there with Enlil wanting to destroy humanity completely, and still he is on that mission 5G being the latest way to do that. And Enki his brother always trying to save us; Noah’s Ark being the last big time with the genetics saved to keep creating humanity and so many of earth creatures.
Not to mention the more recent genetic splicing with the Greys and Zeta Reticuli. With people being abducted and having babies half ET half human in another dimension. As well as many other birthing’s that go on with different ET beings, as well as multi-dimensional Star Beings with human genetics. Personally I have experienced this in this life time and could tell some stories about it but no room here now.

Will in the Pleiadian Light Ship story I was in the Council of Light overseeing the mission, and knew what would happen but could do nothing to save the ones on the Mothership. They had to hold the Love regardless of what would happen, if they had known they would of been in fear. So my guilt was very deep and I had been running on when younger in rescue mode, sacrifice for others, sacrificing my own life many times, always putting others first, so obsessed with healing and assisting people to awaken, to the point where I forgot I had a body, until it really let me know I do have one.

We all have stories from creation times. We were also at the beginning of the conceptions of the Earth when it was first formed through our love and breathe. The Dragon people with the fire breathe, the Serpent people with the vortexes and multi-d doorways. The Ancient Ones who created the Earth to be liveable on the surface, the Dragons linking up the crystals as they formed through energy, heat and pressure within the Earth to create the Crystalline Grid.
We have been here at each shift in cycle, we have been here from inception, we are also Elementals and came in at the beginning also as the mountains, the rocks, water the air, the forests the plants. Those of us who love nature and do everything we can to look after it are especially awakened to our Elemental selves.
Read here how you can help the Elemental’s 

So we come full cycle to this timeline, this time frame of 2019 June Solstice, a peak period in the energy lines if you go in and look you will see the peak. A huge energy influx of solar rays of pure Source light coming from WITHIN.

This light is not going to bring up more of our stuff, or whack us out, we have already been doing that one quite successfully for the last few years especially, this year and last year in particular. These beautiful solar rays are coming through us stepped down through the Second Sun, the twin of our Sun, and the return of the twin as it unifies within us and opens up the doorway to the New Earth.
As this is in the Heavens so it is within each of us.


See here for free mp3 and pdf to download to connect through the Suns

or read here without having to download

‘Opening to your Multi-Dimensional Self 
The Alignment of the Suns, through the Galactic Centre, through the centre of your cells, all One’
….Free meditation to read here

Unifying the Twin Sun within free meditation  Connecting to the Second Sun and RA Light , 
Also see free extracts from the Handbook of Ra.

‘Opening to your Multi-Dimensional Self 
The Alignment of the Suns, through the Galactic Centre, through the centre of your cells, all One’

in mp3 and pdf of the mandalain mp3 and pdf of the mandala….
Five Light Body Activation    Being your Starlight Body
I Am the Infinite Doorway  
Being my Divine Blueprint  
Golden Solar Discs and Solar Being you are, expressing your Creativity


You have made agreements for life times with dark ones often innocently and unknowing, sometimes with pure evil intent, (we have experience light and dark) all for power, control or to gain powers of some description, agreements with gurus, black magicians, witches, sorceresses, negative ET’s all unconscious and still following you through each embodiment until now. This you will not even be conscious of, so subtle is their control within you.
The supreme being of pure love, the Source and creation energy who creates, knows, sees everything in its creation and understand the levels of creation to its densest. Which is us in human bodies in the 3rd dimensional Earth in war, terror, control, duality dramas that has created complete and utter separation from the Source within is now coming back from the out breath from the furthest extremes of our Love. 

The pause, the stillness, the silence before we have the in breath. In this stillness and silence there is a sound that comes through the void that awakens our hearts to the light that has always been there. 
This is our own inner light and the solar ray’s. 
As this input is internal, not external and beams you from within.

So spend some time with yourself, connect deep within and allow the light of the Source that comes from your own heart to illuminate you, to illuminate all the shadow beings still lurking in your space. 
They are there because you have agreed to have them there. Otherwise they couldn’t be there. We all have them to some degree or other; in the extreme case we are possessed, in the most subtle case; life is great beautiful and loving, but there maybe a little program still just subtly bringing in some awareness that still something is not quite 100% but you can’t put your finger on it.

Put out your clear focused intention that you choose to complete all agreements you have made with whatever beings that are harmful and controlling to you in this life and body to be dissolved. Get a sense of them filling up a Glass, they will look like scrolls mostly or bits of paper. There is a karmic golden ring above the glass that is broken and has a gap. Now put on the glass that you have completed, finished, and done, null and void all those agreements, put the date and time on it also. Then see the agreements dissolving back into the karmic gold ring above the glass, as it becomes whole, then spirals down through the glass and dissolves. Then see this is all dissolving completely until it no longer exists.

Now connected to the outer Suns and Second Sun aware of the solar rays of pure golden light of Source illuminating into a Sun above your head. As all your energy is drawn back to this Sun and all the pure Love of the Suns and Source flow into the Sun above your head as well. 
Then imagine it as being purified with a fire under it and once purified see the word ‘Validation’ on it, then this Sun flows down through all your body. Do this at least 3 times.
Then go within the your Inner Sun aware that your own twin within is embraced and loved as your inner Sun glows so bright and illuminates out through every cells of your body, out through your etheric body, emotional bodies, mental bodies, spiritual bodies one body of Golden Light. 
You are your Solar Self
beautiful doorway to the New Earth, the higher dimensional you in the higher dimensional Earth.

Once you have cleared the agreements then that is done,
 but you might wish to regularly do the Sun above your head as you draw all your fragmented aspects back to it and merge it with the Source Suns purify it and bring it through you. Then connect more deeply into the Inner Sun and let it illuminate out through all your cells and energy bodies. 
The more you reinforce who you are the more light comes from your inner Source self through your whole being.

If you feel there is something hidden within that you can’t quiet grasp 
use the ‘Out of the Loop’ mp3 pdf …..Also the ‘Healing Within Series’ mp3 and pdf’s
Free meditation mp3’sFree meditation mp3’s   Free articles and meditations on inner unification 


FIRST LIGHT TIME 8.31pm 17th      AUST EST 6.31pm 17th  GMT/UTC 8.31am 17th    Americas 16th 

The Full Moon of Goodwill for all humanity. The Full Moon is a time of completion and celebration, and when the Sun and the Moon are opposite. The Full Moon in Sagittarius is a time of focusing on the spiritual aspects and higher learning and wisdom, coupled with the fact of it being the Goodwill Full Moon we can focus on seeing/knowing all humanity in a state of peace, divinity and wisdom within themselves and all beings. The Sagittarius/Gemini polarity is also a very out there type of energy so a good time to be with others and have fun. Something we are learning now is that to be spiritual does not mean to be serious, but rather to express our joy; the energies of the full moon can enhance this. So rather than getting caught up in what's wrong and thinking it needs to be fixed, which is an illusion, as all is already whole and divine, rather see the joy and love in all beings and start to play more.
With the Sun in Gemini we have the twin aspects 
celebrating co-operation in unison, the individual parts remain unique but are now able to align in the polarization of the Sagittarius Full Moon as it shoots straight to the heart. 
Time to celebrate our diversity in oneness, it is a great time for a party or to be the radiant Light that you are. Gratitude for the blessings of our life and the abundance we are and share in joy and love. 
This full moon is always a powerful one and assists us to connect deep 
into the inner realms of Light and unity.

Since the March Equinox 2010 when the dimensional worlds merged with our third dimensional Earth and our third dimensional selves, this huge event has created a new light body, the Iridescent Light Body at 33,000 strands of DNA. Now we are given the opportunity to embrace and awaken more fully our dimensional selves and unify with them. 
What was awakened with the dimensional union and grounded within us is now integrating and having a major change in our whole body and make-up. 
You may notice how much you have shifted and how you are letting go all that does not fit into your Being in the state of stillness and no time, no space. 
In other words there is no time for anything that is not in alignment with your divine self anymore.
You may be aware of some of your dimensional aspects right now
and of course in the bigger picture and Lore of One we are all of them. 
On our journey to wholeness we are remembering the light codes we have always carried and that have lain dormant as they awaken at our own pace and soul journey. 
 With this exhilaration and doorway now happening you are able to access and awaken the light codes of very useful multi-dimensional aspects of self, that will assist you in not only your own ascension process of Being your divine self, but all humanity and creation. 

Give yourself the gift of a day somewhere special to you and where you can commune within easily, whether it’s in nature, at a major vortex, in a temple or at home in your sanctuary. 
You can awaken your remembrance of the Creator Goddess God you are in the bigger picture and beyond.
Because of your dedication to your soul growth and awakened Light Body you assist all creation and have always been connected to your higher dimensional aspects and they have guided your progress. 
You may have felt you had Guides, Guardians, Angles or masters looking out for you but in the greater reality it is all you and more unified light aspects of you. 
When you vibrate fifth dimensionally you don’t have Guides, Guardian, Angels and outer Beings assisting you, so don’t worry if you don’t feel them around anymore. 
Now you are the guide of yourself from within. 
The inner wisdom of your divine self; guides you fully from within.
Now you can activate the light codes still dormant that have given you glimpses until now and bring you into the hyper-dimensional realms of no time and space where you are beyond all limitations that have been placed on you by yourself and the old paradigm Earth dramas. 

As you take your place in the Councils of Light and realms of Creation that see the Big Picture and allow you to hold the light codes through all worlds and dimensions and into the realms of matter 
for the union that is taking place.
Being a BE AM.
We have the opportunity to merge our own timelines and move beyond the limitations of time and space, out of the matrix.
In order to move out of the slave 2 strand of DNA matrix of illusion of struggle and suffering you need to embrace all of yourself. 
Knowing that you too are the controller, the Reptilian, the illuminati, Grey’s, negative ET, archons of whatever description or lower astral aspects, black magician’s dark lord… 
Owning your dark and light to move out of the whole duality dance.
How do you do that? 
The most important thing is to know who you truly are, 
and the secret is in the breath; to breathe love and acceptance into these illusionary aspects that have sabotaged you and kept you in the program. 
To finally get out of the control programme take a leap of faith and trust, the heart always trusts. 
To step out of the matrix and trust you are abundant, to be in the stillness so what is yours comes to you, you don’t have to manifest things or make things happening. 
That’s coming from control which comes from fear. 
Allow, surrender and feel at peace and love and accept whatever your ego is distracting you with. 
We can’t get rid of anything, it’s not about leaving the slave job you have or school,
but to love and accept yourself in it, then your inner self can shine through and the universe of unlimited possibilities, joy and life can come to you. 
Not by trying to work out how that will happen in your head, but through surrender and allowing.

If you need help with this please see INNER HEALING  which has many links and just been updated.

Also read Being your Multi-d Self, Divine Will and Cosmic Time and MP3's
See ‘Listening to the Inner Voice’ free or on mp3
Out of the Loop’ mp3 pdf …..Also the ‘Healing Within Series mp3 and pdf’s with Being Abundant Always, Loving the pain of Separation for the Source within,

Free meditation mp3’s   Free articles and meditations on inner unification 
Inner workshops with light and Sound: the Five Light Bodies, the Diamond Light Body, the Starlight Body and much more.

Accelerate the capacity for greater remembrance and awareness.

Gemini in Alpha Ursae Minor opposite the Galactic Centre.

Polaris is marking the North Celestial Pole and will be closest to it in 2100AD, then it will start to move away. It is sighted on this day before the Sun and is opposite the Galactic Centre so good opportunity to go within, to the Source within you. Into the stillness and silence and to be open to inner guidance. For those who are conscious of moving through dimensional worlds a doorway is open to move through the Source point of the prism and into what you are Co-creating.


The North Pole of the Earth will be tilted toward the Sun, which will have reached its northernmost position in the sky and will be directly over the Tropic of Cancer at 23.44 degrees north latitude. This is the first day of summer (summer solstice) in the northern hemisphere and the first day of winter (winter solstice) in the southern hemisphere. 

SUN INTO CANCER JUNE 22nd   3.53am NZ       AUST EST 1.53am  22nd  
    The Winter Solstice is when the Sun again turns Northward in the Southern Hemisphere, after having reached its furthermost southern declination. At the Winter Solstice the Divine Light reaches the inner most centre of the globe, there it remains for four days, impregnating the Earth with its Life. It is the birth of the Sun, and creates a new growth cycle, the Earth and all beings are made ready for a fresh beginning. It is a time when a great amount of Cosmic energy is given to us to heighten our vibrations and expand our awareness, through the new Sun. Each year the energy is increased as we awaken and attain our fulfilment. The Sun is within our heart and so our Solar Self is Divine Love. At the Summer Solstice we started our inner journey and purification, now we are completing and ready to step into the new and heightened frequencies through the Sun, Central Sun, and Greater Central Sun as all the cycles are now merging in alignment of the Suns. As we step into the Golden Cycle by being our Solar Self. 

SUN INTO CANCER    JUNE 21st   3.53pm GMT/UTC    AMERICAS 21st 
     The Summer Solstice is when the life force and creativity of nature climax. What budded in youth has now blossomed into maturity, nature attains its peak of perfection, and the transformation has been accomplished. The Solar Rays are at their peak, the Light that permeated the core of the Earth at the Winter Solstice is now radiating fully through the Earth and through all of nature. The Summer Solstice is a time when the Light has been brought back from the core of the Earth and all is illuminated, a celebration of life and the bounty, grace and abundance that is given to us from the Sun.

Be open to the joy of the Solar Rays illuminating from the New Sun as the doorway was opened at the June Solstice in 2001 and now it is time to move fully into the level of your divinity at the level of the Sun, your unified aspects in the heightened love of yourself as a Co-Creator. 
At the Solstice the RA Light coming through from the Suns and Source is illuminating your Sun within and physical immortality, body of LIGHT with lots of light codes being awakened in us at this Solstice.
On this day of the Sun polarizing with Earth either the furthest or the closet to Earth depending on what hemisphere you live, it is also opening a doorway through the dimensional worlds.
At the Solstice when the Councils of Light through the Greater Central Sun sit and utilize the doorway opening this brings, we are given the opportunity to embrace and awaken more fully our dimensional selves and unify with them.
You may be aware of some of your dimensional aspects right now and of course in the Bigger Picture and Lore of One we are all of them. 
On our journey to wholeness we are remembering the light codes we have always carried and that have lain dormant as they awaken at our own pace and soul journey with our RNA and DNA strands. 
Within the Solstice doorway an exhilaration of consciousness is happening; and you are able to access and awaken the light codes of very useful multi-dimensional aspects of self, to integrate on a cellular sense through the water of your cells, and through all waters physical ethereal and spiritual. That will assist you in not only your own ascension process of Being your divine self but all humanity and creation.  

At the June Solstice the Second Sun, ‘Doorway to the New Earth’ is coming in again, internally.

I first connected with it in 1995 when at Palenque and got asked to do a new glyph of the Central Sun which had two suns in it. 
The Central Sun
The Pleiadians told me they were ‘joyously awaiting the Second Sun’, In 2001 I had a big time with it as it was anchored at certain places worldwide, and  wrote the book ‘Handbook of Ra’ and did the mandala of the Liquid Light Transmission of DNA and the Second Sun.

iptemplate  secondsun 
 Liquid Light Transmission of DNA  The Second Sun

Since then it’s come in many times and is again now as we build up for the June Solstice.
Please see here to read about the Second Sun with photos, myself as well as a few others I know have seen it physically in the sky near the Sun.
Also read about the New Solar System, Higher Dimensional Solar System and Second Sun as we have jumped the loop into the higher vibrations of our sun and solar system. The twin has returned to merge just as our own twins within merge.
Painting of the New Solar System

Also seethe  Handbook of Ra with lots of extracts from the book.

You might feel to connect with it more as it comes in to trigger us, the RA Light from the Second Sun illuminates through our chakras DNA, kundalini and affects us in even more strongly than the pull of the Moon.

The RA Solar Beings through the Suns and Greater Centrals Suns, who operate also through the Councils of Light at different levels of different frequencies of Suns in an alignment with pure Source essence are meeting now for this Solstice, 
As the Second Sun the twin of our Sun comes through in a very dynamic way. 
The Second Sun has been influencing us for some time now, it affects the waters of the Earth more than the moon. The Second Sun effects our DNA, chakras, kundalini and all our subtle bodies in a positive way, in that it opens us up to more light if we can handle it. In order to do that we have to have loved enough of our own twin Nemesis, our shadow side and owned our Light, even more challenging for many. 
The scientist call the Second Sun ‘Nemesis’ and it’s a brown dwarf and they are worried about it. In their calculations of when it has come in before, it has set of comets and meteorites through the atmosphere to Earth that destroyed the dinosaur era. 
But not all comets and meteorites that hit Earth are just random ones the happen to blasting by. They have also been used in cosmic wars; comets and meteorites have been thrown to Earth on purpose by the Felines. Who were into clearing the Earth of the Reptilians on the surface and in their underground bases. As we know that never worked out as they are still here, and still feeding on humanities fear and misery while creating more of the same to keep feeding. 
But this is the time when that story is coming to an end.
The Second Sun heralds the New Earth, and we can only exist in the New Earth which is here, but in a higher dimension when we have ended our own polarity games. 

The Second Sun is beaming to us over the period of the Solstice, not just one day but from the June 11th through to June 28th which is a solar doorway within, and for some an initiation doorway through the Suns. Please see for June 11th with lots of links to assist in the wakening and unification of your own inner twins and opening to your Body of Light.
The Second Sun returns as a doorway to the New Earth, as we love our own inner twins and so in oneness and unity we move into the New Earth fully. 

The New Earth Grid is also being energized so be open to this and see/sense 
or know yourself in the 
New Earth 

This is a stepping up
Connect to the Suns at the time of the Solstice as well as; Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and Midnight.
Be open to what is occurring with the cyclic shift as you go deeper into the peace within and allow yourself to be the BeAm holding the energies within you. Be open to yourself as a golden being in the Council of Light and as an anchor and vessel for the union of Heaven and Earth. 
One with the Inner Earth Sun, Sun, Central and Second Suns, Greater Central Sun.

Recent Solstices:
June Solstice 2014 the Stargate Opening at Lake Tsomoriri, Ladakh

Since then so much more with the June Solstice 2015when the higher dimensional stars anchored through the Earth in a starmap.
At the June Solstice 2016 the Light Template through the water within us, the earth and cosmic ocean with the accumulation of RA Light from the cycles of the Sun from the other cycles and why we could anchor the Cosmic Egg. Through the Cosmic Ocean and water of the cells, the primordial ocean to the cosmic ocean through the solar rays and divine RA Light. Bringing the new life Cosmic Egg light codes into the cosmic ocean and water.
At the June Solstice 2017 the Unified Light Matrix come fully in. 
June Solstice 2018 The Earth and we have shifted to a New Template

Please read about the StarlinesStargate, the SunsAlignment of the Suns all One 

JUNE 22nd   3.53pm NZ       AUST EST 1.53pm  22nd  JUNE 21st   3.53am 22nd GMT/UTC    AMERICAS 21/22
Since the March Equinox 2019 the Stars of the higher dimensional Universe are now aligning 

and ready to be anchored at the June Solstice. 
These very higher frequency stars that came in spontaneously after the Planetary Link Up and Virgo New Moon at Callanish 20.9.2017 at Achmore Stone circle with the group 
I had no idea of what was to untold as the stars from the Higher Dimensional Universe poured through. 
The next day 21st September 2017 I returned to write up the first stars that wished to be transmitted to those ready to receive their frequency.
They were able to come through after the New Creation Matrix was anchored in Avebury 
and the new DNA codes downloaded through Callanish. They are assisting to be in our Star Light Body

The higher dimensional Universe stars instantly wanted to be utilised as essences and I send them to people as a transmission, as well as my other essences.

Because they are so high frequency and not being anchored through the physical Earth as the higher dimensional Solar System Stars were in June 2015 with vortex points for each star worldwide, 
this may be a mission that few resonate with.

If you do resonate with these stars and are familiar with yourself in the New Earth, then if you feel guided from within to participate then next are suggestions.

Do whatever you are guided to do at the exact time of the Solstice with the Twin Sun within 
and your own inner joy.
Twelve hours after the exact time of the Solstice, (these new times are above).
Physically be at a place where you feel the connection to the New Earth…
If you are not sure there is a meditation on this link, scroll below, to find a place near you.
If it is at an inconvenient time you can do it in your home as everywhere is the New Earth

Connect to Source within and the Suns through all the Suns of creation within, 
if you are familiar with being in your Star Light Body then be in your Star Light Body.

Connecting into the One Heart with those in physical form participating and the many Star Beings who are also working with this. A lot of these Star Beings, who are the more unified higher dimensional aspects of yourself are not in this Universe, but beyond the beyond. 
They are here with us beaming through us as we align with the highest aspect of our self that we can integrate and are consciously aware of.
Those of you in this state will most probably have your name in this higher realm of your existence. 
Use your name and if you don’t have one be open to it as it holds the vibration of you at these very high levels of yourself.

As you stand at the place you feel is connected with the New Earth be aware of the New Earth Grid that flows all around this beautiful planet in the higher dimensions of the New Earth. 

Connect into the New Earth and the New Earth Grid, aware that in your higher dimensional Star self, you are there in the New Earth and all around it flowing through the New Earth Grid.
Then read out each star, feel its gift through you 
and allow it to flow to where it needs to be through the New Earth Grid.

After you have completed all the stars then allow yourself to be in the Starmap resonating with all the stars through the New Earth.
Aware also of yourself as you are in your physical body, there is no separation you are the BeAm, the doorway, the channel, the connector through all the worlds and dimensions of yourself on Earth through the New Earth, all one with the higher dimensional universe…..
Make sure you are fully in your body before driving or doing anything else.

Take your awareness through your body from your feet, ankles, legs upwards to your head, telling yourself you are fully present in your body, your Body of Light right through your physical body, every cells alive and tingling with life force energy, all One Body of Light.

I have put all this with the stars on a free pdf that you can download here. 
So you can either print it out, or use it on your device when you are at your sacred New Earth spot.

Thank you so much dearest one for participating 
and Being the beautiful BeAm that you are, in loving service.

The Star Light Body   mp3 and pdf of Being your Starlight Body
Read about the higher Universal Stars here under Star Light Essences 
as well as 
Evenstar Combination Flower, Gem and Star Essences
the Higher Dimensional Stars from the higher D Solar System as well as Hyper-Dimensional essences,. 
  Earth Star Essences and Stargate Essences

it is below the current cosmic events.

Starmap of the higher dimensional Solar System  
  the Unified Light Matrix expands.

The New Earth Grid that is Liquid Light Plasma  Earth vortex points and gridsStargatesStarlines .


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As the layers of illusion fall away your heart shines bright and you play.
What you learnt in the illusion was that nothing stays the same,
and change is what we embrace in our hearts with acceptance and love.

The journey home got easy when we realised that everything is energy;
money, our body, our blocks, our life, everything and everyone else.
Then learning how to embrace, love and be open to all energy as it all comes from the one Source.
No matter what we label it; good or bad, toxic or healthy, alive or dead, it’s still energy.
As we become transparent and everything flows through us with love.
We hold onto to no thing and no one, as we are everything and so already have it or them.
Love makes no barriers and the heart grows radiant and warm,
accepting that all just is…in the stillness we pause.

New life and light beams through us as we transform.
We leave the denser realms that have trapped our body,
mind and soul to the illusion of separation.

Our hearts open more fully, we feel at home in our body and life.
We are here and everywhere at once, not going or coming.
Still in the silence and no breath we meet all of ourselves.
As each cell bust forth in joy as the union takes place.
Every cell is alive and tingling, filled with life force energy.
You are your body of Light.


You are Divine, you are immortal, your physical body is your vessel. Do not be attached to it but Love it unconditionally, it is beautiful. Your temple is complete, your Light Body is your Body, you are ONE BODY OF LIGHT; there is no separation between your Light Body and your Physical Body. You have been asleep to the higher vibrations of your true self, but now you are awakening, no longer are you ignorant, or believing it to be above you, or you are not evolved enough to be in your Light Body. All you need to do is acknowledge that you are it already.

You have forgotten and lowered your frequency for Divine expression on the Earth Plane, so that you may fully know what it is to be in physical form and experiencing matter. At this level it is easy to forget and be firmly anchored in the material experience. You chose this mission, as only by being in a physical body could you marry spirit and matter.
You are not separate from your Light Body; it is just operating at a higher frequency than what you may be aware of. This is your true form, the energy of Light and Sound that is the expression of the Divine energy.

Your Light Body stores the electrical ions that connect all your sub-atomic particles and structures in synchronistic synergy in alignment with Source. There are different levels or aspects of the Light Body and as you clear you open up to them; merging to become one with your Solar Self through the Central Sun and one with the Earth and Inner Earth Sun.
There are five levels of the Light Body as you open up to the frequencies of your Solar Self; they are the Blue, Violet, White and the Gold Light Body, which are all One Body of Light that operate at different frequencies of Light. As you clear you access the higher vibrations. Do not think you have to be really evolved to work with all these levels of your Light Body, as you are already your Divine Self, one with the Source of all that is, all you have to do is remember it, and activate the codings on a cellular level. The fifth Light Body, the Present Light Body has now been awakened since 2006 as we unify with the Earth and Inner Earth Sun, spirit and matter are one.
With the advent of more shifts in consciousness and more Light illuminating us we are now also able to access our Iridescent Light Body and Light Streams that all are part of our multi-dimensional self as we become our Diamond Light Body.

Please see my book LIGHT CODE ACTIVATIONS for more on the Light Body in free extracts about the higher octave Chakras, Soulight Chakra and the Earthsun Body, Physical Immortality and DNA Activations... and THE DIAMOND LIGHT WORKBOOK for opening to your Diamond and Iridescent Light Bodies, RNA and DNA activations through your energy bodies....and  LIVING LIGHT with transmuting the programming from the old matrix, Out of the Loop, aware of yourself in the higher dimensions, the Moon the last initiation, Light code upgrade and much more...


The solar flares are here to bring us home to ourself.
The solar flares reach out with love from the Sun and Ra, from the Source and heart of Creation.
As you feel the love in your own heart you accept the light codes from the Sun and Central and Greater Central Suns.
When you have negative thoughts or feelings, change them straight away to ones of love, there is nothing else. All else is illusion.
See yourself dancing through the doorway into your love, stillness and peace within as you  open up to your  higher dimensional aspects and the filaments of light that you are. The holograms of your Love.
Sparkling light dances through every cell, molecule, atom, sub atomic and beyond.
All is viod. The nothinginess creates the everything.
Stretch your body and really feel it.


For more RA, the Sun, the New Sun, the Second Sun, Ra Light and the Central and Greater Central Suns
  click RA on the menu bar as well as all the drop down menus.
Also Handbook of RA’ for lots of free extracts.


You may enjoy this utube if not already">
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     The Inner Earth Sun is the heart of our Mother Earth, and she is a bright star and has a Sun in her heart just as we have the Sun within each of us, from the Source, all One. As we connect more deeply into our self and our own inner Sun, so to do we connect deeper into the Sun within the Earth, for we are one with the Earth and our heart is one with her heart. As too are we one with the Sun in the sky as it is a mass of divine beings illuminating life, the more unified us. As we awaken our DNA light codes we remember our self in the Central Sun and Greater Central Sun…

     The Inner Earth Sun has now become the doorway that we move through into the higher dimensions and other realms. This has only occurred in early January 2014 after enough open hearted souls linked on Earth with love to assist in transmuting the old control matrix.
See more in ‘We are the Stargate’.

     The Inner Earth Sun has changed rapidly in the last few years. I had always connected into the Inner Earth Sun in my daily connection to Source through the outer Suns, Sun within my heart and Earth’s Sun, her heart. But the Earth’s Inner Sun was brought to my attention in a big way in 2006 when I was aware of how connecting to it created the Earthsun Body. The Earthsun Body is created by connecting to the Inner Earth Sun though the Soulight Chakra, half way between the Solar Plexus and Heart chakras, and then the Sun in the Heart Chakra. As they merge within it creates the Earthsun Body that connects all our bodies to the all the Earths bodies and we become like tuning folk. So connected to all the Suns through all our bodies and one with the Earth, giving one the ability to handle and hold the higher Light octaves.  The Soulight Chakra and Earthsun Body are gifted to us to use now as we make the transition; as our physical body becomes Light.

     The Inner Earth Sun is so important to us as we connect deeper into the stillness within our self and our own heart and the centre of our Mother Earth and her heart. The Inner Earth Sun changed greatly at the opening of the Ninth Wave and end of the Universal Underworld of the Mayan Calender in March 2009 and it went for Silver Liquid Light Plasma to Platinum, its and our vibrations really stepped it up.
         The Sun also started sending out whole new light codes at the end of the Universal Underworld, October 2011 and since the Big Shift December 21st 2012 the Sun and Second Sun have merged in the Sixth dimension and higher. Before the great shift we used to connect to the Galactic Centre out side our self and through our heart, now the Galactic Centre is one within our heart, the cross-over point. We shifted through the doorway at the Sixth dimension and beyond but we are still in the process of anchoring the higher dimensions into the physical and manifest world, spirit and matter as one, this is still an ongoing process.
Now we are stepping it up again, and it is important to connect even more fully with the Inner Earth Sun to integrate the higher dimensions within our self and the New Earth….

     If you wish to do this then it is important to be connected to the Suns and be in your Earthsun Body and through the Galactic Centre then take yourself into the Inner Earth Sun and allow…..as you move through the doorway…
Please see to Connect.

     From the Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsular, Mexico at the vortex there in 2004 I was told by the Inner Earth Sun; ”Beloved you connected with me ALTZELTEL the Sun in the centre of the Earth, code keeper of the New Earth that has been held by me for five cycles of the Earths spin. Now I have come up for the New Earth. The codes are set to fully go off when the world is in the darkest hour".
From Pena Del Bernal in central Mexico, in 2005 the Toltec Guardian comes to me, he wants to tell me much of the Toltec ways; "The Sun and Moon are not the most important, the Second Sun is in our awareness and we honour it also with the Earth and the beings of the Inner Earth. We come from the star that became one with the Sun and created the Sun in the Earth. The Sun in the Earth is the Inner Earth world and is more brilliant and radiant. We come from this star and returned to it. The Mayans, us and others did not go to the stars but the Inner Earth. Your job now is working with the Inner Earth and that aspect of you that is of the Inner Earth, for that is what you are and where you are going, the Inner Earth is the New Earth."

       The Inner Earth's magnetic core and Sun stabilises the universal electromagnetic energy as well as our Earth's, when the energy becomes less at the core then the tectonic plates shift and volcanoes explode to create more energy at the core of the Earth and Inner Sun to maintain harmony with the Universe. At this time for us to assist in the shift in cycle and the earth changes to be harmonious for all then the Fire Keepers are now called on to remember their mission, if not already, and to work with the Fire in order to feed this element back into the core of the Earth. In ancient times Fire Keepers were necessary and knew what was going on with the Earth and our place in the Universe, as the stars were aligned with the vortexes of the Earth.

       Now it is time to do this again and so any fires that you have that are made in a sacred way will assist the Inner Earth Sun to become stronger and thereby keep our position in the Universe in harmony. Some of you may do Agno Hotra and some of you may often have a fire, but if you are unable to do this then a candle is sufficient as you connect to the Greater Central Sun and Central Sun and Sun and become the vessel of Light that you are as you are the conductor and transmitter of the fire and solar rays into the Inner Earth Sun.

       The connection with the Inner Earth Sun is important now as we go deeper into outer self and the stillness we connect deeper into the Earth, as we are one with her and our connection illuminates the Inner Earth Sun as it brings harmony within the Earth and balance. This means the necessity for major earth shifts is not necessary as we are in the centre of our self/the Earth and we have moved into the higher dimensions. The Inner Earth Sun has merged with the Central Golden Solar Disc in Mysore Palace and the alignment through the Light Ships and Galactic Federation around Earth is in a holding pattern to allow balance as we make the shift. On the Solar Eclipse 1st August 2008 the Inner Earth Sun merged with the Golden Solar Discs as they were recalibrated in higher light codes and a great shift occurred with the 888 in the middle then the Lunar Eclipse 17th August 2008 where in the love and oneness higher light codes integrated through our hearts.

Please see my book Light Code Activations for information and exercise on the Earthsun Body that is created by our union of the Inner Earth Sun and Sun within as well as about the DNA and Light Body and activating them.
Also see about the Mayan Calender , about the Liquid Light Plasma and Journey of the Ninth Wave end of the Universal Underworld when the Inner Earth Sun shifted from silver to platinum Liquid Light Plasma. RA and about the Suns and the Inner Earth.



The Inner Earth Sun, the heart of our Earth, and the feminine nurturing essence of the Earth is changing rapidly, and is here to support us as we too connect into the heart of our self, one with the heart of the Earth.

The Inner Earth's magnetic core and Sun stabilises the universal electromagnetic energy as well as our Earth's, when the energy becomes less at the core then the tectonic plates shift and volcanoes explode to create more energy at the core of the Earth and Inner Sun to maintain harmony with the Universe. As we connect into the Inner Earth Sun this stabilises the Earth and us.

The Inner Earth Sun has been changing rapidly over recent years and changed its plasma at the beginning of the Ninth Wave Mayan Calendar, and you may remember I wrote about the Black Pearl for 29th September, the day after Wave X total solar eclipse. The Black Pearl is an essence of the Inner Earth Sun that regulates what happens on the surface. Just like we have our heart and inner sun, we also have systems in our body that regulate the flow of energy through our meridians and chakras that balance our physical body and emotions, thoughts and spirit. So too does the Black Pearl regulate the Earth’s meridians and chakras to keep things in balance for Gaia.

The Black Pearl is sending out an energy now that is stirring things up on the surface, the stir up is necessary to facilitate change and break down the barriers of separation; colour, culture, religion, male, female, all the barriers we have created to make war are being broken down. The financial realms also and education, health, all systems that no longer function for the betterment of humanity are being stirred up. To bring a realisation by humanity that Love is the most important thing, and that family is not just those of our blood, but all of us in humanity. We are one big family and so it’s time to care for each and every one.

The Black Pearl hums from the core of the Earth and even though at first it looks impossible, all that is transpiring at present on Earth, it’s not. It’s actually cathartic and beautiful as each soul has love in their heart, and each soul is calling out to be loved and to love others. That is the energy of the soul, and love is at the core of each of us and the core of our Mother Earth.

The Black Pearl from the Inner Earth Sun is creating much more than we realise. In 2006 I got the information about the Earthsun Body to use to open us up to the new paradigm and receive the energies more easily. This is from the union of the Inner Earth Sun and Suns within, and through the Soulight chakra that I was told about then and the Heart chakra union.

Now in our Earthsun Body we can open more fully to the New Earth and new creation, in the Connecting we also move through the centre of the Galaxy within and this takes us into the stillness within where all is manifest and then open to the higher dimensional light codes and awakening through our body and cells. The MP3 meditation Opening to your Multi-Dimensional Self with your Earthsun Body, through the Galactic Centre, aligned with all the Suns, all one through your cells, open to the new light codes and your multi-dimensional self, just as we have done already in our 6th Dimensional Earth and being, this helps to ground that into your physical nuclei of your cells.

The Inner Earth Sun is transmitting a frequency that is not only creating change on the surface and stirring things up so we can move on from the old illusions and programmes, but is transmitting a low frequency sound that when we lie on the earth we can hear with our inner ear. It is transfusing us with codes for inner strength and inner light. Just as the inner light of our Earth is creating positive change on earth so to does this frequency create change in your body.
You might wish to lie on the earth and listen and allow. It doesn’t matter if you feel you can’t hear the sound just allow the Inner Earth Sun to permeate your cells and bodies and being.

Just as we are opening to the more feminine energies and Goddess and desiring to be at peace within, and live in harmony, abundance and love. The Earth too desires this for us, she is our mother and the Inner Earth Sun is a feminine energy, it comes from the inner and is the heart of the Earth.
When we connect to the inner for healing, guidance, wisdom and union then our outer world reflects the love and acceptance from our inner healing and connection.









    In the Inner Earth Sun the beings there have been protecting what they call the Black Pearl (it’s real name is the Baritematitomictra) for aeons of time. Not just since this last slip into duality, but from other cycles where the Earth has experienced invasions by other ET’s and Reptilians who wanted to possess not only the Earth but the Black Pearl. That the Black Pearl is not only a symbol of hope for Earth but holds energies from the Second Moon and the
Second Sun, as well as the New Solar System Stars that have now returned and anchored into the earth plane.

The Earth has been formed also to have a purpose of not just being a place for beings to inhabit, breed, destroy, greed over, plunder and possess. But to hold a seeding of energies that creates life that makes it possible for many beings to exist, to learn and experience density as well as the multi-dimensional spheres.
     That in most other galaxies there is not the scope of learning that we have here, in most other planets, solar systems, galaxies and stars and planets there are only certain dimensions that beings can operate in.        
But here we can operate from total density to the highest through all the Suns in creation, not that there are many beings that have attained that yet, but it is in the realms of possibility for all of us, and so why Earth is so sacred.

The Black Pearl can also put out an energy field that protects the Earth from outside interference, as well as internal interference. This has not been actualised as each time the surface has been destroyed by nuclear wars and floods, earth changes and axis shifts there has always been a thread of life that continues into higher dimensions. Like the Light Cities and in more recent times like Lemuria and Atlantis. Or that Beings have gone into the other dimensions in Earth itself like, Taos under Mt Shasta or Agartha. So it has not been required to be implemented as a protection to stop full destruction, but it is here and can be used.

In this civilisation that we are in now which a very destructive one, and the ones who control it off planet, as well as on planet, they have to realise this is the last time the destruction will be tolerated. As the Earth herself is tired of the game now, so they need to know that the Black Pearl will be implemented if the game goes on for much longer.
     This is a fact, not fiction and it’s basically shape up or ship out. Personally I have told the Reptilians, Illuminati, Dark Orions etc what’s up over years and many have opened up their heart. I saw at Uluru in 2005 the worlds merging and they will cease to exist.
       The worlds are merging now and the time will come when they will cease to exist, even their puppets, all those who play the power, control and greed games, they need to realise it’s time to stop and start recognising that humanity cannot go on like this. That it’s not about red herring illusions like deficits, the stock market, what the lastest terrorists and celebs are up to, but about sustainability, free energy and abundance for all.

Things need to be shared on this planet before it’s too late and so the Inner Earth Beings are in a stage of preparing for the Black Pearl to be switched on at its lowest frequency. To affect those whose souls are dark and not holding love, it’s not going to affect the wounded souls of those who have spun around the karmic wheel for aeons of time. It’s not about lessons, or punishment, or self-preservation, or ascension, it’s about our Mother Earth and her divine right to now live in a state of peace and beauty.
     For as you know the Earth is so beautiful, so divine and the destruction of her is not appropriate behaviour any longer.
So on 29th September at your noon (YOU CAN DO THIS AT ANY TIME) go into the inner and talk to the Dark Ones about this and about the Black Pearl and let them know what is occurring. It is so important that they know, so in short shape up or ship out except they won’t ship out, they will not be able to handle the frequency and will implode within. Their soul level will collapse and they will feel great pain, they will feel the pain of all that they have created coming back on them all at once, this will be too much for them to handle.
This is no punishment, that is illusion it’s what happens to all of us when we get into the negative too much, it starts to come back on us, for us to realise and to love it and accept it. It’s not about forgiveness, forgiveness means there is something wrong, and there is nothing wrong, we all choose to be victims or victimisers, it’s just a game, not a very joyful one and its coming to an end.
It's a simple choice to choose love no matter how fear based the soul has been.
Once they feel that uncondtional love from you and know your connection to Source and the light that you are. As you tell them the light doesn't burn, there is no punishment, only love and that it was an experience. They can with open hearts be in a whole new paradigm and take their cohorts with them and all is cleared through all worlds and dimensions, time and space, to zero piont.

Leave it to those who are confident in themselves and know who they are, there are enough of us now to make a huge difference.

       Then if you judge any of the Reptilians, Dark Lords, Banksters, CEO’s, Dictators, torturers, CIA, secret government etc. then realise you have an aspect in you that is still running that stuff.
   So imagine a greedy, violent, power hungry aggressor in you
and make sure you are
connected, then do deep breathing and tell this inner aspect in you
“I love you, I accept you exactly as you are”.
 Until your inner aspect feels at peace, connected, open, loving, compassionate,
in harmony with all creation and beings.
       This may take 10 minutes of chipping away, or a few days or weeks.
But keep doing it until you are loved from within by yourself.
By doing this you take responsibility for yourself and stop blaming the so called bad guys and
so they no longer are fed or sustained and so the game is over.
Regardless of what’s happening the Black Pearl will be turned on very low frequency on this day.
   This year 2015 has been mammoth and still is,
we are in such an amazing journey of our own creation.
There will have to be time for adjustments and transition, but the whole process can be totally peaceful and in divine grace. As we come from the Source within and communicate lovingly and with compassion. How long that takes to filter down is up to us. The more of us that do the inner healing and take responsibility the faster it will shift.
We are the Creator Goddess Gods, the guardians of Earth from our Love.

Greeting you in the One Heart and with gratitude for the journey you have taken to assist yourself, me, all humanity and all creation, thank you for Being here Now.

On this day just before the Gemini Full Moon the Black Pearl essence in the core of the Earth,
the heart of our mother and us is going to intensify.
The Black Pearl has been sending out an energy that is stirring things up on the surface, the stir up is necessary to facilitate change and break down the barriers of separation.

But now it’s sending out a healing energy, calming and loving to assist us to love what has been exposed, to us personally as well as collectively.
The loving energy of a mother, with no judgement, just pure Love.
It’s time after all the full on intensity of this year (and way more of course)
to start integrating fully in us, and surrendering in the beautiful energies of the Inner Earth Sun,
which is surrendering into our own love is now here.
Injoy a day of being with the Earth and yourself, somewhere beautiful in nature and allow yourself to BE.
A real day off to receive and have fun and joy on Earth.

Of benefit would be to open to your Earthsun Body read here, free MP3, to fully connect and move through centre of Galaxy and open to your Multi-D self.
You need to be grounded and connected to the Earth and Inner Earth Sun.

Now in our Earthsun Body we can open more fully to the New Earth and new creation, in the Connecting we also move through the centre of the Galaxy within and this takes us into the stillness within where all is manifest and then open to the higher dimensional light codes and awakening through our body and cells. The MP3 meditation Opening to your Multi-Dimensional Self with your Earthsun Body, through the Galactic Centre, aligned with all the Suns, all one through your cells, open to the new light codes and your multi-dimensional self, just as we have done already in our 6th Dimensional Earth and being, this helps to ground that into your physical nuclei of your cells.

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Photo from NASA 16th May 2013 Flares

The solar flares are here to bring us home to ourself.
The solar flares reach out with love from the Sun and Ra, from the Source and heart of Creation.
As you feel the love in your own heart you accept the light codes from the Sun and Central and Greater Central Suns.
When you have negative thoughts or feelings, change them straight away to ones of love, there is nothing else. All else is illusion.
See yourself dancing through the doorway into your love, stillness and peace within as you  open up to your  higher dimensional aspects and the filaments of light that you are. The holograms of your Love.
Sparkling light dances through every cell, molecule, atom, sub atomic and beyond.
All is void. The nothinginess creates the everything.
Stretch your body and really feel it.




For more RA, the Sun, the New Sun, the Second Sun, Ra Light and the Central and greater Central Suns
please see RA on the menu as well as all the drop down menus.
Also Handbook of RA’ for lots of free extracts
See the New Sun for more on recieving the new Light Codes and THE JOURNEY HOME
In order to assimilate and balance the Solar Flare influx;
If we see the Solar Flares as lovingly embracing the Earth and the Earth responds in loving embrace of the Sun.
The electromagnetic grid needs to be kept balanced by visualising it absorbing the Solar Flares as the grid sparkles as Liquid Light Plasma comes from the Suns and Inner Earth Sun. Through the chakras then out through your Gold Body of Light as the same thing happens to the Earth.
Do your own chakras first with Golden Liquid Light Plasma coming down from the Source and Suns into each chakra. Then Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun, and then the Gold and Platinum Liquid Light Plasma balances in each chakra. Then aware of the Golden Sun in your heart out through all your bodies, one Golden Body of Light.
Please see this link of the Liquid Light Plasma for full details and also link to connect first.
This will not take very long to do and once you have it you will be able to do it very fast.
Then imagine the same process for the chakras of the Earth. You do not need to know where all the Earth Chakras, there are different opinions re these anyway. But with your intention know that the Golden Liquid Light Plasma is coming from the Source into the Earth Chakras, then the Platinum Liquid Light Plasma coming up through each chakra from the Inner Earth Sun through all the Earth Chakras.
As they balance out the blocked and dark energies dissipate from the Earth and the inner earth Sun glows out through all of the earth and her outer bodies aligned through all the Suns. The Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, your Inner Sun, the Inner Earth Sun all one.
When finished see a Diamond above your Cosmic Gateway Chakra and the Diamond comes down through all your  chakras and out through the Earth Chakras and Grids and touches into Inner Earth Sun as it becomes  Diamond bright through the Inner Earth Sun, Earth and Suns and Cosmos.
On this link is a journey to the Dark Universe, in the bigger picture the ultimate is simply be the Stillness. This is not to discount the inner work suggested here as in the denser realms we need to participate, but coming for the stillness and peace within is the greatest gift of all we can give.

I went to Wales straight after and then on the 7th July 2013 with  Cosmic Egg from the Second Cycle was activated at the Stiperstones in Shropshire on the border with England, that was to do with the Solar Flares from when the Sun had been too close to the Earth

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