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from the Handbook of Ra by Soluntra King

     The TWIN SUN operates from the higher dimensional worlds, the ones where you dream and soul travel and are rapidly becoming, at the level of a Central Sun, it activates the codings of the Living Library of Light, the Creation Story within you. So when you experience being in the Temple of the Twin Sun and merge with the Second Sun it will activate your light codings and remembrance of your Soul Story as the RA Light illuminates through the Second Sun through your DNA, Chakras, Kundalini and cellular memory in unity consciousness.


    When doing the meditation read through it a few times first to get to know it, then take yourself through it. Otherwise get a friend to read it out, or make a tape and play it to yourself, remembering to leave time in between to gain awareness and do your healing and integration. The ……….’s mark the gaps for this to happen. See also the back of the book for CD’s.

     Relax and deepen, align and connect to Source, Prime Creator in Divine Love and Oneness. Golden Light from Source flows from the Greater Central Sun, Central Sun, Second Sun, Sun and into your Crown…… through your head, neck, chest and into your Heart, be aware of your connection to Source through the doorway of your Heart, the radiant Sun of your Divine Self…..The Golden Light now flows through your body, legs and feet and into the Earth, down into the core of the Earth, into the Sun in the centre of the Earth……Connecting to the earth energy….. The earth energy now flows up through the Earth, in through your feet, up your body, up your fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and into your Heart…..As you connect through the doorway of your Heart through the core of the Earth….. The earth energy now flows up through your chest, neck, head and out the Crown to Source….You are one with Source through the doorway of your Heart, and one with the Earth through the doorway of your Heart. All is One in your Heart, Source and Earth.

    Now focus on your breath, breathing slow, deep, rhythmic breathes….as you breathe IN you go deeper and deeper into your centre…….

     Become aware that you are walking in a beautiful mountain forest….the path leads out of the trees and into a clearing… you see in the distance a majestic mountain glowing in the sunlight….at the top of this mountain is the Temple of the Twin Sun……You walk along the path that leads up the mountain until you get up through the forest….Up through the tundra and rocks to the very top of the mountain…..As you get to the top you walk over to the Temple of the Twin Sun, it is very familiar to you, you know it well deep within you……You walk up the steps and enter into the temple….walking into the very centre, that is illuminated with radiant sunlight, the walls are covered in hieroglyphics, codings of light that are held within the stone walls of the inner sanctum of the temple…..You sit down and align yourself with the Suns and connect deeper and deeper into your heart……

     You become aware that the codings on one of the walls is connected to Venus and the energy of the codes starts to pulsate as it opens up a doorway through Venus….You feel and sense the Venusian energy through the temple and through you, the energy infuses through you as you remember your Venetian connection and its connection to Earth………….What does it do to you, what is the gift….. how are you connected to it in your Soul Story?………Venus is also aligned with the Sun and Twin Sun…..

       You now become aware of the codings on the wall that are the living codes of Mars…. its energy and glow starts pulsating and radiating through the temple and through you, feel and sense the Mars energy….What does it feel like and how are you connected to it…..what is your Soul Story with Mars and what is Earth’s Soul Story with Mars?……It is aligned with the Sun and Twin Sun…….

     Now the Moon codings start to radiant light and pulsate…opening the doorway to the Moon and Lunar energies……You feel, sense, know its connection and alignment in the temple and you…..What is your connection to the Lunar energies…..how is it part of the Earth and your Soul Story?…..…It is aligned with the Sun and Twin Sun ……

    Now be aware of the Sun’s codings on the walls as they activate…. aligned through the temple, through you, its radiance and glow, you and the Sun are One, the Sun is also in your Heart, warm, glowing, loving and nurturing….you move through the doorway of your Heart and into the Sun……open to its vibration and its essence……Be aware of what is in the Sun and be open to receive what you need to remember…..What is the Sun important for in you…in your life….and this beautiful planet?……

    You are now aware of the Sun and the Moon, they merge…..the Sun and the Moon are One……Then you are aware of Venus and Mars...they merge and Mars and Venus are One……You have unified the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Mars…. the polarities are unified as the unification opens up the doorway of the Second Sun…You connect to the Second Sun in your unified prescence, as the Suns are One with you…One…..You move through the doorway of the Second Sun and open up to its frequencies, aware of its energy and the RA Light that illuminates through you…..You open up to the energy as it awakens the codings within you…..radiant light force energy illuminates every cell……the RA Light activates the DNA, through the charkas, spinning balls of Light…..up through the kundalini………

      You remember your dream, your Soul Story……..You see the aspects of yourself, your multi-dimensional facets of Light……yourself on the Earth plane….other dimensions….worlds…all One……….

     You remember your Gift…..and why you are here on Earth now…………

    You are aware of the shift in cycle, shift in paradigms and what that means to you….how it affects you and the Earth……..You are One with the Twin Sun, Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun….unified essence…alive, awakened…you remember who you are………..You hold the beam of Oneness and anchor it on the Earth plane, you are the doorway, the unifier of Heaven and Earth…..you are pure Love and allowing, the holder of unified energy that allows the shift in cycle to take place….you are the Central Sun of your true self, radiant, alive, glowing, life giving essence of Source that illuminates from you……..

    Be aware of yourself fully present in your body, your Body of Light, as you embody and anchor the unified essence of Source through you, have awareness of yourself right in your toes, feet, ankles, legs, knees, thighs, pelvis, up through your body, chest, shoulders, in your arms, hands, fingers…up through your arms, shoulders and into your neck, head, hair…..you are fully present in your body, your Body of Light…..You are One with the Sun, Second Sun, Central Sun, Greater Central Sun….

    You sound “RA” three times. RA RA RA….unified higher frequencies within your cellular memory…..every cell is alive and radiant, every cell remembers…..When you are ready slowly open your eyes and see the Divine and Beauty in you and all creation……

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