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by Soluntra King

A Mandala is a painting, drawing or structure that is created in a circle, with symmetrical circles and patterns radiating out from the centre. This series of concentric forms creates a passage way between dimensions, and pertains not only to the earth but to the macrocosm and microcosm. From the largest structural process to the smallest, it is the gatepost between the two. The circle is the eternal flow of Cosmic energy that flows within and without, like the In breath and the Out breath. It is the pulsating circle that infuses all of life. It is the symbol of God, the Universe, the elements, the four directions, the four winds, the stars and planets, and the cosmos all being encompassed in this Divine dance and flow of life.
So when we look at a Mandala it resonates with our all knowing self and triggers unity consciousness. Or we work within a mandala, like a medicine wheel, or grow our plants in one, having stepped into a scared space we are given the opportunity to step through the gateway, resonating with wholeness, all the energies are in balance, Heaven and Earth merge.
The word Mandala originates from the Sanskrit and means holy, magical, or sacred circle. They have been used for thousands of years in Earths' known history and eternally in Cosmic Time, as all of creation is a mandala. Observe in nature the flower, the fruits, a birds' nest, a spiders' web. Snow crystals, a cross section of a twig, an eye, the cells of the body. The Galaxies and the Earth, and the cycle of the Moon are all living mandalas. The Mandala is the symbol of the round of life and death of the cosmic procession of beings, planets and stars, of earthly seasons and galactic.
Apart from the Mandalas of nature we also have man made Mandalas of the standing stone circles such as Stone Henge. That measure the equinoxes and solstices and is used to align these energies through the vortex it was built on, through the Earth Grids and humans. The Mayan Calender is a cosmic mandala of time and space, which attunes us with the cyclic flow of the solar system and cosmos. Our Astrological Chart is our own personal mandala of the energies that we have come in with in this life to express, transcend and balance. The American Indian Medicine Wheel, a mandala of the four elements, four directions, and in the centre the Spirit and Earth merge, is a transformational tool to use in healing and awakening. Labyrinths in Cathedrals, Navajo sand paintings, Tibetan mandalas like the Kalachakra initiation, the Tibetan Wheel of Life, the Tao Yin/Yang Symbol, and Chinese Elements Wheel. Mandalas of the Chakras from ancient Indian Sanskrit, and Celtic Spirals. Like the hexagon or six pointed star, the mandala is a Cosmic diagram coordinating the cycles of space and time, uniting the way of heaven with the way of earth. "As Above so Below".
Mandalas were used extensively for meditation, healing, initiation into puberty, birth, the passage of death, guarding against disease, for peace and prayer. Mandalas embodying the teachings of great masters and mandalas consecrated to the great changes of nature. Of course many cultures have still maintained and use them, especially the great teachings of the Tibetans, Yogis and American Indian. But now, especially in the Western world their full potential is starting to be awakened and expressed, assisting us on our journey of wholeness. We are evolving like the mandala as we go to the center, we know the whole. The mandala is once again the symbol of global unification and harmony, as the fragments of what was once a brother/sisterhood are now drawing back. The energy moved out, into the four directions, now it is moving back in, into oneness, wholeness and the One Heart.


By looking at a mandala, its colours, shapes and energy go through into the first consciousness, where they create shifts in the consciousness to a more positive, lighter, whole vibration. Facilitating a connection in consciousness, working specifically on the particular attributes of the one which you have chosen to look at. The colours of the mandala have subtle to powerful influences on the physical, material, mental and spiritual energies within an individual or the environment. Each colour and shapes of colours are vibrating at certain frequencies which enhance, calm, clear, change, charge, uplift, revitalise and trigger our atoms and inner consciousness. Receiving these light-wave frequencies through the eyes and skin. This then stimulates the glands and corresponding chakras within the body, the mind and spirit of a person.

Mandalas assist in triggering our own inner healing powers to their full potential for balance and peace. The mandala is used for centring, orientation, purification, construction, absorption, destruction, reintegration and actualisation and are transformational gateways of unity. Mandalas are powerful tools to use on their own, and can be used by not only adults but children, animals and in the environment. You do not need to be a metaphysician to use them, as they are catalysts that activates our own inner healing power and connection to source within. As well as within animals, and assist to harmonise environments in order to express their higher light octaves. The Blind can also use them, as we not only absorb the vibrations of the colours and patterns through our eyes, but through the skin and all of our energy field.

They can be used by looking at them or placing them on the body, in the environment, and holding them.

Mandalas are a vibrational healer like Flower, Gem, Star, Leaf Essences and are also a form of colour healing that harmonises the body, the emotions, mind and soul to its frequency of wholeness.

Mandalas are catalysts to open up the gateway of your own inner potential.

For more on mandalas and how they work and some testimonials please see here.

       I have used them for almost 30 years with great success in my own inner unification, in workshops and journeys worldwide and bigger picture work. Many other facilitators of healing use them with their clients.      

   The Evenstar, Inner Pathway , Living Light, Gateway and Sun Mandalas I have co-created with their sound codes are all painted with great focus, clarity, and love, encoded with the specific Light vibrations and divine healing energy being utilised for each particular mandala.

 They emanate powerful healing and transformational energies, the combination of pattern, colours and energy created in each Mandala are excellent tools of healing, transformation and upliftment.
The Mandalas are GATEWAYS OF DIVINE LIGHT and our Divine Self, I AM/WE ARE and trigger our own Inner Power and Potential to heal, love and to be from the Divine Self. They facilitate connections in consciousness and are not working on the intellectual level, but as a vehicle for concentrating the mind so that it may pass beyond its usual fetters going through into our true being. Resonating with the particular vibrations needed to open us up, calm us, heal us, lighten us, bring wholeness and focus us in some way. They are connecting us to all our consciousness, and are pure energy.

The full colour mandalas are pathways of Light, their colours and shapes vibrating at the frequencies that trigger the divine self within. Bringing a shift in consciousness to unity, peace, harmony and awakening the soul to its full potential. Each mandala also has a Sound harmonic to assist in clearing any resistance, and to actualise the potential of the energy within the cellular and molecular codings and the subtle bodies.


1. You either feel drawn to one, or know that it is an issue for you, want to activate the particular quality, move through that particular doorway or open up to the higher frequencies of the mandala. The Evenstar Mandalas are the ones to use more for a block or issue you need to love in yourself, this is an ongoing process, as we unify on more and more subtle levels. The Inner Pathways Mandalas are activating, aligning and unifying more subtle aspects of being and awakening the doorway of your heart to the multi dimensional prisms of the holograms of your love, that you have created as the creator goddess/god you are. It is best that you work with this individual card until you feel a shift in consciousness, thought, emotion and sometimes physically.

2.  Or you have chosen one at random as a guide to what is the important thing at the time to work on.
3. You can also put them all out on the floor or table and see which one, or ones stand out to you. It will be the one you are most attracted too visually. There maybe one or more, whatever you choose will be the one that is relevant for you now. Sometimes people really dislike one, so it means there is a lot of resistance to that particular aspect.
4. You can also just go through the titles and see which one is relevant for where you wish to Be.
5. Or use a pendulum to dowse or muscle test to see which one is the highest priority to use now.

You can use the Mandalas in many ways, the following are suggestions for their use:


    Focusing on a mandala that is the particular aspect you wish to transform or activate more in yourself; to do this put the mandala somewhere that you can look at it for a time without being disturbed. To attain maximum benefit from the Evenstar or Inner Pathway Mandala, look at it for approximately FOUR minutes THREE times a day. You can also have it by your bed, or in a room where you spend a lot of time, so that you can glance at it often. If working at a desk, have it on the desk, or place it on your altar or sacred space. You can have the one you feel like using temporarily attached to the wall with Blue Tack or similar while you are having a bath and by your bed or desk so you are absorbing the vibrations through your day. Many people speak of good results from sleeping with the mandala under their pillow or bed at night.
     Use the mandala until you feel shifted and that the energies are integrated in you.

     Using more than one mandala at a time is fine, there are no limitations on how many to use, how often you use them, where you put them or how you use them. For example to focus on with deep intent or just glance at, or to use in meditation. Of course like everything the more energy you put into using them and the clearer the intent on how you use them, then the more powerful, direct and faster the transformation especially if you use the sound with it, and/or you may want to use one of the Affirmations or make up your own to assist the process as well.

       If you have a main focus that you are working on then work with the one mandala that is the catalyst for this, as your energies will become aligned easier, after the integration then use another one or more. Or you can have your main focus mandala and then others that are also relevant around that you can glance at, or have them in your environment. Once you have utilised (to the level you can handle at the time) the main focus mandala then you may wish to use one of the others as a focus with intent. You will find that you will use the mandalas over and over as there are many levels of awakening that are being uncovered and remembered.

   You can also place the ones you are attracted to, or all of them up on your walls, or around your house, your office, or put them on an Altar or special place, in healing rooms and waiting rooms, meditation or workshop space. Also in children’s rooms, or place one or more in sacred places outside, in your animals home, or bathroom, it would be best to laminate these first. The mandalas can also be used for your environment to improve the energy in the house or space as they assist in bringing in higher vibrations of Divine Light and Love. When you feel you want to work with a particular one you can take it off the wall, or from your sacred place and use it separately as described in 'focusing on one mandala'. 


      The mandalas have also proven to be very effective by using them physically. You can hold one or place it on your body where there is a pain or imbalance, leave it a short while and make the sound. This is more relevant for the Evenstar Mandalas, but also effective with the Inner Pathways.

     Choose one to three mandalas that you wish to work with, put them somewhere that they are easily seen, on the floor where you are dancing maybe best for this. Then put on some flowing, dancing music that is harmonious to your being and as you dance look at the mandala/s and feel their energy flowing through you.

Making the sounds of the light codes language of the mandala brings in its harmonic resonance, it activates and clears blocked energy and resistance, and actualises the positive qualities through your energy field.

      I have used sound for many years, as a Naturopath and guide to inner healing when I saw people on a one to one basis, and now in phone consults. The sound comes spontaneously through me to assist the shift for the client and literally cuts through the fear and resistance to enable the client's own inner healing power to actualise. This is going on total trust as we already know deep within us the sound codes required and simply allow it to come out our mouth. Obviously still seek professional help when needed. The sound activates the remembrance within the cellular and sub-atomic codings to awaken the divine essence and the negative, fear-based blocks are transmuted easily, peacefully and often with awareness, as it awakens your remembrance and clarity.
     I also intuitively use whatever sound comes to me to clear a block in an organ, or some other imbalance in the physical or energy bodies, as well as clearing energies in a place, or to do earth-grid and portal work at multi-dimensional doorways. I will sing in 'Living Light Codes Language' of my heart for my work with the 'Councils of Light' and the inner planes, this language is not learnt, it is already within our heart and there are unlimited sound codes and languages. Children speak the language before they learn the earth language of their culture and they immediately respond in a positive way if we speak to them in this language, the same as animals, trees, plants and all creatures, it comes from our heart, just like they do so they instantly feel the connection.
     So by using the sounds of the mandalas as well as those that come from your heart will assist you greatly in situations in your life, clearing places, awakening and unifying yourself and as a catalyst to assist another to unify. You will find that the sounds are the catalyst for your connection to your own divinity, for bringing back harmony, for clearing, unifying and actualising the positive reality of love that is your divine heritage. The light codes language awakens you out of your slumber of illusion as the vibrations of the tones of the light language literally switch on the light within your memory banks and activate the DNA.

We are moving from two strands of DNA as a slave locked into 'tick tock' and the illusion created by fear and limitation to 40,000 strands and beyond, unlimited, our self as a solar being vibrating at the level of a Central Sun, a Creator Goddess/God creating Heaven on Earth.

     When creating your own sounds spontaneously remember to always connect to Source, Prime Creator or what ever you call source energy, in Divine Love and Oneness with Golden Light through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, through your crown, head, neck, chest and into the doorway of your Heart, the radiant Sun of your true presence, through your body, pelvis, legs, feet and down into the earth, down into the core of the Earth and the Sun in the Inner Earth as you connect there. Then aware of the earth energy as it comes back up from the earth, up into your feet, legs, pelvis, body and into your heart as you are connected to the core of the Earth through your heart and body as the earth energy flows back up your chest, neck, head out your crown to Source, as you are connected to Source and the Earth through the doorway of your heart and your body. As you take some deep breathes in and connect deeper and deeper into your heart.
      Making the sounds will also assist in clearing your Throat Chakra and you may be pleasantly surprised by your singing voice. In the beginning was the Word, the language of Light is already within you, there is only Light and Sound in Prime Creators universe. 
     You do not have to use the sound, but if used you are utilising all the harmonics and light and sound that is the catalyst to awaken, activate and connect you to the healing source within, opening up your codings and cellular memory to their divinity.

      The mandalas are light-waves activating your divinity and inner light, your healing power within and you can add the sound dimension of synchronisation if you choose to bring in high frequencies of energy to dispel the blocked energy. The lower vibration cannot hold the frequencies and becomes merged with the high, thereby creating a shift. So make the sound codes while you are looking at the mandala.

The Sound Codes are made in the Out Breathe and the codes are spelt as they are sounded, or how to pronounce them is written next to the Sound Codes.
ALWAYS TAKE A DEEP SLOW BREATHE IN, breathing right into the abdomen so that it expands and fills with air and prana. THEN HOLD THE BREATH BRIEFLY AND AS YOU SLOWLY BREATHE OUT YOU MAKE THE SOUND.


On the link here, (not my website)
are a few samples of my mandalas and with the sound codes I have sung in the number of rounds required for each mandala.
I will have all the sounds of each mandala available soon, email
or join my newswetter on the home page to be notified of when this will be.

If you would like to see all the mandalas sets available please see all the mandalas available here.
See also the mandalas of the Chakras and Light Bodies and DVD of the activation of the chakras and light bodies of animated mandalas and mandalas for DNA activations.


May you always be blessed with the connection to the Source within, to your divine love and radiant self, shinning bright and holding the Beam from the peace and stillness within.
In the One Heart love Soluntra


Are created in a circle for their quality of unity, wholeness, and as doorways into the inner realms of self/source. As catalysts that awaken the divine aspects of self. Assisting to transmute and shift our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks, that have kept us trapped into the illusion of separation, duality and fear. As we now move into the new paradigm of unity, love and peace. All dis-ease on every level is only from separation consciousness.
These mandalas are pathways into unity consciousness, and the awakening of our multi-dimensional self, the higher light octaves of who we are. Activation of the Light Body and completing our mission here on Earth, spirit and matter are one. Heaven and Earth are married through us, the doorway. We open up to worlds within worlds, and the choice we have to chose the world we want to live in. We are the Co-creators of the new cycle, the Golden Age heralded in with the new millennium. This is the exciting journey of the new Paradigm, of self discovery, abundance, unlimited abilities and the grace of the Divine as we heal, awaken and become the divine being that we truly are. We unmask the deep disguise and pain of separation, the illusion. To become the beautiful, radiant, joyful expression of life and well being that is our choice to be, as we surf into the waves of the true reality. Like the dolphin we dance the Light-Waves, free to be, moving beyond the limitations and restrictions that we had allowed ourselves to believe in, we live in the world with love, acceptance and joy, that allows our soul to be Free.
To use the mandalas; looking at them through the day, meditating on one four minutes three times a day, looking at it and dancing, placing on the body, putting it in an environment are ways you can use them. In the Chakra and Light Body Activations the mandalas are brought into the particular chakra or Light Body as you make the Sound. How to use the Mandalas more fully comes with each set or individual mandala. MORE OUT OF STOCK

The Evenstar Mandalas are working on twelve aspects of being, that are the foundation and basis for all our experience in a body on Earth. It does not matter how multi-dimensional or into the higher energies we think we are. These twelve aspects can never be superseded as they are part of our ongoing initiations in life on this planet. Each Mandala that is listed also has its' Sound which can be used as well in a Light and Sound Activation. As well as positive affirmations, as well as suggestions of exercises, visualisations and meditations that are also working with healing and unifying the title of each Mandala. For holistic wellbeing, the foundation of unity for all our expression. Each mandala has a different theme and each has its own patterning and colours that resonate in wholeness for balance and harmony. The Twelve themes of the different Mandalas are listed below;   VIEW IMAGES
.........Co-creating, expressing my Creativity and being Abundant........
........Through being Grounded I express the Divine......
........Promoting Healing and Rejuvenation. Peace........
......Connecting to the peace and stillness within where all is manifest expresses Peace without.....
......Oneness, No Duality. The sexual energies balanced .........
.....Being the Universal Flow. Surrendered to resistance and flowing with change.
.........Connected to the Earth and Nature Spirits...........
..........Flowing peacefully with the changes of the Earths cycles.
.........Universal Truth and Wisdom expresses itself through the Clarity of my Being.........
.........Transcending Limitations. I am my Higher Self......
..........Unconditional Love and Acceptance, expressing my Joy.........
........Letting Go and Non-Attachment. Centred in the Moment and Trusting......


The Inner Pathway Mandalas consist of fifteen mandalas that are catalysts to awaken your divinity in higher light octaves as you unify through love, acceptance and unity consciousness. Humanity is now ready for a great leap in consciousness and there are many who have already made the shift, or are in it making a pathway to assist others. We become our multi-dimensional self in the physical body; we become our body of Light and operate through the Heart in selfless service, love and compassion. We are free of fear and so no longer trapped in the illusion of separation with all the limitations, but become our unlimited self.     
       By being aware of all aspects of self and loving and accepting them we become unified and clear in other worlds and dimensions that were blocked to us before. These higher dimensional and multi-dimensional aspects are now important as we expand our awareness to encompass all of ourself, on all levels and planes. We realise 'as above as below', so what is happening to us in these higher frequency aspects of self is also happening to us here. The inner and the outer are one, all our multi-dimensional and higher octaves of self are from our connection to the inner, the Source within, and what is within and without are One. Once we unify these energies we not only heal and become whole, but open up to our divine presence and Light Body.

The Inner Pathways cards are working on aspects of self and are catalysts to assist in the shift in cycle, and the activation of your Solar Self in alignment with Source through the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun. The fact that you are on Earth at this time means you are here for this great transition, as you become your body of Light and multi-dimensional self, fully awakened on Earth. The Inner Pathways mandalas are inspired from powerful portals and inter dimensional doorways on Earth, and are catalysts to the higher octaves of self, inner planes and multi-dimensional self. They have taken seven years to produce, as this is how long it has taken Soluntra as the vehicle to be clear enough to ground these codings. As well as the collective unconscious being ready to accept them, and the Earth plane to anchor. Each mandala also comes with its' Sound which can be used as well in a Light and Sound Activation. 
         The process of bringing in the codes for these mandalas took from 1995 to 2001 and each mandala is a catalyst from a sacred vortex portal that is coded in the mandala.  For more on your Multi-Dimensional Self, Light Body, DNA, Physical Immortality please see my all my books, at the back of this booklet.

The Inner Pathway Mandalas are; VIEW IMAGES
.......The Cosmic Time Clock.......The Central Sun.......Re-Awakening.......
......Remembrance of our Origins.......Aligned and Fearless........
.....Out of Destruction and into the New Creation.......Drawing back all our Fragments.......
.....Doorway of the Sun.....
......Lightbody Integration........Embodiment of Higher Dimensional Aspects.......Out of Illusion......
.....Resolution of Duality........Serpent Wisdom.........Template of Liquid Light Transmission of DNA.....
.....The Second Sun, Doorway to the New Earth.....


From the
LIGHT CODE ACTIVATION BOOK. Working with the fundamental chakras, as well as the higher light octave chakras and the Light Bodies. Each mandala is a catayst to awaken, balance, harmonize and activate the chakra to its true potential using the Light codings as once the chakras are activated merging into One Chakra and One Body of Light. Then activating the four levels of the Light Body until at the frequency of your Solar Self as you merge with the Central Sun. Each Chakra Mandala has a Sound is a Light and Sound Activation, the Light Bodies have inner Celestial Sounds. The Twenty One mandalas are of the Chakras, Light Bodies and One Chakra and are;
Earth Star. Link Chakra, Base Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, Thymus Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Frontal Chakra, Causal Chakra, Crown Chakra, Soul Star Chakra, Stellar Gateway, Universal Gateway, Cosmic Gateway, Blue Light Body, Violet Light Body, White Light Body, Gold Light Body, and the One Chakra.

    The full colour mandalas are pathways of light, their colours and shapes are vibrating at frequencies that trigger the divine self within, bringing a shift in consciousness to unity, peace, harmony and awakening the soul to its full potential. Each mandala also has a sound harmonic to assist in clearing any resistance and to actualise the potential of the energy within the cellular and molecular codings and energy bodies.



These are just a very few I have received from so many grateful letters and calls from people who have been helped by these beautiful catalysts.

* "I cannot recommend Soluntra King's mandalas too highly, they have shifted enormous amounts of negative energies in my patients, some of them Doctors and Psychologists. They bring them back into balance. I use Kinesiology techniques to muscle test which one/s are needed, they are 100% accurate for the needs of the person and enormous benefits are gained from using the mandalas."

From Barbara Fraser-Duthie from England. Qualified Healer and Therapist, Reiki Energy Master. Member of; College of Healers, Association of Reflexology, National Back Pain, Scientific and Medical Network, British Wholistic Medical Association and the International Education Authority 

* "Thank you for the books, (Crystals and Activation of the Twenty Chakras). I found them so easy to read with lots of information and learnt a lot. Even though I have been on this path for so long I still felt blocked and not aligned in my own truth and power. I have been meditating with the Twenty Chakra Activation chart using the mantra, and also the "Out of Destruction and Into the New Creation" mandala and felt their immediate shift into a clearer reality:- thank you." Karen Oakley, Sydney therapist.

Dear Soluntra-thank you very much for this : ) I have received the Soulight Journey Book/Cards on Tuesday and I have had a little play with the first journey and incorporated it with the corresponding Inner Pathway Mandala CArd and the energy was beautiful. When I received the Mandala CArds I drew a Card and have been working  with it over the last couple of weeks, I can honestly say that I have felt a tangible shift in consciousness from working with the Mandala.  Once again it is very hard to put into words but a lot of things that I have been having trouble with (if you can call it that or blocks)  are being put into their proper perspective on the outer and inner levels of my being.  So thank you very much : ).Karen Edwards NSW

* "The mandalas have been literally a life saver. I was on the verge of suicide, in a big downer in hell and could not get myself out. Then I reached over and picked up the "Transcending Limitations" mandala. I instantly felt a shift, I could feel it in all my body, it saved my life."Linley Mitchell, Noosa, Queensland.

* "I have used the Inner Pathways mandalas in my meditation classes. Everyone chooses one and meditates with it. The people wanted them each time as they experienced powerful dreams, awareness, healing and unification. Also experiencing a lot of Third Eye activation as well." Shirley Mason, Homoeopath and therapist who runs the Northern Beaches Wholisitc Therapy Centre in Dee Why, Sydney.

* "Please accept my heart felt love and gratitude for the peace, joy and inspiration your mandalas have brought into my ever expanding love consciousness." Amish. Melbourne.

* "I find your Mandalas so helpful Soluntra, they're truly amazing. Everybody should be using them as life is so much easier with their help". Diana Strudwick. Mullumbimby. NSW.

* "Thank you so much for the Mandalas, they're adding so much Light to everything". Irini. White Light Rebirthing Co. Melbourne.

* "I'm getting so much insight and information from your mandalas, thank you". Michelle Kingston, Melbourne.

* "I have had so much love and light using your Mandalas, they are so beautiful. Keep up the good work in helping people like me to grow". Meril Spencer. Kincumber. NSW.

* "I have been using your Mandalas in my kinesiology practise and have found them to be very healing, I also use them in my classes and meditation group with great success." Wendy brooks. Ekelerated Learning Centre, Adelaide.

* "I use the Twenty Chakra Activation in my meditation classes with amazing results." Penelope Pillar, Melbourne. * "I have been doing your Twenty Chakra Activation and it has helped me to clear my blocks and understand myself at a lot deeper levels". Linda Hawkins, Sydney.

* " Your Twenty Chakra Activation has helped me to come alive and be in touch with my Inner Self and purpose, thank you". Margaret Firth, Auckland, NZ.

* "Thank you for the wonderful books I received from you, they are excellent. I am especially pleased with the Twenty Chakra Activation - its brilliant. Because they are so good I need to order some more". John Poynting, Brisbane.

* My cat was dying after an operation for a tumour on the neck. I placed the "Devas and Nature Spirits" mandala on him and said the first affirmation on the back, he literally got and started to bounce around like a kitten, he's been like it every since". Annette Ling, Caboolture Queensland.

*Dear Soluntra, The mandalas and 2 Crystals books arrived a day apart much to our joy. It gave us time to soak and swim in your beautiful Mandala creations. We played a game straight away with them. my partner picked out one. i picked out 3. His in accordance with his abundance issues & mine 3 all relating to my starsign. How clear they must be on arrive to tune in to us. I look forward to the use of the Mandalas to anyone curious enough to pick them up. I will be looking in the future @ retailing your inspirations if possible via shop & internet. I want to spread the word of global beauty to everyone. Health Happiness & Harmony 2 U Maria Blaine Karratha Western Australia


love from agharta inner earth beingsrisiamlotusflowerlove from agharta inner earth beings